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Naomi is a sweet, caring and super supportive doula. She went above and beyond for me. Her fees are also the best around.  Unfortunately she could not be at my birth due to unfortunate circumstances, however she placed me with an awesome back up doula who was a great fit. Even after the birth she has continued to be a great support system and has also become someone I consider a friend. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a doula. ? 



As a first time mom, there were many things about birth that made me anxious. I'd only ever seen Hollywood's version of screaming through childbirth. So going in, based on my own anxiety and ADHD, having a person to keep me grounded and focused on my plan was what I was looking for (just in case my husband was one of those that passed out at birth). We interviewed with Naomi and actually, she was a perfect fit so we didn't do any other interviews. 

When it came to prep work and the day, Naomi was quick to respond to texts and calls. She helped me through my anxiety when my birth plan was altered due to unexpected circumstances. She was a huge help keeping me from fighting myself through the process and after the fact those post-partum visits were the best investment we made! She also helped my husband get into rhythm woth what I'd need through the borth process. 

Overall, if we decide to give my son a sibling, I'm looking up Naomi again. Even if she has commitments, I know based on our experience, she'd be able to find us an amazing doula because she truely cares about her clients. 

Amanda Mann


I don't know exactly where to start. We hired the wonderful Naomi several years before we actually had our first. We were pregnant when we hired her. We had several miscarriages and she was amazing through everyone. She was so wonderful. She helped ease my mind in so many ways. When it came to the birth of my first son. We planned an all natural birth including a birth plan! She was so knowledgeable and was with us every step of the way. I tell you it was an amazing birth. She even got us a birth photographer on the fly.  She helped me not go insane during the contractions. She heled my hands, massaged me, and even gave me a rice heating pad. We ended up after 30+ hours of labor and almost 2 hours pushing having to have a c-section. She was there with us the whole time. I would highly recommend her! If you are on the fence jump over it and fast! You won't find anyone better than Naomi V! I guess to sum it up. We love her and she helped make our dreams come true. 

Katie Nicole


One of the greatest decisions I made during my most recent pregnancy was to hire Naomi. She provided such incredible comfort and guidence throughout my pregnancy and birth, there was never a moment where I felt alone thanks to her! Even with a few episodes of false labor, Naomi was there by my side. I labored for an entire weekend, with both Naomi and I going almost an entire night without sleep, she was there through every contraction and still came back to our house the next day to comfort me and help get our baby into a better position for birth. I am still in awe at Naomi's natural ability to read people, and to know when to make everyone laugh and when to squeeze some hips! When active labor finally began, there isn't anyone else I would have wanted by my side besides her(and of course my husband). It is obvious that she has found her calling, she truly loves what she does, and I'm so thankful for everything she has done for me and my family. 

Abundant Life


I highly recommend Naomi!  She was professional and polite throughout the process, always available, quick to respond and helpful.  She offered recommendations to help our baby turn to the proper position and gave us support in our decisions when they weren't always what the doctor was recommending.  Her support in the hospital during birth was wonderful and allowed my husband to experience the labor and delivery without worrying about me.  Naomi continued to follow up after the birth and offered as much or as little support as we needed.  I definitely recommend having a doula during your birthing process!

Meaghan Thomas


Naomi was an awesome doula. She met with me multiple times prior to my due date so we could establish a relationship. She would check in with me via text message as well, especially around the time of my due date. She arrived promptly at the hospital (which happened to be 3 am) after my phone call to inform her of labor. Once we were at the hospital she helped manage my pain with hip squeezes and massage. She helped guide my husband on comfort measures as well. She brought me a lovely rice pack that she would heat up for me. She posted affirmations theoughout the room. She was on top of getting me water and even had a super long and bendy straw. She took photos and captured a recording of my sons first cry! Her presence is calming and her spirit is kind.

She is very knowledgeable with the natural birth process and has many suggestions of local resources like chiropractic care and pre-natal yoga. She was always easy to contact and more than willing to help find answers to my questions. I felt more secure with Naomi at my birth and throughout my pregnancy. I highly recommend her and would definitely use her again!


Britt Bledsoe


Having Naomi attend the birth of my son was the best decision I made for our second birth experience. I went naturally into labor and she promptly met us at a hospital an hour away because I am high risk. She helped me through horrible back labor and helped me meet goals with dialation. She was so attentive and calming when I felt like I was losing it in the pain. I was hoping for a VBAC but due to complications again, I ultimately had another csection. I was devastated emotionally and she held my hand while I cried and processed what was happening. The best thing she did for me was helping my other half understand that I needed a few minutes following the surgery to get my emotions out before I held and fed my son for the first time. Being in a better mindset helped me welcome him with my full heart. Naomi also placed affirmations in the room around me, braided my hair when it was matted with sweat and helped move me into positions to keep Me dialating. I had so many monitors on me because of my heart issues and she worked around them with ease. Although this was our last baby, if we did ever have more, I would ensure she was there with us again. 

Mimi Mendez


I decided later in my pregnancy that I wanted to go all natural. I started reading books and information from the internet. From all my research I knew that the best way to accomplish this goal was to get in touch with a doula. My husband knew how much this meant to me and really pushed me to go for it. I had been seeing a chiropractor due to symptoms from my pregnancy so I asked her for a recommendation and she gave me Naomi's card. I reached out to Naomi for some information since I wasn't sure if it was too late to get a doula. We hit it off immediately and our kids did too. I knew right away I had made the right decision. Just a few weeks later I went into labor after a huge snowstorm and I was concerned that Naomi wouldn't make it to me. She prepared and made it to me safely and helped me to labor at home as long as we possibly could. She saw me at a very vulnerable state and I felt so comfortable and glad she was there. We arrived st the hospital and within 30 minutes of arrival I was having my baby girl in the middle of the floor and she was right by my side. I know that if I had not had her with me this would not have been accomplished. She was caring, compassionate and still professional. This is my last child but if I were to have more I would be flying Naomi out to help me. 

Elizabeth MacPhail


Naomi helped me bring my third baby into this world in February 2016. This was my second VBAC. Naomi and I met several times before my due date. She was easy to talk to and helped create our birthplan. We are a military family and were new to the area. Naomi was very familiar with the hospital where I would be delivering. We planned to labor at home as long as possible and have an unmedicated birth. When I could no longer handle the contractions on my own, Naomi came to my house and helped me try different positions to get through the intense labor pains. She helped me get through another hour of contractions and when we got to the hospital it was time to push. 

Because of Naomi, I was able to give birth to my baby girl, vaginally and without medication. I would definitely recommend hiring a doula to help you with your birth. It is an amazing exerperience and having someone to support you can make all the difference.


Esther Camarata


Naomi is incredibly knowledgeable and supportive. Weeks before my son's birth Naomi was happy to answer all of first time mom questions about labor and what to expect. During the birth she used pressure points, massage, and positioning tips so that I was able to achieve the natural birth I hoped for, even though my baby was OP. Even after my son arrived, Naomi continued to check on me, making sure I was doing ok in my new role as a mother. She cares deeply about mamas and babies and that passion is visible to her clients. 

Nikole Criswell


I had Naomi as my birth doula Feb 2016, when I had my son. She was amazing! Came over that afternoon and massaged my feet and belly, did some rebozo moves, and told I was just having Braxton Hicks and to go on to bed. She told me I wouldn't be having a baby that night. A few minutes after she left, I felt my son flip flop and it was on like donkey kong! The hubs called Naomi who talked him through counting contractions, and listen to me scream in the shower. We ended up meeting Naomi at the hospital, and the moment I was checked (9cm!) I looked at her and said " I thought you told me these were braxton hicks?!"

It will always be a funny story to tell now. :) Apparently I was REALLY good at hiding my pain, or really.. they were just braxton hicks. Naomi was the best thing to happen to me. I had the birth of my dreams, and will be making sure she is at my next child's birth- even if she moves far away!

Mary Dolan


I sought out a doula in Montgomery AL, right after I found out I was pregnant. Being in the military, I knew how detrimental it was to have a doula, especially w/ no family around for miles! (I used a doula for my daughter’s hospital water birth in Georgia) In Alabama, they don't allow water births in a hospital setting, and natural births seemed like a rarity to them, which frightened me. Because of that, I knew that I needed another Doula! I knew @ my first meeting with Naomi that she was perfect for both my husband and I! She was warm, inviting, funny, & the chemistry was perfect.

You don't realize until you are leading up to the birth, how much you REALLY need a doula. Naomi was there for me every step of the way. From the moment we met @ our first meeting, to the moment we both were looking into my baby boy's eyes! When for a week straight, I was having slow labor pains, she sought out every way to help progress it - be it with essential oils, to sifting with a rebozo. When my water broke she stayed in contact w/ my midwife to let her know that I was healthy and safe while I worked through my own body @ home. Because of all of this, my son was both an hr after arriving at the hospital!

It's been a year now, and I still speak w/ Naomi. She was an essential part of my son’s birth, and continues to this day to be my friend. Honestly, you don't get that with most Doulas! With some, when the contract ends, so does the relationship, which in my opinion is sad.

Long story short - If you’re looking for the perfect Doula, one that uses traditional birthing techniques, one that knows the ins and outs of the perfect natural birth, then Naomi is the one! She has gone above and beyond what I thought a regular doula was supposed to do, & I will always thank her and admire her beauty and inner strength for sharing her talent with other mothers to be. Thank you Naomi for being my doula & my friend for life!

Ellen Bush


Naomi made my natural and unmedicated birth possible. It was the birth of my first child and I needed all the support I could get. She provided endless support leading up to the big event, making sure I was doing okay and answering any and all questions I had. Even though I arrived to the area just 1 month before giving birth, Naomi made sure that I felt like I could trust and confide in her. She built a friendship with me from the start.

Naomi encouraged me to labor at home as long as I could.  She came over when I was through the early stages of labor and hung out with me, giving me encouragement and suggesting new laboring positions.  She let us know when it was time to the get to the hospital, when I arrived I was already progressed to a 7. Through hours of back labor she tirelessly worked to alleviate the pain for me. She applied pressure to my hips and back, heat and cold compresses to my back or stomach, and icy rags to my head when I was transitioning. 

I would recommend Naomi to any of my closest friends.  I'll never forget this birth experience, it was life changing.  My little girl was healthy, vibrant, alert, and thriving from day 1. I attribute this to the way she was brought into the world. 

Lauren Patterson


Naomi is an amazing doula and I truly had the best experience with her.  She was a very dedicated doula from the beginning. She made sure to contact me every few weeks to ask how I was feeling and gave great advice on every aspect of my pregnancy.  I think she was more prepared than my husband and I were! She knew exactly what I needed at exactly the right time and was definitely a calming presence during my labor. 

Melanie Iarussi


Naomi was my doula for both of my daughters' births. I had two completely different experiences of labor and Naomi was fantastic for both. With my first daughter, contractions came on strong and quickly. I had my daughter within 6 hours. With my second daughter, I was completely thrown off by my water breaking without having any contractions. I believe Naomi was a huge contributor to me being able to have a natural birth in this case. In the hospital, she helped me remain calm and we developed a plan for how to help contractions start on their own. With some patience, it worked and 12 hours after my water breaking, I had my baby girl. Naomi's pain relieving strategies were incredibly helpful and the general support she provided to me leading up to my daughters' births and to my husband and to me during labor was just priceless. My husband was very grateful for her presence and support. I would hire Naomi again without question!

Brooke Kelly


After a miscarriage, I moved to a new city in my first trimester. I was scared of loss, scared of labor, and scared of my  postpartum days. I knew that I needed a doula to help me through the unknowns. Someone was watching over me the day I contacted Naomi because she has since been a doula and friend through many ups and downs. We instantly hit it off and I appreciated her humor and openness. I didn't know what I wanted yet, and I didn't feel any pressure to have a certain kind of birth.

As I asked questions, she helped me find resources for childbirth education and postpartum support. She has a passion for childbirth, a wealth of knowledge, and a toolbox of resources that never let me down. Eventually, my husband and I decided that we wanted a natural birth, and as the weeks progressed I faced health and provider obstacles.

Naomi was a rock as I did my research and sought out a second opinion, eventually building a birth team that was supportive of our birth goals. She kept me sane as I went 16 days over my due date and faced a pending induction, helping me build a plan to overcome the intervention.

My labor started hours before my planned induction, and progressed fast and furious. She was there as soon as we asked , and remained a quiet, reassuring presence during every stage of labor. She helped us move from home to hospital, where she continued to be the support I needed to keep from completely panicking or giving up on my goal. Naomi was ready with every physical and mental need and helped my husband effectively coach me. In the end, I delivered my baby girl 5 hours before my scheduled induction in a completely natural birth!

She was support immediately following the delivery, and many times during my maternity leave. I shudder to think of my birth story had she not been a part of it. She is our angel.

Kristin Cavell Kern


I knew I wanted a doula, as this was my first birth. A friend of ours had heard wonderful things about Naomi and recommended her; SO GLAD SHE DID! Naomi was wonderful! Throughout the pregnancy we meet several times: she is very friendly, knowlegable, funny, professional and so much more. Though my pregnancy went well, we had some unforseen isssues at the end with our healthcare providers. Naomi went above and beyond her "job description" and helped connect us with another provider that had the same core values as our family. She was even willing to travel the long distance to the location of the new provider. I don't remember much of my labor however I do remember moments when I thought I was not going to make it another second; Naomi was always by my side comforting me especially when I needed her. We never had to ask her for anything, she was always a step ahead! She also help to ease any fears or concerns my husband and daughter had. Unfortunatly I eneded up with a c-section but I was able to go into sugury knowing that my daughter was in good hands while my husband was in the room with me. When all was said and done my husband who originally complained about hiring a doula (he thought it was a waste of time and money) was SO grateful for Naomi's services. He even said on the way home from the hospital that we have to hire Naomi for all future births :) The greatest thing of all is that while we hired Naomi for her services, we ended up forming a friendship; and you can't put a price on that...although I know Naomi is worth SO MUCH MORE than she charges! If you are looking for a doula, look no farther; you have just found the best!

Rayne S. Bonney


My entire pregnancy was bitter sweet. When I found out I was pregnant I was about 5 months into a new career path. I was excelling and happy. After 3 years of marriage we were expecting our first child.

I met Naomi filling a prescription, without knowing she was a doula we got into this casual cosmic coversation about birth and motherhood. I left the counter with her number on a piece of receipt paper and it said "Naomi" with Diamond Doula in parenthesis. We had already made a connection.

We had our intial meeting,I was impressed with Naomi's credentials. Her sweet and mild manner made me feel comfortable. In April I recieved news that my company was closing. I was heartbroken. I called Naomi and spilled my guts. My job was gone, and my marriage was following. I told Naomi I was not gonna be able to afford her services. Naomi replied "I can still be there for you!" without hesistation.

The day I went into labor Naomi was schedule to go out-of-town. She still came to my bedside! I remember thinking, she has done this before, I have not. I listened to Naomi's every word. We had our own "Cirque du Soleil" show going on to relive my labor pains.

In an unprogressive city Naomi gave me the birth experience I desired. She was my advocate, my friend, and my coach. July 1, 2014 at 5:34am I welcomed a healthy baby girl into the world. Naomi, thank you for sticking by me in my hardship.

Naomi loves mama's and their babies and I'm proud to be apart of her doula legacy.


Rebekah Preston Hawkins


Naomi is amazing! You can not go wrong with her as your doula! 

Naomi quietly, patiently, and most of all, lovingly watches your every que and helps to ease you through the birthing process. I will never forget how she wrapped her arms around me to hold a warm rice bag on my abdomen, while still managing to massage lower back. She made me feel very taken care of, very loved. 


This was my third birth, but my first using a doula, and also the one I ran into the most complications with. Naomi was there, keeping me (and my husband) calm the entire birth. She gently guided my husband in ways to help me through the birth. She communicated well with my midwife and together, they created a warm, safe, and loving birth environment.  


Naomi is respectful of every birth plan and will find a way to support and love you through whatever way you choose to give birth. She is a great communicator and is so skilled in her trade!


I absolutely adore this woman! She really helped to make the birth of my daughter a magical experience!



Stutzman Jones


The best qualities in a doula are expertise, genuine concern for moms, and flexibility. Naomi has all of these, as well as a great sense of humor and a passion for all things childbirth. All of my experiences with Naomi were wonderful. I used Naomi as my doula for the birth of my first (and currently, only) child, and I would use her again without hesitation. I can fully recommend Naomi as an incredibly supportive person and really made my husband and me feel at ease and prepared. 

Before labor, Naomi met with me for our initial consultation, as well as met with my husband and me, answered my calls and texts promptly and with helpful information. During my labor, my husband and Naomi were in close communication and as a first time dad, we were both so comforted to have an expert involved throughout labor. Naomi was an integral part of my successful natural childbirth. While I would probably not choose a natural birth in the future, I'd still want Naomi by my side. During labor, she provided reassurance, coaching, and helped ease my pain through massage and positioning. I had a rough labor and she and my husband were with me all the way. She communicated well with my family during the birth and was truly a servant to me and everyone else who supported me.

My favorite consultation with Naomi was late in my pregnancy when she and I did a belly cast. It was part religious ritual, part spa-night themed sleepover, and part body-affirmation workshop. It a treasure to have a 3-D reminder of my body at that beautiful time when my son was growing inside and preparing to be born.

Naomi is my doula and I will always be grateful for the many, many ways she supported the healthy birth of my son.

Lauren ChinOk Park


“Naomi, I don’t think I can do it any more.” “Ahhh! Naomi, I don’t think I can make it!” Contractions got more intense each time and I looked at Naomi in her supporting and kind eyes. “We will take this one by one.” She said. She supported my pelvis and I felt less pain. She guided me through each breath and I was able to relax my muscles. When I almost lost confidence, when I almost gave up natural childbirth, Naomi helped me restore confidence.

During the course of my long long contraction, I went to the hospital once and came back home without giving birth. Naomi met me at the hospital with her doula suitcase all ready at 11 at night and stayed with me till I came back home at 1 am. When we went back to the hospital for the “real birth” early in the morning, she was there all ready again. The whole time, she was so supportive of my decision and knew exactly what she was doing. She also knew how to help my husband take part in the crucial moments.

I had an induced delivery with my first one. My husband and I so badly wanted to have an unmedicated natural birth for our second one. We strongly believed a natural childbirth would benefit both the child and the mom. We were very thankful to find a doula who had the passion for and knowledge of natural childbirth. Thanks to Naomi, I gave birth to a healthy baby girl without any medication including epidural or oxytocin. I was able to feel the urge to push, which was amazing because I had not experienced it with my induced labor. Pain management-wise, a natural birth was much better than an induction because I was able to freely move around.

Honestly I am not sure if I would have made it without Naomi. Her support meant that much to our family. I would ask her to be my doula again without any hesitation if I should have another birth!


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