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Everett, WA Service range 40 miles I cover most of Snohomish County and King County.

(253) 740-0380

Birth Fee

$1000 to $1400

Birth Fee

$1000 to $1400

Birth Doula Experience

10 years and 83 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, July 2011
  • Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA), June 2019

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Elimination communication education
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • TENS units rental

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I have done several volunteer births, both when I was just starting out and had very little experience, and for those who could not afford to pay. Teen moms are always free.

Fee Details

I operate on a sliding up scale, with a minimum deposit of $500. The deposit is required to save your date. After the birth, the family can evaluate their financial situation and decide what they think my services were worth to them. Suggested final prices are $1000 to $1,400. Payment plans are accepted, and barter situations will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Everett, WA Service range 40 miles I cover most of Snohomish County and King County.

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Suzanne was a great doula for us, reliable and professional. She helped me prenatally prepare for the birth of my second child, explaining how the labor might be different from my first. Her expertise, presence, encouragement and advocacy during my labor were critical in helping me have and experience a natural, unmedicated birth.




Suzanne truly loves babies. She took care of our twin baby girls for several months and was great with them. She translates what the babies are saying to you! She picks up things very quickly, and does things the way you ask her to, concerning schedules, naptime, feeding, etc. Very good about picking up and washing bottles and help around the house as well.  She is very reliable and punctual and good at communication. She was also a resource for our car seats and for helping nursing. We would recommend her to anyone who needs baby help in those first busy few months. 


Katie Kang


Suzanne was our doula for the birth of our first child in 2015. I ended up getting an epidural during that labor, but we were very happy with her support.  When I became pregnant with our second child, we hired her again and I’m so happy we did...I ended up having a drug free labor and delivery of our baby girl and I know that would not have been possible without Suzanne. Here are some of the ways she helped make our birth plan a reality:

- She was always available and responsive.
- She was able to give us guidance on when to go to the hospital based simply on my text message updates on contractions and how I was coping. 
- She knew which positions would help baby straighten out when we learned she was not in the optimal position for delivery.
- She brought a TENS unit and when she realized she didn’t have pads for it, she contacted her doula network and someone was able to drop some off at the hospital.
- She advocated for my use of the hospital’s single nitrous oxide machine.
- She coached my husband on applying counter pressure and allowed him to take breaks as needed.
- She suggested new positions and switched things up to keep my mind off the pain and keep things moving.
- She rolled with my emotional moments and kept me thinking positively about the progress I was making.
- She coached me through pushing and essentially reminded me to push as I was still focused on vocalizing through the pain at first.

Suzanne also captured so many amazing photos throughout...I loved being able to relive the experience through the pictures. And she was very helpful in answering some breastfeeding questions in the days following. She confirmed things were going well during our postpartum appointment and reminded us we could reach out at any time.

I highly recommend hiring a doula for your birth, and specifically, Suzanne!

Renee Lynette


After the initial excitement of the news of our pregnancy gave way to the anxiety of actually giving birth, I began to put together a plan to give myself and our baby the best start possible. I knew immediately that I needed a team who supported me in my decisions and birthing goals. My first birth was arduous; a 44 hour labor with a medical team who at every minor hiccup panicked like a herd of gazelles, framing their “interventions” as medically necessary and leaving us to feel vulnerable and scared. My husband kept telling me how he felt so helpless.

Our search led us to finding Suzanne and after meeting her, I knew she was confident, knowledgeable and would be integral in helping me accomplish the natural, calm birth I imagined. The time from my first contraction to our baby’s birth was less than 3 hours, but Suzanne arrived as soon as we needed her. The intensity of the contractions were hard and fast with little to no break in between. Suzanne was there; providing counter pressure, providing gentle reminders and a supportive touch. She never took space from my husband, but jumped in when needed, softly reminding of my goals and giving me the skills to achieve them.

In short, I want to tell you to stop reading and just hire her. She really takes the time to listen and understand the birth you are trying to achieve. Even when met with a new plan, she was there, explaining the pros and cons, helping guide me to my own decisions, reminding me of my wants and how to use my strength to advocate for myself. One of the greatest moments was when I thought for sure I had hit my limit and yelled out “I can’t do this!”, and she simply said back “You ARE doing this!” She is there for you, your partner, and the new beginning you are about to embark on. You will not regret having Suzanne as a member of your birthing team. She is truly spectacular.

Sidni Foss


After learning the value of a doula with my daughter, I knew that we needed a third team member this time around, and Suzanne was the perfect addition. I was hoping for a VBAC after a traumatic preior c-section, and Suzanne was supportive of that dream. Meeting with her was like reconnecting with an old friend I hadn’t seen in a few years; we clicked, she understood me, and I was hooked. During our meetings she never made me feel as though my questions and concerns were not valid. She supported my vision, and asked me the hard questions that I didn’t always want to answer. The first time I thought I was in labor, Suzanne was with us for the entirety. She walked with me, held my hand, and was there when the doctor told me that I wasn’t in labor yet. I was sent home more than a little heartbroken. Suzanne kept in constant contact with us, and her support was crucial. The next weekend, Suzanne came to the hospital and helped me through intense pain, reminded me of the things I had told her were important, and held my hand while I made the decision to switch from a VBAC to a gentle cesarean. She took beautiful photos of the delivery, stayed to make sure we were settled, and checked in on us regularly throughout the rest of our hospital stay. She made us feel like we were the only people who mattered, and helped us change our vision of birth in just a few minutes. Without her, I believe that the experience would have been completely different. I was scared, but she was calm. I was unsure, but she was confident. She lent me her strength and wisdom, and I truly believe she saved my birth. My partner and I agree that her experience, caring nature, and confidence in the process were invaluable while bringing our son into the world. I feel so blessed that she was part of this process, and I hope to have her present for the births of any future children. When Suzanne says she is waiting with you, rest assured that you are in kind, capable hands.

Erin Newcomb Davidson


I never would have thought I'd hire a doula. I didn't think I needed one, since I've always opted for hospital births and couldn't get the epidural soon enough.

This plan worked great with my first. But, during the birth of my second son, I had two epidurals fail thanks to his posterior position. After opting for IV narcotics, there was a scare when his heart rate dipped, leading to a hurried vacuum extraction. While everything turned out fine, it wasn't an experience I wanted to repeat if I could help it. I knew I needed more support in place when it came time to deliver my third.

I found that support in Suzanne. My daughter's birth was by far the best experience of the three. That's not to say that everything went according to plan. I had a partial placental abruption during labor that resulted in a lot of blood lost and a scary couple of minutes. But through it all Suzanne was there keeping me calm (as well as my husband, who does not deal well with blood and guts or needles). Just knowing that she was there and on my team made all the difference. I was seven centimeters dilated when I got that epidural, and had no idea that I'd progressed that much! I credit Suzanne for helping me to feel so strong and empowered. We are forever grateful to her.

This is the note I wrote to Suzanne after my delivery:

"Dear Suzanne,

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement during Elise's birth. I had such confidence this time that things would be okay, even if the epidural didn't work again (but oh, I'm happy it did!) I'm so glad the stars aligned so that you could be there as this little girl came into our lives. I only wish I hadn't waited until my third birth to hire a doula. Even though there are no plans for more babies, I will forever stay Team Doula!"

Meg Nunnally


Homebirth with a midwife, second child

When I became pregnant with my second baby the one piece of the birth plan I did not have to research was the doula. Suzanne is one of my oldest friends (we met in the 1st grade), and I knew she was an amazing doula, so she got the job without an interview. I’d used a different doula for my first baby (we were living in New York at the time – out of Suzanne’s range!), and I have to admit that that experience wasn’t great. But I knew Suzanne was both more knowledgeable and more inclined to provide the hands-on support I wanted. Just knowing Suzanne was on my birth team made me feel 10x more comfortable going into the homebirth I’d planned.

My second baby came quickly, and we cut the timing a little close: Suzanne arrived 34 minutes before the baby was born and the midwife arrived with just 6 minutes to spare. Still, that was a crucial 34 minutes, and things might have gone very differently if Suzanne wasn’t there! As soon as she arrived Suzanne immediately jumped in to apply counter pressure (I’d been laboring alone in the attic and doing this all myself!) and got my husband to work filling the tub. She suggested positions to help move the baby past the tight spot in my hips and recognized (even before I did) when my sounds had changed and dilatation was likely complete. Suzanne calmly but effectively communicated the fact that we needed to get downstairs and into the tub and she helped coach me through breathing to help delay pushing until the midwife arrived. I can’t imagine how scary this would have been if I were on my own. I think my husband’s reaction sums it up: “When I opened the front door and saw Suzanne standing there I’d never been happier to see anyone else at that door before!” Thanks, Suzanne; you are both a dear friend and a truly awesome doula.

~ Meg N.

Anne Meinke


When I found out I was pregnant I knew immediately that I wanted a drug free home water birth. One of the next questions was about a doula. What the heck is a doula? I really had no idea until I went into labor. My doula (Suzanne) was there to help me emotionally and mentally while the midwife was there to make sure Axel and I stayed alive. She reminded me to eat, hold my hand, told me to "roar" (LOL) and helped keep me calm. My family helped too but it wasn't the same, they weren't trained for it like she is. Suzanne, thank you so much for all that you do. You are an amazing doula and my birth would not have been the same without you! <3

Ron Eddy


If it weren’t for Suzanne’s advice and dedication, My wife would not have had anything close to the birth experience she wanted. Suzanne’s presence alone relieved a great amount of pressure on both of us, and set into motion what would turn out to be an extraordinary birth experience. We have already started to discuss hiring Suzanne for our next birth. The value of Suzanne’s service far outweighs the fee.

If you're a guy researching doulas and think this is an unnecessary expense, please reconsider.  If you're a soon-to-be mommy or expecting partners, and you live in the area, Suzanne is a kind and natural expert.  The amount of confidence that Suzanne brought to our birth experience was worth it alone.  Do yourself a favor and schedule an meeting, you'll be glad you did.

Heather Valek


My husband and I would have truly felt lost through our birth journey without Suzanne's amazing support, presence, and calming (yet rational) influence. I planned to have my son naturally, intervention-free, and at a freestanding Birth Center. He was 9 days past his due date when early labor started, and Suzanne was so quick to respond with advice it blew me away. As the night went on, and contractions normalized and intensified, we left home to head to the hotel (I moved 1.5 hours away from the Birth Center). Labor stalled that next day, and she came to the hotel and was up with me that whole next night to cope and to help labor progress until we were ready for the Birth Center. Due to the baby's position (OP, Asynclitic), and my exhaustion after 2.5 days of labor that was stalled again, she supported me in transferring to a hospital. We had still planned to proceed with a vaginal birth with the addition of Pitocin. She helped me find positions to manage the contractions as the epidurals kept failing, and to encourage me to push. He ultimately was stuck on my tail bone. I was exhausted, disappointed, scared, and overwhelmed when the mention of a C-Section came up. She helped me find the strength to push one last time, knowing that if it works, I'd still have a vaginal birth, and if it didn't work, she let me know that I had left nothing on the table. Almost exactly 72 hours after my first noticeable contraction in Early Labor, baby Troy was born via C-section. She was in the recovery room immediately after, helped me get him to latch and breastfeed, and reaffirmed that I did everything I could to make sure he was delivered safely. Even though nothing went as planned in labor, I honestly still feel that I got a lot of the same experiences as if I had my intended natural birth. Without Suzanne's help, we truly would have felt so lost and discouraged, that I don't think I could possibly have viewed my roller coaster labor as positive.

Rachel Burnham Dalley


Suzanne was our doula at the birth of my first child and when we found out we were expecting again I knew instantly that I wanted her present for the birth of our second. Just like for the first birth she brought the correct amount of attention and suggestions when needed. She asked the right question/offered ideas at the right time without being obtrusive. It is so comforting to have her present, even if it's your second birth, and to know everything is normal and that your body is doing it's job like it's designed to do. I'd once again highly recommend Suzanne to be your birth doula.

Hailey Graham


At first I just laid on the bed and tried to rest but the contractions were still
coming. Then when Suzanne was giving me a massage I felt my water break. Then I got into the
birthing tub with really hot water which helped. Then the contractions got 10x more intense I started crying then got
to the point where I was screaming
as loud as I could.I kept changing possitons while in the tub but then I
just got out and walked a little bit and squatted. I just kept changing positons and moving around. The pain
was so bad that it just made me feel angry at times. Then I was on the birthing stool with helped alot. That's when
I felt the burn of my babies head coming down. I didn't think the pain could get worse but it did. Then I got onto
the bed again on hands and knees. That was the most painful part during and right before pushing. I pushed as hard as I could. Having to
feel that pain and find the strength to push at the same time was most painful. I kept
pushing and soon after that my baby was born. I was glad I had a natural birth because it was the best thing for him and me even though it was the most
painful. He just looked so awake and aware it was amazing. Having Suzanne be at my birth helped a lot because I got to meet with her and talked with her before the birth so she made me feel
a little more prepared and it made me feel more comfortable. She was a great doula. Her presence while my water broke
and through my whole birth she was right there and that made all the difference. 

Joy Suh


I decided to work with a doula for my second birth because my husband was not going to be there for the birth.  I am so blessed to have found Suzanne.  We had 2 prenatal visits where she really listened to me about my first birth, how I was feeling and my birth plan.  She is easy going and will let you set the tone for your relationship.  She is really knowledgable so if you forget to ask your OB/midwife a question, she is a quick resource.  She has an arsenal of techniques to assist with comfort. relaxation and focus during labor.  And if all else fails she will let you squeeze her hand as hard as you need to during contractions.  She is a voice for your desires when you just can't speak or think.  If it wasn't for her, I would have been going home from the hospital not knowing I was 5 cm dilated.  She is your personal cheerleader during pushing but in a soft, close to your ear kind of voice.

My biggest fear was finding someone I felt comfortable with and trusted for a an experience that is so personal especially since my husband was not going to be there.  Suzanne was an answer to prayer.  She will forever be part of a story that  I am sure will be told several times and for that I am thankful and truly blessed.   

Autumn Ross


I mistakenly gave Suzanne a week post my actual due date which was only discovered at our first real prenatal meeting. Given that I actually delivered a month BEFORE my due date, her flexibility was outstanding. We had planned our birth to happen at the Puget Sound Birthing Center and as I was a ferry commuter (about an hour and a half away) our biggest communication was when to call and when to leave for the ferry or when to call it quits and go to local hospital if things were progressing too quickly. It was huge to us that she was so accomodating.
Turns out, all of that planning was un-needed. At a routine check up at 36 weeks along, my blood pressure ranked a little on the high side, they sent me to the local hospital for an ultrasound (he was measuring a little small) and while that was all normal, my blood pressure continued to climb. Ultimately, I wound up at UW medical center where they were discussing inducing. Initially, they were expecting this to take a couple of days and for progress to be slow and boring. We let Suzanne know of the potential induction, but things progressed much more quickly than they initially anticipated. However, I wasn't feeling anything, occasionally my back would feel a little tight, so I figured I would let her sleep until things got more real. We texted her when I was six centimeters dilated (some time around 2am, I think) and she made very sure I called her back and left immediately after verifying that I was S-I-X cm's dilated. I coerced them into holding off on the pitocin until she got there. Things continued to go slowly, so she encouraged us to get some rest, but when things escalated, she was the perfect combination of present but not overbearing. I would open my eyes after a contraction to a straw and some ice water or a reminder not to clench my face or a gentle suggestion to try a different sound/tone . We had a beautiful in hospital but aside from the pitocin natural birth. We couldn't be happier.

Treebyleaf McCurdy


We'd given up hope of children after years of disease and disappointed prayers. Then suddenly, without warning, conception on the edge of forty! I think we held our breath for eight months, we were so scared, and so committed. I knew Suzanne was our doula the moment I felt her hands "speak" to my baby. My whole, tense body relaxed and focused at the same time.

Each visit with Suzanne was like a spa day for our hearts; she was there for our fears and there for our dreams. We were staggered by her knowledge and the impact of her support on our experience of the pregnancy itself-- the number of little tricks and details she knew about care and comfort that were in none of my two dozen books.

My labor *started* with five minute long contractions every five minutes on a late night trip to the bathroom and very shortly thereafter all sense of time, world, and linear thought were gone as I just gave everything I had to staying present in the pain in that dark little room. Four hours later, the wall-pounding of transition finally alerted my husband, and when Suzanne rushed into the apartment twenty short minutes after his call, I was in the most inelegant of positions on the porcelain pedestal and what little mind I had left was total convinced of my complete physical inability to move. I couldn't even make eye contact!

Instantly, she leaned in close making a buzzing low moan that gave me greater peace with the pain as soon as I imitated it. In rapid succession, she realized I was pushing; coached me into panting; used Herculean persuasion, humor, and faith to get me moving; helped me dress; grabbed my coat; reoriented my husband away from loading up our marathon preparations for labor and into loading up ME; and then followed our car to the fantastically amazing Puget Sound Birth Center, where we arrived at 2:55am and our succulent little butter-bodied bundle was born sixteen minutes later.

Plus she knit us a hat.

Jennifer Beasley


after being on the fence for a while about whether or not to hire a doula, my fiancé and I finally made the decision to hire one. this was truly a great decision and Suzanne was a great doula. After 24 hours of frustrating, irregular, random, painful and long contractions, we were all very confused. my contractions just were not getting into a pattern. Without Suzanne doing some research and finding out that most likely my baby was positioned a little crooked, who knows how long I would have been laboring for. she gave me different positions to get in and my baby repositioned himself and my contractions were regular from there on out. Suzanne stayed with us throughout my entire 38 hour pregnancy and we couldn't have done it without her knowledge, support and guidance. We highly recommend her!

Kristin Hendrickson


 Suzanne was recommended to me by another doula (who turned out to be unavailable for the birth of my second child).  She was reassuring without being overbearing, just as one would hope!  I had a very healthy, natural birth - also the active labor portion was very fast, and Suzanne helped us get to the birth center on time.  (No crazy driving in traffic, just a little encouragement to get out the door!)  I would definitely recommend her to others looking for a doula!

Kyla G


My name is Kyla and I am only 15 years old. I did not go to any classes or any sort of place for help about labor or childbirth except for google. Once I only talked on the phone with Suzanne about my situation it made me feel a lot more confident about what was going on. She then set up an appointment to meet with me and my boyfriend Tony, the father of the baby. At that meeting I didn't know what I was in for but Suzanne explained everything so well that I understood a little more. I thought she was really great and funny. When I went into labor and she got to my house she knew exactly what to do to make me feel more comfortable. She walked me through everything at the hospital and was right there with me every step. She helped Tony know what to do too, because being 16 he was also clueless. My baby boy was born 1/27/13 and it was the happiest moment of my life. I chose to give my baby to a family that would better care for him, his name is Bekker. Suzanne took pictures and documented what happened which I thought was great, I am able to look at her blog and relive all the happiness that Suzanne joined me for. I do not think I would have been able to do it without her, she doesn't know it but I have thanked God so many times for being so fortunate to have a doula that is so wonderful and understanding.

Mary Kay Sambuchino


Suzanne was a wonderful part of my birth team, and an invaluable part of helping me meet my goal of a natural, med-free birth! The prenatal appointments were informative (my husband and I ask a LOT of questions, and she was very patient), and on the day of, she helped me stay at home and talk/work through contractions until it was a good time to go to the hospital. (When I got there, I was 7 cm dilated!)  During labor, she comforted me and worked well with my husband and my mother, who did NOT know what to expect. And following the birth, she helped baby latch for the initial breastfeeding, and gave other advice during the postnatal appointment, on everything from cloth diapers to pumping. I would recommend her to any woman going for a natural birth!

Rachel Dalley


After browsing DoulaMatch.Net we selected a few candidate birth doulas to meet. After meeting with two of them we choose Suzanne to be with us at the birth of our first child. During our initial meeting it was clear that Suzanne was educated and enthusiastic about birth. We felt she would make and excellent addition to our team. We meet with Suzanne two more times while I was pregnant and during that time she listened closely to what my goals were for the birth process (unmedicated with as little intervention as possible). Suzanne did an excellent job of being our advocate and reminding me and my husband of all the things we learned in child birth class but forgot in the heat of the moment. The birth of our son went exactly has hoped due in large part to Suzanne's presence and support. I highly recommend Suzanne for your next birth!

Evelyn Donis


I am so grateful to have had Suzanne at my birth, I cant say enough good things about my experience with her at my birth. I recomend her services. There was a time when i felt i just couldnt do it. She really helped me believe in myself.

Elizabeth. G


I was 19 when me and my boyfriend found out we were expecting a beautiful baby girl. Around Christmas, me and my boyfriend decided that we wanted Suzanne to be our doula. She was very helpful and caring. She made me feel that giving birth doesn't have to be a scary thing, and she gave me confidence -- something I did not have. As I got closer to my due date, I found out I had gestational diabetes. I told Suzanne and she helped me find information about controlling it with diet so I did not have to use insulin, since she knew I was not a fan of needles. When my doctor said I was going to be induced at 39 weeks, I called her to let her know. Suzanne was with me at the hospital the entire 36 hours from admission to the birth of my baby. I pushed for 4 hours and came close to a c-section, but she reminded me that I could do it. I managed to deliver my daughter with the vacuum just in time. I really couldn't have done it without Suzanne."

Stephanie Budge


Suzanne was a great resource through my pregnancy as well as my labor and birth.  She is very knowledgeable and passionate about birth which shows in the care and support she provides.

I had planned a home birth which Suzanne and I had talked about in detail, but I went into premature labor at 36 weeks and ended up at the hospital.  Despite this and the fact that I didn't have a hospital bag or birth plan written up, Suzanne knew what I wanted in my birth and helped make sure I reached those goals.  When I would breathe through my contractions too quickly, she would breathe with me, helping me to slow down and focus on getting through it.  She held my hands and provided encouraging words just when I needed them.  And when the hospital staff tried to push interventions on me that we had discussed previously, she would remind me that I had options and get the staff to slow down a moment for me to make the decisions instead of letting them dictate towards me.

I have no doubt that had I not had Suzanne at my birth, I would not have ended up with the natural VBAC that I ended up with. The support she provided to my family and me was invaluable.

Jessi Loerch


Suzanne was my doula for my homebirth, and having her there made a huge difference. She cheerfully showed up in the middle of the night and was invaluable support all through my labor. In fact, she was invaluable support all through my pregnancy. She answered a million questions and constantly calmed my mom-to-be fears and worries.

I know that my labor was as successful as it was because she was there for me. She was also great support for my husband, who was a bit overwhelmed by all the intensity of labor. She knew my birth plan well, and made sure I got what I wanted. For example, my midwife suggested I stay out of the tub in early labor so we didn't slow things down. By the time labor was getting more intense, I had almost forgotten the tub was there, but she reminded me of that option, and her timing was perfect. She also suggested a position change toward the end of labor that made a huge difference. I was getting worn out pushing, and I really appreciated her judgment. My baby was born soon after I moved from the water to a birthing stool.

When I have another baby, Suzanne will be my doula again and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to any mother.

Christina Ahrens


 I know Suzanne through other friends and she had just completed her studies at Bastyr and was looking for clients to work with to get her certification through DONA. I was on the fence about hiring a doula but after I met her I decided that she was a good fit for me and my husband and hired her. I went through about 3 weeks of false labor and I would call her first and she was so helpful and patient, talking with me and helping me through the anticipation and later frustration. When the real labor hit, she was super reponsive and was at my house within the hour. We went to the hospital an hour later and my son was born less than 2 hours later. During my labor at home and at the hospital, she was very supportive and worked well with my husband, which made them a great team for me. She gently reminded me on how to breathe and vocalize more effectively. The birth was fast but I am so glad she was a part of it, she really helped a lot. Her enthusiasm for birth and families is amazing and she is truly genuine.  

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