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Stefanie Trudeau CD(DONA), CLC

Footprints Doula Services

Canterbury, CT Service range 45 miles

(860) 301-1499

Birth Fee

$1000 to $1600

Postpartum Rate

$25 to $35

Birth Fee

$1000 to $1600

Postpartum Rate

$25 to $35

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

9 years and 160 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

7 years and 26 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International, March 2012
  • Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA), October 2019

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I have experience in all local hospitals in central and eastern CT, RI, and parts of MA. I can help you explore your options if you're not sure which care provider/hospital is the best fit for you

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I have experience with many of our local homebirth midwives and can make recommendations if this is an option you're considering.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly casting
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth pool rental
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Parenting consulting
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Founding member of CT Doula Collective, Past volunteer for Operation Special Delivery, Assistant Coordinator for CT's Improving Birth National Rally for Change, on the leadership board of Doulas of RI, member of Birth Tribe

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Discount available for active military. Payments can be made via HSA/FSA, flexible payment plans available as well as gift certificate/registry options. Birth pool rentals available for families delivering at home. See website for details.

Canterbury, CT Service range 45 miles

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Client Testimonials for Stefanie Trudeau CD(DONA), CLC

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Emily Jacesko


I would whole heartedly recommend Stefanie as a birth and post-partum Doula. If we were to have another child, I would want Stefanie to be our Doula again. 

Stefanie was very helpful and personable right from the start. Her wealth of experience makes her incredibly knowledgeable about local OB-GYN practices and hospitals. I was thankful that she provided important and timely information for me about the practice I was with at the time.  I ended up switching OB-GYN practices to one more closely aligned with my personal philosophy, which worked out great. 

Our baby was born March 31st, as the COVID-19 pandemic was getting into full swing. We found out shortly before the due date that our hospital was not allowing Doulas in and of themselves (i.e., if my doula was my support person, that was fine. But she was not allowed in addition to my husband). Though she couldn’t be there in person, Stefanie was available at a moment’s notice by phone for voice or video chat; we did video chat a few times and they were very helpful. The nurse actually did not have any suggestions for different labor positions (surprisingly!), so a video chat with Stefanie really helped at that point. Stefanie also suggested other things we could try, as needed, which we hadn’t remembered or considered (such as a cordless fetal monitor).

As a post-partum Doula, she was incredibly helpful. It was scary when my husband returned to work and I was home alone with my 3-year old toddler and a newborn, in a pandemic. Stefanie arrived when I needed her and just jumped into helping out (dishes, laundry, baby care). As a mom herself and experienced post-partum Doula, she could see what tasks she could start doing when I wasn’t sure what to suggest. Just having her here made me feel more confident and relaxed. It was incredibly helpful.


LeeAnn Gee


As first time parents, we were nervous, anxious and also so excited to be expecting. While we were ready to start this new chapter, we felt clueless about what to expect with pregnancy, labor and delivery. My naturopathic doctor (a former labor and delivery nurse) suggested I hire a doula and several friends recommended Stefanie. During our first consult, I immediately knew we were in good hands and she was a great fit. We attended Stefanie's birth crash course, breastfeeding seminar and utilized her doula and photography services. It was a great investment. Her knowledge and expertise is priceless. We were informed and prepared going in which helped alleviate our stress and anxiety allowing us to have a positive  pregnancy and birth experience. We highly recommend her services.

Joyce Bennett


I cannot recommend Stefanie highly enough. She was absolutely the best decision we made while preparing for our baby. I knew I wanted a doula during birth, and her presence turned out to be more important than I ever anticipated. Not only did she help me through, but her presence helped my husband stay calm and focused too. What I did not anticipate was how important her before and after care were. Stefanie got us to think about things and prepare for the unexpected in ways that were really helpful. Having an experienced person to ask questions and check in with was so helpful and took a lot of stress away.

Stefanie is a wealth of information and truly exceptional at her job. I will never have another baby without her. 

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Garcia


Words cannot describe the impact Stefanie Trudeau had on our second birth.  Our first child was born 17 months earlier via c-section and we were told by one health provider that a VBAC would not be a possibility and could potentially result in death.  As soon as we found out we were pregnant with our second I contacted Stefanie. I did not want a second C-section.  I knew Stefanie previously from a lactation class she taught and also from a new mom's group she hosted. From our initial email conversation I felt a peace and security in knowing she would be my doula. My second pregnancy was really smooth up until week 38. Up until that point I had maintained regular contact with my doula via phone, text, email, and Facebook messenger.   Once week 38 came I was in excrutiating pain.  My son flipped "sunny side up" (posterior) and I had back labor for approximately 1 week.  During that week Stefanie made herself readily availalable to help me with positioning and rebozo work. When I was admitted to the hospital Stefanie was prompt and with us from start to finish.  That was when my husband started to understand why I hired a doula. It was a team effort. The progression of my labor was long and she coached me through sticking with my birth plan and helped me through really difficult back labor.  She helped me stay focused and helped me manage my pain through positioning, e-stim, helping me sequence through nitrous oxide, and using lots of contralateral pressure.  She was an awesome faciliator and fit in nicely with my medical team.  Without her I don't think I would have been able to achieve my goal of a VBAC for the second pregnancy. After delivery, Stefanie helped me through my postpartum domestic resposibilities. We are forever grateful for her services!  I highly recommend her!

Jackie and Laurent


We attended an Evidence Based Birth class taught be Stefanie.  We were impressed by her professionalism and knowledge base, which went well beyond the planned material covered in the course, as well as her insights into care options for birth in our community.  Her openness and willingness to listen and take the time needed to answer our many questions was greatly appreciated.  We are looking forward to our postpartum visit!

-Jackie and Laurent 

Geeta S.


Having Stefanie as a doula meant we had a steadfast pillar of strength and support, and a wealth of knowledge available to us throughout our pregnancy and postpartum journey.

Stefanie was the first person I excitedly reached out to after I found out I was pregnant — I had no idea what to expect in the coming months, but I knew I wanted Stefanie on the journey with us, and she proved invaluable from the start.

After my husband and I left our first OB-GYN appointment knowing it wasn't the right environment for us, Stefanie helped us find our midwife practice. That alone made her worthwhile as it set up the trajectory for an amazing pregnancy and birth experience. We will forever be convinced that, between Stefanie and our midwives, we had the absolute best birth team!

Beyond that initial win, Stefanie continued to prove herself indespensible; she was always ready and willing to answer any questions we had, and shared unbiased information on a variety of topics that helped us plan for the birth we wanted; and then she was there for us when those plans, as so often happens in childbirth, had to be adjusted.  

She was a calming presence in the delivery room, and helped us talk through and understand our options as they were presented to us. While pushing, one of the things that sticks out in my mind is the way Stefanie and my mom alternated placing a cold washcloth on my forehead and feeding me ice chips. It's a small thing, really, but I remember it felt so good — and I hadn't asked Stefanie to do it, she just knew.

Then, after our daughter was born, Stefanie didn't just disappear; she stopped over for a postpartum visit with food in hand, and was there to answer any and all texts and emails we sent. To this day, over a year later, I know she'd respond if we reached out with a question, because having Stefanie for a doula means we found a friend and resource for life.


Vanessa Janek


Stefanie is simply an amazing doula. Warm, devoted, and knowledgeable, she helped me so much during late pregnancy, birth, and those first bleary postpartum weeks. Every time I needed support or encouragement, Stefanie was right there on the other end of the phone or next to me in person. At 41 weeks, she went out of her way to drive to my house and help me and my husband work with a rebozo to aid aches and pains, as well as baby’s positioning. She was a godsend during labor, and I felt safe, nourished and cared for with her by my side—especially during my most challenging moments. Two weeks after my daughter’s birth, I remember calling her in the wee hours of the morning panicking about some breastfeeding issue and she answered right away with helpful, calming advice and empathy. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a birth doula, postpartum doula, lactation counselor, or perinatal confidante. I can’t say enough good things about Stefanie. She loves what she does, and it shows!

Shilpa Nagaraj


From what I know about Stefanie Trudeau in the limited time we worked together, she is an excellent and supportive doula who I hope you get the chance to work with.  She made herself available via FaceTime to answer questions to assess our fit and was very responsive to my slow decision making process.  I started working with her about half way through my pregnancy when I had so many things in the air - not knowing where I would be at the time of birth, coordinating with my long-distance partner and shifting gears towards a home birth goal (and knowledgable about local hospital births in supporting a woman's individual choice).  Stefanie was incredibly flexible and supportive about all of these things.  She provided valuable readings that helped us make some big decisions and provided excellent emotional support when exercising empowered choice, which was well needed when weighing something so far outside the norm.  Sadly I will not get to give birth with Stefanie due to extenuating circumstances, but I highly recommend her for your doula hopes and needs.  

Ashlee Stone


I cannot begin to put into words how wonderful Stefanie was as my doula. Throughout my entire pregnancy Stefanie was extremely supportive and a wealth of knowledge. She was always quick to respond to any of my questions with sound advice and reassurance. At our pre-natal visits she was a pleasure to visit with and a wonderful resource prompting questions about birth choices that we were unaware of. Both my husband and I felt a great deal more confident knowing Stefanie would be with us at the birth of our first child. With Stefanie's help I was able to labor at home comfortably for many hours before transitioning to the hospital. She was a great coach and amazingly supportive offering suggestions of position changes, guidance with nourishment, and massage to help me relax. Her support continued at the hospital and even though labor turned out to be different and more challenging than planned, as it often does, Stefanie remained the constant presence of calmness and support that my husband and myself greatly needed at that time. After our son was born Stefanie was there to help me with breastfeeding before she gave us time to get acquainted as a new family. Even after the birth of my son, Stefanie has been a wonderful resource and promptly responds to my many questions. My husband and I are very thankful for everything Stefanie did and we would highly recommend her to other families.

Blaze Schwaller


My husband and I decided that having a doula for our first child’s birth would be a good idea. We knew that we wanted a calm and personal birth experience, but wanted to have the support of somebody who knew what they were doing, because we had zero experience with labor, birth, and nursing. Stephanie was the perfect choice for us.

She met us three times before I went into labor, and had great suggestions on ways to prepare, what to expect, and information on how labor progresses so we would know when to call her. She also referred me to her breastfeeding group and I went two times before having my baby. It really helped me begin to get comfortable with different ideas on nursing, and I learned how baby wrap carriers work, too! Throughout pregnancy I felt very supported and excited.

When I finally did go into labor, it progressed so fast that I had to call her twice – the second time to tell her to come directly to the hospital instead of our house, so she met us there. With things coming on so fast, I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to get through delivery without pain medications. I anticipated that my labor was going to take the usual 16-24 hours as a first-timer, and I was feeling unable to cope with that intensity of contractions for that long. But she was able to reassure me that I was already at 8cm when we got admitted, so I was practically ready to push! Having her there was a great comfort. I knew that even if I had no clue what was going on, at least she did, and would be able to explain to me anything I didn’t understand or had me nervous.

Stephanie stayed with us until our daughter had started breastfeeding, and was in touch for any questions we had afterwards, plus just to let us know about local resources and continued support through the breastfeeding group. She is a great help and full of useful information and ideas to help with being a new parent. I would recommend her to anyone!

Jungmin Lee


In Korea, we have very special postpartum care tradition. So, as times went by, my parents and family had worried too much about me, which was how to care the postpartum after the birth. First of all, I contacted a company, which had Korean postpartum service people. But, it was too far from Connecticut and the price was higher.than we expected. So, I talked to my friend in NY about this situation and she let me know there is the postpartum service in USA and there is a person who helps for the postpartum. I searched through google right away and came to this site. Finally, I found Stefanie here. Her reviews by other people were enough and very good. So, I asked her whether she was available to do the postpartum service in July through email.Then, she replied quickly and it gave us very good impression.

Before we signed the contract, we met her in our place to discuss the service and questions that we had. This baby was our first baby and we had lots of questions to ask. She answered all questions nicely and reasonably.

She came in the right time and stayed by the time we asked. She cared our baby, did the laundry, cleaned the floor, and so on. Even we sometimes did not ask her to do some work, but she did. She was so diligent. Also, she had lots of knowledges about caring baby and breastfeeding. I totally depended on her. By now, whenever I had any questions, I sent text messages and asked her. Then, she always replied quickly with clear answers. 

By now, she has cared my baby for 4 hours per week. Whenever she comes, I feel free. I can work in upstairs and relax for a while. Today, she also cared my crying and sad baby for 4 hours and did the laundry as well as cleaning bottles.

Our family has satisfied her very much. If you contact her, she will help more than your expectation. Now, she is a great friend of me and my daughter.  

Ashley Cassell


When I think back at my birth experience, it was perfect. Having Stefanie with us on this journey was simply amazing. Her smile, joy and knowledge took away any bit of stress both my husband and I may have had. Stefanie met with us three times prior to the birth of our son, first for an interview, then two prenatal appointments. She was with us for our entire labor and met with us again for a post-partum appointment (for some much needed breastfeeding help, she even brought us muffins and fresh eggs from her farm). After the interview my husband and I were thrilled to have Stefanie in our corner. Whenever we had any questions, updates, and/or worries she would respond to our emails, texts and phone calls right away. Stefanie was always there. During our two prenatal appointments, she helped us write our birth plan and had us think about questions we had never though of after all the research we had already done. She also taught my husband different ways he could help during my labor to make me more comfortable. When I finally went into labor Stefanie joined us at home as soon as I could not handle the contractions on my own. Having Stefanie, my mother and my husband support me made me feel loved and taken care of, I was never alone. When we went to the hospital I never had to ask for anything, Stefanie was already right there with what I needed: water, ice chips, even red jello. My husband was able to take breaks because I had Stefanie by my side. She also helped clarify all the medial talk the doctors and nurses would explain to us. Stefanie gave me the confidence to speak up and ask questions about my whole labor process. She also put on peaceful music that helped relax me though everything. Words cannot express how thankful I was to have Stefanie with us during my pregnancy and the birth of our son.

Megan Strand


Our experience with Stefanie started at a community baby shower. I was six months pregnant then and my husband and I decided that we could manage our first child's birth on our own. Fast forward to two DAYS before my due date. My husband (gotta love him) starts realizing that we're going to have a baby, and to have a baby requires me to go in to labor, and my going in to labor would require his help. Enter Stefanie, who was, unbelievably, not already booked and was ready and willing to be our doula.

She met with us the day before I was due and was incredibly helpful and understanding. After each doctors appointment Stefanie and I would chat and was especially helpful in explaining the induction process (which it turns out I didn't need). Five days late my labor started very far apart contractions. The contractions seemed to be getting closer together so we decided to call Stefanie, who traveled to our home (an hour away). It seemed the second she arrived the contractions almost competely stopped. The decision was made that I wasn't going to have the baby any time soon, so she would go home.  Not three hours later my water broke an we were off to the hospital. Stefanie met us there and was exactly what we needed. We wanted someone who was more knowledgable about the birthing process to help us make decisions and provide methods to help me get through labor. I wanted to try a medication free birth, but after laboring for two days and with not getting any break between contractions, I decided on an epidural. She was able to tell me the pros and cons of an epidural and afterwards reassured me that I had made the right choice. During pushing my doctor, who had another patient in labor, needed to go perform a C-Section and told me "Don't push too hard!" Stefanie was able to help me through that impossible suggestion and I was able to safely deliever our wonderful little boy! Stefanie was extremely helpful in giving us the birth experience we wanted!

Frances Earle


We’re very glad that we had Stefanie to support us through our first pregnancy. We knew we wanted a medication-free birth – other than that, we really didn’t know what to expect, or what to look for, in our birthing experience. We also didn’t know that we couldn’t take it for granted that our provider would be willing to work with us (our first OB declined to read our birth plan – said she didn’t need to). When I expressed my concern, Stefani guided us to a provider that we were much more comfortable with, and was very quick to respond whenever we had any questions (even over the holidays). Knowing she was there also made us feel a lot more confident about the labor and delivery.  We were very happy that Stefani was our doula!

Mattie Wells


We met Stefanie at a meet the doulas event, and in the line up with all the other local doulas her answers stood out. After speaking with her more, we decided she was the perfect doula for us, and we are totally beyond happy with our choice. She was ultra supportive through my entire pregnancy (we met her when I was around week 15, so we had lots of time to connect). She was very resposive via text, calls or email and provided us with all the understanding we needed to make choices as my term progressed. As my due date approached we were told my plans would have to change ( would be induced early) and Stef helped us work through our options so I could be informed at my OB visists.

All through the labor and delivery Stef was there to keep me as mellow as I could be. She was so empathetic to my needs and made tons of suggestions. Due to some blood pressure issues I was unable to follow through with most of my birth plan, but Stef helped me accept things as they were and it was easier for me to go with the flow and still feel confident.

Postpartum she has been equally kind and supportive. We have had a myriad of nursing issues and her lactation experiance and advice has kept me strong. Our postpartum visit was a great change to recap but also plan for the future. Stef also took gourgous photos during labor - something my husband and I will cherish. 

Having a doula like Stef made my first birth and pregnancy much less overwhelming and I couldn't imagine it without her.

Christine Higgins


Stefanie was wonderful and easy to talk to from the day we met her! We felt instantly comfortable and taken care of, as it's clear she is knowlegable and eager to support each families choices in preganacy, labor, and beyond. Her physical and emotional support during labor felt so comfortable and natural to me - she knew how to help in ways I couldn't have even asked for. But more than that, her knowledge of what options were available to us in the hospital setting that might help manage pain and exhaustion was what my husband and I found the most valuable. We wouldn't have known and probably couldn't have taken our focus off of labor long enough to think to ask for ginger ale, popsicles, cold clothes, heating pads, etc. She had the foresight to work with our nurse to plan for the use of the shower well in advance of when she felt it might be a good idea for me to use it for pain management. For what was a relatively straightforward labor and delivery, we know for sure we wouldn't have such fond memories of our labor experience without Stefanie's support and expertise on our side! 

Marisa Demankowski


Childbirth was something I had feared for as long as I can remember. It was such a strong fear it nearly prevented my husband and I from having children. Having Stefanie's support throughout the pregnancy was such a relief and knowing that she was going to be there for the birth of our daughter was so reassuring when the fear started to get the best of me. Stef helped us create our birthplan and I never felt that she was imposing her own beliefs about childbirth on me. I knew that no matter what we decided she would be there to support both myself and my husband. Stefanie was there throughout my long labor and delivery and stayed for several hours after to see that we were all settled. I can honestly say that my birth experience would not have gone as smoothly without having Stefanie by our side. Her techniques and support allowed me to have a more interactive experience with my husband and at times when a decision had to be made she was there to provide support allowing me to make a more informed decision my husband and I were comfortable with. I now have a beautiful, healthy baby girl and thanks to Stefanie memories of her birthday are ones I will cherish for the rest of my life. Thank you, thank you a thousand times thank you :)



From the first meeting to the birth of our daughter, my husband and I felt completely cared for with Stefanie. My husband was very skeptical about what purpose a doula would serve, but her upbeat demeanor and professional attitude made our experience so powerful and he quickly changed his mind! I had a very rough first trimester and she was with me every step of the way. I honestly cannot sing enough of her accolates. She was warm, funny, kind and compassionate throughout the entire pregnancy and birth experience. I started early labor at 2am on a Friday morning and our daughter was born at 10:30 the following day. We chose to have a home birth and Stefanie was there the entire time. At first through phone calls and text messages, but as labor became more active, she stayed awake with us the entire night of active labor; timing my contractions, helping me relax with some massages and breathing, and keeping our midwife in the know. During birth she never left our sides. She was extrememly calming when things got intense and pushed me to keep going when I felt like giving up (because lets face it, labor is HARD - but soooo worth it!)  

Stefanie sat with me for almost a full day after our daughter was born to help with breast feeding. She is a Lactician Consultant as well and her advice proved invaluable. 

Our little girl is now 7 weeks old and Stefanie is still helping and giving top notch advice for the times where we simply do not know what to do. 

If you have ever thought about having a doula for your birth, give Stefanie one meeting and you will surely have to look no further! 

Christine Conelea


Stefanie is a fantastic doula, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have had her on my team during the prenatal and labor experience. When we met Stefanie, we were immediately impressed by her warm professionalism, calm demeanor, and up-to-date knowledge about empirically based birth practices. During the prenatal phase, Stefanie regularly checked in with me and continually made herself available for supportive texts and phone calls. It was so reassuring to know that she was there to answer questions and even just provide a compassionate ear when things felt stressful. Stefanie was a super star during labor. She came to our house immediately after attending another birth and stayed with us until after baby was born at the hospital the next morning. We appreciated Stefanie's presence immensely during the birthing process--she helped with everything, including navigating the hospital system, enduring the physical challenges of labor, providing breaks and support to my husband, and joyously welcoming our daughter into the world. Her accepting and non-judgemental approach helped me to flexibly follow my birth plan in a way that I think would have been very challenging to do alone. We also loved Stefanie's photography, which gave us a way to celebrate the experience and share it with loved ones that could not be there. When people now ask me about birth, I start with, "Well, I had a really great doula..." because I think Stefanie's presence was key to making it an empowering and positive process. She has my highest recommendation!

Janice Cook


I was so excited to reach out to Stefanie and invite her to be part of our birth experience because the story posted on her website resonated so closely with what I wanted my story to be. Our first birth was a cascade of interventions and we knew we wanted something different for our second birth. We only planned on having two kids and wanted the second experience to be better, healing in many ways.

It was very easy to schedule with Stefanie. She was easy to connect with at all times, via text, via email, or via phone. At our first meeting we were able to talk like two friends who had known each other for years. She listened to my story and asked just the right questions. Our meetings were always unrushed to allow for any talking points that surfaced but at the same time focused and with a purposeful agenda. Throughout our entire experience Stefanie answered questions and guided us towards information but respected our choices at all times. Stefanie was able to guide us to a practice that fit our needs but without pushing us to make that decision before we were ready.

During delivery Stefanie fit in perfectly with our current midwives, nurses, and my husband. She was there to consult when we had difficult decisions to make, there to support when the going got tough, and there to lighten the mood and distract us as the labor lasted far longer than we had expected. Given the choices we had and what the baby needed to arrive safely I felt we were respected, involved in all medical decisions, and treated fantastically. The birth experience was so different than my first and I am so thankful for Stefanie's support along the way.

About a month before delivery my husband mentioned that we had gotten our money's worth out of hiring a doula already because I was so incredible calm and cared for as we waited for the big day. I couldn't imagine a better experience and hope that she can be with you for your birth!!

Christen DeProto


We can't say enough wonderful things about Stefanie.  I can't imagine having to go through the process of labor without a Doula and Stefanie really made the experience special for us.  From the very beginning, she had such warm and nurturing energy and was there to support me along the way in the final days of the pregnancy.  She was available by phone and text anytime I had a question, no matter how silly.  

Then when the big day came, we had a bit of a challenging and LONG labor process and she supported me and my husband through it.  Whether it was providing massage or other techniques to get the baby into a better position, Stefanie really proved how essential having a skilled support person is.  

She even stayed a while after our little one was born to take photos of my husband and I bonding with our little one, without us even realizing she was there.  And those really are treasured memories I'm glad she was able to capture.  

Having a doula was one of the best decisions we made for our child's birth and Stefanie is amazing at what she does.  If we decide to have another child down the road, we wouldn't hesitate for a second to rehire her.  

Christen & Andrew LaRochelle

Stephanie Medford


Stefanie was everything you could hope for in a doula and more. My husband is in the Navy and was deployed through my pregnancy and birth. Stefanie was there for me through every worry and celebration of the whole process, even when I texted her late at night asking about random pains. When it came time to deliver my baby, she helped me make the right decisions through every step of my 37 hours of labor. As with most birth plans, mine pretty much went out the window once things got started, but she never passed judgment for the parts that didn't go to plan. Most notably, after over 24 hours of labor and no end in sight, she helped me come to a decision about getting an epidural that ensured I would not regret it. She always had my well being in mind and knew exactly how to help me through the toughest contractions and pushes. Without her, I think I would look back on my birth experience and feel disappointed. But, she helped me feel like I was remaining in control as much as possible and guided me to the best choices to avoid a c section if we could. When the doctor announced I was finally 10 cm she even shed tears of joy with me. In the end, I vaginally delivered a healthy 8lb 2oz boy and I look back on that day knowing I coulnd't have gotten there without Stefanie. If you are looking for someone who is dedicated, caring, supportive, and knowlegable, she is your girl! 

Jennifer Whitcomb


Stefanie was my doula with my third child.  She took the time to help me develop a clear birth plan, and kept me moving in the direction I wanted to go throughout my pregnancy and labor and delivery.  Throughout my pregnancy, she was instrumental in calming my anxiety and pointing me in the direction of helpful resources, saving me from wading through the myriad of worst case scenarios posted on the internet.  

During my delivery, Stefanie was there every step of the way, always seeing to my needs, often before I was even aware of them.  She was very in tune with my birth process, even though I tend to be quiet about voicing my needs.  For example, without me having to say anything, she was able to tell when my contractions were becoming stronger simply because I had grown quiet.  When my contractions were so intense that it was difficult for me to speak, she answered the questions that my boyfriend had, in a way that allowed me to concentrate on laboring and nothing else.  Throughout my birth process, Stefanie moved quietly into and out of the experience, supporting me and gently coaching others in the room how to best support me in such as way that I knew she was always there, and I never felt distracted from my labor.  She calmed me in the most intense moments, offered helpful strategies in line with my birth plan, and helped me weather even my worst contractions.  She followed my lead in moments when my instincts took over, getting on the floor next to me or heading in whatever direction labor took me.  And she was there as a tremendous comfort through the final stages of labor after the baby was born.  She has continued to be a huge source of support to me in breastfeeding.  I genuinely believe that had it not been for Stefanie, I would not have been able to endure labor naturally and bring my baby into the world the way that I had hoped to.   

Arielle S.


Stefanie is an incredibly helpful and selfless doula.  Before my birth, she provided lots of useful information, and I was very glad to have her help putting together my birth plan because there were so many issues that I hadn't thought of.  She is very non-judgmental and supportive of your plans and decisions.  Around my due date, she checked up on me frequently, and when I went into labor, she stayed with me to labor at home for a while and then go to the hosital.  She was an enormous help through the whole process, with everything from pain relief techniques to communicating with the hospital staff on my behalf, when I was too distracted to think.  She spent about 30 hours with me until the birth, and another 2 hours afterwards, with little or no sleep.  And to top it off, she more or less went straight to another birth, which shows her dedication and willingness to do whatever it takes for new moms.  She had a calming and reassuring presence the whole time.  I also very much appreciated her postpartum visit, which gave me emotional closure from talking through the labor and birth.  She was also able to recommend other health professionals (a chiropractor and a pediatric dentist) for special issues that came up, and I was extremely satisfied with them.  I would definitely choose Stefanie as a doula again if I still lived in the area.

Cindy Mowry


This testimonial is long was I when I had my daughter last winter! I am so glad my husband and I made the decision to hire a doula for the birth of our first child last year. Stefanie was such a huge support for me - leading up to, during and after the birth of my daughter. As is the case with many births, ours did not go as planned and I am so thankful we had Stefanie there to help us along the way. When my due date came and went and I remained firm in my resolve not to induce, Stefanie encouraged me to have faith in my body and suggested natural induction techniques. When the time came and plans changed and induction became necessary, Stefanie was there to talk me through it and give me the support to adjust. When during labor additional monitoring was required, Stefanie cheered me on and helped me focus on what was most important. She suggested different laboring positions and helped me visualize the process. When we had to make a decision about having a c-section, Stefanie gave me the strength and courage and peace to accept the difficult choice to have a c-section. Throughout the entire process, Stefanie respected my huband and I's need to move through the birthing process independently while relying on her for guidance and support.  She is knowledgeable, confident, funny and kind - all the things you would want in your doula.  

After the birth of my daughter I experienced some struggles with breastfeeding and once again Stefanie was so helpful in providing me with tools and information. I felt comfortable reaching out to her and she was so supportive.

Stefanie was professional, organized and timely in all her communications. I would recommend her to anyone. I feel lucky that we got to work with her.   Thank you Stefanie!

Amanda Kelly


I gave birth to my son on December 9, 2013. I chose to hire a doula for a couple of reasons. One, I wanted a natural birth and new that was more possible if I had a doula coaching me. The other reason was to also help my husband learn the best ways to support me through labor and birth. Right from our first meeting I knew Stefanie was a great match for my husband and I. She has an extremely warm and calm personality and put us at ease right away!  In the months leading up to the birth of our son she checked in and helped us develop a birth plan. She went over options and talked to us about how to advocate for ourselves. After my due date came and went my doctor started talking about induction.  This was the last thing I wanted because I knew that interventions snowballed after induction. I ended up have a Fetal non-stress test and unfortunately what was supposed to be a quick half hour check, ended up showing the babies heart beat as tachycardic. I was at the hospital for several hours and there was talk of admitting me.  Stef was on call and ready to be there in a moments notice. The baby calmed down, I went home, only to have an induction scheduled for a couple of days later. Stef recommended that I get accupuncture along with several other know natural induction techniques.  It worked! I went into labor naturally less than 24 hrs after accupuncture. I had a long early labor and Stef was available the whole time. Once things progressed, she was at my house right away. My husband was able to get a few hours of sleep while Stef supported me and helped me through my contractions. That was such a blessing! At the hospital, Stef was with us the entire time. The techniques and calm motivation for both my husband and I kept us centered and focused. Even when I started to have doubts, she reassured me and soon after our beautiful son arrived! I can't recommend Stef enough! There is a lot more I would say but not enough space! Stef is wonderful!

Frances Pacyna Champagne


Stefanie was wonderful and I highly recommend her. She is full of helpful information and is a very caring person. If we decide to have another baby I definitely plan to contact her again. 

Victoria Liegl


Stefanie was an excellent resource before my daughter's birth, a great comfort during my labor, and a reassuring postpartum doula.  I wanted my second labor experience to be unmedicated, and while it was painful, the moment I saw Stefanie enter my labor room at the hospital, I knew everything would be okay.  Stefanie helped me achieve my non-medicated birth experience, and offered relevant postpartum support during the toughest few weeks following my daughter's birth.  I am so pleased that she was part of my pregnancy and labor.  

Danielle Verrazzano


I had found Stefanie after the original doula I had told me she would no longer be able to atttend my birth. I am so glad every day that this happened. Stefanie made me very comfertable and shared that she had had a similar experience with her first birth as I had had. Although my first ended badly because I did not have a doula Stefanie was determined to keep me focoused on having the VBAC birth that I wanted. When my baby ended up being late and the doctor said we had no choice to have a repeat C-Section Stefanie was with me the whole time even in the OR. It was the best experience to be able to have both her and my husband there with me during surgery. They took turns with holding my hand and comforting me. After the baby was born Stefanie helped us to try to breast feed while the doctors finished the surgury since my doctor was so OK with us trying then. She helped me to have every part of my orgininal VBAC plan that involved the baby as I could while having surgury. She staied with me for a few hours after surgury and then also came back after I went home. I would highly recomend Stefanie for any type of birth.

Angie Marie Henderson


Stefanie helped bring a very reluctant and stubborn baby boy into this world just over a year ago. It was my first pregnancy, so I had many questions and concerns about attempting a natural birth. Stefanie was available to me through phone calls and texts before the birthing process even began! She is knowledgable and very reassuring to a new mommy-to-be. I was two weeks late and had to be induced. Over the course of a three day induction, Stefanie was by my side, never tiring or complaining. She was instrumental in keeping my mindframe intact and staying true to the decisions I wanted and needed to make. I also believe that my husband benfitted from her expertise and encouragement throughout the process. He was unsure what to expect and how to help me. Stefanie was able to aid him in being my supporter and keeping the focus on my comfort. Although my birth plan was eventually derailed and we had to move to C-section, Stefanie assisted with keeping the mood as relaxed as possible. I would highly recommend her services to anyone considering it. It was wonderful to have an objective and calm perspective and advocate during what could have been a highly stressful experience. Looking back at photos during labor, there were many shots of us smiling and laughing!

Alayna Hildreth


Stefanie was truly the perfect doula for my birthing experience! From the moment I met her I could tell she was sweet, knowledgeable, and had a very calm disposition. All of these characteristics carried over into my delivery room and worked in such a way as to provide me with a wonderful birthing experience. Stefanie played an integral role in facilitating the type of birthing experience that I desired. She encouraged my decision to have a natural unmedicated birth and offered useful advice and information (such as pain management techniques, things to expect during labor, and even tips to help my suspected OP baby reposition during labor!) from the very beginning. Stefanie played a supporting role during my labor and delivery- guiding myself and my husband without becoming the center of our experience or coming off as overbearing. Her experience with and knowledge of childbirth was obvious and quite reassuring. She also took the time to have a follow-up meeting with us postpartum when she answered more of my questions and gave me some indispensable breastfeeding advice. I would HIGHLY recommend Stefanie as a doula! Not only is she well educated in all things childbirth she is also genuinely sweet natured and very easy to get along with and therefore trust during such a monumentous occasion. 

Stephanie Victorero


I found Stefanie on a Google search for Doulas local to me. She was also reccomended by a friend of mine so I felt very comfortable meeting with her to see if she would be a good fit. Stefanie is sweet and made me feel very calm about the birthing process. At our first meeting we talked in great detail about my hopes for labor and she was able to answer all of my questions and provide me with information about topics that I was interested in such as labor positioning. Because I found her so early in my pregnancy we kept in touch and as I neared by due date we got together to go over in detail my labor plan as well as had weekly updates which put me more at ease. I ended up going early and my labor progressed very quickly, Stefanie was a great asset to my birthing team and responded immeadiately upon my late night text. She worked hand in hand with my husband without taking away from his birthing experience, and kept me "in the zone" so I could fufill my wish for a natural birth even when I felt I couldn't. I would reccomend Stefanie highly to anyone looking for a Doula, and hope that I am still living in this area when we decide to have baby #2 because I look forward to working with Stefanie again. 

morgan daimler


I can't recommend Stefanie Trudeau's doula service highly enough. My third pregnancy was my first time with a doula and wasn't sure when I first started looking that it was going to make a big difference in my pregnancy. I ended up have several complications and requiring a c-section (my first) and having Stef there throughout the experience made me feel supported and less nervous. Even though many people don't think of getting a doula when they are having a c-section I would definitely encourage people to consider it - it made a huge difference in my experience and turned what could have been extremely stressful into something that allowed me to enjoy the birth of my son as much as possible. 

Benjamin Hall


Doubtful 5th time mom turned believer

Stefanie acted as doula for the birth of my 5th baby, Micah.  Though unsure at first, I am now a believer in the "power" of doulas and having a trained helper by my side during the births of my children.

To be honest, though, I wasn't sure what to expect.  I had never had a doula before.  I already had 4 children and I knew how I labored and my pain limits, and I was concerned that my birth would be disappointing to her. I told her from the beginning that I wasn't opposed to getting medication for the pain, and that if she was hoping for an "all natural" birth, maybe it wasn't a good match.  I didn't want her birth experience to be negative.

She definitely put me at ease, though, explaining that she was there to help me achieve the birth I wanted and not the one she wanted.  And, this is what she did!  I was so glad we agreed to have her there.  She suggested a birthing ball, which I had  never used before- and it was WONDERFUL.  She included my husband (who doesn't always know the best way to help) in applying counter pressure to my lower back.  She helped too by suggesting changes in position, or activity, during my 20 hour labor.  She never got tired and never complained but constantly gave encouragement and cheered me on.  She massaged my hand when my IV bothered me; tried acupressure; massaged my shoulders; talked me through contractions; suggested a shower, and so on.  She was professional and helpful in every aspect and if I ever do have another child I would not hesitate to contact her to be my doula again.  

I am so grateful that she was there as my labor support! 

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