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Christy Hines CD(DONA)


Phone: (410) 279-9905

Birth Fee: Not specified

Birth Doula Experience: 6 years and 50 births attended

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of Practice: Group practice with shared call schedule

Clients per Month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education

  • MA/MS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Cesarean birth
  • Clients on bed rest
  • Expected stillbirth
  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • High risk
  • Home Birth
  • Induced and high medical technology labor & birth
  • Over 40
  • Plus size mothers
  • Prematurity
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Babywearing education
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography

Languages spoken: English and Spanish

Service Area Map

Area of practice: Severna Park, MD
Travel Range: 20 Miles

Client Testimonials for Christy Hines CD(DONA)

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Kimberly Wynn

We are so thankful Christy was a part of our birth team. She was able to bring calmness, guidance & reassurance throughout my pregnancy but especially during labor. Without Christy, I am certain I wouldn’t have been able to stick so close to my birth plan. (No Epidural!) Her “bag of tricks” & killer back rubs helped distract and comfort me during the hardest day of my life. My husband and I will be forever grateful to her! ??

Posted 3/15/2019

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Nileena Woodland

Christy was an amazing doula and support person during my pregnancy and delivery. She was always available to answer questions, and when I had to be induced unexpectedly, she was there (with food) shortly after we called her. I know my husband appreciated having her in the room as a guide and someone who knew what was going to happen (this was my first pregnancy). Her postpartum visit was equally as comforting and helpful, and she left me feeling like I could handle this whole motherhood thing :). I can't recommend Christy enough to anyone looking for a doula, and if we decide to get pregnant again, I am definitely going to use Christy again. 

Thank you, Christy, from the very bottom of our hearts. 

Posted 9/4/2018

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Jen Grieb

I had set a goal of having a natural birth with my first child and I knew that I wanted the support of a doula to help me with this. When I reached out to IBC, I was matched with Christy and I could not be more grateful! Christy is calm, collected, attentive & has so much knowledge about birth. We met in advance to talk about the birth that I wanted (no interventions, at a birth center) so that Christy was best positioned to support.

My water broke around 1 am; contractions started at 3 am. Christy stayed in constant communication with us. Around 9 am the contractions became more intense and I started experiencing back labor. I asked for Christy to meet us at our home. She arrived quickly, gave me tips for dealing with the back labor & helped me focus on the mantras I created. She also started applying heat & counter pressure to my back, which made the pain more manageable. Around noon, we made the hour drive to the birth center. I had excruciating back labor for another few hours & Christy never left my side. She helped me change positions, constantly pushed against my back & kept a heating pad up against it. She kept reminding me of my mantras & that I needed to breathe through the pain. Around 5:30 pm I started pushing. I was so exhausted I wasn’t sure I could do it but Christy’s constant support kept me going, kept me focused & helped me believe that I could birth my baby. Finally at 7:53 pm, my daughter was born!

With the back labor I experienced, I could not have had a natural birth without Christy’s support. I know my husband was so grateful that Christy was there. Post-birth, she provided amazing support – visiting, checking on me and Sam & then touching base afterwards to make sure everything was ok.

Christy will forever be part of our family & if my husband and I are lucky enough to have more children, we want her to be our doula for those births as well!

Posted 3/19/2018

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Erika Kuzio

This is my second birth using Christy as my doula. As always, she is very helpful and attentive. She was always available to answer my questions leading up to the birth. She helped a lot during labor by providing me advice to get things going quicker since things were slowing down. The baby was delivered at 2:30 in the morning and she stayed until about 3:30 when we eventually took a nap. She also came over two days later to follow up and make sure the baby and I were ok and doing well. I highly recommend Christy if you are looking for a doula!

Posted 6/30/2017

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Jen Bem

Christy made my labor and delivery tolerable. I don't know how I would have made it through without her. she knew how to keep my spirits up, even as I was induced and spent around 30 hours in labor without dilating more than 8 cm. She worked with me to try laboring in different positions and provided pressure and resistance for my mostly back labor. She explained procedures and options to me when the nurses were too busy. She slept next to me and never hesitated to offer moral support. To top it all off, she came back to the hospital to see how I was doing a few days later. It felt like she was family after she stuck with me through all of that. I highly recommend Christy as a doula. She is knowledgeable, caring, and helpful. You will not be dissatisfied.

Posted 11/1/2016

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Rebecca Titus

I was very happy with my labor and delivery, and Christy being my doula throughout it all is a huge reason for that. Prior to labor, I felt that with each meeting I had with Christy, we developed more and more comfort. She was knowledgable, understood what I was looking for with my birth plan and also provided me a sense of "calmness" with it all.  I felt, leading up to the labor and delivery, that her presence would be the solid ground that I would need during my son's birth..and it was!

The morning I started having contractions, I kept Christy informed and she prompty responded and attended to my needs. My contractions escalated quickly so we decided to meet at the hospital. She was there when we got there, completely focused on me and how I was doing/feeling, and as the next wave of contractions came over me, immediately went into action providing counter pressure on my back to help. She continued this which helped the pain, helped my mindset, and helped be that "constant" presence with each contraction which was huge for me and my goal for a natural birth. 

Christy also was able to use lavender lotion, ice and heat therapy and an exercise ball for me to manage and push through the labor. It all was so valuable. 

Her presence was also helpful for my husband, showing him where to apply the counter pressure, and being by my side while he went to call family letting them know of the progress. 

In 3 1/2 hours I delivered my very healthy baby boy, naturally, as planned. While the labor was quick, it was tough and my husband and I couldn't have gone through it without Christy's help. I look back at it all so very happy and proud of how it all went. I would highly recommend Christy for anyone wanting a doula. She was what I needed to follow my plan and push through. I couldn't be happier! 



Posted 4/20/2016

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Liz Parker

Our experience working with Christy was nothing short of incredible. When we first contacted Christy, we were immediately welcomed with support and guidance. Being my first pregnancy, I had a lot of questions and concerns with the options, complications, and choices we'd face during labor. Christy worked with us to talk through different scenarios, choices, and preferences so we could come up with a plan. Her guidance before the birth was priceless but her value was really evident during labor. I had a long labor, which I attempted to do without pain management. Christy worked with me for countless hours to manage my pain, keep me moving, stay relaxed and support me. She did different exercises, pressure points, and positions to help me through each contraction. Without her, I would have never been able to experience that part of labor naturally. One of the biggest benefits of having Christy was the peace of mind she offered my husband. He was there every minute to support and help me but he didn't know HOW to help me. Christy was there to take the pressure off of him. He was able to let her take over when I was struggling, which offered him an incredible sense of relief. Without her there, my husband would have felt helpless and even more stressed. With Christy, my husband had confidence I would be taken care of. We unfortunately ran into some complications and had to quickly adapt and change how our labor would progress. Christy was there every step of the way to help guide us.

Christy is soft spoken, relaxing, and kind. Her demeanor is relaxing and supportive, no matter what your "birth plan" is. During pregnancy, she was always available to talk with us and always responded to us immediately. We felt very well taken care of throughout the entire pregnancy and labor. She even came to the house to check on us afterwards! She was our greatest advocate and support system. Working with Christy was one of the best decisions my husband and I made!

Posted 4/14/2016

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Mehak Shirazie

I referred to Christy as my angel throughout my entire labor and delivery. I dont think I would have had a vaginal delivery if it weren't for her. I went in to prodromal labor 3 days prior to delivering and Christy came over everyday for pain management, exercises to better position the baby, and general support. On the second night, we went to the hospital but I wasn't dilated so I was given pain medication and sent home. On the third day, Christy did a series of exercises with me to help with dilation and to better position the baby. The exercises worked! The next night when i went to the hospital, I was 8 centimeters! Having her around helped me relax and stay calm even during the most painful contractions. During delivery, she came once again in the middle of the night and was there throughout the entire process to keep me calm. I can't put a price on the service she provided. Her support has been invaluable to me. 

Posted 2/18/2016

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Maggie Grieves

Christy is an amazing doula and is very supportive. My pregnancy was high risk and I don't think I would have gotten through labor without Christy's help. My husband found her very reassuring as well. I look forward to having Christy as my doula for my second pregnancy too. I highly recommend her!

Posted 12/5/2015

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Erika K

It was so helpful having Christy during the birth of our baby girl. Christy came over to our house when I started going into labor so she could monitor my contractions and make sure we got to the birthing center in enough time. Though the birthing center sent us home earlier in the day, she went back to the birthing center later that evening once the contractions progressed and she powered through my 29 hour labor. She stayed up all night with me and my husband and not only helped me deal with my contractions through soft, encouraging words and massage, but she was also a huge support for my husband. Having her really helped him know that everything we were going through was normal. I think it was really great having both my husband and Christy there to take turns helping me through the contractions. She was also the first one to notice my daughter might have tongue and lip tie, which did end up needing to be revised to get a better breastfeeding experience. She came to our house 3 days after the delivery to check on us, answer questions, and help with the breastfeeding. It was a huge help. She even checked up on us a few weeks after delivery. I highly recommend Christy for your labor experience!

Posted 10/12/2015

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Trudy Henson

Christy was a great doula! My husband and I interviewed a couple of doulas. Christy was the most reserved of the bunch, but after much debate, we went with Christy and I am so glad we did. During the last part of my pregnancy, we encountered several bumps in the road and Christy was great about checking in and answering questions and offering information about alternatives. When it ended up that I had to be induced, Christy was there and helped us make decisions during labor that aligned best with what my husband and I wanted. 

During active labor, she coached me through breathing and applied a ton of counterpressure (I had back labor), and her voice and my husband's voice are the only thing I remember about those hours. When I ended up having to have an emergency c-section, she came to the recovery room and helped make sure our baby girl latched onto my breast when I couldn't move my arms. 

She worked well with my husband and stepmom (a fairly opinionated nurse), and was really great to have in the room. If we have another time child, I hope she'll be in the room again!


Posted 9/20/2015

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Casey Odean Hegarty

Christy was by far the best decision I made about my birth. I had planned on having our son at the birth center but when I went into labor at 36 weeks I had to birth at the hospital. Christy came straight to the hospital when we told her my contractions had started. She was a voice of calm, steady reassurance and was able to advocate for me and what I wanted in the hospital. She made it possible for me to have the birth experience I had wanted.

The comfort measures and reassuring presence that Christy had at the birth allowed for me to stay calm and feel relief during contractions. Without her counter pressure, position recommendations, and coaching I'm not sure I could have had the gentle epidural-free birth I had wanted. Even when our son had to be taken to the NICU, Christy stayed with me while my husband went with our son. She was able to help ask the nurses informative questions and offer reassuring support that I needed in that moment. She even came to check in on us at the NICU a few days later, outside of our postpartum meeting that we had once we were all home a week later.

Christy let me know that I could contact her at anytime with questions, and I felt reassured having her expert support if needed post-partum. I highly recommend Christy to any prengnant momma and know that I will hire her again if we have a second child.

Posted 5/13/2015

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Lindsay Hippeard

Christy was wonderful during my labor and delivery.  Having her talk me through each contraction in a calm soothing voice gave me something to focus on and helped me cope with the pain.  I am pretty sure I wouldn't have been too happy with my husband if he had been the one telling me "you're doing great" but having someone who has been through labor and experienced the pain coaching me was helpful.  Christy was great after the delivery assisting with our first breastfeeding attempt and taking photos for us.

Posted 3/6/2015

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Kelly Zech

Christy did an excellent job as my doula for my third birth. I believe having a doula helped to make my birth a more positive experience and allowed both my husband and myself to go through the process in a calmer fashion. She is a great listener, and her bag of tricks was very useful. I highly recommend a doula for any birth, and Christy would be a first rate choice as someone to have by your side during one of the most important events of your life. 

Posted 2/6/2015

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Rebecca Linton

While my daughter's birth didn't turn out exactly the way I had hoped (natural birth turned into induction turned into C-section), I'm still happy that Christy was there to help me with the journey.

I had a scheduled induction and knew that it would increase the likelihood of my needing an epidural. With Christy at my side, I was able to labor with Pitocin unmedicated for seven hours, and I would probably have only been able to go half as long without her. She was a calming presence throughout labor, and she had a number of great suggestions throughout (new positions to try, questions for the doctor, etc.) She worked well with the restrictions we had (due to the induction my mobility was limited) and helped me make the best of the situation.

I would recommend her doula services without hesitation.

Posted 12/7/2014

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Amanda Heir

Christy was a confident soft-spoken presence that kept me and my husband calm during my unmedicated labor. I don't remember her leaving my side for even a second.  She used massage, heat, and cold to help me through contractions, and suggested different positions to ease the pain. We also used the birthing ball and tub, which were very helpful.  My husband and I both agree that she is the reason I was able to deliver without an epidural; neither of us would have been able to keep calm without her. I would recommend her to anyone who is anxious about labor and is looking for a calm, confident doula.

Posted 9/26/2014

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Erin Kleopa

Christy is a wonderfully caring, thoughtful, and responsive doula!  She fit my and my husband's needs perfectly.  Aside from her prompt responsiveness to my appointment updates from my medical care team, Christy demonstrated kind initiative in reaching out to me, to ask how I was feeling or if I had any questions about anything.  Christy really helped me feel like I was in excellent hands with her as my doula.  Christy provided unbiased guidance when my husband or I asked her questions, and she offered nonintrusive suggestions when she felt there was an opportunity to ameliorate a circumstance.  Christy earned our trust through her demonstrated knowledge, comfort, and composure during each of our meetings and the entire birthing process.  I, as the first-time laboring mother, was especially grateful for her transferance of calmness and reduction of anxiousness for my husband, a first-time laboring father. :) Even more, Christy asked if she could make an extra visit to check in on me when my had to stay in the NICU for a week.  Christy offered unconditional comfort and support, and it's extremely evident that it is all from her heart!  Please ask to meet with Christy to discover if she is the right match for you and your growing family.  Six hands down (from me, husband and baby!), you will adore her!

Posted 8/14/2012

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Katie Fearon

Christy was a great support during my birth.  She was a strong, reassuring presence and strengthened my confidence in myself and my ability to birth.  She anticipated a lot of my needs and I felt completely taken care of.  I truly credit her support with helping me have the birth I envisioned, being able to bring my son into the world in such a loving, gentle way. 

Posted 1/11/2012

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Aja Walker-Rice

Having Christy attend my birth & delivery was an amazing experience! I knew from the first day that I met her that she would be my doula; Her demeanor was that of a nurturer and I knew that she would only help to empower me more during my natural delivery. When it was time for action she acted just as I thought she would and immediately did what was needed to soothe me & make me more comfortable. I truly believe that without her by my side that this experience would not have been as easy. I will be forever greatful that she was a part of such a special moment in my life.

Posted 11/8/2011

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Sara Bahr

 This being my 3rd baby, I wanted to know that I would have someone at my delivery who's only job was to focus on me. My husband had to worry about who was watching our other two kids, the dog, calling and updating family members. Christy was just there for me and I could burden her with my needs - whether it be a glass of water or getting me comfortably on all fours to push. She knew her role and excelled at it. 

Posted 11/7/2011

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