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Emily Alberhasky

Ankeny, IA Service range 30 miles

(515) 669-0904


Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Certifications

  • BirthWorks - Certified Doula

Birth Doula Experience

9 years and 120 births attended

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 3 to 5

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I have worked in all settings including: homebirth, hospital, and birth center.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
I had 4 home births myself and I have a special place in my heart for home birth.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • End of life doula services
  • Miscarriage support
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I am a Professional Member at Evidence Based Birth®, where I receive frequent continuing education on the best practices in the field. I facilitate a local support group called Difficult Birth Journey for any mother who feels that her pregnancy, labor, delivery, or postpartum journey was at all traumatic, difficult, painful, or devastating.

Fee Details

I am willing to discuss payment options and/or sliding fees when finances are a concern. Past clients receive a $100 discount.

Ankeny, IA Service range 30 miles

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Melissa Cordaro


I could tell as soon as I met Emily I wanted her to be my doula. She is positive and up-beat with such a calm and nurturing energy. Through our prenatal meetings we got to know each other and talk through my hopes and fears and expectations for my son’s birth. Not only was it nice to have someone to talk to during the emotionally challengjng time of pregnancy, it became very apparent during labor that she had been listening as she dialed right in to my hurdles and serenely guided me over each one. I found Emily’s nurturing energy to be a great complement to my midwife’s fortitude. It was also really nice to go through labor with someone familiar as well as someone who had been through it herself (5 times!). By the time Emily came to visit, about a week after my son was born, she felt like an old friend. I was honored to share such an intimate part of my family and journey as a woman and a mother with Emily, and would highly recommend her doula services to all women looking for some extra and tailored support during labor, delivery, and beyond.

Christine Korthals


Emily was wonderful through the whole process.  I had a somewhat traumatic experienice with my first birth, so with my second I had some fears and emotional issues to address.  Emily encouraged me and assisted me with that process, and she was a wonderfully understanding listener.  During labor, she came even before I felt like I needed her.  It was great to have another mother to talk to during early labor between contractions!  I had planned a home birth with midwives that Emily was familiar with, and I really appreciated that she kept the midwives updated and communicated when they should come to the home.  It was so nice to have someone to take care of those communications for me so that I could focus on the work of labor.  All throughout labor I benefited from Emily’s strong sense of intuition.  She seemed to know exactly what I needed when I needed it.  When I was getting close to transition and was doubting my ability to continue, she pulled me back into the moment and reminded me to focus on one contraction at a time.  After the birth she came over a couplelf times to process the birth with me, and support me with newborn care and breastfeeding.  I had a wonderful experiencewith Emily, and I plan to have her as my doula for my next child as well!

Sarah Birkestrand


Near the end of my first trimester my husband and I contacted the doula we used with our daughter. We learned she retired. Initially we were upset, but when I met Emily I realized it was a blessing. My first birth experience did not go as planned. When talking with Emily during our initial meeting, I realized my first doula didn’t help me prepare for the emotional toll of labor and deliver. Emily’s approach was intended to help me work through my fears and anxiety surrounding birth so that when labor started I wouldn’t panic. Emily met with my husband and me three times during the pregnancy and checked in regularly via text. As my pregnancy progressed my fear and anxiety lessened. I became confident that I could achieve the medication-free birth experience I desired. Unlike my first labor experience, this one was fast and furious. My son was born breeched at home after a 40 minute active labor. The planning sessions with Emily helped my husband and I stay calm (okay somewhat calm) and focused during this unplanned, complicated home birth. Emily remained in constant contact with my husband when the paramedics were attending to me as she raced to our house. This provided him with much needed emotional support. The paramedics had to rush my son to the hospital so my husband had to leave me alone. As the paramedics were preparing to take me to the hospital, Emily arrived. She stayed with me late into the evening until she knew I was going to be okay. She checked in with us regularly throughout our son’s NICU stay to give emotional support and help us process our birth experience. While we hired Emily to be our doula, she has become a dear friend. Our only regret during this entire experience is that Emily wasn’t physically there during the birth but was there with us in all the other ways we needed. You cannot go wrong with hiring Emily; she is loving, kind, and supportive.

Kambra Wylie


Emily is love and light. From the moment I realized I was pregnant I knew I wanted a doula and I knew Emily was exactly who I wanted. I did not have a doula with my first and my husband really filled that role perfectly but this time he needed to be there for our son and I needed someone to be there just for me. Meeting with Emily several times during my pregnancy allowed me to get to know her better and she took such a sincere interest in me, my pregnancy, and what I wanted to experience during labor. She was there for me during my pregnancy emotionally and when the day finally came and I was in labor she was there for me physically, emotionally and spiritually. Emily's calm, caring, and loving presence was exactly what I needed and wanted. I am so thankful that she could be there for me as my family of three became four. While I was too focused on my labor to really notice much around me I loved how Emily always seemed to be there when I needed her whether she was giving me something to drink or eat, rubbing my back, or just holding my hand, and encouraging me with nothing more than a sweet smile that always seemed to say, "you've got this". I know Emily did so much that I'm truly unaware of and it's those things that I'm so thankful and grateful for. 

Shana Patrick


Exceptional kindness. Genuine love for her clients and her profession. The look in her eyes and expression on her face when your upset or scared like she trying to absorb the negative away from you so you can heal. She has a way of encouraging a pregnant mama to create a lovely birth experience and feel very supported. That’s the impact Emily left on me. I knew I needed to have her on my birth team after the first time I went to difficult birth journey. Emily is just simply one of the very best Doulas there are.

Angie Allen


Emily was the “perfect fit” right from the start! At the interview we felt so at ease with her and could tell she shared our vision for birth that we hired her on the spot. We met multiple times to build our relationship and discuss our needs. When labor started all my coping strategies and plans disappeared from my brain but Emily was right there to offer everything we had discussed on our meetings— massage, oils, music, movements, etc. 

My labor and delivery was a long event with multiple twists and turns, but Emily never left my side. Her care and compassion continued well after the birth as she would check in with me to see how I was feeling and how we were all adjusting to our new addition. 

Emily was truly meant to be part of our birth!

Angie Allen


Emily was the “perfect fit” right from the start! At the interview we felt so at ease with her and could tell she shared our vision for birth that we hired her on the spot. We met multiple times to build our relationship and discuss our needs. When labor started all my coping strategies and plans disappeared from my brain but Emily was right there to offer everything we had discussed on our meetings— massage, oils, music, movements, etc. 

My labor and delivery was a long event with multiple twists and turns, but Emily never left my side. Her care and compassion continued well after the birth as she would check in with me to see how I was feeling and how we were all adjusting to our new addition. 

Emily was truly meant to be part of our birth!

Kate McQueen


I can't even begin to describe how wonderful and supportive Emily was for us before, during and after our birth.  We had an amazing natural birth experience and her knowledge and guidance was invaluable to the success of it.  She helped guide us through the entire process and took care of anything we needed so my husband could be focusing on me the whole time.  She has been there for us to answer any questions, calm any fears, and just provide a shoulder to lean on.  I'm convinced our birth wouldn't have been as incredible of an experience without her there.  She's become more than just our doula, but a true friend I can count on for anything!  We can't thank you enough!

Danielle King


I used Emily for my 3rd pregnancy. I had never used a Doula before, but was planning a home birth for the first time, so thought it would be very helpful this time. I have a history of pretty fast births, so I wanted as much support as I could get. We met a few times prior to delivery, and she was so warm and kind. She made me feel so comfortable, and like everything was totally going to be ok. I started having early contractions on a Saturday and, because of my history with quick births, I started texting her immediately. She stayed  in contact with me all day and evening Saturday, and checked in that night. Sunday came and I was texting her again when the contractions started back up. She contacted the midwife before I even knew I was actually in active labor. As soon as I said I needed her, she came over in her pajamas, if I recall correctly. When she got to our home, I was starting to push. She came right down by me and I felt so supported and safe. We had a small scare with the baby, but she was right next to us comforting us and reassuring us that everything was ok and this was a common complication. She kept me from freaking out, and everything was in fact ok! The after care once baby was here was something I am so sad we didn't have with our first 2. Emily made sure my husband and I both had everything we needed. She through all the towels and sheets in the wash, so we didn't have to worry about it. I honestly just can't say enough great things about her. I have never had anyone other than my husband in the room during delivery. I didn't ever want my mom in, but kind of missed that motherly presence there. That is exactly what Emily gave me. She gave me all the positive things about a motherly presence without any of the other stuff I didn't want. I would hands down recommend her to anyone looking for a Doula. 

Rebekah Molloy


How do you possibly put into words the impact a person can have on your life when they share in the single most pivotal moment you've ever experienced. That moment ties you. It shapes your relationship. And we couldn't be more grateful to be tied to such a wonder filled human. 

We hired Emily as our doula to help navigate the crazy unknown waters of our first babe. From our first meeting I felt her calming presence and knew immediately this is who we would have to hold the space during our daughters birth. We had originally planned for a home water birth and ended up being risked out and at the hospital from the start. This shift is plans was completely devestating for me but Emily was able to keep things positive while also validating my fears and emotions. Our birth process ended up taking from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon...and she didn't leave my side the entire time. Even after the birth i feel like she hasn't left our side. i mean...obviously physically she is NOT by my side all day every day. But she has made herself available anytime. i know i can call her with questions, with worries, with happy news, with a n y t h i n g. She even texts just to check up on me....because that is the splendor that is Emily. 

Emily is woven into such a spectacular moment in our lives. I honestly can't imagine sharing that with anyone else. We are endlessly grateful for her support, knowledge and beautiful energy before, during and many moons after our babe arrived. We love you Emily!! 

Lindsay Taylor


I absolutely LOVED working with Emily.  She was a wealth of knowledge for me during my second pregnancy.  She let me really work through emotions from my first birth and guided me in preparing for my second birth.  The prenatal visits with Emily were relaxing and flexible.  She alway presented me with evidence-based research for topics I was wondering about to help us make the most informed decisions.  


During labor Emily met us at the hospital and helped me feel powerful and confident.  She walked the halls with us, rubbed my back during intense contractions, and kept me focused during the very short, intense pushing stage. After the baby was born she helped me with our first nursing session and took pictures of our first meeting his little brother. 


I knew I wanted a doula at my birth and Emily felt like one of the family.  She was always texting me to check in before, during and after labor/delivery.  She truly cared about our family and we absolutely loved having her a part of this miraculous event in our lives.  I couldn't have imagined anyone else. 

Kristi Harshbarger


Emily is an amazing doula that is truly committed to her work! Our family cannot thank her enough for everything that she did to help us with our pregnancy and birth! We worked with Emily for my second pregnancy. My first pregnancy was a c-section, and I wanted (and was able to have) a VBAC this time. Emily was so supportive as we worked to educate ourselves and advocate for a VBAC, helping us find reliable information and staying positive and confident in my body and baby's abilities to birth naturally. She was always quick to respond and we communicated frequently throughout my pregnancy and after birth. When my labor progressed quickly, she made us a priority and was able to get to the hospital at the same time we did. She knew exactly what to say when and what to do to help me through each and every contraction and stage of labor. She's just an extremely kind and wonderful person and it was an honor to have her hold space for me during birth!!

Cristi Rittgers


The birth of my son was a beautiful, life changing experience – thanks to Emily’s invaluable experience, calming presence and sincere passion for supporting women. After years of struggling with infertility, my husband and I were both extremely anxious and cautious with every decision we made during my first trimester. Having Emily by our side throughout my 2nd and 3rd trimester and our entire birth journey was a gift we can never repay. Emily not only took the time to offer us the emotional support we needed, but also prepared us for the birth process and helped us create a birth plan that gave us confidence and took our anxieties away leading up to the birth.

When we decided to work with Emily, I did not comprehend the role of a doula. I knew that Emily would be there to support us while I was in labor, but did not realize she would meet with us throughout my pregnancy, be by my side after delivery as I struggled with my first attempt at breastfeeding, visit after the birth to provide postpartum support…I could go on and on. Emily is a wealth of knowledge and speaks from personal experience. I could create a long list of important pregnancy and birth tips we learned from Emily that we did not come across in our 12 week birthing class – or in any of the pregnancy books we read.

Emily’s love and passion for her doula work is just as valuable as her experience. Her calming presence during and after labor truly made me feel safe during times of uncertainty. There were moments throughout my journey when I would have strayed from my goals if she had not been there to remind me of my own strength.

It is difficult to express how deeply grateful I am for the time and energy Emily shared with us. The sacrifices she makes in her own life to be on call day or night is truly a gift. It was an honor to have Emily by my side during such a memorable life experience.

Jana Molstre


I was referred to Emily by a mutual friend a little over 6 years ago. My husband and I were planning on a home birth for our first child and I was starting my interview process. the minute I met Emily I could feel an energy about her that I was attracted to. As we began talking, her warm heart and spirt along with her wealth of knowledge made me believe that she was the person I wanted at my birth... and boy, was I ever grateful! Emily was calm during my labor and gave me all the attention a woman could ask for. Emily, who's had several home births of her own, knew exactly where to rub my back and had the right words to say. She kept me moving... making me walk around, in and out of the hot tub, bouncing on the ball, etc. to keep me advancing in my labor. I was having difficulty with dilating and she didn't want me to stop progressing and I trusted her. Yes, my husband could have done a good job, but I needed that mama to mama connection! Once my daughter was born, Emily stayed and helped me get cleaned up and picked up stuff around the house. She took care of me. I needed that love and she gave it to me. Emily was also there for my second home birth. I wouldn't have wanted anyone else but her because of who she is, what she believes and the love she gives. I am so grateful for this woman and for putting up with me for all of those long long hours of labor!

Megan Gross


When we first met Emily, I imagined her helping to guide me through labor and being a basic support as I tried for a natural delivery. What I got was so much more. When labor just wasn’t quite starting out like we’d expected, Emily was there to offer encouragement. When my husband was overwhelmed and exhausted, Emily was there to guide him through how best to support me. He didn’t have to think, he just had to DO which was so good for him in the moment. When we encountered bumps in the road, Emily was there to help us talk through our options and be a sounding board, reminding us what our goals were. When things got hard and I didn’t think I could do it anymore, Emily was there to remind me that I WAS doing it. When our daughter was born with surprise health issues, Emily kept me calm so my husband could give his full attention to our new little girl. When it was just all too much and I wanted my mom, she drove to my house to stay with our other daughter so I could have my mom there at my side. Emily continued to encourage us as a family as we spent time in the NICU and brought home our daughter. She’s remained a dear friend who was there with us during one of the hardest, but most beautiful moments in our lives. I cannot speak highly enough of her contribution to our family during those hours and beyond. Emily was such a wonderful doula who knew just how to support and encourage even when things weren’t going all that well. She was able to assess quickly where she was needed and step into those roles. We were very blessed to have her with us and I would recommend her to any and every friend having a baby, regardless of delivery type or goals.

Mackenzie Kilcawley


Emily is an experienced doula and mother! Her warm, loving and calm presence was an amazing gift at the birth of our second child. She was helpful and responsive to all my questions throughout pregnancy and checked in with how I was doing often. I would use her again for a future birth without question and would highly recommend her to everyone!

K. K.


My real name is Karalee Kerr. :)

Emily is incredibly kind, thoughtful, and intuitive. My first child's birth was in a hospital setting and was not at all what I was expecting. I felt alone and unheard. After a heartbreaking miscarriage, my husband and I were feeling a little nervous when we learned we were pregnant for the third time. Our midwife specifically recommended Emily, and I'm so glad she did. She came to our house for our initial consultation and listened as we told our story. We met several more times in the months leading up to our son's birth and each time felt like a mini-therapy session. She always had some suggestions of what we should discuss and helped us explore our concerns and fears. When my water broke in the very early hours we let her know right away and she was in contact all morning and into the afternoon. She offered to come to our house at several points but I felt most comfortable laboring at home with just my husband. She remined us of all the things we could do to get things progressing a little more. The tips worked and we headed to the birth center shortly thereafter where she met us as we parked our car. I kept my head down a lot during labor but I remember being amazed at all that she could communicate just with her hands--encouraging me to relax my shoulders and my whole body. She guided my husband in ways that he could help me, and when I thought that I couldn't do it anymore she was the voice of encouragement that I needed. I felt so well taken care of. A couple days later Emily visited us in our home again and very patiently listened to me and cared for me again. It was absolutely perfect timing as I was a hormonal mess and feeling overwhelmed. She let me cry and then helped me pick myself back up. I can't thank her enough for listening to me all along the way and helping me to have just the kind of birth that I was hoping for. I will forever be grateful to Emily for her part in Jonah's birth story.

caroline johnson


Look, obviously having a baby is a HUGE deal, and who you pick to be there with you is also a HUGE deal. Emily was the third doula we interviewed, and there was something about her - kind of like when I met my husband - I just KNEW she was the one. I'm sure most of her clients feel this way, but we were immediately comfortable and put at ease by her grace and warmth. We met a couple of times before delivery and our relationship and comfort continued to grow. She is kind and funny and incredibly knowledgeable - we knew we were with a pro. As soon as labor started we were in touch with Emily and she arrived just a few hours later when we decided it was time. She was with us as I continued to labor at home for the next 17 hours. She was in touch with our midwives, helping me in and out of the tub, reminding my husband to sleep when he could, making sure I was eating and drinking, and walking me up and down our stairs. As the midwives decided I needed to transfer to the hospital Emily helped ensure that the details were taken care of - for myself, my husband, and our pets. In the hospital she continued to remain calm and supportive during this incredibly long labor. She was a support for my husband and I while we were able to negotiate skin to skin immediately after our cesarian delivery with the doctors and nurses, then she remained with us after delivery ensuring I was able to breastfeed and that all of our needs were met before she left us as a new family of three.

After delivery Emily remained a presence in our lives (and still does today). During the early postpartum days she was available for any questions and came to check in on us a couple of days after. A few months post-delivery, I was able to attend her 'Difficult Birth Journey' class, and we drank tea while she helped me process our birth. She is an expert in mamas and babies and you will not regret choosing her as your doula.

Danielle Cusack


Emily is an amazing doula! I recommend her to anyone I know expecting a baby. After a very traumatic first birth my husband and I were looking for extra support this time around. We wanted someone who knew birth and fully trusted the process, Emily was just that. She was an amazing coach through our decision making process. Due to our history, we had to fight hard to make a birth plan with a provider we were comfortable with. She respectfully listened to our concerns, gave us very informative information, and was plugged into the local birth community to offer plentiful resources.

When the day arrived she was there very early in the process just as we wished, she was prepared and full of tricks and supplies. She was sweet enough to bring us snacks and everything. When making medical request, she was always supportive an ensured the hospital staff were hearing my request. Birth moved much faster than expected, and without Emily's calming presence my panic would have taken over. My husband raves about her physical and emotional support through the process.  I honestly barely noticed them switching off to help hold me in the water. Her experience and knowledge help support us through making the choices we needed to have a successful natural birth. It was the perfect, fulfilling, amazing, healing experience we hoped for and Emily was a huge part of that.

I without any hesitation would recommend Emily for your birth.

Laura Coyle


I didn't have a doula with my first birth because I didn't think I needed one. I didn't really understand what a doula was and I assumed my husband would be my support person. What I didn't understand was that my husband was busy having his own experience and wasn't really able to support me. The second time around my midwife suggested a doula and I was more open to it, because I realized how vulnerable an experience birth is and how much I needed the support. 

We were so happy to have Emily as our doula. Her calm, quiet, supportive presence helped us create the ideal space for our peaceful home birth. Emily took care of everything we needed without us having to ask. She took time to really get to know us ahead of time, was able to intuitively meet our needs, and helped us know when to call the midwife. She stuck around after the birth to make sure we were settled in and checked on us afterwards to make sure we were doing well. I highly recommend Emily as an amazing doula!

Kellie Hoover


We interviewed a lot of doulas before deciding to hire Emily. We couldn't have been any happier with having her present at our home birth. She met with us several times beforehand and we talked about hopes and fears for the birth process and got to know each other better. When the time came, she was on phone support very early on, and then she arrived before our midwife and nurse and helped us through early labor. 

Emily was an amazing presence in our birth space. My husband was my primary birth partner, so she supported both of us and provided gentle guidance. I plan to have her at any and all of my future births! 

Melanie Schmidt


I have known of Emily for many years. When I was pregnant with my third child,my midwife recommended her as a doula, it immediately felt right. From the beginning of our meetings while pregnant, Emily, held such beautiful space and energy for me to speak my truth and process all the obstacles that I needed to overcome. She provided empathy, understanding, passion, love, and continual kindness and caring that each of us expectant moms so deeply need at this time of major transition and growth. There are no words to decribe my respect and gratitude for her knowledge and spirit during pregnancy, during labor/birth and after birth. Doula work is her calling.

Kelli Brus


We chose to have Emily as our doula for our second birth. From first meeting her, we knew she was right for us. She has such a warm, calm, and caring personality. During our birth, she was a positive presence when we were up against some negativity and gave us the reassurance we needed to know everything was moving along as it should. Emily has so much personal and professional experience with birth, breastfeeding, and babies and is a real asset to the birth community. We love Emily and are so grateful to her for supporting us though our birth experience!

Sarah Franczyk


I have been blessed to have Emily at 3 of my
children's births. I remember after every time saying
to myself- there is no way I could have done that without
her! Emily truly has a gift. She was very in-tune with
what my needs were in a way that my husband could never
be... just because he has never given birth! 

My children were born at the hospital and I did 3 VBACS, so there were a lot
more rules. Emily knew how to balance them to help give me what I
was aiming for- not having an epidural, and the best birth
experience at a hospital.

This past birth was my fastest one (the first 2 she was with
me last about 14 hours and the last one was only about 7).
Emily assisted me with suggesting different positions to help
the baby in coming. Emily also talked to me in a calm and reassuring
voice the whole time. This in turn, helped me to remember
to calm down. I appreciated that Emily worked well as a team with my

Emily definitely has a passion for birth and being a doula.
She is in her element at a birth. I would highly
recommend her!!


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