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Lauren Scarbrough

Sparrow Song Birth Services

Edmond, OK Service range 80 miles

(405) 742-0383

Birth Fee

$1300 to $1500

Birth Fee

$1300 to $1500

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Birth Arts International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

7 years and 375 births attended

Doula Training

  • Birth Arts International, October 2015

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 4

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals

Attends birth center births? Some Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births

Special Services Offered

  • Military families support
  • Monitrice services
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Fee Details

I am open to bartering and payment plans and some families may qualify for a discount.

Edmond, OK Service range 80 miles

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Noralea O'Meilia


I don't know what we would have done without Lauren. From first meeting her we choose to use her because we loved her warm spirit, kind heart and passion for what she does. She is well trained and knowledgable and we felt very comfortable with her. I was hesitant at first at the cost of a doula but after going through it all it was well worth it because she was invaluable in shaping our experience in pregnancy and birth.

In preparing for the birth of our son she was an amazing resource and helped shape and prepare me for birth and motherhood. I was wanting a natural birth with as little intervention as possible. My son was two weeks late and those last two weeks Lauren was there to help me think of ways to encourage natural birth to begin. She answered questions and fears I had. When it finally came time for our son to join us my labor was long and hard. We began with a soft induction and although the birth preference I had were needing to change Lauren helped me make wise decisions and fight for as natural as possible of a birth. My labor ended up being 59 hours and Lauren was there for almost all of it. She was there to coach my husband, relieve him when he was exhausted, she was caring, patient and helped us through every step of the way. She encouraged me when i thought I couldn't do it and she affirmed me and my husband during stressful times. We had an amazing birth team and I had an amazing physician. We couldn't have done it without the amazing team in place.

I found Lauren's experience and resources invaluable in preparing me for our first birth. She is passionate about her role as doula and fulfills her role with excellence. I would hire her again in a heartbeat and I recommend everyone have a doula during this journey.

Tina Dzurisin


Informed by my Catholic faith, I've long perceived suffering to be meaningful & redemptive, an opportunity to participate in a mysterious way in Christ's sacrifice on the Cross & to thereby draw closer to the loving God who created me. When I became pregnant with my first baby, I hoped to experience a natural, unmedicated birth as much for spiritual reasons as for physical reasons (although I believed a natural birth to be healthier from a physical standpoint, as well). Unfortunately, I was underprepared to manage certain aspects of my labor, & I eventually requested an epidural. When I became pregnant a second time, then, I knew I wanted to hire a doula to attempt a natural birth again! Lauren immediately stood out to me because of her keen understanding of the spiritual as well as physical nature of birth, her affirming attitude & her impressive professional experience! Throughout pregnancy, Lauren's knowledge & insight helped me to relax & prepare effectively. When I went into labor, her comforting presence, perceptive questions & skillful application of counterpressure enabled me to stay in the present for each contraction. Lauren's experience also made it possible for me to labor at home for a longer time than I would have felt comfortable to do without her. When we arrived at the hospital & it was time to push, just a few profound words from Lauren encouraged me to overcome a creeping sense of doubt & despair & to be confident that I could, in fact, birth my baby! When my son finally arrived, I was overcome by gratitude for a healing, empowering birth experience that united me in entirely new ways to my Creator, my husband, my firstborn & my beautiful new baby -- and for Lauren, who was essential to it! If you'd like the support and expertise of an experienced doula who will be sensitive to your heart and soul, you could not do better than to hire Lauren!  

Emily McElrath


My husband and I have known Lauren for about 8 years. A few yers ago, I can remember Lauren telling me that she wanted to have a home birth of her own with a Doula and Midwife. She had to explain to me what a Doula was because I had never even heard of it before!! I honestly thought she was crazy for wanting to have a home birth! After doing a lot of research, I couldn't believe how ignorant I had been on the enitire process of having a baby. Fast foreward a few years, and Lauren is now a Doula, and I was actually living in the same city as her when I found out I was pregnant. From the first day that I found out I was pregnant, I had the most incredible birth team! Dawn, from Moments of Bliss Midwifery, and Lauren!! Throughout my pregnancy, I had a couple of issues come up. Lauren was so knowledgeable about everything and she was supportive with the decisions that I made. She knew how much I wanted to have a home birth and she was so encouraging that it could be done! When the day came that I went into labor, Lauren showed up at my house right when I needed her, and was beyond amazing and encouraging! Even in the many moments that I lost control, she was there to get me back on track and remind me that things were going great. I wanted to give up and quit many times, and if I hadn't had Lauren and Dawn as my birth team, I wouldn't have been able to acheive the home birth that I so deeply desired. When I finally gave birth to my son, I realized that Lauren was sitting behind me on the floor helping prop me up with her leg, and I had literally been crushing her leg while I was pushing! She was so selfless and never moved her leg because she knew I was more comfortable with her leg where it was! She is truly an angel!! I could not be more happy with my entire home birth and I feel so blessed that Lauren was with me the entire time. She is so empowering and I love her for what she provided our family!!


Baby B's Mom  :)

Sarah Bridwell


Lauren was referred to me by a friend that is a labor and delivery nurse and had worked with her at several births. From the first time I met Lauren, there was a calmness about her that I loved. I felt like I could trust her and she never let me down. The night I went into labor, three weeks early, she also had another mama delivering. Lauren managed to attend both births seamlessly. How many doulas can say they have babies that share the same birthday and they were fully present for each? It was that same calmness I felt from the beginning that handled the pressure of two births in one day. Going into labor, I felt like she had prepared us for so much during our prenatal visits and we were much more comfortable moving through the labor process. She was an advocate for my hopes during my delivery and guided me through the intensity of the night with a reassuring presence. I knew the baby and I were safe with her there with us. She helped me achieve the birth that I so desired and welcome my sweet girl with a real passion and love for what she was doing. Beyond the main "doula duties" that she fulfilled, Lauren has been there for me to answer questions or even just with sweet words of friendship months after my daughter's birth. I am forever grateful to her and would be honored to become a "repeat" family of her's if I'm ever blessed with another beautiful baby.

Sarah Bridwell


Lauren was referred to me by a friend that is a labor and delivery nurse and had worked with her at several births. From the first time I met Lauren, there was a calmness about her that I loved. I felt like I could trust her and she never let me down. The night I went into labor, three weeks early, she also had another mama delivering. Lauren managed to attend both births seamlessly. How many doulas can say they have babies that share the same birthday and they were fully present for each? It was that same calmness I felt from the beginning that handled the pressure of two births in one day. Going into labor, I felt like she had prepared us for so much during our prenatal visits and we were much more comfortable moving through the labor process. She was an advocate for my hopes during my delivery and guided me through the intensity of the night with a reassuring presence. I knew the baby and I were safe with her there with us. She helped me achieve the birth that I so desired and welcome my sweet girl with a real passion and love for what she was doing. Beyond the main "doula duties" that she fulfilled, Lauren has been there for me to answer questions or even just with sweet words of friendship months after my daughter's birth. I am forever grateful to her and would be honored to become a "repeat" family of her's if I'm ever blessed with another beautiful baby.

Laryssa Sircy


We hired Lauren after a friend and former client of Lauren refferred us to her. At first we were skeptical about being able to share such a personal event in our lives with a "stranger" but from the very first meeting with Lauren we knew we'd made the right choice. She quickly became an integral part of our pregnancy journey. Despite having to miss the first half of our labor because she was tending to another birth my husband and I felt just the education and support we gained from Lauren alone was worth every penny. She made us feel secure and like we weren't going in "blind" as first time parents. I felt a lot more prepared than my peers who did not have doullas. Luckily Lauren was able to make it before the baby came and I have to say the calm and peaceful presence she brought when she entered the room was such a relief from the chaos of medical staff mixed with the pain and anxieties of labor. Even after being up for hours and dealing with I'm sure was an exhausting day before us she never made us feel like an inconvenience and showed extreme professionalism and dedication to my husband and I. It was nice just to know I had someone besides a nurse who was well educated and could provide me with the knowledge and skills to make uninfluenced decisions for myself. The services we recieved from Lauren in the moments and even weeks after our delivery were priceless. Out of all the family, friends, and even other professional's Lauren proved to be one of the only people that made my husband and I feel confident in our parenting and instincts. When I was having trouble breastfeeding and no one seemed to take me seriously, just brushing everything off as new parent anxieties, it was Lauren who listened, believed, and helped us fix the problem. Her education, support, and the confidence she instilled in us as new parents is the most priceless gift we could've ever recieved! We cannot wait to hire Lauren again for our next child; whenever that may be ;)

Tarah Hercus


We chose to have a doula because I gave birth in a hospital, and the midwife who would deliver our baby would not be with us the whole time, just at the very end. Of course we would have a nurse with us at all times, but we wanted someone we already knew well to be with us every step of the way, to help give us best chance at achieving our ideal birth.. My husband and I agree that hiring Lauren as our doula was a very smart decision, because she did exactly that.

We liked that she never made us feel pressure to choose her at.our consultation with her. She was flexible with our meetings also, for example when we had visiting family members staying at our home, she was able to meet us at a coffee shop instead of our house. She is very sweet, but at.the same.time you can tell she has what it takes to fight for her clients to have the birth they desire. If you want the best chance you can get at having a natural birth, especially in a hospital setting, then Lauren is your girl. I gave birth at OU which is more supportive of natural birth than other hospitals in Oklahoma, so it wasn't really an issue.

Another thing that was a big plus with Lauren is that she is very familiar with Hypnobirthing, so I didn't have to explain anything to her, she already knew all about it. She is very knowledgeable about birth in general, too, and even if you are not doing Hypnobirthing, she has lots of helpful ways to help you remain calm and at least somewhat relaxed (as much as is possible during labor). We are so glad we had Lauren as our doula!

Jenny Hanger


My poor husband gets very sick at the very thought of blood and gore (no but seriously, he didn’t make it through our first ultrasound without needing to sit down in fear of fainting...) so I knew I would need some support to get through a natural, drug-free birth. Lauren was PERFECT.

The pretnatal visits were very helpful in preparing me mentally and physically for a natural childbirth. I truly believe I made better, more educated decisions for my birth because of her knowledge and input. I didn’t end up taking a formal childbirthing class because I felt that Lauren had prepared me better than a generic class could.

I often wondered how I would be able to let someone in on something that is so intimate and raw, but Lauren made me feel comfortable from the beginning. I knew I could text her with any questions or concerns. She made me feel like an old friend immediately. My labor and delivery lasted 36+ hours. Lauren was with me for the last 24 hours while I labored at home and delivered at the hospital. She was my cheerleader, my coach, my friend, my strength and so much more.

Elaine Stageberg


We hired Lauren for the birth of our first baby and are so happy we did. She came highly recommended to me by a midwife at OU, which is where I wanted to deliver. She met with us many times throughout the pregnancy and settled all of our concerns and addressed all of our fears. She has a great deal of experience on which to draw her expertise! She guided us along, although she always made us feel like our birth plan was totally on our control. We desired an all natural birth in a hospital setting. I ended up with an induction and a c-section, but Lauren still proved her value. She was helpful and soothing during the induction. She and my husband made a great team.  While I was getting prepped for surgery, she told my husband everything to expect during the c-section. He says this advice was priceless and no one at the hospital would have been with him while he was waiting for me. In the OR, Lauren brought me my baby and helped me do skin to skin immediately. My surgery would have been far more "medical" without her there to facilitate early bonding and breastfeeding. We already can't wait for our next baby and can't wait for Lauren to be there. For dads on the fence about it! My husband loved having Lauren there just as much as I did!  

Laura Cromwell


My experience with Lauren Scarbrough as our doula was wonderful. She was referred to us  by a friend and I am so happy we hired her. I wanted an unmedicated natural birth and I really couldnt have done it with her support. She was so knowledgable and quick to answer my questions or calm any concerns I had throughout my pregnancy. She has such a calming presence about her and we were immediately comfortable with her. If we are ever blessed with another child, I know she will be right by our sides again. The photos she took during and after our child was born are priceless. I really can't say enough good things about our experience with Lauren. 

Ellen Rosino


I remember our first meeting was at Starbucks in the Fall of 2014. I knew that night that I wanted Lauren to be there for the birth of our son. She has such a calming presence that seemed like a good quality to have at a precious event such as birth and just a good quality to have in a person as well. Her sweet demeanor is so warming. And she truly does care about each and every one of her mama clients and their families. My husband hit it off with her as well since they both come from Italian families! He could tell she was knowledgeable and attentive so he was very impressed by that. My son's birth was quicker than expected but she was there in the middle of the night ready to go! She was working hard and never missed a beat! She continuously checked up on my son and I after birth and went above and beyond. Her postpartum follow up was wonderful. The following postpartum weeks were the hardest and she was always caring about our well-being and helpful with me and my sons breastfeeding struggles. She is just such a sweetheart! 

Kaila Nickel


When my husband and I decided on going the natural route for childbirth, I knew hiring a doula was a must. Given the intimate nature of birth, it was important to me to find someone who I felt comfortable with. I also wanted someone who would honor the husband/father's role in the labor process. From the first meeting, I knew Lauren would be the perfect addition to our birth team... and she was!

Before labor, she met with my husband and me to prepare us for what to expect during labor, what options we had related to routine procedures, and how we could physically, mentally, and emotionally prepare for labor (and recovery). She offered fantastic resources and was organized, thorough, and available for questions anytime. We felt equipped for labor and so assured having her by our side should the unexpected occur (as it often does). When I found out that I would have to be induced due to medical indications, she gave me the encouragement and support I needed that natural birth was still achievable. She empowered me with her words and helped me believe that I could do it, even if it wasn't the way I had originally planned.

When it came time to induce, Lauren was right there to guide us and support us. During labor, she offered exactly the support I needed: offering information regarding suggested procedures, massaging my back, helping me turn my baby, suggesting positions for moving my baby down, and providing my husband with ideas on how to best support me. With the support of Lauren, my midwife, and my husband, I had an incredible natural birth. I look back on my birth with so much joy, and I know Lauren was instrumental in that. I'm truly so grateful for this woman and her contribution to my birth.

Amanda Evatt


I adored working with Lauren. She gave such great resources during our prenatal appointments. She put me in touch with other great providers when I was having round ligament pain. She was a constant source of encouragement for me and it was a relief to know she was just a text away for questions. During our actual birth experience she was so amazing, sweet and gentle and supportive. She was such a rock for my husband and I to lean on as we went through the journey of our first birth. I would definitely invite this sweet woman into my birth space again!

Lisa Loftice


When we found out we were pregnant a third time, we knew we were going to hire another doula in order to achieve our second VBAC. Our previous doula was unavailable and recommended three or four names to us. We looked at their websites, and Lauren’s spoke to us. She had a similar first birth experience, so she would know how I was feeling. She had been a part of VBACs before. But most importantly to us, she spoke about the spirituality of birth. Lauren is calm, peaceful, knowledgeable, encouraging and empowering. Because of Lauren’s involvement in our birth, I believe our birth was quick and without any intervention. She helped me believe in myself, that I was doing what my body was created to do. She was wonderful at involving my husband, who is a bit squeamish and eager to be on the sidelines. I love that as I was in labor, she was taking notes to share with me later, such as the timeline of labor and delivery and the first words I said to our son. Some people are hesitant to hire a doula because of the cost, but we were not concerned with the cost when we thought about being able to bring our son into this world peacefully and surrounded by love. I would choose her for all my births, should we be blessed with more!

Holly Cary


Lauren was patient with all of my questions during our prenatal sessions, which gave me confidence and peace as our son's birth approached. I went into labor several days after my due date, waking up at midnight by PROM (water breaking). Lauren communicated consistently with me from those early morning hours on, encouraging me and advising on the next course of action.  When my husband and I decided to check into the hospital,  Lauren--who had another client momma starting labor--summoned a replacement doula (a fear of mine leading up to that day, as I wanted the comfort of Lauren); this doula who stood in for the first half of the day was wonderful, which reflected Lauren's wisdom of choice in alternates. When Lauren's other client momma gave birth,  Lauren joined me and my husband.  Her calming presence was hugely helpful during labor, as was the foot massage (with lavender) that she gave me when I had hit a low after hours of intense contractions. My husband and I had to make some difficult decisions; I had planned and prepared for an unmedicated birth, but when we had to rely on increasing doses of Pitocin to jumpstart contractions, the pain--coupled with the consistent vomiting of any food--left me exhausted.  Lauren walked the 'extra mile' with me to achieve an un-medicated birth,  and when that ceased to be an option for me (based on my highest priority of being able to enjoy my son's healthy birth into the world), she supported me and encouraged us from that point on. When our son finally made his appearance,  Lauren captured on her camera those first few precious moments. I found it amazing that she has a way of being involved and supportive that feels completely unobtrusive. She provided top notch care before,  during,  and after the birth. We are grateful for her. 

Kathryn Ferrell


I chose to hire Lauren as my doula because she has a calming presence about her and a passionate heart for being a doula. I had birthed two previous babies with another local doula, but I wanted to try someone new and I was very impressed by the level of service Lauren had to offer. I loved having 3 prenatal sessions with her as well as a postpartum follow up. I also liked the information folder she provided me, her assistance in fine-tuning my birth plan, counseling me on dealing with hospital protocols in relation to my preferences, and gifting me with birth notes. A doula is definitely worth the money and Lauren is well worth it. My husband says he would pay double just to have a doula present with us during labor! My goals for this birth were to have a natural, unmedicated birth in a hospital setting and not to tear to the point of needing stitches, plus deliver a healthy baby, of course! Lauren helped me achieve these goals by not only supporting me during labor, but also by preparing me ahead of time with helpful advice and reassurance. Lauren is compassionate, peaceful and resourceful.
I felt safe, comforted and supported by Lauren being present at my birth. She made sure I stayed hydrated, took photos and notes, provided physical and verbal support and made sure I was well taken care of. I think just having the peace of mind that Lauren was there to focus solely on my well being during my labor was most valuable to me.

Jacqueline Combs


The heart heals like a bone, without support it can remain misaligned for an eternity. Lauren was our cast. I became pregnant immediately after losing a baby that I had already dreamed of. He had a name, in my heart he had a laugh and a smile and my heart's dream vanished. Being pregnant again did not heal me, in all honesty I was bitter and sad. My husband and I were both overwhelmed and drifting in a sea of our tears. We decided we couldn't welcome a baby into this sadness, so we reached out to Lauren for birth support. She has a certain knowing grace that only only comes from a loving heart. In each of our visits she described the physiological progression of birth with terms that brought reverence and love back into the picture. After every visit we began to hope again. We used her terminology, to remind ourselves that A's birth would be joyous, that we are allowed to believe in the physical process of pregnancy again and that celebrating one child does not rob another child of remembrance. I doubt she know what a momentous role she played in healing our family, but that is part of what makes her inspiring, she never acknowledges her accomplishments only her role.

Rebecca Bernard


When Josh and I first met Lauren, we immediately clicked with her sweet personality, humor and confidence. As first time parents, we were pretty clueless about labor and childbirth, and the many visits that Lauren spent with us before the birth of our son were so helpful…she is a wealth of knowledge.
We both wanted to have a birth experience that was calm and med-free. I was worried that in the height of labor I would give up and go for the pain control options. Labor ended up being much longer than any of us expected and Lauren was such a blessing. She selflessly spent over 40 hours with us, encouraging me, reminding me that my body was made to give birth, and suggesting different labor positions to help move our baby down and OUT. Lauren’s knowledge helped calm our fears, reassuring us that we can get through this process and that birth is a normal yet awesome thing of life.
When my husband was exhausted from the many hours of no sleep, she continued to support me; so that he could get some much needed rest…they worked together as a great team.
Having Lauren with us on our labor journey was a beautiful experience, she helped me remember and focus on the fact that I was strong and capable and I could birth our baby. When we are ready for another addition to our family, we hope that she will be able to bless us with her services again.


Megan Brister


My husband and I didn't know we would want or need a doula for our birth until we started taking Bradley Method childbirth classes in my sixth month of pregnancy. We interviewed a few other doulas, but utimately hired Lauren after our initial consult with her. She was so sweet and genuine and just the person we wanted to assist in our birth; to be that extra support person and help my husband and I achieve the natural birth we wanted. We were learning a lot in our Bradley classes, but each time we met with Lauren we learned even more about the physical and emotional side of the birth process. Lauren is very knowledgable about all aspects of birth.  Once I started my weekly appointments, Lauren met my OB and I sent her weekly email updates of any changes/progress that were observed.  When I told her I was having severe ligament pain or that the baby was high, she was quick to offer suggestions to relieve the pain and encourage the baby to engage in the pelvis. I was scared and nervous about giving birth, but Lauren helped to calm my fears and reassured me that my body could do this and I had the strength to as well.  I was in labor for 27 hours and Lauren was by my side for 25 of them.  She rubbed my back, encouraged new positions when my body started stalling out, and spread essential oils around the room to calm me.  When labor got really hard and I was battling fatigue and doubt, she looked me straight in the eye and told me that I was strong, was making progress and that everything I was doing was going to bring my baby earthside. She made me feel empowered. Lauren even knew that I was pushing through contractions before I even realized it myself. She also stood by my husband, giving him support in coaching me and offering relief when he needed short break. I would highly recommend Lauren to any mama seeking a doula at their birth and hope to hire her again for our next pregnancy. 


Rachel McDanel


We met Lauren at the Baby Expo in OKC. My husband and I had not yet decided if we wanted to use a doula and didn't know much about what they do. We knew we wanted to have a natural (no meds), vaginal birth and we already had a midwife. We met with Lauren in our home and we also met with one other doula I found online. We both agreed that we felt more comfortable with Lauren. I liked talking with her and she helped me to understand her exact role in my birth. She was very personable and, being that this was my first child, very good at answering questions so I understood as well as giving me information that I never thought to ask about. We appreciated her personal experiences with her own children as it made her more knowledgeable and more relatable. Once hired, we met with her 3 times during my pregnancy to go over important information and talk labor, birth, concerns, goals, etc. I went into labor at 41 weeks and 1 day - just 3 days before I was to be induced. We called Lauren that evening and she gave me some advice and encouraging words. Many hours later, when my contractions got closer together, Lauren came to our house while I labored there a little longer. Eventually we went on to the hospital. She was extremely helpful throughout the whole labor. Nothing went as planned and I ended up having a c-section. I labored naturally for 24 hours but I wouldn't dilate past a 5 and his head was wedged in there. Six hours after that our son was born. Despite the complications, I am so glad Lauren was there (my husband agrees). She was a calming presence, a helping hand, a break for my husband, not to mention an experienced coach. We for sure intend to use her again should we be blessed with another child.

Stephany Cleek


We met with Lauren before we even revealed to our families we were pregnant. We had a doula in our first pregnancy and she was nice, but was not as active in our pregnancy as we had hoped. When Lauren started sharing with us what all her services covered, with prenatal visits and resources, we knew she would be a very involved doula and not just show up at the birth say a few nice words and then disappear. Just in talking with her at that first meeting we felt calm and confident, she just had such a peaceful and kind way about her.  

Lauren was there for prenatal visits, support through email and texts, and kept in touch with us through some complications we had. I loved the way she came to our house and provided us with calming exercises we could use during labor.  She showed up one day and spent hours with me when I thought baby was coming, but baby did not come. She kept sweetly reminding me all was normal and okay and he would come when he was ready, never once making me out to appear stupid or needy.

My goals for birth were to labor at home as long as possible and deliver at the hospital unmedicated and in the most comfortable position possible. I waited until I was admitted to the hospital at 2:15 in the morning and Lauren arrived shortly after I called her. I didn't even realize she had come in, she entered quietly and sensed what I needed.  She immediately rubbed my back and reminded me to follow my bodies cues. She made sure the lights were kept dim and voices low.

We were able to reach our birthing wishes and with Lauren's help. Lauren's calm presence meant the world! She was so patient, giving, and caring. She made sure my husband was involved as well, suggeting things he could help with and never excluded him. We plan to have more children and I will be calling Lauren the minute I find out I'm pregnant because she was the perfect match for us. 

Chelsie Duff


Long before I was pregnant my husband and I had decided that when the time came we would use a midwife and doula.  I went to a meet and greet to see my options the summer before I was pregnant and met Lauren.  I shared my wants and concerns with her there at the meet and greet and left confident that I had found my doula. Fast forward to about 8 weeks pregnant and Lauren comes over for a consult with my husband and I.  I knew she was my girl but I needed my husband to feel confident and happy with the decision as well.  She spoke in terms of being purposeful and intentional in the birth process and it was then he knew she would be a wonderful asset to our birth experience as well.  Through every meeting she continually impressed us with her knowledge, patience to questions, and sincere care for our little growing family.  When the moment (hours) came she was more than I could have ever asked for.  Lauren relieved my tired husband from duty and worked with me and my contractions and gave me confidence and encouragement that I needed.  She encouraged and helped my husband through our long labor.  Lauren helped us make an informed decision but kept my ultimate goal in mind when times became hard after almost 24 hours of labor.  After my son came into this world she stayed by my side and recounted all the major moments of labor and delivery and celebrated with us that we were able to accomplish our goal.  I cannot say enough about how blessed I was to have found a woman that could see me and my hopes and dreams in labor and was so eager to help me achieve every one of those dreams. I hope that I am blessed to have more children and that with each one Lauren is there to share in the experience.  

Baby C's Momma 

Elizabeth Love Lindamood


From the moment my husband and I discovered we were expecting our first child I knew I wanted a natural birth process. Our midwife had given us a list of resources & Lauren's website was the first one I visited when we began our doula search. There was an instant connection for me when I read her bio and philosophy on pregnancy/delivery. I immediatley knew I wanted to meet this woman & when I met Lauren for the initial consultation I knew she was the doula for us!

Lauren was the perfect combination of knowledge and personality -- sweet, down-to-earth, humorous & full of great information! She put my husband and I at ease & never made us feel silly for asking questions. Lauren was also incredibly flexible with our busy schedules, often meeting us well after 7:00 p.m. in the comfort of our own home.

Meeting with Lauren for educational sessions prior to labor enabled us to feel well-prepared when the time finally arrived (well, as prepared as any first-time parents can feel). My labor ended up being much faster than we expected and I gave birth about 2 hours after arriving at the hospital. Despite the quick delivery, it was so nice having Lauren there as an extra encourager. She was excellent at seamlessly merging into the background and providing support, water and information. She even snapped the most beautiful pictures during the delivery (and completely respected my request for modest images). The pictures she took are some of my favorites!

Lauren would be an asset to any expectant mother. She brings a sense of peace to what could easily be a scary and overwhelming process. Above all, I feel Lauren has the unique ability to be what the mother needs her to be in the moment. You will not regret making Lauren a part of your birthing team.

I could not recommend Lauren more!

Allison Seal Morris


I recently gave birth to my second child, a beautiful little girl. With my first baby, I had to be induced, and received an epidural. After 24 hours I had my precious son. It was amazing to meet our miracle, but I had an adverse reaction to the drugs and had several issues during the first few days of his life. I knew I wanted my second birthing experience to be different than the first. I was given Lauren’s name from a friend at church and upon contacting her knew she was sent by God to assist my husband and I in our birth journey. Right away, Lauren’s vast knowledge, sincerity in listening to our wishes, loving nature and integrity stood out to us. She is professional, yet so personal. Hiring Lauren was the BEST decision for our family. Our sweet baby girl came ten days late, but right on time. During that waiting period, Lauren provided so much encouragement and quality suggestions on how to ready my body for labor. My goal for this birth was to labor at home as long as possible and have my baby without any anesthetic upon arriving to the hospital. And that is exactly how it happened! God truly answered my prayers and carried many of them out through Lauren’s assistance. In the process of hiring Lauren, I had several questions – “what if I have an emergency and can’t give birth like I wish,” “will it be worth it if I have some sort of medical intervention”… etc. The truth is, any family will benefit greatly from Lauren’s services no matter how their baby is welcomed into the world. She truly prepares you to give birth! The most valuable part is having Lauren’s loving, caring, wise and ability to think on her feet expertise right there during one of the most wonderful, yet powerful experiences of your life. I love that Lauren and her services are a part of our little girl’s safe and miraculous arrival into our world!

Misty Clark


When my first birth did not go the way I had envisioned it, and I knew that for my second birth I wanted to hire a doula to help advocate my birth preferences. After the first time we met Lauren, we knew right away she was the perfect addition to our birth team. Throughout the pregnancy and especially at the end when my due date had come and gone she was a great resource and support to help me work through some of the anxiety I was having. She was always calming and reassuring that my body was designed for birth, and labor would begin when my body and baby were ready. After many false alarms, I finally went into labor on my own at 41+3. I couldn't have imagined my labor and delivery without her. She ran a candle lit, aromatherapy shower for me, and the warm running water on my back was exactly what I needed to work through some intense contractions. When my husband needed a break from standing, she was there for me to lean on. Her voice was always soothing and encouraging, and she gave me faith in myself that I could do it. Lauren has such a sweet soul, and I truly believe she was blessed with a gift to support birth. I am so grateful to her for helping me achieve the un-medicated labor I had envisioned, and will be recommending her to everyone that is seeking a doula.

Chelsie Duff


My husband and I decided on a natural birth with a midwife and after coming to a consensus on who would be our primary midwife and the details of what we would like to see happen in the delivery of our baby, we decided on using a doula. I met Lauren at a meet and greet in OKC several months before I was pregnant and knew immediately that she was the doula for our family. She was kind, encouraging and very informed. There was never a moment I felt uncomfortable or scared. She made my husband feel very comfortable and able as well. All of our meetings with her were amazing and kept us excited for the arrival of our son. When the big day came Lauren was the glue that kept us going when labor went on and on for over 24 hours. After the arrival of my baby boy, Lauren stayed by my side reassuring me and praising me for what I had accomplished. My husband sings her praises to everyone we tell the birth story of our son to and he is a full believer in doula assistance to any birth! I am so thankful for her and my husband (they made the best labor team!). No matter what my situation is and how many babies I have in the future Lauren will be my doula!

Reem O'Donnell


Hiring Lauren took a weight off our shoulders. My wife was facing the greatest physical and emotional challenge of her life, and I wanted to help her in any way I could. I felt the need to become an expert on all things birth in just a few months. Lauren took that pressure off me and allowed me truly to enjoy the experience of my son’s birth. We knew we would have a birth expert in the room to assure us that what my wife was going through is normal and prepare us for each step of the process. Lauren’s presence freed me to be there for my wife as a source of love and support and not worry so much about being the perfect birth coach.

Lauren’s greatest gift to us was helping my wife face the unknown with confidence. My wife was well informed about childbirth, but no amount of information can replace the experience Lauren has gained serving as a doula for dozens of births. When my wife’s contractions hit hard and she didn’t know how she would bear them, Lauren knew what to do to comfort and reassure her. We ended up having just the kind of birth experience we wanted. We are so glad we had Lauren with us to help us through the process. We can’t recommend her highly enough.                  

Katherine Lawton


I hired Lauren to be my Doula for the homebirth of my second baby. I was fairly knowledgeable about birth, but as this was my first homebirth, she was great at answering my questions on what to expect, what to have handy, etc. She is a very calm and confident woman who is fantastic about passing that confidence on to the people she is around. At the birth she was a pillar that helped to calm the mood in the air. She was so amazing at guarding my birth space physically and mentally that I was able to slip into labor land without any idea of what was really happening around me. I was free to do what I needed. When I would even slightly start to think about needing anything, without a second passing, she was there to meet that need. I believe she even got me to eat and drink to maintain energy without me even having time to fully come out of that place women go mentally to work through birth with their baby. During the hard parts, she reminded me that everything was going well and even stood there holding my gigantic leg for the better part of an hour while I was pushing. Afterwards, she maintained the same dedicated care in helping me get cleaned up and stay warm. During the postpartum period she was available to talk at length about the birth and to help with breastfeeding. Lauren provided me with a beautifully written timeline of my labor and delivery that I will always treasure. Lauren Scarbrough is a fantastic doula and does an amazing job at empowering women in their birth. I knew from the moment I saw that positive test that I needed her to be there.

Cherie Lemke


When my husband & I started planning for our second child we knew we needed a different experience than we had with our first child. While our eldest son is perfectly healthy, the emotional trauma I experienced with his delivery & care afterwards made us apprehensive about future pregnancies. Once we made the decision to pursue an unmediated, midwife attended, VBAC, I knew we also had to have a doula. At 6 weeks pregnant I attended an event that discussed doulas, VBACs, & midwives which is where I met Lauren. After meeting her I knew she was the best match to help us achieve the birth we wanted. Throughout my pregnancy she was incredibly helpful & knowledgable. Lauren took the time to understand my fears & help prepare me for a positive childbirth experience. In the weeks leading up to my due date I felt no fear, only excitement because I was confident in my abilities due to Lauren's encouragement. Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to follow my body's lead in birth due to expected complications discovered during a late term ultrasound. At the recommendation of my midwife, a repeat cesarean was scheduled which filled me with all the fear I had before. Lauren was there to help calm & remind me that I could still have many of the things that were important to me. When the day of the cesarean arrived, Lauren was there early. When our surgery was pushed back 6 hours, she waited with us. When I became so nervous I was ready to leave, she helped to calm me down. She gently reminded everyone involved of our preferences for a gentle cesarean. Once I was taken to the OR, Lauren was right there beside my husband & I, giving us the support we needed. She held my hand during the entire delivery & took beautiful photographs I will cherish forever. While I did not end up with the birth I had envisioned, Lauren helped me get the healing I needed. I no longer look back with regret or forward with apprehension about a future pregnancy.

Heather Harvey


My husband and I used husband coached childbirth as our preferred method with our first two. While my husband was an amazing support something seemed to be missing. While we prepared to bring our third child earthside I researched the statistics about doulas and we decided that would hire one. Lauren was the first doula I interviewed and honestly I felt like we connected. I should have hired her on the spot, but I interviewed a second Doula and then I knew even more that Lauren was a great match for us. She was real and relatable on the phone but in the sweetest manner ever. Since my husband and I had brought our first two earthside together I was skeptical about what she could bring to our birth experience. About two weeks before our surprise gender baby came I was feeling bluesy. She sent me this article that spoke right to me and she offered up great encouragement. Lauren had great resources that I tried to take advantage of. Since my second birth ended with PPD I so badly wanted a healing birth and I believe Lauren helped us prepare and achieve that goal. We were induced at 42 weeks and having her presence was truly worth every penny. At one point she saved us from a procedure we didn't want by gently reminding our midwife of our birth plan. Lauren had our birth plan more memorized than we did! There were several other times during labor that her presence made a huge difference in the peaceful atmosphere. She knew right when to step in but also helped us work as a team. I truly believe she is gifted in her calling. I wish I had found her and hired her sooner because of how wonderful her advice and help along the way was and because of her constant gentle support during labor.

side note: Even though she is not a professional photographer and she is a Doula first she took some amazing pictures of our day that I will treasure forever. 


Ashley Prentice


The best decision my husband and I made during my pregnancy was to hire a doula, and specifically hire Lauren! During my pregnancy I felt like I had done everything one could possibly do to be prepared for a natural labor and birth. Sometimes though, what you have planned and what actually happens can be very different. Lauren was our rock as one by one everything we had hoped for seemed to fail. I honestly have no idea how my husband or I would have made it through our experience without her. I had a very long labor (about 30 hours) and Lauren stayed by my side, gently giving advice and suggestions to help make it through each contraction. Every decision we were faced with, Lauren helped remind us about our goals and talked through everything with us. Eventually I had to have an epidural, and Lauren helped keep me calm during the procedure while having intense contractions every 2 minutes. When I was told a c-section was recommended, Lauren helped reassure us everything would be okay. While preparing for my c-section in the operating room, the doctors had to make a last minute decision to put me to sleep, which meant that Lauren and my husband were not allowed to be with me. This was one of the scariest moments for us. Lauren stayed with my husband during my procedure and then took pictures of my baby before he was taken to the NICU. These pictures were all I had to look at before I was able to meet my son for the first time the following day. No one plans for things to go haywire during labor and delivery, but sometimes they do. Lauren was such a blessing to us, gently serving and providing loving support during one of the most difficult/most sacred/most wonderful days of our entire lives. Hire Lauren! I guarantee you will be so happy you did and that she will be a blessing during your pregnancy, labor, and postpartum days. 

Jennifer Carter


My labor was very unusual. It lasted 6 days! Lauren came for the first 18 hours and then my labor slowed, so I sent her home. I was hoping that I'd have her back soon, but I didn't call her to come until the last 26 hours. Throughout that time, while she was with me and in between, she was such an encouragement! Many text messages and phone calls of encouragement, information, and love! She was such a blessing to my husband and me. My delivery wasn't what I hoped it would be, but there was never a moment that I didn't feel supported and loved by Lauren both during and after. If we had more children, we would absolutely want Lauren to be with us. I have no hesitation in recommending Lauren to any of my friends. She is a joy! Thank you, Lauren, for being a happy part of our birth story!

Erin McCord


Lauren was such a wonderful support for my husband and I before, during and after the birth of our first baby.  She took her time with us during our visits prior to the birth and was so calming and supportive during labor and the birth process.  We wanted a doula for support since we did not have family in the area and although we did not plan a fully unmedicated birth, Lauren was open-minded and supportive of our decisions throughout the process. When our little one decided to arrive early, Lauren was at the hospital quickly and provided fantastic support throughout the fast and furious birth - with back labor :/

Thank you Lauren! We would definitely recommend you to anyone considering a supportive and thoughtful doula!

Jessica Ballard


Working with Lauren was an excellent experience. As soon as we met her, we realized how knowledgable she was about the birth process. Her calm, but driven attitude immediately made us feel comfortable. 

Our favorite thing about about using a doula, especially Lauren, was having someone who could explain all our birth options ahead of time. Lauren was quick to explain about delaying the Vitamin K shot, which we were unaware could be done. Having her visit our home and walk us through what to expect was invaluable. 

During labor, despite its middle-of-the-night arrival, Lauren arrived at our house quickly after phoning for her. She accompanied us to the hospital and provided massage, kind words, and another set of hands for anything needed. It's safe to say that the entire process would have been much harder to do intervention-free without her.

As skeptical as we were about using a doula, now that we've been through the process, we both whole-heartedly would recommend it and her to anyone. Lauren was worth every penny, and we plan to use her again for our next child!

Rebecca Avey


Lauren was just the supportive presence my husband and I needed to coach us through a grueling 67 hours of labor. Throughout early labor, she was available to answer all of our questions and helped put us at ease when things were progressing at a snail’s pace (even answering phone calls at 3am!!). I’m certain my baby’s birth would have turned out quite differently if it hadn’t been for Lauren’s unwavering patience and calming demeanor. Nothing is predictable when it comes to labor and delivery, as we found out, however, one thing you can be sure of is that Lauren will do everything in her power to make the best out of any situation. Even as my birth plan began to crumble, Lauren made sure that I never became overwhelmed. Thinking back on my experience, I am overcome with joy and an incredible sense of gratitude. Thank you Lauren for being there for us!!

-Rebecca, Kenneth & Graham

Jessica Graham


I knew that with my second pregnancy I didn't want things to be the same as my first. I wanted to try a natural drug-free pregnancy. I knew that I needed the support of someone who was knowledgable in natural childbirth. Lauren was a God-send. I had been through a lot of stress and had a few complications early in my pregnancy and frankly, I was scared. She was always there to answer all my questions, no matter how small. Because of her, I went into labor ready and excited. She helped me embrace my inner mommy strength. She met me at the hospital at 1 am (after having just helped another mommy the day/night before). Her calm, laid back personality helped me stay calm throughout my labor. I finally delivered my son at 7 a.m. Because I had to have a c-section, it took me awhile to get back to the room and even longer until I was able to start breast feeding. She was able to stay until after 8 a.m to help me establish breastfeeding. I am so thankful for her. She is the perfect person to have by your side, providing love and support from start to finish. 

Kenzi Lowrance


We had a wonderful experience with Lauren for the birth of our second child. She was very supportive and informative throughout my pregnancy and always quickly replied to any questions or concerns I had along the way. During labor she was very soothing and calm and helped me to really listen to my body and learn to trust it during the birth process. Her support, patience and confidence in my birthing abilities were very reassuring and helpful in enabling us to have a successful VBAC.

Kimberly Bandy


My first birth experience involved an emergency C-Section that left me traumatized enough to wait 5 years before becoming pregnant again. Because of this, my husband and I knew that we needed to be extremely wise with every decision to give us the highest possibility of a successful VBAC.

We felt sure Lauren had the perfect spirit & style for us and we were SO right. Throughout pregnancy, Lauren helped me stay calm & at peace w/my decision to attempt a VBAC & assured me it was possible. She did so w/emotional care, but also w/accurate & understandable data & information regarding anything that I brought up as a concern.

While natural birth was extremely important to me, I was concerned that a doula would have a hard time being objective & might promote an agenda of non-intervention even if I decided some interventions were necessary. Lauren was completely supportive no matter what--a huge relief. I never felt a sense of judgement when I considered options that weren't 100% natural.  But I was able to make it to labor and through delivery naturally. I know that much of the reason this happened was because I never felt pressured to do so and was able to enter into that mental space on my own, making it MY conviction.

Lauren was careful to learn about my husband & I as a couple. This was so important because she knew how much we wanted my husband to be my primary support. She encouraged him as he encouraged me, only coaching/encouraging when needed.  Her calm & confident demeanor gave me every assurance that we could deliver exactly as we hoped. With the help of Lauren, the Lord redeemed this birth from our previous trauma and I had the most beautiful experience of my life, welcoming a healthy baby.

I can't recommend Lauren enough and hope that you will consider letting her be a part of your birth story.  It's clear that this is what she is designed to do!  

Bridget Miller


I found Lauren when I was 6months pregnant with my first child. Knowingnone of our families could be present at our daughter's birth (husband is military);  I decided to hire a doula. I interviewed a couple of doulas but was drawn to Lauren because of her peaceful yet positive personality. I knew that I would need a strong, positive presence to help me with my desire for a natural childbirth. Lauren was amazing through it all! Before birth, she answered all of my questions, provided resources for me to research more, taught my husband techniques so he could be actively involved and even went with me on the hospital tour! 

When labor began, she was there from the get go. When they tried to give me pitocin to help my labor progress further, she suggested alternative methods, downloaded music on her personal phone for me to use and massaged in just the right places when contractions got rough. 
However, what really set Lauren apart was her reaction when my birthing experience didn't go as planned. After 14 hours of labor, they realized my daughter was breech and would need to be delivered via Cesarian Section. I started balling and so did Lauren! After I calmed down a bit to start asking questions, Lauren turned to my doctor and asked how she could  be of help. It was at this point that I realized that although my actual family was far away, I had gained a new sister through Lauren who truly desired for me to have my birth go as I wished and grieved with me when it didn't go as planned. She stayed through the C-Section and helped me initiate breast feeding after our daughter was born. 
At our final post-pardum meeting, Lauren presented us with a beautiful birth story and pictures that we will treasure forever! Lauren was invaluable to us through our first pregnancy and I can't wait to have her help us with any future births we will have!

Célia Zambon Wollenberg


“Upon meeting Lauren, I was immediately taken by her gentleness and sweet demeanor. On the day of our first interview, we talked and I felt like I could be myself around her. We were having a home birth, and since my husband and I had decided that he would not attend the birth, I was very dependent on Lauren for emotional and physical support. During my early labor, I needed Lauren to be hands on with me: she massaged me and let me use her as anchor during contractions. But as my labor progressed, I needed more personal space and Lauren adapted to my needs. Her discreet presence made me feel safe and gave me the peace and confidence that I needed in order to labor. She would encourage me emotionally and worked through my fears with me. The pain made me very edgy and Lauren stayed calm, positive, and discreet, jumping in only when she saw that I needed it. She suggested position changes when she saw that I needed the change in order for my labor to keep advancing. We prayed together every time I asked, which gave me the courage and strength to keep going. At the pushing stage, I was craving to get into the birth pool, but the water had gotten too cold and the midwives tried to discourage me from it. But Lauren could tell I really needed to be in the water in order to relax, so she worked very hard to empty the pool and fill it back up with warm water. What a great gift! The water really helped me relax so that I could crown. She and the midwives coached me and encouraged me through the pushing stage so my labor could advance and finish. She also took pictures, kept track of my labor and wrote a beautiful birth story for me to have as a souvenir. After the birth, I realized how blessed I had been to have had Lauren by my side to keep me encouraged and strong through this great trial of life. What a wonderful woman of God! I am so grateful that she was on my birth team!”

Dani Yording


Lauren was invaluable to us at the birth of our son. Throughout my pregnancy, we developed a great relationship and she was exactly what we needed her to be when it was time to welcome our son into the world. Lauren has obviously been called to be a doula and she effortlessly knew the kind of support that would be best for us when we were most vulnerable. We would hire her again in a heartbeat and will for any future babies! 

Kyle Guthrie


You know when you meet someone who was born to do something. Lauren was born to help women bring babies into the world. Our experience with Lauren was with our first baby, a girl. From the very beginning Lauren was warm and open, providing a comfortable atmosphere free of judgment. Her knowledge and wisdom of birth is so extensive that we immediately felt that we were in good hands. Lauren was flexible with her time and completely available if I ever needed anything or had any questions about my pregnancy-day or night! During labor she helped create a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, aiding me with helpful pain management techniques and keeping my fiancé and I calm. She really let us work through the labor how we felt necessary and was there immediately if I needed a little extra help in coping through contractions. We were so lucky to have this amazing doula, because my labor ended up being 30+ hours! She never faltered in her patience and commitment to our birth, and was extremely supportive in the choices I made for the delivery. Lauren's energy and compassion during labor and birth is an incredible thing to witness. Her calm nature and genuine love of the art of being a doula makes anyone who employs her a very lucky mama! Thank you, Lauren!

Mandy & Andrew Patrick


We were referred to Lauren by our doula (who had gotten over-loaded at work) 5 weeks before we were due, which made us nervous.  Lauren did a great job of making time to spend with us, attending the remaining appointments, and helping to develop a bond prior to our delivery.

We went 3 weeks overdue, and throughout that Lauren was a great resource- she worked hard to find us information (not much out there about going past 42 weeks) and provided the emotional support that we were needing.

When the time came, Lauren insisted on being there from the get-go, joining us at the hospital at 11 pm.  She was with us continually until 1 am (two days later!  26 hours from when she arrived!) until well after delivery.  To put it simply: Lauren saved our birth plan.  We wanted an all-natural birth, and after 3 hours of transition things were looking grim.  While she was terrific through all of transition (offering water, snacks, massage and heat/cold therapy) Lauren really shined during mid-transition: she encouraged us to get back in the shower, and prevented an epidural.  During the five hours of pushing, she continued to shine, supporting (physically and emotionally) and coaching us.  She kept taking care of both of us, even snapping some beautiful photos.

Throughout our experience with Lauren, we kept being impressed by how thoughtful and mature she was.  She seemed to always be in tune with what we were experiencing, even anticipating what was coming next.  Always able to give the right advice, in the right way, it became very clear that underneath Lauren's easy-going personality is a very active, empathetic intellect.  We were beyond thrilled, and would heartily recommend Lauren to any expecting family!

Mandy and Andrew Patrick

Sarah Sweeney


 Lauren's involvement in my pregnancy and birth was a blessing from above. While I feel that I could have had a pleasant birth experience without a doula, in the end, she was the force that kept me sane, allowed me to make the right choices for me and my child and actually enjoy the process. She was, before, during and after the birth, such a calming and confident presence. I am so glad I sought out the help of a doula, especially Lauren. I'm not quite ready to do it again today, but if and when we bring another life into this world, I will make sure that Lauren is there to help again. 

Briana Bratton


 My husband and I chose to meet Lauren after her and I exchanged a few messages about my birth wishes.  My husband had been resistant to the idea of a Doula with our first child and then again with this pregnancy.  I really wanted one because I knew how lucky I was to have a dedicated, yet exhausted husband after my first labor, and a wonderful nurse who was dedicated to a delivery like I wanted.  

After meeting with Lauren my husband was at ease because he felt that she would ensure that his wish to be totally involved would be realized.  Lauren knew that we just wanted her for support and relief as needed but that my husband would be hands on.  My labor started in the early morning hours and a quick phone call to Lauren on our way to the hospital was all that was needed.  She met us in triage and was immediately there to help us with the experience we wanted.  Lauren was a huge resource for us before, during, and even after.  She made sure that we got the med/ intervention free birth that we wanted.  I now consider her a friend and my Doula.

Mandy Hinkle


I gave birth to my fourth little blessing on June 28th. I had a doula with my second baby but decided to for go it with my third. I decided to hire Lauren because my fourth child would be my third natural birth but first homebirth. Lauren is a very loving, sweet and thoughtful woman. She was always happy to discuss my various little pregnancy ailments as well as talk about all my wonderings and thoughts about child birth. For the actual labor and delivery, Lauren was there for all 11 hours. She helped me handle contractions by applying counter pressure on my back or by suggesting various positions to encourage baby Maximilian to move down. We had a good time together and she was a wonderful support for my husband as well. She was very encouraging, but in a soft spoken way. Lauren is a wonderful strong woman and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

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