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Brianne Willett


Words cannot describe how grateful we were to have Terri support us during the birth of our baby boy. She was incredible and it would not have been the same without her. I found her early in my pregnancy during internet searches for doulas in the area. She was certified which was important to me. We chatted via computer, and it was decided that she was the one! I felt so comfortable with her, the conversation flowed naturally. She was supportive during pregnancy, providing me with reassurance and data as needed but the birth was where she shined. My labor progressed quickly, and she was ready to go at a moments notice…which was of course in the middle of the night. During labor she was incredible. She not only coached me and kept me calm and protected me from some of the unrealistic asks from the nurses, but she also helped my husband to be involved and kept up with the space in the hospital. She was incredible. During the birth she stayed with me so my husband could help deliver our little boy and she was also able to capture the moment with video and photos. After, she stayed with us for a few hours which was a life saver in my mind. The labor and delivery unit was packed so the nurses and midwife were not present for much of my immediate recovery but we had Terri. She helped me to navigate the first bit of my recovery and helped me to latch the baby and feel more comfortable with a newborn. She tidied up the room as we went and managed lighting and temperature and the annoying beeping equipment that was keeping everyone up. She was so comfortable and confident and experienced, and I felt like I had mom there protecting me and guiding me. Writing this brings tears to my eyes, I recommend her to anyone and everyone!

Mirka and Ryan


Terri is an amazing, caring, loving Doula! We delivered twin girls a week early, with some complications - and we were so grateful to have Terri by our side (especially me as the Dad). She's an incredible human being, compassionate, and has such a kind and calming demeanor.



Terri was such a grounding, supportive and inspiring presence to have during my pregnancy and birth!  Before birth she would always check in at just the right moment with encouragement, understanding and empahty. Terri had the most calming, caring, strong and attentive presence during the birth of our baby. She knew just how to support me and my husband to be present to the birthing process and ourselves. Her wisdom, knowledge and validation were so helpful and meaningful before, during, and after birth. We are forever grateful that we found Terri; she was such a meaningfuland viral part of our birth story! 



Terri was a fantastic, welcome addition to our birth experience. My husband and I were nervous for the birth of our first child, so we explored gaining additional support. After meeting Terri, we both agreed she made us feel much more confident and calm about what was to come. After hiring Terri, she provided us with several materials to help each of us prepare and answer any questions we had, as well as provide us with questions to ask my OB. My labor process was short and quick for both of my children, but that didn’t stop Terri from being at the hospital when we needed her most. My goal was to have an unmedicated birth, but due to the quick, intense labor I found myself wishing I had pain relief. Terri gave me confidence that the worst was behind me so I could push through to the end. Once our children were born, Terri was instrumental in ensuring breastfeeding was started immediately and that we all felt comfortable. I’m so happy with the result and truly had a much more positive birth experience with Terri by our sides. Terri also provided some postpartum support, which was very comforting. I highly recommend Terri to anyone looking for extra support during their labor process!

Kasey and Jeremy Adrian


I actually came across Terri's name from this website! After reading her reviews I knew I had to meet her. By divine intervention, Terri was available for our due date and after meeting her just one time I knew immediately she was the one for us! She was the only doula I met with and to say she's the best is a complete understatement! Terri has the most amazing presence and calming spirit about her. You meet her and instantly want to know her forever! She is so incredibly special to our family and we could not love her more! On the day our little girl was born, Terri was the best support person and as soon as I saw her at the birthing center my body knew it could relax and go into labor...and it sure did! We delivered 1 hour later! Anyone who has Terri as their doula is truly blessed! 



If I could give Terri 10 stars, I would in a heartbeat! I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better experience with her. From right off the bat, my husband and I felt so at peace and trusted Terri with our goals and birth experience that we wanted. She was so supportive as we told her all of our thoughts, emotions, and hopes beforehand and gave us so many resources to help us prepare. On the day of, Terri was with us every step of the way and helped me achieve my goal of an unmedicated and low-intervention birth. She provided physical and emotional support both at home and at the hospital, and I honestly don’t think I could have done it without her! Best decision we ever made to have her come alongside us during our daughter’s birth!

Miranda Hercule


Terri is absolutely AMAZING! While pregnant, I interviewed over a dozen Doula’s before I found Terri. She and I had an instant connection and I knew I wanted her to be by my side during the birth of my first child. Terri is kind, caring and so knowledgeable when it comes to the birthing process. She is very experienced and I can’t imagine not having her as my Doula. She documented every step of my labor process and made it so memorable. LOOK NO FURTHER- SHE IS THE BEST!!

Lucia Passarini


We hired Terri in the middle of the pandemic. I think I can confidently say that my husband and I had an immediate connection with her and knew we wanted to hire her! The charge for her services was extremely reasonable and many things were included, such as multiple meetings and photography or videography. 

Money was tight at the time so we were not able to pay the fee in one lump sum. We so wanted to hire her though and she was so flexible about us making payments. She let us decide how to pay. There were even one or two months around the holidays where things were extra tight and she let us make up the payment later. I can't even begin to express how grateful we were. 

I went into labor two weeks early and Terri was ready to jump into action! Once she came to the hospital, she was the warmest, most soothing presence. She listened to me, talked with me and walked through exercises and ideas to try to help with the process. She spoke to the doctors and nurses for us and acted as an advocate for our best interests which she very much had in mind the whole time. She made sure me and my husband were comfortable.

I wanted a natural birth initially but as time went by I wanted an epidural and she was so supportive and not judgemental at all. She made sure I knew I wasn't a quitter and that I was making the right decision for me.

In the end I needed a C-Section and I was afraid so she held my hand at my request. She managed to take amazing photos and videos of the birth all while not leaving my side.

She was so great about visiting after the birth and following up with us, making sure we had what we needed.

All in all, Terri goes above and beyond what we could have ever wanted or needed in a doula. It's very clear that she does this work primarily because she loves it so much. For her, the experience is wonderful and rewarding and it seems that her favorite thing is to share in it with you.



From the moment we met Terri, my husband and I both felt so comfortable around her. She has a presence that made us feel so safe, supported, and confident. She was there to give us any and all support we needed, throughout my pregnancy, labour, delivery and postpartum, and she did not miss a beat. Not to mention the beautiful photos she captured, and the birth story she created so we can always remember the most special day of our lives. Initially, my husband did not understand the value of a Doula, but wanted me to have the birthing experience I hoped for, so he was supportive. After having Terri with us for our baby boys birth, my husband is the first one going around telling everyone they need a doula! Not only was she a huge support for me, but she also helped my husband feel confident and calm throughout the process. We feel so lucky to have had Terri with us.I will forever hold her close to my heart as she had such a huge role in such a special and intimate moment, and if I could go back, I wouldn't change a thing - and that is all thanks to her.



I was put in touch with Terri through another friend who had a great experience with her as her doula. I first met Terri for a FaceTime call and immediately felt at ease around her! My husband and I have endured a lot of pain with infertility and loss and this pregnancy was incredibly scary for me. I was able to text or call Terri any time with questions. We even had a scary incident that happened on Christmas Day and Terri was quick to respond, put me at ease, and affirmed me that it was totally great that I reached out to her! Terri was able to support and champion me as it became clear I was going to need a scheduled c-section for my breech baby. She gave me support to help turn the baby in the weeks leading up but our sweet guy ended up staying breech. Terri helped me develop a beautiful birth plan that ended up being carried out exactly as I envisioned it in the OR and beyond. Even though I didn’t labor naturally, having Terri’s support throughout the weeks leading up to delivery and after was invaluable. She helped me troubleshoot physical pain and emotional anxieties. Her demeanor is that she is YOUR #1 fan - totally supportive of your hopes and affirms you while speaking up as needed. There were a couple times on the day of delivery where the hospital staff would ask my preference and I was able to have her right there to field the question for me as she knew my wishes and kept a clear head while I was overwhelmed with all that was happening. Whenever I speak with Terri in person or over the phone, I feel like I have a fabulous big sister there to support however she can. We trust her fully! My husband and I can’t say enough great things about Terri and our decision to have her be a part of our pregnancy, birth, and postpartum team!

Kelly Witter


When I got pregnant, I knew I wanted to give a natural birth my best shot, and I knew that having a doula would get me that much closer to accomplishing that goal. I knew that I needed the support not only for myself, but for my husband as well, given that this was our first child. I was thrilled when the hospitals started allowing doulas in the hospitals again and reached out to Terri just a few short weeks before my due date. It did not matter that we only met a couple of times before the birth of our child; there was an instant connection, a peace that she gave both my husband and I. Thinking of having her as a resource, teammate, and just a comforting friend was everything I wanted, and she far exceeded all of our expectations. In the week or so leading up to my due date, Terri helped with our birth plan, and we are blessed to be able to say that I could not have accomplished my birth plan without having Terri on our team. She was so calming through the entire birth, which was a completely foreign experience for my husband and I. Because of Terri’s knowledge, help, and calming self, we were able to labor at home for about 22 hours and were only at the hospital for a couple of hours before the arrival of our son. There is nobody I would rather have had at the birth. She walked us through all of the unknowns of labor, and did so with such grace and composure that it made our birth experience one that we look back on with beautiful admiration. Terri is not just a doula, she is like a mother, best friend, advocate, and outstanding knowledge all wrapped into a grounded, caring human. I truly consider her like a family member, and cannot imagine having future children without her there. If you are considering hiring her, do it. Even if your birth does not go according to plan, Terri will make you feel at peace through the whole thing, and you will gain a lifelong friendship in the process.



When we first met Terri, the two words that came to mind were peaceful confidence. We met over Zoom and I was convinced Terri was the perfect doula for us. This conviction proved to be true! Terri helped us have a wonderful home birth experience from pregnancy all the way through post partum. During birth, she gave affirmation, used pressure points, instilled confidence, brought peace, and somehow took amazing photos and videos without me noticing. She helped me stay in  tune with my body, encouraged me to trust the whole process, feel comfortable in my body, and let my husband be my rock star during birth. Our birth was a beautiful faith journey in growing closer to God and Terri helped me incorporate my faith. A couple weeks after birth, we received an incredible letter with our birth story written by Terri. I treasure that gift! Birth is so special and I can't imagine not having Terri on our team! We are overwhelmingly grateful!



Terri is one of the primary reasons I can reminice positively on my labor story. Terri was an encouraging presence throughout my entire labor experience. She played the role of teammate, advocate, idea-generator, masseuse, friend, photographer, and encourager. Terri offered ideas throughout the day that helped with contraction pain and helped move our little one along. As first time parents, my husband and I had no idea what to expect from the labor experience, so to have Terri as a guide throughout the day was an invaluable resource! Terri also took photos throughout the day, and it was a beautiful moment when I was able to share the photos with my mom since she could not be with me in the hospital due to Covid. I am also so thankful to have the photos so my husband and I can reminice on the day we got to meet our little boy. We can't recommend Terri enough, and we will be recommending her to all of our friends seeking a doula. If you are looking for an encouraging and calm advocate who provides the best support before, during, and after your due date- then look no further than Terri! <3 

Sonja M


We had the pleasure of having Terri as our doula for the birth of our first child. We were so pleased with our experience that we asked her to come back and be present for the birth of our second child (our daughter). 
Terri kept in touch with me and visited us prior to delivery. She was there to listen and calm my various worries that I had surrounding this pregnancy. My water broke at home the day after my due date. I had no contractions but still had to go to the hospital to be monitored. The doctors wanted to start me on pitocin right away but Terri helped me advocate for myself in getting them to wait a bit to see if my body would start contracting on its own.

Prior to meeting us at the hospital she sent me some positions and exercises to try. I really appreciated having her in my corner and feeling supported in the decisions I was making. 
When labor got going, it was brutal and I was attempting to give a natural birth my best effort but I was requiring pitocin and there was no tub to get in and not much room to move around because this hospital had no wireless monitoring. Terri helped me with several position changes and made sure I stayed fed and hydrated. When I asked for an epidural she was totally supportive even though I was feeling disappointed in myself, she was happy to see me finally get comfortable and rest.

Terri stayed up and talked with me while my husband slept until it was time to push. She was very much like a mother to me during both of my deliveries. She brings a very calming feel to the environment and she just makes you feel like no matter what's happening, everything is going to be alright. 

We absolutely love Terri! We don't plan on having anymore children but part of us wants to just so we can hang out with her again! She is a wonderful person and an amazing doula. 

Rebecca Price


We always knew we wanted to have a doula at our daughter’s birth. We searched for quite some time in hopes to find someone who was supportive of our goals and highly experienced. Above all, we sought to find a doula who we connected with. Within moments of speaking with Terri in our initial consultation, we knew she was the doula we were looking for! My husband and I both knew she would be the perfect addition to our birth team – and she absolutely was. 

As first time parents, there were a lot of unknowns and questions. In addition, we were in the middle of a global pandemic (Covid-19). Terri was there to answer any and all questions that we had. Her years of experience were such a comfort to us as we navigated the months leading up to the birth of our baby and the weeks following. Terri took time to check-in with us after our appointments, to give us advice when we were making decisions regarding the birth plan, and to provide us with ample resources to prepare us before, during, and after birth.

We found immense comfort in having Terri with us as our baby girl was delivered. She had a warm, motherly nature to her that gave us peace and kept us calm even as labor got more intense. Terri could not have been more wonderful during the birthing experience. She provided incredible support for both me and my husband. Additionally, she guided me through the first experience of breastfeeding my daughter. It was extremely helpful for me to navigate that process with Terri by my side. After the birth, Terri continued to reach out and offer support to us. We are incredibly grateful for her and we cannot begin to imagine not having her present during the birth of our daughter. 



Terri was such an amazing support for the labor and delivery of my third child! Knowing I have long and difficult labors, and with this one being my second VBAC, I knew I needed additional support this time around. She provided me with resources and information prior to my delivery, and was always available via phone call or text leading up to the big day! At the hospital, she did so many things to get me through the long delivery - she advocated for me countless times, she provided emotional support through the ups and downs, and she was a wealth of knowledge as I tried to progress and cope with labor pains. Her support was amazing and I have told many people that I don’t know how I would have gotten through this third delivery without my wonderful doula! You won’t regret hiring Terri to be your doula!

Sarah Steffens


First off, let me say Terri was worth every penny so if you're considering hiring a doula look no further! She's got it all--tons of experience, knowledge about the birth process and the biggest heart and passion for what she does!

I initially wanted to hire a doula because I had my heart set on an unmedicated hospital birth. I interviewed a handful of doulas and was able to connect with Terri instantly and knew I wanted her on my birth team. Its a weird thing to hire a complete stranger for such an intimate life event but Terri made both me and my husband feel instantly at ease and it was so easy to connect with her emotionally.

My labor and delivery totaled 30 hours and ended with a c-section, which was the complete opposite of what I was hoping for but there is no way I would have managed without Terri. She was with us every step of the way and never left my side the entire time! It was so helpful to have someone with her level of experience there asking the right questions and helping me make decisions when things didn't go as planned. Because of her support, I was able to labor with contractions that were less than 2 minutes apart for hours until I was 8 centimeters without medication.

Unfortunately my baby was in a bad position and wasn't coming out no matter how hard I tried. I was completely crushed that I had to have a c-section after making it as far as I did, and Terri helped me process the whole thing. For the husbands/partners out there, it was invaluable to have someone show him how to support a laboring person and he is so thankful we had someone there to advocate for us especially when things went awry.

I did have to process and grieve over everything and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Terri. She provided so much support even after the labor and we are still in touch about how we are doing. There is really so much more I can say but I'm so happy that I hired Terri and would 100% recommend her.



We were so thankful to have Terri as our doula. She brings so much knowledge and experience, and it was really helpful to talk through our hopes, fears and questions with her. Terri has such a peaceful and positive presence, and really put me at peace about the birthing experience. My husband and I felt so supported and genuinely cared for by Terri. I highly recommend her!!!

Lauren White


Terri was such an amazing doula! My husband I were at first unsure of whether we needed a doula to assist with the birth but upon meeting Terri we knew that she would be a great fit and could help ease our minds throughout pregnancy and the birth. Terri was professional, caring, thoughtful, and reassuring. She has a calm presence that helped keep me focused and my husband calm, and her techniques for helping with pain management were a life saver (I had a natural birth). I don’t think we would have had the same special experience without her being there. We are truly blessed to have found such a great doula and friend! If you have any doubts about whether to hire a doula, I would highly encourage you to hire her!



My husband and I appreciated Terri's practical techniques, comfort measures and advice throughout my labor. She also had a calm and knowledgeable presence as we labored and had to make unexpected decisions, and afterwards as we processed our son's birth. And she's a great photographer on top of it all! We would not have wanted to have gone through the labor and delivery without her. We wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a birth doula.



My husband was initially hesitant about investing in the cost of a birth doula. I convinced him it was worth it and Terri attended the births of both of our children (hospital births).

After both of the births, we have realized that Terri allowed for our birthing journeys to be stress free. She helped us advocate for our needs, explained procedures and gave us the opportunity to be together as a couple without worrying. She helped us both find time to rest and had many ideas on how to have a smooth birthing process.

She is responsive, empathic and assertive with both clients and birthing staff. I highly recommend her services!

Ruth Winslow


I had a wonderful experience working with Terri as my doula. Terri made me and my husband feel comfortable and capable throughout our pregnancy and, more importantly, our labor. She was supportive, caring and genuine. I had some post-labor complications and Terri even supported us through that. She even managed to capture precious photos and video throughout our labor! We were incredibly grateful to have her by our side and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.

Mandy Fitzgerald


My husband and I welcomed our daughter on November 13, 2019. Our journey to get to her was 5 years long and unfortunately filled with fertility treatments and losses. Once we got pregnant, we knew that we would need someone on our side to help us deal with not only the physical aspects of pregnancy, labor and delivery but the emotional parts as well. We found Terri when I was 26 weeks pregnant, and her calm and caring demeanor instantly put my anxieties at ease. She was constantly available via phone throughout my pregnancy to answer any questions I had, as well as helping me understand what may warrant a call or visit to my doctor. She also met with us several times in our home to discuss our hopes, dreams and nightmares for the arrival of our girl. When the time came, I was in labor at home for multiple days. Terri was constantly checking in on me via text, and spent time in our home laboring with me on multiple occasions. She has a Mary Poppins bag full of items that were great for easing the pain of labor for mom. When we went to the hospital, Terri arrived with us and was by our side for everything. She kept us calm, explained what we might expect when doctors or nurses came in, and helped us to understand what was going on with our baby and the reasoning behind medical procedures. She asked questions we hadn’t thought of, explained options we may not have known about or considered, and kindly advocated for our family to the hospital staff. When the unexpected reality of a c-section occurred, Terri was there to provide a sense of calm and understanding. The absolute best part about having Terri on our team is that while she was the best money we spent during our pregnancy, she always felt like family rather than someone we hired. Terri, we are so thankful you were part of Brynnlee’s birth story.

Casey Miller


It's hard to put into words how incredible Terri is, and the support, experience, and love she brings to being your doula. She was there for our second son, who was a VBAC, and I honestly don't know what I would have done without her. She brought so much knowledge and support, I was instantly at ease when she came into the room. She walked the halls with me, helped me through contractions in the tub, took photos & videos of labor, and most importantly the birth of our son. I will forever be so grateful she was there, and consider her a dear friend now. Not only was she amazing during labor and delivery, but she was also so helpful during the pregnancy process as well. If you're on the fence about having a doula, from one mama to another, you will never regret it - book her!

Jackie Delacruz


My husband and I wanted a Doula since this was our first pregnancy and we felt having the extra support and guidance to make informed decisions was incredibly valuable. We met several Doulas and Terri was clearly the best! We felt super comfortable with her right away. She was knowledgeable and so very sweet. She clearly loves being a Doula. We met with her once before going into labor to discuss our wants and any fears we had. She had great materials to help us through labor and after we came home. We had tons of questions and she happily sat with us and answered them all. Our labor was very difficult and complicated and I don’t know how we would have made it through without Terri there supporting us every step of the way. As much as she helped me, she was there for my husband too. She reassured him and made sure he was taking care of himself too. She was even able to be there for our c-section. After, Terri gave us photos and documented everything which was so helpful since most of it was a blur for me. She checked in after bringing the baby home and gave us lots of support and reassurance. Having her as our Doula was the best investment we could have made. We absolutely recommend her! We are forever grateful for everything she did for us!

Sonja Mckinney


My husband and I decided to hire a doula for the birth of our first baby because we were so nervous and wanted the expertise of someone who has not only been through the process themselves but someone who would know how to help me and know how to help my husband help me. I was 37 weeks when we reached out to Terri and we were so glad she made time for us! Terri met with us twice in person and checked on me weekly prior to delivery. I was induced and it was a very long process but Terri was there every step of the way helping me manage my pain and helping my husband support me as well. Our little one was head down but was not facing in the right direction, Terri did some “spinning baby” exercises with me in the delivery room and we were able to get him to turn facing down! She was so helpful and so thoughtful and took some AMAZING photos throughout the birthing process that we will cherish forever! She checked on me routinely via phone throughout the early weeks of my postpartum period and visited as well. She continued to offer support, encouragement and resources even after our little one was born. I could not have done labor and delivery without Terri. My husband was initially skeptical of hiring a doula but after working with Terri he swears by having a doula and has said we will definitely contact her should there be a baby #2! 

-Sonja M. 

Jennifer M


From the moment I met Terri, she had a warm, motherly energy, and I knew right away I wanted her as my doula.

About a month prior to my due date, Terri came to our home to discuss our birth plan and help us prepare for early labor. In the two weeks leading up to my due date, Terri was in daily contact with me to check in, see how I was feeling, and address any concerns I had. Once admitted to the hospital, Terri was with us within an hour after we got settled. My water broke prior to arriving and I was not having any contractions. She worked with me throughout the night to try to induce labor naturally with various techniques. She helped keep a calm environment in the room, and her nurturing touch kept me relaxed. 

As contractions became more intense, she continued to remind me of my strength and helped coach me through breathing. When I was terrified of my body beginning to push, she took me by the hands, looked me in the eyes and guided me through effective breathing. She helped me keep it together when I didn't think I could continue. I successfully achieved my goal of having an unmedicated birth and I don't think this would have been possible without Terri by my side. 

In the weeks following Terri visited our home twice to see how we were doing and provide support. She sent me an album of photos she took during labor and delivery that I hadn't even noticed she was taking. We also received a beautiful birth story in the mail with all the details leading up to my water breaking, labor, and the birth of our baby girl, many that I had forgotten. I will cherish these mementos forever.Terri was such an incredible light throughout this experience, and I will always feel a strong connection to her. If you're considering a doula, stop considering, and give Terri a call! She is a wonderful soul and you will not regret it.



Terri made our birth experience so incredibly peaceful and happy. She was kind, respectful of both my and my husbands wishes for our birth, and was just the calming and grounding presence we needed. I had a very fast, preterm delivery with baby boy coming to join us in a matter of hours! But in those hours a LOT was happening with his heart rate dipping and an almost emergency c-section. In the midst of the chaos I could always look to Terri and see her calm reassuring face and her her voice telling me that I was strong and no matter what, our little baby boy would be joining us soon. She also somehow managed to take care of my husband and make sure he was feeling good throughout the night! The biggest testament to her success is that the next morning the nurse who helped with my delivery, as well as my OB, asked for Terri's contact information to provide to patients (even though the hospital where I delivered has their own in-house doulas). Need I say more!? We couldn't have been happier to have Terri be there for the first moment's of our son's life. 

Laura Reich


Terri is the most amazing doula and played an integral role in both of our daughters’ births. Terri is such a warm person and supportive person and with her guidance, I was able to have incredibly positive and empowering birth experiences. My husband and I couldn’t have imagined going through the crazy journey of labor and delivery without Terri by our sides! Also, Terri wrote the most beautiful letters to our daughters recounting the stories of their births and also took some priceless family photos. We love Terri and highly recommend her (and having a doula as a part of labor and delivery in general)!

Destiny Stillwell


Terri was such a great help with our son’s birth. We got the exact birth we wanted and Terri was such a great advocate for us the whole time. She gave us such helpful material to mentally prepare me for labor and delivery. As you can imagine, we had our hands full during labor and it was amazing that Terri knew exactly when to step in and help and when to hang back and let me connect and bond with my husband. When our son was born, she was ready and captured the moment perfectly. 

Looking back, I don’t know if I would have followed through on having an unmedicated delivery without Terri’s help. In the moment when I wanted to give up the most, Terri was right there with the right encouragement and motivation. The personalized touches were amazing and we loved having Terri with us for the whole process. We are definitely going to call Terri for our next labor and delivery!



Terri is the best, I cannot recommend her highly enough!  After a challenging birth with my first child, I decided to hire a doula as support for the birth of my second.  I loved her so much that I worked with her again for the birth of my third child two months ago.  She provided the reassurance I needed before, during, and after the births of my second and third children.  She knows just the right things to say to calm a laboring mother.  She also makes an awesome juice drink for you to have after delivery, I will always remember it fondly!

Sarah Harrison


Terri is an amazing doula. My husband and I couldn't be happier we hired her. She exudes warmth and empathy from the moment you meet her. She has so much knowledge and experience and is so open. Leading up to the birth I felt so much more comfortable emailing and texting her with questions than I did even our midwives. I tried to hire the best doula I could find, and believe I was extremely successful.  The labor came on extremely hard when it started. Terri came down in the middle of the night to our home to help us through it. She was the picture of perfect calm and support, and stayed that way over more than the next 24 hours.  She introduced a hip press that made so much difference in the level of pain I was feeling, and she and my husband continued to do that throughout my 22 hours of labor, during nearly every contraction. She gently coaxed me into many different positions, and had a lot of ideas I had never heard or thought of. Her photos were taken very discreetly, and most of the time I never noticed she was taking them.  After the birth I had complications with my placenta and had to transfer to the hospital ER. It was a tough time but Terri came with me while my husband had to stay at the birth center with our son. She continued to be a calm and empathetic support, and I can't say how glad I was to be able to look over to the side and always see her friendly face. Terri was able to text my husband and keep him up to date on everything happening and helped him and our baby come meet me in the hospital room. It was 1am before they arrived, and Terri stayed with me the entire time. Her visit to our home afterward was so thoughtful and helpful, and really encouraged me. I also love the birth story she wrote for our son. She notes details I had no idea about or forgot completely.  I would not hesitate to recommend Terri as a doula to anyone and everyone. You won't regret it. 

Monica Moreno


We welcomed our baby girl into the world on March 1st and we were blessed to have Terri by our side! We interviewed several doulas and chose Terri because she completely understood and supported my wishes for labor and delivery. My labor was intense and Terri provided endless support and helped me through every contraction. She is knowledgeable and assisted me in making each and every decision. She ensured that my birth plan was followed. She was my cheerleader and provided me with confidence during delivery and when things got tough. She took cherished photos and stayed with us after delivery ensuring all of our needs were met. I would absolutely choose Terri if I had another child! She is the best and we were blessed to have found her!

Jenn & Jon


We could not have made a better decision than asking Terri Burleson to join us as our doula for the adventure of birthing our son. From the moment we "met" Terri via phone, we felt a connection and her warmth radiated. We made the decision pretty instantly and have been grateful ever since. Terri checked in multiple times throughout my pregnancy as well as met us in our home to talk about our goals, getting to know us more intimately and providing us with several resources to support preparation for labor and delivery. On the night that my contractions started, Terri was the first to know and she and my husband checked in frequently. Terri was with us by phone and then in person, remaining calm, helping us cope, and offering us confidence. Throughout my 20 hours of labor, Terri was a rock for my husband and myself, providing us comfort and information, particularly at the hospital. She made me feel as though I had a voice and could advocate for myself, especially when my baby's heart rate dropped at different times and doctors wanted to pump me with several different medications. She made sure to slow things down so that we were able to make the right choice for our family. During this entire process, Terri quietly documented everything and following delivery of our son, shared an entire library of photos with us, including the birth (we had provided consent)! Terri's love and support did not stop there, she checked in daily following delivery and has visited us in our home. On Valentine's Day we received the most precious gift- a multiple page letter addressed to our son from Terri, documenting his birth story. Throughout this entire process, we never felt judged or pushed by Terri, and instead felt as though from the start, she respected and believed in our choices for this incredible journey. Terri will always be a part of our lives and we were so grateful to have found her to join us on what was the most vulnerable and amazing experience of our lives!

Abby RK


Terri was a fantastic resource, advocate, and source of support! We were so grateful to have her throughout our pregnancy, labor and delivery. Our goal was to make decisions out of confidence rather than fear and she made that happen!!

Elizabeth Rumbel


My husband and I were so happy to have found and invited Terri into our birth story. Being first time parents, we knew that we could use extra support throughout the labor and delivery process; I didn’t know what to expect, and my husband wasn’t sure of the best ways he could support me. We knew Terri was the right doula for us when we asked what her doula philosophy was and she said, “At the end of labor, I want you and your husband to be able to look at one another and say ‘We did it.’” I think this set her apart from other doulas that I had met, as she understood the importance of supporting not just me, but also my husband as we embarked on this journey. Finding Terri was a welcoming relief from the nerves that go not just into labor, but the weeks leading up to labor (and even following delivery). Terri made herself available to us in the weeks prior, and I found myself contacting her with questions or concerns all the way up to our delivery date. She checked in with encouraging words and helped instill a confidence that my body was prepared for this, and that I could have the birth story I envisioned. Our delivery was anything but “normal,” but Terri was ready and well equipped to provide support for the full 40 hours I labored--including giving tips on laboring positions, relaxation techniques, support to my husband, liaising with hospital staff/my care team to help advocate for my best interests, and emotional encouragement. I am convinced I would have mentally given up much sooner if it wasn’t for her. After the delivery was over, she continued to check in and be a resource to us with things such as breastfeeding tips, literature advice, community/new mom groups, and just being an open, non-judgmental sounding board to ask questions. We can’t thank her enough, and 100% recommend her services to anyone looking to invite a doula into their story.

tanya s


We chose Terri as our doula because she offered caring and knowledgable approach to help us through our desired natural (unmedicated) birth of our first child.  Terri was interested in us and our birth plan wishes before and during the labor.  During labor, Terri was undeinably the best person to be there for us!  During my about 24 hours of labor and 2 hours of pushing, Terri supported both of us, provided suggestions to help ease the pain, and knew when to speak up and when to just be present.  Her communication with the nurses/staff at St Joe's was also a huge benefit to keep aware of the situation. There is absolutely no way we would have made it through labor and pushing unmedicated without her support.  Hiring Terri as our doula was the best birth decision we made!  Even after birth she's stayed in touch offering suggestions from her child rearing experience when asked, and is inquisitive to ensure you are managing well.  She has been a complete blessing!  Don't have a child birth without her!  

Allyson Burgin


Terri attended my second birth, a natural delivery after my first birth was an emergency C-section. She helped me be positive and look forward to my daughter's birth with hope and not be deterred by my sons's difficult birth. She was so kind and loving to my family and me. She shared her Christian faith that God would be with us through the birth, which strenghened and uplifted me. She was great at checking in on me through the end of my pregancy, and she listened intently to all our desires and plans, and helped us consider all our options in our prenatal visit. She supported our decisions throughout, including our choice to be induced. She was right with me during labor, breathing with me, giving me tips, doing whatever I asked for help, and cheering me on. She helped me know how I was progressing and what to expect next. She told me when I was doing well and gave suggestions that really helped. She also took photos and videos of labor and the birth, which are treasures! She rejoiced with us when or daughter was born. Her caring postnatal visit was a great chance to synthesize the birth and she also checked up on my well being and relationship with my toddler. She not only helped me have a successful, unmedicated VBAC, but became a dear friend. I would have paid a million dollars for her to be a part of our birth!

Maggie Cavanagh


Wow, I am so glad I had Terri by my side.  As a first time mom, I figured I could use all the help I could get. Terri was so calming yet assertive, which was a perfect balance to help me with pain management as well my focus. She was very informative in our meetings prior to my delivery.  My labor and delivery was much shorter than I had planned for, but it was very intense. It was so reassuring having Terri there to talk to in order to validate me and answer questions about how my labor was progressing.

When labor was the most intense, Terri was at my home with me and helping with pain management.

Once we were are the birth center, things progresses quickly so it was not long before I was pushing.  Although I was focused and quiet, I could hear every word Terri was telling me as she coached me along and provided encouragement.  I hung onto her words, and her affirmations fueled me to get through the process.  

Along with getting me through the tougher moments of labor, she was also a big support to my husband as well as captured these priceless moments through photos. I cherish those pictures as I look at them remember the moment my son came into my arms.

Terri stuck by our side even hours after our son was delived to ensure we were comfortable and had everythign we needed.  She has also been a great support well after our delivery, making house calls to visit, texting to check in and offering advice and answers to my questions.   

I would encourage everyone to add a doula to thier team. I can confidently say that my birth story was so positive thanks to her. 

Luisa Altmann


Terri was absolutely amazing throughout my pregnancy and labor/delivery!!! She was so incredibly supportive and my husband and I were so thankful to have her by our sides to help us welcome our daughter into this world! 

Rhonda Siem


Terri was such a blessing to me during the delivery of my son. She is amazing at the job she does, and she truly cares about the families that she works with. She was the extra strength, calm, and encouragement that I needed to have the birth experience I wanted, and I am forever grateful that she is a part of my family's story.

avelina kolesnikov


We are so grateful to have stumbled across their website and find Terri! I felt very comfortable with Terri from the first time I met her.
We had just moved to CO and I started my search for a doula. Going into my first pregnancy I knew I needed some extra help in addition to having my husband there. I knew I wanted an experienced Doula that could be with me from start to finish. Terri was just that and more! She was very supportive during the pregnancy, labor, and postpartum times. She's very sweet and motherly but also very motivating which is very comforting when you're in a lot of pain! She was instrumental in helping us reach the goal of having a natural delivery without any pain medication. Her relaxation techniques and support helped both my husband and I get through the labor process.
I highly recommend Terri because she's very knowledgeable in what she does and is a great support to have during the most important thing a women has to go through. She was also so supportive after we had the baby. Being first time parents can be hard in the beginning. She gave great advice and lots of encouragement. We cannot say thank you enough to Terri for being such a great support!

Kelly Teplitsky


From the first phone call to the last post partum visit, we are so glad we hired Terri. I immiediately loved her calm personality and attentive nature. She was great about staying in contact leading up to delivery and answering any questions I had as well as offering suggestions as appropriate. I had a lot of pre-labor symptoms for a week or two and she checked in daily to see how things were progressing. Once my due date passed, I had to be induced. It was 34 hours from the time of induction to the birth of our son and ultimately our son was tranpsorted by helicopter to another hospital and was admitted to the NICU so it was rather tramatic. Terri stayed long after the birth to support me as my husband and son went to the other hospital. She was such a great support to have and was so reassuring and looking out for my best interest the entire time. I was exhausted and in shock and she took the time to explain to my parents once they arrived all the things that I couldn't remember, had missed, or had left out. She took notes during the entire labor and sent a beautiful letter to our son detailing his birth. I can't recommend Terri enough and my husband and I are truly thankful to have had her by our sides. I would not have wanted anyone else with us during what was ultimatley one of the scariest days of my life. Terri is truly doing her lifes passion and it shows. 

Danielle Collins


Terri was a phenomenal doula. We are so happy and grateful that we found her! My husband and I were pretty anxious about the birth of our first baby, especially since my husband travels out of state for work. Terri was so helpful and understanding of our situation and quickly put us at ease.
On the big day, Terri was so supportive. She helped both of us to have the kind of birth that we wanted. What was even better, were the numerous, thoughtful follow-up texts and check-ins. It's very evident that Terri not only loves what she does, but also loves the people she gets to work with.
We will definitely be calling Terri when we're ready for our next little one!

Nicole Ilderton


I'm so very thankful she was there with our family through this process and would highly recommend Terri to anyone. She was present for the long labor and birth of my firstborn child and was the most amazing support to myself and my husband. Not only did she take the time to get to know my husband and I prior to birth, but she was fully present and supportive during the entire labor and birth process (which was long, I might add!). She knew well what we desired for our birth and helped to work with the midwives, nurses, and doctors to advocate and support our needs. She also kept really great notes of labor and delivery so that I was able to remember parts of the experience that I otherwise would have forgotten about. Now I have an amazing story to share with my daughter.

Amanda Poole


We chose Terri as our doula and could not have been happier with our decision. She worked with us to design our ideal birth plan and answered all of our questions.
It was so nice to have her at the hospital as an advocate for us as there were several times when she asked the doctors questions that we hadn't thought to ask and she also asked them to give us time to process the information and to make our decisions without feeling rushed. Terri's empathy and compassion are definitely genuine, and she helped us be more comfortable throughout the entire process.
My husband was initially worried that he would be replaced by her, but that fear quickly went away the first time we met Terri. At the hospital, she did a great job of reading what I needed and suggesting ways that my husband could support me. She thought of things that I didn't even know I needed, and helped to make me as comfortable as possible throughout the entire labor and delivery process. I truly believe she even helped us avoid an emergency C-section by suggesting a different technique/position when what the doctors kept saying was not working for me.
After delivery, Terri checked in with us several times before we left the hospital and continued making sure we were doing well once we were at home. She even sent us a detailed letter to our daughter describing all of the events from our time at the hospital. This letter will be a treasured keepsake, and it included so many things that I had completely forgotten about in the craziness of those days.
I could keep writing forever, but there would never be enough words to describe how supportive she was and how happy we are that we stumbled across her website and were lucky enough to have her there with us on one of the most difficult yet most rewarding experiences of our lives. You will not regret choosing Terri! You will get a wonderful woman to walk with you every step of the way, and probably even a friend for life!

Scott Sondrup


We have now been through two somewhat difficult and elongated labor and deliveries with Terri at our side. Her knowledge, confidence, reassurance, calming presence, and tenacious and infectious positive attitude make her an excellent doula, and friend. Our relationship with Terri has moved beyond a simple parent/ doula association to now feeling she’s a part of our family.

We would, with all the confidence and assurance in the world, highly recommend Terri to any other prospective parents out there- from the first-timers who feel a bit lost and overwhelmed to the experienced veterans who think they have seen it all and that there will be no complications or surprises. Delivering a baby is rarely uneventful or simple, and we have found that having a compassionate and tireless advocate at your side- a true friend in your time of need- is invaluable…

Thanks SO much Terri! We love you!

Scott and Amanda

Margaret Stegner


Our little girl is now 13 months old and my husband and I still talk about how glad we were to have Terri with us during one of our most important days. Not only was Terri a big help during the birth but she also kept in contact with us before the birth and for months after. With this being our first born my husband and I were not aware of all of our options or even of the right questions to ask. Terri was there for us! She new our goal was to have a water birth and while we could not control everything, baby 12 days late, Terri was able to help coach me and guide my husband so that our birthing plan happened. We couldn't have been more happy and still are with the birth of our first child! Thank You Terri for helping us bring our beautiful baby girl into the world!

Mallory Howe


My husband and I struggled with the decision to invite a doula into the delivery room with us or not. We are both very private people and I especially wasn't sure I wanted anyone additional in the room when I was in pain. Working with Terri as our doula was the best decision we could have made. Her calm, consistent presence encouraged me that the labor pain was temporary and we were making progress. Having someone who has so much experience supporting a mother during delivery was invaluable to my husband and me. We felt supported and heard throughout the labor/delivery and most importantly we have a perfect baby boy. Terri played a pivotal role in our successful labor story.

Tara Gallagher


I had never considered having a doula previously, but now I know I will never go without one for future deliveries! We worked with Terri and she was absolutely amazing. It wasn't just about the day I delivered, it was about the weeks leading up to it. When we met with Terri, she was very thorough in our conversations so she could get to know us and best understand our hopes and desires for this birth. She was always very attentive and caring.

During labor, having a doula there provided me with an ally in the room that I could turn to for questions, making tough decisions, or for the encouragement I needed. It really was nice to have a non-doctor and non-family member to go to in the tough moments. She provided a strength in her presence that I needed. I truly believe that the things Terri suggested I do and try to help progress my labor is what helped it go so well that day. My husband also greatly appreciated having someone to talk to, provide him with breaks, and help him understand things as well! I am very thankful I had her there with me and plan to have her there for future kiddos!

The last thing I'd like to mention is the post-baby care. Terri checked in with me post delivery once we were home and settled. I would randomly gets texts from her asking how baby was doing, how nursing was going, and providing encouragement and/or advice if I needed it. I was thankful for the care she showed even once the baby was here.

In conclusion, if you can't tell already, I would highly recommend Terri with Colorado Caring Doulas!

Rachelle Bruno


Terri was amazing to work with.  After a not-so-ideal birth the first time around, my husband and I were looking for ways to have a more intimate, personal birth for our third child. Terri listened to our concerns and hopes for this time and she provided us with some great insight of ways to have the experience we wanted.  Terri was so calm and had great ideas of how to handle pain.  She, along with my husband were a great support team for me.  They helped me get further without medication than I could have otherwise and avoided what probably would have ended up as a c-section  

We are so glad we made the decision to hire Terri  If I ever have another child, Terri will be part of our team again. 

Kelly D'Aniell


We worked with Terri during my pregnancy and the birth of our daughter and she is simply incredible! As first time parents we were nervous and didn't know what to expect from the whole process and Terri helped put us at ease. We met with Terri a couple of times before our due date and she was so nice and informative. Terri then came after I was induced and was there through the whole labor and for the birth of our daughter. She helped explain things, calm us down, gave my husband breaks, helped me through pushing and did so many more things. She has been available through text whenever I've had any questions since then and has come to visit us and our little one. Terri was amazing and more than anything helped us to be comfortable throughout. I highly recommend Terri and can't say enough wonderful things about her!

Elizabeth Janowski


I worked with Terri for both of my deliveries. She was such a caring, supporting and loving presence. Because of her assistance with my first delivery, I was able to hold off a C-section and have a vaginal birth. She helped me push for almost 5 hours.

She has the presence of a caring, kind angel. Nothing flusters her. She also takes photos of your experience and writes a beautiful "birth story" which helps you commemorate all the details.

I think working with a doula is the ultimate "piece of mind" and gives you such a sense of support and peace.

I would highly recommend Terri - and you are welcome to contact me directly with any questions about her!


Ellie Betts


Terri was amazing to work with, once I went into labor she came as soon as we asked her to helping me labor at home for a few hours before heading to the hospital. Once we got to the hospital Terri was amazing at my side through every contraction helping me through it, as well as offering my husband tips on how he could support me as well. Terri offered support to both my husband and I to help us through the process as we are first time parents. Without Terri with us during my particularly long and tough labor and delivery I truly do not believe we could have accomplished our goal of a natural birth! We are very thankful for her help and support. Since our little one has arrived Terri has remained in contact checking in on us and offering her support. We highly recommend Terri to anyone considering a doula! 

Audra Chapin


Terri is wonderful! I was needing a doula to support me during my TOLAC at a hospital over 90 miles away from home; I wanted somebody whose experience, knowledge, and support would give me a better chance at having a successful VBAC. Terri was great from the very beginning. She was flexible setting up a times to meet, answered all of my questions, and left us with a great feeling after our first meeting. My husband and I felt a good connection from the start. She was there to meet with us again before delivery to help me prepare as much as possible. She paid great attention to my concerns and wishes and was there to help support me in everything along the way. It was important to me to have a comfortable relationship with the person who would be there to support us through labor and delivery and Terri definitely fulfilled that need. She was calm, patient, asked the right questions when my mind couldn't focus, she was there with ways to help when I needed it, and listened and supported me in my decisions along the way. Terri's experience and training was exactly what I needed to have a successful VBAC and I did it! I don't think I could have felt as strong as I did without her support, she was everything I needed and more, like having a trusted friend with the added benefits of doula training. When I was initially looking into the option of a doula, my husband wasn't fully on board - but the day after our daughter was born, he swore if we had another baby we'd be making sure Terri was there to help us again! I think of her often and fondly when I remember our birth experience and wish we lived closer to her so she could be a bigger part of our lives! She will always have an special place in our hearts and family after sharing such a wonderul part of our lives with her.

Addy Lord


Terri was wonderful for the preparation, labor, birth and support in bringing home our son. Her demeanor matched our goal log having our goal of avoiding a traumatic birth, in the midst of some interventions and ultimately a C-Section. I think the most amazing parts of her involvement were in fact the parts I knew nothing about until she presented us with the story of our son's birth. She spent time speaking with the nurses, advocating for us, and ensuring I remained as comfortable as possible. I couldn't have been happier with our experience, and I believe my husband would say the same. 

Nathalie Morasch


Terri is absolutely amazing! When I found myself pregnant again, I wasn't sure whether I would really need a doula supporting me for the birth of my second child. Was it really worth the expense? After all, everything already went well the first time around (with the help of my wonderful doula back in San Antonio). I am so happy that I decided to "splurge" on a doula again -- and so is my husband who laughs at how naive we were, thinking we could do it alone! Terri did a superb job at mimicking my breathing, so that I could stay on top of the contractions. It sounds so trivial, but whenever my husband tried to take over (during the tiny breaks Terri allowed herself) he drove me crazy, because he just couldn't quite get it right. The pain will be there either way, but the trick is to not get overcome by and get lost in it. Terri coached me so well through each contraction, that I never made it to the point of desperation. I remained calm and collected throughout the entire process -- so much so that the medical team attending kept getting confused about how far along I was. Terri knows every trick in the book of helping you through this challenge. Her skillful massages are a nice added perk! For those of you wondering whether perhaps my husband didn't do his end of the bargain -- you couldn't be more wrong. He is as committed, diligent and resourceful as one would want ones birthing partner to be, but he simply has less experience than Terri. Although she is not a professional photographer, the pictures she took of the birth were tasteful and I will cherish them immensely! They bring back intense memories. I am sincerely thankful for Terri's skillful and caring support!

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