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Donna Rigert

Doula Donna Denver

Littleton, CO Service range 40 miles

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$40 to $45

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$40 to $45

Birth Doula Experience

14 years and 350 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

10 years and 7 families served

Doula Training

  • Self-trained, May 2018
  • Self-trained, May 2018

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • End of life doula services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Photography - Birth
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Reflexology
  • Reiki
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Former doula volunteer with Chicago Volunteer Doulas; involved in many fundraising activities and doula support groups.

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Spanish

Fee Details

This includes prenatal sessions. Consistent support during labor, birth and 1-2 hrs post-birth. Postpartum session up to 2 hours. Photography, as well!

Service Area

Littleton, CO Service range 40 miles

Client Testimonials for Donna Rigert

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Leah & Keenan Brown


Hiring Donna as our doula for the birth of our first child was the best decision we have ever made! Before even meeting her I knew she was going to be the perfect fit, so much so that we didn’t even bother looking into other doulas. From the second we met her we felt like we had known her for years! She is funny, trustworthy, and such a kind, genuine person who truly had our best interest at heart. Donna helped me write my birth wishes, which included an unmedicated, minimal to no intervention birth and when things went completely opposite of what I wanted, she was there to discuss the options with my husband and I, allowing us to make an educated decision that was best for us. Not only was she a huge support for me, she was SO supportive of my husband which allowed us to be so present during the labor and delivery process. Seeing Donna at our postpartum visit truly felt like catching up with a friend and her lactation cookies were DELICIOUS. If my husband and I decide to have another baby, we will 100000% hire Donna to be there again. I firmly believe that had she not been present for the birth of my daughter, things might not have turned out well for myself or my baby. We love Donna and will recommend her to any and every pregnant person looking or even considering hiring a doula!

Jane & Erik


Donna is a ray of sunshine! My husband and I knew from the moment we met her that she was the perfect fit for our family. The meetings leading up to our birth were informative and Donna was there along the way to answer any questions we had. Our labor was long and tough and Donna never left our side. She was supportive, kind, and very knowledgeable. She also helped me through a difficult choice to get an epidural after laboring for over 24 hours and thank goodness she did. The rest gave me the strength to push our son out 7 hours later. We love Donna for her positivity and adaptability. She was our rock during labor. Her maternal and calming presence was a true blessing for both of us. We know we need her at our side again for any future births. Thank you Donna for all of your love and support!

Ahna Saetveit


I found Donna through doula match after my first child's birth was very difficult and traumatic for myself and my husband. Donna was an amazing support, she was a joy and a delight to talk to, she payed special attention to our daughter on her visits. She helped us express what we really wanted out of this second birth experience and supported us advocating for that in hospital. She worked seamlessly with the rest of my care team to help us through a whirlwind fast second labor and delivery. I can remember hearing her voice while I was in transition and pushing telling me what a good job I was doing and I would soon meet my son.

She checked in with us via text after my delivery a few times and then came to visit and bring me lactation cookies and have a bit of a debrief of the experience. I would absolutely recommend Donna as a doula to anyone who needs someone in their corner for their birth experience. She reminds me of the aunt who sneaks you sips of her margarita at the family BBQ. We're so pleased and grateful to have had her as a part of our birth. 

Zarra Keith


We found Donna through two friends who used her and we are so lucky our friends shared her with us! As first time parents, we were looking for knowledge and guidance through a lot of unknowns. You get that and so much more with Donna. Donna provided us with education prior to going to the hospital but was also there for us when we got unexpected news that changed the end of our pregnancy. She understood what we wanted and our goals; she was there to listen, offer advice, and emotional support to help us make decisions that were right for us. During labor, Donna was a much welcome calming support and presence to both of us - all of the nurses complimented Donna on transforming the physical space of the hospital into a less clinical, more soothing setting. Donna is there to have conversations about what to do next and has so many ideas/positions to help move things along. And, in addition to all that, Donna is a much welcome presence - she is easy and fun to talk to with a wonderful sense of humor. Words don't do our experience with Donna justice; we are grateful to Donna for everything.



Annichen Mitchell


Everyone asks us if it was worth having a doula and the answer is a resounding YES! But for us it was either Donna or no doula at all. Donna brings a warmth and positivity throughout the entire process that is absolutely priceless. Being first time parents, there were so many unexpected decisions to make throughout labor and having her there was so helpful. Not only that, she helped flip my sunny side up baby the right way, which probably helped me avoid a c-section! You never realize how important it is to have a positive birth experience until you're actually in it, and we are so grateful Donna was there to help make it happen. Thank you, Donna, we love you!




I just had my first baby in February 2023 and didn't know what to expect. I knew after my initial conversation with Donna that I would be in good hands throughout the entire pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She just seemed to "get" me and my husband's personalities and was so easy to talk to. She did 2 in home visits with my husband and me. She did some body work and showed me stretches and positions to do and was a wealth of information, answering all of my question and leaving me with a ton of resources. My plan was to give birth at a Birth Center but after a couple of elevated blood pressure readings, I had to be induced at the hospital. Donna reassured me with everything and I was able to call her on the spot with questions about induction methods. My baby came in the middle of a snow storm and much, much quicker than anyone was anticipating (nurses and midwives alike). When my husband called her at 1 am, she heard me in the background and knew it was time. It was so reassuring to have her there helping guide my husband with things he could do to be helpful, and cooled me off with damp cloths. She helped me make a couple more medical decisions on the spot as well and then when baby arrived, she immediately got to work placing her on my chest and guiding her to breast feed. She even gave my mother a ride back to her hotel in the middle of the snowstorm in the wee hours of the morning! She did another home visit a few days later with her delicious lactation cookies and answered my questions about breastfeeding. Overall, I cannot recommend mama Donna enough, especially not having family close by she's as close as you can get. Her warmth, light heartedness and experience made this first time mama feel so confident and calm. 





Donna was an absolutely invaluable asset to both my husband and me throughout my very long 33 hr labor! The positive energy and expertise she brings to the birthing team is unmatched. All of my husband's and my family are out of state and Donna truly felt like she became part of our family throughout my prenatal through postpartum journey. We are so grateful to her and would choose her again as our doula in a heartbeat! 

Grateful new mom!


Donna was amazing. She helped me prepare for labor and delivery, and was always available to answer questions I had from the moment we started working together all the way through the post partum period. She definitely saved me from having a c-section during a difficult labor and she helped me push through! She has the most wonderful calming presence and also a sense of humor that can be very necessary during such a crazy experience. We're so grateful we had Donna with us on this journey for our first child!



There is a 100% chance that without Donna in the room my wife would have had a C-Section (which she did not want). Her calming presense, knowledge, and passion towards supporting the mom is incredible to watch, and her ability to work with the nurse staff and doctor makes her the perfect partner to have during birth. As first time dad who didn't know much about having a doula I now can say with confidence that I cannot recommend her enough.

Julie Gomez


Having Donna as our doula made every difference imaginable – so much so that words are truly incapable of capturing the extent of love and support she extended to us before, during, and after the birth of our daughter. I had a difficult and complicated birth due to personal health reasons where I wasn’t able to have an epidural, and Donna never left my side during my 20ish hour, in-hospital labor. There was a point where I was experiencing back labor and we needed to turn the baby because she was “spine to spine,” and Donna was able to help me do this when my doctors and nurses weren’t able to, by guiding me through specific movements until she turned. I can’t describe how relieved I was when our baby fully turned and my back labor went away.

There were points in my labor where I had to make personal decisions about which direction to take to deliver our baby, and Donna continually reminded me to use my intuition and supported my decisions by providing supplemental knowledge and encouragement. My husband bonded with Donna in a special way as he says he wouldn’t have been able to stay supportive of me for all that time without her there with us. He also cannot express in words what Donna was able to do for us both emotionally and physically – they took turns putting pressure on my hips during every single contraction while she rubbed my back and counted through each one to make them each as tolerable as possible.

I learned so much from Donna about not only the birth process but about myself and what I’m able to handle. Donna’s extensive experience and knowledge combined with her empathy and always-present state helped me find confidence and peace throughout. My husband and I are hugely blessed with having met and worked with Donna during this life-changing time in our lives.



After interviewing several Doula's, we instantly knew that Donna was the right fit because of her energy and obvious open heart. I had a very challenging pregnancy, especially near the end, and Donna was a constant source of both emotional support and physical support. She visted our home several times to help with our babies positioning and distract me from my pain. She was always a text or call away when it came to questions that we had. Donna became like a member of our family through over 50 hours of labor, even spooning me in bed to give pressure on my hips throughout the night while my husband got some rest. The day after our beautiful baby was born, I caught my husband looking out the window, when I asked him what he was thinking about, he said "it is so weird that Donna has been such a big part of this and now we are not going to talk to her or see her the same way". We are so grateful for the connection we had with Donna and to her willingness to listen and support my wishes through a challenging birth. She has a wealth of knowledge but more than that, she is an incredibly kind and supportive soul and I do not know how we would have gotten through the end of pregnancy without her.

Amanda Swaim


My husband and I both think that hiring Donna as our Doula was the best decision we could have made during our pregnancy, and birth! After a long and painful journey to get pregnant we were thrilled and scared thinking ahead to the birth once we were finally pregnant. With most of our family out of state we came to the decision that we needed some extra support to make the birth what we wanted it to be, and I knew there was something special about Donna from my first phone call with her. She provided us with great support and resources throughout my pregnancy. From exercises to help get the baby into position, to articles to read and an understanding ear during the long wait the three weeks before I went into labor she did so much to help us through the experience and prepare us for what was to come. Then when it came to labor, Donna’s magical hands, and calming reassurances were exactly what I needed to help me through laboring undedicated. Having a medication free labor and birth seemed like a lofty goal but with the preparation Donna gave us and the support she provided through out labor and delivery, it was very much attainable. The moment I will never forget is having my husband on one side and Donna on the other as we welcomed our daughter into the world. We are so appreciative of the pictures she took of our first moments together as a family of three, they were pictures that captured the joy and emotion of the moment for us. Then when I was struggling with breast feeding in the first days and weeks after our daughter was born Donna was full of encouragement and help, which was so very important for this new mom! Through it all, Donna has had and will always have a very special place in our hearts and our family.

brian erick


After about 6 months of trying it finally happened, my wife and I were expecting our first child.  After our first appointment at the doctors office we received piles upon piles of brochures and literature. It was overwhelming. We had so many questions after we left and felt silly calling the doctors office about every little thing. After doing some research and getting a referral from a family friend we came across Donnas profile. After the first conversation I knew she was going to be amazing.  We met with her for our first consultation, and it felt like we had known her all our lives.  She is so charasmatic and welcoming I was blown away.  She had so much amazing knowledge and you could just tell this was an absolute passion of hers.  We spent about 4 hours with her for that first meeting, discussing what to expect before, during, and after the birth.  She walked us through all the different options for a birth plan and gave us the pros and cons of each.  At no time did we feel any pressure to do or not do something. She was completely open to our questions and helped us through everything. During the pregnancy, my wife was able to text or call Donna at anytime and ask her anything. She was more than helpful, she put us at ease and thats an amazing feeling when you are having your first child.  The doctors decided to enduce my wife and Donna met us at the hospital at 8am ready to go.  She gave my wife a foot massage, she had her doing several exercises to help speed up the labor. She kept the atmosphere warm and relaxing the entire time. 20 hours flew by in the blink of an eye and Donna was there from start to finish taking notes to build us a birthing story. After the birth my wife was having complications breast feeding. Donna came over to our home to assist and was able to help immensely. This woman is truly amazing, we loved her and you will have absolutely no regrets working with her.

Megan Petramale


Throughout my pregnancy, Donna was very helpful and knowledgeable. Donna herself is a wealth of knowledge, but she also constantly shared helpful articles, websites, and videos with me, both during my pregnancy and postpartum. Any time I expressed concern about something, Donna would address it and would always follow up to make sure I was feeling comfortable or to make sure I didn't have any more questions. She also visited after baby was born and we were home to check up on us and make sure breastfeeding was going well for me (a huge concern I had had).

I know many people associate doulas with natural births, but I wish they wouldn't; having a doula is such a wonderful resource no matter what your birth plan/preferences. I personally did not have a "natural" birth and I found having a doula so very important--perhaps even more so since there are more options involved. Donna knew I wasn't planning on a natural birth, and was so helpful in helping me plan and make informed decisions about my birth plan and my options. Donna was never pushy on any subjects and was always "on my side".

Donna's positive energy and calming presence are such a huge asset in any situation, but especially during labor/birth. Being a first-time mom, I truly had no idea what to expect, but having Donna there put me at ease. She is an absolute rock star who remains calm and soothing even when dealing with a tired, fatigued, and crabby birthing mama!

Donna was also such an asset to my husband during the whole labor/birthing process. He was able to relax knowing someone else was there to help explain everything that was happening, and I know that I, too, found it helpful having her there to be another voice when it came to medical decisions.

I truly do not know what we would have done without Donna. She made one of the best days of our lives even better because everything seemed to go so smoothly. We highly recommend Donna for your doula!

Brandon Bolhous


From the father-to-be perspective, I couldn’t have imagined how our son’s birth would have played out without Donna’s encouragement and guidance. The lack of sleep, tied in with the emotional struggle of watching your partner’s journey through labor, with no way to directly relieve any of the pain can be difficult to process. Donna’s sincere encouragement and one-on-one meetings prior to the birth equipped both myself and my wife with the confidence we were able to see our birth plan through. Donna was mother hen, cheerleader, and advisor all in one; and an informed and experienced sense of security.

Alyse Ruggiero Bolhous


We started our search on doulamatch and I emailed a few other doulas, Donna was the first to respond (and continued to repsond in a timely fashion) and I automatically got a warm feeling from her, just from her emails. I felt like I was forcing myself to look at other doulas when I knew all along whom I wanted: Donna.

This was my first pregnancy, I didn't know much and was scared, but and I knew one thing: I wanted to go all-natural, if my body would allow it. With Donna's prepping, knowledge, advice, and past experiences, I gave birth just the way I wanted: non-medicated and vaginally. I truly do believe most was due to her encouragement, preparation, and support.

During my labor, she was a constant supporter and encourager for me, some how through the process she also managed to capture great photos and create a birth story for us: start to finish! She's available and a quick responder, and always warm and sincere in her responses; she keeps things real and honest. You don’t want anyone to sugarcoat things for you, especially during a labor and birth. You want to be prepared, and Donna did just that. I feel that she goes beyond the call of duty. My husband and I are so thankful that we decided on her. First my doula, now my friend :)

Maggie Nash


A truly special lady.  I hired Donna to help with my 2nd pregnancy/birth. Although, I already had a successful natural birth with my first child, I wanted to make sure that the birth of my 2nd was just as special. I had a volunteer Doula at my 1st birth. She was very helpful but I wish I've met her prior to my labor. So when I got pregnant with my daughter, I knew that I wanted to hire a Doula that I could connect with. In my search, I was referred to Donna & 2 other ladies. All were very qualified and brought a lot to the table, but ultimately I chose Donna because we hit it off right away. I felt a connection to her that I hadn't with the other Doulas. She was warm, honest and spunky and I loved that about her. I will definitely hire Donna again if we decide to have our third child. Not only was she very attentive to my needs and feelings, but she also got my husband involved and more excited about the process. We met on a few occasions and spoke/corresponded often before the birth. She gave me pointers, answered questions and alleviated any doubts I had. I felt very comfortable with her during the entire process. She was gentle, well versed and encouraging. She helped to ground me & keep us focused during the whole experience, suggesting comfort measures, position changes, breathing techniques, and mantras. She worked well with the hospital staff and established a great rapport with the nurses. What I loved best about Donna is how comfortable she made me feel. I could be myself without judgement and I could fully rely on her to get me through whatever came my way. And she did just that; I had a beautiful, uncomplicated, unmediated birth and I owe a lot of that to her. Her services and help extended well after the birth. She checked in on us, provided lactation guidance, parenting support and followed up on our well being. She also provided us with a full detailed birth story and sent us the beautiful pictures she captured during the process.

Harper Guerra


My first two deliveries were not what I had hoped for. I had desperately wanted to have natural childbirth, but was clearly not prepared. I needed help. I had known Donna for a very long time. I knew her tenderness, her love, her compassion, and she was clearly a skilled doula. I had no idea what a profound impact having her would make for my third delivery.

The preparation she provided was itself a huge help. I was prepared with mental resources and a plan to push through the pain. She could walk me through what happened in my first two deliveries that lead to tension and lack of progression. She understood and helped me overcome those hurdles.

When the day came, she was there. She was calm. She was not only a support to me but to my husband. He felt like she allowed him to do what he was good at. He felt like it was the best birth experience for him because she fulfilled another role and allowed him to be the best husband in the experience.

One the biggest things that she offered was wisdom and experience. The doctor sent me from his office to the hospital because I was dilated to five and had mild contractions five minutes apart and was at 41 weeks. He wanted me on Pitocin right away. Alone, I would not have known another option, but Donna helped me to get my contractions going, to progress quickly and not need ANY Pitocin! And then have the baby three hours after I arrived. My doctor was impressed with her knowledge and her bedside manner.

She is really the reason that I had such a wonderful experience with this third delivery and I would highly recommend her over and over again! She made all the difference and I am abundantly thankful for her role in the birth of our son.

abby jackson


I found Donna's information by simply googling Naperville doulas. I really didn't know much about what I was looking for and hadn't yet found doulamatch. After scouring her website, I gave her a call. Within minutes of talking to her, I felt like I knew her. She was so familiar yet we had never met. It was such a comforting feeling. I was looking for a doula that would also provide that motherly/aunt feeling as we live far from our families.

Every call and meeting leading up to the birth made me feel more and more comfortable with her. My husband wasn't sold on the doula concept at first. Now he recommends it to every dad to be he meets.

Donna opened my eyes to having a natural birth when I just assumed I'd do the standard epidural. I am so thankful that she helped us go through birth without many interventions. The massage and pressure techniques she did throughout labor were a god send. She helped my husband apply techniques and he loved being involved. I would recommend Donna in a heartbeat to anyone wanting any type of birth. She is a wonderfully supportive woman.

Audrey Jones


When my husband and I found out we were expecting we were filled with joy, excitement and quite honestly...a bit of fear! Rarely do women share the "normal" birth stories and after 6 months of debating and hearing a slew of tales from other moms, I decided it was a good idea to find someone that could be a support person for both me and my husband during the main event.

Upon meeting with Donna the first time, we knew we'd found our match. She is fun and lighthearted while still being a true professional that knows her stuff! What I appreciated most was the way she worked with us as a team, and my husband never felt like his toes were being stepped on. Dancing that delicate line was key to my being okay with involving a "stranger" in the birth of our first child. After meeting with Donna the second time before the birth, she clearly was no longer a stranger. It was amazing how easily we all connected and I was no longer fearful as the big day approached.

My daughter Lillian was born one day early after an arduous "day" of labor. Donna was wonderful throughout the whole thing and the "doula squeeze" on my back and the imagery she provided was key to maintaining my calm demeanor.  After little progress in dilation and double peaking contractions, I finally gave in and asked for an epidural because I was just too exhausted; I learned later (and probably knew but didn't want to admit) that my epidural didn't actually work. As a team, my husband and Donna guided me through an hour and a half of pushing and I didn't even know!

Not only were we blessed to have the support of Donna during such a special moment, I truly feel I've gained a friend for life. We couldn't have made a better choice!



Ben Breslau


When we were interviewing doula's for the birth of our first child, my wife knew from the initial phone call with Donna that she was the one. Put aside her massive amount of experience and knowledge, she just felt like the right person. She is so down to earth and supportive. My wife knew from the start that she wanted and epidural. No judgement at all from Donna. Just support.

Admittedly, the whole process is completely overwhelming. Donna helped boil it down to a plan for us. She also let us know what we needed to know and what we just needed to be familiar with and she would remember it for us come the birth of our baby. Leading up to her due date, my wife and I were very nervous. But our meetings with Donna helped keep us calm and confident.

Come the day my wife went into labor Donna met us at the hospital not long after we knew that it was the real deal. In the initial hours, she helped keep my wife calm and positive. But, to no fault of Donna's, the labor did not go smoothly. First, my wife's epidural kept wearing off, making her increasing frustrated. Second, she just wasn't progressing. We eventually had to try a little pitocin which restarted her progress, so that was good. But then she stalled again. Donna was great throughout the whole thing. She helped us roll with the punches throughout the process. But finally, after watching the sun go down and come back up and still stuck at 9.5cm, the doctor and my wife decided to call it and have a c-section. But, the entire night, Donna was right there doing an amazing job!

We didn't plan on a c-section and that is ok. We didn't plan on pitocin and that is ok. Donna prepared us for what could happen. We knew it was possible. As Mike Tyson said, "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth." But, we simply could not have made it through that whole night without her. Her support for both my wife and me was invaluable and we are eternally grateful!

Katherine Nichols


I am SO blessed I found Donna!  I originally narrowed my search to 5 doulas...then decided to interview 3...  I LOVED Donna SO much that I cancelled my third interview!  There was NO WAY anyone was going to be as warm, personable, caring, soulful and understanding as she was!  And I had only spoken with her for a few hours...see that's the thing with Donna, she makes you feel like you have been friends for many many years right away...and it's GENUINE!  She came to our home twice before the baby for fun discussions and sent me tips in email all the time!  I friended her on FB because she WAS a good friend and she would see my status updates and send me tips on dealing with whatever I was experiencing :)  SO SWEET!!!

I called Donna when I was at the hospital and she came over RIGHT away (well I was there like 12 hours before that, and we texted all the time...but I didin't really need support until the labor REALLY kicked in) and she was right there!  What I loved aobut her is that when you're in the throws of labor, you don't want to worry if you are being mean or rude or how someone is taking things...Donna understood that...  If I didn't like something she was trying I let her know, and that was okay!  That was SUPER important to me...  She actually helped my husband in the delivery too...explaining what was happening etc so I didn't have to!!!

I would give her a big fat A!!!!  And I will DEFINATELY be using her with more kids!!!!

She also came over afterwords and we chatted about the hardships of the first month, she looked at my was great to have someone to talk to after being SO COOPED UP with the baby!!

So I recommend her 10000%!!!!!!!

Jennifer DeRango


Successful Unmedicated VBAC
My first birth ended in an unnecessary c-section after 26 hours of labor, & 2 hours of pushing. According to my OB, my pelvis was too small and I would never birth a baby vaginally.

Fast forward 15 months later, when I was 20 weeks pregnant. I knew I wanted to have a VBAC, and I knew I had to hire a doula if I wanted to do it. Donna was the second doula I spoke with on the phone, and we clicked immediately. My husband was not sold on the idea of a doula, but after our first home visit he was sold. He clicked with Donna just as much (if not more) than I did, and we hired her on the spot.

We hired Donna at 20 weeks. She was generous with her time at our pre-natal appointments, and felt like she was a part of our family. When I made the firm decision that I did not want any pain medication, Donna fully supported me and helped me to prepare. She also helped me draft my birth preferences, and talked me through things I was not sure about.

When I went into labor, she came immediately to the hospital, and stayed by my side the entire time. I caught myself calling for Donna when I felt a contraction coming on, rather than my husband. Her presence was so calming to me, and I was able to get through labor without any interventions. My pelvis being too small was my biggest fear, and Donna came to the rescue with tricks & reassurance. With Donna coaching me with my husband, I pushed my 8lb 9oz son in only 8 minutes. My entire list of birth preferences was met, and I know it was because I had Donna’s help along the way.

I would not have had a successful VBAC without the help of Donna. She was there for me, my husband, and my unborn son in ways that I will never forget. Throughout my pregnancy, she calmed my doubts, & answered questions. I will never forget my experience with Donna, and I simply cannot recommend her enough. I will 100% be hiring her for the birth of our next child.

Gia Graves


The instant my wife and I met Donna we knew there was something incredibly special, generous, and wise about her and that she would be the one to help us bring our first child into this world. She came to our home with a ton of positive energy, an openness to understand our desires for our child’s birth, and the knowledge to get us there in a meaningful way. Having a baby was all new to us, so the passion and insight Donna provided was invaluable!

During the last 3 months of pregnancy, Donna made herself available to us 24/7. We could contact her with any questions or concerns. She regularly provided us with useful information about pregnancy-friendly foods, bonding with the baby in utero (for the mother and co-parent), and what to expect during labor and after delivery. She worked with us to create a birth plan that met our expectations.

I could go on about the services that Donna provided for us, but at the heart of what we appreciated (and needed) the most is the partnership she formed with us to get our daughter here. She was there for us. She was there for us in ways that we didn’t even know we needed someone to be there for us—pre-labor, during labor, and at delivery. And although my wife was the one pregnant, Donna made sure that I felt involved, included, and cared for as well. There was never a conversation between Donna and I that she didn’t inquire about how I was doing or what I needed. Those small details and acts of thoughtfulness go a long way when you’re hitting the home stretch of a pregnancy.

Having a child—whether it is your first or fifth—is a monumental moment in life. It changes you forever. Donna not only assisted us through this life-changing event, but she also shared in it with us. She will forever be a part of the beautiful story of our daughter being born in the most cherished way possible.

With sincerity,
--Gia & Indya

Olivia Friedman


There's an idea that every person has a guardian angel. Well, if that's true, then Donna was mine.

I was originally unsure as to whether or not I wanted a doula at my birth. I was a first time mom, and didn't know whether having others in the room would be helpful or alarming. When Donna arrived at our house for our first meet, I was immediately put at ease. She was vivacious, upbeat, happy and energetic. I knew that she would have the unflagging energy and enthusiasm that I wanted to make sure that I had the best birth possible.

Donna proved to be an incredible asset when I went into labor. She was extremely respectful of our religious restrictions, practical with the interventions she offered (she showed up with a whole bag of tricks including this amazing ice-filled rolling pin), and soothing and reassuring even as I fought my way through excruciating back labor. Once in the hospital, she didn't shy away from jobs that weren't hers- like helping me get cleaned up after I vomited- and remained calm and unflappable even when my labor stalled, I got an infection and it seemed as though I would have to get an emergency C-section. She was non-judgmental when I chose to get an epidural (which deviated from my original birth plan) and even told me that there was no reason to suffer needlessly. Her reassuring presence, positive attitude and hands-on approach was a large part of why I was able to have a vaginal birth in the end. She not only coached me through pushing; she actually held my legs as I pushed! Donna is a doula who will absolutely go ABOVE AND BEYOND for you, as she did for me.

Donna's a jack of all trades - whether she's educating you about birth, taking gorgeous photos that you will treasure right after your child is born, sending you your Birth Story or helping you with breastfeeding, she is your advocate through thick and thin. I was so thrilled with her that I hope to have her at my next birth as well!

Julie Knausenberger


I knew I wanted a doula with me to prepare for and to get through my first child's birth.  I started my research with a list from my midwives and interviewed a few over the phone and felt ok about them, but then I spoke with Donna! We really connected during our first conversation and she was completely open to all the questions I asked and some of the ways I anticipated that a doula would be able to help me.  I'm pretty sure I emailed her that same night and said "please be mine!"  Our meetings during pregnancy were so informative (info on birth process, her role, how partner can assist, birth positions, pain management, discussions of choices we would have to make), and also fun, because Donna has a great sense of humor and brings peacefulness and joy into every interaction.  My labor ended up being very long and Donna was there for me every step of the way, whether it was on the phone/over text message, in our house, or at the birthing center and finally to the delivery room.  I absolutely could not have had the birth that I did without her there - we ended up having to make some changes to the "plan" but everything ended up pefectly with her by our side.  She's the best companion for a laboring mother and for her birthing partner during this process.  Our postpartum visit was also wonderful and really grounded me at a time when I was feeling very unsure of myself and all the changes that had suddenly come with the baby.  She teases that we won't need a doula for a second childbirth but there is no way I'd want to do it without her!

Toni Fajardo


My boyfriend and I were due April but wanted to interview doulas as early as November after deciding we will go for the natural childbirth for our first baby. I had 5 candidates and interviewed the final 3. Donna was the last doula we interviewed and as soon as she left my house, my boyfriend and I looked at each other like "This is it! We found our doula!" We were so excited and got in touch with Donna the next day. Even though my first pre natal session was not til February, Donna kept in touch with us via email and text messages as to how we are doing. Unfortunately, we were not able to do the natural childbirth as our baby was breech and would not turn despite everything we have done. Donna was with us throughout the entire journey, stayed with me in the hospital after the surgery to make sure my baby will latch and breastfeeding was going well, and kept in touch even after our post natal visit. I highly recommend Donna, amd yes, we'll definitely hire her again for our second one.

Courtney Manteck


There are many difficult experiences in life, but none that appear to test the mind, body and will of a woman like childbirth.  Knowing this, my husband and I chose to utilize the strength, wisdom and support of a doula for the birth of our first baby.  We chose to meet with Donna based upon the warm reviews and her overall philosophy on the birthing experience, but we chose to work with her because of her kind spirit, loving acceptance and empathy.  There are many people who take on jobs for the money, recognition or just because.  Donna is a doula because of her passion and love for the birthing process, for new mothers, fathers and babies and for the miracle of each birth.  I struggle with chronic pain and the birthing experience made me quite nervous.  Donna's experience and gentleness provided both me and my husband with the ability to face our fears, work through them and come out with a better understanding of the incredible miracle that is birth.   She provided endless emotional and mental support throughout my pregnancy and added in a wide array of physical supports throughout my 46 hours of labor.  Donna helped us focus and remain calm  throughout each contraction and laughed with us and told stories in-between when I was able to relax.  When I was crushed in spirit, she comforted me and reminded me of the inner strength that all women possess.  She never let me feel as though I was alone in the process and she never let my husband feel left out or cast aside.  When an epidural was needed because of exhaustion, Donna continued to support us.  She was there for us no matter what.  Our little boy came into this world in a calm, loving environment, created by Donna.  There is no doubt that Donna is a gift to the doula world and I can confidently say that we would love to have her with us the next time around.  She will always have a special place within our hearts.

Monica Flores Rosas


After much research I decided on a natural (non-medicated) birth, but found in order to do that I would need additional support and that is when I began searching for a doula. My husband was a little apprehensive at first, but once we began interviewing doulas he become much more interested in the idea of hiring a doula. Donna was the third doula we interviewed and felt a great chemistry with her. We knew we wanted to hire her and have no regrets doing so. Donna is an amazing person, she made us feel comfortable talking about our concerns, she always included my husband, she was very supportive, and always available via text, e-mails, and phone calls. Donna was very informative and provided great resources. I was due 3/11/14 but my baby decided to come at 36 weeks. Donna made it to the hospital and immediately got me off the bed to implement different techniques to ease the pain. Because of Donna, I had the best birthing experience without any medication and I am truly grateful that she worked with us. In addition, Donna provided us with a beautiful birthing story and wonderful pictures! There is one quote I stand by…”The Doula is worth the moola.” It’s one of the best investment we have made!

Jennifer Thompson


We were delighted to work with Donna in the birth of our first child.  I did my homework and researched almost everything I could about pregnancy, and then decided to go with Donna to learn about birthing.  This was great, because I focused on nutrition and exercise and Donna was the expert on getting ready for birth and being our support.  We felt so comfortable with Donna - she was clearly up to date on research in aspects that were important to me.  She was so warm and easy to work with.  I really liked that she focused on the health of our entire family, not just the birth, but helped us prepare for the transition.  She covered all aspects and I felt I had all the resources to be prepared for birth.  And when I had to be induced, I can't tell you how important it was to have Donna there to walk me through my options.  She was really an advocate and made me feel good when things were out of my control and we had to veer off my birth plan.  My husband felt really included and important in the process - he and Donna bonded as a team and in the final hour, this was critical.  We both felt it was worth every penny - just having her as a support, a friend and I personally think her birth pictures are THE nicest touch.  We can't say enough good things about her and our experience with her.  It was also great to have her + midwives, as I felt they respected her and included her as well.  If you are considering what kind of experience you want, I felt a birth center with midwives (Swedish Covenant) gave a great environment for Donna and us. They let the doula do her work.  We will miss Donna and hopefully see her for our second child!

Jennifer Massoll


Donna was one of three Doulas that we interviewed to work with and after meeting her it was clear she was the one for us. We felt completely comfortable with her and after discussing our birth plan knew that she would be our cheerleader to the end. We met with Donna a few times during our pregnancy and she always kept in touch via text,phone and email. We were pregnant with our second so she knew we had some past experience with pregnancy and birth. She provided us with articles and other information periodically via email which was very helpful. The day our little one arrived, Donna came to our home and helped us birth as long as we could until we decided to go to the hospital. She was wonderul with helping me focus during contractions. Once we got to the hospital Donna was our number one supporter and after a few hours we met our new baby. Needless to say, we highly reccommend her.

Olena Goroshko


Donna impressed us from the very first meeting. We chose her not based on our personal liking but on her professionalism and experience. The personal “click” developed later in the process.

First, she approached our initial interview professionally. From the doulas that we spoke with, she was most prepared bringing her folder with credentials, feedback, her session plans, etc. She also took notes during our first meeting and she’s been doing it for all our meetings.

After the first meeting in our house, we knew that we made the right choice. Even after our labor classes at our local hospital and the literature we read, she was able to provided new insights on the birthing process. While I was busy working until I went into labor, Donna kept in touch with me providing advice and guidance.

She helped me craft a simple to follow natural birth plan and worked with us to develop a strategy how to persuade my doctor and everyone else to follow this plan. Her reading recommendations were of tremendous value.

On the big day, she was a super star. Taking into account an extremely long labor (more than 24 hrs) and a sleepless night that she spent in the hospital with me and my husband, she did a lot.

Most importantly, Donna was there to support the choices we made. I was going through a painful, lengthy and exhausting labor. While my hope was to deliver our child without any medications, I ended up with an epidural. Labor and delivery are unpredictable. We were realistic about our options and Donna helped us preserve the right attitude.

I was not able to follow my birth plan. Yet, we had an amazing birth experience: after epidural I was able to relax, sleep and push my baby without a C-section or any complications.

Donna was a tremendous help to me and my husband. We would definitely hire her again. She is not just sweet. Donna is a reasonable, experienced person who is also a top notch pro.

Elizabeth Klemak


The saying, "Everything happens for a reason" certainly rang true when I met this wonderful woman. She was our back-up doula in the chance that we went into labor while our original doula went on a much needed family vacation.  Little did Donna know what was in store for her when she answered her phone the morning my water broke, two weeks before my due date. She jumped in as though she had been waiting for my call all along. She came and sat with my husband and I that morning in order to get to know us. She was there with us every step of the way during my attempted vbac. From the beginning, while we were trying to start contractions through to the very end, a total of two days. She coached and encouraged me through 12 hours of pitocin induced labor and 2 hours of pushing. She encouraged my husband to be with me and be where I needed him to be. Donna also captured some of the more personal and intimate moments between my husband and I, pictures we will always treasure. We are both forever grateful that this tiny, beautiful ball of positive energy was there with us. We wouldn't have wanted it any other way. She's just amazing; there's no other way to put it. Donna is now someone we now consider a part of our family and I couldn't be happier!

Cathy S


My experience with Donna began 6 months ago. I was doing a search for a doula online to help me with the delivery of my 2nd child. I knew this time around, I needed a doula. My 1st child was born after several hours of labor and pushing without success of a natural delivery. At no time was my baby under any stress. It felt like everyone had given up on me, and I was wheeled in for a c-section. This time, I did not want that experience and was determined to hire a doula to be by my side. I interviewed Donna based on her sincere, online testimonials. She came to my home, and it felt as if a long lost friend had entered through my doors. Two months later, I started having preterm labor. Donna would check up on me to keep me calm and positive. Ten days before my due date, my water broke, and I immediately went in to labor. It happened so fast, that by the time I ended up in the hospital, I was 100% effaced and fully dilated. Donna rushed to my side; when they wheeled me to my room, there was no time for an epidural, and I was told to start pushing. With Donna by my side, and only after 30 mins of pushing, I did it! I had my natural, VBAC and a gorgeous baby boy in my arms (8 pounds, 12 ounces). I consider both of my births special and beautiful; this second one, empowered me. It also made me a firm believer that in addition to their spouse or partner, every pregnant woman needs a a doula by her side. I was so fortunate to have chosen Donna, and I wish I had her for my first birth. Donna also took pictures right when the baby was born, and she stayed with me and my husband a few hours after in the recovery room. She felt like a friend who had every right to be there with us and our new baby. Last but not least, she penned my birth story in words and photos that brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful and final present my family has from Donna. She is a forever part of mine and my family's life. I wish all you mommas-to-be a happy, healthy pregnancy and baby!

April Duda


From the start, both my husband and I knew that we wanted a natural birth. Everything I read about natural childbirth, especially in a hospital setting, said to hire a doula. I am a pretty determined individual and have a very supportive husband so I wasn't completely set on hiring a doula. Then, we took a tour at a hospital and I left in tears from anxiety (and hormones of course). So around 31 weeks I contacted Donna. I have read this in her other testimonials, but it truly was like catching up with an old friend. She made me very comfortable and gave back the confidence I'd lost on that hospital tour. Donna is the perfect mix of a modern personality with old school beliefs in a woman's ability to birth her child naturally. Her supportive and positive attitude, along with her experience, is exactly what we wanted, and what I needed, at the birth. When she met us at the hospital, it was such a relief to see her smiling face walk into that tiny triage room!

During my labor, she made sure my husband was fed, and used multiple avenues to helped me relax. She ran out for cohosh that our midwife recommended to help naturally move labor along. When contractions got more intense, Donna talked me through the first doozy and literally helped me find my voice. This moment made her worth every penny folks. My husband has told everyone we talk to about the birth that he'd recommend a doula, particularly Donna, to anyone and couldn't have imagined going through it without her.

Another one of those “worth every penny moments” happened while I was pushing (for close to 3 hours). Yes, my body knew what it was doing and I was pushing my baby down, but her few tips towards the end REALLY taught me how to push to birth our little angel. And on top of all of that, we have beautiful photos we would have never had without her that I will always treasure. I will not hesitate to hire Donna for baby #2 one day!

Eric Steinke


Donna is a fantastic doula. We chose her to be our doula for the birth of our first child. Within minutes of our first meeting, we knew Donna was the right person for us to work with. Donna made us feel very much at ease, and we quickly felt comfortable including her in our birth experience. She met with us several times prior to the baby's due date, and we always came away feeling comfortable and prepared. She had a lot of good advice regarding classes to take, books to read, and pain management tips. When I think back about how naive we were and how little we knew about child birth, I am so thankful that we chose to hire Donna. Little did I know how much help she'd give not only to my wife during labor, but to me as the father-to-be! To all the soon-to-be dads reading this, Donna is there to give you a break as well, and trust're going to need a break now and again. Donna will help you understand what's happening during the labor, what's happening at the hospital, and what's happening with your little baby once he or she arrives. If you don't have family close by to support you during labor, I highly recommend a doula like Donna to be there with you. She will be your coach and your advocate. She will remember things that you'll forget. She'll be there to document the first few moments of your new baby's life. Trust me, you're not going to remember to pick up the camera when the baby first arrives. Donna's photos of those first moments, and her written birth story, are treasures that we'll always have. They both bring tears to my eyes to this day. If all of this wasn't enough, Donna will be there a few days after you're home from the hospital as well. You'll get a lactation consult, some warm words of encouragement on your parenting skills, and if you're lucky, some AWESOME crab cakes! My wife and I would hire "Donna Doula" (as we came to call her) again any day, and we highly recommend her services.

Erica Champer


Donna is amazing and I highly recommend her! From the our first phone conversation in December to our postpartum visit in July, Donna has been an  huge part of the birth of our child. She is supportive, positive, great listener, and full of helpful advice. We connected not only as mama/doula but also as friends. She is truly one of those people that is full of light and love. I had a 96 (!!!) hour labor and she was with me for many many hours of it, never made me feel like I was a burden. Her positivity, hip squeezes, and kind words got me through the birth. She was a HUGE help to my husband in terms of him getting food/sleep breaks and overall just someone to talk to and offer guidance. She brings you dinner after the baby comes, which is is just the icing on the cake! She has great referrals and advice for all your pregnancy questions. I had trouble breastfeeding and she came over and helped trouble shoot with me. I can not recommend her enough and hope that you decide she is the right person for you!

abida razzaq


My husband and I had a wonderful experience with Donna! When we first met Donna she had a very vibrant, enthusiastic and fun personality which told us right away that she was the person we wanted to work with. As a first time mom to be, I had many questions and anxiety and Donna made sure she answered all of my questions and comforted me even when I would call her late nights. Surprisingly I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes which increased my stress level since that meant I would have to be induced before the baby’s due date. I did not want to be induced at all and feared that I would not be able to accomplish my goal of a natural birth. Donna went above and beyond to educate me about gestational diabetes and encouraged me until the very day I went into labor. During my labor, Donna inspired confidence in me, which helped divert my thoughts from the labor pains and after it was all done, I remember blurting out the words “this was fun”! I don’t think I know anyone that has actually said their labor was fun, especially not for the first time labor. If you want your labor to feel like a breeze and have a “fun” experience, Donna is just the person to turn to. We love her!

Mira Lisnich


When it was time to look for a Doula I did a thorough search on who we wanted to help us through this amazing process. Since our due date was close to Christmas our first Doula had backed out because she didn’t want to miss Christmas with her family. We were very let down and dreaded having to go through the whole process again of finding another one. We found a few we wanted to interview and no one compared to Donna. Her energy was different from the others and even our first choice. She had a zest for learning new things and was open to everything and anything. Her kind heart had show right away and nothing scared her…not even the possibility of missing Christmas with her family. She had given us a wonderful gift on her interview and I knew right then she was the one. No one had that same spunk or personality that she did. As the day approached Donna was with me every single step of the way. Her high energy had helped us through the daunting contractions. She always had a joke to crack to help lift our spirits. She worked very well with my husband and taught him how to be supportive to me. She was a true joy to work with and when the time came to deliver our baby girl on Christmas Eve she stood by our side and slept the night. We knew she was a real trooper when she was ok with sleeping on a chair just to be there for us. We are truly grateful for our experience with Donna and her being so committed to us every step of the way. Nothing scared her and she was not worried about missing the holidays! She has a true heart for being a Doula and is a great partner for such a great experience.

Jessica McKnight


My sister recommended Donna as soon as I told her I was pregnant, and we are so glad she did! My husband and I were very nervous about the labor process, due to this being our first child. We weren't sure what to expect and no matter how many books we read, we still didn't feel prepared. We met Donna at a coffee shop for the first time and she was so warm and friendly. We immediately felt at ease. A month or so later she came to our home and spoke with us about our fears, expectations and gave me exercises I could do to prepare for labor. At the hospital she was nothing but supportive and helpful. She used massage, relaxing music and positive thoughts to calm my nerves. She assisted the nurses by suggesting effective pushing techniques and when our son Nathan finally arrived after 20 hours of labor, she took wonderful pictures of our family and guided me through my first nursing experience. She made the birth of our son such a positive experience and we highly recommend her as a doula!

Amy Baio


I decided to obtain a doula well into my pregnancy.  From the start, I knew Donna was the one!  She was warm, lighthearted, and eager to share in the joys of both my pregnancy and delivery.  The day we met, she greeted us with an adorable receiving blanket for our little guy!  My pregnancy became difficult around 36 weeks when prodromal labor. started.  No matter the time of day, Donna would answer my calls eagerly and walk me through each of these false alarms (though it wasn't false labor!).  As frustrating as it became, I always felt reassured after we spoke.  At 39 weeks, the labor became intense, and Donna was sure that it was time!  She made the drive to my home and stayed with me the whole night, sleeping on my couch as I progressed.  The next day, we went to the hospital, only to find out that it wasn't time.  We all went home, only for her to come back the next day.  60 hours of labor later, I delivered my baby.  While I had wanted a natural water birth, I was completely exhausted after about 50 hours and considered an epidural.  Donna assured me that this was okay if I needed it.  It turns out that she probably saved me from a c-section as I hadn't slept in 2 days and wouldn't have been able to push.  After the epidural, she even convinced my midwife and the OB to do a happy dance! It totally lifted my spirits.   Through every hour, she was by my side in one way or another, helping guide me through this brand new life experience.  A few weeks later, Donna came to visit us and even brought my family a delicious dinner!  Even two months later, Donna checks in to see how we are doing.  She is my doula extraordinaire!  I highly recommend her for her amazing level of knowledge, passion, and remarkable ability to intuitively know exactly what you need at any point in your labor, whether it be a good laugh or a serene calm. 

Heather Gorny


I became interested in having a doula after doing research while pregnant with my second child. I decided to go for a VBAC and learned having a doula would greatly increase my chances. My husband and I interviewed Donna and knew immediately we wanted her to help us. She was like a best friend and mom to me during the entire experience. Donna visited me several times during my pregnancy and offered many tips to help me be more comfortable. She encouraged and believed in me, we were both determined I would get my wish of a vaginal birth. After several false labors the real thing began on my due date. I called Donna to give her the heads up that I thought I was in labor, she called me an hour later and said she would be right over. I labored at home with her rubbing my back and encouraging me until she said we needed to go to the hospital, I was reluctant but she knew it was time. She was so right, I was 7-8 cm when I got there! Within an hour I was at 10 cm, we were all excited and slightly surprised since I wasn't planning a natural birth. With Donna and my husband's encouragement, I went for it and an hour later my beautiful 9 lb 3 oz son was born naturally! I was beyond thrilled. The two birth experiences I have had were completely different, there is no question in my mind that Donna was a big reason for my successful VBAC. It was the best experience of my life. Donna will always be a friend to me and a special person to my family.

Carol Reilly


My husband, Nathan, and I had such a great experience with Donna.  I wanted to have a doula at my birth for the added comfort, support, experience and expertise.  Having a natural child birth was very important to me and statistically people that have doula are more successful giving birth naturally.  My husband and I interviewed Donna while I was in my second trimester.  She had such a positive energy and light that we knew she would be a fantastic addition to our birth experience!  We clicked with her immediately. She is also very enthusiastic and you can tell she loves what she does!! We met with her 2 times prior to the birth and she also accompanied us to an appointment with my midwife. She went over all of our wishes for the birth and wrote a birth plan for us. In the meetings she also went over relaxation techniques for labor. The week leading up to giving birth we had several false labor alarms. She was there to talk to on the phone every time. She also came out to our home when I had contractions 6 minutes apart at 5am. Unfortunately, once she arrived the contractions stopped but we made the best of it. We went for a long walk to get things moving again. She also accompanied us to my midwives appointment that morning. Twelve hours later I finally went into labor and Donna came directly from another birth, showing truly how dedicated she is to her clients! Donna was there during my labor to take care of me emotionally and physically. She was also a great support for my husband who needed the occasional break from the excitement! She massaged my back the whole time I was pushing while giving me encouragement. She also made sure that I was able to breastfeed before she left. Donna made our son's birth a positive experience!

Rachel McClellan


AI knew Donna was The One instantly! She made us both feel so comfortable and at ease! She has a knack for that! She encouraged me and offered an ear when I needed to vent! The next day she texted me suggesting I walk some stairs to see if that would help, and boy did it! I took to the stairs every chance I got that day and by the time I was in the car on the way home from work the contractions had begun! Donna came to my house later that evening to help me progress through the labor as far as we could before going to the hospital. She came with a bag of tricks that we quickly put to use, as I was having back labor. When my contractions were 5/1/1, we all shoved a quick meal down and loaded the caravan up to the hospital. My mom and sister had made it in town by then and Donna just felt like one of the family! By the time we got to the hospital they were 3 min apart, but i was not dilated enough to be taken into L&D. I was instructed to walk for two hours and was becoming very frustrated by this time b/c the pain was getting worse. Donna helped us all to stay calm and ask the right questions. Finally, we were ready to go up! I labored for 4 more hours before transition began and Donna was there encouraging and massaging along with my husband and family every step of the way! Finally it was time to push and after only 40 minutes I delivered a beautiful baby girl all natural! I was so proud of myself, I could not believe that I had truly done it! My husband and I are so very thankful that we had Donna there to help us get through it all with her encouragement, kindness, and skills to help me power through the worst of it, even when I didn't want to do it anymore! She has visited us since the birth with a nice meal and always been available and full of resources to help me with any questions or problems! Thank you Donna!

Abby VanHorn


I highly recommend Donna Rigert as a doula. She is caring, thoughtful, and skilled. I was hoping for a natural childbirth with my second child. After researching doula services, reading testimonials, calling and emailing various doulas and midwives, Donna was referred to me. She responded promptly to my inquiry for information. We talked for awhile over the phone, and I immediately felt a connection with her. We set up an interview to see if we were a good fit for each other. Upon meeting, I instantly liked her and felt at ease with her. I had my list of questions, and she took time to answer them all. Over the next few months, Donna called, emailed, and met with me. She provided me with exercise and food options, information about natural pain relief among other things, and helped create a personalized plan. She listened to my past birth experience, my desires for this pregnancy and delivery, and typed up a one-page summary of my birth wishes (short & complete!). She even came over a couple of weeks before my delivery to practice natural pain relief techniques. The morning I went into labor, I felt at peace and excited. When Donna arrived at my home, she immediately got to work helping me labor until my water broke (less than 2 hours later). She kept me calm, helped me change positions, and encouraged me through each contraction. She was respectful of my desire not to arrive at the hospital too early and helped me decide when we needed to leave. My baby boy was born within 40 minutes of arriving at the hospital. It was an amazing experience. I felt in control and empowered with Donna and my friend by my side. Donna helped me achieve the birth experience for which I had been praying. She came and visited me a number of times after the birth. She gave me advice on nursing, checked how I was feeling both emotionally and physically, and even brought a delicious meal for my family. I'm so thankful for the service and care that Donna provided.

Jennifer McClure


I would highly recommend Donna if you are looking to hire a doula to enhance one of the most special days of your life, the birth of your child.  Be aware that once you speak with her it will not seem as if you are hiring her at all.  She is very knowledgable in her craft, but I think anyone can gain knowledge. Her talent as a doula is her canning ability to make you feel as if you have been old friends for many years.  She draws from her own life experiences to connect, really connect, with you.  I felt that we had another family member caring for our well being every step along the way.

Initally I wasn't planning on hiring a doula.  I read all the books and had the support of an amazing husband so I didn't think I needed one.  Once I fully committed to my birth plan of the least medical interventions possible I realized that a doula would give me the added support I might need to stick to my plan. Needless to say things didn't go according to my plan exactly but Donna supported my husband and I to stay as close as possible to the course she knew we wanted.  

Donna was there checking on me leading up to the weeks to my due date, she comforted me the 2.5 weeks past my due date and also supported me post partum.  As I mentioned you are not hiring a woman to get you through labor, you are inviting a beautiful soul into your life to enrich it.

Best wishes on your doula search and the new addition to your life,


Jane McPhillips


From the moment I met Donna, I had such an incredibly good feeling and I knew in my heart and gut that this was a great doula match for us. She is a warm, caring and also practical and sensible person, as well as having a calming influence. This is a great balance especially for me as I have a tendency to worry and think ahead of the hypotheticals sometimes. From the lead up time to my due date and also the days after my due date when I was just waiting to go into labor, Donna was available and supportive to lend an ear and to help keep me calm. The evening I went into labor and from the time she arrived at the hospital she was so present and in the moment and I know both my partner and my mother found her to be a great and positive influence in the room. We thought of her as our birth cheerleader. I honestly can say that we found her to be an incredible person to share our most intimate and special moments with. It felt natural and comfortable to have her there as though she was part of the family and as though we knew her for years. She is definitely a kindred spirit. She had great techniques and tips to help with contractions and labor and she also worked well with the hospital and midwife staff. I think Donna would be a great doula especially for a first time mother.

Keri Personette


We decided to use a doula at the last minute.  We knew from the moment Donna walked in the delivery room that her presence was only going to enhance our birth experience.  She was very caring, light hearted and friendly.  She provided so much support and encouragement, I don't know what I would have done without her.  Donna was so nice and even called us a few weeks later to check up on us and see how we were doing.  I will forever remember Donna and the special role she played during the birth of our daughter.  We can't wait for Donna to be our doula again!!!

Daniel and Abigail Murphy


We went to the hospital at 3am and our Doula (Donna Rigert) soon arrived at our side. As first time parents, the birth experience can be overwhelming. The process was long and more difficult than anticipated, taking nearly 24 hours. Having Donna’s constant support in the room was invaluable since our midwife had to attend other births.

When we met Donna, she felt instantly like an old friend. She was genuinely interested in the well being of our family. To have a stranger join you for your most intimate moment is a big deal. But Donna always made us feel at ease with her warm smile and outgoing personality. She helped my wife believe in herself during the labor and inspired her to maintain her strength. Donna kept the mood light-hearted with her humor, wonderful smile and magnetic personality. She was supportive of our natural birth plan and wanted to help us stay focused, calm, and relaxed. She quickly established a bond with us and a high level of trust.

My wife had major back labor/pain the entire time. Donna helped her through the excruciating back contractions without medication. Her skill set was vital for comforting and relieving pain. She suggested helpful positions, techniques, and mental imagery, making us feel relaxed and confident that our daughter would come safely. Her encouraging words were essential during difficult moments. Her knowledge and confidence saved us from worry and discomfort.

Though we had to stray from our intended birth plan, we still experienced a vaginal birth. As delivery neared, the spirit of teamwork was apparent as Donna held one leg, and I the other as my wife pushed out our beautiful daughter. This was life-changing! We were so fortunate to have had Donna as our guide. She was truly amazing, and we can never thank her enough!

Frances Keating


My experience with Donna began with a referral from a trusted friend.  I wanted a doula to help me with the birth of my second baby because I was having a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caeseran).  I needed an advocate and someone in my court that would give me the confidence to have my baby as naturally as possible.  I spoke with Donna over the phone a few times before deciding to hire her and each time I spoke with her I felt more and more comfortable with her being apart of the birthing process.  Donna gave me references which solidified my confidence in her.  She also gave me lots of resources, ie: websites, videos, and reading material to help me get more familiar with VBACs and the birthing process itself.  She helped me to understand that I might be pushed to do a c-section, but that I could push back and take charge of my birth as long as there wasn't any danger.  I can tell you that when I got admitted to Central Dupage Hospital that my nurse was not completely on board with my desire to have a VBAC, but having Donna there gave me courage.  I was admitted on a Thursday and Donna quickly came to the hospital and began to give me help me with my contractions by showing me exercises and having me go into different positions.   During the hardest part of my labor, Donna encouraged me and was in tune with what I needed. I was so glad that she was there and I am proud to say that I was able to have the VBAC and gave birth to my daughter 24 hrs later.  Even after the birth, Donna stayed in the hospital for another hour.  She took pics and held my precious daughter.  Two weeks after the birth, she even came by with a meal and gift for my daughter.  She will forever be a special part of our lives. 

Frances Keating


My experience with Donna began with a referral from a trusted friend.  I wanted a doula to help me with the birth of my second baby because I was having a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caeseran).  I needed an advocate and someone in my court that would give me the confidence to have my baby as naturally as possible.  I spoke with Donna over the phone a few times before deciding to hire her and each time I spoke with her I felt more and more comfortable with her being apart of the birthing process.  Donna gave me references which solidified my confidence in her.  She also gave me lots of resources, ie: websites, videos, and reading material to help me get more familiar with VBACs and the birthing process itself.  She helped me to understand that I might be pushed to do a c-section, but that I could push back and take charge of my birth as long as there wasn't any danger.  I can tell you that when I got admitted to Central Dupage Hospital that my nurse was not completely on board with my desire to have a VBAC, but having Donna there gave me courage.  I was admitted on a Thursday and Donna quickly came to the hospital and began to give me help me with my contractions by showing me exercises and having me go into different positions.   During the hardest part of my labor, Donna encouraged me and was in tune with what I needed. I was so glad that she was there and I am proud to say that I was able to have the VBAC and gave birth to my daughter 24 hrs later.  Even after the birth, Donna stayed in the hospital for another hour.  She took pics and held my precious daughter.  Two weeks after the birth, she even came by with a meal and gift for my daughter.  She will forever be a special part of our lives. 

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