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Kristi Keen

Keen Doula Care

Houston, TX Service range 25 miles

(225) 229-4130

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$20 to $35

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$20 to $35

Birth Doula Experience

8 years and 96 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

0 years and 0 families served

Doula Training

  • Birth Boot Camp, November 2014

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: No smokers No aggressive pets

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Parenting consulting

Fee Details

I recently trained as a postpartum doula through CAPPA. My daytime rate is $20/hr with a minimum of 2 hours per visit. There is no minimum amount of visits required. My services are ideal for the family who desires flexibility in their scheduling. Contact me for specific details.

Houston, TX Service range 25 miles

Client Testimonials for Kristi Keen

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Dulce Bhatt


My husband and I took a 10 week Birth Boot Camp with Kristi in 2017 (I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to write review Kristi).  I am pregnant with Baby #2. I wish we lived in Houston so that we could take a refresher with Kristi. We looked forward to going to learn about natural birth every week. I ended up feeling very prepared for labor and my husband got so many kudos from the nurses at the hospital for being so prepared. I was able to have the labor that I hoped for all because my husband and I took the class with Kristi. Thank you so much! I had an unmedicated natural birth in the hospital and was able to breastfeed my daughter for 2 years.

We highly recommend Kristi!!! 

Daniela Monterrubio


Kristi attended the birth of my second child. After having a rough labor and birth with my first, I was anxious to have things turn out better with my second. Kristi was very attentive and remained calm when I would start to get anxious. She was especially helpful when the nurses had me wait to push since the doctor had not arrived. I was finally able to have an unmedicated birth and am so grateful Kristi helped me achieve this. You can really tell Kristi has a wealth of knowledge and experience and I would highly recommend her to anyone. 

Marijean Martinez


Kristi is an amazing doula with lots of knowledge and great connections.  She goes ABOVE AND BEYOND!!!

She was our doula for our first born and we could not rave enough about how supportive, informative, mom-judgemental, and caring she was.  Kristi was a quiet yet strong presence during labor and deliver (in hospital) that we VERY much needed.  She is very in tune with her clients.  Just amazing.

We moved across country and conceived our second.  We ended up evacuating due to Hurricane Irma when I was 39 weeks Per advice of our midwife. i went into labor out of state with no dr or hospital registration.  While my doula and midwife in FL had their hands full riding out Itma,Kristi was there for us long distance.  She coached me through contractions and helped me to decide which hospital would be a good fit for my goals.  She also helped me decide when to go to the hospital.  She did this all long distance and through the support of her great BBC connections.  She did this because she cares about her clients and doesn't dump you when  the birth is over.  Hire Kristi  You will be so glad you did.  

Sarah Leifeste


Kristi is absolutely amazing! We took her 10 week Birth Boot Camp class and also used her as our doula. She was steller for both and went above and beyond in showing care for our family. If natural birth is your goal, she will encourage and supprt you. If you have other plans or need/decide to change your goals, you can count on her to also be supportive and uplifting to you. She listents to her clients and puts their desires and needs at the top of her list. Her support in preparing or being a part of your birth (regardless of how you want to do it) will be invlaueable. My husband and I can hardley say enough good things about her!! 

Tiffany Dyer Fischer


Kristi attended my 2nd and 3rd births. She is amazing. She provided much needed phusical support for my husband as he supported me, always had ideas for positionin, and was simply present in a way that is hard to describe, but is important. She was one of the first people to know I was expecting my 3rd because I did not want to labor without her. 

Debbie Chou


Kristi attended the birth of my first child in July 2016. My OB recommended us to take her birth class since I wanted a natural-as-possible birth (and since we were going to be in a hospital setting, I knew I'd need more supoprt to go natural!). That's how we found out about Kristi and the rest is history!

We learned so much in the birth boot camp class!!! She is a great teacher! My husband and I were honestly VERY clueless about this whole mysterious birth thing and she broke things down and helped us learn about its complexities piece by piece. She's very hands on, with demostrations and had us and our husbands practice comfort measures during the classes. (we liked the birth boot camp curriculum btw, and we had to miss a couple because of travel plans, but were able to make it up online!)

We just love Kristi. She has a really awesome, spunky, says it like it is, non judgemental, super supportive personality!!!! She really cares about her clients. We enjoyed her class and trusted her, so we asked her to be our doula!!!  She was so flexible to work with our concerns and preferences along the way. She really defines SUPPORT!!!! 

My birth experience would be so different without her, and I've been telling all my pregnant friends (they're out of state so I can't recommend her to them, poo...) to HIGHLY HIGHLY consider a doula because of our WONDERFUL experience with Kristi. She is just a wonderful person all around, and provides so much HELPFUL ADVICE (vs non helpful advice, which is a dime a dozen!!!). I really appreciate her helping me treat myself with compassion and grace. Made for a much happier pregnant and post partum momma!!!! I'm sure I'm forgetting things, but she's just awesome and I highly highly recommend her.  My husband and I both felt so supported by her!

SO glad she was a part of our birth story!!!!

Tatiane Siqueira


My daughter is already one year, and I will never forget Kristi's whole on her birth. kristi was always there for me when I needed during pregnancy and labor. She was the strength I needed, the calm and reliable presence every woman need at that moment! I'll be forever grateful!

Tiffany Fischer


I don't know where to start, other than Kristi was exactly what we needed. She was mentally and emotionally present to our birth the whole time we were there. She was invested in helping me have the birth I wanted (an unmedicated VBAC in the hospital). She always had an idea of something to change to when I needed a change, she was always right on target when suggesting I make a change. More than once the nurse would come in to tell us to change because of something on the baby's monitor, only to find we had just changed positions, often on Kristi's suggestion. She worked well with the nurses, and when a nurse had an idea for counter pressure while I sat in bed for some hospital monitoring stuff, Kristi was happy to learn a new position. She was good company for my husband and was an important part of keeping the mood light throughout the day, which is important as my husbnd and I are jokes-under-pressure type people. She didn't freak out when we flooded the bathroom. She just had really good instincts about when to step in and help, and when to stand back and let my husband do his work, and when to let me do my thing, and when to make suggestions for me. Next time I have a baby, she will be my (and my husband's) doula again. 

Katy Wentworth


Birth Boot Camp with Kristi was amazing! My husband and I took the class together and both truly enjoyed it. We learned so much from Kristi and actually felt completely prepared for our natural birth. The class not only teaches about labor, but also nutrition in pregnancy, newborn care, breastfeeding, etc. It covers it all. Kristi was great and really included everyone in the class, getting us all involved in the learning. I'd recommend this class to anyone considering a natural birth. Kristi's class is definitely the way to go!

Melissa Nealy


Fantastic, Supportive, There at just the right moment with the right words, or the right comfort measure for right then, a calm voice, a nurturing presence, reason when I and my husband didn't have enough brian power to be reasonable.  Those are a few of the wonderful thoughts I have regarding Kristi's presence at our second daughter's birth.  I had to convince my husband to have a doula because after all, things turned out fine the first time without a doula.  But now he is absolutely convinced that we will hire a doula (preferably Kristi) for any subsequent births.  

He appreciated having her there because it was an extra set of hands, ears, eyes, and someone who has seen many births and can remain calm and offer various aids to the labor process.  I appreciated having her there because she thought of things I hadn't thought of.  She offered me water in between contractions and made sure I stayed hydrated which was actually a problem with my first birth.  She also would take the lead in comfort measures, she would start a comfort measure and my husband would follow suite and between the two of them it was absolutely the perfect thing I needed right then.  When I was demanding someone to push on my back and my hips at the same time in two different ways and my husband was going, "I can't do that!"  Kristi showed him how, and then offered another method when that got tiring for him and they worked together through my contractions.  

She is a pleasure to work with and really knows her stuff, she is professional, kind, caring and involved.  I cannot recommend her strongly nor often enough! Thank you so much Kristi!

Edith Santiago


I was really happy to have found Kristi to assist the birth of my son.  As a first time mother I knew that I would want someone in my corner.  I had been induced 26 hours before I went into active labor and being able to contact her helped me work through my fears of not being in control of my body.  I was very worried that since I was being induced I wouldn't have my natural birth  I wanted to delivery my son without the use of pain medication and fell that Kristi was the only reason that was possible.  Once I was getting closer to my delivery time Kristi came to the hospital and helped me worth through some excercises.  When I got to the point that I couldn't do them anymore she gently let me know that I could rest. Her essential oils helped me relax until it was time for my son to be born.  She also made sure I had my hypnobirthing cds playing.  

Thank you Kristi for being my support during my son's birth.  He was born in the middle of the night (12:55 am) and Kristi was supportive the entire way through.  When my mom had to leave the room because she couldn't handle the birth and my hubby was being a little to tough, she was able to be there by my side and be my calm, controlled support.  She just made me feel better when she was there.  :-)  When a woman is having birth there is no better feeling than knowing someone is there just to make your birth go through as you envisioned.  

Katy Wentworth


My husband and I hired Kristi to be our doula after she was recommended to us by a friend of mine. We are both so glad we did. Since this was our first baby, we didn't necessarily know what to expect with a natural delivery, but Kristi was not only our doula, she was also our Birth Boot Camp instructor. She was so amazing in both roles and had us completely prepared for our birth. She taught us all sorts of natural comfort measures, labor positions, and pain management techniques. While I labored at home, she offered encouragement and support and then she even met us at our birth center (which was almost an hour away!) and continued her care. She was WONDERFUL! She knew exactly what I needed throughout my labor and anticipated my needs even when I couldn't necessarily verbalize them. She never stopped giving me words of encouragement and cheering me on, which really helped me when my contractions became more intense. She was so sweet and caring throughout my entire labor and was truly a source of strength for me. Honestly, when she first arrived and hugged me, I cried with relief that she was there...I knew I was in good hands and I knew that Kristi would help me feel better. 

I highly recommend Kristi to any woman considering a doula. She truly encompasses the very definition of a doula. She is so kind and encouraging. She is so knowledgeable about her field that she gives even a first~time mom confidence. She tailors her care to your individual needs and allows you too feel truly empowered in your birth. My husband and I agree that we will definitely be using Kristi as our doula for ALL our future births!

Katrese Lokey


Kristi was so awesome to work with. She was our doula during the birth of our son in February 2014 at a Houston area hospital. As a first time mom looking to have a natural drug free childbirth, my husband and I knew two things were going to be essential to helping us achieve my goal;
1. Attending a natural birth class
2. Finding an AWESOME doula
We hired Kristi early on in our pregnancy, after the first trimester, because we knew she was going to work well with us and would meet our needs. Kristi was always available via text or email and as we got closer to our estimated delivery date we met several times in our home. All of our meetings just reaffirmed for us that she was the right choice. My hubby and I didn't get to experience the spontaneous birth that we had hoped for, but even with a planed induction(at 41w 2d) Kristi let us know that we could still try for a drug free birth. Kristi arrived at the hospital when contractions became unbearable and was just the energy we needed in the room to refocus my hubby and myself on our goal of being drug free. I am happy to say that although I was induced I didn't need any additional medical interventions and had the amazing birth experience I always wanted. We are so thankful to have had Kristi by our side to help motivate us through labor and birth. Hire her you will not regret it!


Meagan Tran


Kristi was my Doula in November of 2013.  It was our first child and I wanted wanted someone in the room who I knew had my back and could help guide me through my first child birth.  Kristi was a blessing to have.  She met in our home and prepared us for what was to come.  She was honest, kind, and supportive.  I never felt pressured by her.  It was very obvious that she was there because she cares about people.  She made me feel comfortable during labor.  It was such a great experience and I'm so happy to say that she was there to help in sharing the experience with me.  

Carolynn Brown


We hired Kristi as our doula for our second baby, who was born at home.  Our first was an unmedicated hospital birth, and I knew with how great my first doula was that I would need someone just as great for home.  I wasn't sure exactly what she would do for a home birth, but I didn't want to take any chances.  I'm glad I didn't!  Kristi got to our home about 20 minutes or so before my little man arrived (I have fast babies and didn't know I was in labor till shortly before he arrived) and got me through the hardest part.  She came in with essential oils that instantly calmed me down and reminded me to breathe deeply and focus on my sounds.  Before she arrived I was nervous that my home birth was about to be unassisted, but she helped me calm down and out he came.  So thankful!

Andrea Sumrall


I'm not too good with words but I did want to give credit to Kristi Keen for being a great doula!  Before my labor and delivery, my husband and I met with Kristi many times to discuss our birthing plan.  I wanted a natural, non-induced, non-epidural type of birth.  My plan was to labor at home, where I could eat and Kristi would help me through contractions.  Well, sometimes things don't go as due date came and went, and I was at 42 weeks, scared and nervous about my inevitable induction.  As often goes with pitocin, my contractions were strong and long and Kristi was there with me, every step of the way, helping me get through them.  I lasted as long as I could but needed an epidural.  I felt pretty guilty at taking the epidural, but Kristi's kind words and reassurance was exactly want I needed to hear.  The epidural ended up helping me dialate and we had a successful vaginal delivery.  Kristi was at my side the whole way, being positive and helpful during the pushing phase.  I highly recommend Kristi as a doula, not only for her knowledge of labor and birthing but also because she a great person.  THANK YOU!

Saba Khonsari Blanding


Our daughter is now 15 months old, so this review is WAY OVERDUE! I’ve been waiting and waiting to wrangle the very best words to describe how utterly amazing Kristi is. I give up – she’s beyond words awesome. My husband & I both felt before, during and after the birth of our daughter that Kristi was the perfect fit for us. I had a completely intervention-free birth with a midwife in the medical center. Kristi was a pivotal support in that process. Kristi graciously hiked out to our home two evenings prior to giving birth (and once after!) to meet with us to talk about our birth plan, fears, expectations, go over laboring positions (and probably more that I’m just forgetting this far out). During the birth she was there with us every second of my almost twelve hours laboring at the hospital, being present for us - sometimes that included directly suggesting new laboring positions or ways that my husband could help me labor, sometimes that was simply being there with me & sometimes, at the end, that was coaching me to breath. She was an encouragement throughout the labor and birth, and my husband appreciated her as much as I did. In a nutshell she was a very calming presence and very open to helping women have the birth experience they want. I love how passionate she is about birth and doula support, but it is not in the least bit, even remotely overbearing or pressuring. We cannot recommend her enough!

Erin Palkot


Kristi was my doula for my second birth. With my first child, I went through all the Bradley classes with my husband and wanted an unmedicated birth. After having to undergo an induction due to medical reasons, I asked for an epidural on the third day of pitocin. With my second child, I realized that even with all the preparation we could do, it would be so helpful to have someone there to support me and my husband. Kristi was fabulous at doing exactly that. She stepped back and let my husband lead but when the pain intensified or I lost my rhythm, she was right there to get me back on track. My daughter was descending quickly, causing some heart decelerations, so I ended up on my side, on the bed, with an oxygen mask. Kristi helped me to refocus on my breathing and become more centered. I'm proud to say I had an unmedicated birth due to her help! I highly recommend Kristi.

Rio Smith


   I’ve been meaning to write this for a month, but it’s been hard trying to compose my thoughts & emotions. Giving birth is a very emotional experience. Trying to sum up what your doula/birthing partner/sister in motherhood provided for you during that experience in 1800 characters is IMPOSSIBLE.
   My birth didn’t go at all as I’d hoped. Medical issues risking the baby’s life threw a snag in our plans. Throughout my 47 labor, Kristi was my sanity, reminder of why I was there and what our goals were, my strength and my peace. No matter what happened, she made the best of every situation and kept the delivery room a positive environment.
   I ended up having a C-section at 48 hours. Kristi helped me do everything physically possible to avoid it, but my body and this baby just weren’t ready (37 weeks w/ first baby). Going through the labor with Kristi coaching me has made me such a stronger person. She really reinforced in me to trust my intuition and instincts about my body and motherhood. I don’t have a single regret about how anything turned out.
   Kristi has also taken the time to follow up with me several times, postpartum, about anything on my mind. Breastfeeding, surgery recovery, living with our baby in the NICU a little while, recognizing the signs of PPD, my flat nipples making feeding hard, etc – You name it! Nothing was too personal or embarrassing for her to take seriously enough to give advice or comfort on. –Not once did I feel dumb or gross asking her anything.
   I feel eternally indebted to her for everything she has done for us and our baby. And I hope she doesn’t mind me saying I feel like we’ll always be sisters in motherhood after all we went through together.



I had my second child last October and it was a wonderful VBAC experience. Kristi heped me a lot to acheive my goal of an unmedicated VBAC, she arranged for 2 prenatal visits where we went through my birthing plan and fears, discussed conforting birth positions and talked about what we can do to make this birth the way I really want, which consisted of reducing the number of unnecessary medical interventions.I kept her updated on my prenantal visits and she always had a positive attitude. When my contractions started to get closer and closer, we called her and asked her to meet us at the hospital, she arrived before us, and she helped me through every single contraction from 6 am to 3 pm, she even stayed couple of hours later to make sure that me and the baby were fine. I recommend Kristi to anyone who is giving birth, she is wonderful, knows how to take the stress away and stay positive no matter what happens.

Thanks again Kristi,  I would not have done it without you!

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