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Alexis Zamchick Farber


Bellmore, NY Service range 25 miles Will make some exceptions and travel further than indicated on map (i.e Suffolk County, New Jersey etc).

(516) 238-8068

Birth Fee

$1600 to $2200

Postpartum Rate

$40 to $50

Birth Fee

$1600 to $2200

Postpartum Rate

$40 to $50

Birth Doula Experience

8 years and 75 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

5 years and 6 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International, May 2011

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Postpartum limits/restrictions: I will provide post partum doula services on a case-by-case basis

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Belly casting
  • Childbirth education services
  • Henna belly designs
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Fee Details

Birth Doula services: •Free consultation (via phone or face-to-face) •In home prenatal visit(s) to go over birth preferences, comfort measures and to be sure you are well informed going into the birth process (for full childbirth classes I charge an additional $200 for doula clients and $300 for non-doula clients) •Unlimited phone and email support •Secured backup doula available for your due date (however, I have never missed a birth yet) •I am there to support you throughout your birth experience and help to establish breastfeeding immediately following childbirth •A post partum meeting in your home 1-2 weeks after giving birth. Please contact me for additional information, I am happy to help you any way I can.

Bellmore, NY Service range 25 miles Will make some exceptions and travel further than indicated on map (i.e Suffolk County, New Jersey etc).

Client Testimonials for Alexis Zamchick Farber

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Irene DeMartino


When I sought out a doula, I really had no idea what to expect or exactly what I was hoping to get out of the experience. When I interviewed Alexis over the phone, I knew she was going to be with us for our birth. I quickly realized I was looking for someone to be an emotional support and to help me think through all of my concerns and problems throughout my pregnancy, and most importantly, at my birth. Alexis is funny and light hearted; she was my cheerleader in the delivery room. I truly felt she helped prepare my husband and I for the birth of our son by sharing her plethora of knowledge, personal eperiences, and stories. I can't wait to work with her again when I have my second baby!

Sara Rosoff


Alexis made us feel comfortable and educated from the moment we met her (and when I first spoke to her on the phone). My husband was hesitant about having a doula because he didn't understand why we would need one. But after our initial meeting we all clicked and he was on board. Throughout my pregnancy she was available whenever I needed her especially with all the questions I had. And when I was in labor I don't know if I would have been able to have a vaginal birth without her! She was incredible at keeping me calm and coaching me through it. She has stayed in touch since I gave birth and continues to be available if I have questions. I can not recommend her enough!!! So happy we met her! 

Brooke Allman Bubbico


When I became pregnant I was looking for a doula with a down-to-earth attitude towards pregnancy, birth, and postpartum life. Alexis’ warmth and candor made my husband I immediately feel at ease. She worked with us throughout our pregnancy/birth/postpartum period and made me feel very supported. During my very long labor, Alexis was a saving grace with her positive energy and stamina. I am particularly thankful for her incredible hip squeezes! As a homebirth cesarean, my labor was a long roller coaster and Alexis stayed with me throughout all the ups and downs. I am eternally grateful to her for the support she gave both me and my husband. I would highly recommend her to anyone! 

Abigail Kahen


I am so grateful to have had Alexis as my doula for my first birth 4 months ago. When I first spoke to Alexis on the phone I felt like I was talking to someone I have known for a long time- I felt so comfortable and reassured and I hadn't even met her yet. After meeting her I knew I had made the right decision - Alexis is an intelligent, thoughtful, kind, caring and professional woman. And her knowledge is so vast!! Besides for providing so much information, she was there for me emotionally every step of the way. She really gets to know and understand you and makes sure to be there for what YOU need and what YOU want for your birth. Alexis understood I was having anxiety about pregnancy and delivery and she continuously checked in to make sure I was okay. She was also extremely helpful when I found out my son was breech- she sent me to a great chiropractor, she helped me with different positions to help turn the baby and so much more on what I can do. When I found out I would need a c-section she went through every step with me and explained all my options so I would be informed on what to discuss with my doctor. I ended up being in labor for a few hours and Alexis came to the hospital and was amazing at helping me get through the contractions. She stayed late until after I had the baby to help the baby latch and to make sure I was doing okay and continued to check up on us for months after I was home!
Alexis was truly a blessing for me during my pregnancy and after, knowing she was a phone call away was truly comforting especially during the rough patches. I am so happy I found her and I am so thankful to her for everything!



I hired Alexis for my 2nd pregnancy. She was invaluable during the birth of our 1st child which was traumatic&less than ideal. I wouldn't have made it w/out her guidance. I realized how much more I needed her the 2nd time around. The 1st birth experience created a negative mental block for me & I doubted that I could actually achieve the natural birth that I wanted. My conversation with her gave me hope that I could. Alexis was part of my 9 month journey as I worked through my angst, fears & hopes. She was a guiding voice through it all. 3 nights before I went into labor, I texted her about the doubt I had that wouldn't go away. She was amazing in giving me the right guidance to take the pressure & expectations off myself. That allowed me to clear a mental path towards aiming for what I wanted.In the end, I'm ecstatic to accomplish the birth that I hoped for. With this 2nd journey, I realized even more how important it was to invest in the right doula. Alexis was it for us. I love her wisdom knowing when to say just enough to guide your own decision making. Alexis never pushes her beliefs or will make you feel judge if you decide a different birth path. I love her open & down to earth personality. My husband felt she was as much a support to him as she was for me.
I noticed the last review has a negative air which seems inconsistent with the other glowing reviews before that. It seems more like a personality mismatched happened. I can assure you Alexis is experienced & extremely qualified (we wouldn't have hired her a 2nd time if she wasn't). Our conversations w/ her never felt scripted. I encourage you to meet Alexis & decide if she's right for you. Alexis, thank you for the experience & dedication you gave us. You will always be an integral part of both our children's birth story & we can’t thank you enough. You truly are a light when things got dark.

Danielle Brozik


Alexis seemed like a great match when we first met. She is sweet, friendly, and down to earth but I am writing this review because I would not recommend her as a doula based on my experience in July 2015.

The meetings that we had with her prior to delivery were redundant and seemed scripted. She repeated information that she had already given us in a prior meeting. The information did not feel tailored or personalized to my specific goals.

When I went into labor she doubted whether or not I was actually in labor.  Ladies, you will know! I convinced her that I was in fact in labor and though I sent updates by text, we didn't see her until i was at the hospital requiring an epidural and other interventions we talked about trying to avoid if possible. 

I was, however, grateful to have her there to help me see things from a practical rather a medical prespective and to take photos of us with the baby, but I don't know if that made it a worthwhile investment. 

Every birth is different and we have no way of knowing how it will go until it happens, but I would choose someone with more experience if I were to do it again.

I hope this helps others in choosing a doula. 

Yaffa Garber Tilles


 We were so fortunate to have found Alexis! She was so helpful, from our first initial meeting, all the way through the delivery, and even after. She heard my concerns and desires for my labor and delivery and was able to be there for me in the ways that I needed her the most. Alexis was such a valuable member of my birth team!

Aimee Stephan


Upon learning I was pregnant again, I knew I wanted to try for a VBAC. After speaking with several doulas, I knew that Alexis would be the best choice. Our first phone call was about 30 minutes long, and during that time it was clear to me how knowledgeable, caring and professional she was. Our face-to-face interview was thorough and relaxed. Alexis is a full-time doula, so I was comforted to know that another 9-5 job would not get in the way of our communicating. She is kind, smart, personable and compassionate. The prenatal visit she provided for my husband and me was extremely thorough, and since our first born was now four years old, we had forgotten many of the details of labor. Alexis was a great communicator throughout my pregnancy. I eventually developed a condition called symphysis pelvic dysfunction (SPD) and she recommended a physical therapist who helped me a great deal. Alexis would often check in with a text or an email to see how I was feeling and was always good about responding to me as well. When it was time for the big day, Alexis arrived quickly and immediately started massaging the perfect place on my back. She then recommended another position for me and applied acupressure. She even massaged my back during the hour-long ride to the hospital. Alexis’ words of encouragement, calm demeanor, peaceful presence and “magic” hands all made a long and difficult labor much more bearable. Due to medical reasons, I still had to have a c-section, but unlike my first c-section, I have absolutely no regrets this time. Having Alexis on my team afforded me the opportunity to experience labor in a positive, supported way. Style Art Life


Hiring Alexis was one of the best decisions & investments I made for not only myself, but my husband and baby. The moment I chatted with Alexis on the phone, I knew she was the right fit for me. She is very personable, down to earth and genuine. She was full of information & wise tips that you simply couldn’t just google about (and that says a lot since I’m a big online researcher). After meeting with Alexis in person, we immediately put a deposit down that night and were excited to work with her when our delivery date came. I wanted to try a natural and med-free birth. Words can’t even describe how wonderful Alexis was during my labor (which I endured a total of 35 hours… 34 hours of which I had no epidural for). Alexis had all the wonderful equipment from medicine balls, to a hot water pouch and even a great hand that messaged my back to alleviate the pain. Labor is a very stressful and personal time, and having Alexis there added to my comfort. She’s the type of person who you would not be embarrassed about sharing anything with… and that’s the type of person you would want during labor when everything about you is exposed. After going through it all, it felt like Alexis became more of a friend than just a Doula. She will forever be a part of my first child’s birth story. The best part is that she took pictures of my son after he was born and a week later when she came for her follow up visit, she brought the pictures as a gift and those are images I cherish the most. Alexis is a beautiful soul and someone you would want by your side during labor.

samarah chernoff


Alexis is a caring, loving person, and an amazing doula. She was always in contact with me for my entire pregnancy and after the delivery of my son. She answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable no matter how silly I thought my questions were. It was amazing having her with me while I was in labor. She talked me through my contractions and helped me any way that she could. It was a blessing having her be apart of the most important day of my life.

Ha My Vu


Alexis was incredibly supportive during the weeks leading up to my delivery and was a champ through a very long labor. She was available, reachable, approachable, proactive, and very resourceful. She helped me stand up to my doctor so that I could have the natural a birth experience I wanted and at my own pace. Alexis coached me and my husband to manage pain and stress.  She knew the right combination between asserting herself and allowing us to experience the moment as a couple. I really don't know how I would have gone through laboring and birthing without her. She was absolutely wonderful!


Maria K


When I found out I was pregnant naturally I went to my local OB who seemed very nice and what was more important didn't mind me trying for a VBAC. Everything was going great just like the first time and then after reading a lot of resources and educating myself I realized that if I really want to avoid another c-section I will have to do things differently. The fist and by far the best decision I made was to hire a doula. By the time I met Alexis at a local event I was already in touch with her by emails and pretty much convinced that she was the one I was looking for. She was promptly answering all my questions in a very calm and professional manner always positive with lots of extra additional links and infos on the subjects that I was interested in. Prenatal support I got from Alexis was phenomenal and now looking back I can surely admit that my VBAC would have been under a serious doubt if it wasn't for her. She explained to me that to achieve a VBAC it was not enough for my provider to just allow me to try, but he/she needed to support me wholeheartedly. Right away she not only made me switch to a midwife, but thanks to her resources on my 27th week she was able to find me a suitable one for a middle of a very busy summer season when everyone was already booked for a long time! I still can't believe and comprehend everything what had happened to me on the day of labor and delivery but I remember Alexis always by my side trying to help alleviate the pain, providing us with her expertise and knowledge all the way. Thank you so much for your professionalism and dedication thanks to which you were able to put up with all my crazy wants and demands during the labor! Thank you for pospartum care and those wonderful pictures of our baby you made! From the bottom of our hearts thank you Alexis for everything you've done for our family!

Aileen S


I am so grateful I found Alexis! She was incredibly helpful and attentive throughout my pregnancy, which was important to me as a single mother to be. Alexis was very enthusiastic about supporting me in my decision to pursue a NUMCB and designing a birth plan that was a balance of my needs and wants with the policies in place at my hospital of choice. She was also extremely knowledgable about the physiology of pregnancy and birth . During my labor, she helped to keep me calm and centered during my contractions. I labored at home for as long as possible (as we had planned) and arrived at L&D at 8cm. We were so excited! In the hospital, Alexis helped me stay calm when I was trying to communicate with the nursing staff and the on call OB. She was very professional and the staff at the hospital were delighted to have worked with her. All in all, Alexis helped me to adapt to all of the challenges I faced during this transformative phase of my life and I cannot thank Alexis enough for everything she did for me! She is an amazing doula and a true friend.

Cathy Glock-mcentee


My family and I had a wonderful experience with Alexis. She was so helpful throughout my pregnancy. She took the time to answer all my questions and really got to know me and my family. It was so nice to have her for support. Will def use her again if we decide to try for baby number 3

Sabrina Burke


Alexis was a fantastic doula, everything my husband and I were looking for for our birthing experience. First, we had a consultation to assure we understood the role and goal of a doula, and to discuss the optiona available to us for our labor. Alexis helped us narrow down the options and come up with a great birth plan. Next, Alexis met us in the convenience of our own to to provide two birth classes where we learned extremely valuable information about every step of the labor process. The most helpful info for us was labor pain management (pressure point massage, specifically) because we wanted to labor at home as long as possible before heading to the hospital. Alexis helped us practice and gave us some diagrams to help us understand the stages to expect. She was also in contact about my diabetes and helped us with information to keep our pregnancy and baby as healthy and natural as possible.

On the day of labor Alexis stayed in touch and gave my husband someone to contact while I labored who could keep him confident while his wife huffed and puffed through contractions.  Alexis's laboring relief suggestions came in amazingly handly and I labored at home for 5 hrs before heading to the hospital. My baby was born within 15min of arrival- no drugs, all natural. Thanks to Alexis having us discuss our plans, my husband was of sound mind to remind the doctors we wanted the placenta to come our naturally. I had totally forgotten about anything after pushing.

Alexis then stayed holding my hand and talking me through getting stitches from some tearing, again keeping me focused. I didn't even remember that grandparents were all anxiously awaiting entrance during that time. Alexis and my hubby made sure I had time to breathe, latch our newborn and even comb my hair at one rushed me because they were tired. My son got all the attention he needed, thanks to Alexis keeping us on track.

Jennifer Chien


I was referred to Alexis by a friend who hired her as her doula for her first pregnancy.  I was a little hesistant at first as I didn't really know much about doulas and what their roles are during a pregnancy and during childbirth.  I did some research and decided that it wouldn't hurt to call Alexis since I knew that my friend would not have referred her unless she was absolutely amazing.  After speaking to Alexis I knew that my husband and I needed to have a doula. 

Since it was our first pregnancy there were a lot of questions and things we were unsure of.  Alexis was a wealth of information and really helped me throughout my pregnancy in all aspects.  Alexis was attentive to what my needs were and welcomed all questions that I had (believe me, some were silly).  She made me feel at ease and helped us with our birth plan. 

When I went into labor Alexis arrived promptly to the hospital.  She had with her a birthing ball and relaxing music.  Throughout my labor Alexis was my advocate and reassured me that I was doing a great job.  She helped me focus on my breathing and knew exactly what to say to give me the encouragement that I needed.  If it weren't for her and my husband I don't think that I would have been able to stick to our birth plan.

Alexis was also extremely helpful after giving birth.  She checked in and was willing to answer any additional questions that I had. 

I highly recommend Alexis' services.  I truly believe that having the support of a doula lowers the amount of intervention during the delivery which is key to anyone who is passionate about sticking to their birth plan.



For anyone still on the fence about using a doula or not sure where to start, I would like to recommend Alexis. She was with me every step of the way before, during, and after my delivery. Alexis helped ease a lot of my fears during our initial meetings. This was my first pregnancy for my husband and I, and although he is my rock, he gets very squeamish when it comes to these sorts of things. Thanks to Alexis, we both had a very positive experience. Below are some of the reasons why I highly recommend her doula services. Before: Alexis put me at ease right away with her kind and caring demeanor. She was really interested in getting to know me and understanding my concerns/fears and patiently answering any and all questions I had. She also regularly checked up on me to see how I was doing and provided encouragement and advice when I felt confused or scared. During: I’m so glad I had Alexis by my side because the hubby unraveled quickly when we got to the hospital. She was very attentive and made sure I was comfortable throughout my birth with soothing massages and supportive pep talks. There were definitely times that challenged me, but Alexis kept me on track and made sure I had the best birthing experience with the least amount of intervention. After: I’m not sure if other doula’s do this, but Alexis followed up after the labor to see how I was adjusting. Again, she really cared about how I was doing and wanted to make sure I was taking care of myself as well.

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