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Corinne Bargen

Oak & Acorn Doula Services

Saanichton, BC Service range 11 miles no ferries


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$35 to $45

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$35 to $45

Medicaid and Third Party Insurers

Currently approved to receive payments from the following programs:

Birth Doula Experience

12 years and 180 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

12 years and 350 families served

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Postpartum Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, January 2011

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 0 to 3 births and 0 to 6 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I enjoy supporting women in the hospital and am proud of the positive relationships with hospital staff that I've maintained throughout my time working there.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Home births are lovely. I thoroughly enjoy supporting women in their own home with a registered midwife in attendance.

Special Services Offered

  • Childbirth education services
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Military families support
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Parenting consulting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental

Training Documentation


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I provide some volunteer birth doula services on referral. I was on the “Program Advisory Committee ” for the Holistic Doula Certificate program at the Pacific Rim College. I was a volunteer office assistant at the Victoria Midwifery Group for 2 years.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Please see my website ( for more personal information about me and for a full listing of my services and fees. I'm happy to discuss payment plans or bartering arrangements as needed.

Service Area

Saanichton, BC Service range 11 miles no ferries

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Client Testimonials for Corinne Bargen

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Corinne is amazing and I would highly reccomend her if you're looking for birth and postpartum support! We had Corinne come over to the house during the first two weeks postpartum and she helped with breastfeeding support, helping with my sons first bath, took care of him so I could rest, and helped answer the many questions we had as first time parents! Corinne is very knowledgeable, so kind and caring, and we are so thankful to have had her as part of our support system. Thank you Corinne! 



Corinne provides the support of a village. I may never be able to quite figure out how, but she has the ability to be whatever support person you need her to be, whenever you need it. I was pregnant and gave birth in the middle of the pandemic. My husband works rotational work away, and we had no family in the area. We hired Corinne to make sure I had someone I could call day or night if I went into labour while alone. When I did go into labour, Corinnes support was unwavering. She trusted my instincts while using her wealth of knowledge and experience to provide guidance. However, what I am truly thankful for was having someone I trusted when things got really tough a few months after delivery. Corinne made herself available on short notice for postpartum home care, giving me a much-needed hand with an unwell baby. We will always be thankful for her guidance and support!

Tamara Gonçalves


I had a great experience with Corinne and if I have a second baby, I would love to have her again during my birth. She is attentive, supportive, well experienced, and super competent. She was also very helpful after the birth, coming to my place to check on me and giving me supportive advice, even over the phone.

Alexandra Lee (Ali Lee)


We were skeptical about needing a doula but it was our first baby and we wanted all the support in case things went wrong and we were so happy with our decision to work with Corinne. After 26 hours of early labor, 6 hours of active labor and 2 hours of pushing we ended up having our baby boy by emergency C-section under General anaesthesia. Leading up to birth Corinne was so easy to communicate with, super organized and so resourceful. She showed us all her birthing tools and toys and we felt really connected from the get go. When we finally showed up at the hospital Corinne was already on the second floor waiting for us and I remember the elevator opening and I was crying so hard in pain but I saw Corinne and fet the hugest amount of relief knowing everything was going to be okay. She was AMAZING through labor - for me she said everything I needed to hear when I needed to hear it and she held my hand through contractions and got me juice and water when I didn't even know I needed it. She was anticipating so much for me. My husband doesn't know how he would have got through any of it without Corinne, especially when he though he was going to scrub in for the C-Section but suddenly was told only "there were complications and we had to put her under. You can't come in." Corinne was a huge support for my husband that day. Just when we thought she was done, postpartum care was through the roof. At first she came over, answered questions, gave us tips, taught me how to pump and helped with breastfeeding and then as weeks went on we realized our baby was very colicky and high needs. Weeks and weeks later we reached out for help as we were buried in holding our baby 20 hours a day. She reached out to her network and got doulas to volunteer to help us during a very busy time. She cares so much about her clients and we feel blessed to have known and worked with her! We would recommend her to everyone!!!!

Jaela Shockey


Corrine was the most amazing Doula.  Her support during our pregnancy, and on the labour day, was everything I had hoped for:  she integrated seamlessly with my partner's support as he guided me through each breath, Corrine was there just as if hoped with warm and cold cloths that helped me give birth naturally.  I will not look further in terms of  having found the best Doula in town!  I highly recommend Corrine to anyone looking for a smooth, and sacred birthing experience.  I am so glad I went with her during our hospital birth, as having a Doula gave me enough confidence to follow through on my birth plan and avoid interventions.  Thanks Corrine!!! You are simply fantastic.

Alena C


My husband and I are so grateful to Corinne for the support she provided before, during, and after the birth of our son. She is both knowledgeable and intuitive. She drew on her ample experience as a doula and as a mother to answer our many questions and help us navigate the hospital setting. Her familiarity with the process allowed us to relax and focus on the birth.

By visiting us several times during the pregnancy, Corinne also developed a keen awareness of our personalities and preferences. After only a few months, Corinne seemed like an old friend, and during labour, I wouldn’t have been able to articulate the things that Corinne intuitively knew I needed.

We felt completely safe with Corinne. In addition to being an exceptional doula, she’s also a lovely person. I hope we’ll be lucky enough to work with her again one day.

Jennie Bartosik


I instantly felt comfortable when we met Corinne. She was warm, confident, and caring. Even my normally shy children warmed up to her very quickly!

After just completing her doula duties at another VBA2C, Corinne was ready and willing to support my plan for a VBA2C. We ended up choosing a scheduled cesarean and Corinne was kind enough to offer her services in other ways.

We used Corinne's support for one overnight in the hospital after the baby was born. My husband was able to go home and get a full night's sleep and I was able to sleep for most of the night too! Corinne is an absolute natural with newborn babies and was able to snuggle my new little girl all night while I slept nearby.

We also had Corinne encapsulate the placenta. With this being my third baby and the first time I've ever had my placenta encapsulated - I noticed a huge difference in my mood and energy levels post-partum. I definitely credit the placenta capsules!

I can't thank or recommend Corinne enough!

Nadine Kathleen


My partner and I decided to hire a doula to create a support system for labour and birth that would allow us the greatest potential of acheiving our birth goals. Corinne was the perfect fit. She has a calming energy and her own personal experiences of birth and labour resonated with me. During my birth, I drew on her presence for support and encouragement. Corinne is gentle, non judgemental and passionate about her role. Her experience is evident as she provided support post partum that as a first time mom was really valuable to me. My birth would not have been the same with Corinne by my side.

Andrea Lubberts


I had my placenta encapculated by Corinne. Corrine was very easy and flexible to deal with. My husband called her about half an hour after I delivered my daughter. She arrived within the hour to pick up my placenta and dropped off my capcules to me at the hospital the next morning. It was incredibly fast and efficient! The instructions were easy to understand. The whole experience was flawless.  I will definitely use Corinne for any future pregnancys.

Leslie Bootle


Corinne was our doula at the birth of our first baby. She was amazing! She made both of us feel so comfortable and empowered right from the start. During labour, she knew where we were at at any moment and could make helpful suggestions, plus she knew what was coming and how to prepare for it. She worked very well with our midwife as well as the hospital staff, and we really appreciated having her weigh in when it came to breastfeeding and so many of the other challenging things for brand new parents. We felt so lucky to have her come to our house for several post-natal visits during that vulnerable first week. She also encapsulated my placenta for me in a speedy and discreet manner. I have recommended her to several friends, and we would be fortunate to have Corinne as our doula again!



My husband, Jeff, and I were extremely satisfied and grateful for the service you provided when our daughter was born in July 2013. You were quick, quiet and very dependable. In fact, we hardly even knew you had come and gone. Although this was our first experience, we both felt the capsules provided everything our research promised. I have passed your name on a few times to others. We are expecting again in August and are hoping that you will be available to encapsulate for our family again.

Leyla Monast


Corinne was an absolutely wonderful support in the birth of my son. I had a lot of axieties and she met with me many times before the birth to answer all my questions and put me at ease, also lending me some really helpful books on natural childbirth. I ended up having a very long birth with almost 3 days of labour, and Corinne hung out with me at home, giving me strength and reassurance when things were very difficult. During the birth she knew just what to do and say to make me more comfortable and to stick the goals I had set. I am so happy with my whole birth experience which I was able to do naturally, and wouldn't change a thing. She also did a very professional job encapsulating my placenta and I think taking it was helpful in my recovery!

2015 Client


Corinne was our back-up doula, and prior to the birth we had met only once before. At that time I was pretty sure I would try for a VBAC, but was also considering a repeat C-section. I felt immediately that Corinne would confidently, gently, and non-judgmentally support me in either choice. I did try for a VBAC, and Corinne supported me in my labour at the hospital exactly in the ways I asked, and also offered things I might not have thought of. At one point in my labour I got quite scared and Corinne was there supporting me and helping me feel safe and confident in my choices. Corrine cheered me on throughout the birth, and did not reveal if she was tired or sore herself. I pushed for more than three hours, but due to all the encouragement from Corinne (including holding up one of my legs the entire time!!), my midwife, and my partner, not once did I question whether I could continue to push my baby out. And thanks to Corinne's presence of mind, we have a few photos of the baby when she was seconds old. Corinne was a rock solid and positive presence and a key part of our successful VBAC. After the birth, she came to check up on our family and was clearly willing to offer us any kind of support we needed post-partum.

Gypsy Fisher


Corinne was absolutely amazing as our Doula!! Corinne is a lovely, warm individual who was a perfect fit for both my husband and myself. Before, during and after the birth Corinne had incredible grounded, calm and positive energy. She was totally open to doing anything that would be helpful, nothing was beneath her, and she didn't wait to be asked - it was incredible how she just knew our needs even before we did! Corinne always ensured that we could reach her, and she gave very useful advice regarding pre/early labour experiences, positions and excercises. She is very strong too, which is great for the double hip squeeze!! Corrine also encapsulated my placenta, which I believe provided valuable nutrients essential for postpartum recovery.

Corrine is an amazing, experienced Doula who we are so grateful for and fully recommend!!

Thanks Corinne!

Joy Beauchamp


I had a baby boy in September of 2013 and I had you encapsulate my placenta for me. Our midwife recommended your service and it was such a helpful thing for me! I didn’t experience ANY depression or baby blues in the first week or the first year. This is with a personal history of depression and a family history of postpartum depression. I don’t know what I would have felt like without the placenta encapsulation but I wouldn’t want to find out. Your service was so helpful! you came to our door so quickly and were back the next day. I would recommend it (and I have) to any pregnant woman.

Heather Thorburn


My experience with you was awesome!! I called you the morning my water broke and you were able to help me last minute. You picked up the placenta from my home the afternoon my baby was born and had it back to me very quickly. You were very kind and provided awesome service spur of the moment for me. I recall appreciating your detailed voicemail message that advised the hours you would be available that day so when I left my message, I knew when I could expect to hear back from you. I also recall it being convenient that we texted a bit. I also thought the packaging of the capsules was cute - the little bag and your acorn logo on the label. Lastly, i recall feeling like your price was a fair one. I had done some research before my baby came 10 days early and I feel your price for the service was right in the average cost area. It was my midwife Beth from Westcoast Midwives at the time who recommended you to me. I will definitely have my placenta encapsuled if we have a second baby and I will contact you (in advance this time!).

Alex Porter


Corinne was fantastic. I contacted her in advance of babies arrival and she gave me all the pertinent info about the process to get my placenta encapsulated. She explained the different techniques and told me about the benefits of placenta encapsulation as well as helping us with what to do to get the placenta after our hospital birth. She handled the process with care and respect for our time. She was quite busy and kept us updated with the eta of the capsules. Her packaging was nice and instructions were concise.  I would definitely reccomend her to friends and would also use her services again myself.

Alicia Beckwith


Corinne is amazing!  I was a bit wary at first thinking what am I doing?  I would 100% recommend placenta encapsulation for anyone and everyone who is able to have it done.  I had a c-section and started taking them the next day...I was fully recovered 100 times faster than anyone thought I would have been.  I had energy (well as much as you can with a newborn) and I was feeling good.  I can't thank Corinne enough for all the help and the visit in the hospital!  :)

Pia Thomas


What can I say about Corinne that hasn't already been said? A year ago I was looking at these reviews, trying to find a doula who would help me navigate my first pregnancy and birth. Within minutes of meeting Corinne, I knew she was a gem. She made me and my husband feel so comfortable and reassured. She met with us a number of times before the birth of our daughter, answering any and all stupid questions we had, lending me books from her library, checking in to see how things were going. As my due date approached, she checked in more frequently and kept us posted on her whereabouts, just in case she was going some place where it might be harder to reach her. I really appreciated this, and never once doubted that she'd get back to me.

When I went into labour, she let me decide when I wanted her to come over, and then was there within half an hour. Our planned home birth ended up having to be moved to the hospital, and it turned into a very long night, but Corinne was nothing short of amazing. I know my husband was so grateful for her presence, as she kept both of us feeling calm and capable. I keep telling people that despite not having the home birth I had long planned for, I am still so happy with my birth experience because I felt totally and completely supported by everyone around me. Corinne was a HUGE part of that, and when I finally gave birth to my daughter, I'm pretty sure Corinne looked happier than I did! She continued to be supportive after giving birth, and was so helpful when I was having some breastfeeding problems.

It's so clear to me that Corinne was meant to do this work, and despite telling my husband during labour that I was NEVER going through this again, if Corinne could be there, I totally would. Basically: WE LOVE CORINNE!

Laura Scherer


Bebe Josephina and I met Corinne when bebe was approximately 2 months old. We loved her instantly! She became our postpartum/night doula and spent many nights and evenings just cuddling and rocking bebe so I could sleep. Honestly, I don't know what we would have done for the few months that she helped us; she is a godsend! Completely prepared and professional at all times and so great with babies! I highly recommend Corinne as a doula/posrpartum doula!!

Daryl Thomson


Corinne Bargen was an invaluable member of our birth team during the unexpected arrival of our daughter in October, 2013.  Unlike many doula-client relationships, we welcomed Corrine into our birth experience only after labor had commenced.  Despite the lack of opportunity to build a pre-birth relationship with Corinne, her confidence, compassion, professionalism and humour were evident immediately which allowed us to integrate her into our experience without reservation.

One of the best things about Corinne is her ability to read a situation, quickly assess what is required and what she can do to contribute, and then gently take action....all the while checking in with both mom and dad to ensure everyone has a shared understanding of roles and that she remains respectful of expectations regarding her involvement during such personal and intimate moments.

We are thankful that Corinne was part of our daughter's entry into the world and for Corinne's calming presence during some very stressful times.  Not only was Corinne very attentive to my wife's needs, but she also provided me (the dad) with a great deal of support without ever causing me to feel displaced or pushed aside.

Corinne was also faithful in her follow-up contact with us to ensure that everyone transitioned home as best as possible.

Corinne was a valuable partner in our experience and I would strongly recommend her as an excellent addition to any couple considering doula services.

Erin Thomson Leach


When I first mentioned the idea of having a doula to my husband he was hesitant. He worried that the doula would push him aside or minimize his experience. However once he met Corinne he was totally on board. Corinne was warm and kind and patient with all of our questions in the last few months of my pregnancy. We appreciated hearing her own experiences as a mother and her observations from previous clients and were really impressed by how organized and prepared she was. Her birth kit is amazing! She also has an unassuming sense of humour - so we really clicked.

I went into labour 5 days before my due date and had a fast, intense home birth. When Corinne arrived she talked me through what was happening and reassured me all was normal. She was there with anything I needed and anticipated things I didn't even know I wanted - and she worked beautifully with our midwives. After the birth I was stunned that Corinne had gone above and beyond to tidy our home. I really think it was because of Corinne that we had such a positive home birth experience.

We are so grateful that Corinne was there to help us welcome Elliot into this world.

Jason Sutton


My wife and I had twins Oct. 27, 2013.  Corinne was perfect in every way!!!  She met us twice before our birth and instilled confidence with her nurturing nature and her well thought out questions.  As the birth approached, she continually checked in to make sure we were feeling comfortable.

On the day of the birth Corinne showed up 45 minutes after I called and she was a lifesaver!  Always in the right place at the right time.  She is very intuitive and went from cheering my wife on, to massaging her legs and lower back, keeping her focused and present, and ensured we were all hydrated in the process.

She is a very calming presence and I can't offer enough praise for her services.

Jane ermeulen


My husband and I do not have family in Victoria and we knew we would need some help after our baby arrived. We met Corinne several months before I delivered our son and I felt better knowing that I had a trained, caring professional to help me once a week when our baby arrived. Corinne came in three hours a week on Wednesday and I often "longed" for that day as I knew it meant I would get a break to nap, read or get caught up on life! Our son began to recognize Corinne and I could tell he felt safe and comforted with her. Corinne was comfortable with feeding, diapering and playing with him and eventually I started leaving the house for several hours when she came. My husband and I actually went on a "lunch date" without our baby and did not worry! I highly recommend Corinne and look forward to working with her in the future!

Ryan MacLeod


Corinne was a gift during the labour and birth of our son. When I was unsure she set my mind at ease. When I was tired she offered the support that my wife needed. One gift that Corinne offers is intuition- she just seems to know what is needed at any given time and provides that support effortlessly. The second gift is the ability to love every baby like it was one of her own. When my wife and I were exhausted and need extra help at home, we could not think of a better person to care for our son, and to aid us in adjusting to his young and fragile life.

Brea Segger


It is obvious that Corrine is passionate about all things related to pregnancy, birth, babies and children! Corrine exemplifies a pillar of strength. She was completely engaged throughout my entire labour – there to provide support but in no way infringed upon my space. She has the unique ability to read situations well and to know when to “be there”. For this particular labour I ended up needing someone to provide a lot of physical support – Corrine was amazing (as I’m sure she would be emotionally too). She doesn’t have a personal agenda during labour, she simply supported me through whatever was needed. Corrine has a warm personality and is also very professional. I enjoyed all of my meetings with her. She also encapsulated my placenta and delivered the pills the next day – I highly recommend this service. My experience with Corrine was overwhelmingly positive and I would highly recommend her as a doula to anyone!

Jennifer Nichols


Corinne was our birth doula for our first child. She used her considerable knowledge and quiet confidence to guide us through the lead up to the birth of our son.

The labour an delivery had several unexpected turns and Corinne was with us every step of the way. She was a dedicated, focused partner during the birth.

What I didn't expect was her consistent help during the post-partum weeks. She comforted me when I had fears and answered many newborn questions over, email, phone and in person.

Being an experienced mother herself, Corinne has lots of insightful stories to share. She is a caring doula with practical wisdom and warmth.

Brigitte Wagner


I don't normally write testimonials or "like" things on facebook, but I have to make an exception to sing the praises of Corinne Bargen, who did me the great favour of being my doula for the birth of my second child. Corinne joined me in the hospital for the first three nights after my son was born, and she wrapped him in her arms and into a snuggly wrap and cooed and loved him, just as I did during the days. She brought me my son when he was hungry, but let me get those critical hours of sleep so that I could recover from my c-section quickly. Corinne is confident in her abilities (she is the mother of three boys herself), and wise beyond her young years. She has amazing interpersonal skills, knows how to handle nurses and doctors, and also vulnerable new mothers. And of course babies LOVE her. My son just hears her voice and beams huge smiles - you'd swear he remembers those first few days and hours in the hospital in Corinne's arms. My only regret is that I didn't find Corinne to help me with the birth of my first child. If there is a gift I could give any new mother and baby, it would be to have Corinne by your side when your little one enters the world.

Julia Campbell


I was skeptical about the benefits of placenta encapsulation...until I did it!!! Not only did I NOT experience ANY baby blues/post partum depression while taking the pills, I actually felt better than I have in years! With the exception of humans, all mammals eat their placentas. Finally humans have found an acceptable way to do the same! It just makes sense to give your body a hand replacing all of the hormones and other good stuff that you lose during childbirth. My midwife (who has delivered over 1000 babies) told me that she's never heard a negative or even a neutral review from a mother who has taken placenta pills. Rather, the mothers she's worked with rave about the results! As do I... She also told me about a mother who was hospitalized for four months with post partum depression after giving birth to her first child, but had no depression at all after her second while she was taking placenta pills. Amazing! Corinne is of course lovely and prompt and kind and helpful & professional, nothing to worry about there (as I'm sure you've probably already heard). So do yourself and those around you a favor and pay the minimal fee for this incredible service. You won't regret it! It’s worth every penny.

Margherita Jess


I contacted Corinne while I was pregnant about helping me out in my post-partum period as I have a young toddler and was anticipating a bit of an adjustment period with the new baby.  She was very quick to get back to me and was very helpful in accomodating my schedule. 

Corinne fit easily into to our lives and was incredibly attentive to our needs.  She was great with my almost-2-year-old son as well as the baby.  Corinne has an amazing ability to just see what needs to be done and get it done.  She worked non-stop throughout our sessions.  

Corinne noticed little details of the way that I did things and it was just like having two of me.  I never had to micromanage or worry about things being done.  I found my times with her to be restful and helpful in my transition to managing two kids under two on my own.  Corinne was invaluable and I would recommend her wholeheartedly.



Corinne was an incredible addition to our birth team during the labor and delivery of our second child. From our initial meeting to the postpartum visits, Corinne was always professional, attentive, and calm. She listened to our questions, concerns and desires and helped to put our minds at ease. We knew that we could trust her to be an advocate for us at the hospital. During the labor and delivery, Corinne was encouraging and empowering and was genuinely excited with us when our baby boy arrived. Corinne has a true love for children and families, which is evident in the interactions we have with her. If we are blessed with another pregnancy, we will have no hesitation in inviting Corinne back into the journey with us.

Caitlin Bingham


Corinne supported me as my doula during the birth of my first child. I chose Corinne because I knew her to be extremely caring and intuitive, as well as dependable and calm under pressure. She was a perfect match for me and my husband, as we can both experience serious anxiety in unfamiliar or challenging circumstances. But even more importantly, Corinne has a kind and generous heart and a real passion for supporting women and their partners as they bring new life into the world; we saw both of these qualities manifested in her dedication both to us as clients and to her profession in general. She is extremely talented at what she does. 

Liana Flanagan


Corinne was our doula for our first child. During what turned out to be a really long labour ending with a caesarean, Corinne was a pillar of strength for both of us. Her warm and loving manner combined with her confidence and skill in supporting both myself and my husband was so helpful and calming. We had a wonderful midwife but we really appreciated having Corinne there for us throughout the long process, especially as Corinne was able to give my husband breaks from supporting me during contractions and helped us to remember the types of choices we had made during our birth plan. Corinne has a wonderful, gentle strength about her and a care that is so obviously genuine. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula!

Ashley and Jeremy Walden


Thank you Corinne for your amazing support before, during and after the birth of our twin girls. You were there within minutes when labour started in the wee hours of the morning, all the way until the next night when we were resting comfortably with our girls in our hospital room. Your extensive knowledge of the birthing process, calming and reassuring presence and thoughtful help was so valuable to our birth experience. We couldn't have imagined doing it without you. Thank you again!

Ashley, Jeremy, Madeleine and Avery

Shauna Haddow


Corinne was amazing!  She sat down with us to discuss what we were hoping for out of our birth experience, and what we hoped her role would be.  She was quick to offer ideas and suggestions when we needed them, as this was our first child and we were open to learning and getting lots of new ideas.

Corinne was everything we were looking for during labour and the birth.  She gave space and helped out when needed and showed so much support for me and my husband.  We made a great team, along with our midwife.

I would highly recommend Corinne to anyone seeking a doula.

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