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Cole Deelah

Sage Beginnings Childbirth

Webster, TX Service range 30 miles



Birth Fee

$850 to $1250

Birth Fee

$850 to $1250

Birth Doula Experience

19 years and 506 births attended

Doula Training

  • The Bradley Method of Husband-Coached Natural Childbirth, July 2004

Type of practice: Partnership with 2 or more doulas

Clients per month: 1 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly casting
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth pool rental
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Henna belly designs
  • Infant massage education
  • Military families support
  • Monitrice services
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Parenting consulting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • TENS units rental

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I am the mother of 5 beautiful, children and the wife of one feisty entrepreneur. Prior to moving to Houston, I was the producer and director for BOLD 2008 in Nashville. I have assisted with BOLD 2010, 2011, and 2013 in Houston, have taught Healthy Pregnancy classes for a number of years, was co-founder and co-leader of Nashville's Birth Network for 2 years. I have continued my education with a licensed massage therapist and chiropractor through a 2 year apprenticeship and am working directly with an area midwife as an apprentice. I am an author and have had a number of articles published in such publications as the International Doula Magazine, and Midwifery Today, to name a few. I am CPR/AED and NRP certified. You can also find me at my blog:

Webster, TX Service range 30 miles

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Kariann Muratore


Cole served as our doula for our first-born in 2015. After an amazing experience, my husband and I agreed, we had to have her for our second born. My first experience giving birth was extremely difficult, 18 hours of active labor at the Woman’s Hospital. Having gone through a rather traumatic experience the first time, and knowing what I now know, I couldn’t imagine getting through a natural, non-medicated childbirth with out her. She was wonderful. Second time around, I had a whole new set of concerns that mainly involved worry over our toddler and managing the birth process with him around. And, of course, I had the fear of knowing what I already knew. Cole knew exactly how to handle my increasingly worried mind. She knew how to talk to me and bring me back to an “I got this” place. As it turned out, this time around my labor lasted only 4 hours total (45 minutes active labor) and my husband caught our newborn in our kitchen. We were trying to get out of the home to the hospital, but everything progressed so fast that we didn’t even call Cole until it was “too late”. We wound up having an unexpected home birth all on our own. My husband and I were panicked, but Cole took charge of the situation. She was in constant communication with my husband via phone and she contacted a Midwife that she is affiliated with. We decided not to go to the hospital and we waited for Cole and her Midwife to come to us. They waltzed into our home and took care of EVERYTHING. The only thing I needed to do was recuperate, and the only thing my husband had to do was be with our newborn and me. They were amazing. There was no doubt we were in good hands. My husband and I do not plan on having any more children, but if we were, I would do a (planned!) home birth and have Cole by my side, again. I highly recommend Midwife Darlene Scrivner. If you need a babysitter, I recommend Kyrie, Cole’s daughter. She was a huge help.

Holly Milkowski


I first met Cole at some point after my first baby was born but before my second baby was anywhere on the radar. She has an impressive presence in the local birth community and I was able to gather several standout qualities about her: she's intelligent, she's deeply intuitive, and she's vastly competent for any task, big or small.

By the time I was pregnant with my second baby, I knew she would be my first choice doula. Thankfully she was available! My past experience with a doula had been unsatisfying and I hoped for something different this time. My previous doula never shared information with me during pregnancy, and barely checked in postpartum. I loved that Cole took it upon herself to share research-based education with me throughout pregnancy and offered her own experiences as learning tools, but without bias or judgment. 

On birthing day, she made it to my house only 8 minutes before my baby was born.  Of course, this was totally my fault because I didn't give her enough notice and I live quite far away (but I knew this in advance, which itself shows how determined I was to have Cole as my doula!). She held space for me, helped my husband intuit what I needed as the night progressed into postpartum caretaking, and was essential to the strongly harmonious, respectful vibe in the room. 

Cole is an absolute professional who has many helpful connections in the birth community, in addition to a warrior spirit, and a detective's eye for the hidden mysteries of the feminine. In other words, many checks in the 'Awesome Doula' column! I would (and do) recommend her services to anyone and everyone -- she is not your average doula!


Stacey Herndon


I have used Cole for my last 2 births, and again for my upcoming birth early next year. Both have been simple, uncomplicated vaginal home births. A doula can be many things based upon the situation and personalities of the family involved. The first time we used her, she was excellent at just holding the space and making me feel supported and assisted. That birth was fast and overwheming and I probably didn't utilize her full skillset as I could have. My most recent birth was very different. I struggled with a last minute provider change, and didn't mesh at all with the provider's method of care (too aggressive). Cole became the stop-point between all the things happening that I wasn't ok with, and helped me to maintain my wishes even when I was ready to give up and transfer to the hospital. When I needed to make decisions, she was able to provide options clearly and efficiently to align with my birth spite of labor brain. If I hadn't been so loud while pushing she probably would have been the one to catch my baby (and I would have been a-ok with that!). 

I feel that Cole is a wealth of knowledge and experience and couldn't imagine having a baby without her presence. She is able to adapt to whatever the situation calls for, whether its a high level of care or simply a safe calming presence. As a bonus, her placenta services have been a lifesaver postpartum! 

Meredith Rimkus


Where to even begin..

in short: worth her weight in gold, in every aspect of what a woman needs during such a transformational time. 

im still processing my own experience with the birth of my daughter, but there is absolutely no hesitation in being able to describe the support my husband and I received from Cole through the experience. 

We hired her early on, so she was always included in our birthing conversations. But, 40 weeks is a long time! I was at times impatient to get to the part where I could talk to her about delivery relevant stuff versus just like checking in occasionally! 

Eventually that time came, and having her positive energy around us felt so Wonderful. 

I put a LOT of work into preparing for the birth of my daughter. My son, born 2 years earlier, was an emergency delivery at 32 weeks, followed by a 5 week NICU stay. 

I needed this to be different, and I worked hard for it. For us, The real support with cole came from her intuitive emotional intelligence surrounding the needs of a pregnant mama whose first baby didn't come as planned. I was living in so much fear, and she very gently but authentically helped me navigate that. 

4 days after my due date, my water broke out of nowhere in the middle of the night. 90 minutes later, my daughter was born. She was on the phone with us until she heard us move into transition (She was on her way!!), at which point we were instructed to call the midwife (she was also on her way!!). 

Cole was 100% available to us as we needed her support, was above and beyond with post partum care in the hours after birth, and will be the first call we make when we find out baby #3 is on the way!!

Vanessa Rowden


I was very disappointed in the service I received from Cole.  I was told I would get two prenatal home visits.  I ended up having to drive to Cole for both of my visits (she lives over a half hour drive from me).  And during these visits she expected me to lead the conversation about what I wanted for my birth.  However, the whole reason I hired a doula was because I didn't know what to do or what to expect.  I guess I expected a little more hand holding as a first time mom.  Someone to walk me through it all.  I wasn't expecting her to make decisions for me.  It's just that I needed to know what decisions I needed to make!  She told me during the prenatal visits that she would come to my house when I went into labor and help me labor at home before I went to the hospital.  What really happened is that she never came to my house and then even when I was in the hospital, my husband had to call her and tell her to please come now because the midwife was asking us to make some medical decisions and we wanted her there to help explain what was going on.  Cole was trying to wait until I was in active labor before coming to the hosptial; however, I wasn't progressing well and I was in a lot of pain.  I didn't know about the 'active' labor requirement when I hired her.  After I delivered the baby, Cole left as soon as the baby latched on to feed.  She says in her service package that she stays two hours after delivery.  She stayed maybe 30 minutes after mine.  Cole had confessed to me while I was in labor that she had delivered quite a few babies that same week.  She was exhausted, and it showed.   I really hate talking so negatively about someone, but I hope this review gets posted so that it can help someone to not waste their money and to choose a better doula than I did.

Kristin Ginn


I hired Cole late in my 3rd trimester when I decided I wanted to try for a natural birth.  She was very helpful in getting me ready by providing tons of useful information and meeting with my husband and I via Skype.  She offered to bring an apprentice with her, but let it be our choice if we wanted the extra help on the big day.  We met with the apprentice, Adilah, via Skype as well and really liked her, so we were happy to invite her along.  Cole coached us through at-home labor and helped us decide when to go to the hosptial. She showed up at the hospital shortly after we confirmed that I was being admitted.  She handled the early labor with me through the night, and her apprentice showed up early the next morning, before things became really active.  My baby was posterior, so I had a lot of hard back labor.  They helped me find the right positions to get into to both help keep labor active and keep me as comfortable as possible. When things got tough, they used massage and essential oils to get me through it. They knew exactly where they needed to place their hands to take the pressure off of my back.  During active labor, Cole was able to get my baby to spin by putting me in specific positions. I could feel my baby slowly spin into the correct position with each contraction.  Overall, my labor was 14 hours, and the pushing was 2 hours.  Cole and her apprentice worked with the nurse and doctor and my husband to get me through the very challenging pushing stage safely.  I was able to deliver my 7-lb baby boy completely natural.  I had such an adrenaline high following birth, that I was wide awake and pumped for the next 24 hours.  Immediately following delivery, Cole and her apprentice stayed for a couple hours to help my baby latch properly and make sure I was comfortable.  I attribute the success of my natural birth to Cole and Adilah.

Laura Mertz


I LOVED having Cole as my doula. My husband and I were hesitant about having a doula and were not sure how the process would go but Cole made the process so clear and so easy. She took the time to really get to know us and understand what we wanted out of our birthing process. She also introduced me to her apprentices, who were so nice,in the case that she would not be in town for my delivery. I had never been through a major hospital procedure before and was VERY nervous about delivering, labor and any complications that could come up. Cole was so calming and was there with me and my husband through every step. My water broke at 3am in the morning; I texted Cole and she replied right away. She guided me through my first part of labor and let me know when to go to the hospital and met us there and stayed there with us the whole time. She even brought lavender scented oils so that the labor room would not smell like a hospital. After my delivery she was so helpful with tips on healing for me and breast feeding my baby. She watched me breast feed and her tips and encouragement are one of the main reasons that I have been able to breast feed my baby. My baby is going to be one year old next month and I am just finished breast feeding her! She has been healthy and I thank Cole for starting us off on the right foot. If I was to have another baby I would call her right away to assist!

Julia Laureto


From the beginning, I knew I wanted to attempt child birth without an epidural.  I had a few reasons including my mother's success without them, my need to prove to myself that I could do it, and a sincere belief that the less interventions I had, the safer my baby girl would be.  

I was well aware of the reality of child birth though and knew that having someone like Cole there would be very helpful.  I found Cole as part of the Houston Doula Cooperative.  I'm so glad I found her.  She was coming straight off another birth when she came to help me through my birth experience.  I don't know how she did it, but I'm so glad she did.  Her calming presence was exactly what I needed.  Her reassuring comments and her gentle pushback to my "need" for an epidural were exactly what I needed to make it through without it.  I was able to be as in control of my birthing experience as a hospital setting would allow and it was with Cole's help.  

I would definitely recommend her to anybody who is interested in hiring a doula for their child's birth. 

Thank you for all you did!

Andrea Siwek


It was great working with Cole during pregnancy because she could answer a lot of questions and took my fear of labor. Her given links were helpful as well as her answers in her emails or messages. It was nice to get her known better during her visits at our home. She has a great personality, is a very good listener and has a lot of own experience.

Although Labor went a little different than planned and we met her directly in the hospital she could help us. She calmed us down, helped me with massage and some oils, so that my husband was able to sleep a little bit.

During her visit after birth she gave some good advices for breastfeeding and for the postpartum and encouraged us in what we are doing as knew parents. 


Christen Miller


I am so thankful to Cole for her guidance, encouragement and support throughtout my labor and delivery. I don't believe I could have achieved my goal to have an unmedicated hospital birth without her services. With a truly calming presence and peaceful nature, she gently made suggestions for ways to ease pain and help my labor progress. From the time she arrived at my home to the time our son was born, Cole never left my side. She was there to skillfully apply almost constant pressure to my lower back through my contractions. She provided reassurance to my husband and I through what would have been a more frightening time had we been on our own. Finally, all of the educational materials and phone support she offered prior to labor (and during the couple of times I thought I was in labor but wasn't) were really invaluable in helping me mentally prepare for the experiene. Thanks again, Cole! We will be calling you one day for baby two!

Megan Wingate Carling


I am so thankful for Cole, and her presence during my pregnancy and birth. She is by far, the very best at holding space during this intimate and personal time. She provides information, encouraging mommas to follow their hearts and intuition. She has the most calming demeanor, which for me was so important during my birth, and my pregnancy. She will forever hold a space in my heart for her time spent with me. 

Melissa Webb


I am so glad that I had Cole as my doula for my 2nd VBA2C nearly 6 months ago.  I truly don't think that I could have done it without her.  I ended up being induced (insulin dependent GD, blood pressure issues starting to cause problems and multiple triage visits) with AROM and later low dose pitocin.  It was far more intense and longer than my first VBA2C which was spontaneous labor.  I was asking for the epidural toward the end because it had been so long and I was so exhausted, but in the end I did it medication free just like my previous VBA2C in another city with another doula.  Cole was a calm voice of reason during my labor and delivery and helped not only me but my husband.  If we have another baby, we will definitely hire Cole again as our doula!  

Emilie Diehl


Cole was great and I would definitely recommend her to anyone needing doula services. She is very calming and knows how to calm a laboring momma down! 

Jaymie barnett


Cole was with me for my first birth and she was incredible. I ended up having to have a csection so with my second pregnancy i didn't even think twice to call her for my attempt to vbac. I had a successful vbac with no meds thanks to her!! Cole and my husband were a great team together. Without her, I definitely would have panicked and who knows what would have happened! She is incredibly calm and her voice is sooo soothing and she is so encouraging and she is extremely knowledgable. She knew what positions I needed when things were slowing down and she was a great cheerleader when things were progressing. She also showed us my placenta and told us some neat facts about it which I thought was pretty cool! I truly cannot say enough good things about her.  She is amazing and she's just perfect!!! Anyone looking for a doula NEEDS Cole in their birth team . Will not regret it!!! Thank you so much Cole for helping me get my very much desired vbac!! You're the best! 

Allyson Jimenez Huyke


From very early on in my pregnancy, I knew I wanted a doula. This was my first child, and I have no family in Houston, no close friends with children living in Houston, and although I love my in-laws, it just felt like I needed extra support….for ME. I am so happy I found Cole and chose her. She was essential support when I made the decision to change OB/GYN going into my third trimester, a process that was difficult and extremely stressful. After many failed attempts to be taken in by doctors recommended by acquaintances, the doctor that delivered my baby was Cole’s recommendation, and we were extremely pleased with our decision. During the end of my pregnancy due to gestational diabetes, it was becoming pretty obvious that I was going to get induced. Cole spent time with me going over the expectations I should have now that induction was so probable. The day of my induction, my husband and I were in constant communication with her through-out. Although I had wished she had gotten to the hospital sooner, once I started really dilating it was WAY faster than anybody expected, I can’t imagine how it would have been like if she hadn’t been there for the “main event”. My baby had start turning becoming slightly posterior, which implied them putting me in different positions when “pushing” to try to get him to turn. I don’t remember much of that entire time other than staring at Cole’s face while my husband touched my back, and just listening to her voice as I worked as hard I ever have. I had the closest to a natural birth I could have had thanks to Cole, and for that I will always be grateful.We highly recommend her!

Lindsey Albers


Cole was the BEST decision we could have made! I was attempting a VBAC at home and Cole came highly recommended. To our surprise, my son decided to come 5 weeks early so I had to make the decision transfer to a hospital for the baby's sake. Cole rode with me in the back of our SUV for the hour drive and never left my side at the hospital. The hypnobirthing that I had read about went out of my head and I was a mess during labor and completely gave up on having a natural birth - I was begging for an epidural before we even got to the hospital. Cole never made me feel weak and patiently reminded me how to breathe through contractions - anyone else would have been completely frustrated with me. I was not at all prepared for a hospital birth and Cole helped answer questions that I had as well as explain things to me when I wanted to know why or what was going on. After about 17 hours at the hospital, I did get my VBAC and I credit Cole with that. My husband isn't good with pain or hospitals and had it just been him with me, he would have been trying to talk me into a csection the first time a nurse or doctor brought it up. It was really hard to describe a doula to my husband beforehand, but afterwards even he was saying that had we found Cole for our daughter's birth, I may have been able to avoid a csection then, too. Hospitals can be confusing and scary and you never know if doctors are giving advice that's best for them or you so having Cole's calmness and rational voice really helped both my husband and me stick with the VBAC plan even when all of the other plans went out the window. IF we have more kids, I'll be calling Cole again!!!

Jeff N Lauren Howell


Cole was my doula for my fourth and fifth babies. She was AMAZING! She was encouraging and knowledgable. She introduced labor techniques that were customized to my babies' positions and my level of comfort. Cole has a gentle, calming spirit, which helped me tremendously throughout the course of my labors. I will be forever grateful to Cole for her role in my labors. And if we are so blessed to have a sixth little one, I will definitely be calling Cole to help us walk through our next journey!

Kariann Muratore


Dear Cole,

I have been meaning to write you for quite some time now. I apologize for not writing you sooner.
I want to thank you for being there for me during my labor and birth. I could not have done it with out you. I (and my husband, chris) were terribly unprepared for natural labor. I new it could be long and painful, but I guess you never know until you're in it yourself. My memory of the experience has no time-line and is a complete blur. Except for the pain. I didn't think I was going to be able to go thru with it, but chris and I never discussed a code word for "I'm done, give me an epidural". I'm glad tho, because no one suggested an epidural and you got me thru it. I wouldn't have changed a thing and I would do it all over again. Thank you for pushing on my hips hour after hour, and for taking hits of bodily fluids i could not control. Thank you for holding my hand, helping me breath and for trying to keep me calm. You were wonderful and I will be forever grateful. You also took some great photos of the birth. Thank you. Im so glad we have captured those moments.

Baby Otis spent 5 nights in the NICU. There were blood sugar level issues, breathing issues and jaundice. Everything panned out ok and Otis is a healthy and doing great. He will be 3 months next week on the 16th. Breast feeding is going well and he sleeps really well. I find myself often over-come with joy and love --- I had no idea i would feel a love so strong.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I hope you and your family are doing well and enjoying the holiday season.

Much Love,

Kelly Linder


This was my 2nd child but my first labor (scheduled c-section with first due to breech positioning), and I was attempting a natural VBAC. Cole is just wonderful, but I think the reason she is so good at what she does is that she is SO CALM.  She walks in to a room and just emanates peace and order. And that was critical when I was about 18 hours into labor and she walked into my bedroom as I was crouched on my floor, half-clothed, throwing up in a bucket, and said, "Hey Mama."  And that was exactly what I needed to hear right then.  "Mama."  A reminder of the end goal in all of the pain and misery.  Something to note was that this was about 5pm on Halloween night, so she left her 5 kids and missed trick-or-treating with them and never once made me feel bad about that.  She is incredibly professional and dedicated.

I didn't deliver until 5am the next morning, so she was with us for about 12 hours. And she was WORKING. She talked to me, suggested positions for me, rubbed my back, showed my husband how to support me, did hip/pelvic movements with me, ran me a bath, walked me to and from the toilet, changed bed pads, and on and on. She also was good about making me work -- I was in the bath for almost 2 hours, and was making plans to spend the rest of my life in there, but she reminded me that I needed to get out and up so that labor would progress. While my nurse kept offering me pain medication, having Cole there gave me that sounding board and confidence that there was someone in the room that had seen this before, knew it could be done, and didn't see any reason for interventions. 

When it was time to push, she held my hand told me that between contractions was both my and baby's time to rest and breathe, and reserve strength for the next push. I know I was successful because of her and that advice. I will definitely use her again.

Sarah Weir


This was our second birth with Cole and she proved herself indispensable again.  I would never choose to have another baby without her guidance and serivces.  She kept us calm all day while I was in labor, answering all of our texts and constant questions about the labor process.  She understood my desire to labor at home for as long as I could, but also respected that I wanted a hospital birth.  She helped us understand the signs and discern when we should head to the hospital...and the timing was absolutely PERFECT.  She met us at the hopsital and helped carry us through delivery - giving me the encouragement and help that I needed to get through!  Her calm presence and vast experience were exactly what I needed in that moment!  I can't recommend Cole highly enough, and I hope to use here again in the future :)

Lauren Mandel


Cole was my doula for my second baby. This was my first out of hospital birth and I had tons of questions. She was always there to answer questions and gave me great resources on various topics throughout my pregnancy. Cole was outstanding during my birth. Her calm and confident demeanor helped me to relax during the most intense parts of labor. Somehow, she was able to capture beautiful moments of my labor on camera. Those pictures I will cherish forever. She was also able to encapsulate my placenta! Her expertise is second to none and thanks to her and the rest of my birth team, my husband and I were educated and prepared for our natural child birth. I couldn't have wished for anything more!! Thank you so much, Cole!

Abby Ramsey


Cole attended the vbac home births of my 3rd and 4th babies. She was a consistent provider of comfort for me during my pregnancies, and a critical source of positive energy, strength, and calmness during my labors (for both me AND my husband!). After our 3rd baby was born, my husband said, "If we ever have another baby, Cole is the first person we will call for our birth team!"...and she was! I highly recommend her and believe she is one of the best doulas anywhere! 

Robyn Dedon


Cole is incredible!  This was my first pregnancy and I wanted to do it right. Cole made sure that happened. I wanted the natural birth and that's what I got. Cole was such a blessing during our labor; my husband was a nervous wreck and wasn't sure about anything and Cole really helped him understand the process of everything that was going on with my body and baby. I know most pregnancies and labors don't go as planned, but I believe that it is because of Cole that we were able to do everything that we wanted. She easily earned 5 atars from me and we have every intention of using her again in the future.

Libby Conine


Cole was such a wonderful and positive part of my pregnancy, labor, and delivery! I cannot imagine having taken this journey without her.

She provided both encouragement and evidence-based studies throughout my pregnancy that aided in our decisions for our son while also easing our minds as first-time parents. She was very supportive of our decisions and always made us feel comforted. Most importantly, she was always a positive presence and was very prompt to respond to any questions I had. 

I ended up being induced and having an epidural, so did not have the unmedicated, low-intervention birth I had hoped for, but Cole provided incredible support the whole time. She helped me through my labor pains up until the epidural was administered, and then remained a constant source of encouragement throughout the delivery. Although I was medicated, Cole remained my cheerleader during the pushing phase and knew exactly what I needed to keep me focused and pushing. She also took the most beautiful pictures of our son's birth that will be forever cherished!

On a final note, Cole did placenta encapsulation for me and now, at 3 weeks post partum, I can say that I feel wonderful and my recovery has gone incredibly well, even with a fourth degree tear. I haven't experienced any baby blues and I truly believe the placenta pills are to thank. 

I wish i could put in to words just how truly wonderful it was to have Cole as my doula. I hope every pregnant woman can have the support that Cole gave me!

Lesley Kohles


My birth was difficult did not go according to plan due to health issues. Even though it ended in a cesarean, Cole proved instrumental in helping the experience remain positive. She was a calming presence and an encourager in a very stressful situation and she provided detailed information about the procedures I needed beforehand so that I felt both ready and fully informed. Thanks to her, I have great memories and photos from my son’s birth. She was also the reason I was able to establish breastfeeding with my son right off the bat. My mother and husband were both skeptical about hiring a doula a few months ago, but after working with Cole, none of us could imagine going through the experience without her.

Alicia Chavez


Saying I had an amazing experience with Cole as my doula is an understatement. I cannot express how thankful I am to have had her as part of my birth team. I know without her and her apprentice, I would not have had a successful vbac.

I contacted Cole late in my pregnancy (37 weeks) after deciding to try for a vbac. I really did not know where to start. She helped me set up appointments with vbac friendly doctors who might take me as a patient so late. I ended up at Ben Taub after talking with Dr. Davidson and Cole. I had a lot of prodromal labor, and Cole was supportive the whole time. She answered all of my questions, and gave me evidence based information so we could make informed decisions. I never felt like she was judging us, even after I got an epidural when I wanted an unmedicated birth.

After she arrived at the hospital, she seemed to know exactly what I needed before I had to ask. She supported my husband so he could take breaks, suggested different positions to help baby get into an optimal position for birth, and cheered me on when I needed it. She worked wonderfully with the nurses to make sure I had everything I needed. She also took the most amazing pictures and sent them within a few days. My husband and I know we could not have done it without her. Saying she is amazing is an understatement. I recommend her to everyone I know, and will definitely use her again!!

Heather Carroll


Cole is the BEST.  While I was pregnant as a surrogate I knew I wanted a doula- but did not know that it is something that should be done way in advance so I was lucky to catch her at about 30 weeks when she still had availability.  I planned on doing a natural birth, and wanted all the support I could get.  My partner was NOT on board with getting a doula.  She believed that a doula would be taking her place as my support person and I think was even hurt that I wanted to bring someone else in for support- however, her opinion after our birth was quite different. 

Cole came to our house twice and both times talked to us about the necessary stuff- birth plan, when to call her, signs of labor, stretches to help my aching hips- but also chit chatted with us like we had known each other forever.  She really has a prescence about her that makes her feel like an old friend.  When it came time for birth, our whole natural plan got turned upside down because I had preeclampsia and had to be induced. When I felt like I needed Cole there- at about 2am- I called her and she came to the hospital.  At this point I had already had IV pain relief and was waiting on an epidural- so much for natural birth- and was afraid Cole would be disappointed- but she wasn't.  She came in and gave my partner support on helping me.  They took turns for about 4 hours squeezing my hips through each contraction.  My partner is now a firm believer that everyone should have a "Cole" at their birth.  She now understands that a doula doesn't replace the support person, but compliments them.

Aside from being an awesome doula- she took amazing photos.  I still can get misty eyed looking at the photos during and immediately after birth.  She captured one of the most intimate moments of life without me even realizing she was taking pictures. 

Holly Palandro


Cole is absolutely wonderful. I wish every woman could have the blessing of having her as part of their birth team! There really aren't enough words to descirbe what a valuable resource and support she is to mothers and families. As a Doula, a Counselor, an Encourager, and someone who knows lots of options and solutions for many different birth scenarios... she is invaluable. 

My 2 previous births were a C-section and a non-medicated hospital vbac. Upon meeting with Cole, she encouraged me to explore all my options and really spent alot of time (prior to the birth) coaching me through some decisions that were very difficult for me to make on my own. She really went over and above in giving me information and helping me to make the right decisions for my birth. Thanks to her help, we chose a Birth Center birth for our 3rd and it truly was the best decision I could have made.  I didn't know it was posisble to have such a beautiful birth experience.  

During my labor, Cole was right there helping every moment. She anticipated everything I could need and would just appear and start doing things to help without being asked. She truly has a 6th sense for what women need during labor and is a calm and quiet force in the labor room. I was beyond impressed.  She took care of so many things that my husband would have been doing and allowed him to be more present with me and the baby which was just fantastic. 

Cole also took the time to do extra little things that made us feel so loved after the birth. She took AMAZING pictures and sent them to us right away. Pictures of moments that are priceless and we never would have had without her. She also took care of my placenta and returned encasuplated pills to me very quickly and with no hassle. 

I would highly recommend Cole to anyone who wants a supportive, loving, and educated Doula. She is the very best there is and I'm grateful to have had her work with us!

Angela Kelling


Cole is amazing.  She provided great support and resources through my pregnancy.  My birth strayed far off of my birth plan because of an induction, and I could not have gone through pitocin contractions without Cole.  She knew how to help me focus and stay calm and how to relieve the extreme pressure on my back and hips as my baby made her way into the world.  She helped keep me informed of my options and make it through when I thought I could not go on.  She was instrumental in getting me the right course of action to help me deliver a stuck placenta and avoid surgery.  She is a blessing and I highly recommend her!  

Bridget Spencer


Cole was amazing for my VBAC at Texas Children's Pavilion for Women with Dr. Longerot from Women's Specialists.  She was completely supportive of my choices that are not always the most popular choices in the "crunchy" community - I wanted to labor at the hospital and ended up inducing by breaking my water.  She was very proactive during labor in accessing the tools available, but not immediately at hand (she got the ball for me to labor on, filled up the tub, and modified a drain plug when one wasn't available).  She was really good at answering my questions with factual information without any apparent bias.

Kristie Alexander


I wish I could find the words to say how much Cole's presence at our birth truly meant to our family, but I don't think words could ever do her service justice. She was an absolute rock--a calm, safe harbor during the most tumultuous 36 hours of my life.  She seemed to know what I needed before I could ask for it.  She helped me labor through pitocin contractions for hours on end while resting only minimally (not sure how she stayed awake as long as she did!). In short, there is absolutely no way that I could have labored the way that I did, for as long as I did, without her guidance, knowledge, and support.  When things took a turn and I needed medical intervention, she helped me understand what was about to happen and feel at peace with my decision and the process. I will be forever grateful for her role in helping bring my son into this world--every woman should be so lucky as to have Cole at her birth.  

Trina Digby


Cole was a delight to have at my birth and an amazing resource in the lead-up. The wealth of information and helpful contacts she provided me helped me be well prepared (and thus relaxed!) going into my labor. She took the hard work out of reconciling the vast array of information available on birth prep by summarising it in a booklet. I was highly appreciative of this as I got closer to my due date! She clearly loves what she does.

The 'zen' she helped me create was the basis for my gentle and joyful birth. On the day she was skillful at being there when needed and melting into the background when not, creating a very intimate space for myself and my husband. Her healing hands helped my contractions feel less arduous with accupressure and positioning.

She worked seamlessly with my midwife, and seeing her nature first hand, I think she would be the same with anyone she is expected to work alongside in service of the mother to be. 

Whilst doing all of this she also managed to photograph and film my birth, which she then made into a beautiful film. I can't watch it without crying - a precious gift from a beloved doula!! 

Jessica Gorman


Cole is amazing!! I am so grateful to have had her help at the birth of our son!

It was a very long, and complicated labor (33 hours!), and I truly believe that without her experience, expertise, encouragement and hands on facilitation, I would have no doubt needed a c-section. Coming from a medical background (working in a NICU), somehow I never really considered that without a doula, there really isn't anyone on your birth team physically present and able to help you move the baby into position for a smooth birth--nurses are in and out, OB is there for checks and pushing, but the person I can credit with helping my baby the most is really Cole!

She was right there from the moment I needed her, and stayed by my side for at least the next 16 hours. It was also invaluable having her help in advocating for the birth I wanted while helping me recognize when plans needed to shift a little. I needed a doula who was both an encourager and one with the experience to give me the medical information I needed to make good decisions and Cole embodied both of those attributes beautifully. The energy she brought to our delivery really helped this stressed momma relax and deliver a beautiful healthy son while experiencing birth the way we planned. I am so thankful to have met her, and will certainly be calling her when we expect another little one!

Ji Lee


Cole is absolutely wonderful to work with.  I had both of my boys (naturally, but in a hospital setting) with her by my side.  I can honestly say that I wouldn't have made it through my labor without her encouragement and her guidance.  She is knoweldgeable, resourceful and provides just the right amount of support so that you never feel pushed to do anything you're not comfortable with.  I've been recommending Cole to every pregnant woman I know :)

My second boy turned breech at 39 weeks, and Cole recommended resources that helped me turn the baby back in position without having to do the hospital procedure to turn him!  I am so thankful that I was able to avoid a c-secton that my OB would have forced on me.  My OB thinks the baby spontaneously turned back into position, and I'll let her go on believing that!

Aditi Raghuram


This testimonial has been a long time coming, but I am glad I waited 3 years before writing it. It is only in these years have I truly understood and appreciated the value of having a wonderfully knowledgable doula and birth support friend for the birth of my son in 2011. While my birth experience did not go as I had hoped for, I had the best information and care I could have asked for with Cole. She was supportive of my choices without judgment, and she was always there to guide and support me and my husband at any time we needed it, and I mean literally ANY TIME. Texts, phone calls, visits with Cole were always reassuring and for first time parents like us with no other guidance, she was like a fresh cool breeze on a hot summer's day :) I have to thank and appreciate Cole for her committment to my birth plan and post-delivery assistance. If not for her calm and reassuring presence and assitance with breastfeeding, both immediately after birth and for several months later, I would never have been able to sustain 21 months of breastfeeding, with 6 months of exclusively breastfeeding despite all the pain from engorgement and mastitis that I endured every single day for 6 months straight. 

As a doula, Cole's personality and temperament is just what a panic stricken mom needs! But that aside, she is very educated about various alternative remedies for pregnancy and post-partum issues that may arise, and I myself have used quite a few of her suggested remedies with success. 

I highly recommend her services as a doula, and she is one awesome person to have as a friend as well :)

Adele Houghton


Cole was a great match for us from the start. She is an expert at reading clients' personalities and modulating her approach to fit their needs. We were very impressed by her professional demeanor and accessibility at any time of day or night. She is also extremely knowledgeable. Multiple people in the doula community congratulated me during my pregnancy on having secured the most experienced birth doula in the area. And, I am convinced that labor and delivery would have been a highly negative experience if she had not been there to coach both me and my husband through it. As it was, we were able to go through the experience relatively calmly knowing that we were in good hands. Cole explained each phase of labor as it progressed, as well as what to expect next. She also practiced acupressure to reduce the pain during contractions. We definitely hope to work with Cole again if we have another child.

Jacqueline Moga


When my husband and I found Cole online and met with her for the consultation, I jokingly referred to her as the 'Super Doula'. We'd been looking around for a while and her qualifications were above and beyond all others we were considering. I felt the small additional premium for her services were well justified by her credentials, and going into this for the first time with a strong sense of what we wanted, it was important to have the best of the best on our side. Our email communication and prenatal visit gave us a lot of useful information to work as I was nearing the end of the pregnancy. When the big day came, I was certainly not disappointed with the extraordinary role that she played in the birthing process. The way I remember it, she was basically inside my mind, knowing what I needed and making it happen before I was even aware of it. She gave just enough space for my husband to fulfill his role as my partner in the birthing process, while intervening with help when the timing was right. Much of that day is a blur, but there are many memories that reinforce our complete satisfaction with our decision to have her as our (super) doula! I cannot imagine going through such an intense experience without someone like her there to offer the support that she gave me.

elysia yeager


My husband decided to hire a doula after a somewhat disasterous lamaze class. We were impressed with the professionalism with which Cole presented her processs, her references and her contract.

I was 50/50 on whether or not I wanted to have an epidural. Because we had hired Cole I felt somwhat obligated to have a natural childbirth. I mean, what would be the point of having a doula otherwise?

At midnight my water broke but my contractions hadn't really started. We headed to the hospital and called Cole on the way. Around 8 the next morning I consented to the Pitocin. My husband had been in contact with Cole on an off since we got the hospital and was a little frustrated that she hadn't come directly to the hospital when we first called her. But, she knew what she was doing. I certainly did not need another person sitting around waiting for the 'big show.' She showed up right before the contractions got rough which was when I really needed her.

During labor I changed positions 8,000 times sometimes changing my mind about a position halfway through getting in to it. Never an exasperated sigh since I couldn't seem to make up my mind. Cole always had a calm, soothing voice as she guided me through the contractions and suggested more effective vocalizations. She was never rushed or frustrated and she worked beautifully with the hospital staff/nurses to advocate for me and a natural childbirth.

I had my eyes closed from the time my contractions got bad until minutes after delivery so I missed seeing my daughters first moments in this world. Cole managed to hold my hand and take beautiful pictures of those precious first minutes. I am grateful.

I never thought childbirth could be beautiful or, that it was even important that it be a beautiful experience. But, it is and can be both. We thought we would only need Cole for our first baby because we'd be 'experts' for the next but, we've changed our minds. :)

Meghan Iliesiu


Cole's presence at our birth and throughout our pregnancy was invaluable. She spent time in the prenatal appointments getting to know my husband and I and what kind of birth experience we wanted. She came to the house and helped me decide when it was time to go to the hospital and never left my side through my four hours of pushing. She was a constant source of strength and encouragement for me and I am sure I wouldn't have had the beautiful birth I did without her. Her inspiring words kept me strong and focused. I am so grateful for cole and everything she did for me. I will definitely be contacting her for baby #2.

Mel And Phil


If you're looking for a hard-working doula with years of experience, and who is down-to-earth and supportive of your choices, Cole is your woman.

My husband and I were so glad we engaged Cole early on in my pregnancy. She was always an email or phone call away to answer my questions, with her answers based on research or direct experience. We attended her labor & delivery class, which was audited by UTMB nursing students, and her ability to balance, in fair manner, the pros and cons of medical interventions and natural relaxation techniques illustrated her expertise in and passion for her career.

However, it was the 12+ hours she sat with us in the delivery room which made us count our blessings. She knew her way around the hospital room, was able to explain the procedures to me, and worked seamlessly with hospital staff. Further, she was so calm and reassuring throughout. One of the reasons I hesitated in hiring a doula was the fact that I wanted to deliver in a hospital, and I didn’t want there to be tension between the staff and my doula. On the contrary, the labor and delivery nurses were so impressed with Cole, and one remarked that she made their jobs so much easier.

And I was so thankful that each and every time I had a contraction, she squeezed my hips together for counter pressure, which eased the pain--and she kept this up for 12 hours without fail! Cole also kept my husband engaged by making sure he himself was eating and drinking throughout labor, and suggested laboring positions in which he participate. She even called him over while the baby was on the warming table to cut the remaining umbilical cord.

In sum, Cole was instrumental in helping me deliver my baby in a hospital without any pain medication. We are so thankful she was there for our family, and I wish every mother could be lucky enough to have someone as wonderful as Cole in the delivery room.

Billie Rush


After not having the birth experience we had hoped to have with the birth of our son four years ago, we decided to hire Cole as our doula for the birth of our daughter.  We had taken Bradley classes to prepare for our son's birth which ended in a C-section.  I truly believe had we had a doula, this wouldn't have happened.  This time around, we wanted someone who we could look to for support during the process and to be our voice when we were otherwise occupied with the labor/birth process.  We were technically in labor for 22 hours but only the last 4 are what I would consider difficult.  Cole would have come whenever we felt we needed her, but we had made the decision to labor at home together until we felt we really needed her.  She came quickly when we called her about an hour before leaving for the hospital.  Once we were at the hospital, I delivered my baby girl within 45 minutes!  Cole was a wonderful asset to our positive birth experience.  I can't say enough about the knowledge and care she provided us during the prenatal, birthing and postnatal period.  

Mandy Hess


My husband and I were so glad we decided to hire a doula for the birth of our first child together.  He started sending me links to doulas that he had found and Cole looked great on paper, but after meeting her, we knew she was "The One". She sent informative articles and videos, and has a great web presence (for any of you other stalk-y types!). Those prenatal services were great to have, and it was nice to get to know her for her calm confidence, but your birthing time is when she really shines. I had a plan to give birth with midwives at a birthing center. I had assembled the perfect birth dream team. However, after almost 72 hours of laboring at home and being sent home from the birth center twice and not progressing past 5 cm, I made the decision to transfer to a hospital for an epidural and pitocin to get things moving. Aside from my husband, Cole was the only member of my dream team that transferred with us. She was on call from the first contraction, helped me labor at home for MANY of the first 72 hours, patiently watching, waiting and offering techniques to try to get the baby into a better position and helping me to stay relaxed during contractions. She was with us for over 16 hours at the hospital, making friends with our nurses and OB (this is important if you want a nice hospital environment!) and translating medical jargon into something that my husband and I could understand in our extremely sleep deprived states. Toward the end, nurses were starting to throw "c-section" around, so Cole pulled out one last trick, put me into a different position and I was pushing about 30 minutes later. Her services are so worthwhile - if we are so blessed in the future to have another baby, Cole will be the first person we contact with the good news to make sure she will be our doula again!  


Kimberly Ramos


Cole was such a valuable resource when it came to my labor and delivery. My husband and I met with her and I instantly felt comfortable. We had two prenatal appointments where we learned some counterpressure techniques and she answered any questions we had. Taking a birth class didn't seem to work out for us (the timing never seemed to work out for any method) but I'd read all of the midwives' recommended reading list books, and she recommended a Bradley method book to augment all of that. 

The morning I went into labor, I was in denial, because I wasn't hitting any of the emotional signposts! If it hadn't been for the collaboration of my husband and Cole, I might have been in a lot more trouble with regards to getting to the hospital, as I thought I wasn't in labor enough (I was already in transition, apparently). After checking in (and contracting on my hands and knees on the floor), I was admitted at 7 cm. Cole applied counterpressure on my back while I labored in the tub for a few hours while reminding me to relax the tense parts of my body. During my pushing phase, she and my husband held my legs and she again reminded me of the areas that needed tension released. When our daughter was born, she needed some attention, and Cole kept me updated on what was going on and kept me calm. Her being there allowed my husband to go with our daughter, and I wasn't left alone. As I was recovering, she brought food over for me from our cooler and made sure I was rehydrated.

The day that we came home from the hospital, she brought my placenta over, and I was in tears and losing it. She gave me a big hug, helped calm down our screaming daughter (a gassy baby is a force to be reckoned with and intimidating to us as first time parents!), helped with the breastfeeding latch, and reassured us that it was all okay and we were doing fine. Her compassion is unmatched, and her feisty personality is awesome. I'd recommend her to anyone!

Tali & Roy


It is impossible to imagine birth without Cole. Cole stood by us, with us, for us, for over 36 hours - lovingly, sensitively, warmly, quietly. She taught us how to overcome the stress, manage the pain, know when to wait and when to go to the hospital, when to stick to our birth plan, when to change it, and how to live with all our decisions. She gave us permission to love, cry, laugh, forget, remember, suffer, scream. Cole made my birth bearable and understandable. She made into something we could partially prepare for and anticipate. She helped us through the most difficult night of our lives and we will never forget her. I couldn't imagine doing it without her. You shouldn't either. Cole helped us deliver the loveliest, most delicious little lady and we are forever thankful.

Sarah Weir


I can't express how grateful I am for Cole's service.  She was absolutely the biggest asset during my birth.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula in Houston.

One of the things I loved about Cole was that she worked well together with my husband during the birth.  She supported his efforts to help me by stepping in when he didn't know what to do but also by guiding him to help me exactly how I needed at each moment.   

She was excellent with the staff at the hospital and really gained their respect (a huge plus!).  In fact, my labor nurse specifically told me afterwards "I hope you know how awesome your doula was!"  She worked hard and did whatever she could to keep me comfortable and progressing in labor, while also keeping the hosptial staff calm when things weren't going how they expected.  It was a perfect scenario.

I was able to focus 100% on laboring because I trusted Cole so much with the birth.  I didn't have to worry about what was happening in the hospital or wonder what needed to occur because I knew she had everything under control.  It was very freeing.

We hired Cole initially because she was so experienced and we enjoyed her personality and philosophy on birth.  She truly made my birth experience a positive one.  I would hire her again in a heartbeat.


Megan Galla


So, my sister in law used Cole and raved about how much Cole assisted her and her husband throughout a rather stressful and long labor and delivery. Knowing the kind of birth I wanted, I did some research, took my sister in law's advice, and decided to go with a doula myself. Because of my family's connection, the obvious choice was Cole. We set up a Skype meeting and I liked her instantly. My husband and I decided to go with her and could not have been happier with our decision. 

We had two successful prenatal appointments and Cole gave us some really great tips and advice. She answered all my questions honestly and eased my mind in regards to any concerns I may have had. 

My labor started in the middle of the night and after a couple of hours of laboring at home, I started getting extremely cold and shaking uncontrollably. I was so concerned with warming up that I could not work through my contractions. I got concerned and had my husband contact Cole. She talked us through some things, maintained constant contact with us, and waited until we told her to meet us at the hospital. She met us there about 3O min after checking in and went right to work. For the next 12 hours she was a dream-worked alongside the hospital staff, guided my husband through ways in which he could be there for me, and most importantly, assisted me through the hardest thing I have ever done. She was caring and beyond gentle. She helped me make logical decisions when concerns arose. She supported every decision I made and did not try to talk me out of anything. She stayed through the very end and left once we were settled in.

I can truly say we could not have had the labor and delivery experience we had without her. I would recommend Cole and her services to anyone.

Maurine Sweeney


Cole assisted at the births of both of our sons. The first was a home birth that transitioned to a hospital birth and she was with us all the way--it was great to have that continuity of care and I think if not for her I would have ended up having a C-section. For my second birth, she joined us at the Bay Area Birth Center with our midwives. This birth was completely different than the first and Cole supported the process accordingly. I was pushing when she arrived; she jumped in and was able to bothy physically and mentally provide support. She encouraged me to try the birthing stool, which I was not a fan of after my first birth. It turned out to be just what I needed this time and my son was born shortly thereafter. She helped my husband find ways to be involved, getting him to sit behind me at various points and help me relax with massage between contractions. Somehow she found just the right way to say and do things, to step forward when needed and to step back at the right time. She is very intuitive and reads different birthing situations very well. She also took amazing pictures and turned them into a slideshow that makes me cry every time I watch it! She did placenta encapsulation (this time she didn’t have to sneak it out of the hospital in a Whataburger bag!) which I think really helped my milk supply and was a mood-boster post-partum. I would highly recommend her services even to an experienced mom. Plus she gives excellent foot massages!

Gina Jimenez


I am so glad I hired Cole. She was so knowledgable and always available to me when I needed her. She was a wonderful support to me before and after labor. She always had information I needed. She helped me turn my baby into the correct position for labor and she gave me the information I asked for that helped me make informed decisions that have benefited my baby. Cole is a gifted doula and i was very happy to have her be a part of the birth of my baby.

Jenny Singletary


Cole has a vast and practical knowledge of the entire birthing experience. My husband and I are first time parents and we chose to hire Cole for the peace of mind it afforded us going into the unknown. I had no idea what to expect. Cole provided many resources with which to educate myself. It was truly enlightening and it made me realize that the birthing process was something I wanted to fully experience, naturally, without the medical interventions that have become so commonplace. Cole was completely supportive and having her in the delivery room with us was comforting and so helpful. My particular birth was very quick, so we didn't have time to employ all the great techniques we discussed in the prenatal visits but she definitely was a focal point for me during the transitional parts of my labor. She reminded me to breathe properly and make the right sounds that brought the baby down in a productive fashion and she made sure I kept hydrated and as comfortable as possible. After researching what a Doula was I knew it was something I wanted. After meeting Cole and listening to her speak about birth as an experience and something worth being passionate about we knew she was the one. Cole has continued to be a supportive resource even postpartum. I would reccomend her services to anyone looking for a birth experience that can be cherished for the rest of you and your child's lives. Thanks Cole!! Jenny and Justin Weinmann.

Sierra Barnes


One of the main reasons we  hired Cole because of her vast knowledge and experience. While Cole's goal was for us to make informed decisions regarding our maternity/ newborn care, I trusted her to provide me with information or resources without bias. She has a calming soul about her which worked very well with the type of laborer I am. During labor she made suggestions to keep me comfortable and labor progressing. In my foggy state prior to pushing, I remember her reminding the nurses and my midwife that I wanted to have spontaneous pushing. These little things made all thevdifference in helping in my labor/ birth experience. My husband was very appreciative of her and felt like it allevisted his anxiety becuase he didnt feel like he needed to know and do everything. He thought she was amazing and while he was not sure why we needed a doula in beginning he is totally on board now!

Ester Goenaga


Cole was an essential part of our birthing experience. We can't put into words how invaluable her help and support was during labor and birthing.

Although my labor was relatively short, Cole was supportative throughout the transistional period, which is when I really needed the help. My husband really appreciated her presence and adds that he would not have known what to do otherwise. Because she was there, I believe my husband and I were able to connect and bond in a way that we wouldnt have otherwise.

There are not words to describe our appreciation and grattitude to her. She is calm and relaxed, composed and caring which is EXACTLY what my husband and I needed.

Prior to our birthing day, and afterward as well, Cole was always available whenever I needed her. She is very approachable and laid back. I am so glad we found her and that she was part of this very special part of our lives.


Ester Goenaga



Meredith Tallet


I decided that I needed a doula late in my pregnancy when my OB was pushing for a c-section because "baby is big" and also pushing for an induction at 41 weeks (although no medical reason to do so). Cole truly educated me about all the decisions that go along with a birth plan and empowered me to tell my doctor exactly what I wanted and how I wanted to give birth. I had no idea about all the things I needed to know and make a decision about. Cole presend the pros and cons with every topic and allows the couople to decide what's best for them and the birth of their baby without judgement. Cole was by my side for 35 hours and was my anchor. No one else in the room could provide the support (both physical and emotional) that Cole provided. She walked many rounds around the hospital floor with me and tried different methods to get my daughter to drop and ease the pain without meds. She belly mapped so I would know what position the baby was in and even gave me multiple massages. She was the only one that knew exactly what I needed during labor without me even knowing what I needed. Cole also explained the stages of labor so I would know what to expect. In the end, I had to have a c section (baby was big at 9 lbs 12 oz) and I felt like I let Cole down but she explained to me that the end result is a safe delivery with healthly mom and baby. She stayed at the hospital through my surgery and made sure to meet the baby and continue to support my husband. She allowed him to just be the dad and enjoy the birth experience rather than him having to be a coach or punching bag when the pain started.  I can't thank her enough for the amazing birth experience that I had. I would highly recommend Cole to anyone looking for a doula. Her support and prescence are priceless. She even captured on camera the reaction of both grandmas meeting our daughter for the first time and those photos are also amazing. I would now consider Cole a friend, not just a doula.

mathilde guerbois


The decision to hire a doula came late in the pregnancy but it was one of the best decision we made in our adventure.  When we met Cole, we instanly fell in love with her calm energy and kindness and we were impressed by her experience and knowledge on pregnancy, giving birth and the crucial days that follow (postpartum).  We had two prenatal child birth classes with her, that were really helpful and made us more comfortable about what was coming as we approached our due date.  She was always available and helpful when we needed her before the baby arrived but her presence became priceless once labor began.  It is really hard to write a review for someone when there are no words that truly capture what she did for us but we do know that without her our experience and the outcome would have surely been completely different.  Even though the process was long and difficult we felt her guidance and knowledge helped maintain a little of what we had originally planned for our birth.  She never left our side during the 32 hours of labor, and her support was unvaluable, her presence reassuring ! She also has the uncanny ability to sleep in any position, which was pretty impressive :-).  Having her by our side was and is still a blessing and we will forever be grateful for what she has done for our new family!  We could not recommend her more highly and we will make sure that everyone in the Galveston area knows that there is a great doula available here and that is Cole Deelah. We would for sure hire her again and again and again if we could, just to keep her by our side. Mille mercis Cole !!!!

Brooke Foster Sutton


The decision to have Cole as our doula turned out to be an invaluable one. Cole helped us make countless decisions regarding the birth of our daughter and continues to be a priceless resource in this postpartum period. She is always available via text, call or email. Her support is non judgmental and advice is always given in a kind manner. Her reliability is unmatched, she can truly be trusted to do exactly what she says she will do, a quality that is rare to find. Her passion for childbirth and women in general, is evident in every encounter with her. This is not her job, not something she enjoys doing, but a true calling.  I feel blessed to have her be part of our birth day and beyond. If we are ever blessed with another child, Cole will be there!

Mitchell Hudson


hiring cole was one of the best and most important choices we made when planning the birth of our twins. we had planned a homebirth two we found out we were going to be blessed twice. we moved our plan to a hospital made a birth plan and wanted to stick to it.  cole was a great advocate for mom she asked the nurses for everything we needed and helped with lots of different techniques to help the babies move down, and help mom for in control and empowered. she is a delight. she was lots of fun and lighthearted when we needed a tension breaker. her knowledge of her calling was very comforting. i can talk for days but whats important is she is a great doula a talented photographer and a wonderful person who i feel blessed to know.

Allison Colbert


There are many reasons why we chose Cole, but a couple are: her organization, wealth of knowledge, always 'reachable' (via phone, email, text, etc), and (maybe the most important one) her ability to be as much or as little "crunchie" as WE WANTED. Cole was on the ball from the beginning! We have already referred 1 friend and 1 family member to hire a Doula. The friend had already hired one and the family member couldn't hire Cole because she was already booked, but ended up hiring one from the co-op she belongs to.

We hired Cole for the birthing classes (our schedules didn't permit us to take a traditional weekend birth class), which really helped us open our eyes to what we were about to experience. Cole also supported us when we changed doctors very close to our EDD, which ended up being a very healthy choice for us. And of course she was amazing during active labor and thru our delivery of our precious son, Jordan. Cole has powerful phrases during labor, listens to the not so polite feedback, she has tough skin and a gentle heart....  My husband loved having her around too-- they could "tag team"... one would take a nap, while the other supported me... my husband could text the family updates without leaving me alone because Cole was there.... Also, since this was our first birth, Cole provided information that could help my husband-- like this is "normal" or this is "suppose to happen" or "we can expect XX".... Cole also supported us communicating to our doctor our wants and needs, even when it was not the same as what he was recommending. 

My husband and I cannot say enough good things about Cole and I will be telling more family and friends about our experience and persuading them to hire Cole! But that is not all.... my mother-in-law met Cole and was so impressed that she is supporting the conversation with family about hiring Cole too!


Damian Walker


Cole was an invaluable resource and companion for my wife during her labor. She spent over 35hrs without leaving my wife's side. Even when her birth plan was not able to be completed, Cole stayed with us in the room offering advice and comfort. Toward the end when the realization that my wife would not be able to have my daughter naturally, Cole reassured her and helped focus my wife on the end result of holding her baby. I would recommend Cole to anyone and as a husband, I can't thank her enough for being with my wife during her birth. As I told her, "There are so many other things I want to thank you for, but as I am typing this with one hand and my sleeping baby in the other, I just want to thank you for helping bring Marin into this world.

Stephanie Schottel


Cole was the bright light in the midst of a stressful and overwhelming labor experience. After arriving at the hospital, the nurses took charge, and I felt poked and prodded throughout my contractions. I was so frustrated with what felt to me like unnecessary interruptions from the nurses, but Cole kept me focused. She sat across from me, and as I held her soft hands, she coached me on how to breathe through each wave of discomfort. Her gentle and nurturing way was exactly what I needed in such a clinical environment. We made it all the way to the pushing stage, and I resisted pushing with all of my might. As the nurses tried to convince me to push, Cole stayed calm and reassuring. In the end, it was a blessing that I did not want to push, because Fiona was actually breach and the doctor did not discover that until the last moments. I was whisked away to have an emergency C-section, and Cole was there when I awoke from that experience. Cole has such an amazing strength about her, and I would not have made it through my labor with any bit of sanity remaining without her by my side. Her postpartum session with me was also extremely helpful, and I was able to process my labor experience with her and begin to grieve the vaginal labor that did not occur. This was such a necessary step in my healing process. From the moment I met Cole, I sensed that she had a deeply caring and intuitive way about her, and I am so thankful to have met her. Thank you, Cole!

Lynnette Parmer


Well, I'm back.  Just as I said I would in my previous review of Cole, I hired her for my second birth too.  :-)  And once again, this proved to be a valuable decision.  When I developed a pregnancy rash (PUPPS) on my belly and also developed some high blood pressure issues during my third trimester, Cole was always just a phone call away with comforting words as well as practical solutions to the problem.  With her help, I managed to get rid of the PUPPS and keep my blood pressure in an acceptable range.  Labor this time around was intense and difficult (much more so than my first birth).  I was so glad to have Cole there by my side encouraging me with just the right words the whole time.  Final result?  A natural birth center birth of my sweet baby girl and a happy, healthy mama too!  :-)  I would not even think about going through pregnancy/birth without Cole by my side.

Raquel de Brito


Having a baby thousands of miles away from all my family and friends was a daunting prospect for me so after much research my husband and I decided to hire a doula to offer support and advice throughout the birthing process. We couldn't have been happier with Cole Deelah. I had a long labor and Cole managed to keep me positive the entire time. She never waivered in her support and pain management techniques. A posterior labor is not easy and not only did Cole help see me through it, she managed to help me turn my very stubborn baby at the 11th hour. My husband and I are so glad we had her there with us, we wouldn't have managed to get through it without her! 

Alison Wilcox


What I greatly appreciate about Cole is the passion she has for birth and babies. I was so thankful for Cole's help in the birth of our first child. As first time parents we were pretty clueless about alot of things relating to birth plans, hospitals, labor and pretty much everything else that comes along with a new arrival. Fortunately, Cole is a wealth of information -- we didn't have a single question she wasn't prepared to answer. It is obvious that she enjoys being invloved with the birthing process because she has taken a great amount of time to study and stay abreast of new information. We also apreciate that she was easy going -- making suggestions in a non-pushy manner even though she was an expert and we were definitely newbies! I am also thankful for her assistance during labor -- helping me and my husband to work with the process so that I could get through with the natural birth we hoped for. I highly recommend her to anybody looking for a doula. 



Cole helped us with the birth of our second child, Simeon. Her interpersonal skills and ability to keep plans on track are excellent. She is kind, positive, respectful, and will advocate for you in the midst of delivery and help you make tough decisions. I ended up with a second c-section, but feel satisfied that with Cole's help I did everything possible while trying for a v-bac. I was extremely happy with her services and recommend her in the strongest terms.

Kim Smith


My husband and I met with Cole when I was 6 months pregnant with our first child.  We were planning a natural birth and after meeting her we knew that she would be perfect.  We were planning to take classes with her and to develop a birth plan but we never got the chance to do anything beyond the planning because I went into labor at 27 weeks 3 days in December 2011.  I was in perfect health and had a problem free pregnancy prior to my pre-term labor so it was very unexpected and terrifying.  I called Cole late in the evening right after my water broke and she told us to get to the hospital where she would meet us.  I ended up needing to have an emergency C-section to save me and our son instead of the natural birth that we were planning.  When I woke up, Cole was at my bedside holding my hand and giving me comfort when I felt my worst.  After I got out of the hospital and began my slow recovery, Cole brought us meals to our home and provided fantastic encouragement.  My husband and I almost lived at Texas Children's Hospital until our son was discharged in February 2012.  During that time and even after my son was home, she continued to periodically follow-up just to see how we were doing.  Although I did not get to experience the birth that I wanted, Cole was still fantastic!  She is funny, supportive, and super knowledgeable about childbirth and babies.  If we have another child, we will definitely want Cole for our doula :)  We love her :)

Anya Gorshkova-Smith


 My main goal in hiring a doula was to try to push through the pain and not crumble half-way and ask for an epidural. This was my second pregnancy and birth and I REALLY wanted to try natural birth having read so much about the benefits. Well, I can definitely say, if not for Cole, I would have definitely succumbed to epidural and I would have definitely regretted it! I had the most amazing experience and those 2-3 hours of pain were so worth it! I recovered in no time, I am so much happier and upbeat this time around, I feel great! I was up and running the very next day and went home within hours of my labour. It is the most empowering experience a woman can have. Cole's calm presence and reassurance was all I needed. She was discreet, professional and understanding. She did not try to push or insist on anything, but somehow her being there made all the difference! I also went for placenta encapsulation and still having 2 capsules a day (my baby is 5 weeks old now). I can not say for sure whether it is the placenta or something else, but I have no baby blues this time and I have plenty of milk. If I ever go for baby #3 (I doubt it, but you never know!) I will definitely be using Cole again!

Happy mama 

Catherine Saylor


My husband and I hired Cole for the birth of our fifth baby. We were planning a hospital birth and wanted an experienced advocate to accompany us. Even though I had a midwife, I knew she might be busy at the hospital and that I would need further support. I also wanted to take the pressure off my husband to be my sole emotional and physical support. Our two prenatal sessions were very helpful. Cole really helped me to visualize the kind of birth I was hoping and dreaming for and she encouraged me to specifically ask my midwife for exactly what I wanted. As my due date approached, I assumed my fifth baby would be born at the same time that all my previous children had been born, right around 39 weeks. Instead, 39 and then 40 weeks came and went and still our baby had showed no signs of coming! I was beside myself and called Cole almost every day as we weighed our options and just sat around and waited. She was an invaluable support during that time. We decided to break my bag of water at 41 weeks, and labor started quickly after that. Cole was a rock solid support throughout my labor and birth. My only complaint about the birth was that it was so fast, I didn't get a chance to experience all the support I had lined up! She remembered everything in my birth plan and gently reminded me and my birth team what I wanted throughout the way. I can't recommend her highly enough! She also encapsulated my placenta afterwards, and I found that very helpful. Thank you Cole!!

Jennifer Forsman


My husband and I hired Cole to be our doula to help with the birth of our first child. We wanted to do a natural birth in the comfort of our own home. I really wanted to have a doula not just to support me but also my husband. It can be overwhelming for him to try to know what to do to help, and knowing that Cole was there to tell him how to help me was really helpful for both of us. During my labor, Cole was completely accessible by phone and came to our home when I felt I needed her. She was by my side the whole time, helped make sure I stayed hydrated and helped find a position and a time that worked best for me to start pushing. Unfortunately, my home birth did not work out as I had hoped it would. I pushed at home for several hours but my baby just didn't want to come out so, my family and I decided it best to go to the hospital for assistance. Both myself and baby were safe the entire time, but I was just to tired to go any further at home. I was so thankful to have her at the hospital because they were very mean and unprofessional to myself and my family. (Never tell a hospital you were doing a home birth, apparently they will treat you like crap##). I will not go into detail but long story short, I ended up with a C-Section. I was so thankful to have here there, she was so supportive to me and my husband in a stressful time. She stayed with us until I was in the Post Partum unit. After the delivery Cole was completely available for help via email and phone. I really appreciated that as there were times I didn't know who to turn to to see if something was "normal" or to get advice. I would completely recommend her for Doula services and Placenta encapsulation.

Tiffany Meulemans


After the death of our twins during our pregnancy, I was looking for someone who could support me through the birth of our little survivor. I was most concerned about the feelings and emotions that might surface during the birth--worried about dealing with grief and loss issues during what is supposed to be a very happy celebration. Cole knowledge of pregnany loss, her access to resources, and her depth of experience reassured me (before and during birth) that I could have a positive birth, even though there would be some sadness. Another big anxiety was figuring out what interaction we wanted with our deceased twin's remains--again, Cole had many suggestions and options to help us determine what was best for our situation.

Beyond supporting me, Cole was an amazing support for my husband. She was able to give suggestions for comfort measures he could employ to participate, and was able to provide stress-reduction support to my husband as my labor stalled and then became very intense through augmentation. 

"I don't know how we would have done it without her..." those were the sentiments my (originally, doula-doubtful) husband expressed just hours after the birth of our daughter. He also was quick-to-note that Cole had a pocketfull of tricks, tips, and ideas that were effective: Cole never appeared to be "searching" for an idea or tip, they appeared to all be right in the fore-front of her mind, waiting to be useful.


Aimee Sanchez


 Cole was an indispensable part of my birth experience.  She not only supported me, but my husband as well and we found her experience, wisdom and gentle nature so calming and helpful during the time we worked with her.  I credit my successful vbac to many factors, but Cole is definitely on the list!  She showed unwavering, non judgemental support of my decisions and was just good company on top of that!  We love her and would recommend her to anyone looking for a wonderful doula!

Lindsey Bartlett


I feel so honored to know Cole and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to have her as our Doula. She is very attuned and present and her calm manner allows you to feel safe and honored in your wishes and choices. She is incredibly knowledgeable and has developed amazing resources for birthing familes. I knew before we hired her that we needed her just based on how helpful her blog is. She educated us on evidence-based care and helped us become comfortable and empowered in making our own decisions. For example, when we were trying to go home from the hospital and sort through the risks of GBS I knew Cole had a fact sheet on her resource page. This easy to get info helped us make an informed decision and speak to the doctors from a place of understanding and knowledge.

The unmedicated (wow!) birth of our son Kai was very healing after a somewhat traumatic birth of my first son almost 13 years ago. I didn't want to repeat that experience and I didn't want to face an unnecessary C-section. With Cole's help and guidance I was able to do everything possible to make our positive experience much more likely. Cole doesn't just help women labor and birth -  she takes care of the whole woman and family. At first I wanted a doula to help guide me through labor and birth and help me avoid the cascade of interventions. She was so much more than that. She provided resources that improved my health (exercises, a chiropractor recommendation that I needed after a car accident, etc) and she was interested in my family, kids and my postpartum health and was always responsive to all of my questions. She is worth her weight in gold. THANK YOU Cole!!!!!

Rachel H


We are very appreciative for Cole's help with the birth of our daughter.  I hired her due to her vast experience with different kinds of birth and her openess towards a variety of birthing philosophies.  She was readily available to answer questions throughout my pregnancy and responded to my emails/calls promptly.  She had good recommendations on how to turn the baby during labor and alleviate back labor.  She was a calming force during my birth and worked readily with the doctors and nurses.  I would recommend her to anyone considering natural childbirth. 

Nick B


Reviewing some forums, we came across Nicole’s contact information. She responded to our initial email within hours and after a phone conversation, my wife and I decided to retain her services. She was always very prompt in responding to emails or text messages and usually picked up her phone within a few rings. Having a doula present during the birth of our first child never really crossed our mind so we had a lot of questions about what she would do, payment, etc. There was never an awkward minute with Nicole. From the start, Nicole made it clear that she was there to support us, not make decisions for us. She would answer our questions honestly, offer her opinion, share supporting information, then left the final decision up to us. She never passed judgment on our decisions. Nicole came to our house and showed us exercises/techniques would could try at home to get the baby to flip. Since it was so late in the pregnancy, we didn’t really expect them to be successful so she also gave us an overview of what to expect if a caesarean did happen. My wife ended up having a caesarean. Despite our requests, the doctor would not let Nicole into the OR. Nicole was in our room after the OR and immediately began to help my wife breast feed. If Nicole was not there, we would have been on our own and probably much less successful. With the way hospitals handle births, it turned out to be almost necessary to have an advocate for us in the room with the hospital staff. Having Nicole present was comforting and helpful. I would highly recommend Nicole to anyone looking for Doula/Midwife services. She is kind, knowledgeable, and non-judgmental. After meeting with her, any client will clearly see that she cares about them, respects their decisions, and will do anything in her power to help.

Michele Nuckolls


My husband and I hired Cole for a private birthing class soon before our birth. Her class was two days and we found her to be extremely knowledgeable and her class was very thorough. We had no idea how much there was to learn! We had read several books but they were no replacement for a class with an experienced Doula. Cole is also very warm. You will instantly love her and feel comfortable with her. We did not hire her for the birth, but regret that decision. My labor was very long and difficult. The techniques Cole taught us were very helpful, but her experience brought to my labor would have been invaluable. My husband had a very hard time emotionally with the labor and would have appreciated having Cole there as well to take the pressure off. Overall, my experience was positive and we were at a birth center. The midwives were amazing, and we would have been lost without Cole's class, but we plan to hire her for the birth as well next time.

Zakiyyah Bond


From the moment I read Cole's expireance as a doula I was sure I wanted to meet with her, so when we did met her I was pleasently suprised by how sweet and funny she was and that was a plus for me right away. Cole was there for me night and day with any questions I had or any fears that were on my mind that I didn't want to ask my doctor. The prenatal visit were fun and full of laughter for me and my family because Cole has lots of wisdom when it comes to family, babies and life expirances in many colorful stories. When the big day came Cole came in a flash late in the night and stayed with me through what I thought was real labor and was ready to go again the very next night when I was in true labor. She brought this zen like atmosphere to my water birth that clamed me to the point where contractions were almost painless. She had many useful way to birng baby down but after 19 hour of labor and it was time to go to the hospital for a much needed c section she stayed right there by my side and i love her for that. Cloe is like family and I would recommend her to anyone who is new or unprepared for natual birth like I was because she made it feel as if it were a journey and not unthinkable task

Erin Brunner


My husband and I hired Cole to be our doula to help with the birth of our first child. We wanted to do a natural birth and were reading books on our own because none of the classes fit our schedule. I really wanted to have a doula not just to support me but also my husband. It can be overwhelming for him to try to know what to do to help, and knowing that Cole was there to tell him how to help me was really helpful for both of us. During my labor, Cole was completely accessible by phone and helped coach my husband on the best ways to support me at each step. Once we met up with Cole at the hospital, I knew that I could trust her to help us stay calm and focused. She was by my side the whole time, helped make sure I stayed hydrated and helped find a position and a time that worked best for me to start pushing. After the delivery, Cole was completely available for help at our postnatal appt and via email. I really appreciated that as there were times I didn't know who to turn to to see if something was "normal" or to get advice. I would completely recommend her. In addition, I can say that my Labor and Delivery nurse commented on how Cole was spot on with her advice and really good (and she'd seen many doulas) so that's also high praise.

Ji Lee


I can't praise Cole enough for the support she provided me and my husband during the birth of our baby.  As a first time mom, I had no idea what the birth would actually be like, and I found it more difficult than I had ever imagined.  I doubted I could go on more than once,  but each time, Cole was there to guide me through and past those moments.  When things got really challenging at 9 cm, rather than looking for my husband, I looked for Cole.  I found her presence next to me, the knowing look of understanding in her eyes, to be profoundly comforting.  Coming from a family of all c-section babies, I'm still in disbelief that I actually managed a natual birth.  I know that had it not been for Cole, for her vast knowledge, suggestions, and support throughout the process, I would not have made it. 

My mom, who had never witnessed a natural birth and had never heard of a doula before, was so impressed with Cole, that she repeated asked me how we found such a wonderful person, and proclaimed that whatever we paid her was not payment enough!

Post birth, Cole continues to be a valuable source of answers to our varied baby related questions.  My family and I definitely would recommend Cole to anyone who is expecting a baby! 

Melody Manlove


 We are so very thankful to have had Cole attending at our birth. Her calming spirit was truly something we needed and are glad we received with her. Her knowledge was very helpful in making us more comfortable through the birthing process and really helped keep me calm and well as help my husband know what to do to be helpful. She was eager to come to us when we needed her and stay as long as we needed. She was very very helpful in making each surge more productive so we could have the baby. Her calming yet assertive words were just what we needed. I could HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who is looking for a doula who is not only calming, but patient and assertive. I would absolutely be using her for our next birth.


Thank you Cole for being a part of our precious day.

Dr. Gabor and Melody Farkas


Alicia Simmons


My husband, Ahren, and I hired Nicole to support us through the birth of our first child. From the get-go I felt an instant connection with Nicole. She has a warm personality and eases into her relationship with you. She isn't overbearing in the beginning and she really just lets things unfold naturally. I felt this was very important in developing a relationship with her.

Ahren and I had taken a Hypnobabies childbirth course and at the time, we had not hired a doula. The last class of our Hypnobabies course rolled around. During that class we ran through a "birth rehearsal" which basically helped us to see how things should go during my birthing time. Drink some fluids, go to the bathroom, change positions, use cue words, read scripts, and on and on. At this time Ahren started feeling overwhelmed about being able to keep up with everything in addition to supporting me. We decided we needed to hire a doula, specifically someone with experience supporting Hypno-families. We didn't hire Nicole to only support me, but to also support Ahren. She was fabulous. She came right when we wanted her to and had all kinds of valuable knowledge to use during my birthing time: massage, counterpressure, double hip squeeze, different birthing positions....the list goes on. She was steadfast through the night and into the next day. My birthing time was 34 hours, she was with us for almost 24 hours. Even though we were all very tired, Nicole never showed it. She was positive, supportative and encouraging. We had an amazing experience and I give a lot of the credit to Nicole for helping us through. It was a difficult labor and when I was "done" with it, she helped and encouraged me along.  I can't recommend Nicole highly enough. 

Veronique Morin


My husband and I hired Nicole to support us through my first labor and delivery. The whole experience was absolutely great. We are both physicians, and needed a well balanced doula that would add up to my hospital birth, rather than be obstructive or act as a hostile wall between me and the medical staff... We were enchanted with Nicole's knowledge and professionalism, and she was able to adapt perfectly to our views and style, without imposing hers. We really appreciated having her home for the first part of labour, helping me manage the pain and helping progression of labor. We worked in the pool, tub, walked outside - definitely Nicole's calm and positive attitude is what helped the most. The transition to the hospital was smooth. I had the epidural (after 18 hours of labour!); Nicole still had tricks to help baby's descent. We had a great birth experience, and find everything was perfect in every way! Nicole is smart and has very good obstetrical knowledge. I would highly recommend her - even if you are planning to have an epidural and labour in hospital. Nicole adapted well to our situation. A doula is a great plus to any birth experience.

Meng Ju Mac


 After taking hypnobabies classes, I was interested in hiring a doula for a natural childbirth. I met Nicole towards the end of my pregnancy and she was very informative and helpful on our first meeting, providing tons of knowledge. When it came time to go to the hospital, I labored there and Nicole arrived at the perfect time since I was in transition and needed all the support possible. She was very calm and help me relax through the contractions. And she help me throughout the whole process, providing support and encouragement and being soothing. After the birth, I was so glad I had Nicole there to try and help me breastfeed my baby as well, since I was clueless. Overall, I am so glad that I hired her! I totally recommend Nicole to other. :) 

Thanks Nicole

Theresa Castillo


Going into my second pregnancy, I wanted a VBAC, and I wanted someone with more birth experience to help me navigate the obstacles that can arise during birth. I knew with Nicole’s experience and obvious passion for birth, she was exactly what I needed. I thought the pregnancy would be easy, but I didn’t anticipate all of the emotional hurdles I would encounter; Cole’s sweet nurturing personality and penetrating insights helped me through all of the rough spots. Her prenatal visits and emails focused on my emotional needs, and encouraged me to continue my Hypnobabies training. She took the time to familiarize herself with my personal cue words, as well as meet with my OB, and acquaint herself with the hospital where I planned to deliver. When I unexpectedly needed to be induced, she joined me at the hospital promptly and, using acupressure, was pivotal in naturally jump-starting my contractions. She kept me comfortable throughout early labor, and as my birthing time progressed she was the perfect counterpart to my husband, seamlessly filling in for him if he needed a break, helping me stay relaxed using the hypnosis techniques. When my baby was having trouble descending, and my contractions started to cluster making it look like she was turning posterior, Cole immediately took action, recommending the use of the Walcher’s Trochanter Roll technique. It worked, and I quickly entered transition, which is when I needed Cole most – with her on one side of me and my husband on the other, I had a quiet constant chorus of hypnosis cue words that helped me get through each contraction. Once I started pushing, she grabbed our camera – those pictures are precious to me, since I didn’t open my eyes until the birth was over. I truly believe having Cole on my birth team enabled me to have the pregnancy & birth experience I had always wanted. She provided the support I knew I would need, and the things I never anticipated too.

Genni Murphy


 I feel like Cole Deelah was definitely an answered prayer to my family.  I decided I wanted to have a natural birth with my second child after having a induction and an epidural with the birth of my first child.  After making that decision, my husband and I felt it would be beneficial to hire a doula.  We met with Cole and we hit it off from the start.  She is an amazing person!  I don't think I have ever met someone with as much knowledge about the natural child birth process.  She is warm, caring, compassionate, funny, calming....I can't begin to say enough good things about this woman.   When I went into labor she showed up at 3am and was there with us every step of the way!  My labor was around 30 hours and Cole was there encouraging me and keeping me comfortable every step of the way.  I really don't think I could have had a natural birth with out Cole.   She did everything she could possibly do to make this birth exactly what we hoped it would be!     At the end when things were really getting intense, I wanted to give up.   She knew how badly I wanted a natural birth and I am so glad she encouraged me to not give up.  A few minutes later, I was holding my 9lb 10oz baby boy that I gave birth to naturally with the help of God, my husband, Cole and my mother and mother-in-law.  It was an amazing moment!  Absolutely perfect!  It brings tears of joy to my eyes just thinking about it!  What an amazing journey!  It changed my life forever.  I am so glad we hired Cole!  She is such an amazing woman, and I am so blessed to have her in my life.  After all we have been through in this process, I wouldn't have wanted any other person (other than my husband - who was there too) by my side.  Cole became a true friend of mine through this journey and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is considering hiring a doula.    

Maurine Sweeney


Meeting Cole was one of the luckiest things that happened to me while I was pregnant. She was looking for books on midwifery at the library where I work. I was about 6 months along and had been considering hiring a doula and planning a home birth as well but wasn’t totally committed yet. She was very friendly and put me in touch with excellent local resources from that first meeting--before we had even hired her. When my husband and I met with her we were both impressed with how knowledgeable she is about pregnancy and the birthing process. It was only natural that we both agreed we wanted her with us no matter where we decided to have the baby.

We ended up deciding to have a home birth and I can’t say enough how glad I am that Cole was there. She was the first on the scene when my labor became more intense quicker than I had expected. Her presence helped calm both myself and my husband and the different positions and techniques she suggested were soothing. We ultimately ended up transferring to the hospital and Cole was right there with us. I truly believe that without her presence and assistance in the hospital I would not have been able to have a satisfying birth experience. As it was, she worked extremely well with the hospital staff, myself and my husband to get my baby out. I hope when we’re ready for baby #2 that Cole will be with us again!

She also gives a really good foot massage. :)

Joanna Langston


We had Cole as our doula. That was the best decision we have ever made. She is so encouraging before, during the birthing time, and post partum. We had so many questions and concerns and Cole was very quick to respond with very helpful information and calmed our fears. I had a dream of how I wanted the birth to be and thanks to Cole, it was perfect. I am so pleased with my birth experience! I would recommend her to anyone. She is an angel that was sent into our life. We can't wait to have her as our doula for our next pregnancy.

Lynnette Parmer


Choosing Nicole Deelah as my doula was the best decision I made during my pregnancy.  She was a wealth of information for my husband and me.  She told us about community events we could attend (which incidentally helped me make another wonderful decision...the decision to give birth at a birth center with a midwife), and she taught us how to relax and handle labor in a peaceful way.  She never made decisions for us, but rather armed us with the information and knowledge we needed to make the best decisions for us and our baby.  She was precious emotional support when, after my water broke, my labor seemed to be moving too slowly.  Her advice and encouragement helped relieve my doubts and fears and I believe it helped me avoid a C-section.  Nicole was the rock I needed during the birthing process, massaging me as needed, suggesting different laboring positions, and holding my hand when my husband needed a break.  She saw to all my needs and spoke the encouraging words I needed to hear when things were getting tough during transition.  And somehow, during all of this, she also managed to take beautiful pictures (and even a video) of the whole I will cherish for a lifetime.  Overall, I believe that Nicole helped me attain the natural birth I had dreamed of.  Thanks to Nicole, I gave birth naturally (completely unmedicated) to a beautiful and healthy 7 pound 2 ounce baby girl 29 hours after my water broke (and I enjoyed the process!).  If God blesses me with another child, I will definitely choose Nicole's priceless services again.

Colleen Matheu Johnson


My husband and I worked with Cole Deelah during the preparation, labor, and postpardum of our first born child, Allegra. Cole was extremely helpful in the labor and assisted/suggested me with several different positions that eased the pain of labor and allowed for me to reach 8 cm of dialation before I decided to request an epidural. Cole is an extremely kind and patient woman who I would highly recommend for anyone who is looking for ways to relieve pain during their birth experience. We plan to use Cole during our next birth experience!

Jill Schafer Boehme


My experience with Nicole, my beautiful doula, was one of the most precious of my life.  Having experienced 4 conventional, medicated births, I wanted my 5th child to be born naturally.  At the time, I didn't even know what the word "doula" meant!  My husband and I signed up for Bradley classes with Nicole, and it didn't take long for us to decide that we wanted Nicole to be a part of the birth.  And so she became, for a few months, MY Nicole.  My doula.

Nicole is intuitive and sensitive, with a rare ability to gently minister to a mother's needs while never overstepping her boundaries.  Her voice is soothing and gentle, her hands blessed with the gift of calming on contact.  She is passionate, devoted, and experienced, and the birth of my daughter was immeasurably enhanced by Nicole's presence.

Ask my husband how odd I looked when, several days before going into labor, I lay with my bottom in the air and my face on the carpet, helping the baby's head settle properly onto the cervix.  It worked beautifully--thanks to Nicole's timely and wise advise.

A few minutes after Molly was born, my husband took a picture of the 3 of us.  Nicole's smile is as bright as my own! That's how invested she is in each mama, each baby, each birth.  I treasure the time we spent together and remain ever thankful for how well she cared for me. 

I recommend Nicole without reservation.  She was one of the highlights of my pregnancy and birth experience.  I adore her!


Cecilia Street


Having Cole present at the birth of our daughter was one of the best decisions my husband and I have ever made. Cole's understanding of the birthing process is surpassed only by her kindness. It was wonderful to have her calm presence in the labor and delivery room, and also to have the advantage of her knowledge and wisdom in the weeks leading up to the birth. I especially appreciated how well Cole worked with my husband to support me during labor and delivery. Despite experiencing very painful back labor and wanting to give up many times in the process, I was able to achieve my goal of delivering my daughter naturally--thanks in large part to Cole's help and encouragement! We are so thankful that we were able to have Cole there to help guide us through the process of delivering our first child. We honestly don't know how we would have done it without her!

Kristen Greiner


If you're looking for a doula, I highly recommend Nicole. After meeting her the first time, she was a wealth of information and displayed a very warm personality and explained her role - hired. Nicole really helped guide us in finding good breastfeeding books, resources and helped with the birth plan. Labor: I had no idea what I was getting myself into but Nicole all along was by our side. I labored for 36 hours. We called Nicole at midnight and she was there waiting for us in the hospital. She put my husband's fears at ease and worked very naturally with the nurses on staff. During that time, Nicole was with us and helping me in and out of the tub, providing support (talking me through it) and reassuring my husband that my contractions (and all of the other beautiful things happening to my body) were normal. She even took pictures for us after the birth! We highly recommend Nicole; especially if you are going to be a parent for the first time

Amy Remijn


Nicole was great! I did not have a doula for my first birth and know that things would have went much better if i had. Nicole has a lot of knowledge and we had a great experience with her.

Beth Luca


I met Nicole when I was about 7 months pregnant. We went to the same church and were both singing in the choir the Sunday we met. Naturally because of Nicole's occupation and me being pregnant we ended up in conversation about child birth. This was my second child and my birthing experience with my first child had not been easy. I'd had several complications (avoidable I'd come to find out later) ending in my son having to stay in the NICU for 1 week after his birth. I told her the story of my first birth which I thought was "normal", complications and all (I know, don't ask), while expressing that I had no desire to do anything differently. She just listened quietly and offered advise only when asked. About one month before giving birth to my daughter my view on healthy child birthing was turned upside down due to a video my mom rented for me to watch. After watching it I had a list of questions for Nicole. Nicole answered each of my questions one by one. She answered them very factually, never telling me what I should or shouldn't do just giving me the info I needed to make the best decisions for me and while  I hadn't gone into our conversation planning on hiring her to attend my birth as my doula her knowledge and passion combined with my new found knowledge convinced me that I didn't want to birth this baby without her. I approached this birth very different than my first and had a very different experience...a much better experience. If I could do it over I wouldn't change a thing. Nicole's services and support were invaluable and while more children are not in my plans...if it turns out they are in God's I will want Nicole there with us!

Corinne Buckley


 After having two very medical births including epidurals, I wanted to take a natural route with my third birth.  I was very comfortable with Nicole from our first meeting, and chose her to be my doula.  My first two were born well before 40 weeks, and as I passed that mark with #3 my doctor was pushing for induction, which I didn't want.  Nicole has such a wealth of knowledge, and with her guidance and support I was able to avoid induction.  Her support was priceless during my laboring and birth - she was able to keep me calm and in the moment, and I can honestly say I enjoyed every second of it!!  With Nicole's help I was able to have my drug free birth with no medical interventions.  The follow up phone calls we so nice to receive, and the beautiful birth story and photos Nicole gave me will be cherished for the rest of my life.  She really played such a huge part in making it an unforgettable experience, and I'm so happy I found her.

Michelle Stemper


Nicole was our childbirth instructor for our first birth.  After seeing how knowledgeable she was about birth, prenatal care and postpartum care, we decided to ask her to be our doula.  That was the best decision we made the entire pregnancy.  When my pregnancy went over 40 weeks, she laid out the options for my husband and me so we could make the best decision for us, and supported us ever step of the way.  When I was in labor, she was constantly offering physical support, guidance and emotional strength.  She was amazing!! Her wealth of knowledge, her compassion and her energy are truly inspiring.  I highly recommend Nicole.  I am looking forward to using her as my doula again in the future!

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