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Colleen Goidel, CD(DONA), CPD(CAPPA)

Two Doulas and You


Phone: (404) 556-1133

Birth Fee: $1300

Postpartum Rate: $30

Fee Details: Minimum 12 hour purchase. I am willing to work on a sliding scale if there is financial need.

Birth Doula Experience: 8 years and 250 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience: 8 years and 50 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA) - Certified Postpartum Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International, January 2012
Type of Practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per Month: 4 births and 4 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: no smokers
Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Childbirth Education Certifications

  • Birthing From Within

Breastfeeding Certifications

  • IBCLC training in process

Other Relevant Certifications

  • CPR Certified - Red Cross

College Education

  • BA/BS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Adoption
  • Cesarean birth
  • Clients on bed rest
  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • High risk
  • Home Birth
  • Induced and high medical technology labor & birth
  • LGBTQP Families
  • Multiples
  • Over 40
  • Plus size mothers
  • Prematurity
  • Relinquishing mothers
  • Single parents
  • Surrogacy
  • Survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Teens
  • Twins
  • Vaginal breech birth
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth
  • Women and Families of Color

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Breastfeeding Consultant Services
  • Childbirth Education Services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Infant massage education
  • Military families
  • Miscarriage Support (Before, During or After)
  • Parenting consulting
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Reflexology
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Marketing consultant, Atlanta Birth Center Atlanta Birth Center Gala Auction co-chair, 2013, 2015 Doulas for Surrogacy

Languages spoken: English

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Client Testimonials for Colleen Goidel, CD(DONA), CPD(CAPPA)

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Anna Quinn

We had an amazing birth and an unbelievably empowering experience thanks to Colleen's assistance. She guided us step by step. I was able to birth without the assistance of drugs or surgery and will treasure our birth experience for a lifetime. She was open minded as we debated home birth versus hospital and worked with us to labor at home and deliver at the hospital. We are endlessly grateful to her and Emily! They were both great guides in the weeks leading up to our baby's arrival and answered questions post-partum checking up on myself and baby.

Posted 9/10/2019

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Lauren Brenner

I truly enjoyed Colleen as our doula. We are the type of people that do a bunch of our own research and planning and it was very nice and reassuring to have Colleen's knowledge and prior experience as a guide. As a first time mother, I was very glad that Colleen listened to my questions, concerns, and my ideal birth experience (with alternatives since you never know what's going to happen). Further, since we went past our due date, having Colleen's support and knowledge on inductions and whether we want that, was very helpful.

I'm glad to say I had an amazing birth experience. Colleen was available to support my husband when he was concerned during contractions and her guidance encouraged us to stay home a bit longer. Because of this, we were not pressured into unnecessary interventions at the hospital and I gave birth within an hour or so of arriving at the hospital without the need for an epidural. Colleen's support, calming techniques, and guidance were especially helpful for gently reminding my husband what to do to help me during labor.

After giving birth, Colleen's support and knowledge about breastfeeding were invaluable in providing me support with breastfeeding, troubles, questions, and encouraging me to seek help with a possible tongue tie with Breastfeed Atlanta. Were it not for her early support, our breastfeeding journey may have looked different. 

I think everyone should hire a doula in some capacity. Whether is pre-labor, during labor, or postpartum support it should be on your must-have list.

Posted 4/3/2019

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Katie Thomas

Alex and I are both thankful for the skills we learned in the birth from within course. We had a beautiful, unmedicated 7 hour labor. All despite the OB and midwife trying to force me into an epidural. 

He consulted the list we made in our last class to refresh his memory on coping options that we’d liked. 

I was able to stay super relaxed thanks to the ice practice and using intuitive mantras - whatever came to me at the time. 

We are so thankful we took this class. Highly recommend!

Posted 3/29/2019

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Amy Ellis

A good friend recommended Colleen as a birth and post-partum doula and I have loved working with her! I booked several post-partum sessions with Colleen before I gave birth and I am so glad I did. Having her calm and supportive presence show up each week is such a relief. I've already booked more sessions with her. I highly recommend Colleen to anyone looking for doula support of any kind.

Posted 3/22/2019

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Colleen was a fantastic resource for us, both in preparing us for childbirth and in coaching us through labor.  She did an excellent job of letting us know what to expect, showing us methods for coping with labor pains, and making sure we were fully informed of our options.  She also made sure that everyone involved took care of themselves, reminding us to eat and drink, and continued to follow up with us whenever we encountered issues with breastfeeding or early childcare.

I would strongly recommend Colleen to anyone looking for an experienced, knowledgeable, compassionate, and supporting doula.

Posted 2/23/2019

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Marilyn Specht

We can’t recommend Colleen highly enough! She was so incredibly helpful throughout our pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. She encouraged and supported us in finding the right medical team and was a wealth of information and resources. She always made herself available to answer question or be a listening ear. Colleen is professional, genuine, and a truly talented doula. Working with her was the best decision we made during our pregnancy and we are so incredibly grateful for all of her support! 

Posted 2/16/2019

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Amanda Benedict

We love Colleen! She was so wonderful all throughout our pregnancy and labor. Just by luck, she also taught our birthing and breastfeeding classes which helped us become closer. During labor, she was so helpful in guiding us and sharing advice. I went into labor three weeks early and we hadn't even had a chance to meet about our birth plan, but she was so intuitive and knew how to help us try to keep with our wishes. I ended up with a c-section because baby was breech and labor could not be stopped. Colleen came to the hospital after baby was born to help us get on track with breastfeeding. That alone was worth her fee! She was so much more helpful than the LC or nurses at the hospital. We also had Colleen come to our home for continued breastfeeding work. She made wonderful suggestions (like taking baby for chiropractor work), which helped immensely. Colleen's gentleness, calm demeanor, thoughtfulness, and expertise made us feel so at ease during an overwhelming time of life. If/when we're able to have a second child, I'll be booking Colleen immediately. We highly recommend Colleen for birthing doula, postpartum doula, and breastfeeding support!

Posted 12/27/2018

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Sarah Hughes O'Bryan

I would recommend Colleen to anyone who is looking to have a wonderfully supported birth at every step of the way. My husband and I chose Colleen after interviewing many doulas. We went to an open house at Emerge and were drawn to her calm demeanor and gentle spirit. We were lucky enough to take several preparatory classes with her prior to the birth, which allowed us to get to know her even better. She's incredibly experienced and knowledgeable. I was happy to have someone with so many births "under their belt" so to speak. I was 5 weeks early, and Colleen arrived at the hospital ready to roll. Having a familiar face in the room, aside from my husband, gave me a sense of confidence that I needed. She knew the kind of birth that I was hoping to have (no cheerleadery types please!), so she even redirected a few well meaning hospital employees :) She guided me through different positions and reminded us of tools we had learned in class. Colleen was a huge part of enabling a successful, unmedicated birth and I will be forever grateful to her for being part of our wonderful journey.

Posted 12/10/2018

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Joy H

Colleen was my doula for all 3 of my deliveries and I was grateful to have her help every time! She was very professional and supportive. Her coaching and attention to my symptoms complemented my medical care. Highly recommend!!!

Posted 12/10/2018

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Tyler Brenner

We hired Colleen to help us deliver our first child. While my wife knew she would have access to a midwife from her OBGYN practive, there were several that could show up, and she wanted a definitive person to be at her side with childbirth knowledge and experience. With Colleen, we got that as well as emotional support in spades.

As an expectant father, I really appreciated how Colleen understood my desire to be involved in the experience and made sure to not "leave me out". She was especially helpful during the actual birth in giving me a few tips on how I could assist my wife through labor, especially since I forgot everything I had learned from the classes when the big day came. She was a calming presence and we enjoyed her company on the day of the birth as well as every time we were able to get together with her. I would strongly suggest her lactation class and other training. I would gladly recommend her to others, whether they are new or experienced parents.

Posted 12/10/2018

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Maggie Nyquist

Colleen was my post partum doula and was so helpful to me and my family! I really appreciated how she knew what to do to be helpful around the house and made me feel so cared for by bringing me food and making sure I got a bath, etc. I would highly recommend her. 

Posted 8/21/2018

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Katie Reuss

I met Colleen through a breast feeding class she was running and found the class to be very helpful and detailed. After the birth of my child, i was struggling with breastfeeding and called Colleen for some advice. She answered the phone immediately and provided me with some extremely helpful solutions that helped me get through a difficult period. What struck me about Colleen was her knowledge, her willingness to support and her professional integrity. I highly recommend Colleen who is a committed and knowledgable professional. 

Posted 8/20/2018

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Joanna Bardis

Colleen Goidel was exactly who I needed on my team from start to finish. I am someone who likes to know exactly what is going on a have a whole picture of my options which can feel impossible and overwhelming during child birth with all of the unknowns. She made sure this happened for me from the very first time that I met with her through the end of my labor. She guided me in making educated choices about my birth experience and assisted me in making sure I got exactly what I needed to make the experience a positive one. During my labor, she was there to support both my husband and me through the entire experience. She went above and beyond to make the experience positive. She helped get all my questions answered and talk through my choices. She was there to hold the babies monitor when I needed to be monitored but also needed to have the ability to move. She sprayed essential oils and fragrances when I was not enjoying the smell in the room. You name it, she did it. Colleen did everything possible to make me comfortable and aided in my ability to have an unmedicated natural birth. After delivery, I had some post birth complications. My husband needed to go with the baby and she stayed with me and made sure I knew what was going on during a medically scary time. I felt completely prepared for labor and delivery because of her birthing classes and was able to use everything she taught me to push through. She helped give both my husband and me the confidence we needed to feel comfortable during labor. Following my birth, she has provided me with resources to guide me in postpartum life and has also helped me find my way during a struggle with breast feeding by helping me find the support I needed. Thank you Colleen for everything you did and your continually positive energy. I got the greatest reward life has to offer with your support.

Posted 7/13/2018

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Genevieve and Matthew Dukette

We highly recommend Colleen Goidel! We didn't use a doula for the birth of our first child but sought out a doula for the birth of our second child. Colleen was so helpful with the birth of our second child that we requested her to be there for the birth of our third child too! Colleen educated us on many aspects of child birth and on various practices that hospitals use for mothers and newborns. As a result, we went to the hospital with a plan. During delivery, Colleen performs three key functions that are invaluable. First, she brings positive energy, confidence, and patience to the delivery room. Basically, she helps everyone to remain calm and collected. Second, she helps the mother to create personal space from the hospital staff so the mother can concentrate on delivering the baby. This experience is hard to explain but is very important, and Colleen is the best! Third, she brings knowledge to the delivery room, enabling the mother and father to made educated decisions during delivery when needed. We'll ask Colleen to help with the birth of our fourth child if we have another!

Posted 6/17/2018

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Kait Tracy

Colleen was such a gift from day one. We had interviewed several other doulas early in the pregnancy, but when we met Colleen we knew it was "meant to be"! She has such a calming effect (priceless for expecting parents) and the experience of attending over 300 births in Atlanta, which gave us peace of mind that she had well-won wisdom on the birth journey. Throughout the difficult/wondrous months of our pregnancy, Colleen was patient and kind with our questions and always made us feel more secure after each decision we made along the way. We were especially unhappy with our planned provider, and Colleen's expertise on the Atlanta alternatives and willinginess to discuss our best options were invaluable. Once the time for birth got close, my partner and I felt so much more confident because we had been so faithfully guided by Colleen every step of the way. Of course I would be remiss not to mention the day of my daughter's birth; Colleen's presence was a force of love and empowerment that will forever be engrained in my memory as one of the most beautiful parts of the day (which is saying something!). All her strategies for pain coping allowed me to go as far as I felt comfortable without medication during labor. However, perhaps even more valuable, her unconditional support and advocacy for what I wanted was a balm when I did eventually decide that medication was the right chioce for me. My partner and I will continue to be so, deeply grateful to Colleen for helping make our daughter's birth such a postive and magical experience. I can't recommend her highly enough!

Posted 6/5/2018

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Janelle Claudy Laing

Colleen was a wonderful part of our birth plan!  We wanted to do things as naturally as possible while still delivering at a local hospital.  Colleen took the time to educate us on alternate options for the laboring and birthing process beforehand, which helped us to go into the delivery room with a better idea of what we preferred.  We were able to make clear decisions through the process and Colleen provided valuable support to both myself and my husband (allowing him to take a break occasionally in giving support).  She reminded us of different pain coping techniques and provided several tools to help support my body throughout labor.  I will absolutely be calling Colleen again for future births!

Posted 5/7/2018

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Rachel Peavy

Colleen was absolutely amazing! We met with her very early in my pregnancy and knew right away she would be a great fit. Colleen was so helpful to me when I realized at 33 weeks that my original OBGYN group was not going to be a good fit for my pregnancy. She advised me of my options and the providers in town that might be a good fit for the type of birth that I wanted and encouraged me to research and interview providers. She continiously checked in during my pregnancy just to see how I was doing and we also opted to take birthing classes with her through Emerge, so that was also a great way to get to know each other through the pregnancy (and the class was great and so informative!). 

Colleen supported us through what turned into a 45 hour long labor! I really mean it when I say I wouldn't have been able to do it without her. I was trying for a natural, unmedicated birth, but after several hours of hard labor (the baby was in a weird position that was making contractions insane) I opted to have an epidural. Colleen made me feel so supported in this choice and other deviations I ended up making from my original birth preferences. She was so prepared with birthing balls, oils, rebozo, etc. to help during labor. She was also a great support to my husband, who didn't want to leave my side. She made sure he was eating and drinking and taking breaks to rest as well. She was so positive through the whole (long) process.

We will definitely hire Colleen again for future babies! She was such a joy to work with and made us feel supported before, during and after the birth of our daughter. 


Posted 4/27/2018

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Stacey Fedewa

Colleen helped us prepare for childbirth, was always available when I had questions, and provided us with postnatal support. She was scheduled to be on vacation for a couple days prior to my due date (and was very clear/open about this during our initial conversations and helped us secure a back-up doula). It turned out I went into labor one of the days that she was out of town, but Colleen made sure things with our back-up doula went smoothly. Colleen provided me with much needed support following childbirth, helped normalize the post-partum experience and challenges in a compassionate and realistic way. I felt that Colleen has a special gift in taking care of mothers. I highly recommend Colleen as a doula!

Posted 4/16/2018

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Katie Hardwick

I had a truly wonderful birth with Colleen by my side as my labor doula. It was my first time giving birth. My first goal was to bring my baby into a warm, loving environment with as few interventions as possible. My second goal was to prepare and involve my partner to the fullest extent I could. I achieved both goals with Colleen's help. I felt very comfortable with Colleen from our first interaction, and I felt like I could speak freely and ask questions while I was pregnant. Our pre-birth visit where we discussed our plan for the birth was very thorough and I felt like Colleen really understood and was sensitive to our desires and needs. She asked questions we'd never even thought of and we left feeling prepared and ready.

When I was in the early stages of labor, Colleen was very communicative and helpful over the phone. I think this experience illuminated one of her most important roles in MY birth -- as the person going through labor, and with an inexperienced partner, we would often forget or not think about the plans we had for coping with pain, and Colleen was always there to gently remind or suggest things we could do to help push forward.

Once we were ready to go to our bith center, Colleen again proved invaluable in helping us fulfill our plan for our birth. She always had another idea or suggestion for dealing with the pain, she made sure I was hydrated, and she was a constant calming presence when my partner and I were going through the worst of labor together. She truly helped us achieve the low intervention birth that we wanted. I fortunately had an uncomplicated delivery, but from our preparation with Colleen, I had full confidence in her ability to help us through a hospital transfer or other difficulties during the birth. Colleen was again a huge help with breastfeeding troubles in the early weeks. We truly enjoyed our experience with her and hope that she will assist at the birth of our next child.

Posted 4/2/2018

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Ashli Owen-Smith

Colleen was amazing! From our first conversation over the phone through our postpartum visit, she was knowledgeable and supportive. She always made sure that she was providing us with all of the "facts" but let us decide what was best for us - and supported those decisions unequivocally - and was such a calming and grounding addition to our birth experience (which was quite challenging, to say the least!) She reached out prior to and after the birth regularly but wasn't invasive or annoying (it was the perfect frequency of contact). We would highly recommend her.

Posted 3/29/2018

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Brad Harris

Colleen provided my wife and I with a wonderful experience through our entire child birthing process. She offered comforting, knowledgeable, and reliable support through every single step of the birth and if we could, I'd go back in time and hire her twice - she's just that damn good.

My wife and I were/are first time parents. So the entire process of planning was a bit overwhelming at times - Colleen made sure that anything having to do with her was as easy as 1, 2, 3. From payment to preparation for the actual birth; Colleen is a superstar. Not in a cheesy, "just saying it for the review" kind of way - no no no; Colleen is legitimately one of the best Doulas you can work with in the entire state of GA.

Is your wife worried about some new issue she Googled? Colleen can help!
Are you worried if you've got the bag packed with everything you need? Colleen can help!
Need a partner you can trust in the delivery room (because you're secretly freaking out inside?!) Colleen can help!
Wondering what you can expect the first few days after your baby's here? Colleen can help!
Is your wife worried about something going on with setting up care after your baby's birth? Colleen can help with that too!

Obviously, I'm coming at this from the side of the husband here - but let me just tell you, Colleen is the doula you've been looking for! When it comes to picking someone that's going to go above and beyond to be there for your family... You can't do any better than Colleen Goidel. If you're looking to make the best choice for your family during what can be a CRAZY and HECTIC time go with Colleen. You'll be happy that you did <3

Posted 3/23/2018

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Loren Norman

Colleen was amazing, everything we wanted in a doula: knowledgeable, caring, available, and professional. She kept us learning and moving forward throughout the pregnancy with no question left unanswered and we always knew what our options were. She focuses on evidence-based solutions and also teaches birthing classes, so we felt confident with her advice. By the time we were in labor, I was calm and ready to help my wife appropriately. Colleen came as soon as needed (including more than once before needed!), she had all kinds of birthing gear for different parts of the process, and she had a great rapport with the rest of our birthing team. I can't imagine doing it all over again without her, and would recommend her to anyone!

Posted 3/15/2018

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Lori Hyman Proctor

Colleen was incredible support for me throughout my entire birth experience. This was for the birth of my second child and it was like night and day compared to the first birth — I felt SO much more supported and calm this time knowing I had someone like Colleen there that had done this so many times before and was the perfect coach to guide me to the outcome I wanted. I never in a million years thought I could have a natural birth...I had both narcotics and an epidural with my first, but Colleen helped make that possible for me. She is also extremely accepting and supportive of whatever birth you plan to pursue — absolutely no judgement no matter what. I would highly recommend Colleen as an integral part of any birth support team—she will without a doubt help to make the experience world’s better and something you won’t regret. 

Posted 12/15/2017

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Kayla DiMarco

Having Colleen as my doula was the best experience!  Colleen made sure I was informed through my pregnancy with any questions we had and provided so many great resources.  I switched practices later in my pregnancy and Colleen helped me find new practices to interview that delivered at the hospital I wanted.  She helped me gain the confidence I needed through pregnancy so I was comfortable asking questions and making decisions.  I was induced and Colleen kept in touch with me leading up to the induction and came to the hospital as soon as we were ready for her to be with us.  During labor she helped my husband support me while she provided counter pressure and kept me cool with cold towels which was amazing.  My husband loved the support and confidence Colleen gave him as well and said it was the best money we spent. Immediately after I gave birth Colleen helped me to breastfeed and showed me how to get a good latch.  She followed up in the days after and came to visit at our home once we were ready.  We were so happy with Colleen and would definitely recommend her!

Posted 11/28/2017

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Ashley Reynolds

We hired Colleen to be our labor doula and Birthing From Within instructor. When we first met her we knew we wanted to hire her because of her calm and reassuring presence. We also appreciated how knowledgeable she was about a multitude of pregnancy/labor topics, and that she presented information to us in a non-biased way. Every time we discussed our birth plan, she helped us to understand our options, without any judgement of our choices. She was supportive of us each step of the way. Before labor she was always responsive to all my email questions, and the information/practical skills she taught us in our birthing classes were invaluable. As we began to approach the time of delivery, we felt confident knowing we’d have her by our side. On the day I delivered, she responded immediately to my phone call and came to the hospital as soon as I requested her. Once she arrived, she immediately stepped in to help in every way she could. She helped us implement our birth plan in the hospital and gave me much needed physical support through an all-natural labor. She was also a force of emotional support/encouragement the entire time. She worked well with my husband, understanding the balance between her role as our doula, and his role as my husband and birth partner. It all worked together seamlessly. After the delivery she stayed for a while to help make sure we were recovering/settling in ok, and also helped us to start breastfeeding before she left. After going home, she stayed in contact with us in the following weeks to provide additional support. We are so grateful to have had her by our side through these experiences! We will definitely ask Colleen to be our doula for any future pregnancies!

Posted 11/24/2017

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Margi Patneaude

Colleen was the perfect addition to our bithing team. Calm, compassionate, and 100% present. 

Posted 9/25/2017

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Blair A. Gyamfi

Absolutely fantastic experience with Colleen! She was really helpful as she proactively reached out with advice prior to baby and was even proactive once  found out I would have to be induced and at a hospital instead of the birh center I had hoped to use. Her and my midwife were very in sync and Colleen thought of everything I needed before I knew I needed it to keep me comfortable, hydrated and positive. my husband wasn't too on board with the entire doula and midwife route I chose, it afterwards he was singing the praises of the midwife and Colleen saying they were worth the money and he would recommend them to everyone (and I feel the same!). 

Posted 9/15/2017

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Kevin DiPetrillo

Colleen comes with a wealth of experience and knowledge. She put my wife and I at ease that no matter what occurred during our birth, she would be there to make sure we ended up with the result we wanted.  Prior to the birth, Colleen communicated very clearly about all that was needed so we showed up to the hospital on the same page.  During labor she advocated for my wife with the delivery staff so we were left to concentrate on each other. After the birth she disappeared at just the right time to let us enjoy our new child.  We've worked with Colleen twice.  Each birth was very different and each time Colleen was crucial in having a safe, natural birth.

Posted 8/10/2017

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Judith Klein

Colleen provided the calm, level-headed comfort I needed before, during and after labor. At the hospital, whenever she could see I was getting to the point I could no longer take, she would change my position, put me in the shower, offer a snack, give me a massage, use a warm compress with essential oils- seemingly endless comforting tricks up her sleeve to keep me going. I had a very long labor and I liked that she always had something new for me so I wasn't aware of how much time was passing and couldn't get too gloomy. She spent a generous amount of time with us during the postpartum visit and continued to check in on me via text. So grateful to have had her there!

Posted 8/5/2017

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Maya Fayfman

Colleen was actually recommended to me by my obgyn. She met with me  and my husband for a consultation at our house where we talked about our birthing preferences and she answered all of our questions. I was very impressed with how knowledgeable she was, both from experience and clearly having been up to date on evidence based information from medical literature. This was really meaningful to me, coming from a medical background myself. She knew some of the nurses and doctors in the hospital where I delivered and worked really well with them. She was an incredible source of support and guidance for both me and my husband throughout the whole birthing process. She also helped advocate for us in some instances.

I am especially greatful that she guided me with breastfeeding, which was very difficult initially. The hospital was only somewhat helpful but did not take the time to watch me and help correct the positioning and latch. Not sure if I could have continued if not for her help.


So greatful that we had her for our birth and to help with breastfeeding!

Posted 5/4/2017

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Claire Perko

Colleen was my doula for the birth of my second child. A VBAC, all natural labor, with a 10lb10oz baby. In short, she was amazing and I could not have done it without her help. Colleen was very supportive in all aspects. It was a pleasure to meet her. She made me feel confident about my choices leading up to the birth. I was having a lot of doubts and second guessing and she helped me to process my feelings ahead of time and prepare for whatever birth was going to bring. She met me at the hospital while in labor and instantly provided a calm and confident air to the situation. I really felt as if I didn't have to think about anything else except bringing this baby into the world. During labor she was great at suggesting different positions, helping me to push away each contraction, release my tension, and stay focused on the now. Colleen was also great at answering nurse questions and aiding me in being as comfortable as possible given the situation. I would recommend Colleen a million times over. Great in every way!

Posted 3/13/2017

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Jocelyn Chen

I gave birth to my first baby with Colleen's help on February 23, 2017. The delivery was complicated by the fact that my water broke before contractions and my OB/Gyn wanted me to immediately go to the hospital. My husband and I discussed it with Colleen, did some research, and decided on a middle ground: to wait for labor to begin at home for 12 hours (statistics show a large percentage of women go into labor naturally within 12 hours of water breaking) and then going to the hospital. Early contractions finally started 3 hours after hospital admission. We kept Colleen up to date by phone. As we requested, she arrived about 6 hours later when the contractions were getting more intense and I was getting more distressed. She immediately began guiding my husband and I to try new positions. As I got more worn out from lack of sleep and pain, I made the choice to get an epidural. Colleen was completely non-judgemental and helpful as we made that decision. Later, when I was more rested and fully dialated, Colleen helped my husband and I in the active pushing phase. Per my choice, I ended up pushing for 4.5 hours, which is unusually long. The OB/Gyn was respectful but for good reasons, she started to allude to a c-section (I was slowly developing a fever, it had been many hours since my water was broken). Again, Colleen was non-judgmental and did not try to push our decision-making in a particular direction. She suggested various positions for pushing that tend to help when a woman has had an epidural. In the end, the epidural started wearing off and I could push more effectively. The baby was perfectly healthy and I narrowly avoided an episiotomy and c-section. Colleen spent a total of 17 hours with me in labor, checked in by phone the next day, and visited on our 2nd day home to help answer our questions on sleep routines, breastfeeding, recovery. In short, she was wonderful and hit just the right note for us first timers.

Posted 3/3/2017

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Sandra Grimaldi

I knew all along I wanted a med-free, natural, child birth and knew that my husand and I would benefit greatly from the extra support/knoweldge of a doula. Colleen was very helpful with provding me with any information I asked for during pregnancy. We had "planned" on a water birth, but when I was woken up in the middle of the night to my water breaking and labor immediatley following, my husband and I barely made it to the hospital in time to have the baby there, let alone in the water. Colleen got there as soon as she could and I went from barely being able to keep myself from pushing in the car, barely making it in the door at the hospital (his head was RIGHT THERE) to clenching up when they got me on the bed and said it was ok to let him come on out! I started to worry about my birth plan and not being able to get in the water! That stopped me from being able to really push-from nearly having him in the car to a mental block! AS SOON as Colleen walked in the door, I didn't see her, but I heard her come in and say "can we turn the lights down?" (which was in my birth plan) and I immediately felt like I could take a deep breath! I felt her come in and almost "command" the room (kindly) on mine and my husband's behalf. She coached me through the next couple pushes and reminded me that it was pain with a purpose! Then I snapped out of it and 

The other thing that was SO helpful was taking her breastfeeding class! My husband said, "I really didn't see a point for me to go and was not really happy about it, but when that baby came, the knowledge I didn't think I would need from the class was absolutely the most useful of everything we had learned and I was able to help my wife. Without it I would not have known what to do and I will tell all our friends, if nothing else, take that class with your wife!" I am SO thankful we took her class and had her there to help us with that first feeding and for support after! -Sandra Grimaldi Cauley

Posted 1/26/2017

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Kelly Weininger

Colleen has been my doula for both of my children's natural unmedicated births.  I could not have made it through each one of my deliveries unmedicated without her.  She was my consistent rock, always gently reminding me what to do, cheering me on when I wanted it to be over, and simply being my friend.  My husband and I owe her more than we can say.  My labors were both fairly long, and she was with me the whole time.  She never complains, she never seems to get tired, and she makes you feel loved and cared for.  I would recommend Colleen to anyone who wants a doula because she is simply the best.

Posted 1/9/2017

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Christy Visaggi

Prior to getting pregnant, I knew nothing about doulas, birth plans, etc. I had never thought much about what kind of birth experience I might have or that I could have different options available to me in how to labor and birth regardless of where I delivered. Fortunately, I had a few people 'give me the scoop' based on their experiences, including the recommendation for Colleen as a doula. She was extremely helpful before, during, and after the birth as a resource, voice of encouragement, and with steadfast support. I delivered at Piedmont Hospital, and had to be induced, but Colleen helped me work through labor to have the amazing experience of a natural birth. She listened to what I needed or simply observed what I needed without my having to say anything. I am so grateful to have had the experience I did and I know that my husband and I would have been stressed beyond belief without her guidance. Thank you Colleen for everything!

Posted 1/3/2017

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Sara Hartley

I had an absolutely wonderful birth experience and I wouldn't change it for the world. Colleen was with us for the entire time and offerd us both comfort and strength .  I know I would have not been able to go as far as I did without her guidance. She helped us make decisions, offered a knowledgeable insight, and I feel was our "interpreter" to the hospital climate.

Posted 11/17/2016

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Amanda Carver

Colleen was invaluable to us after first coming home from the hospital with our daughter. She provided breast feeding assistance, gently encouraged Mama's self-care, helped around the house, and most important, provided trustworthy baby care so Mommy and Daddy could get some much-needed rest.

Posted 9/30/2016

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Claire Gandee

Colleen is great. She was by my side for the birth of both my daughters. In fact, nearly as soon as I found out I was pregnant with baby #2, we called to book her services. Colleen is calm, knowledgeable, patient, and caring. I felt so comfortable being honest and real, as labor really requires. I can't recommend her enough. 

Posted 8/23/2016

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Mia Fiedler

For our second child, we decided to attempt a VBAC and wanted the additional support for the birth of our son.  Colleen was a wonderful resource during the pregnancy and a calming presence during the birth.  Colleen was very objective and supportive and never advocated for a particular type of action or treatment.  Rather, she provided information for different alternatives and made suggestions that provided us with additional insight. However, she never pushed for a particular option.  Instead, she made sure that we understand that these were our choices and we should do what we needed for our family.  She made sure we were educated and aware of the different options at different stages throughout the pregancy and birth.    We are so grateful that Colleen was there to support us through the birth of our child.  Colleen is a wonderful resource and provides excellent support and care.  Cannot recommend her enough!

Posted 8/19/2016

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Darla Millstein

We honestly cannot imagine giving birth without Colleen. We were fortunate to have taken a birth class with her and so had the benefit of knowing her a bit beforehand. From the phone call before we went to the hospital to the moment she said good-bye, we would not have changed a thing. Colleen was always looking out for us - making sure Ezra and I had water and snacks, that Ezra had rest or a break if he needed it. She reminded us of positions I could labor in and made suggestions when it seemed like I needed a change. She came prepared - with music and lights, a birthing ball and her tricks up her sleeve. She was calm and alert. Always anticiapting what was needed. When the going got tough and the subject of pain medication came up, she was engaged and followed protocol. She was one of the few people I requested to be in the operating room when it was decided that a cesarean birth would be best. Ezra and I both think the world of Colleen and would recommend her services far and wide.

Posted 7/24/2016

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Stephanie Jacobs

Colleen was amazing in helping me get through the birth of my son. My mom and husband who were both with me also agreed that we couldn't have done it without her. She kept me sane and gave me a feeling of security when I was overwhelimed and thought I had reached my limit. Colleen was calming and supportive. She never once overstepped boundaries. i would highly recommend using her as your doula. 

Posted 7/12/2016

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Lianna Kolen

Colleen has a natural ability to be nuturing and is able to juggle your care while handling the nurses.  She has great relationships with the nurse staff and understands yours needs. She was present and knew the best way to handle my pain and stress during the natural birth process.  I would use her again and highly recommend her.  

Posted 7/11/2016

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Joy H

Colleen was incredibly helpful and supportive through two of my deliveries/births. She is caring, gentle and very capable. She was very respectful of my wishes and at the same time offered very helpful tips and maneuvers to prepare me for and guide me through childbirth. She was also very responsive whenever I had questions. The L&D nurse had very positive things to say about Colleen as well, including that she was very impressed with Colleen's support and collaboration with the medical team during childbirth -- and these qualities of Colleen's were outstanding compared to other doulas the nurse had previously encountered. I highly recommend Colleen as a doula!

Posted 7/5/2016

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Jens Fossen

From His Perspective

When my wife first mentioned the word "Doula" to me over 1 year ago, I had my concerns.  The hospital was going to provide the medical support, so why we needed to supplement that with emotional and other physical support was beyond my comprehension.

Going into the first meeting with Colleen I was skeptical, but after 15 minutes of talking with her I was sold.

Even before the big day, Colleen was involved in helping us prepare mentally and physically for the delivery process.  We took the "Birthing from Within" class as well (parts were taught by Colleen) and this was also well worth the commute into Atlanta.

The day we went into labor, Colleen offered her services even before we were in active labor.  She spent the majority of the early hours waiting patiently with us and helping us prepare for active labor.

During the delivery process, Colleen was an active advocate for us (without being too overbearing).  She helped change the overall mood of the delivery room.  I also believe that the medical staff was less aggressive with the delivery timeline due to my wife and I having a doula there.  Colleen has a way of slowing the delivery process down (in a positive way) to allow for clear and concise decision making.  At no moment did we ever feel pressure to do anything that my wife and I were not comfortable with.

She also took some good pictures when my wife and I were pre-occupied with other things.

Hiring Colleen as our Doula was worth every penny and minute spent with her.  The birth of our child was a special time for my wife and I.  Colleen was a major part of that.

Posted 7/4/2016

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Kacy Weakley

Having Colleen as my postpartum doula was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I was lucky enough to have a good, healthy pregnancy, and I was excited to meet my baby. Even with all my reading and planning, though, having a baby in the house was hard. My hormones and emotional state were all over the place. I was exhausted from sleep deprivation. Breastfeeding, something I'd taken a course on and went over many times with the hospital lactation consultants, still proved to be extremely difficult and painful.

Enter Colleen.

To have the confident, calm reassurances of someone so experienced and knowledgeable was so helpful with my mental state. Just hearing her tell me that everything I was experiencing was normal, and that things would get better, was so comforting. She absolutely transformed my breastfeeding experience from something of terror and pain and guilt into an absolutely magical bonding experience. This happened in one session. My husband still likes to do before and after impressions of me breastfeeding, satirizing the abrupt transformation.

We continued to have Colleen come over even after our more pressing problems slowly faded away. It's difficult to overestimate the value of a quiet nap during those first few months. Opportunities to do some household chores, to read a book, or to just sit quietly for a while are priceless.

There's no question in my mind that Colleen will be here one day when the second baby comes.

Posted 6/7/2016

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Beth Ament

Colleen did a fantastic job as our doula! We used her in 2014 with our first daughter, Penelope, and again in 2016 with our second daughter, Orion. Colleen was responsive, compassionate and very knowledgeable. I would recomend her to anyone looking for support and a true advocate for your birth choices.

Posted 5/16/2016

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Elizabeth Abshire

When I think back to the day of Millie's birth Colleen was such a lovely part of our special day. There are so many moments where she gave me strength and confidence to make my own decisions and to carry out what I wanted to do. We were surprised into a medically necessary induction. Colleen helped me understand what the doctor and midwives were telling me, helped me form questions to ask about my concerns, and gave me the confidence to make my own decisions. Our labor progressed much faster than expected but once my husband called for Colleen to come she was immediately by my side. I can still feel her walk into the room. I was in a trance but she changed the mood immediately with a feeling of calm confidence. She helped keep me calm in moment of panic and was instrumental in helping my husband encourage me and provide pain relief through touch and counter pressure. After a quick delivery she was by my side to help with breastfeeding and newborn care decisions. Her popularity and exposure were vital in helping navigate our newborn care.

However Colleen's most valuable asset I still believe was her willingness to stay connected after the birth. She not only checked in but also took calls from me, made suggestions for postpartum care, and came for a long visit to check up on us. I not only will never forget her value add to our experience, I will hire her again the very day I get a positive pregnancy test.

Posted 5/1/2016

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Sahrit Freud-Weinstein

Thinking about birth brings a smile to my face. Not because it was a seamless ride, wasn't short timed, wasn't how I planed but brings me a smile that I prepped my self for all options and got the tools and people I needed to be around me to get me through whatever unravels. Colleen Goidel was one of those people and I am so happy for that! She was there for any questions prior to birth, helped me see what to do when I thought my contractions started, came when I asked, brought lots of tools to the birth (heat pad, music, aroma diffuser...) and gave me a lot of confidence and cheerleading words when I needed. I'm so graetful for having her helping me bring my son into the world! She is a great Doula and is open to any ideas you would have! Thank you again Colleen! ??

Posted 4/30/2016

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Rachael Strieter

I had a positively wonderful experience working with Colleen.  I will ask her to be my doula for my next birth.  She embodies wisdom and kindness, and is calm and balanced.  After interviewing several doulas, I chose Colleen because she is very knowledgable.  I also like her professional style and obvious drive to help me have the birth I wanted, versus driving her own agenda.  Also, she is fearless while recognizing and embracing one's vulnerability, which is a wonderful combination for birth.

Once labor began, I used relaxation and breathing techniques that Colleen taught me.  After several hours of labor that was increasing in intensity, we called Colleen and she quickly arrived at our house.  She got me walking more and also to sit on an excercise ball and rotate my hips while she used the shower head to spray my back with tension relieving warm water.  Once it was time to go to the hospital, she met us there and helped me to stay focused while being admitted.

Once at the hospital my labor slowed, but Colleen got me out and walking again to help labor get back on track. She knows accupressure and massage and during fierce labor contractions, she applied pressure to my lower back and hips that made the pain much easier to bear.  After I birthed my first baby completely naturally and held him to my chest, we gazed into each other's eyes.  Colleen captured this and other moments of our birth on camera so that we have these amazing personal, family memories.

Posted 4/21/2016

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Genevieve and Matthew Dukette

We hired Collen as both a labor and postpartum doula and had a wonderful experience!  This was our second baby and we wanted to have a more natural childbirth experience than our first time (we had not previously used a doula).  With our first baby, I had a med free delivery but wasn't very prepared and didn't have any support besides my husband.  This time around, Colleen educated us on many different topics - techniques for coping with pain and what my husband could do to support; labor positions, breathing, mantras; how to deal with hospital staff if we didn't want certain treatments or interventions; the pros and cons of many standard procedures for newborns.  Most importantly, based on her experience and expertise, Colleen suggested looking into another hospital and care provider that took a more natural approach to childbirth.  We ended up making the switch around 37 weeks and it was the best decision we could have made!  As a result, I had a natural waterbirth with lots of support and no pressure to have any medical interventions I didn't want. 

Leading up to labor, Colleen was a source of support and encouragement as my due date came and went.  She was always available to take a question and, when labor finally started, she kept in touch throughout the night until it was time to go to the hospital early in the morning.  During labor and delivery, Colleen was an invaluable resource.  She took care of fetching me water, rubbing my back, helping me move around, reminding me to breathe, offering encouragement, etc. so that I could focus on the task at hand and my husband could focus on me and just hold my hand.  Her support allowed us to have the birthing experience we really wanted!  As a postpartum doula, Colleen was willing to help in whatever capacity I needed - laundry, dishes, holding the baby so I could give my toddler some attention.  Highly recommend her services!

Posted 4/15/2016

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Audrey Hughes

Colleen is an amazing doula! This was my first birth and I really wanted to have my baby naturally. Colleen was so supportive and gave me a lot of information along the way to be successful. Whenever I had questions, I couldn't believe how quickly she responded to my emails and texts. She was very thorough, kind, and professional in all of her interactions with us. The day my water broke, Colleen was great to keep me calm and suggest different ways to labor at home, knowing we didn't want to go to the hospital too early. When we did get to the hospital, she met us right on time. Thankfully we were only there about 4 hours before the baby was born. During that time, she let me use her birth ball, helped keep me focused and hydrated, suggested different laboring positions, and helped coach my husband along a little bit so he could be supportive and helpful. She was very encouraging and instrumental in my having the birth I always hoped for. I can't say enough good things about our first birth experience with Colleen as our doula! She is great at what she does!!

Posted 4/7/2016

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Hannah Oh

If you are considering getting a doula, do it.  If you are wondering if Colleen should be your doula, absolutely do it. 

We were planning for an unmedicated natural water birth and although we were able to avoid the epidural it took 60 hours and no water.  This was our first child and even though we took birthing classes, having Colleen there as support for myself as well as my husband was necessary. I seriously would not have been able to do it without her.  In her humblesness, she says I would have made it but let me tell you it would have been very ugly without her!

How did she help?  First of all, she has an armamentarium of labor helping tools.  From a birthing ball, sling, camera, christmas lights...she is ready.  During every contraction, Colleen would rush over and put counter pressure on my back for relief and would hold up a straw with water for me to drink.  She kept me company as you walk what feels like miles down the hospital halls.  Colleen has a great way of offering advice and help guiding you as you make your birth decisions.  I felt that Collen helped me so much but if you ask my husband he would say that she helped him more.  It's an exhausting process and having someone there from the start that knows exactly what they are doing is invaluable.

I would also like to add that Colleen helps answer all birth questions pre, during and after.  Colleen provides science-based evidence for any questions we had prior to delivery when we were deciding our birthing plan.  Afterwards, she helped me with problems breastfeeding and connected me with a wonderful lactation consultant who helped me to continue to breastfeed when I had low milk supply.

Collen is wonderful and we were so fortunate to have her at the birth of our son.  So helpful, so positive...only great things to say.  LOVE HER!!!

Posted 4/4/2016

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Dorothy Vollmer

We hired Colleen on the spot after we met with her when I was about three months pregnant - our first baby - in March of 2015. Between the recommendation from a friend and the chemistry in our meeting, we knew we wanted Colleen to be part of our birth team. Colleen has a wealth of experience and knowledge that we found very reassuring. Most of all, we felt supported by her and knew that she would be of tremendous help during labor and delivery. Colleen was also helpful during the pregnancy and responded quickly if I had a question. She is non-judgmental and understands that birth can unfold any number of ways, whether by choice or by circumstance. I had a natural delivery and Colleen was by my side for over 12 hours, from the moment we got to the hospital until after our daughter was born. I could not have gotten through the birth without her support. Colleen's postpartum visit was helpful and reassuring to a new mother, and she provided me with other postpartum resources that were invaluable. We highly recommend inviiting Colleen to be part of the birth journey and will call her again for baby number two!

Posted 3/2/2016

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Katherine Diedrick

Colleen was a fantastic doula before, during and after the birth of our son. We started working with her well before our due date and she was available for questions throughout my pregnancy. As my due date approached she guided us in thinking about important questions to consider and situations that we might want to be prepared for. During labor she was incredibly helpful in making the hospital environment feel warmer and more personal, and helping me get through the pain of natural birth--reminding me of the end goal, suggesting new positions, bringing water and being a steady and strong presence throughout. As many reviews point out, she has a calm but take-charge (“no nonsense”) personality that is both nurturing and confidence-building. During labor she was also extremely supportive of my partner, who she was in good communication with, asking him to help her massage me, bring me water and help with supportive positioning. We also hired Colleen as a post-partum doula and she was again supportive, nurturing and helpful when we had questions or just wanted to know that we were not alone in facing some challenges in figuring out the early days of parenting. As my partner tells people, “hiring Colleen was the best decision we made during our pregnancy.” We would hire her again in a heartbeat and recommend her wholeheartedly to other pregnant women and couples.

Posted 2/8/2016

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Nicole Weitnauer

I was extremely happy with my birth experience.  Colleen was helpful throughout my pregnancy whether I had questions about labor or pregnancy, she always made herself available and provided me with resources. In preparing for labor, she gave me a detailed questionnaire to make sure that she understood my goals for labor and it was so helpful I used it to prepare my birth plan for the hospital.    

Throughout the labor, she was there for me and my husband whether it was offering to get me water, fanning me, or giving my husband a break.  She was also extremely knowledgeable and suggested various positions and movements as pain relieving techniques.  She was so great she impressed my midwife who asked for her card to refer patients to her.

Yet, I am most grateful for her words of encouragement and empowerment during the hard parts of labor.  During the pushing part of labor, I was exhausted and frightened that I wouldn't be able to do what I needed to do.  Colleen was there telling me that everything was normal and that soon I would hold my baby in my arms.  I don't know how I would have gotten through that part of labor without her!

Posted 1/12/2016

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Taylor Mallya

Colleen is an experienced and strong doula, who helped me and several others have the natural birth, we desired. Leading up to the birth, Colleen answered all of my questions really promptly and helped me think thru the best option for me, not just what she thought. In the day leading up to my birth, Colleen and I spoke many times. She listened to what was happening and helped me to stay focused on just the next right thing. We got to the hospital when I was 7 centimeters dialated. We called Colleen, and she was at the hospital 20 mins later and immediately went into action. As soon as she walked in, she put her stuff down, came to me, and started massaging, applying counter pressure and coaching me thru contractions. She was an advocate for me during my labor and after and there is NO WAY I could have had the birth I wanted and coped with the pain without her guidance and support. 

Colleen has what I would call a "no-nonsense nurturer" approach. She's direct, forthright, supportive, and very much their to advocate for the mom. Colleen was a critical part of our birthing experience and I don't believe we could have had the amazing birth experience we had without her. 

Posted 1/8/2016

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Javier Garcia

*Dad/birth partner's POV

My partner and I had an amazing birth experience with Colleen and we would enthusiastically recommend her. We hired her very early in the pregnancy, so we were able to bounce any of our ideas or concerns off of her. She helped us to weigh the pros and cons of a home birth versus a midwife birth in the hospital, but she let this decision of having a home birth be our's.


Colleen was an amazing support person for both me and my partner during the birth. She provided me with the support, and peace of mind, to be able to leave my partner's side and it just felt intuitive to her. When I stepped back, she just gently moved in. I always felt that we were in great hands. She really kept my partner going through her labor. She reminded her about the pain coping techniques that she had learned. She encouraged her to eat, drink, and rest between contractions. She suggested new positions to increase comfort. She also kept my partner focused during the pushing, when she was exhausted and felt that she couldn't do any more. I just can't express how invaluable she was to our birth.

The birth of our daughter was an incredible experience and Colleen was an integral part of a stellar birth team. We would hire her again, in a heartbeat.

Posted 12/10/2015

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Amanda Roberts Thompson

My husband and I were very happy that we chose Colleen to be our doula. Colleen provided us with a great sense of support that we did not have with the pregnancy and birth of our first child. Colleen has a reassuring nature and was a calming presence during the birth of our daughter. We were able to have the unmedicated birth that we wanted and will be recommending Colleen to anyone who is looking for a doula.

Posted 11/20/2015

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Amanda Ross

Colleen was such a blessing to our birthing experience! She was such a voice of reason and a calming influence when we were faced with tough decisions. While in labor she was so supportive to my husband and I, and helped us achieve the unmedicated birth we so hoped for. We feel so lucky to have had Colleen by our side for the birth of our son. In the postpartum period, we were able to call on Colleen for breastfeeding advice and overall support. She's amazing!

Posted 10/26/2015

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Tricia Strack

Colleen is such a gentle and soothing soul. I chose to take a birthing class because after going through my first labor, I realized how much of a mental game labor was and I needed a brain shift if I were going to birth the way I wanted. After the two private classes my husband and I spent with Colleen I regretted so badly not doing that with my first!

There were many times before and during our class I thought, "there's no way I can do this," but Colleen gave us so many tools to use in many I didn't even get to use them all. My main take-away was to welcome the contractions and pressure and learning how to not fear them. My fear during the class was washed away with how reassuring and positive Colleen was. She made me feel like I could do anything and I certainly did what I didn't expect...birth without any pain medication during an induction after I was diagnosed with cholestasis.

These empowering and encouraging sessions with her set me up for success and I will definitely be back for a refresher before baby #3. Lastly, even if the typical classes don't conflict with your schedule, I highly recommend the private classes with Colleen. The individualused instruction helped me get a lot more in a shorter amount of time.


Posted 9/25/2015

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Mandisa Jones

In the words of my husband, "We could not have done this without her." Colleen was a fantastic addition to our birth team. From the moment I met her, she was warm, attentive and informative.

Colleen was an integral palyer in helping me get what I wanted from the labor and delivery of my son. We met before my due date. She listened to my desires and developed a plan to support them. During my labor and delivery, I never had to think. Colleen new what I needed before I needed it. I could not have asked for a better doula. She was also incredible with my husband throughout the birth process as well. Colleen was able to guide him and help him support me in ways that only he could.

The birth of my son is something I will always remember and cherish with love and joy. I am so happy that Colleen was able to share this experience with my husband and me.

Thank you Colleen!!!

Posted 9/8/2015

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Sarah Aarthun

I used Colleen for the births of both my daughters and could not recommend her more to mamas-to-be. With Colleen as part of my support team, I was able to have the births that I was aiming for -- natural and unmedicated. Colleen is a warm, soothing presence and radiates strength and calm as she helps you prepare for the birth and during labor itself. She offers great tips ahead of time and during labor, she is constantly offering ideas to labor in a way that's most comfortable and efficient at moving the baby down and out. For example, with the birth of my second daughter in July 2015, we walked the hallways, sat on the birthing ball, bent over the birthing ball on the bed, did massage on my back and used the bed's squat bar to get through the final stages of labor. Colleen even managed to make the hospital bathroom cozy and inviting by drawing a warm bath for me to labor in and hanging twinkle lights. Through it all, I felt like she was working just as hard as I was through each contraction to keep me calm, focused and as comfortable as you can get! Both my husband and I said after each birth that hiring Colleen was the best decision we could make when it came to my pregnancies. She is AWESOME.  

Posted 9/8/2015

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Sarah Smith

Colleen was absoultely amazing and words can not describe her support! My husband travels so we did private "Birthing From Within" classes with her which were so helpful and confidence building. When I went into labor Colleen was at my home within 15 minutes of my husband calling her and she was an absolute crucial part of my birth team! She was right there when I needed her but also let my husband be involved where he wanted to be and nicely suggested how he could be helpful to me! Colleen is wonderful and I look forward to having her at my next labor and birth!!!

Posted 8/18/2015

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shena sabens

If you're looking for a Dula, stop looking and call Colleen Goidel.  Colleen was everything I could have hoped for in a dula.  I wanted to hire a dula to coach me through natural child birth.  That is exactly what Colleen was for me, an amazing birthing coach.  She had me fill out an extensive survey so she could know what my wants, fears and expectations were.  I filled this out prior to our first meeting.  When she arrived at my home I felt like I had known her for years.  She had clearly read everything that I wrote and made notes for our conversation.  She was amazing at educating me on what the hospital can/cannot provide when you decide to do a natural birth.  This was actually my second baby; with the first delivery I had an epidural (which completely stopped my contractions/dilation for 11 hrs!).  I went through four different nurses because I was in labor for so long and each nurse would just come in and check my vitals.  They started pumping me full of pitocin to try and get things going; no one thought to ask if I had been moved at all since my epidural (which I hadn't).  I did have that baby vaginally, but I knew after that experience that if I had another baby I would a) have it naturally and b) hire a dula.  I tell you that story just to make this point - Colleen will be with you from the moment you go into labor (or arrive at the hospital, whichever you prefer) until your precious baby enters the world and you are resting.  Imagine a loving mother with a wealth of knowledge on the birthing process and pain management.  That's Colleen!  She was my rock, coach, supporter, motivator and nurturer all at the same time.  My second delivery was everything I had hoped child birth would be and I have Colleen to thank for that.  And I can tell you this, my husband was just as happy to have Colleen there as I was. 

Posted 6/24/2015

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Amy George

Having Colleen as our doula was one of the best things we did for my husband, myself and our baby. We live far from family and would have been completly without exra suport if it weren't for Colleen. The weeks before delivery she was answering my many first time mommy questions with evidence based research. She also helped me find a new practice, as I was not happy with the practice i had been seeing. Colleen works with Emerge Birth Services in Atlanta. They have tons and tons of classes and services that are awesome! We took the Birthing from Within class and we really enjoyed it. On delivery day, Colleen was so reassuring and helped keep me centered through my unmedicated childbirth. Along with keeping me grounded she also was a huge supporter for my husband. She was able to reassure him as things kept progressing. Colleen stayed for a a little while after our son was born as well. She helped me get him to latch and helped me eat to regain my energy. I can't imagine not have, having her in the delivery room. My husband has even said "thank god we had Colleen" multiple times! I highly reccomend her as she was highly reccomended to us when we booked her. When we have our next baby, 

Posted 6/9/2015

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Caroline Harbry

My husband and I hired Colleen as our doula to attend the birth of our first child. From the very beginning, Colleen was professional, supportive, and proved herself to be an invaluable resource in my pregnancy and birth journey. I called Colleen late in my third trimester to ask questions and she was always caring and available. I don't know how we would have made it through birth without Colleen - I went in to active labor very quickly and experienced intense contractions with few breaks, and Colleen was able to support my husband in making me feel my most comfortable in labor. Her knowledge about different laboring positions and coping techniques changed my birthing experience completely, and my laboring would have been much more difficult without her presence. After birth, Colleen stayed with my husband and me to offer breastfeeding support for my first feeding which helped my daughter and I to bond and have the best start that we possibly could. Post-partum, Colleen has actively kept in touch with me to support me in any way during the beginning of my motherhood journey. She has been especially helpful as a breastfeeding resource and showed me techniques and breastfeeding positions that have changed the way I feed my baby and put her to bed (and made both of our lives much easier). Colleen is a calming presence - she is laid back, funny, and sincere. My husband and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a doula and won't hesitate to hire her again should we have another child. 

Posted 6/5/2015

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Marla Shrader

Having Colleen Goidel as our doula was one of the best decisions we could have made for our homebirth experience. My husband and I loved that she was available to us if we had any questions throughout the pregnancy and she would also check in to see how things were going leading up to the birth. The home visit several weeks before my due date was very beneficial. We talked in depth about the birthing process, our feelings/hopes/desires/plans for our birth, what would help me to get through the labor and she also had information in a folder for us to reference before and after the arrival of the baby.

I can't rave enough about Colleen during my homebirth. Her knowledge, care and calm demeanor is exactly what my husband and I needed! She stayed true to the things we had spoken of that would help soothe and encourage me but also put into practive techniques that worked well in the moment. Between a birthing ball, calm voice, cold towels, words of affirmation and so on, Colleen helped to make our first pregnancy and labor experience a memorable one with the support we needed. It was also great to know my husband could take a break if needed (he was able to snack and get himself some coffee) because I had Colleen by my side. She also helped him and showed him ways he could help me during contractions. She was also able to aid me in breastfeeding, too!

I can't speak highly enough of Colleen. She also came for a postpartum visit to see the baby and check up on us and it is wonderful knowing that there is a special bond there with someone that so beautifully took care of us during our labor.


I truly believe that having Colleen at my birth helped me to stay focused and encouraged as I had to push for four hours. Despite the length of my active labor, she stayed calm, alert and patient which is exactly what I needed! You truly can't go wrong with making Colleen part of your birthing experience!!

Posted 5/27/2015

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Molly Hazzis

Colleen was an amazing guide before and during birth, I can't imagine having gone through it without her. She is very calming and present, I cannot recommend her enough and have so much appreciation for all that she has done.

Posted 5/26/2015

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Brooke Dan-el DiPetrillo

Colleen is an amazing and wonderful resource. Colleen helped keep my husband and I calm and on track for the birth that we had been dreaming of. She delivered the perfect blend of allowing us to follow our instincts and while stepping in at the most critical moments to offer gentle guidance and support when both my husband and I were tired or lost. Colleen has many tools and resources and it's clear with her years of experience and intuition, she is able to provide to best guidance and support when it's needed the most. We highly recommend Colleen and would gladly welcome the opportunity to share our next birthing experience with her as well.

Brooke, Kevin and baby August DiPetrillo

Posted 2/9/2015

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Tricia Anbinder

We hired Colleen as a postpartum doula and will forever be glad we did. She was an invaluable part of my postpartum experience even before my daughter was born. From our initial phone conversation and meeting, it was clear that being a doula is her true calling. She has an easy nature and exudes warmth and compassion. From the start, Colleen communicated true support for me and my family and for what our hopes were in transitioning from a family of three to a family of four. After our initial meeting, she made an extra effort to return to our home just to meet our son and get acquainted before the baby's arrival.

When our dautgher was finally born, Colleen made herself readily available to us. She came to our home on three days over our daughter's first two weeks. Her assistance was truly invaluable. With kindness and care, she helped make sure I was fed, hydrated, and comfortable, she played with our son while my husband and I rested and cared for the baby, she gave us tips on bathing a newborn, and she gave me incredible support in breastfeeding, which was initially painful and frustrating. She also held and cared for the baby while I spent quality time with our son, and she gave us great information on baby wearing so that we could take care of things around the house. Colleen even thought about some lactation troubles I was having after leaving our home and returned on her own time with a helping aid that she had found for me.

I can't recommend Colleen highly enough. Not only did she help make our transition home a smooth one, she brought the kind of wisdom, kindness, warmth, and nurturing that made a lasting impact on our family. I'm so grateful for her.

Posted 1/26/2015

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Meryl Bryant Arnett

My husband and I hired Colleen after meeting her at a meet n' greet with Emerge Birthing Services. Colleen had the no-nonsense, grounded personality I knew I wanted next to me as I went through the birthing experience for the first time. After my 27 hour labor was done, the first thing my husband and I said to each other was, "thank god we had Colleen with us!" It was unbelievably helpful to have someone so calm and knowledgable to help guide us through ways to help labor move along, to remind us to stay hydrated (and give my husband a chance to eat something), to provide encouragement and support when decisions had to be made, to keep the atmosphere calm and inviting, and to just general provide a sense that "everything is ok". She helped my husband to be a wonderful birthing partner and somehow always seemed to be in the background so that we still felt a sense of intimacy during this experience. Colleen stayed by our sides through the whole birth and the photos she provided afterwards were so wonderful. It was so special to get to see the birth afterwards when so much of it flew by in a blur.

Hiring Colleen to help us through our birth was the best decision we made and we will absolutely be calling on her again with our future births. I really felt as though I wouldn't have gotten through this birth as calmly without her. We are so grateful that we had her by our sides!

Posted 1/20/2015

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Lindsay Beaumont

Colleen is a compassionate, confident, and knowledgeable doula. After our our first cesarean delivery left us feeling railroaded and disappointed, we knew we wanted to have an experienced ally with us when we attempted a VBAC. While our second delivery proved to be very challenging in many ways, we were able to walk away with the confidence we did everything possible to achieve our goals and made informed decisions every step of the way thanks to Colleen. She was a nonjudgemental mother figure to us before and during our delivery and we feel blessed to have had her with us during the uniquely beautiful family centered cesarean at AMC. We love Colleen and would recommend her to anyone looking for a doula to trust During their birth. 

Posted 1/13/2015

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Anna Ferretti

Colleen was such a positive ray of light during the weeks following our son's birth. She was  a huge support in my desire to successfully breast feed our son while also assisting with daily household needs, sibling support for our 21 month old and emotional support for one very tired Momma!  I grew more confident of my capabilities during our time together.  I highly recommend Colleen to anyone seeking support in the postpartum weeks. I didn't have support with the first child and I can say it was a tremendous difference this second go round with Colleen. 

Posted 1/6/2015

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Elaine Tucker

Colleen is amazing! After doing research on the benefits of hiring a doula, I was certain that I wanted to have one for our birth. Making the decision to hire a doula was just the to find the perfect match for our family. I interviewed several doulas, all very nice, however once I met Colleen the decision was easy. Colleen has a calming presence. She offers advice without judgement and is very supportive. She was always available to share information throughout my pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. My birth went exactly the way I had imagined and I owe a lot of that to Colleen. I wanted an unmedicated birth however I had no idea if I was capable of it to be honest. She gave me the confidence to believe in my body and its capabilities. While I was in labor she kept me moving and suggested a variety of different positions to help manage the discomfort. Not only did this help with the discomfort, it also helped naturally progress my labor. She was there not only for me but my husband the entire time! I also hired her for postpartum support...she went grocery shopping for me, she watched my little one while I napped, and she also accompanied me to my postpartum OB appointment. I highly recommend her! I cannot say enough for what she did for my family! Thanks Colleen!

Posted 11/3/2014

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Joanna Rogers

Colleen is wonderful!  She is wise, full of practical knowledge, and easily establishes a rapport with people.  It was such a relief to have her with me during labor.  She was a constant aid to me and my husband--she got water for us, helped me to move around the room, guided me through contractions, and when it became necessary for me to have a c-section, she held my hand and reassured me before I went to the operating room.  We were happy to have her for postpartum support as well.  Her breastfeeding tips are great!  She gave me confidence in those first weary weeks as a new mother.  I highly recommend her! 

Posted 10/1/2014

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Alicia Cardillo

It was so pleasant working with Colleen.  My husband was stressed out about everything surrounding the birth and once we called in Colleen, her presence was a calming force in the room.  She knew what was going on and knew how to support both me and my husband through the process.  When the hospital hooked me up to a gazillion cords which made it difficult to move around, Colleen knew who and, more importantly, how to ask to get everything situated correctly -- I would've just accepted the hospital staff's answer that it's how it was done.  She's attended so many births with each one being so different that she brings a wealth of experience to the laboring mother.  Scoop Colleen up if she's available for your due date!

Posted 8/13/2014

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Maggie White

Every step of the way, Colleen was one of our greatest birth allies. Her birth classes addressed all our typical questions and concerns and also introduced us to many new tools and concepts. She was professional and reliable when scheduling the meeting in our home and we appreciated that she took her time with us. When labor began, we felt prepared and confident about laboring at home and she supported and encouraged us by phone. From the second she arrived at the hospital we felt relieved, especially since the rest of the staff was not always available. One thing was constant during the time we spent in labor and that was Colleen! She lovingly supported and encouraged us every minute, from beginning to end and we both feel we wouldn't have had such a positive birth experience without her. Once our baby was born, she gave guidance on breastfeeding which was a big help. We both highly recommend Colleen!

-Maggie and Sean

Posted 7/11/2014

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Marlee Dent

Colleen was wonderfully supportive to me and my husband throughout the entire birth experience! There were so many special moments followed by difficult twists and turns: Colleen was there with a steady hand and calm, encouraging demeanor for all of it! Thank you Colleen for accompanying us through the journey of bringing our precious baby into the world!

Posted 7/8/2014

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Stefanie Lopez-Howard

My husband and I took the 12-hour private Birthing from Within Class with Colleen before our daughter was born. The class and Colleen helped transform my notions about childbirth and feel empowered as a patient and mother to be. Colleen validated and helped me work through many of my concerns regarding pain management, cesarean birth and natural childbirth. Most importantly, she gave both my husband and I the tools we needed to make it through what was a very long and arduous labor, which in fact culminated in a cesarean birth despite both my and my husband's best efforts. Colleen worked with us to help us find our birthing style and the right amount of encouragement and coaching my husband needed to do to keep me going. She also gave me great ideas about using the birthing ball and the various positions i could assume during labor and pushing to manage the pain and stay focused.

Most significantly, the work we did with Colleen helped my husband and I realize that we were on the same page both for child birth and parenting. When a nurse came in and tried to tell me how to properly labor, all I did was look at my husband and he knew that she was not allowed back in the room. Colleen also helped ally my fears about postpartum recovery and helped me work with my husband during the hospital stay to avail myself of all the resources we could to successfully transition to parenthood and heal from cesarean. I cannot say enough about how much Colleen helped me validate, articulate, and put into action my desires for my labor and recovery.

Posted 7/8/2014

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Jessica Michael Lovett

Colleen was gentle and knowledgable.  She showed great perserverance throughout our 30 hours of labor.  Colleen helped us find our focus and provided lovely honey sticks to me while I was laboring.  Colleen has continued to only be a phone call or text away for any questions I have had concerning breast feeding.  After One call in particular I felt so much more at ease that we were doing just fine and I was able to relax =) which is tough for a new Moms!

Posted 4/29/2014

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Jessica Engebretsen

My husband and I were so grateful to have Colleen as our doula for the birth of our first child. Her calming presence and helpful suggestions allowed me to relax and focus completely on my labor and delivery. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to feel more confident  and supported in her birthing experience.

Posted 4/19/2014

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Claire Gandee

My husband and I were so pleased with our experience with Colleen. My labor was fast and intense, and 5 weeks earlier than expected. She was supportive and intuitive and helped us feel safe and strong.

At first, my husband wasn't sure about hiring a doula, but after I convinced him and he met her, he wanted to call her with any questions that came up, and she became his first go-to person when things started to get serious.

Colleen is knowledgeable and sweet and I cannot imagine going through that experience without her. Thank goodness for my doula!

Posted 2/26/2014

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Ginnie Woloski- Barnes

I gave birth to our son 3 months ago and Colleen was our doula. She was instrumental in getting us through my intense back labor- she, my husband and a doula apprentice all took turns providing counter pressure. In the chaos of the labor room she created a place of peace and calm that helped me stay focused in what I needed to do to birth my baby. Her strength (physical and emotional), encouragement and support helped us in doing the next best thing throughout the birth. My husband and I commented after that we don't know how or why women would want to birth without a doula. Without Colleen I know there would have been interventions earlier and I would not have had the ability, strength or support to labor in the way I needed or wanted. We will be forever grateful for everything she did to help us bring our son into this world.

Posted 2/21/2014

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Kelly Weininger

My husband and I met Colleen at a doula meet and greet, and she immediately stood out to us as knowledgable and friendly. We got to know Colleen through taking a childbirth class and a breastfeeding class with her, so we were able to build trust and feel comfortable around her. When the day of labor arrived, Colleen was with us the entire day. She encouraged me, reminded me of the pain coping techniques that I had learned, and she was great at working with my husband and the midwives. Colleen made my natural childbirth experience a wonderful one, and I am so pleased with my decision to have Colleen as my doula. After my son was born, Colleen texted, called, and visited me to make sure my family was doing well. Through this experience, Colleen was not only my doula, but she became a dear friend.

Posted 2/4/2014

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Kimberly Deuster

To be honest, we were going to save money and not hire a doula. My husband and I decided to at least meet with a one, talk to them and feel them out before we completely close the door on the idea. After meeting Colleen and talking to her for 10 minutes, we were sold. Here is why.
She made it clear that she did not judge the outcome of our birth or anything leading up to it. She was there to support us and while that might seem like a small piece of a large puzzle, it can be hard to find someone who is not carrying their own agenda into the delivery room.
After my first baby, I knew that sometime things don't go "text book" planned. So I was open to possibly getting pain medication or another c-section. Our ultimate goal was to have a healthy baby. Our second was to have VBAC and third was to not have a repeat c-section and our fourth was to have a unmediated birth.
In the past, we had been told by a birth professional that it was only important for me to be comfortable and for me decide in which direction we would go during birth. My husband and I are a team. Unless a split second decision is needed, I include him in all decisions when it comes to our children. So when he and I decided to allow birth augmentation (Pitocin, Foley bag) she didn't blink. When I realized I was having a very hard time relaxing and allowing my body to progress and asked/begged for cervical block - she just held my hand. When after almost 48 hours of labor I decided that I wanted a epidural, she was very supportive. She was overly flexible allowing me to dictate during labor what made me more comfortable and took care of my husband as well. She reminded both of us drink water, rest when we could and even made my husband go eat. They only allow 2000 characters for these testimonies, so I'll close in saying how much of a blessing Colleen was for our daughter's birth. We would hire her in a heartbeat if we decided to have any more children.

Posted 2/2/2014

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Robynne Boyd

If you're looking for a strong, supportive, skilled, kind and non-judgemental doula, you'll find all of these characteristics in Colleen. My husband and I hired her for the birth of our second baby boy. We didn't have a doula for the birth of our first baby, but were lucky enough to have two midwives present the whole time. After realizing we may not get quite so lucky the second time around we started interviewing doulas. 

We spoke to three - each seemed competent - but they definitely had different ideas on where and how to birth. What attracted me to Colleen was that she wanted me to explore all the options for birth - home, water and normal hospital - and find what suited me best. We decided to have our second son at Northside Hospital and aim for a natural non-medicated birth. This is how I birthed my first child.

When Colleen met us at the hospital, she arrived we a birthing ball, christmas lights, aromatherapy oils, massage techniques on hand and many words of encouragement. She immediately transmored the hospital room from a sterile, fluourescent lit room into a cozy, calm and quiet birthing place. Colleen also immediately made a strong and very supportive working relationship with the midwives at hand although they had never met before. 

Birth is hard work, and I couldn't have had the beautiful, yet tough, natural labor  I had wanted without Colleen at my side. If you're looking for a doula, please do contact her. She's lovely! I couldn't reccomend her more strongly.

Wishing everyone the best,


Posted 1/27/2014

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Nina Banerjee

My husband and I met Colleen at a meet and greet session when were looking for a doula to support us through our pregnancy and delivery. We knew at once that she would be the perfect doula for us and we were absolutely right. She was a rock for both of us and took the place of the family we wished we had to support us. Before my due date she met with us and we spoke about what to expect when the day arrived. She coached my husband on massage techniques and discussed various methods to manage labor pain. She also sent us enlightening articles over email about childbirth and child rearing. My husband and I were completely at ease with her and most importantly, we trusted her completely to be there for us on one of the most important days of our lives. During the delivery, she was fabulous as expected. She was our advocate and yet worked harmoniously with the nurses and doctor on call. It was because of her that I could avoid continuous fetal monitoring. I wanted an unmedicated labor therefore it was important that I could access pain relief/management techniques such as using an exercise ball and hot showers which would not have been possible had I been constantly hooked to the monitors. Colleen helped me through 11 hours of labor in the hospital and enabled my husband and I to have perhaps the best possible birth experience ever. I cannot thank her enough for her contribution to both my mental and physical well being through our birth journey. Had we not had family visit after my baby arrived, we would have requested her for post partum support as well. I cannot recommend her enough and feel so fortunate to have met her. Thank you, Colleen!

Posted 12/7/2013

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Melanie Lasoff Levs

When I was told at my 35-week routine appointment that I had preeclampsia and the doctors would have to induce labor, my doula Colleen was one of the first people I notified. The induction was a slow process and started one afternoon. Though we did not call for her to attend until early the following morning, she was in touch with us throughout the early process, offering encouraging words. Once she came to the hospital, she was ON for the next 14 hours: massaging my hands and feet since I was unable to get out of bed, chatting encouragingly to us, bringing me drinks, and generally serving as a source of comfort (both physical and emotional) and support. I could NOT have gotten through those hours without her assistance. I am incredibly lucky to have had such a caring and attentive doula at my side during the birth of my third child. THANK YOU, COLLEEN!!!

Posted 12/4/2013

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Kevin Swartout

Colleen is outstanding! She was there for my partner and me, helping us stick with our birth plan through all of the unforeseen circumstances. Colleen took care of all the intangibles so I could focus on being present with my partner though the process and truly experience the birth of our first child. Invaluable!

Posted 10/14/2013

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Kate Pfeiffer

Colleen was amazing. I am so grateful to have found her. She was an amazing source of comfort, education, experience, and strength. She was always available to answer questions and provide support. Her calm, reasurring presence helped my labor tremendously. She helped me to feel confident, safe, and strong - which are REALLY important when laboring!! She also provided exceptional support to my husband, coaching him to coach me and that was really very special for us. When our birth "plan" changed course, she was right there helping me get through, and she stayed after the birth to talk, reassure, and support me while my husband was with our baby being treated in the nursery. I especially appreciated her advocacy and liaison role between my husband and me and the nursing staff at Northside Hospital. I also utilized Colleen's support as a post partum doula which was really helpful. She worked with me on baby wearing, breastfeeding, comforting. She continues to keep in touch with email literature which is enlightening.  Hiring Colleen was the best part of the birth experience! I highly recommend her.

Posted 8/28/2013

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Sherry Collins

Colleen is both knowledgeable about options in managing pain in labor, as well as a steady and compassionate assistant.  She was wonderful during my labor and delivery experience, providing good suggestions and taking our lead in helping us find the right fit among so many potential management techniques.  More than anything, her calm, reassuring presence provided a touchstone during the unfamiliar experience of our first child's birth.  My husband and I agree that her support was a valuable part of our succesful unmedicated birth.  We will be happy to have Colleen with us when we have our second baby.

Posted 8/27/2013

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dominique morgan

Colleen is an awesome Doula! She is very attentive, supportive and knowledgeable. I could not have had the birth I had without her. The guidance that she gave my husband helped him to be such a supportive and present birth partner. I always felt that she was completely there for me and with me during the birth of my son and throughout the prenatal support she provided me. I am so happy that I choose her to be part of one of the most physical and emotional events of my life.

Posted 8/27/2013

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Nicole Rose

My husband and I were SO lucky to have met Colleen, she was exactly what we wanted! I was fortuniate to have a natural water birth and Colleen was a huge part of getting both me and my husband through it! Colleen is calm,soothing and very encouraging! We hope to have her at our future births!

Posted 8/23/2013

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Ashlyn Swartout

Colleen was such a steady and grounding force in my labor. She was a calm presence that helped keep both my husband and me present and focused on progress toward meeting our little guy. Her calm, quiet demeanor and supportive tones and actions helped so much when I was caught up in the stress of labor. She was also helpful leading up to the birth--asking us important questions and offering us her own insights as well as lots of useful outside resources. Colleen was an incredible comfort to both of us both leading up to and throughout delivery, and we're already looking forward to working with her during my postpartum period. I cannot recommend her more highly. I assure you that you will not regret it if you choose to work with her as your doula.

Posted 8/5/2013

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Margaret English

I highly recommend Colleen for anyone looking for a doula. Thanks to her, I really knew what to expect at the hospital before I even went into labor. Her guidance regarding books to read in preparation for labor was really helpful. I ended up having my daughter a month early, but felt like I couldn't have been better prepared. Colleen was also great at the hospital. She has great soothing techniques and was integral to helping me push. Thank you, Colleen!

Posted 8/5/2013

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Cara Seaver

I highly recommend Colleen if you are looking for a doula. She made me feel extremely comfortable from the first moment I met her. She was a great source for information as we approached my "due date"-whether I was looking for meditations, info on birthing classes, websites regarding health issues-or just random questions about what to expect during labor/delivery. Prior to my birth she came by and practiced pain coping strategies and listened carefully to what type of delivery I was wanting to achieve. Although I was interested in an unmedicated VBAC, it was very clear she would support any type of birth I was seeking. I really appreciated her non-judgemental vibe. At the hospital she jumped in and supported me in every way possible- encouraging words, position changes, and was ready for the unexpected-my delivery room's AC was broken so she immediately began bathing me with ice water. I felt that she supported my partner through the process and she worked well with the other professionals involved (midwife, nurses, etc). She was helpful with post partum and nursing issues. I can't imagine the process without her; I am very glad we chose to have her with us on this journey. She guided me through one of the most intense and empowering moments of my life and I will always be grateful for the skill she did it with.

Posted 8/5/2013

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Elizabeth Belser-Vega

We had a wonderful experience with Colleen as our doula for the birth of my first baby- Alexander in May 2013. I had a very long labor, 49 hours and Colleen was there with us the whole time. She interacted beautifully with my whole labor support team- the midwives (Intown Midwifery), the nurses at AMC, my mother, and my husband. She helped the whole team communicate and her strong calming presence was truly amazing. She walked the halls with me, massaged me, hugged me, sprayed water on me, fed me water and ice, helped keep my mother and husband calm, supported my leg while I was pushing, helped me focus, and so much more. I truly appreciate her flexibility as she was willing to come to my house or meet me at the hospital or really be whatever I needed. 


Colleen never pushed her views on me and helped me think through every decision throughout the labor. After 42 hours of labor I needed to get an epidural so they Midwives could turn the baby who was stuck. Colleen was 100% supportive and never did anything to make me feel bad for having to use drugs. Her bag of goodies including her birthing ball, rebozo, and oils were fabulous and I actually used her rebozo to push the baby out. 


I sincerely appreciate her maturity, compassion, and understanding. Additionally after birth Colleen has been a great support, helping me process the birth and helping me breastfeed. She checks in regularly with me and has become a family friend. I would highly recommend Colleen to anybody who is searching for a doula. She is fairly priced and is so dedicated to helping young women through labor- it is her passion. 

Posted 7/9/2013

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Angela Rose

Colleen was exceptional during my labor with my daughter.  Colleen was so helpful in many different ways.  From always making sure I had water to doing her best to make me comfortable.  Colleen had many different positions and techniques she used which were a big help in easing the discomfort.  I highly recommend using Colleen as a doula.  I appreciated Colleens positive energy and "can do" attitude.  Thanks Colleen for such a wonderful experience!

Posted 6/10/2013

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Jacqueline Klein

I feel so blessed to have had Colleen with me for my journey through labor Colleen was so kind and she really helped put my husband and I at ease. We planned and prepared for an empowering birth after a difficult birth experience with our first child, where we felt rushed and pressured by my former doctor to augment labor and we were discouraged to try for an unmedicated labor. Colleen gently reminded us that this birth would be different, that I was carefully lining up my labor team, with my midwife, my husband and her. She was always available to answer questions and she suggested several helpful resources that helped us prepare for the birth my husband and I hoped for. This not only educated and empowered us, but reassured us that Colleen was there to support us all throughout my pregnancy. When my labor began, Colleen was available for us and came to assist as soon as we asked her to join us at the hospital. My labor was very long and progress came very slowly, but she was there by my side, at each contraction. It was very important to my husband and me that he was the primary birth partner and Colleen would be a support to both of us, and she did this beautifully. He never felt brushed aside and we both agree that we were able to emotionally cope with the ups and downs of labor better because Colleen was with us. She helped me cope with pain by suggesting different positions to labor in, she reminded me to stay hydrated, and to breath through the pain. She was never overbearing, and though she was there as an advocate, she also helped me to find my voice, which for me, was the most rewarding part of having doula support. When our beautiful son was born, she looked me in the eye and said that she was proud of me, and that I was a warrior. The best part was I knew she was right- I was a warrior, I used my voice, and I had the empowering birth I had dreamed of.

Posted 3/21/2013

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Angela Threadgill

Colleen was recommended to us by our birth doula.  As our postpartum doula, Colleen worked 20 hours spread over those first few weeks.  We immediately found Colleen to be compassionate, resourceful, encouraging, and reassuring.  We're first time parents and to have Colleen reassure us that we're doing a great job was exactly what we needed to hear.   

In the initial days, she assisted me with breastfeeding and methods to calm our infant daughter.  She watched our daughter while I took naps; singing and rocking her all with the gentlest of touch and demeanor.  Her focus is definitely on mom and baby, but she was willing to help with house chores, too.  So, Colleen put on her chef's hat to prepare a dinner for my husband and I, a recipe I use to this day.  She even picked up some items from the store, and threw the ball with our dog in the backyard. 

In the following weeks, Colleen assisted me with finding a baby carrier, taught me to use the various wraps, and taught me different baby massages.  We went for walks around the neighborhood and she introduced me to various breastfeeding support groups in the vicinity.  There were a couple of times when she assisted me with my evening routine when my husband was on a business trip, so I could take a break, eat a solid meal and take a shower!  As a mother of two grown children, Colleen draws from her own experiences as well as contemporary resources, sharing her great knowledge.  She on occasion e-mails relevant articles to her clients related to breastfeeding, infant sleep patterns, etc.  Our daughter is now 7 mos. old and we've continued our great relationship. If we're lucky enough to have a second child, we wouldn't hesitate to call upon Colleen.  We highly recommend Colleen as your postpartum doula!

Posted 3/18/2013

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Sarah Aathun

For expecting moms in the Atlanta area -- just wanted to share my amazing experience with Colleen as my doula. Without a doubt, I would not have been able to achieve my goal for a natural birth without Colleen there to guide me through the 12 hours of labor. She was soothing, encouraging, supportive, and constantly working to make sure I was as comfortable as possible while also keeping me moving to keep labor progressing. She, in short, worked her butt off for me and I am so grateful for that! When my husband and I look back at the birth of our daughter, the first thing we say is, "Hiring Colleen was the best decision we've made to date!"

Posted 3/15/2013

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With this being my first pregnancy, it was important for me to have a doula to support me through this unchartered territory. We interviewed a few doulas - all of which were experienced - but once we met Colleen we were both certain that she was the one. Colleen offered support and guidance before, during and after my labor. Before and after labor & delivery, she would periodically check in on me via email - sending me useful articles and community resources. During labor, she was a great support physically and emotionally. Whatever I needed, she was there to provide it - often accurately anticipating before I needed to voice it. An ancillary benefit was her partnering with my mate. She was able to manage his support of me in a way that was very helpful to us both. I highly recommend Colleen and definitely plan to use her for my next birth.

Posted 1/31/2013

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Sid Patidar

OMG where do I even begin and how do I even sum this up. I wouldn’t have birth again without my doula Colleen. I loved her. After about 20 hours of labor she was still by my side the whole time. It was her that made my experience the way it was and made me want to try harder. She was so knowledge about my goals and what I wanted and helped me stick to them as best as she could. She was very motivating and no matter my decisions throughout the delivery she stuck by them ALL. She helped me create the best environment for me and was very active with creativity on positions and things to try next. Even though this was my first delivery, I felt like I had known Collen forever (she just has this nurturing ambience about her). She even told my husband things to try to help me which was awesome so that he felt involved. Even though my delivery didn’t end up like I anticipated Colleen stayed to the very end and she was so proud of me that she even came to visit me the next day just to tell me how great I did b/c she knew how down I was about it. I love Colleen, she defiantly gets an A+++ from me and I would recommend her to all my friends and family!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 1/11/2013

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Kaundra Madge

Colleen was my first choice for our 2nd child. With both of my births, I wanted the most un-invasive experience, but still deliver at the hospital for the ‘just in case’ jitters that lingers in all mothers. I knew that a doula would help facilitate my choices and keep everyone calm, collected and cared for. I knew right away that she’d be great during labor because she was so knowledgeable about the entire birth process. She helped me remember things I’d forgotten with my first: calming affirmations, ideal nourishment and birthing paraphernalia like yoga balls and music. She didn’t hesitate or delay…all requests to move, walk, stay put, eat, drink, massage were met and delivered with warmth. Colleen was perfect! She was a great support and she with my husband helped me labor through and deliver my son all natural without medication. That was my priority and Colleen helped me achieve that.

Posted 1/8/2013

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Kaundra Madge

Colleen was my first choice for our 2nd child. With both of my births, I wanted the most un-invasive experience, but still deliver at the hospital for the ‘just in case’ jitters that lingers in all mothers. I knew that a doula would help facilitate my choices and keep everyone calm, collected and cared for. I knew right away that she’d be great during labor because she was so knowledgeable about the entire birth process. She helped me remember things I’d forgotten with my first: calming affirmations, ideal nourishment and birthing paraphernalia like yoga balls and music. She didn’t hesitate or delay…all requests to move, walk, stay put, eat, drink, massage were met and delivered with warmth. Colleen was perfect! She was a great support and she with my husband helped me labor through and deliver my son all natural without medication. That was my priority and Colleen helped me achieve that.

Posted 1/8/2013

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Jacqui O'Kane

We are glad to have chosen Colleen as our doula. We interviewed several people and knew off the bat that she was the one for us. She has a very calming presence and is knowledgeable about every part of the birth process, from pain control to informed decision making. From our first meeting with her, Colleen was an integral part of our birth team. She helped us think about what we'd want in various situations and how best to prepare for the big day. At the hospital Colleen worked with my husband and sister to ensure that our birth plan was respected. Also, she proved to be a master of therapeutic touch! I was amazed by the simultaneous power and gentleness in her hands. Finally, whenever she was uncertain about something, she was not afraid to consult more experienced doula mentors. Although Colleen is a relatively new doula, she seems naturally suited to the profession and will soon be an expert herself.

Posted 8/21/2012

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Christy Kim

Colleen is a wonderful Doula. From the moment my husband and I met her I felt an immediate level of comfort. On our initial introduction I was able to discuss the issues and decisions we had been trying to make about providers. She was able to offer support and information based on her experiences with different providers and allowed us to make an informed decision without pressuring us about what to decide. On our first scheduled meeting Colleen helped us discuss our birth plan and gave us a multitude of information that neither my husband nor I had thought or read about. We were better prepared thanks to her expertise and knowledge. Most importantly, Colleen was the best possible support we could have had during our labor and delivery. She transitioned so smoothly between my husband, the midwife, and herself. At every point she had suggestions for pain relief and comfort and she helped us to remain calm and relaxed throughout the process. Her support lasted beyond the delivery. She was there for me when I wasn’t sure what to do about our pediatrician’s diagnosis of a short frenulum for my daughter. Colleen gathered information from her colleagues and experts to help support us as we made decisions about how to handle the diagnosis. She offered support and information when I wasn’t sure where to turn or what to do. I will use Colleen as our doula if my husband and I decide to have another child. Her demeanor, personality, and wisdom add up to make her the ideal doula in our eyes.

Posted 8/17/2012

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