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Postpartum Rate


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6 years and 50 families served

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Type of practice: Solo practice

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Special Services Offered

  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Baby sign language education
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Elimination communication education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Miscarriage support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Therapist or counselor

Languages Spoken

  • English

Seattle, WA Service range 35 miles

Client Testimonials for Emma Summer

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Grace Cantor


My husband and I had an excellent birth experience and a huge piece of that was Emma's support during the pregnancy, labor and postpartum process.  First of all, Emma was a very patient and available resource during my pregnancy for any questions or concerns that I had.  I often felt rushed during appointments with by OB and I was comforted by the fact that I could talk through things when I felt like I needed to with Emma - she is a great listener.  She was also very clear that her role was totally non-clinical and always directed me to the appropriate healthcare professional if she felt that that was indicated.  In preparing for our birth, Emma helped us clarify our values during the birthing process.  My husband is a physician and was skeptical when I told him that I was interested in working with a doula for our birth and felt that some doulas have an "agenda" and try to impose their values on the birth process.  We never felt that with Emma and felt totally supported and respected in all of the birth interventions we chose.  My husband was also a little bit unclear initially regarding his role when we were looking for a doula because he felt that the doula might take his place.  During the birth process, it really felt like Emma was our collective doula, not just mine.  My husband was my main focus and support during labor and Emma was there supporting that process.  I think that Emma is very intuitive and often anticipated things that I needed before I was even aware of them.  Emma also provided me with invaluable support after our son, Eamon's, birth by helping us find a great postpartum doula. My husband and I both can't say enough positive things about our experience with Emma and we are just disappointed that we live in Boston now and won't be able to work with her again!

Katie Coleman


We loved working with Emma!

Right from the start she was a prefect, supportive partner in preparing us for labor and delivery. My questions were always answered with warmth and insight into what would work for me. The time we spent before labor was incredibly useful, easing my fears and getting me ready for the amazing and intense process to come. Her confidence and experience make you trust her and her sense of humor makes, dare I say, birth planning fun.

During labor she was right there as a comforting, consistent presence - early in the morning as we labored at home, helping us get to the hospital safely and comfortably and through until our lovely son was born. Her presence was invaluable as I entered transition, wondered if I could keep going with the pain and reminded me of my wishes in just the right way. I had the birth experience I hoped for and more.

Entering motherhood and having your birth be such a source of pride and strength is a real gift. Thanks, Emma!

Erin Collins


I was so lucky to have Emma attend the homebirth of my little boy. We had originally opted not to have a doula, just my husband and midwife and I, but then changed our minds after learning what a support doulas can be not just for the mother but also for the father. Boy am I glad we changed our minds! I cannot imagine not having Emma there for us. I explained to her in advance that I wanted my husband to be my main support since we viewed this as an important and special moment in our marriage. Emma was so supportive of our plan and respectful of our wishes. From the moment she arrived, she was calm, peaceful and efficient. She made sure that my husband was fed, hydrated, and had bathroom breaks. She made sure to give me fluids in between each contraction and had snacks available for me so that my husband could simply sit and hold my hand. She was there to place counter-pressure on my back, fill the birth tub, gather towels, etc. And during those times when I started to lose it she was right there coaching me and coaching my husband in how to best support me. Her presence was quiet but strong, just as we had hoped for. And my son’s birth turned out to be such an amazing journey for my husband and me. We left it thinking “if we can do this together, we can do anything!” Emma was so much the reason that our birth plan was adhered to. She was so respectful of our wishes, so knowledgeable, and such a great source of strength for us on that important day. I recommend her to all of my pregnant friends and she will definitely be at our next birth!

Anne Fordham


 As ours son's first birthday approaches, I have been thinking often of the day he was born.  I am a little wistful for those special last days of pregnancy, and I wish I could "do" Jamie's birth all over again - and I wouldn't change a thing. Thank you so much, Emma, for playing such an important part in the most important day of my life. You helped to make me feel like a capable, powerful, natural mother and I look back on the day I gave birth with so much pride, and more than a little longing. I will never do that again, not for the "first time" anyway, and I am so grateful that my first time was such a perfect experience. Thank you for being there!

Jenny Brailey


Emma is a fantastic doula, and has my highest recommendation. I had asked my midwives (at the UW Medical Center, Seattle) if they could recommend a doula for my VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), and they suggested Emma. I interviewed her and immediately felt she was not only smart, experienced and professional, but such a lovely warm personality too. She listened carefully to everything I had to say about my first birth experience, and my expectations and hopes for my next one, and I always found in subsequent meetings that she remembered everything I'd said and was very tuned into what I wanted. Also, she was very good with my husband, able to communicate effectively with him and win his confidence.  He was somewhat skeptical of hiring a doula at the beginning, but Emma was so articulate and helpful and such a good listener with him that he was completely won over.  

Emma provides several prenatal visits in addition to the birth itself. I remember thinking these prenatal visits with Emma ALONE were worth the price she charged. I hadn't expected that, because I thought a doula's main value was being at the birth. At the birth, she was just amazing - my rock and voice in the darkness, helping me get through the pain and achieve a completely natural, vaginal birth. I really couldn't have done it without her. 

I can't say enough good things about Emma. 


Tanya Sharp


Emma was a lifesaver, during my quick, active labor and transition. Her calming influence helped to keep me focused on my breathing techniques. She practically delivered the baby! She also was a great help at a critical moment when my blood pressure rose and the doctors were suggesting an epidural. With her support I was able to maintain my resolve to have a natural birth without drugs. The birth was everything I wanted it to be because of Emma and I would use her again for my next birth.

Jennifer Isaaks, LM, CPM


As a Licensed Midwife, it has been my pleasure to work with Emma during home birth and when transfer to the hospital during labor has been necessary. She employs many effective tools in pain management and comfort of the laboring woman and is a strong, empowering presence during the birth process. She cares well for partners and other support people, keeping them hydrated, fed and rested along the way. When transferring into the hospital setting, Emma is a valuable and knowledgeable advocate. She assists in the decision making process by upholding the desires of the birthing couple and making plain the medical options presented to them. I highly recommend Emma's services as a doula and look forward to serving more birthing women with her in the future.

Jessica Shaw


I start my testimonial by saying that I have renamed Emma the "Jessica Whisperer" because she truly was the only one who could soothe me during my labor and in the very difficult postpartum days.  From the first time I met Emma, I knew we would get along perfectly.  Her calming presence and positive words are truly genuine and that is a very rare trait to find in a person.  I love her balance of professionalism and personal touches.  Emma was and is always easy to get a hold of and I never feel like just one of her many mommies, she makes me feel very special.

My desire for natural childbirth was strong and I am so proud I was able to accomplish it.  I couldn't have done it without Emma's help and will be grateful forever for the gift she was able to give me.  I will sing her praises to anyone and plan to use her again when I have baby #2.

Christine Droker


I can honestly say, I don't know how I would have gotten through my labor without Emma's presence. I am "blessed" with exceptionally fast labors, and with my first child, I wasn't fully prepared and felt out of control and dissatisfied with my experience. The second time around, I had Emma by my side for my whirlwind ride! She came to our home to see where we were in the process and was discussing heading back to her place so we could all nap when my water suddenly broke. For lack of a better word, she herded by myself and my husband into our cars and we all headed to the hospital. An hour and a half later, my beautiful son was born. Every time I felt myself becoming overwhelmed by the process of bringing him into the world, I would see her encouraging me or hear her telling me how strong and capable I was.

I feel that having a doula should be part of every mother's birth experience, and Emma is the best.

Jennifer Christensen


Our birth experience was definitely better because Emma supported us through it! She's a fantastic doula: knowledgeable, experienced, wonderfully warm, comforting and encouraging.

Throughout our pregnancy, she helped us prepare for the birth ... talking through options as we selected a birth location, midwife & birth class, discussing the birth process itself, and offering suggestions on reading material and other resources.

At the birth, Emma was incredibly reassuring and helped me get through a natural birth, which included four and a half hours of pushing  -- yowza! She has an incredible ability to read people and know what they need. With her help, I was able to focus all of my energy on the birthing process.

After the birth, Emma's TLC got us through a particularly rough patch in our breastfeeding. It was comforting to know she was always there for us.

We give Emma our highest recommendation!

Kim Glockner


Emma was our doula for our first child. She was everything and more than we expected. Emma's got a calm and cool presence, was very knowledgable and knew exactly what to do without being asked. She contacted our midwife when the time came and helped us determine when to call the rental tub company. She came prepared with goodies (honey sticks & e-mergency) to help keep me hydrated and energized. Emma kept a log of all the pivotal moments, took beautiful and priceless photographs and helped videotape our special day. And after the long and rewarding birth day of our son, Emma was back the next morning to prepare our placenta for encapsulation.

We couldn't be happier with our home birth experience. Emma's role was very much important, appreciate and valued. We have and will continue to recommend Emma to any expecting parent/s and look forward to having her at the birth of our next child!

Kristin Wilhite


We were blessed to have Emma walk alongside us for prenatal care and support.  Though she was not present with us at our birth, she did an incredible job preparing us for the birth of our first child.  She is confident, knowledgeable and encouraging.  Emma met with us twice to walk us through the laboring process.  She brought many resources to read and watch, coaching us as we created a birth plan.  Emma has an incredibly warm persona that invites trust.  She was a great listener, hearing both our fears and desires. She was honest and encouraging in explaining the labor roadmap of stages and expectations.  She calmed many of my fears and brought peace to each of our meetings.  Both my husband and I HIGHLY recommend Emma! 

Beth Coyote


 I have witnessed Emma at several births and indeed, she is a doula we often refer to for our clients. Her calm, gentle and seamless presence at births is a rare quality. She seems to know exactly what is needed as labor progresses. She facilitates without being overbearing. I think she would make a terrific midwife!


Judith Milstein


Emma's calm and competent demeanor was just what we were looking for in a doula. Emma was always available and very responsive when we had questions or just needed support during my pregnancy. Emma was a wonderful listener and helped me process the rather traumatic birth I experienced with my daughter. This allowed a fresh start with my second pregnancy. Although an unplanned induction was not what we had envisioned for our son's delivery, Emma's encouragment was instrumental in the beautiful unmedicated, hospital birth that we were still able to have. I would absolutely recommend Emma to new and second +  time Moms and Dads. 

Brooke Fotheringham


I had a very long wacko start and stop kind of labor that only would happen at night, and left pretty much everybody scratching their heads.  My labor seemed to stop whenever someone came into my bedroom, so we ended up doing this dance of trying to wait until things really got rolling before she would come over, and whenever I got to the point where I didn't feel like I was coping as well as I wanted to be she hopped in her car and zoomed right on over.  It was fabulous knowing that we could call her any time day or night for questions or emotional support even if we weren't quite ready to have her over.

We did ultimately transfer to the hospital, and somehow Emma worked with our midwives to help transport our little bubble of homebirth coziness with us.  I'm not even sure what it was, but I felt very safe with her there.  She was thorough in explaining the common procedures of the hospital we were at, as well as how navigate issues of consent.  It was a magical hospital birth! (I never thought I'd say those words).  

Best of all, we hired Emma to prepare our placenta for encapsulation, which I now believe is something that should be part of the rudimentary care for every mother.  It was the absolutely best medicine I could hope for to treat my debilitating postpartum anxiety disorder.  Within a couple hours of taking the first dose, the anxiety just melted away and I was able to take care of my baby and myself again.  After a few days of supplementing with placenta, I just felt like "myself" again, except with more energy than I've ever had, I had to be reminded to rest.  What a wonderful experience.    

Andrea Rieneckert


Having Emma Summer as our doula was one of the best decisions we made during my pregnancy.  We love her!!  She is one of the most selfless, giving, understanding, and supportive people I have ever met.  We had to make some difficult decisions during the course of my pregnancy, and her feedback and help were invaluable.  She is a person who really stands out in her profession, and we were so lucky to have had her as our doula. 

The beginning of my pregnancy was very easy, but being a first-time mom, I had several questions along the way.  Emma was always available to answer questions via email or phone, no matter how trivial the question.  I often felt like we were her only clients because of how quickly she responded to my emails, when in fact, she is extremely busy in the birthing community.  She always made me feel like her most important client.  I'm sure this is how she responds to all of her clients, which is why she is so good at what she does.

When I developed high blood pressure in my third trimester, we were faced with a lot of uncertainty and anxiety.  Emma's guidance through this time helped us navigate our options in a way that made us feel comfortable and confident in our decisions.  In the end, we had a beautiful birth experience, and we are extremely grateful to Emma for helping to make that possible. 

When it is time for our next child to be born, I will not hesitate for a moment to call Emma!




Megan Farooqui


 Emma did such an incredible job at the birth of our little boy, and we were so happy she was there helping us. We truly appreciate all of her advice, explanations, and how well she worked to ensure that all of our needs and requests were met by the hospital staff, etc. Although it wasn't exactly as we had planned, I was so happy with every bit of our birth experience and think it turned out exactly as it should have. We would highly recommend her to anyone!

mahtab Mahmoodzadeh


 My husband and I hired Emma to be the doula for our first child, who was born in July of 2009.  My husband picked her out by looking through her website,which by the way, really captures her beautifully. When I met her, I was very drawn to her kind, compassionate nature, which was coupled with confidence in her abilities. Emma is not the kind of doula that is there for the birth and that is it. She took such time and care to get to know us and our needs, that we felt supported by her from the time we hired her until our birth. I was amazed at the time and care that she took, how she was able to really understand our unique situation and meet us where we were and to help us get to our goal.   Emma did not impose her views on us in the least, but worked beautifully in meeting us where our values and wants and hopes were for  our birth. At our birth, she was in every way a part of the family. Emma was also a constant resource to us on information about everything one needs to know about birth. I am still amazed at how much she knows, and all the folks she knows!  She is a wonderful doula and if we are blessed with another baby, we will seek her out again :) We just LOVE her!!!

Victoria Satterfield


The most frightening moment during my pregnancy was when I became dissatisfied with my prental care.  I called Emma in tears.  Emma was so reassuring and offered me a wealth of resources and things to think about.  Originally, I had planned a hospital birth but my conversation with Emma opened my mind to other possibilities that seemed more in line with my desire for a safe, natural birth.  Much to my own surprise, this conversation planted the seed for me to consider birthing at home.  My husband and I are not the stereotypical candidates for homebirth.  He is a Yale graduate who works for Microsoft and I taught K-5 Special Education before becoming a stay-at-home mom.  Had it not been for Emma's uncanny intuition, we may never have discovered that homebirth was for us.

Although my husband was doing an amazing job helping me cope through contractions, I remember feeling a deep longing to have a strong female to draw energy from.  When Emma arrived, it was such a huge relief.  Between contractions, she soothed me with affirming words, cool wash cloths, and sips of iced juice.  Even as my brain was drifting in "labor land" I remember being struck by Emma's keen intuition. I couldn't talk between contractions but Emma was able to anticipate all of my needs.

I can't imagine how different my birth would have been had we not found Emma. Without her, I don't think I would have had the courage to move forward on a path that isn't mainstream in our culture even though it was ultimately, and without doubt, the right choice for us. 

Anyone, no matter what their birth plan, would be lucky to have Emma as their doula.  I recommend her wholeheartedly and without reservation.  If my husband and I should decide to embark upon this crazy adventure again in the future, she'll be the first person we call.


Amritha Imandi


Emma was just awesome. She was the only support person (other than the hospital nurse) during my labor. She is very knowledgable, warm, calm, and supportive. She helped me make the right choice in every step of my labor. I gave birth to my son in in a hospital. If it were not for her, i would have ended up lying on the hospital bed with IVs and epidural. Even though i had dilated 4 cms while i reached the hospital, my contractions were 10 mins apart. And the staff at the hospital wanted to get me going faster by using present day medical interventions. And i wanted to go completely natural as far as possible. Emma would tell me the pros and cons of whatever the nurse and the doctor wanted me to do. She was just awesome. I could not be happier having her around. You were wonderful Emma, u helped me give birth to my son exactly the way i had wanted it to be. The birthing experience was truly wonderful, Thanks a lot Emma for being there.

Diana Ceballos


Emma is a wonderful doula who is very deboted to her work, I would recomend it without hesitation.

We are very satisfied with Emma’s care as a doula. What we liked the most about Emma’s
prenatal care was the teaching of different techniques to manage pain for a natural birth. This
knowledge came handy during birth and was not addressed in our birthing classes at the hospital.
Since we were familiar with these techniques, what was most helpful during birth was her
guidance in different breathing techniques while using visualization to ease the pain. We loved
the experience of having a doula in our birth because we felt we had someone we could ask
questions any time and someone that could be with us throughout the progress of the whole birth.
We found that what was most difficult during the birth was dealing with an unscheduled induced
labor and unreliable heart rate monitor. Emma was very encouraging every step of the way,
explaining alternatives and giving emotional support. Emma is an excellent, thoughtful, and efficient doula
that is passionate about her work and her clients’ needs. We thought it was a pleasure working
with her and having her at our birth.

Steve Lippman


 My wife and I had a wonderful experience with Emma Summer. She was a pleasure to work with in our meetings before and after labor and we were really glad she was there for our birth. She is warm, funny, well-informed, and a great all-around resource. We also really appreciated that she offered her perspective but really respected where we were coming from and always put our needs and wishes first. We would HIGHLY recommend Emma to anyone--as would our doctor, who asked for her contact info so he could recommend her to all his patients!

Bruce Cordingly


Emma was awesome. Knowledgeable, caring, giving, and strong... she helped us make our son's birth a positive experience.



Grace Lian Kline


We had our first child one month ago today! From the moment I met her I knew she was the Doula for me.   She provides 2-3 prenatal visits where she listens to what your wishes are for your birth.  She really helps you feel prepared (as one can be if this is your first).  She came to the house when I was in active labor and her presence was instantly reassuring.   She made sure I stayed hydrated and helped me get as comfortable as possible.  When I thought I was going to lose it, she helped to regain my focus to get me through one contraction at a time.  I had a relatively fast labor so her presence allowed  my husband time to get everything ready to go to the hospital.  I think he would have had a nervous breakdown if she were not there! At the hospital, she alerted the staff that I was starting to push already, which saved me from going into triage, and they whisked me away into the delivery suite where our daughter was born 20 minutes later!  She made sure that the staff recieved a copy of my birthplan, and during the actual delivery, I was focused on her and she whispered everything that was going on into my ear so that I knew that things were progressing normally.  She really played a strong hand in my avoiding an episiotomy. She reassured me that it was OK to push and I found the strength to give a few big pushes and out came the baby.  I can't say enough about how helpful she was and continues to be postpartum.  She radiates warmth, compassion and the most unconditional support during one of the hardest yet most beautiful experiences you will ever have in your lifetime.  She is a woman of great strength, and you can't help but absorb some of it when you need it the most.  We are still due to have our final postpartum visit where she will go over the birth story with me and I look forward to our last visit together.

Melissa Dunn


Emma is amazing!  I don't know how we would have dealt with the unexpected complications that eventually resulted in a hospital transfer if Emma hadn't been with us every step of the way!  She encouraged me to focus on the present moment, and even during the most intense contractions, I was able to breathe, modify positions, and deal with the discomfort in a positive way.  Emma has a warm, understanding, and confident energy and I would recommend her to any family in need of a doula.  We will definitely use her again with any future pregnancies!       

Annie Angelo


Wow - where do I begin to describe our experience with Emma! At our first meeting, Emma brought a sense of calm and confidence to both my husband and I, expecting our first baby in April 09. She is so sweet and sensitive, yet incredibly funny ... not to mention a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the birthing experience! Emma was available via phone while we were in early labor and once at the hospital, she become a support system that we both relied on heavily. We labored naturally for 27+ hours and I don't think we could have made it that far without Emma's support, coping techniques and encouragement. I eventually opted for an epidural to assist in getting fully dialated, and Emma helped us to make the decision - supporting us all the way. She never made me feel like a failure ... rather the opposite and she helped me to feel confident that I was making the right choice for our circumstance. In the weeks that followed our birth, Emma was still there for us - sharing her breast feeding advice, checking to make sure everyone was healthy & happy and sharing her photos from the birth. I can't say enough wonderful things about Emma - she is sure to make your birth experience all the better! 

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