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Barb Lindgren

Birth Baby Naturally


Phone: (847) 404-0551

Birth Fee: $975 to $1000

Fee Details: Fee includes prenatal, birth and a postpartum visit

Birth Doula Experience: 10 years and 80 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, February 2007
Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals
I prefer to attend births in or around Lake County.
Attends birth center births? No Birth Centers
Attends home births? Some Home Births
I do not attend unassisted homebirths.

Childbirth Education Certifications

  • Informed Beginnings
  • Retired HypnoBirthing and Bradley Method Instructor

College Education

  • AA/AS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Cesarean birth
  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • Home Birth
  • Multiples
  • Over 40
  • Single parents
  • Twins
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth

Special Services Offered

  • Childbirth Education Services

Languages spoken: English

Client Testimonials for Barb Lindgren

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rachel h masse

Barb was our doula for our first child's birth, and I dont know how I could have gotten through it without her. We definitely wanted her again on our birth team for our second child. Everyone asks me how I had both my girls naturally, and I have to say its because I had a doula like Barb. Her pre-labor support, and active labor support were so helpful. Her cues, encouragement, and help to my husband, as well as being there the whole time until my girls were born was immeasurable. I think everyone should have someone like her at their birth, and I would recommend her a million times over!

Posted 3/1/2019

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Susan Asby

We had a great experience with Barb and I would definitely recommend her. This was my second birth and was delivering at Lake Forest Hospital and wanted to use a doula to assist with having a birth without pain medication.  She provided lots of pointers during our prebirth meeting and was very availabel to speak with if I had other questions along the way.  I was a week past due and ended up being induced and I was wary of my ability to go pain med free while on pitocin, but with the help of her coaching, massaging etc., I ended up having a very smooth delivery without an epidural. 

Posted 11/15/2018

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Lalu -v

Barb's pricing was more than twice what others we interviewed were charging not including the high priced class she recommend

The class was great, a lot to remember if going to a hospital without a doula. However, the diet she recommended in class was outdated. My midwife advised that this diet had not been recommended partially because it causes gain 50-60lbs during pregnancy. 

My labor took 3 days. On the second day Barb came to my house and I asked her for help to progress the labor. We walked around my neighborhood. The next morning we got to the hospital 9am. Barb arrived a couple hours later. I delivered at 10pm.  I handled the contractions fairly well since my water didn't break until 30 min before delivery. The nurses, midwife, and doula said they couldnt really tell when I was in contraction, I just closed my eyes and did belly breathing.  

I had a few questions on what hospitals normally do and what to do to progress the labor all questions were answered with a shrug. She didn't talk to me most of the labor.

Basically, I thought I was hiring a birthing expert that would calm my nerves, talk me through contractions, help me with positions to progress my labor. Barb talked me through one contraction, but we were in front of the nurse station. She rubbed my feet briefly, held my legs for the 2.5hr push on my back, kept my husband company. When my baby was delivered I was exhausted but my birth plan said I wanted to hold and feed before any procedures. They said my baby hadnt coughed up all fluids so they took him away. The nurse asked about eye ointment and vit k. I was close to passing out and I looked to Barb for support she shrugged. I nodded but my husband told me later he told the nurse he didn't think I wanted that done but the nurse did it anyway before the first feed. My baby cried over an hour before feeding and all Barb said was babies can't see the nipple with the ointment in their eye, 

Posted 4/28/2017

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Michelle Wysocki

Barb is an amazing Doula (and person). She is so much of the reason why I was able to endure an 18 hour labor with no epidural and 4 hours of pushing out a 9lb 12oz baby. Barb has such a calm and comforting demeanor, and her voice is so soothing.   Barb was a huge support even before labor began- helping us prepare for labor and prepare us before we talked with the doctors about avoiding labor induction. And when I was finally in labor, Barb supported us over the phone until she came to our house.  Once Barb was with us she helped me through my contractions by the use of affirmations, guided imagery, suggestions for positioning, moral support and support for my husband. Barb was so reassuring and made me confident that I could endure the most challenging day of my life.  Barb stayed with us after the birth and help establish a successful first breast-feeding session. Having her as our doula was the best decision, and we are so grateful for her help in the beautiful birth of our son.u

Posted 4/21/2017

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Katie Casey

My husband and I met Barb through her 8-week class and after working with her and confirming that she offered doula services, we knew that we wanted to have her at our birth. Her knowledge and experience kept us well-informed and able to have meaningful discussions with each other throughout the pregnancy, labor/delivery, and postpartum experience (and make informed decisions). She met with us at 37 weeks to discuss our labor plan and gave tips on how to share the information with our doctor and helped us clarify our requests. Her calm presence during labor and delivery (she was with us for over 24 hours of a 41 hour labor!) was reassuring to my husband and I, and allowed us to make decisions that supported our birth plan. Barb gave us the confidence and reassurance to make decisions even when we were unsure and exhausted. Having her at the hospital also allowed my husband to take some much-needed breaks to get food or use the bathroom so that he could continue to provide support to me throughout labor and delivery. A week after delivery, Barb met with the three of us to debrief about the labor/delivery process and answer any questions we had about our newborn. We would definitely use Barb’s doula services in the future and highly recommend her to anyone considering having a doula at their birth!

Posted 10/26/2016

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Alisa DeMarco

Our third time using Barb as our doula. Her gentle, calm approach and knowledge always make me feel safe and prepared in my birthing environment.  Was able to make it through three natural, low/no intervention, unmedicated hospital births.  Would recommend her to anyone for a successful and comfortable birth!  Thank you Barb for your help and support!

Posted 8/15/2016

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Rachel Hausman

Barb was the best decision we made in our birthing experience. She offered amazing support, advice and care and during my 20 hour labor she was so strong and kept me strong. Her service and dedication helped me birth my baby naturally and safely and she kept my spirits high. I am so grateful for her help and would recommend her to everyone. 

Posted 7/21/2016

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Heather Woodward

I highly recommend Barb Lindgren for her doula services.  My husband and I got to know Barb through her class "Birthing Baby Naturally" which helped us prepare for the unmedicated vaginal birth of our son.  Barb supported us from the previous evening well into the early morning when my son was born at 6:23 AM.  Barb is an experienced and educated doula and was instrumental in helping me achieve the birth I wanted.  She supported me with her encouraging words, massage and counter-pressure, and further explanations after medical staff suggested various interventions.  Like most births, everything didn't go exactly as planned - starting with a 36 hour labor, and including interventions like Pitocin to increase contractions in the last hour, and a vacuum-assisted birth.  However, I firmly believe that both of these interventions were necessary and helpful, and I was still able to avoid getting an epidurral or a C-section which were my biggest concerns.  My husband was an excellent partner and birth coach and he was also very happy that we had Barb as additional support, especially because we were both going on no sleep.  Barb also provided a postnatal visit where she answered questions about nursing and helped me use a baby wrap.  If you are considering using a doula DO, and definitely consider hiring Barb as we highly recommend her!

Posted 5/28/2016

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Becky Baker Jacobsen

Barb helped us with 3 births!  She has wonderful intuition to know just what you need.  She was professional in a hospital setting.  A part of my birth team I would be very disappointed to do without...I highly recommend her doula services and support!

Posted 3/21/2016

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Lindsey Baker

We have loved working with Barb as both our doula and our birthing class instructor! She was present for both of my son’s birth, my first being a cesarean section in 2012 due to being a single footling breach (a surprise during our 41 week non-stress test). Whenever I had questions or concerns, I was always able to get in contact with Barb quickly for answers. She was very helpful in locating resources for us when we were doing anything to try to get baby to turn. Just her being there with us at the hospital also comforted me. She reminded us of our options that we discussed and learned about in class, as well as our birth preferences and she helped calm my nerves during a stressful time! She was also a great help when I had trouble breastfeeding. She put me in contact with many resources, and sent me many reliable, helpful links for me to utilize while still in the hospital after surgery.

Our second son and birthing experience with Barb was an amazing and successful natural, unmedicated VBAC! Barb was always positive and encouraging about our choice to have a VBAC. I felt empowered to have a such a knowledgeable woman on my side for support when I needed it. When I spontaneously went into labor, Barb met us at the hospital and was quick to help me manage my back labor. Even though we had an admirable practitioner, who respected our birthing choices and supported our decisions, Barb was indispensible. She helping guide my husband in helping me through labor, as well as very hands on and useful in helping me manage my labor. I was very glad to have two helpers with me my whole labor and my husband greatly appreciated all the help as well since he didn’t feel like he was abandoning me if he needed to leave for any reason.

I would love to have Barb attend another birthing! She’s very knowledgeable and comforting and I highly recommend her!

Posted 5/4/2015

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Ginevra Ryman-Aavang

Having Barb as our doula was a fantastic experience! She was such a big help. We did not attend childbirth classes, but she came to our house for a special meeting to teach us relaxation techniques to practice.

I was almost two weeks overdue and the doctors wanted to induce me. They tried cervadil overnight and pitocin the next day but it did not get things started. Barb came that day and helped us figure out our options. I was feeling pretty disheartened and she helped me figure out a plan with our midwife. We decided to try cervadil again that night, and the next day break my water and start the pitocin again. The next morning she came at 8am when they were breaking my water. Later when the contractions began to pick up and I was really having to work to get through them Barb was an invaluable help. She talked me through all my contractions using imagery and really helped me to relax. When my back began to hurt she used a warm rice bag which really helped! Later she used lavender which was really relaxing. When I was pushing she gave my husband a cool washcloth with lavender on it to wipe my forehead with. I was able to give birth with no pain medication after having been on pitocin for two days and a lot of that is thanks to Barb. She was a reassuring prescence and really helped me through everything. I cannot thank her enough! Our daughter was born around 9:45 pm and had to be taken to the nursery because she had breathed in meconium. Barb stayed with us for a while after to see how I was recovering. I would reccommend her to anyone and when I have another baby I want her there! She was so supportive and calming :) Thank you Barb!

Posted 9/15/2014

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Ari Allen

We knew we wanted Barb as our doula right when we met her. She was warm, caring, knowledgeable, and genuinely interested in us and our unborn daughter. Barb worked with us to make it a possibility after our circumstances changed, and was available to answer our questions and provide insight via email or text throughout our pregnancy. 

Our plans changed a bit when we found out I had pre-eclampsia and had to be induced at 38 weeks. Barb stayed in contact with us during my induction, and when my husband sent her a text at 2am she immediately came to assist with the labor. Barb's ability to guide and encourage during my labor made an unmedicated pitocin birth possible for us. She helped me advocate for myself, which I highly value. The pictures she took of my labor and our daughter's birth are powerful and I'm thrilled we have them. We can't thank Barb enough for being a part of our experience and helping make it possible. 

Posted 8/29/2014

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Megan Cline

Barb was phenomenal! She brought so much knowledge and taught my husband and I a lot about the childbirth process. She taught and helped me with different techniques to control the pain. Without her valuable insight, I am not sure I would have had the tools to achieve my dream of a natural, drug free birth. 


Thank you so much for all your help, Barb. I will never forget my wonderful birthing experience. 

Posted 8/19/2014

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Leila Marie

I am so thankful that I found Barb for my Doula for my 2nd birth! We had just moved to Mundelein,IL from Fort Bragg, NC and didn't know anyone in the area. I found Barb on DONA and she responded right away to my inquiry. She was very accommodating and sincere. I had planned to carry my baby to term and birth naturally in a hospital like I did with my son. However, this was not the case this time around! Ultrasounds indicated that my daughter was way too small for her gestational age. Barb gave me information on the Brewer's Diet to help my baby gain weight. I had begun this diet when my next ultrasound indicated that the umbilical cord and placenta may not be providing enough nutrients and oxygen. It is rare, but sometimes these babies end up as stillbirths. Therefore we had to induce three and a half weeks early. This is definitely not what I had envisioned, especially since I don't believe in induction unless absolutely necessary. Barb came to the hospital (Advocate Condell-where they are not used to Doulas or unmedicated births) the first night I arrived when they gave me Cervidil to soften my cervix. I was scared and alone bacause my husband had to stay home with our 2 year old son the first night, so I am grateful that Barb could be there with me. I still planned to avoid medications except for the Pitocin for the induction. Barb helped me immensely by being an advocate for what I needed and wanted out of this labor despite the circumstances. She helped to make sure that I ate so I would have energy to labor. She helped me labor in the positions I needed to (NOT lying on my back, which was more painful than standing, crouching and using the labor/exercise ball). Barb guided me through my contractions with some visualization and touch. Granted, my husband was present, but Barb was invaluable with helping me get through the birth without pain medication and 2 nights without sleep and Pitocin contractions. I highly recommend Barb to anyone! Thank you Barb!

Posted 6/12/2014

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katie norris

When my husband and I became pregnant with our second child, we knew we wanted to have a home birth, as we had with our son.  We also knew we wanted our son present at the birth- he was very interested in the whole process and likes to be present and help us in all we do.  So that my husband could be available to him, we decided to  hire Barb as our doula, to help me out during the birth of our daughter when my husband was otherwise occupied.

We had met Barb originally when pregnant with our son, and took her Bradley birth classes at the time.  We found her to be very knowledgable on the subject, and very flexible in her birth assistance.  She supported our home birth, and would have been supportive in any birth situation, regardless of what our beliefs or preferences.  This is why we chose her as doula, we knew we could count on her regardless of the choices we made, and that she would be a calming presence in the birth room.

The birth of our daughter came, and was smooth.  During the contractions Barb was able to assist me while my husband entertained our son, and when the real excitement came having both my husband and Barb there for support was awesome.  My son witnessed the birth of his sister, and it was a very positive learning experience for him.  

Besides having Barb's support for me, her presence was also a comfort for my husband.  Supporting a laboring wife is stressful at best, and knowing that there was someone else there for me should he need to step away or relax for a minute helped take a load off of him.

I would definitely recommend Barb as a doula, to those doing home births with siblings present, as we did, or to those planning a hospital birth.  Her services and companionship was well worth it, and I would hire her again.

Posted 5/14/2014

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Liya Sagitova

Barbara Lindgren is an AMAZING doula!  I had a very lengthy labor, started on December 31st and gave birth on January 3rd.  Barbara was there for me every step of the way!  I originally planned for a home birth but ended up delivering at the hospital.  Not only Barb was extremely encouraging, patient and helpful in a home setting, but she also provided all the support, tips and vast knowledge once we arrived at the hospital.  For example, we quickly came up with a short birth plan and important points to go over with the nurses so I could be sure that I still had the best birthing experience given the cirumstances.  She came to the hospital very well prepared, I loved the warm rice bag that she put on my lower back during my contractions, I loved the pictures she took for our memories (none of my family memebers was able to at that time but Barb stayed calm and collected), I loved the massages and lavender oil, I loved the mental support she had given me and the "second" opinion kind of thing during the whole process.  We are extremely thankfull for her being there for me, my husband and our baby.  We will definitely use her services again for our next baby :)  Thank you Barbara!!! 

Posted 3/24/2014

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Sam Froustis

We met Barb at her home birthing class, which I highly recommend, and from the start I knew I was doing something better for my family's chances of a better birthing experience. We were on the fence on whether on not we were going to have a doula at our birth. We went with Barb because her classes were informative, worth our time as new parents to be, and after learning more about what a doula does and reviewing her fee/services schedule we decided she was affordable, and we needed one.  Barb met with us throughout the pregnancy, offering professional contacts, nutritional and prenatal advice.    After going thru the experience of having someone knowledgeable there seconds after the birth of our children, yes we had twins, did we realize exactly how valuable her services were. Throughout most of the first day of our infants birth Barb stayed by our side offering advice, answering questions and providing support at a time that my family needed the support the most. I remember turning to my wife the next day and while talking about the previous day the topic of doula services came up in the conversation. We both felt that Barb had gone above and beyond what our expectations were, and that her services were affordable. I remember commenting that her services were worth so much more and that doula's don't do it for the money. At the end of her seven week class I remember saying something similar to the rest of the class. I basically thanked her for letting us into her home teaching us and giving her love and togetherness. I said there was some untangle that was escaping my perception at the time, but now I understand it better. Barb and people like her are the bedrocks of our society they do it for love of community, love of people, and love of what humans are, and can aspire to become. Amazing beings with endless capacity for love.  Thank you Barb for impacting our lives we love you Sam and Amalia, oh and Max and Sacarlett too!!! :)

Posted 12/22/2013

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Ali Drumm

Working with Barb helped me achieve my goal of VBAC!  Barb helped keep my husband engaged throughout the long labor process and provided a calm presence in our house during a stressful time.  With her help, we were able to manage a long early labor safely at home and then make it to the hospital at the right time.  Her techniques for pain management were helpful (even the ones I didn't think would work!) and her positive reinforcement helped me get through the especially rough patches of labor.  Barb helped inform my choices about pain management and was a reassuring voice even when I made different choices than she was counseling.  Her experience was incredibly helpful in moments of doubt and her demeanor was so reassuring. I would tell all my friends and family to work with a doula if they can, and I would recommend Barb Lindgren first!!! Thank you so much Barb for helping to bring our daughter into the world in the best way possible.


Posted 2/7/2013

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Julie Fievet

 Barb is the absolute best person to have in the labor and delivery room with you (besides your spouse!). She is calm, soothing and anticipates everything you need in the moment you need it.  She worked through every contraction with me, talking me through bringing my baby down, relaxing my shoulders and keeping calm.  This was our second time with Barb...we had such a great experience with her the first time that I immediately called her for the second time around so she would be with us.  She was defintely made to be a doula...she is amazing!  When labor starts, there isn't time to think.  Barb thought for me and knew what I needed.  I will always be grateful to Barb for 2 great birth experiences.  I know that if she wasn't there, that would not have been the case.  Thank you Barb!!

Posted 12/23/2012

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Jen and Tom Meyer

Barb was a wonderful support for us during our birthing time! She is nurturing, compassionate, and experienced, and well respected by her colleagues and clients. I really don't know what I would have done without her. My baby's birth ended up being the complete opposite of everything we had hoped, planned and prepared for--we prepared for a home water hypno birth and I ended up with a traumatic, extended medically induced labor followed by a C section and scary medical complications. Barb was there for a good portion of my labor, helping me remain as calm and comfortable as possible during what was a really difficult experience for me. She even stayed up all night and waited for me to get out of surgery when she didn't have to, and greeted our little guy in the wee hours. My husband and I are so grateful to have met Barb and had her support during this trying time.

Posted 12/23/2012

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Jen and Tom Meyer

Barb came highly recommended by several acquaintances (and my midwife), and when we met I felt almost instantly comfortable with her. She is experienced and well informed, and most importantly for my hubby and I, she was open to helping us follow our plan for a water/hypnobirth in our home. Unfortunately, my midwife ended up not being able to deliver me at home due to possible pre-eclampsia, but Barb still made herself very available during my hospital birth, which lasted a few days and was a far drive.

My labor experience had started out feeling manageable, but took some bad turns, and baby's birth ended up being the exact opposite of everything we had hoped, prepared, and planned for (and lasted for 50 hours before I finally had a C section). Barb's positive attitude, compassion, and nurturing support really helped me cope--first with intense contractions that came with chemical induction, then with pain, sickness and fear due to medical interventions and worsening exhaustion. She and our original midwife were there for some of the emotionally and physically difficult parts of my labor, and Barb definitely helped me to stay more calm, present, and focused than I would have been without her.  I'd say that her help was nearly as important as my husband's in keeping me alert, in (fairly!) good humor, and grounded in my body during what turned out to be a traumatic experience for me. She even stayed up all night and waited to see us after my surgery and meet baby Jacob when she didn't have to, and visited us once we were home for some extra support.

We are so grateful to Barb for her kindness, help, and insight. She was great!

Posted 12/21/2012

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Alisa DeMarco

Posted 9/17/2012

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Suzanne Robinson

Barb immediately demonstrated incredible warmth and professionalism from the first contact via phone, through the prenatal visits, labor, delivery, and post partum visit. She supported us in the birth of our third child, a second successful VBAC. We had prior experiences with other doulas and would definitely prefer to work with Barb again. She gave helpful encouragement and advice when our little one was almost a week late and my husband and I became worried that I would undergo a c-section. This birth experience was my third child and I feel I know a lot about the birthing process, but she was able to share information that could be discussed with my doctor with which I had  not been familiar previously. Barb was helpfully interactive during labor and incredibly encouraging. We had the unfortunate experience of a difficult labor and delivery nurse, so Barb was wonderfully professional in getting us through that hurdle. Despite going into labor prior to anyone being able to get sleep that evening and not delivering until 9 the next morning, Barb was incredibly alert and answering our many questions and tending to me without missing a beat.

Barb's vast experience and warmth is evident in all aspects of her doula services. She is very thorough in consulting during the prenatal visits to provide the support that is desired. We would work with her again without hesitation!

Posted 7/18/2012

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Jessica Jarrard

We had a wonderful experience with Barb.  This was the second time she was our Doula and we loved having her attend this birth as well.  She is such a calming presence and helped me breath through each contraction.  Once the baby was born, she stayed with us for a while and made sure I was okay.  She is part of the family and I would recommend her to anyone looking for an amazing birth experience!!  

Posted 6/30/2012

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Inna Alex

Barb Lindgren was everything I wanted in a doula and more. I labored for 16 hours naturally and don't think I could have gone so long without her. She was supportive verbally by saying the right things at the right time, physically by massaging my back at the right moments, and emotionally as this was my first time in labor.  I selected her due to her many years of experience, her knowledge of hypnobirthing, her calm personality and voice, plus she was my brio class instructor so I developed a comfortable rapport during our 8 week course. I highly recommend Barb to anyone looking for a doula. 

Posted 6/24/2012

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Dr. Giovannetti

I knew I wanted a home birth before I was pregnant and hired a Midwife, but I had NO IDEA how important a Doula would be. I thought I needed one or the other and was only planning on utilizing Barb's skills as a Brio/Bradley instructor. The day my little angel came into my life, I was only in labor for 4.5 hours, 3.5 that I was aware of... So, as a first time mother, we had to convince the Midwife to come over, NOW. Once she got here, she checked me and I was over 7 cm dilated. Her nurse that was her assistant and trained in neonatal resuscitation was over an hour away. She didn't know if the baby was going to wait, so she called Barb, who is also trained in neonatal resuscitation. We’re so lucky that Barb lived close and she agreed to come at 8 PM on a Monday work night. She was such a claim presence, worked with me, and coached my husband on how to best support me. Surprisingly, neither one of them annoyed me! Her being there allowed me to focus just on the birth of my daughter while the Midwife focused on our care. I was so happy with the outcome that would not consider having another child without her there, (and my mother was there! Shhhhh).

Posted 2/14/2012

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Brianne Michelau

At nearly 34 weeks pregnant with our first baby, my husband and I found ourselves extremely interested in pursuing a natural birth, free of interventions, drugs and unecessary procedures. We were acutely aware that we lacked a basic education in natural pain management and coping skills, but we were committed to our goal. We were also running out of time; our opportunity to enroll in all traditional group classes had already passed. I contacted Barb, who heard what we had to say, and took up our cause. Following our first phone conversation, Barb proposed a private 4 week natural childbirth class tailored to our specific needs and aggressive schedule. We were thrilled, and were eager students. Over the next four Tuesday nights, Barb helped transform our fear and doubt into confidence and faith. The material she presented was richly valuable, and our many questions were met with a relavent education and unending compassion. Barb is immensely knowledgeable and passionate about her work. We learned so much, and above all, Barb empowered us!

Following our final class, and given the confident and comfortable relationship we'd established with Barb, we invited/hired her to attend our birth.

At 1am, I went into labor. 22 hours later, our son, Rohnan James, was born weighing 9lbs 10oz and measuring 21.75" with a 15.25" head circumference. Despite the fact that our birth did not go according to plan, Barb was irreplacable in the process. She was a great comfort to us, and guided us valiantly through 17 hours of natural labor. She was instrumental in assisting and communicating with us along the way, and steadfastly supportive even when unforseen complications arose and an emergency c-section became our only option. In short, we would definitely hire Barb again for our next birth!

Posted 2/12/2012

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Tanya Peterson

Barb is fabulous!  I was planning a home birth with zero medical interventions.  However, I ended up going into labor 4 weeks early.  Because I was not yet 37 weeks along I had to deliver in the hospital.  Being in an uncomfortable environment filled with temptations to stray away from my goal for no interventions, Barb stood strong along side of me and helped me to make it through without drugs using a variety of massages, position changes,  and aroma therapy.  I am proud to say I had a drug free birth, and as pleasant of an experience in an unplanned environment as possible.  I am forever grateful to Barb and I would highly recommend her to anyone.  

Posted 10/12/2011

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Phyroath Chhun

Hiring Barb as our doula for our first birth experience was the second best decision we made. The first was having enrolled in her childbirth classes; so we knew that were going to have someone join our birth team with a tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience. I could not have had such a perfect labor and delivery experience without having had Barb there as our doula. She knew exactly what to say and what to do to soothe my thoughts and body through my contractions. The moment Barb entered my home and started guiding me through labor, my mind was automatically at ease and handling the contraction pains were more bareable. Her supportive words and guidance motivated me to reach my ultimate goal of having given birth naturally and drug-free. My husband and I cannot say enough about how much more educated and prepared we were for the birth of our first child because of our experience with Barb. Thank you Barb!!

Posted 8/23/2011

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Elizabeth Scharm & Jake Carstens

It was just wonderful to have Barb Lindgren at the birth of our second son! My first labor was very long (26 hours) so we really felt the need to have a doula for a little extra help even though we we're having a midwife attended home birth. Barb kept in touch with us throughout early labor and came right away as soon as we needed her. She has such a calming presence about her and I felt relieved and comforted as soon as she walked in the room. She talked me through almost every contraction and really connected with me. she could even somehow tell when the contractions were peaking and fading! She was very supportive, rubbing my back, giving me water and doing whatever I needed all without making my husband feel like a third wheel. She also took some amazingly beautiful labor and birth pictures/video. My labor ended up being over 40 hours this time but with Barb's help we were able to stay calm, relaxed and have the beautiful, all natural birth we wanted. We are planning on hiring her again for any and all future births we have.

Posted 5/22/2011

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Lindsay Gopin

Working with Barbara Lindgren was a wonderful experience. I really appreciated all of her comfort and support during the last weeks of my pregnancy. I felt so much more relaxed when she walked into the hospital room. Her knowledge, encouragement and comfort during my entire labor was very important and helpful to me. I was able to have the birthing experience that I truly wanted and I can't thank Barbara enough for being by my side.

Posted 3/3/2011

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Julie and George Fievet

Barb was everything my husband and I were looking for in a doula.  With this being our first birth, we were nervous and anxious about how things would go.  Barb met with us several times before the birth to go over what we were looking for and wanted during our birth.  I wanted a natural birth and was looking for someone who would be able to keep both of us calm during labor.  Barb was everything we needed during the birth of our son.  She was definitely a support system to us, we were successful because she was there with us.  She came over the morning my contractions started and went with us to the hospital.  Barb was constantly breathing with me, talking me through each and every contraction that came.  She rubbed my back the entire time.  Barb made sure I was staying hydrated and moving.  She was the head of our team, always looking out for each and everything thing we needed at any given moment.  Barb had a very calming presence about her and I didn't have to think during labor because I knew she was taking care of me and my husband.  Even though we have now successfully gone through a natural labor, if we're blessed to have a second, we will want her there by our side to welcome a new addition.  Barb was the best investment my husband and I could have given ourselves for the birth of our son.  She is a very special person to us and we were so lucky to have found her!!

Posted 11/14/2010

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