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Tomecas Thomas, CHD(The Matrona)

Omorose Blessings Doula Services

Atlanta, GA Service range 30 miles Will travel to other states for additional fees

(470) 902-0540

Birth Fee

$2000 to $2500

Birth Fee

$2000 to $2500

Birth Doula Certifications

  • The Matrona - Certified Holistic Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

27 years and 850 births attended

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I am closer to the following Hopsitals:Emory(All locations) Atlanta Medical Center, Dekalb Women's Center, Northside (Atlanta), Grady Health Systems, and Piedmont(Buckhead). I am willing to travel to others as well. Piedmont Fayette, North Fulton and Rockdale

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Atlanta Birth Center

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Only when Certified Midwife is present. I do not assist with unattended births.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly casting
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Infant massage education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Monitrice services
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Parenting consulting
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Therapist or counselor

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

March of Dimes, HIV Wellness Improving Birth National Rally for Change-Atlanta Coordinators. Waterbirth Certified Atlanta Birth Center Volunteer

Fee Details

This fee will include 2 Prenatal visits, labor support and 1-2 postpartum visit. Unlimited calls as much as you need. On-Call Availability 24/7 during 2wks prior to labor and 2wks after, and private childbirth education classes. I believe that every woman needs and deserves a doula. Discounted rates are also available. Special discounts for Teens. Please call or email for further information.

Atlanta, GA Service range 30 miles Will travel to other states for additional fees

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Client Testimonials for Tomecas Thomas, CHD(The Matrona)

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Jennifer Robinson


What can I say about Tomecas?! Well, she is definitely doing what God has called her to do. Being a first time mom, I had my concerns and fears of not being able to deliver naturally but Tomecas made the entire process easy. She was always available to answer my questions, had a wealth of prenatal and post partum knowledge and advice and just overall great at helping with anything that I needed. During my labor and delivery, Tomecas was an excellent coach to keep me focused and at ease. I know I wouldn't have been relaxed and confident in myself if she wasn't there for me. She felt so much like family that I hated to let her go! Anyone who choses Tomecas as their doula, has found THE best!

Drama Mama


Tomecas was the greatest in supporting me through my pregnancy, labor, and pp. She's so knowledgeable and loving and encouraging. I was actually looking forward to my first labor experience. From exercising to finding the right pediatrician to learning the process  of labor and everything in between Tomecas had the right solutions for my every need no matter day or night. I'm so thankful she took this full journey with me I felt so empowered as a result.

jermia jerdine


I had a wonderful experience with Tomecas as my Doula. I decided to hire a Doula ten days prior to giving birth to my princess. She gave me a wealth of information, we performed two birth coaching sessions and afterwards I felt the heavy loads of anxiety dissapear. Once my water broke and I started to labor, all of Tomecas's coaching advice came in handy. My birth went smoothe, Tomecas was so supportive and I was so grateful having her by my side giving my first natural birth! I recommend her 1000% to anyone looking for an experienced Doula! 

evodie tchawa


Thank you Tomecas for your wonderful suppor throughout the beginning of my pregnancy until the postpartum visit. Throughout my pregnancy, tou helped me calm my fea and answered all my question. During Labor, you helped me stay focused and I had a 5 hours labor time and only pushed 3 times. I would recommend you to all my friends without hesitation and you will be there for my second one. 

evodie tchawa


Thank you Tomecas for your wonderful suppor throughout the beginning of my pregnancy until the postpartum visit. Throughout my pregnancy, tou helped me calm my fea and answered all my question. During Labor, you helped me stay focused and I had a 5 hours labor time and only pushed 3 times. I would recommend you to all my friends without hesitation and you will be there for my second one. 

Dafina Lovelace


My shout out may not make it to vh1 but i love her just the same. Tomecas Gibson Thomas of Omorose Blessings Doula Services provided such great companionship, guidance and support leading up to my birth experience; protection, cheering and encouragement during the birth experience, and continues to be a sounding board for emotional support as i transform to mother. Love you lady! She encouraged me before birth to erradicate the negative images society and popular tv has infected me with of what the birth exerience looks like, she suggested i create a vision board to refer to during the birth process which i referred to often and she just accepted me as i am with all my defenses and vulnerabilities.  I was told by many friends to get a doula for my pre nd post-natal experiences and i am so glad i did. I am even more grateful that Tomecas and I found one another.

Khaliah Aesha Johnson


I couldn't have asked for a better doula than Tomecas.  From the beginning of my second trimester through my immediate post-partum period, Tomecas was there for me, with loving hands, a tender heart, and a listening ear.  She took the time in our initial meeting to get to know me and what was important to me in my pregnancy and delivery.  She was always ready to offer advice based on her years of experience, without imposing her values or beliefs onto me.  As a pediatrician myself, I recognize that I hold beliefs rooted in my clinical experiences in medicine as it relates to pregnancy and childbirth; Tomecas never saw this reality as intimidating or a turn-off.  In fact, she embraced the opportunity to meet me where I was in my belief system, and to marry it with her perspective on holistic health approaches. 

Tomecas was always there for me as I planned for the birth of my beautiful baby boy.  She was simply a phone call away.  She took the time to meet with me weekly in whatever environment worked best for me.  She nurtured me not just in helping me to take good care of myself throughout the pregnancy and formulating a birth plan, but in helping me to think through what I needed to do to prepare for caring for myself (mentally and physically) once baby arrived. 

My delivery was as beautiul and empowering as I ever could have imagined because of Tomecas' support.  All of the work she did with me in the weeks leadng up to my son's birth made all the difference in helping me to have a safe, natural vaginal delivery.  My entire labor lasted about 4 hours and was a remarkable experience...and I was a first time mom!  I will never forget, at times when the pain was at its worst and I wanted to give up, Tomecas reminded me of my inner strength and capabilities. 

Knowing and working with Tomecas has made such an impact on my life...thank you, Tomecas, for everything!

mendez mckinney


Tomecas is such a wonderful coach and lifelong friend. From the day I met her, my husband and I had a mutual connection with Tomecas. She was very informative and knowledgeable about the birthing process. Every step of the way, Tomecas was there to guide us and answer any questions that we had. She always made herself availalbe for us. She was on time for each and every meeting that we had scheduled. She made sure that she was there for my midwife appointments (as necessary) as well. 

Before and during delivery, Tomecas made sure that I knew what to expect throughout the entire process. There were no surprises during delivery because she prepared me for every second of the delivery. By the time I was finished delivering my baby, I felt so calm and it seemed to be easier than expected, because Tomecas fully prepared my husband and I for the birth of our child.

I highly recommend Tomecas as a doula. She has over 20 years of experience and with all of her experience and caring personality she makes the perfect doula. We owe Tomecas for everything that she has done for us. We are overwhelmed by her willingness to educate and help the community. Thank you for everything!!!! I can honestly say, that I enjoyed every moment of my delivery. because I had Tomecas.:-)

Jennifer McGowan


I searched and searched for the right Doula... I was having no luck. Until I found Tomecas due to a referral from SeeBaby. We first met at Starbucks, and immediately I knew Tomecas was the right woman to guide me through the natural birth of my twins. 

She is compassionate, strong, and her soul is beautiful.  She always had me as the  the number one priority. She never doubted me, she looked in my eyes and told me,i was going to bring my daughter and son into this world as I willed it.

My pregnancy lasted for 38.5 weeks with twins, and I had several nights of active labor, but then the contractions would stop. No matter what the hour of day or night, Tomecas was available to help me though it all. She came to two of my OB appts when I needed reassurance and guidance.

The evening I went into true labor, I was in transition on the way to the hospital. She was on the phone with me, and as soon as we pulled up after a one hour drive, she was waiting outside for me. She helped me check in and get to triage. At that point it was 915pm, and she held me up as I had contractions after contractions. I was checked in triage and was 8cm dilated, 100% effaced. We had to move quickly to get to the room, but Tomecas remained firm, calm, and was loving. 

Once we got to the room, she got the music on I requested, and worked smoothly with my Midwife and MD to get me on the bed ion hands and knees. Once on the bed I was able to start pushing, I looked into her eyes and pushed my daughter out, then 7 minutes later my son.

We named our son Phoenix, because Tomecas thought it would be a good name for our girl. We thought it more fitting for our son. 

I'll never forget Tomecas, she was the energy, fire, and wind I needed to meet my son and daughter.

I obviously highly recommend her, she is amazing! 

Thank you Tomecas for being there for our family.

Alexis Williams


Meeting Tomecas and welcoming her into my sacred space was both amazing and a life changing experience.. Thank you for being a major role in my awakening thanks for being a vessel. You are truly amazing and appreciated. If I had to pick all over again I'd definitely hire you again  

Kimberly Bryant


Tomecas was a life saver. I didn't know what a Doula was and she came over and explained it to my husband and I took my anxiety way down. My husband and I struggled to conceive for years so it was scary the entire pregnancy until Tomecas got on the case. She was there for me late at night for questions, prepared me for the big day and ensured the doctors and nurses took good care of me in the hospital. I tell every women I can to get a Doula But not just any Doula they need Tomecas who loves what she does, compassionate, caring and was our angel from God. As a RN, I highly recommend Tomecas who treated me like the patient and always broke things down no matter what! I believe our baby is here happy and healthy because we had Tomecas to help me through the birthing process all the way to the c-section that was unplanned she held my hand through it all. I can't thank her enough, her gift to us was truly priceless!! We love you.. The Bryant Family!!!

Bianca Phillips


Wow... Where do I begin? My experience with Tomecas was one to remember! She was truly heaven sent! Her vibrant energy, harmonious spirit, and her calling for bringlong babies to earth side safely is truly a gift from God!

I was refered to Tomecas by my Midwife Christine Taylor (former midwife at See Baby Midwifery) now Founder & CEO of Birth by Grace Midwifery after speaking with her about the type of atmosphere I wanted during my natural waterbirth experience as a first time mom. Once I was done telling Christine all about it she told me to give Tomecas a call. So I did. What a great referral! I will never forget my initial interview with Tomecas. She was pleasant, her smile lit up my living room, she was very professional and her passion for what she does was heartfelt. Tomecas was also very knowledgable, experienced, and understood my desire to have a natural non medicated waterbirth. Her belief in holistic interventions and advocacy for moms during labor/delivery was the selling point. My husband loved her and so she was hired! 

Hiring Tomecas was an awesome choice. She provided me and my husband with outstanding prenatal, delivery, and postnatal support. (Educational classes, home visiits, home sessions with husband, etc.) Tomecas encouraged me, inspired me, and helped me achieve the birth that I wanted. She helped create the perfect atmosphere for me and my husband and enabled me to be the voice of what I wanted during my birthing experience. She truly help my son come to earthside peacefully and safely and I could never thank her enough. Having a doula was the best decision ever and I wouldn't have change it for the world. Thanks Tomecas for everything you have done for me and my family. We are truly thankful to have you in our lives as our Doula and friend. You are simply amazing and we love you! May God continues to bless you and Omorose Blessing! 

With love, 



Kita Head


I'm a 28 year old first time mom. When I discovered my pregnancy, my excitement instantly turned into aniexty. I was referred by a friend to Tomecas. We talked over the phone and I later decided to move on with her services. 

On the date of delivery, I called Tomecas at 2:30am and she answered the phone  I let her know that my contractions were 5 mins apart and that I would drive to the hospital at 6am. she arrived shortly after me. My delivery was peaceful and calming. She lit candles and played music low. At the time to push she guided me to get my baby out safe And fast. My labor was very easy be of her. I couldn't have done it without her.

Amazing Doula 

Jerrica Prater


Being a RN in the western healthcare setting, it was very important for me to find a Doula during my pregnancy that understood my expectations and goals. I follow Tomecas for a few months on Facebook before I decided to contact her. Her knowledge of the natural hosltic child birthing process gave me enough information to seek her service. My husband and I met with her during my pregnancy where we discussed the birthing plan and received helpful information to practice during labor and for childbirth. Throughout my labor process Tomecas was able to redirect me and my husband in a natural process for a healthy delivery. She guided me with her techniques and reassured me of my strength as a woman and the ability to push my baby through the earth world. One was amazing thing that surprised me during this process was her postpartum visit and her wonderful encouragement when I wanted to give up. The physical pain during postpartum was a total shock to me, and until Tomecas postpartum visit I was about to give up mentality. Her interpersonal spiritual connection she develops with her clients allows her to continue her loving craft.

Kim H


I had a great experience with Tomecas. My son was born on 7/8/15.although my birth did not go as planned, Tomecas was instrumental at keeping me calm and focused through out. She really went above and beyond to make sure I was fine. This was my last birth but if needed I would hire again. I definitely recommend Tomecas! 

Inger Allen


Tomecas was my daughter's doula. We met her at Babies R Us at one of her natural childbirth classes. When my daughter invited me to come I assumed it was some sort of Lamaze class. Little did I know the divine connection that was being made. i was really exhausted that evening, but the more I sat and listened the more I became refreshed. I've given birth to two children and never had been educated on most of what she taught us. Her knowledge and sincere love for what she does truly impressed me. By the time the class was over, I instinctiingly knew she was a good match for my daughter. Because of Tomecas, my daughter was able to switch to more suitable practioners in her third trimester. Tomecas was very much in tune with my daughter and well prepared her for the delivery of her baby boy. God is so great! It was a such a beautiful relationship between her my daughter and I that I almost miss my daughter being pregnant. LOL. Tomecas. You have such a beautiful and fulfilling ministry. God bless you!

Erica Lorraine Williams


I had a WONDERFUL experience with my doula, Tomecas Thomas. From the first meeting, she was very  friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. I appreciated the fact that she grew up around childbirth, as her grandmother was a "granny midwife," and that she has a background in nursing. Every time she visited us for childbirth education classes, she had detailed information and hands-on training in natural pain management techniques. My husband and I learned a lot from these sessions with her, and felt well-prepared for the big day. I ended up having to be induced at 42 weeks and Tomecas was there for me every step away. When I was laboring naturally, she helped me through every contraction and was a constant source of support. My family loved her as well! She has made a few postpartum visits and kept in touch with us. She is not only a fantastic doula, but she has become a friend as well! I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a doula.

Amy C


Our birth experience was not what we had planned it to be. However, Thomecas took the time to prepare us for our individual birth experience before it was time to give birth. When it was game time, she walked us through it can kept everything calm. She explained what we didn't understand and made sure that we knew what choices we had. Thomecas made the difference spiritually and physically. My doctor was also very pleased with the work that she did with my husband and me.

After the birth, she kept check on me even when she was busy taking care of other moms/moms-to-be. She always seemed to check on me just when I needed it. I really appreciate all the care she gave before, during, and after. This is truly her passion and her calling and we highly recommend her.

Josephine Ojo


My husband and I decided to pursue hiring a doula during my third trimester of my pregnancy. I did my research on doulas and Tomecas was the first and only doula we interviewed and right away we loved her! Not only was she willing to take me on as a client at the last minute (33 weeks pregnant) but she was also very accomodating, loving, warm-spirited, and understood my desire to deliver naturally. She met with us at our home within the same week, to understand our needs and to tell us how best she could assist us. At all times Tomecas showed me that she was here for me and had my back. Tomecas is a doula who really develops a relationship and love for and with her clients. She called me many times to check on me and also provided helpful tips and advice during the final weeks of my pregnancy and even postpartum. She also used to be a labor and delivery nurse which for me, was a huge plus! My son was born on the 28th of April, 10 days past my estimated due date, and as you can imagine..I was beyond ready to deliver this first baby of mine. Tomecas suggested that we meet up and really get walking to help my son engage lower, she spent three hours of her saturday at Atlantic Station walking and talking with me. I was so touched by her support! During my labor Tomecas encouraged me, danced with me, rubbed my back, and helped my husband to better help me! She was there in the hospital with us during the labor and delivery and even during our recovery. In that moment, she was not only my doula but also my sister, my mother, and my friend. Looking back at our experience, my husband and I agree that reaching out to Tomecas and asking her to be our doula was one of the best things that we could have done for the pregnancy. She helped us through the challenges and was there welcoming our sweet baby boy to earthside with us. When we are ready to have more children Tomecas will definitely be our doula! We are so forever grateful for her! 

-The Mhende Family

Tameka Floyd


Tomecas is a joy to the world. An expertise in her field. I built a rapport with her and I am glad that I met her. She has a kind heart and a beautiful spirit.

Nycole Benoit


Tomecas is God sent. From initially meeting her, you can tell that being a doula is her passion and that she loves babies. She was very informative all the way up until delivery and her support during labor was greatly appreciated not only from me but from the dad. I was able to call her with questions and get support when I needed it. Especially for me being a first time mom, there was a lot of anxieties that came along with being pregnant and experiencing labor that she was able to help ease.  She helped me to get through contractions through breathing and other exercises and also helped to keep me calm once I transitioned into the water and began pushing. What I also liked is that she did not forget about the dad and worked very well with him too. When we are ready for our next child, we will be reaching out to Tomecas for her services again. 

Aubern Mason


I am so glad I listened to my midwife and let her contact Tomecas! What a blessing she was! I labored four days, a total of 96 + hours. Tomecas was by my side for the last 30 hours of that. When she walked in the room it was an instant sister connection. She supported me through contractions and positioned me to help things along. She was by me when I decided to add Pitocin and supported me when I decided on an epidural. She held my hand. Reminded me to breathe. Joked and cut up when we got silly and quietly watched when I rested. Prayed with us and sang with us. She joined in the joyous rejoicing when Wren Marie finally appeared. I will do everything in my power to have Tomecas beside me for the rest of my children. I regret not knowing her when I had my first. I am forever grateful to her and feel nothing but love toward her.

Mathew George


Tomecas was a wonderful doula before, during, and after my wife's delivery. We were immediately drawn to her warm nature and honest assessment of the birth plan. She encouraged my wife to stick to her plan not to use drugs, supported her when she changed her mind mid-labor and decided to get an epidural, then helped her cope when the anesthesiologist was too late to give the epidural. She and my wife worked on exercises and poses that would relieve pressure and help deal with pain---movements that came into play during labor and undoubtedly helped my wife have a better experience. Overall, she was exactly what we were looking for in a doula. 

Nina Scott Stramaglia


I found Tomecas based off many great reviews online, also another doula group in the area was familiar with her work and stated that she was awesome. Tomecas met witprior twice prior to my due date. Being a doula creates an unpredictable schedule therefore we did have to reschedule often, due to other clients being in labor. Tomecas is very easy to talk to and I was even able to share intimate details with her that I would never share with anyone else.. During one of the meetings we created a birth plan, which Tomecas typed and sent to us. Tomecas was very knowledgeable about our hospital and what to expect. My husband felt very assured and comfortable with Tomecas as well. I was two weeks late and decided to be induced. Upon arriving to the hospital Tomecas let us know a realistic view of how long the induction would take which was helpful because we didn't spend energy getting our hopes up that it would be a quick process. Tomecas arrived to the hospital once I was 4-5cm. I planned to do a natural birth however that changed and I opted for an epidural prior to Tomecas arriving. Tomecas was truly a God send she was able to advocate for us when things started to get questionable. Even though I received an epidural I was still in pain and she was able le to give me techniques to ease the pain. My baby was posterior and she even helped me changed positions to help flip the baby. My birth did not go as planned but I am so happy that Tomecas was there. My husband and I truly believe that things would have gone drastically different if she was not present and I would have likely had surgery. If I ever find myself needing a doula I would choose Tomecas again she was helpful and great! 

Nakia-Autumn hawkins


I am a first time mother & I never knew what a doula was until i met Tomecas a few years ago. When I found out I was pregnant I contacted her. I went through some personal trials  during my pregnancy but Tomecas gave me nothing but pure love and comfort. When the time came for me to deliver & give birth she was by my side ALL THE WAY!!! When I tell you if it wasn't for her I don't know what I would have done. I didn't call her until I got so far dilated & didn't feel like I had any self control. she talked to me until she was physically there. That's how strong her presence was!!! And when she came she brought nothing but GOOD GENUINE PURE VIBES!!! I placed my full control and trust in her. When my doctors predicted and kept saying I needed meds. I ignored them and allowed Tomecas to guide & encourage me. And she did that plus more. I delivered a 7 pound, 21 1/4 inch baby girl with no medicine. All natural In one push. She had a APGAR of 10. Because of the LOVE & COMFORT Tomecas gave. I highly recommend to any and everyone!!! I can't thank her enough. She is a pure blessing to me & mine. trust in her because she will not steer you wrong. She will give you PEACE, one of Gods many blessings 

Raquel Obumba


I am so delighted that Tomecas had availability to serve as the Doula for my first childbirth. Once my husband and I met with Tomecas we knew that she was the perfect Doula for us. One of the initial things that drew me to contact Tomecas was her offering of in home childbirth classes. As a busy working woman it was difficult to find a class around the metro Atlanta region that worked for my schedule, but Tomecas came to our home on a convenient day for my husband and I, which worked out perfectly.

My daughter decided she was not ready to make her on or near her due date, but Tomecas came back to our home to try some massages and stretches to see if that would get some things moving. Although my labor didn’t kick in, it was nice to relax and relieve some tension.

My labor was induced on Thursday, August 7, 2014 and I delivered on the morning of Sunday, August 10, 2014. Throughout the long stint I was in the hospital Tomecas kept in contact with me and came up to the hospital to visit before I was in active labor. Once I went into active labor, Tomecas really helped me keep things moving by having me walk, squat, shower, and use the birthing ball. She really helped me accept the pressure from each contraction by massaging me and keeping my tension low.

After 12 hours of labor, I delivered my baby un-medicated, which was my goal from the start.

Without the support of my husband and my doula, I may have given up in the process, however both of them coaching me through the labor and delivery helped keep me on track to achieve my goal.

I highly recommend having a doula for any type of birth, although I would hope everyone would at least attempt a natural birth, and specifically I would highly recommend Tomecas.

If and when my time comes to have my next child, I want to have my husband and Tomecas by my side.

Lottica Holliday


I met Tomecas at a Babies R Us Natural Birth Class that she was teaching. Me and my husband were talking about delivering our son without any medication. This was a big decision for me because I always stated that I wanted to receive drugs while delivering my child. But I am extremly proud to say that I delivered my son naturally with the help of my very supportive husband, family, and doula Tomecas. She taught me deep breathing exercises that kept me focused during labor. I was dehydrated during active labor so it was a long and testing time for me but Tomecas kept applying pressure to my lower back and rubbing my shoulders. She was truly an angel and I am very thankful for her help with delivering my beautiful baby boy Daniel.

Lacresha Cunningham


Let me first start by saying that some people truly tap into their purpose for living, while others simply exist in whatever fashion they find themselves in. Tomecas is the former in every sense of the description.  Being pregnant with my first child, and having little family close, I was in a constant panic of the what to do and how to do regarding this unfamiliar space I found myself in. I interviewed several highly recommended doulas who were all great, however, noone just "felt right."

I saw a card for Omorose Blessings at my doctor's office and decided to email for general information. After two emails Tomecas and I decided to chat on the telephone for a few minutes. Those minutes turned into a 2 hour conversation. I was completely at ease and her spirit simply called me.  I decided to hire her that day.  Tomecas was a constant source of information, support and love from day one for dad, baby and I.  She was more than a labor coach. She became a counselor, medical advisor, hair stylist, make-up artist, lunch buddy and sister-friend.

My labor and delivery didnt go anywhere close to how we planned but she was right there encouraging and comforting me. In fact, I was 41 weeks and admitted to the hospital while she had another mom delivering at the same time, same hospital. She made sure that she checked on me until she could assist me fully, as her other client was much more far long than I.  She stayed with me the entire time which ended up being nearly 72 hours. Her techniques and training helped me through my long and grueling labor process. As a plus, she was very known and liked by the hospital staff which made my experience easier because of the connections already in place.

Overall, choosing Tomecas was the absolute best decision for me and my family. I can't imagine pregnancy and labor without her, and I won't have to because she is my doula/sister/friend for life.

tanisha crowder


Tomeca is the best! It was a blessing to have had a wonderful person like her by my side during labor. I actually met Tomecas less than a month before I gave birth to my son and even than I recognized she was just right for what I would need from my doula. She has always been professional,kind,caring and available. Although this was my first experience hiring a doula, I feel she went over and beyond her duty. She exceeded my expectations on what I believed a doula could contribute to a pleasant birth experience. Needless to say I enjoyed the amazing journey of birthing my son into this world(this includes all the good,bad and ugly moments) and enjoyed being alert to bond with him instantly. Even before and after labor Tomecas consistently remained gracious to me. I am very grateful having chose Tomecas Thomas as my doula.

David Muhammad


When you see someone LIVING in their purpose, KNOW that you're looking @ God working and moving through that individual! THIS was our experience w/ our Doula, Mrs. Tomecas Thomas. It was our 1st child so we were already on edge (trying to play it cool). From Day ONE Tomecas exuded a spirit and feeling of one you've known and loved your ENTIRE LIFE. We never felt like a strangers w/ her. So before class #1, we were at ease. This alone was worth her services. Her knowledge of child birthing, both business and personal, accounted for SO much! Mrs. Thomas loaded us w/ so much knowldege that, many times, when a Dr began to talk about something, we found ourselves saying "Yeah, Tomecas told us about that". As the Father, I never felt out of place or pushed asside. Moving forward I don't think I could even entertain that idea of NOT requesting Tomecas' Doula services for our next child, and the next one and the next one. Tomecas we thank you and we love you for helping bring us our BEAUTIFUL baby girl and pray that God blesses you with long luxurious life for assisting in His process.


David C. Muhammad

Aaron King



Thankfully, with Tomecas' years of experience as a nurse prior to becoming a doula, she told us what we needed to do to prepare for a natural birth, and as a result, my wife delivered naturally just four hours after the first contraction.  


She did not try to take over the process, but helped guide us to a smooth natural birth. She helped my wife through her contractions and was able to tell when she was ready to start pushing. I would not have known what to do during the labor process had she not been present, and we likely would have deferred to the nurses and doctors for the entire time which likely would have resulted in an epidural (which we were hoping to avoid) and possibly a c-section birth.


I was skeptical about hiring a doula at first, but after meeting and working alongside Tomecas to deliver my first child, I highly recommend her services.

Michelle King


My experience with Tomecas was amazing! We didn't meet until very late in my 3rd trimester and at the time I was not convinced that I would pursue a natural birth. I had a couple of friends that had done it, but part of me thought they were crazy for even considering it :) I mean, who would subject themselves to that type of discomfort....and willingly :)

And then I met Tomecas. She was going to be my collegemate's doula, who was delivering a month before me. My collegemate raved about her, so I became interested and opened my ears (and conscience) to the idea of natural birth. Tomecas kept reminding us not to think about it as "pain" but instead as pressure. And she kept saying that our bodies were designed to give birth. Well I believed her! And I'm so glad I did. I figured other woman had done it, then I could too. Plus, I had endured bad cramps before so I figured contractions could be doable (at least I hoped lol)

Well like I said, I put my hope in Tomecas. Barely even knew her at the time, but once I spoke to her one-on-one I instantly connected with her and felt like I was talking to an old friend. Something about her spirit is very soothing and down-to-earth. I could tell instantly that she was knowledgeable (has past nursing experience) and I also appreciated that she just wanted the best for her clients (she wasn't pushy or trying to push her business on me, she just wanted the best for me).

Well my birth story ended up being so amazaing. This FTM that decided on natural birth at 35 weeks, ended up going into labor at 38 weeks. I had missed my childbirth prep class and everything! But Tomecas came and coached me on the job with breathing/pushing, and my beautiful baby boy was born in 4 hours! She and my husband coached me thru every contraction, every push and I never felt alone. I couldn't have imagined a more amazing experience. I am so grateful she showed me to trust my body and pursue natural birth.

Shellena Hazard


My husband and I interviewed six doulas before we decided to hire Tomecas.  We had an instant connection and knew that we would not want any other doula in the labor & delivery room with us.  She would frequently check up on me and would give me helpful suggestions to ensure that my pregnancy was progressing like it should.  She even recommended a great workout that kept me active during my last trimester, which was a Mommy Motion dance class.  This helped me to prepare my core and lower body for what lied ahead in a fun way.  The day that I went into pre-labor Tomecas was right there giving me helpful pointers as I progressed into active labor.  When my doctor told me to head to the hospital, Tomecas was there promptly to help coach me along for the marathon of labor.  As I progresed a centimeter every hour, Tomecas held my hand, stroked my hair and told me that I was doing great.  Her active knowledge in the healthcare field and her bubbly personality really helped me feel at ease as I was in the labor and delivery room.  She even made my midwife and the labor & delivery nurses feel at ease so much so that they mentioned that she needs to come back for any birth.  I was able to successfully deliver my son vaginally without the use of an epidural.  I had a rare condition where my blood platelets dropped in my last trimester, which were so low that I could not have an epidural, I would have to undergo general anesthesia if complications arose.  Thankfully no complications arose and I was able to progress on my own with the help of this special doula, Tomecas Thomas.  I would recommend her services to anyone.  If my husband and I ever decide to have additional children, I would not hesitate to hire Tomecas again. She truly helped me to have a positive and natural childbirth experience.

Lisha Rena


My name is Alicia Gooch. I gave birth to Mattison Rain Gooch on 2/18/14 @6:16pm (6lb 15oz - 20") after a tiresome 42hrs of labour via c-section. I could not have done it without Tomecas. Tomecas Thomas, along with my mom, Linda Cooks, my Spiritual Advisor, Apostle Elizabeth Gibson (New Hope World Outreach-Fairburn, Ga), & my chiropractor, Dr. Patrice Thompson, my possie as I called them, stuck with me through this process of what was supposed to have been a natural birth, but due to my baby becoming distressed, I had to make a judgement call. It was the right choice. Througout my labouring, Tomecas was at my every becon call. She stayed by my bedside and rubbed my back and cleaned up all the fluids that were constantly flowing from my body. Tomecas didn't miss a beat. I promise you, I lost track of what day it was. I didn't know I had laboured so long. I just knew I wanted my baby to be born healthy and she was. Thank you so much Tomecas. I don't know if I could have done it without you, but I know that if I didn't have you there by my side, things wouldn't have gone as smoothly as they did. I thank you for coming over and cooking for me after Mattison got here. I didn't have a lot of help with my baby as I'm doing this on my own with the help of the Lord. People need help after they have a baby and don't nobody owe you nothing, but the little things really do matter. So many people take a home cooked meal for granted until they want one and can't get in the kitchen themselves to fix one. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much Tomecas. This is the beginning of a long relationship. Continue to do what you do. God bless you. You are truly meant to do this. God gave us all a gift. Mines is singing. Yours is being a Doula. Love ya!

RaChell Crowe


Tomecas Thomas is the best doula! I am so thankful I found her. She prepared me for the birth that I desired. I wanted an all natural delivery & I had that and more. Tomecas gave me helpful hints that prepared me for what was instore. Once in labor, Tomeca coached me  through it all & after 10 minutes of pushing my son was born! I was recommend Tomecas to anyone searching for a doula; she is awesome!

Simone Buckland


Tomecas is awesome!  My husband and I wanted a natural, unmedicated, intervention free birth and that is just what we got!  I found Tomecas after doing a google search for doulas in the Atlanta area.  We both really needed the extra support, knowledge and experience from someone who knew the hospital system and how to avoid induction, etc.  Tomecas was like a breath of fresh air!  At the time we met her I was more than half way through my pregnancy and not really happy with the prenatal care I was getting.  Tomecas introduced us to Intown Midwifery and the best prenatal care in town!  We were so grateful to have found a place where we felt secure and more importantly that our unborn child was in the BEST hands.  Tomecas was so supportive through it all!  She accompanied us to prenatal visits, checked up on us regularly to see if we had any concerns or questions, and provided a network of support and information through meetings with the midwifery group, their supporters and other expecting parents. My husband and I were empowered by this experience and have gained a new friend!  We love Tomecas and we recommend her to anyone looking for doula service.  On top of her wonderful smile loving spirit, she is affordable, flexible and professional. After our daughter was born she presented us with gifts of hand crocheted baby booties and a headband that she made herself! So thoughtful and sweet! We've made a lifelong friend!

Mpho Semenya


I had a wonderful experience with Tomecas. From the very first day we met, there was an instant connection. She thoroughly explained what I could expect during my birthing experience and went through all my questions attentively providing me with the information I needed.

The week preceding the c (; c day I went into labour, she attended my doctors appointments with me. She was a source of comfort during the visits and always had a comforting energy about her.

I was in labour for over 24 hours and she stayed with me through the entire experience, she did not leave my side not even once. Her experience and expertise were invaluable to me and my husband.



Jalissa Mcneal


I would like to share my story about my wonderful friend and doula Tomecas Thomas. My birth did not go as planned, but if Tomecas wasn't there I feel as if it would have been worse. Step by step she was by my side encouraging my partner and I. She enabled me to relax in a very unfamiliar situation with her expertise, and her great spirit. Tomecas is family to me not just my doula, and I wouldn't have been able to make it without her. For those of you contemplating hiring a doula Tomecas is definitely the one to choose. If you don't have the pleasure to work with her, get yourself a good doula they are very much needed. I love my friend/doula and I would have her by my side a thousand more times.


Jalissa McNeal

Buky Adegbite


Oh wow! Where do I start? I hired Tomecas during my second trimester, as I wanted to have the experience of having a natural birth after a heavily medicated birth of my first-born. I found Tomecas on Doula Match and after contacting other several doulas, I figured I'd call her. Our first conversation sealed it for me. She was very sweet and knowledgeable and I felt very comfortable with her. Tomecas always called me to check up on me, showing interest in the progress of my pregnancy. When it was time for my delivery she showed and stayed with me throughout. She was very supportive to my needs and did exactly as I wished. She was there to assure me that I was doing well each and every step of the way and she never rushed me. She was very hands-on when I needed her and also gave me my privacy when needed. She also helped my husband and daughter feel comfortable and the family loved her. Throughout this whole process, Tomecas have become not only my Doula but also a friend. After 7 hours of labor, I had my baby boy without medication as I had wished. I know I did it all on my own but without the support of Tomecas and my husband I would have given up. After my birth, she was always calling to check up on me and she came to the house to see us afterwards. I would recommend Tomecas of Omorose Blessing Doula to anyone looking to achieve a natural birth with a doula because I can guarantee that you will not only get the best Doula but leave with a friend in Tomecas. This is an experience I cherish and will not forget in a very long time! I can actually say my birth plan turned out just as I had planned! Thank you Tomecas! If we plan on increasing our family….your number is on speed-dial.

Tanika Antonio


After taking every class related to pregnancy the hospital offered, I became really
nervous about giving birth when the nurses recommended NOT coming to the
hospital at the onset of labor. Since this was my first pregnancy I knew I
needed additional support. When a nurse mentioned she had used a Doula I
immediately went home and started my search as I was already 8 months pregnant.
I interviewed several Doulas’; however, I felt Tomecas was the
best fit for me and my husband. My water had broken and I was in active labor
when I went to the hospital. I wasn't dilating quick enough for my doctor so
she gave me Pitocin and increased it till the labor pains were so
intense and continuous I needed an epidural to cope. Tomecas was a great
support and helped me get the baby heart rate down when it increased due to
labor progression. She also fed me ice chips when the staff told me
I couldn't have anything to drink. Since I was having a large baby the doctor
was concerned and kept pushing for a C-section. She had already scheduled me a
week prior but I refused and insisted on allowing labor to start naturally.
After a few hours of trying Pitocin and having the baby heart rate increase and
having Tomecas help me get it back down, the doctor said continuing to do so
could potentially harm the baby and told me it was time to perform the
C-section. I could only have one person accompany me during the surgery so I
chose Tomecas. Unfortunately I didn't have the natural birth experience I
envisioned but I did have the support I needed to deliver a healthy baby. Tomecas
was a perfect fit for me and my husband and also got along well with my other
family members (including my pushy mother!). If I am fortunate enough to have
another viable pregnancy I definitely would not go to the hospital without my
Doula Tomecas there.


Shonte Ellis


I'm a first time mom and I wanted to hire a doula to help my husband and I with positions during labor. However, with hiring Tomecas I got a lot more. Before I even went into labor, she helped me with coping during the last trimester of my pregnancy. She walked with me, she kept in constant communication with me, she coached me and encouraged me as I went through that last month of pregnancy aches and pains. When my labor finally began, she came to the hospital and stayed with us until after my baby was born. Having her there was a great comfort. My delivery was a bit complicated, and it helped to have someone there with a background in labor and delivery to stay with me all the time because the nurses are in and out. Her presence helped my husband as well. He took cues from her in how to help me manage my pain and in how to hold my legs during the delivery stage. Thank you Tomecas for being a part of the birth of our baby boy!

Angelina Ruffin


Being a labor & delivery nurse and midwife student, I didn't feel that I needed to pay a doula to help me in my labor.  I was convinced that I could train my own family to do the same job.  But then I started thinking about the details of what I wanted during labor and wondered if anyone could handle a L&D RN and all of her L&D coworkers.

I then met Tomecas while seeing one of my patients.  She and the patient and her husband had a wonderful relationship.  We also immediately hit it off like long lost friends. I started to realize that with her medical background and personality, she was exactly who I was looking for.  

During my labor, nothing went as I had planned.  Everything that I desired on my birth plan did not happen how I envisioned.  I was distraught.  I felt beaten.  I was worried about my baby, choices I made, the outcome of this delivery, and my own health.  I was now the patient and felt out of control.  

Tomecas made me laugh in between the pain of the contractions.  She hugged me during my screams.  She wiped the sweat from my face.  She talked with me when my family needed to sleep.  She held my leg during the pushing when I couldn't.  She held my hand when I delivered.  With her compassion and support, I delivered a beautiful baby girl.  Through all of the chaos turned out to be a beautiful experience.  I smile every time I think about it all.  There is no way to measure the support and love she provided.  

I not only gained a wonderful support system in a doula, I gained a friend.  I am grateful for all that she's done.


Chelsie Furey


Tomecas is an awesome doula (and person in general). My husband and I feel very fortunate to have had Tomecas as my doula. She is priceless. I choose her to doula for the birth of my second child. I love her energy and passion. Tomecas is kind, personable, knowledgeable, experienced and positive. During our pre-birth meetings she listened well to all of my thoughts and considerations. Then, during labor she seamlessly utilized this knowledge along with her doula tricks to erase stress and ease labor pains. Always positive, always kind, always caring.

I had a natural delivery (no pain medications), Tomecas made it possible. She met my husband and I at the hospital after my water broke at home. Active labor didn’t start without the aid of pitocin and even then it took 12 hours. Tomecas stayed with me the entire time helping to get things moving so that the pitocin dose didn’t get too high. Together, we rehearsed many of her tricks to help manage pain, shorten delivery time and ease the entire labor. Then, when active labor started, I followed her guidance. It was amazing, Tomecas knew exactly what to do and when to do it. Labor was fast and easy with a lot less pain than I anticipated. It was a wonderful experience, and I have Tomecas to thank for it. I highly recommend choosing Tomecas as your birth doula, she is awesome!

Melanie King


I became anxious about the delivery of my first baby and decided to obtain a doula.  We contacted tomecas through a referral from friend.  Even though it was close to due date, Tomecas fit us into her schedule and was extremely helpful in providing information about prenatal care, delivery, and post partum care.  She was able to meet us at a time convenient to us and even opened her home for one of the meetings.   Tomecas was kind and patient with us and always returned our phone calls within an hour.  I had a long labor and she stayed the whole time with a smile on her face and constant reassurance. Tomecas was truly a blessing to our family and I would highly recommend her!

Netta Boo


 Tomecas has been my doula for 3 of my 4 deliveries, and each time she was amazing. My 1st experience with a premature birth, I was hospitalized for 4 days to try and prevent  the birth. Tomecas was by my side from the moment I went into labor up till the day I was released. Shr idited me everyday to make sure I was comfortable and being taken care of properly. My 2nd delivery she was unable to be there in person due to me being out of state, yet she still did the best at her duty and was a big help. It was my 1st natural delivery and she talked me through every painful contraction and eased my mind. She gave me tips on how to not focus on the contractions but on other calming things and it really worked! I hope she knows how much she helped me through that tough time since I was on my own for that labor. For my 3rd experience with Tomecas it was so much more personal. She attended my Dr visits with me and was able to ask questions about the 17P medication I was put on, questions I hadn't thought to ask. She helped me understand the purpose of the medicine and my decision on uding it. She even set aside time where she could take me to tend to personal business. She was truly a great support system for me during my pregnancies especially the times when I was by myself. She has placed a very loving memory in the hearts of not just me but my kids and their dad. We are very. greatful to have her in our lives at such beautiful moments. I don't plan on any more kids, but if it happens again she will be the one we contact

Shineka C. Karim


 I am so late in posting this since my daughter was born on December 26, 2012, but I just wanted to take the time out and share my wonderful birthing experience with Tomecas Thomas.  From the start Tomecas was a great fit for what I wanted as a doula, but by the end of our first phone conversation she quickly became a friend.  She truly has a passion for what she does and I'm so thankful that she is walking in her purpose.  Tomecas made my husband, my parents and me feel extremely comfortable and knowledgeable about what we were embarking upon.  My husband met her via Skype, but she made sure that he knew we were in great hands.

She is truly there for the mom, significant other and baby. Tomecas made me feel empowered in what my body was able to do naturally.  I have no complaints about my experience at all.   I couldn't imagine my birth experience with anyone else, so much so that we will definitely be using her again when we decide to have more children. She is FAMILY now!

Kenya Ellis


As a new mother, I was nervous about the the physical and mental process  the female body experiences during pregnancy and childbirth. Fortunately, a Doula named Tomecas Thomas who not only experienced natural childbirth but for the last 12 yrs had educated herself on preparing other mothers to bring there blessings into the world the safest and healthiest way possible. Tomecas visited my home to check in on myself, my husband, and my stepson to see how everyone was handling the pregnancy. We practiced breathing, signs of labor, labor positions that would not only help me but get my husband involved as well, and details and contents of my hospital bag. She also helped me with my birth plan and promised it would only change by my request or if it were a life threatening situation. Tomecas prepared me for delivery and postpartum and also educated me on breastfeeding and its benefits.  Tomecas was in my delivery the entire 3 days I was in labor she never left my side ( just to eat :). I received encouragement physically and mentally through massage, stretching techniques, occasional sucker!:) , calming music and words of encouragement. Also, Tomecas kept a detailed log that detailed time and date of contractions, doctor and nurse check in, vital signs, delivery time, weight ,height of my baby. My husband was a great support and Tomecas managed to support him as well make sure he had his strength reminded him to take breaks to eat and sleep while she would take his place. postpartum care and support to continue to encourage breastfeeding and any other orders after discharge from the hospital. Tomecas was a great Doula well educated and experienced in her expertise. I would have 10 more as long as Tomecas is by my side. OK really  I want 2 more! :) Thanks for your time, Tomecas.

Ellis Family

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