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Kimberly Sebeck

Knoxville Doula

Knoxville, TN Service range 50 miles Travel fees may apply for services 20+ mi from my home

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Availability Remarks: Please contact me as soon as you think you may be interested in a doula, I often book quickly. Travel fee for birth and postpartum that is over 25 mi from my home.

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Experience

23 years and 700 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

23 years and 1100 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Hypnobabies - Certified Hypno-Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Lifespan Doulas - Certified Postpartum Doula

Doula Training

  • CAPPA - Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association, August 2000
  • Lifespan Doulas, July 2023

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 5 births and 1 to 5 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: I require a minimum of 4 hours per block for days and 8 hours per block for nights.

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I am extremely comfortable and familiar with all area hospitals.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Currently we do not have a freestanding birth center. One day, I hope we do again

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Home births must be attended by a pregnancy provider such as a Certified Professional Midwife. I briefly attended home births as a midwifery assistant and am very comfortable with home birth.

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Babywearing education
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Childbirth education services
  • Hypnosis for birth
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Newborn care and parenting classes
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Parenting consulting
  • Photography - Birth
  • Reflexology
  • Reiki
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

ICAN of Knoxville Chapter Leader (International Cesarean Awareness Network) from 2009-2016, HypnoBabies Trained Doula, Professional Member of the American Pregnancy Association, Postpartum Depression Task Force locally, Professional Member of the Knoxville Birth Network, Leader of Knoxville Cesarean and VBAC Awareness, Admin for Pregnant in Knoxville & Knoxville Newborns and Beyond

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Please see my website for package details and pricing. Highly experienced in both natural birth and complex medically high risk situations. My package includes 3 classes, Birth Ball Basics™ Clinic, Prepared for Baby, and Postpartum Recovery® My only agenda is for you to have an empowering birth experience. Depending on my calendar availability, I do offer birth/postpartum travel doula services - full fee applies as well as all travel, hotel, full expenses, etc.

Service Area

Knoxville, TN Service range 50 miles Travel fees may apply for services 20+ mi from my home

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Client Testimonials for Kimberly Sebeck

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Tonia Burk


Kimberly is a warm, grounded, professional with an evidence based philosophy on birth.

Her communication, guidance, and encouragement to always be my own advocate made all the difference.

She is everything we could want in a doula and are so thankful we found her!

Laura B.


My number one recommendation to pregnant women, especially first time mommas, is to get a doula. It's a non-negotiable for me. For our second child, we hired Kimberly and she is the doula of my dreams. She has such calming and grounding energy, and we knew she would be a perfect fit for our family from the moment we met. She offered the best support to our family during pregnancy, during labor and delivery, and after baby arrived. I loved her hands on approach - especially during labor she knew exactly what to do to guide me through the different stages and guided me on how to work with my body to bring my baby out safely. She was very supportive of me involving my 3 year old in the home birth AND she even took photos / videos to help us remember the beautiful moment! If you are looking for a doula, I highly recommend you contact Kimberly!!

Emma Centurion


Kimberly is absolutely fantastic, I wouldn’t have had my extremely positive first birth experience without her. As a first time mom, I had what felt like a million questions throughout my pregnancy and Kimberly answered every single question I had in thorough detail. I was also very nervous going into labor as I didn’t know what to expect or how my body would handle it. Kimberly came into the labor room as soon as I got through triage and was my rock during my entire labor; she kept me grounded, focused, and relaxed. She also took care of my partner’s needs and guided him on how to help me cope through the contractions. I was able to have a beautiful first birthing experience because of her support and was able to bring my son into the world in the way I envisioned. I couldn’t be happier with her support and can confidently recommend her to anyone

K. Goodner


I cannot say enough wonderful things about Kimberly. Without exaggeration, I'm not sure what we would have done without her support during my difficult pregnancy, late pregnancy complications, 42-hour labor, and postpartum sudden onset of atypical severe preeclampsia. For a variety of reasons, my medical providers changed numerous times during my pregnancy (on top of being pregnant in a pandemic and catching COVID-19 at 36 weeks). Much of the medical information was confusing and/or conflicting, and Kimberly helped us know what questions to ask and what was unusual or needed further exploration, which as a first time mother was so helpful. Kimberly was our rock and the one person I trusted who knew my goals, provided me resources, gentle recommendations, and advocated and cared for me in my most vulnerable and scary moments. From knowing just about every provider/group in the Knoxville area, to hospital practices and protocols, to how make informed and educated decisions, Kimberly is an invaluable resource who educates without pushing any agenda or personal preferences. Being a Doula is so obviously her calling, and I am forever grateful that she was an integral part of our crazy story. I wouldn't have another baby without her!

Kristen Murray


Part II-Postpartum 

After two weeks at home with help from my parents, they had to leave and I knew I needed someone with experience to help with my newborn. I called on Kimberly in my hour of need and she was there. This is when I realized that Kimberly not only knows a plethora about pregnancy and childbirth, but is an encyclopedia of information regarding postpartum recovery and is truly the baby whisperer! My son was a challenging newborn, very restless, a poor sleeper. As time went on and Kimberly spent more time with us she expressed concern over this and encouraged me to seek answers from doctors as he continued to cry in his sleep. After months of doctoring we learned that our son had a milk protein allergy and gastroesophageal reflux disease. I truly believe that Kimberly's presence in my life helped us not only get our baby on a path to healing, but helped me heal physically and spiritually.
Once my son was on the track to recovery, Kimberly suggested sleep training. I was hesitant at first. I did not like the thought of my baby crying, but I was in desperate need of sleep. During this process Kimberly let me take the lead and decide what I was comfortable with but offered suggestions for an individualized care plan as every baby is different. Now that my son is almost one, I am a full believer in sleep training and Kimberly’s methods because he is sleeping through the night without waking up! 
Kimberly has been with us through it all. She is in it for the pure love of educating and helping new mothers. She wants new mothers to feel strong and empowered. She has been a rock for our family in so many ways and for that I will be forever grateful. If you even had one ounce of doubt in your mind before reading this I hope I have encouraged you to bring someone into your home to care for you and your newborn who will change your life, because I know Kimberly has changed mine.

Kristen Murray


Part I-Pregnancy and Birth

I have never met an angel on this earth quite like Kimberly Sebeck. Although no words can describe the depth of gratitude that I have toward her, I am going to attempt to describe them here.  
I reached out to Kimberly when I was six months pregnant as I had hyperemesis and kidney stones and needed more support. I texted her to schedule a phone call and she got back to me within minutes. After speaking with her I knew I did not need to look any further.
Kimberly came to my home for a consultation and spent over an hour answering questions and concerns. I knew right away that she was very knowledgeable. She put me at ease with her calm demeanor. She has a wonderful supportive attitude and at the same time did not try to impose her own personal thoughts and wishes. She told me she would be available at all times to answer questions or address my concerns.
Kimberly continued to lend support through phone conversations. I went into labor at midnight, but by 3 a.m. I had uncomfortable contractions and called Kimberly. We talked over my options as she continued to reassure me with her calm voice and kind heart at a time when I really needed it. She offered to come over but at that moment my water broke and I am almost certain that it happened because Kimberly talked me down and helped me relax. After placement of the epidural, Kimberly came with an entire suitcase of supplies to keep me comfortable and assist with nausea. She made me as comfortable as she could in that moment. After hours of waiting my son entered the world during the most terrifying and awe inspiring moment of my life! Kimberly let us cherish our moments with the baby without interruption. She offered to take pictures and get us anything we needed, yet she gave us our privacy and stayed a while to get me settled. She told me to reach out to her later with any questions.

Cristyn Glarrow


We cannot say enough about our experience with Kimberly. After someone highy recommended Kimberly, we decided to meet with her and from the first meeting felt so comfortable around her. We cannot say how enough of how grateful we were for Kimberly during the birth of our first daughter. We had a very long labor, and Kimberly was amazing. She made us feel comfortable, like we had someone right alongside us on our team, and was able to alleviate any concerns we might have. She is so knowledgeable and truly cares deeply for each of her clients and wants what is best for them. She was encouraging, helped us learn coping techniques during labor, answered so many of our questions, and truly just wanted us to feel supported throughout the entire birth (and postpartum) experience. If you are on the fence of whether you should use a doula, I can say from experience that we are so grateful she was there with us, and wouldn't have had it any other way.

Tasha Whitt


I am a first-time mom and had a strong desire to go through labor naturally. I had a lot of fear and anxiety centered around stories and things I had heard that could go wrong. I was also very nervous about the general things that are just a part of labor. Kimberly listened very well and helped me work through those fears and anxieties. I had a confidence when I went into labor that I would not have had otherwise. After a time in labor, the doctor encouraged an epidural. Kimberly spoke up for me and reminded me of what I wanted. She reminded me of what my body was capable of and because of her support I was strong enough to continue through until the end. I gave birth naturally to a healthy baby boy and I wouldn't change a thing about my experience. She supported me through the entire thing.

Sara Beatty Stonaha


I hired Kimberly when I was already about 7 months along.  She made sure we had a chance to meet with one another and discuss a birth plan,  that I got to meet her back up doula if she was out of town during my labor, and went through some great labor techniques with us.  She was very supportive throughout the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period.  I ended up having an emergency transfer and c-section and she travelled and waited with my husband through the procedure.  She was great about checking in after the birth to see how I was doing and made herself available on the phone to me.  I had several complications that I ended up needing some post-partum care at home.  She was able to provide that care for me.  She provided excellent emotional support and at-home help through this difficult time for myself and our new family. Kimberly's vast knowledge from working in this field, in Knoxville, for many years was invaluable to us during my time as a new mother. I wish I had decided to get a doula earlier in my pregnancy.

Guadalupe Cataldo


Having contacted Kimberly early in my first pregnancy I was able to meet with her a few times which I felt was important since she’d be involved in one of the most intimate moments of my life. She always answered my questions and then some, she gave priceless guidance (that isn’t at all common sense) from reliable studies and sources. 10 out of 12 of the hours I was in labor I felt nothing (it was weird but I think it was because her suggestions worked) but Kimberly was there and I’m so grateful. I don’t have family in this state and Kimberly was so kind, personable and easy to talk to I felt as if I had family (besides my husband) in the room. Despite my pain, I felt safe and I feel having Kimberly there whether it was to remind me to breathe, meditate or switch positions was a monumental part of why I felt secure in such an uncomfortable time. When things didn’t go exactly as planned (which they rarely do in my life) I felt ready to make decisions I knew wouldn’t alter what I felt was right and Kimberly was so supportive and nonjudgmental, she encouraged me to make decisions that were the most beneficial with the least risks. With all that being said, I could not recommend Kimberly more, she already had fabulous reviews which drew me towards her, but now I know how true they all are and if we have another child I will definitely ask Kimberly to be our doula again!

Leiann Saniger


I have worked with Kimberly as a back up doula. She is amazing to work with and a wealth of knowledge. She has been an amazing mentor for me and has pushed me to be a better doula. She really cares about her clients and strives to give them the best care. She also cares about our local birh community. It’s great to have such an awesome advocate for birth!

Rebecca Juarez


I hired Kimberly for the birth of my second child. I did not have such a great birth experience with my first and wanted to ensure having a positive one with my second. I received her name through my midwife, who raved about how wonderful Kimberly is. She was absolutely correct!

I called Kim to talk with her and she invited my husband and me to meet with her for a consultation. I immediately noticed how she put me at ease and helped answer any and all questions we had. We discussed our first birthing experience and how we would like this one to be different. We decided to hire her immediately.

Kimberly was so wonderful and available throughout my whole pregnancy! She was always super transparent about things, like when she was taking on some doulas in training and how that might impact me (thankfully, it did not at all!). She was always quick to respond to calls and texts and helped to answer any questions. Most of my pregnancy was smooth so we did not talk too much during the early stages.

Around 34 weeks, I became really uncomfortable and having a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions. I would say during this period and until my daughter was born, Kimberly and I communicated every couple of days to every day. I cannot say enough how supportive, sweet, and helpful she was during this time. She even came to the hospital when I was there for observation.

When I finally went into labor, Kim was there the whole time providing support and encouragement. She helped keep me relaxed and focused on having a successful, natural birth. I was so grateful to have her there to help me and my husband. She also took some awesome photos to mark the occassion. I do not know how I would have gotten through the birth process without her.

If you are looking for an amazing birth doula, look no further than Kimberly Sebeck. She is AMAZING!!!

Tara Murphy


I hired Kimberly and her mentee, Kaitlyn Cook-Reed, halfway through my pregnancy, after deciding I wanted to attempt a VBAC. I had heard nothing but great things about Kim's services prior to hiring her, so the choice was easy to make. I knew going into my attempted VBAC that hiring a doula was a must, but I had no idea what an immense emotional and physical support Kim and Kaitlyn were really going to be. Before labor, they were there to answer any questions I had (and there were a lot of them!) with a quick text or Facebook message and provide me with the emotional support I needed. I had a foley bulb induction with pitocin that was taking its toll on me, to put it lightly. Kimberly and Kaitlyn were so supportive and encouraging, it's hard to even find the words to thank them. When I needed a bit of encouragement or a hand to hold or someone to bring me back to reality when I was overwhelmed by the whole experience, they were there and they went above and beyond. When I wanted to just quit, they reassured me that I was doing a fantastic job and that I could easily get through that next contraction. Having them with me most definitely added to my birth experience. I ended up needing a c-section, but sweet Kim & Kaitlyn were such an emotional support as I sobbed, thinking I had failed at my birth. Kim's presence is incredibly calming and Kaitlyn rubbed my back and feet throughout my entire labor. Kimberly was in the OR with my partner and I during surgery, taking photos of our baby's birth, and Kaitlyn was waiting in my room for me when we returned. My partner and I are both so thankful to have had them with us. For my next birth, it will be a tough decision which of them to hire, because even on her own, Kaitlyn was amazing! She seemed so experienced and at ease with her job. I would most definitely recommend either of them to anyone wishing to hire a knowledgeable, professional, supportive doula. They were amazing!

Sierra Tippens


I don't know what we would have done without Kimberly and her services. She saved mine and my husbands sanity and gave us unbiased advice whenever we needed it. She helped tremendously with postpartum care and we won't hesistate to hire her again when we have more children. Thank you SO SO much Kimberely!

Victoria Davis


Kimberly was the best support person I could have asked for. She stayed calm and comforting thru my labor/birth even when I hit transition. When I thought that I could no longer make it, she cheered me on and told me that I could. Kimberly made me feel so strong. She was a huge support system even for my husband and daughter. My husband told me after my son's birth that he wouldn't have know what to do without her, because he didn't know how to help/comfort me. I know that if my husband and I decide to have more children that I will definitely need Kimberly again. She helped me have the birth that I wanted.

Jodie Manross


Oh my goodness...where to husband and I cannot say enough wonderful things about Kimberly who was our doula for our first baby. We loved our prenatal meetings with her leading up to Julia's birth. She was great with calmly guiding us through the myriad of questions we had as frazzled, soon to be new parents, such as creating a holistic minded yet realistic birth plan. Kimberly has an amazing reputation and relationship with many physicians in town. Our doctor Dr. Leonard Brabson and his staff at Women's Health Specialists absolutely love working with her.

Kimberly's Comfort Measures class was by far the most helpful and enjoyable of all the classes we took to prepare for parenthood. From Hypno-birthing to our hospital's child care preparation classes, her Comfort Measures course was the most informative, hands on and holistic while also being relaxed and a way to meet other soon-to-be parents. She put everyone at ease with the intention of "You've got this." It gave us more tools to go into our birthing experience with a little more confidence and knowledge.

There was a huge February ice storm that day that our daughter was born. Kimberly braved the snow and ice to be there for us. We ended having to have an emergency C-section. Kimberly was an amazing support especially for my husband who was not at first allowed to be in the OR. Kimberly was able to talk us through everything that was about to happen and be our advocate to the parts of our birth plan that we were still able to implement. She was our anchor. She stayed with us to help during the first few hours after Julia was born. She also checked on us a few days later; she was able to help while I got my first shower after baby. Which was awesome.

She is compassionate, knowledgeabl, and was a treasure to work with. We hope to have another baby and wpuls be honored to have her a part of our birth experience again.

Elizabeth Hammon


I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with Kimberly. I'll forever be grateful for her.

I think I was 6 or 7 months pregnant at the time. It was my first pregnancy & we were in a bit of an unusual situation where my partner & I were temporarily in a long-distance relationship. He always intended to try & be there for the birth but there was never a guarantee. Feeling somewhat alone & definitely anxious, I sought out options for hiring a doula. I read great things about Kimberly online & when I met her in person I knew she was something special. She was so positive, so flexible & very professional. She takes her work very seriously but is also a lot of fun. During my pregnancy, she helped my partner & me understand the different stages of giving birth & she was always available for follow up questions any time. whenever I sent her a text, email or phone call - she always got right back to me. I was very impressed with the way she obviously stayed current with all the up-to-date science & medicine around pregnancy & birth (which is an ever-changing area).

I went in to labor early & my partner missed the delivery, despite rushing as fast as he could. it was just Kimberly & me. I would have been lost without her. She advocated for me at every step w/ all the hospital staff during the whole process. She encouraged me & coached me through every step.

I only found out later that she'd gotten a troubling text from her husband after we arrived at the hospital. He'd been in a serious car accident & was badly injured. She never let on. She stayed focused on me until my baby was resting safely in my arms. Only then did she say she needed to run because her husband was being treated at another hospital. That should tell you everything you need to know about her. She's the best!

Cynthia Bridges Coffey


Kimberly was intuitive, caring, and a great communicator. Her calm, positive assistance at my birth is a highlight I will always remember.

Katrina Trotter Kepf


I am a Registered Nurse (L&D) as well as a Doula. I have had the pleasure of working with Kimberly and have known of her expertise since 2000. Kimberly is an amazing childbirth assistant and doula. She is compassionate and caring and provides education as well as is a valuable resource for any expectant family. Any family that selects her to assist in their childbirth needs, will have selected one of the best!!!

Katrina Kepf, RN

Carol Lee Stephens


From the first phone call to our meet and greet where my husband and I both requested to meet her in person before deciding to hire her as a doula, Kimberly greatly impressed me first with her incredible wealth of knowledge then with her availability and accessibility to me (she said I could contact her day/night & I was only 6 months pregnant). She was very informative with her answers preparing me for my first natural birth. Our meeting to go over my birth plan was important as this being my first planned natural birth following a birth using an epidural, because she was able to share an unbiased opinion and medical knowledge that helped us to define our birth plan. I appreciated that very much and didn't feel pressure to make any decision but the one I felt most comfortable with. Her comfort measures class was personal, in our home, going over details with my husband and me. Again, a very positive experience. Weeks up to delivery, the contact with Kimberly became more frequent. If I reached out to her with questions or anxiety she was very comforting!  She was available and quickly made it to the hospital.Kimberly was pivotal in helping me achieve reachable goals! She was a great support system, resource and wonderful at reassuring me what to expect. The birth went exactly how I had wanted it to go, but had anything been different I feel very confident that Kimberly would be a steady voice and supportive of my needs and the desires I had expressed to her. Months up to the delivery, we had built a relationship and this only added to the beauty of the birth. My husband and I still comment on that day and the use of Kimberly as our doula! He continues to express how important her role was that day and that we will plan on using her again.Thank you Kimberly for your professionalism, your support, but most importantly your passion to support each mama and her partner!!

Carol Lee Stephens


From the first phone call  to our meet and greet where my husband and I both requested to meet her in person before deciding to hire her as a doula, Kimberly greatly impressed me first with her incredible wealth of knowledge then with her availability and accessibility to me (she said I could contact her day/night & I was only 6 months pregnant). She was very informative with her answers preparing me for my first natural birth. Our meeting to go over my birth plan was important as this being my first planned natural birth following a birth using an epidural, because she was able to share an unbiased opinion and medical knowledge that helped us to define our birth plan. She presented the information medically and naturally, unbiased. I appreciated that very much and didn't feel pressure to make any decision but the one I felt most comfortable with. Her comfort measures class was personal, in our home, going over details with my husband and me. Again, a very positive experience. Weeks up to delivery, the contact with Kimberly became more frequent. If I reached out to her with questions or anxiety she was very comforting! She was available and quickly made it to the hospital. Kimberly was pivotal in helping me achieve reachable goals! She was a great support system, resource and wonderful at reassuring me what to expect. The birth went exactly how I had wanted it to go, but had anything been different I feel very confident that Kimberly would be a steady voice and supportive of my needs and the desires I had expressed to her. Months up to the delivery, we had built a relationship and this only added to the beauty of the birth. My husband and I still comment on that day and the use of Kimberly as our doula! He continues to express how important her role was that day and that we will plan on using her again. Thank you Kimberly for your professionalism, your support, but most importantly your passion to support each mama and her partner!!

Meg Wiegand


I decided to have Kimberly as my doula because of her extensive experience , as well as because of her experience specifically with prior cesareans/VBACs. I experienced a wonderful VBAC with my daughter, and Kimberly was such an important part in that happening. She was professional, warm, supportive, non judgemental, and so helpful. Everything you could ask for. I'll always be thankful for her!

Kimberly Sebeck


(Kimberly Sebeck's rebuttal to client testimonial posted on 1/1/15. Part 1) I carefully considered whether or not to post a rebuttal to this Ms. W’s bad review but after thought have decided to. I believe that most conflicts come from misunderstandings and can be worked through if both parties wish to resolve the issue. I received a text on New Year’s Day from Ms. W that struck me as odd, asking me to clarify my position with her as she had no communication from me since she paid me, which in my mind and records was untrue. However, emotions can run high in pregnancy so I chose to immediately phone her to allay any fears or miscommunication rather than use text. I attempted to listen to her feelings that we had not had any communication since she paid her deposit for me to be her birth doula. I asked if she’d read the documents sent and upon asking was told I was turning the “blame” on her. I’d hoped to clear up the miscommunication and see if she had read the docs sent to all of clients outlining my role. I send a contract, intake form, and a FAQ doc detailed in how to reach me, that communication is vital and important and I am never being bothered if someone wants to talk or has a question. The same forms I have sent for years to clients and there is zero reason to think this client was treated differently than the hundreds of other satisfied clients. I never received the forms back from her even though I’d received an email response that she had gotten them. The conversation quickly went downhill as her voice raised. I said I felt I was failing at this conversation and she said you are a failure. I paused and asked her how she would like to proceed. I was told that she’d “like to call it a day”, to keep the deposit, she would hire another doula and hung up on me before I could respond. The phone call was 4 min long and I feel that is a very short time for resolution to occur.

Kimberly Sebeck


(Part 2) I charge a non refundable deposit of $200 to reserve a birth client spot on my calendar. This is far less than the usual rate of half of the fee as a deposit many doulas require. It is expressly discussed at my initial consultation. If someone politely asked for the return of the deposit due to exceptional circumstances I would return it and fill the slot with another client. Here, I have no address, no forms filled out and do not know where the client is choosing to birth in April as the last time we’d communicated she said she was exploring options of different birth place. I do have texts and emails communication including lovely photos of her maternity shoot. All were responded to. In my last email to her I provided the requested list of birth class/method choices as well as pediatrician recommendations, etc. On my website, initial free consultation and forms mailed my services are outlined. Unlimited communication via phone/email/text from the client once hired, 2 prenatal visits, attendance at the birth, along with one postpartum visit and continued communication after the birth via phone/text/email. In my FAQ form I even say that they’re welcome to friend me on social media but I leave that to the clients privacy concerns and desire for friendship or space. I also request to be kept in the loop about prenatal visits with their provider. I’m not an antenatal doula. While I strive to develop a relationship ahead of the birth I’m also often hired as late as the day before birth and respect my clients choices on how much contact we have during the pregnancy beyond the clear outlines given in my written forms. While I work hard to be intuitive I’m not a mind reader. I deeply regret that Ms. W was not comfortable utilizing my services and feel this was largely a miscommunication due to information not being read or asked for clarification. I wish her all the best in her birth and hope it is empowering.

Shannan Williams


My experience with Kimberly Sebeck was awful.  After speaking with her and learning about her purported nurturing philosophy, I hired her.  I paid her a deposit and in return was promised a warm, nurturing experience with her.  After I paid her, I never heard from her again.  During my sixth month of pregnancy, I contacted her to ask about why she hadn't contacted me at all and she was rude and defensive, blaming me for being confused about her role.  This is my first pregnancy, so I don't know everything, but I fired her immediately.  DO NOT hire this woman if you intend to have a nurturing, caring professional helping you with your pregnancy & birth.  She is very unprofessional.

Elizabeth Poland Gibson


My experience with Kimberly was amazing from the moment I met her. I knew she was the one who I wanted there by my side throughout the remaining of my pregnacy and the birth of my 2nd babygirl. I was planning an all natural VBAC. I joined our local Ican of Knoxville and learned she was the leader and very involved in the page, vbacs, and just in general helping the community in many areas! My 1st child was breech that resulted in a c-section. At around 28 weeks I learned this girl was also breech. Kimberly was awesome with helping me stay calm, supporting me with research and helping me find what my options were to help baby get into best position, etc. I ended up having a successful version, then went for a induction at 40 weeks. I  had a pain med free VBAC. Kimberley walked in the room the morning of my induction and my family immediately fell in love with her also. Having the perfect doula made my birth more relaxing and calm. My husband was very nervous/emotional and she helped him so much, showed him ways to help me ease the pain. Kimberly's communication was always fast, had the words I needed to hear and her ears was always there to listen. Having her as my doula was the best decision I could of ever made to help accomplish the birth I wanted.

Erin McCammon Patrick


I met Kimberly through her work with ICAN when I joined the local organization. I quickly realized that she not only knows a ton about VBAC - she has an innate ability to empower and support women. I knew that if I got pregnant again she would be my doula. Two times I got pregnant and planned on using her as my birth doula and lost the baby. Both times Kimberly helped me and supported me through the losses. When I got pregnant again after my losses Kimberly was amazing at supporting me and helping me process the fears I had from both the losses and the traumatic first both I experienced with my son. She was always available when I would have random freakouts (and I had plenty). I was on a mission for VBAC and she was my biggest supporter. She cheered me on during my pregnancy and offered suggestions from chiropractor care to healthy foods when different issues arose. When I actually went into labor I was in denial. Kimberly realized I was in labor long before I did. If it had not been for her I honestly don't think I would have made it to the hospital. As it happened I arrived at the hospital right before pushing and Kimberly was the calming, grounding presence I needed for what turned out to be a long pushing phase. My husband was so glad to have her at the birth- he enjoyed having the company and her calming presence as well. Their encouragement helped me continue on while exhausted and have the amazing, empowering, natural VBAC that I so wanted. The birth of our daughter was perfect. I am so thankful for Kimberly's help and support during pregnancy and at her birth. Having her believe in me and my body's ability to give birth after cesarean and losses was invaluable. I highly recommend Kimberly to any mom and am so happy we chose her!

Cheryl O'Bryan Passalacqua


My experience with Kim as my Doula was AMAZING!  Kim's personality along with her knowledge of birthing was just what I needed to have a comfortable birth experience.  Kim was always available to me for questions and even came to my home for personal classes with myself and my husband several times.  At the hospital, Kim was by my side for the 12 hours I was in labor and encouraged me the whole way!  My husband really enjoyed Kim there as well and was someone he could lean on for support as he watched me labor.  When our sweet baby boy was born, I could not have imagined doing it without Kim.  My overall experience with Kim would be a 50 out of a scale from 1 to 10.  If we decide to have a second child, we will definitely hire Kim again to have her by our side!  Thank you Kim for everything, we love you and am so happy you were there to spend the happiest day of our lives with us birthing Tucker Jackson Passalacqua!

Erika E. Evans Reid


Having Kimberly present at the birth of our son was a true blessing!  With her guidance and support I was able to have a succesful VBAC even while struggling with gestational hypertension and having to be induced.  She was an excellent source of information and a fantastic resource both before and during the birth.  She truly cared about me and my family and our birthing experience.  My labor was long - close to 30 hours and she was there the entire time!  My husband was so grateful that there was another set of eyes and hands to help keep me comfortable as they took shifts so that I was never alone.  She made sure that I understand any and all interventions that were suggested and worked so very well with my midwives and doctor to make sure that every step we took kept my overall goal of a VBAC in mind.  My husband and I will have her on speed dial the next time we learn we are pregnant.  We recommend her highly!

Jen Intj


It's going to sound a bit cheesy, but I was drawn to Kim from the first time I met her. Heavily pregnant and standing in the forever line at our local mass consignment event, she made eye contact with me & my partner. She approached us with a warm smile and some information about doulas. I liked her energy, her enthusiasm, and her knowledge but most important to me at the time- her bluntness. Honesty is hot. I know this sounds like I was planning on dating her. The way I see it if I'm going to be at least half naked throughout most of the birth, and she will be there through the grunts/moans/groans that I will inevitably make. She's going to see me naked. She will be whispering words of encouragement while massaging my naked body. Having a baby is intimate. And relying on someone I already feel I have an instant intimate connection with was important to me. I ended up not hiring a doula at all for that birth, but immediately after having my all natural waterbirth I knew I wanted one. And I knew it would be Kim I hired. I'm so glad I did. She was serious and focused, but never lit's her sense of humor. She empowered my partner to be as involved as he could be in assisting me through labor. She included my daughters in comforting me through my labor. that was so important to me as I wanted them to witness a natural birth surrounded by love and support.  She embodied the patient teacher, the nurturing mother, the centered friend, the reminder of self confidence, and the literal voice of reason. I would hire her again in a heartbeat...

Valerie Young


I decided to use a doula around 35 weeks and hired Kimberly. Because it was so late, I missed a lot of the prenatal work that Kimberly does and can only speak to the birth and postpartum follow-up. I would highly recommend Kimberly to anyone seeking a doula. I believe her best quality is her calm, wise demeanor that comes with her years of experience. Even when she wasn't physically "doing something" during the delivery, her calming presence helped keep the rest of us focused and confident. Kimberly was very supportive of my birth plan which included using an epidural eventually. With Kimberly's help, I was able to meet my goal of staying mobile and free of pain meds for several hours. When I did get the epidural, Kimberly was helpful in positions and during the pushing phase of labor. She held my leg and always ensured that I understood the medical interventions that were offered to me. I ended up pushing for almost 3 hours and needing a vacuum extraction. Kimberly made sure I didn't have any questions and was able to recount many of the delivery details I missed during our postpartum follow-up. She also referred us to a great lactation consultant when I was having some breastfeeding pain. Overall, I am extremely happy with my decision to hire Kimberly and would definitely use her again.

Kimberly Rundles


Why Kimberly? I desired a beautiful, peaceful, empowering birth. I wanted to be surrounded by supportive, encouraging, patient, positive energy that would remind me that I am strong and capable. I needed an advocate so that my husband and family would not have to navigate the unknowns of labor, birth, hospitals, protocol or paperwork alone. I desired knowledge beforehand on breast-feeding, comfort measures, nutrition and newborn care. I needed the reassuring presence of another woman who had been there and who honored my beliefs, hopes and dreams about birth. I wanted my family to be taken care of so that they wouldn’t worry, my husband to feel confident and involved during labor so he wouldn’t feel helpless and my baby to be born to a mother who was able to truly devote her whole self in labor thanks to the feeling of a safe and nurturing environment. And finally, I wanted someone that I felt comfortable with, someone that knew how to help me during my pregnancy, labor and post-partum journey, someone that was dedicated to mothers and babies and truly loved every moment of her calling. This was why I chose a Doula and why I chose Kimberly Sebeck. She tirelessly provided whatever I needed throughout my entire pregnancy, labor, delivery and post-partum period. Her strong hands and gentle encouragement were just what my husband and I needed to have a beautiful, natural water birth and I honestly could not imagine doing it without her. Not only did I find a passionate, professional, prepared for anything Doula, I also found a friend. It is my hope that all pregnant women would have the loving support that a Doula provides and that they would be fortunate enough to have someone like Kimberly by their side.



My primary reason for hiring a doula was to have a consistent person during this major life experience who knew ME--my personality, my desires, my fears--and who would advocate on my behalf to whichever doctor ended up at my delivery. This was a preliminary, precautionary measure on my behalf that ended up being exactly what we needed due to the circumstances of my delivery. The hospital at which I delivered unfortunately presented itself as being much more conducive for natural childbirth than it actually was. As a result, my husband and I encountered continual pushback on our efforts to deliver naturally from the doctor on call and nurses. If we had not had Kimberly, I know we would have undoubtedly caved to their recommendations. We did not have the knowledge to distinguish what was presented as fact as merely an option, so having Kimberly in the role of counselor during those moments of consultation and decision-making was truly priceless. I also didn't want to fight unnecessary battles, and Kimberly was able to help us determine when to follow their lead and when to hold firm to our plans. My husband and I owe our natural delivery to Kimberly. Because I was not progressing as quickly as needed, I ended up receiving increasing levels of Pitocin prior to my delivery (18 hours after my water broke). She was absolutely incredible, steadfast and comforting in her efforts to help me find ways to manage the ever-increasing pain and helping my husband know how best to assist me through every stage. Kimberly was an amazing teacher, advocate, and counselor whose wisdom we could trust during my pregnancy, delivery, and in the first, scary weeks of parenthood. The financial investment you will make in hiring Kimberly as your doula will not even come close to comparing to the investment of time, knowledge, and care she will put into your experience of bringing a child into this world. Kimberly is the best in the business!

Barb Banbury


Kimberly was a fantastic resource throughout my entire pregnancy.  We hired her early on (around 12 weeks along if I remember correctly), and were therefore able to ask many questions through email/phone and take the classes she offered.  She also helped us form and edit our birth plan.  Emails were always answered within a few hours.  Of course the biggest role was her help during labor.  My labor experience didn't go as we had all planned (infection that ultimately let to a c-section), but Kimberly offered up different ways to try to keep me comfortable throughout the whole process--19 hours of natural labor.  I was so impressed that she stuck around the whole time, even after the section she came into recovery to see me and make sure I was doing ok.  I really felt supported!!  If we are still in Knoxville for the next pregnancy, I would want Kimberly there for that one as well.  Especially now that I will face VBAC issues in the future.  All in all, we had a great experience!

Natalie Watson


I will never forget how Kimberly helped my husband and I during my pregnancy and with the birth of our son. I contacted Kimberly around 28 weeks and she came to our house and met with us. She had so much information and I knew without a doubt that it would be a mistake not to hire her. Later she came to our house and we had a natural childbirth class. Before working with Kimberly, I had been terrified about the birth since this was our first child. However, knowing that she was going to be with us through the whole process erased all of my fears. She helped us make choices regarding doctors and hospitals that proved invaluable to our successful birth experience. That alone was a huge, huge help to us. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes late in my pregnancy and she helped me to remain calm and not freak out about having a ‘big baby’. Also, the baby was positioned posterior and she was a great resource for guiding me with exercises to help turn him (which he did). When I went into labor Kimberly was so supportive and helpful. She stayed by my side for all 38 hours (!!) of delivery and I honestly don’t know how we would have gotten through it without her. It was wonderful to have someone there to support me and to have someone who was an advocate myself and the baby. She was wonderfully kind and extremely professional throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend her to any of my friends or family members.

Kendra smith


Kimberly was at the homebirth of my third daughter. I had known Kimberly from our local ICAN chapter. I had just started helping out as a co-leader right before the birth. Originally, I wasnt planning on having anyone at the birth other than my midwife and her assistant. But when my midwfie called and said her assistant couldnt find a babysitter for her 10month old daughter I got a bit worried. My last birth was only 2 hrs long and I knew this one would be short too. But when she called back saying Kimberly could come I was so relieved! I knew Kimberly would be a great help for me and respect my wishes. I had discussed with my midwife that I didnt want a lot of hands on support, I prefered to be left alone. When they got to my house, they didnt make a big fuss. They came in, set up and waited with me. Every one in a while I would get offered a glass of water and get a few words of encouragement. It was exactly what I wanted! I knew she was there if I needed her but she didnt force herself to be more involved than I wanted. Thats the sign of a great doula, they will do as little or as much as each mother needs. It takes a great doula to know what a mom's needs are and what will help her the most, even without ever discussing a birth plan with her. Kimberly is a great doula and educator. She has a passion to educate and help women through the most beautiful time in their lives. Anyone would be lucky to have her assist them at their birth.

Stephanie Cochran


I met Kimberly after we took her Birthing class. This was my first pregnancy so as most new mom's-to-be are I was a little nervous about the whole experience. Kimberly explained what to expect and how to manage things in a way that was very easy for my husband and I to understand. We walked away from the class feeling very prepared for labor and delivery! She made sure that we had her phone number and email just in case we had any further questions after the class. My labor was not at all how I "planned" it. My labor and delivery were both very complicated and our son ended up spending three days in the NICU. After our precious little one was here I had a lot of questions about nursing. My son had issues with nursing and Kimberly was very willing to help with nursing questions and herbs. My pregnancy included kidney stones and severe pre-eclmapsia. Needless to say about was not eager about getting pregnant again. So three years later when we were surprised with our precious daughter I immediately called Kimberly. I wanted to do everything that I could to have a healthier pregnancy so I hired Kimberly as our doula. She helped me with diet changes to help prevent kidney stones and pre-eclampsia. I am happy to report that I had a totally healthy pregnancy! My labor was uneventful and wonderful because I was so healthy I was able to a completely natural delivery! I contribute all of that to Kimberly being a wonderful doula!!! I still use her for nursing questions and help with herbs. If my husband and I were going to have more children I would use her without a doubt! She is amazing and wonderful!!!!




Hillary Gordon


After much research, I ultimately decided on Kimberly as my doula.  I was really impressed with the number of women she had assisted in their attempts to have a VBAC.  And her experience definitely showed during the delivery.  She really helped with pain management and this allowed me to stay at home as long as possible and avoid getting to the hospital too early.  She kept me calm and focused during labor and was present without being to much of an interference.  When the labor became difficult it was great to have her there as another opinion and just as a calming influence.  Without her I know I wouldn't have had a successful VBAC.  Thanks Kimberly!!

Monica Caplan


I hired Kimberly after interviewing with a couple of other doulas and felt she was the right match for my family.She made herself very available to me in the weeks leading up to the birth, and I even harassed her a few times through the pregnancy with minor questions which she was quick to answer with an educated response.  I felt very at ease with her and manay times she calmed my nerves.We had discussed my fears about going natural and she made it clear that she was NOT a Natural- Nazi, however she does appreciate a natural birth. She was extremely supportive during my labor and used some breathing and relaxation techniques which worked wonderful for me. I made it to 5 cm and then felt like I should get the epidural, so I did, and I actually layed in Kimberly's arms practically as they did it. I dilated quick to 10 cm. My daughters shoulder got stuck during delivery (known as shoulder distosia sp?) and the nurses had to sort of lean on me and I had to push very very quick to get her out, everyone was screaming at me, and all I could do was look at Kimberly's calm face, gently telling me to push and that I was doing great. She was amazing.  My daughters shoulder did not need to be broken and she was 100% healthy.  Kimberly stayed after the labor and got her happily onto the breast.  Her job was complete and I was beyond satisfied with her performance.  I also hired her for postpartum work. She is magnificent when it comes to the calming touch.  So many times I was at wits end, Kimberly would hold the baby and within minutes, she was soundly asleep in the arms of  "her best friend" (the name I have dubbed Kimberly with since Sydney loves her so much). 

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