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Noga and Ben


We have never worked with a doula before, as we always felt we have a great partnership and can handle anything that comes our way- and we can! But when a friend saw how exhausted we were after our second boy was born, juggling a toddler, newborn, and a complex stage of life, she highly recommended we consider contacting a postpartum doula. I was not sold on this as, who can take better care of your newborn other than yourself? Finally, after a night of little-to-no sleep, I found Heather through a work network website, saw she had great reviews, and with a hesitant heart, I contacted her.

From our very first interaction with Heather, I could tell she was loving, supportive, nonjudgmental, and oh-so-wise. Things only got better from there. Our newborn was in such wonderful, caring hands. When I "got him back" in the morning, he looked like he had come back from the spa; so peaceful. I could tell Heather had taken such good care of our baby, and that he felt very safe. So did I. 

In the following weeks, my days would be so much better knowing that Heather was coming that night. That there is relief. Rest. Support. Safety. On top of it all, our conversations with Heather were always fun; she is smart, funny, so so knowledgeable about all things baby, has SO MUCH experience and patience. She has tons and tons of tips and amazing advice, but never imposed unless asked or feels it's crucial. Really- no judgement from her. Only support. 

She came into our lives like a knight in shining armor, exactly when most needed. I cried when she stayed with us for the last time- not only because I would miss the uninterrupted sleep, but more importantly, her support, wisdom, humor. We could not be more grateful nor recommend her enough to any parents; experienced or brand new. With one or multiple kids. She is just absolutely fantastic. 
Noga and Ben 

Sarah Durante


Heather's ability to support a natural approach to childbirth in a hospital setting was exactly what we were looking for in a doula. Both being physicians, we felt obliged to deliver in a hospital but had strong preferences on allowing labor to progress as naturally as possible (as long as was safe for both mom and baby). Heather facilitated conversations between us as a couple on what most important for each of us and ultimately helped us navigate some challenges that came up at the end of our pregnancy.

She provided us with a variety of resources when we learned that baby was breech around 32 weeks. This information led to us trialing home exercises and chiropractic manipulation; ultimately Heather served as an unbiased sounding board which allowed us to make the best informed decision to proceed with an external cephalic version (which was successful!). When there was a question of whether mom's water broke and L&D triage was unable to answer the question after our initial visit, Healther offered reassurance and guidance on when it was appropriate to return to the hospital to be checked again. Finally, she was a calming presence during a long labor and offered gentle words of encouragement and suggestions that improved mom's comfort and our satisfaction with the overall experience.

We are grateful to have found Heather and could not recommend her more highly as a doula!

Britt Ezra Linn


From the moment my husband and I met Heather we knew she was going to be our doula. Her experience, personality, knowledge, warmth, kindness, down to earth and hilarious nature instantly connected us to her and that was it! She's seriously a cool person, and if you are looking for a highly experienced birthing guide/coach, who is also sweet and has a great sense of humor, awesome taste in music and tv shows, and is an all around fantastic person, please do yourself a favor and get her in your life asap! Her presence during my birthing time, was so appreciated by me, my husband, and my family who met her, (she showed up and hung out with my husband and I early before my procedure and stayed until after I felt comfortable and situated - I had to have a c-section due to the baby being breech, another thing Heather really helped me through, considering I had been planning on a drug free natural birth!). At our Postnatal visit Heather spent even more time going over everything you possibly think of, so that My husband and I would feel comfortable with our new baby, (questions about breastfeeding? Baby carriers? Literally anything else? Heather has a contact list in her phone to instantly connect you to whatever and whomever you may need) and I just can't thank her enough for EVERYTHING! You really can't go wrong with Heather, if you are looking for an amazing doula and possibly a wonderful friend, look no further, you found her!

Anneke Buffone


From the day we first met her our relationship with Heather felt special. She has such a unique way of making you comfortable and at peace which was essential during the time of birth. Heather is extremely competent, knowledgeable, and kind. Her presence is an extremely positive one and she was very respected and well-liked by the hospital staff all of which had previously worked with her and this had a further hugely positive impact on our birth experience. Heather was so encouraging and real during the birth and made us feel comfortable, strengthened and empowered every step of the way. If we ever had another baby, Heather would be our doula without any doubt. Heather made it a point to bond not only with me as the mom but also my husband which was totally amazing. The two of them were chatting and cracking jokes in times where I didn't need support and had a very good relationship which further made this birth experience more special for me. It was like everyone in the room had made friends and created the most loving and gentle environment for the birth of our daughter. I will never forget how at piece and one with the world I felt when I came back from a trip to the bathroom and saw Heather holding my newborn daughter. I remember thinking "this kind of amazing village is what surrounds the perfect birth". Heather was key in making me feel this way. Ina May Gaskin, the mother of natural birthing once said "if a woman doesn't feel like a goddess during birth something has gone wrong". Well Heather  Keeney truly made me feel like a goddess during my birth. It was simply magical and beautiful - nothing short of what I felt during a previous homebirth and even thought this birth took place at a hospital. I cannot recommend her enough. Our family is in awe by how fantastic she is and we look forward to seeing more of her in the postpartum time and beyond.

Colleen Savage


Heather and I had a great rapoire from the moment we met. She is kind, funny, and very welcoming. She has vast knowledge and is very natural with her ability to share it in an effective way with others. She made me and my husband feel at ease with her and our decision to hire a doula. She has great communication skills and was available to us whenever we needed her. She offered us unbiased information when needed, and as a sounding board as well. I had an incredibly fast birth, so I can't speak to her during my birth as I had my baby about ten minutes before her arrival. However, she was fantastic to have once she was there. She listened to and anticipated my needs, as well as my husband's and we were happy to have her help. After we were home, she came over to our home and helped so much with my transition into a mom. I can't say enough positive things about Heather and recommend her highly.

Jessica Santiago


Heather comes with years of experience! She is a very down-to-earth and authentic person, which I valued very much. She made my husband and I feel really comfortable from the moment we met her. We knew after our first meeting that she would help us have a positive birth experience. What stuck with me the most from our initial discussion was that her goal as a doula was to ensure that I felt a part of my birth experience, and that I had a voice in whatever decision was made. No matter how it turned out natural or c-section, I would feel like I had a voice in the matter. This made me feel at ease, one of my biggest fears about my birth experience was not having my voice heard and not having a say in how my birth experience turned out! I knew with Heather by my side, that would not be the case!

Having her present at the hospital made our birth experience feel safe and supported. From the moment she showed up at the hospital, she made both of us feel calm and grounded. She helped me stay strong and true to my birth wishes when I wanted to give up and in the most difficult moments of my labor. I will most certainly hire her again as my doula if I have a 2nd child. We will always have a special connection! 

Angie Nagle


After a pretty traumatic birth of our first son, 20 weeks into our 2nd pregnancy I decided I wanted to be a more active and educated participant in this birth process and to me that meant having a supportive team in place to try for a vaginal birth when the initial recommendation was for a cesearean birth at 39 weeks (to try to avoid another shoulder dystocia).

Heather came highly recommended from another doula in the commuinity and from the moment I met her over coffee, she had me at at ease. Heather provided so much great evidence-based information to my husband and I. She answered every question we had (silly or not). She was warm and open and listened as we described our wishes for our son's birth.  We explored every option for birth from unmedicated to cesearean if it was needed. I can honestly say I felt so supported and confident as the end of my pregnancy neared.

When I went into active labor, Heather met us at hospital and helped us navigate the next few hours without pain medication and then when I felt it was time, with pain medication. She supported each decision we made and helped us communiciate our wishes to the care team at the hospital. One of my primary wishes was to have a calm, quiet, supported birth as our son entered the world and although I know much of birth is out of our control, when he entered the world it was calm and  quiet and beautiful and a large part of that is because Heather was there and making sure what parts of our plan could be respected were. I will be forever grateful for Heather for helping our family have a healing birth and being there every step of the way. I cannot recommend her highly enough to another family looking for a doula:)

katie murphy


A family friend suggested when I was pregnant looking into getting a doula. I said sure, but in my mind I was thinking how could I let a complete stranger into my life at the most private and intamate point. I was hesitant but I went onto Doulamatch and looked up doula's around me. I saw Heather's portfolio and read her testimonies. She had such great reviews, I thought, ok I will message her and see where it goes from there. We set up a meeting and from the moment i met her our personalities clicked and it felt like she had been a close friend for years. I was hooked and knew I wanted her to be at my birth of my daughter. Through out my pregnancy we kept in touch with any questions I had and she gave me info and tips on how to make my pregnancy more comfortable. She went over what might happen when I go into labor and what the hospital experience might be like. As labor started she was right by my side either in person or on the phone. She sent me links to help me get more comfortable because my daughter was back to back. Knowing that she was just a phone call away helped keep me calm. The first time I went to the hospital I was sent home for not progressing after been given 15 minutes on pitocin. I was devastated thinking that finally being put on pitocin I would be leaving the Hospital with my beautiful daughter but unfortunately that was not the case. Heather was there at the Hospital with me holding my hands telling me it would be ok and not to get my hopes down. As i spent the next few days at home with heavey contractions, Heather was constantly keeping in touch with me. Finally I went to the hospital and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. The stress of being in labor for 56 hours and 46 of those hours was natural was tolling on me, but having Heather right next to me through the entire labor was the best feeling that I can describe besides holding my newborn daughter. I now concider Heather a close friend and no doubt will have her at my next birth.

Mayssa Abuali


I was interested in having a natural birth and yet very anxious as this was my first pregnancy. Heather had a very positive impact on my natural birthing experience as she was a very effective coach.  She helped educate my husband and I prior to the pregnancy and listened to our needs and expectations. She was also always available by phone with questions or concerns. During the birth,  she helped to ease my anxiety/ fear and helped coach me through the pain with breathing techniques. Further, she helped my husband evolve from being overwhelmed to being a very committed coach. My husband was in fact very resistant to hiring a doula initially but was so grateful that she was there at the end.  She also aided us in communicating with the hospital staff in a diplomatic manner.

Heather's support led to a wonderful natural labor and delivery experience. I highly recommend her and would definitely use her services again in the future.

Hilary Siegel Young


It's always a little awkward to invite a stranger into your home, especially when you are feeling most vulnerable as a new parent.  But Heather made me feel comfortable from the moment I met her, and when I hired her it was as though I was hiring a friend as opposed to a stranger.

At our initial consultation Heather told me that it was her job to help me become confident enough in my new mom skills to no longer feel as though I needed her, and that's exactly what she delivered.  Heather helped me breastfeed without nipple shields, give my baby her first bath, learn how to wear her in a wrap, allowed me time to shower, helped out with laundry, and made me feel good about myself as a mother.

Heather is really knowledgable, friendly, warm, open and cheerful--all qualities that I really appreciated in my first days home from the hospital.  I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a postpartum Doula!

Owen OReilly


From a guy’s prospective Heather was excellent. She did two house visits prior to the arrival of our bundle of joy. The information she provided was very accurate and all of our questions were answered in detail including pros and cons of the different options available.

With very short notice, holiday weekend post-midnight, she met us at the hospital and was very supportive during the whole birthing process. Not having any other family members living in the area she filled this void excellently.

Her timing was perfect, she know when to give us space and interact when needed. During the critical stages of labor her experience was welcomed. On every decision we made she was highly supportive and encouraged us all the way.

The end result was a beautiful baby boy.

Post birth she has come out to the house and has made herself available to answer any questions we may have.

My wife and I would highly recommend her.

Claire Joyce


My husband and I were so fortunate to find Heather Keeney to attend the birth of our second daughter. Though we had one positive, non-medicated hospital birth under our belts, we knew from previous experience how very helpful the presence of a doula could be.  Heather was a delight to work with-- she was caring and calm and before the birth she offered well-informed, non-biased information about medical choices and never inserted her own opinion into our birth plans. She was very supportive and ready to answer my calls and texts in the days before my labor started, keeping me from rushing to the hospital too soon. She met us at the hospital when we called and though my labor was shockingly short (the baby was in my arms an hour and a half after we arrived at the hospital) I credit her for helping keep me relaxed and quickly offering advice and comfort when needed. A sweet and calming person, Heather's presence was evident when I needed her and she stepped into the background when my husband was being helpful. If I was planning to have another baby I would call Heather again and I heartily recommend her to any expecting couple.

Ian Sill


We were very pleased with Heather. The best thing she did was work with us at our level. As first-time parents we had lots of information and some uncertainty about what was best for us and the baby. Heather shared her experience and evidenced-based research to help inform our decisions. She did not impose her own values or tell us what was right and wrong; she honored those things that were important to us and freely shared her resources. Heather prepared us well but was realistic that things don't always go as planned. They didn't, but all went well - we had a beautiful baby boy - and Heather was available when we needed her and beyond. We are happy with the decision we made and are grateful for all of her help. Thanks - Atsuko and Ian.

Katherine Fisher


We had a truly incredible experience with Heather as our doula. She provided wonderful support, encouragement, and guidance, and gave us emotional, physical, and experience-related tools to have the best experience.

She talked us through the ways things might go from early labor --> hospital --> transition, --> birth, and what we might expect from hospital staff. She helped us be prepared to be assertive with our birth plan, to think about how to have constructive conversations with staff. She showed my husband massages and counter-pressure techniques he could use to help me with my laboring discomfort, and had me try different positions that I could use in labor.

I went in to labor at 38 weeks and Heather was great support on the phone, helping determine what was really going on. She kept in touch all day until it was clear that I was in "real" labor. She'd done such a good job of teaching me ways of coping, that by the time she was en route I was ready for the hospital. She helped us remain calm as we checked in, and provided incredible guidance and support while I labored. She helped my husband support me physically and emotionally, and she helped us understand what the staff were asking/telling/etc. When it got really hard, she and my husband were like cheerleaders - they never let me doubt that I could do it.

After our son was born, Heather stayed to be sure we were ok and getting everything we needed - she got us up to our room and then let us have family time. She checked in the next day, and came back to help me with some nursing struggles a few days later. She also helped me go back over the whole experience so I could remember everything that had happened - really process it so it wasn't just a blur.

It was a privilege to have Heather as our doula - she made an incredible exerience even more so by helping me own it - i always felt that I was in control, really empowered. I could not ask for more!

Ashanti M. Martin


Heather has an easy, nonjudgemental quality about her and takes her work very seriously but is very personable with a great sense of humor. Working with Heather made me be able to better answer the question "so what does a doula do exactly?" She helped me emotionally, mentally, and physically. Emotionally, she helped me identify the anger and negative feelings I had about my first birth, and helped me move past that to prepare for my VBAC. She also helped me see that I -- not any doctor or birthing facility -- was my best resource for having a successful VBAC, something I now tell other VBAC moms. Mentally, she stepped into her role as an amazing childbirth educator and provided knowledge that I hadn't even come across in my exhaustive and obsessive Google searches and readings -- information about natural induction, induction past 40 weeks for a VBAC, and resources in our local community. All of that made such a big difference in my VBAC prep, especially in my doctor appointments where I surprised my providers with my advanced knowledge :-) Physically, she stressed the importance of optimal positioning, which I think was key in making my VBAC relatively quick and complication-free. She advised me to bend over and sit upright, use my birth ball and hands and knees, and taught my husband and I different exercises using a rebozo. We did this a lot and we had no issues with my labor stalling this time! I truly think that was due to these positioning exercises as well as the confidence she helped me realize. Also, she was a star during labor and read my cues perfectly, knowing exactly when we should go to the hospital. We got there at the perfect time. She showed my husband pain-relief techniques and between the two of them, my labor was a breeze (until transition, LOL).

We are not having anymore children but I would recommend Heather to anyone. I am not from the Philly area so I'm a little sad I don't have more friends and family to direct her way!

Ashanti M. Martin


Heather has an easy, nonjudgemental quality about her and takes her work very seriously but is very personable with a great sense of humor. Working with Heather made me be able to better answer the question "so what does a doula do exactly?" She helped me emotionally, mentally, and physically. Emotionally, she helped me identify the anger and negative feelings I had about my first birth, and helped me move past that to prepare for my VBAC. She also helped me see that I -- not any doctor or birthing facility -- was my best resource for having a successful VBAC, something I now tell other VBAC moms. Mentally, she stepped into her role as an amazing childbirth educator and provided knowledge that I hadn't even come across in my exhaustive and obsessive Google searches and readings -- information about natural induction, induction past 40 weeks for a VBAC, and resources in our local community. All of that made such a big difference in my VBAC prep, especially in my doctor appointments where I surprised my providers with my advanced knowledge :-) Physically, she stressed the importance of optimal positioning, which I think was key in making my VBAC relatively quick and complication-free. She advised me to bend over and sit upright, use my birth ball and hands and knees, and taught my husband and I different exercises using a rebozo. We did this a lot and we had no issues with my labor stalling this time! I truly think that was due to these positioning exercises as well as the confidence she helped me realize. Also, she was a star during labor and read my cues perfectly, knowing exactly when we should go to the hospital. We got there at the perfect time. She showed my husband pain-relief techniques and between the two of them, my labor was a breeze (until transition, LOL).

We are not having anymore children but I would recommend Heather to anyone. I am not from the Philly area so I'm a little sad I don't have more friends and family to direct her way!

Kirstin Bosch


We were referred to Heather by another doula who was unavailable the month I was due. I am so glad to work with Heather. First of all, my husband and I have very busy schedules and she was more than accomodating when it came to our visits. As new parents, we had a lot of questions and she was more than willing to spend as much time as we needed discussing anything and everything we wanted and that was important. Another great thing about Heather is that if she does not know the answer to something, she quickly researches it and gets back to you. The same goes for resources. I was breech and looking for an acupuncturist in my area and she took care of it. I knew I could ask her anything.

I did wind up having a c-section, but Heather was there with us before and after the surgery. She even worked her magic to have our little girl brought to me in recovery so we I could nurse. I never would have thought to do that. Heather put us at ease every step of the way. After returning home, she spent two long sessions with me to go through all of the NEW questions I had now that I was a mom. Having that kind of support from a wonderful woman in your own home is invaluable in my book.

We love Heather and know that she will be a part of our next birth plan!

Rachel Molly


Heather was fantastic.  I contacted her late in my pregnancy and felt fortunate that she had time available.  She was highly professional, from the contract to communication with me regarding her availability to the hands-on help that I very much needed in the first couple of weeks after the birth of my baby.  It helped that we came from common ground:  Heather was very respectful of my choice to exclusively breastfeed, brought over a baby wrap to give me a demonstration of how wonderful it could be to wear my baby, and yet when I was getting ready for my baby party and putting on makeup and figuring out what to wear she was also helpful in giving input of what looked good.

Heather helped me out with all the things I was hoping for with a new baby:  baby care including changing diapers on a newborn, light laundry and errands, and, not to be forgotten, moral and emotional support that didn't come off too strong but was very much appreciated.

I would recommend Heather without hesitation.  She was a great fit for me and my family.  One thing to note is the hours of availability - she was only available until 3pm every day so for the "witching hour" time that a lot of people might need at supper time I had to find someone else to help out, which wasn't too difficult.

Mary Beth Rim


I was about 36 weeks pregnant, 36 years old and considered a "high risk" pregnancy in the view of modern medicine. I desperately wanted a VBAC for the birth of my second child. I knew I needed a Doula, and Heather was recommended to me. I could immediately tell Heather was trustworthy, had incredible postive energy, and a wealth of knowledge. My intuition excitedly screamed, Yes!!

Heather gave me and my husband valuable information and helpful tips to prepare us for game day. When that day came, and my water broke (10 days before my due date), Heather was the first person I called. She came to the hospital and we began the 36 hours of Labor. From the start, the hospital staff wanted to do a c-section. Heather gave me the courage and confidence to persist in my dream of having a vbac. It wasn't always easy, as some of the hospital staff were completely unsupportive. Heather made up for their lack of support in so many ways. She informed me on some medical procedures that I did not understand, she supported all of my decisions and let me make them for myself. She held my hand, held my hair back when I got sick, relieved my husband by letting him rest and set up someone to encapsulate my placenta, (as this was still on my to do list). Heather made me feel secure and gave me strength. When it came time to push, Heather was right by my side coaching me along. As my baby girl came into this world, I felt the most amazing sense of accomplishment and miracle. Heather helped me achieve this and I will be forever grateful.

Lastly, the postpartum visit and follow up was done with such intergrity and joy. Seeing Heather again, after the birth, was like seeing a long time friend. She relived the birth with me and filled in some of the holes. If anyone is searching for a Doula, I highly recommend Heather!!!

Danielle Samulski


Heather helped me as a postpartum doula after the brith of my first son. I had a cesarean and was generally pretty nervous about the whole newborn experience. Heather provided excellent support: both physically by helping with around the house chores, and emotionally by discussing how I was feeling, concerns I had, and offering advice that I really would not have gotten from anyone else (even my mom!). She was always on time, had great intuition, was extremely knowledgable, and I never felt awkward asking her to do things- she always said yes with a smile on her face! I would recommend her postpartum services to any mom who needs some extra support- she was fabulous and if I'm still in Philly when my second is born I'll call on her again for her great help!

John Morella


There are a lot of decisions to make during pregnancy, but I can pinpoint the best decision my wife and I made as hiring Heather as our doula.

This was our first child and we intended for a natural delivery. My biggest fear was that I would not be able to successfully help and coach my wife through labor. When she first mentioned interviewing a doula I was a little on fence- did this mean she didn’t want or need me there? After meeting with Heather these questions were answered and I was fully on board. One of the conversations we had during a prenatal visit was what I viewed my role as and how she could help me. I also cannot express how great it was to have someone with such a cheerful and positive attitude in the delivery room- she was as cheerful, positive, and encouraging at hour 20 as she was when she arrived.

When it became apparent that our plan was a natural birth was not going to happen she was able to explain all the options and let us decide how we wanted to proceed. The result was an incredibly positive birth experience and absolutely perfect little girl and, while I take full credit for the perfect little girl, Heather was a big part of the positive birth experience. After meeting her for a few moments, you will realize how much she enjoys being a doula and how committed she is to helping you through the childbirth process. She is a wealth of information and your biggest advocate. If you are considering a doula, she would be a great addition to your “Birth Team” and make sure you ask her for the lactation cookie recipe….they are delicious and Dad’s can eat them too!

Jill Ferrara


 I can't recommend Heather enough.  From her first visit to our home, we connected immediately and knew that she was the person we wanted on our "team."  My reason for hiring a doula was because I really felt like I needed an advocate throughout the process who was levelheaded enough to keep me focused and grounded but also warm, intuitive, and sensitive enough to provide emotional support that we needed, and that's exactly what we got.  She was so knowledgeable and an invaluable resource before, during, and after the birth.  Even though we attended a few classes at the hospital and did a little reading here and there about "what to expect," most of what I learned about modern obstetrics, the labor and delivery process, and breastfeeding I learned from Heather (if not directly from her then through suggestions and links that she provided - she knows everything!!).  She also made herself totally accessible and available at all times. On the big day, she provided outstanding support for me and my family (during a labor that wound up taking an awfully long time!), making sure my desires were expressed and my needs were met. Even after my labor stalled and it became clear that I wasn't going to have the 100% natural birth I had planned, she was non-judgmental and kept me informed and focused, which helped me make all the right decisions that led to the extremely beautiful and fulfilling birth of our daughter. My husband and I agree that the process would not have gone nearly as well without her and that hiring Heather was the best decision we could have made.  My daughter is two weeks old and my husband and I already miss hanging out with Heather!

Wynnaea Campbell


My experience with Heather was excellent. Before I had even agreed to hire her as my doula, she was very responsive and answered all my questions. She is very knowledgeable about pregnancy, birth and caring for babies. Although I didn’t have a natural birth like I had planned, she was supportive of my decision to get an epidural. She also worked very well with my nurse and doctor.  My husband and I were very pleased with having Heather as a doula for the birth of our daughter and highly recommend her.

Michelle Lamont


Having Heather as a support person during my pregnancy, birth and postpartum was definitely the best decision I ever made. Heather was absolutely amazing. My pregnancy was a struggle with complications, doctors who didn't want to listen to my natural birth plan, and uncertainty galore. Heather was there for every question and issue. She helped calm me down when my doctor told me I was selfish for not wanting an induction, she reassured me when I was faltering in my plans and she supported me with information about ALL options and scenarios that could possibly arise. She met with me twice prior to my birth, was with me through labor and delivery and one meeting postpartum. Heather came over to my house and was a huge support system during early labor, helping me when needed and showing my husband different techniques to better allow him to support me as well. During transition at the hospital she helped me focus and breathe and reminded me of my birth plan decisions. She stayed by my side until I was moved to recovery, helping me to breastfeed successfully. Heather then came over one week after my birth and talked with me, making sure I was doing well, giving me advice and showing me how to baby wear using different wraps. Through it all, Heather was kind, always available and wonderful. I truly believe I could not have had the successful natural birth I dreamed of without Heather's help and I am beyond grateful for her friendship, kindness and support.

Michelle Moh


Heather was our birth doula for our first child in November 2012. She was amazing. We could not have labored naturally, with no medical interventions, for as long as we did without her help and guidance (~12 hours during active labor at the hospital where she met us). However, labor had stalled at 7 centimeters (probably due to the lengthy 2 day pre-labor contractions and the fact that I was getting extremely tired) and I needed an amniotomy, which didn't work. At that point the midwives wanted to whisk me back to get a c-section. Heather suggested I try an epidural first to get some much-needed rest, and then see what would happen. It worked, and I was able to deliver a beautiful baby girl vaginally. I firmly believe Heather saved me from getting a c-section, which was my ultimate goal for trying to do it naturally.

She was a great resource and support person not only during the labor and delivery, but also during the weeks leading up to the big day. Her style is flexible and non-judgmental, and she supports whatever her clients want to do as long as it feels right for them. She is warm and friendly and made herself available at all times, and during active labor was very hands-on, eg. putting counterpressure on my lower back against all the back labor I was having. Heather made herself a quiet resource at the hospital so as not to interfere with and create a negative vibe with the hospital staff, and she kept to the background and made extremely helpful suggestions to my husband and I. She exhibited a good balance of being an objective observer who could evaluate what was going on without being emotionally invested, and being a wonderful support person who was positive and encouraging. She stayed with us the entire 25 hours we were at the hospital and always made it clear she would be there for us no matter how long it took. I highly recommend Heather with absolutely no reservations.

Risa Levitt


 I cannot say enough good things about Heather and her expertise as a doula.  My husband and I were committed to having a natural childbirth and I am 100% sure that this would not have been possible without Heather there to help me through labor every step of the way.


She was a great source of information, calm and friendship leading up to the birth of our child as well. Our two pre-labor meetings, as well as our post-partum recap, truly helped us to feel prepared for the birth process and to digest everything that played out once we were back home with the baby.

Heather is down-to-earth, easy-going and committed to helping her clients make their birth plan a reality.


Jay Bernhard


I'm a recent father of a beautiful boy.  My wife and I chose to go for an all natural birth, my wife is incredible but I was worried I would not be able to give all of the support she needed during the process, and was worried I'd be able to make the right decision for her and my baby if a stressful situation arose.  Given these circumstances we decided it would be best to have a Doula present at birth, and with that we chose Heather.

Heather was extremely helpful, we met several times prior to the big day, during those meetings we covered everything that we were about to go through, potential issues/concerns and options we could take.  We developed a very good rapport with Heather in these visits. She is very open and honest to talk to. 

When my wife started her contractions, Heather was there on the phone (she would have come in person but we were comfortable enough alone) to help us through the contractions and help us know when the best time to go in was.  We gave her notice we were going in and she was right there ready.

The birth experience was hands down the most magical thing that has ever happened.  Being a male, it may be easy to be cut out of the process, however this was never the case with Heather (or Pennsy hospital for that matter).  She was great, providing support where needed but leaving it for the two of us to sort through, which made it a very touching experience. 

In all, I would highly recommend Heather, we had a wonderful experience! I would not change a single thing.



We had a great experience with Heather.  To us, it was "love at first meet."  Heather provided an amazing array of information and incredible support before, during and after the birth of my baby.  She was available whenever we needed her and was knowledgeable about pretty much anything about the process...and very importantly, let us know what she wasn't particularly versed in, but gathered the information for our next meeting.

What I liked the most about her was her calm, patient and sweet demeanor during the entire labor.  She was there with a smile and anticipating our needs, from ice and water to simply stepping aside to give us time for ourselves.  She made her presence known while making it all about our wants and needs.  I would wholeheartedly recomend Heather to anyone about to embark in the beautiful journey of parenthood, I know I will reach out the next time...

Ellieliz Crompton


I was attempting a hba2c when I was told two months prior to my due date that I should find a doula. I found Heather almost immediately and when I spoke on the phone with her I knew she was a match. Our first meeting I was blown away and our second and third was even better. She helped me not only get the tools and encouragment i needed to give birth naturally and at home, but also helped me realise my fears and deal with them. That was just BEFORE leading up to the birth, during my actual birth she was attentive and by my side, guiding me through the contractions and stood by me my entire 23 hours of labor. She was my rock when I needed her and she literally held me up as I pushed my little one into the world, without her and my midwives I would not have been able to do it. As for the first time after three births I got to hold my newborn first, she cried with me at my victory! Birth is hard work, and you need a good team, and if you chose Heather as your doula, you will have a very good team member. Heather believes in birth, in every birth. That the mother should be able to birth how she choses, and shows no judgment to that choice. She will always back you 100%.

Melissa Ayers


My husband and I both agree that we would not have made it through my 36 hour labor without Heather. We got along so incredibly well, and she made sure that we were well-informed of options and potential situations surrounding the birth prior to labor. While in labor, she was fantastic with suggestions, comfort measures, pep talks, and advocating for us. The birth turned out not according to plan, but she made sure and made me feel like each decision made was well-informed and the best one given the circumstances. Her visits post partum have been greatly appreciated as well! I simply cannot say enough wonderful things about Heather!

Kaitlyn Litwinetz


 Working with Heather was a wonderful experience. Prior to my birth she was so knowledgeable and informative and she really helped to ease my fears about childbirth. My plan was to have a natural birth at a hospital and Heather was extremely supportive of this. She and I discussed ways to manage labor pain without drugs and Heather helped me feel confident about a drug free birth. Heather was always available by email if I had any questions after our meetings. She was quick to reply and gave detailed responses. On the day I went into labor Heather met us at the hospital and never left my side until my son was born. Having her support in addition to my husband's helped tremendously. It was so comforting to know that I had someone there who had experirenced giving birth before and knew exactly what I was going through. I had back labor and heather and my husband took turns putting pressure on my back during contractions. I know my husband was happy to have additional support too. I was able to achieve my goal of having a drug free birth and I don't think I could have done it with out Heather's support. I feel so lucky to have met and worked with Heather. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a birth doula.

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