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Blissful Beginnings Doula Care

Magnolia, TX Service range 20 miles

(713) 249-9360

Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

5 years and 47 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, May 2011

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals
The Woodlands and Conroe area only

Attends birth center births? Some Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Miscarriage support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption

Magnolia, TX Service range 20 miles

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Stephanie was my doula for my 5th pregnancy, which also happened to be my second VBA2C.  My doctor was mostly supportive but would cave pretty easily to a c-section and my husband was 100% on my team but always gets nervous when I'm actually in labor about my (and the baby's) safety.  Having Stephanie on my team was absolutely essential for my successful VBA2C and she did such an excellent job.  She was supportive when I needed support and pushed me when I needed pushing.  She didn't let me give in to the c section when I so badly wanted to and found a way to help my baby descend faster so I could have the birth I wanted.  I cannot say enough good things about Stephanie.

Emilie Diehl


I started working with Stephanie after I found out I was pregnant with my first child. Stephanie helped me from the very beginning of my pregnancy in deciding what kind of program to use to prepare myself for a medication-free child birth. She was very proactive about finding out my preferences and then providing material to help me with my preference. Once I went into labor, Stephanie met us at the hospital and assisted my husband and me during labor and delivery.  She was very encouraging and knew exactly what to do to make my pain tolerable. I think I would have had a lot harder of a time giving birth with no interventions if she wasn't there. She was also very good at showing my husband how to help as well. I had a great experience with Stephanie and would definitely use her again when I have more kids!

Tanner Patterson


As a first time parent, and unfamiliar with the "midwife/doula" approach to delivery, I was initially concerned.  However, after just one meeting with Stephanie, I felt much better about the whole process.  Not only was she very professional, but more importantly she got to know my wife on a personal level, and helped us both understand how we could positively influence the birth process.  She was very prompt with her responses to my wife, but she was never pushy or overbearing.  The quality I appreciated the most was her consistently making sure that we were thinking about the "what if", but never passing judgment on our decisions.  As a husband, I can promise you that your husband will be glad you acquired her services.  I can give no higher recommendation than this:  We will use Stephanie again!

Margaret Dillon


Stephanie was exactly what my husband and I were looking for when it came to a doula. Stephanie was an asset to our birth team, providing everything from prenatal, labor and delivery and postpartum care! We wanted someone that was hands on enough to help us get through our birth, without stepping inbetween my husband and I as a team. That is EXACTLY what Stephanie did. She provided the following during my birth: essential oils during the labor, to help with my nausea, pressure and massaging to my back for my back labor, positive affirmations along with reading my affirmations to me. She was able to suggest different positions for me to move into in order for labor to progress. This was all occuring while she created a calm atmosphere, and reminded us to focus on what our needs and wants were for our child and our birth experience. We were able to have the birth experience we desired with Stephanie's assistance.

After the labor and delivery, Stephanie helped me breastfeed my new baby girl, and then checked on us a week after my birth. She came to our home, spoke with us about all sorts of different outlets for a new mom, such as: lacataion, baby wearing, mom groups, etc... She even provided us with a Moby wrap and explained how to use it. If you are looking for a doula that is very knoweledgable, creates a calm atmosphere, without stepping on the toes of you and your spouse, Stephanie should be your top pick!! She was for us, and we were honored to have her as a part of our birth. 

Ryanne Valentine


My husband and I tried for quite some time to get pregnant with our first child. I was trying to avoid expensive interventions by working on my thyroid and diet. Even at that point in our journey, Stephanie recommended books and websites to help increase fertility naturally... So it was a no-brainier to ask her to be my doula once I did get pregnant! Being that it was going to be our first birth, my husband and I felt more comfortable in a hospital setting, but I still wanted as natural a birth as possible. I know my husband was skeptical, but Stephanie proved her worth to him at our first prenatal meeting. She gracefully put up with my pregnancy-brain moments (of which there were many!) and commiserated with me when my due date came and went. When I ended up getting induced, I was disappointed but ready, and still hoping to have as natural a birth as possible. We settled into the hospital, started the pitocin, and soon after my water broke. Stephanie arrived while things were still quiet, we laughed about my husband browsing Slickdeals during contractions. It quickly got more intense from there. Stephanie did the standing labor positions with me until she suggested a side laying position. Then everything went super fast, but she coached me through how to breath and what vocalizations would help. She would put a straw to my lips before I even realized I was thirsty, and gave my husband confidence in his support of me (he had put down the electronics by this point lol). Baby girl arrived soon after, and Stephanie made sure I had juices right away and helped me get the baby to latch. Once everything had settled, she made sure we had everything we needed and then left us to bond. Overall, I am so happy we had Stephanie by our side... Not just for the birth but through our entire journey. She was a wealth of knowledge and perfectly nurturing, a true mother's mother! I'd recommend her to anyone and hope to have her as our doula again in the future :)

Christina Bushra


Hiring Stephanie had to be one of the best decisions that we made in preparation for the birth of our daughter. From our first meeting, I felt a strong connection with Stephanie. Throughout my pregnancy she was there for advice and guidance for this excited/anxious first time Mom. From book recommendations to exercises to get the baby to move out of the breech position to wonderful checklists for what to pack for the hospital and things needed postpartum at home. Stephanie also maintains a great Pinterest board with great articles for pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and newborn care.

Stephanie was a rock for my husband and I throughout the entire labor process - applying counter pressure when needed, essential oils on my forehead & back of the neck, providing encouragement and giving my husband breaks to report progress to family in the waiting room. We had a lot of bumps along the way due to the negligent hospital staff. Stephanie supported every decision we made and was very helpful during the pushing stage since I had chosen to get an epidural. She captured wonderful photos of my delivery and our first moments together as a family. Stephanie is a compassionate, calm, warm and nurturing person both in and out of the delivery room. She has been great about checking in with me postpartum especially when I had severe postpartum carpal tunnel and then had mastitis.

I highly recommend choosing Stephanie as your doula for the birth of your child - she has found her calling in life and she is passionate about her clients and her profession. If we are blessed with more children in the future, we would be honored to have Stephanie with us again.

Jennifer Sanders


Stephanie was an amazing doula and I am so thankful that we bit the bullet and hired her.  She is very knowledgeable and she exceeded our expectations.  Stephanie was able to help my husband in delivery with knowing where to rub my back or hips or legs and how much pressure to apply.  She is just a peaceful person and it was an honor to have her at my daughter's birth. She was a great presence to have throughout my labor and she was very attentive to my needs, physically and emotionally.  This woman has found her calling...hire her.  You will not regret it.

Allison Hebert


I hired Stephanie for my second birth. For my first child I did not have a doula and I was still able to have a natural labor, however it was not easy and I knew I would need all the help and encouragement I could get. I will say it was definitely the best decision!  Stephanie was very knowledgeable during our prenatal visit.  She was familiar with the hospital I was planning to deliver at and knew many of the doctors there.  She gave me some useful exercises and techniques to help take pressure off of my back and suggested ways to sit that would keep our baby in the best position to have a successful and natural labor.

Stephanie has children of her own so I worried she wouldn't be available when I needed to talk or had a question.  However, she was very quick with returning my phone calls or texts which was so helpful.  You can tell she loves what she does and has studied lots on different issues relating to pregnancy/labor/delivery.  I was confident with any advise she gave me.

My water broke at 3 am and Stephanie immediately responded to my text.  Once she arrived at the hospital, she was so prepared! She even had safety pins for my hospital gown so it didn't fly open. As labor progressed, Stephanie was there offering great advise. She kept me moving and changing positions.  She was there applying counter pressure to my hips, reminding me to breath deep, running out of the room to get my husband more towels after we used the shower, communicating with the nurses and letting them know I didn't need to get on the hospital bed yet, always offering me ice chips to keep me hydrated, making sure I got food after my delivery, and much more.

An added bonus...Stephanie also took some very special photos of us during labor and as we welcomed our second baby boy! I will cherish them forever. I highly recommend Stephanie and will hopefully use her again in the future.

Marie ROmero


Anticipating my third VBAC, I decided to try a doula for the first time and chose my friend Stephanie. I had recently moved and was trying out a new OB who, though supportive of my plan for an unmedicated, limited intervention birth, was also fairly inexperienced. My first two VBAC labors had stalled at 8cm, and I was nervous about a reaction to a possibly typically slow labor that might result in an unnecessary C-Section.

I am so glad Stephanie was with me through my labor. The contractions were stronger than in previous labors, and Stephanie guided me through it all with her calming, encouraging presence. She said the right things at just the right moments: when I began to be overwhelmed by a contraction or while pushing, she encouraged me to stay on top of it; she breathed with me to help me stay open and relaxed, allowing my body to work; she suggested different positions, which we tried when I was ready, especially during that expected 8cm delay.

My husband was reluctant to have someone in the hospital room with us, but Stephanie actually showed him how to help me through the contractions so he could participate in the labor process, thus helping us to more fruitfully share this very intimate moment in anticipation of our child. When the doctors and nurses came to me and my husband with questions or suggestions, Stephanie listened attentively and was able to clarify any gray areas. She reminded me of my birth plan, things important to me, and above all that I did not have to do anything that I did not agree with in an unconfrontational manner. Stephanie was available to me throughout my pregnancy with answers to my questions and concerns, and visited me after the birth to ensure I was healing well physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This was not my easiest or least painful labor, but I am so grateful to Stephanie for guiding me through my most spiritually gratifying labor.


becky dicharry


With the hope of having a non-medicated VBAC, I chose Stephanie as my doula for the birth of my 2nd child. Stephanie was very passionate about helping me achieve my ideal birth experience. I felt that she took the time to really understand me and the type of birth I desired. She also offered immense support especially during the few weeks leading up to delivery. Whether it was helping me finalize my birth plan, researching information, or coming to my house to teach me exercises to address back pain twice in one day, she went the extra mile to ensure my needs were met. Just knowing that she would be by my side to support me through labor gave me peace of mind.

She was readily available when my labor started and provided insight, knowledge and tools to help me effectively manage the process of labor. She worked diligently to help alleviate my back pain during labor using her rebozo and other techniques. During delivery she offered words of encouragement and provided just the physical/emotional support that I needed. Stephanie's calming presence enhanced my overall birth experience and I can honestly say that my labor would not have gone as smoothly without her support.

Before my delivery, I asked Stephanie if she would take a few pictures of my husband and me with our son after he was born and she graciously agreed. Much to my surprise, in addition to my request, she also managed to capture several other highlights of my labor and delivery. At the time, I had no idea that she had taken all the pictures that she did. Later, as I scrolled through the photos, I was overcome with emotion as it was truly amazing to relive my birth experience through her eyes. She tastefully captured the essence of the day’s events and left me with a special gift that beautifully documents my birth story.

If you are considering hiring a doula, I highly recommend Stephanie. With her support, I had the perfect non-medicated VBAC just as I had hoped for.

Sara Skelton


My husband and I were so grateful for Stephanie during my labor and delivery. I really feel like I may have given up continuing labor med free had she not been so encouraging and engaged with me. She helped my husband stay focused the entire time even though we were all physically exhausted. Not only was Stephanie a rock during my labor, but also throughout my entire pregnancy. I am a first time mom and she took lots of time to help better prepare me to be mom. We are so thankful for her and would choose her again to be our doula! Thank you Stephanie!

Alicia Yarborough


We had a successful unmedicated VBAC on 3/30/2012 with Stephanie's help and couldn't have done it without her!  We highly recommend her!!!  

In the beginning we were unsure about whether or not we needed a doula and found Stephanie when we were in our last trimester.  She was very helpful in teaching me exercises to do to get my body ready for labor and try to avoid another c-section. She was wonderful about really listening to us and easing our fears and concerns about labor, the birth, and breastfeeding.  She helped us prepare for the type of birth we wanted and then helped us achieve it. Having Stephanie with us while we labored in the hospital was invaluable. She helped keep me focused on listening to my body and helping me breathe through contractions and teaching me how to moan through them in the very end when I didn't think I could do it.  She encouraged my husband and helped show him how to support/assist me as I labored.  She even fed me ice chips!  She prayed with us and for us and I felt truly cared for and trusted her completely to have our best interest at heart.  I think having that kind of support made all the difference in being able to birth my 8lb, 10 oz baby boy naturally.  If we had not had doula Stephanie with us during this VBAC attempt there is no doubt in our minds that we would have ended up with another csection because we would not have known how to distinguish between what is necessary and what is not and would have accepted unnecessary medical interventions.  My husband and I are still so amazed by how wonderful this entire birth experience was.  We wish we had found Stephanie during our first pregnancy.  Her passion for the work she does is very apparent.  We feel truly blessed to have had her with us as we welcomed our baby boy and look forward to having her with us when we get ready to welcome our next bundle of joy.

Jessica Hynes


 I was so worried about having my third child away from family and friends as we recently moved from new Hampshire to the Houston area. I was so happy to find Stephanie. She immediately put me at ease and made me less stressed about impending labor/ delivery. When the time finally came to deliver, I can't say enough about her support throughout the whole process. She seemed to know exactly what I needed during each phase of labor and advocated for me in a caring gentle way. Without her fantastic coaching, I don't know if I could have made it through an all-natural birth! I recommend her enthusiastically!

N. Huq


 This was my third pregnancy, and I wanted to labor naturally. Stephanie was great. My water broke at 41 weeks but I was still not having contractions. Stephanie gave advice on how to get my contractions going. She listened to my needs and how I like to relax during labor. My husband was involved throughout labor. At the end of labor and throughout pushing, when I thought I couldn't do it, she helped me focus and deliver a beautiful baby.


Jennifer Dartez


Stephanie was recommended by our midwives and we hired her as our doula when I was about 32 weeks pregnant. She was a huge help throughout my last week of pregnancy. I was already a week past due and she researched and contacted several other doulas for ideas on how to get my labor started. She stayed in touch with me and let me know that she really cared and was looking out for me and my unborn child. During labor she was very attentive and gave me ways to cope with the pain by helping me relax. She was a good listener and worked with me throughout labor to keep my spirits up and get the baby out safely. After labor she tended to my needs while everyone else ohhed and awwed over the baby. Stephanie also contacted me days after delivery to make sure all was going well.


I had a wonderful birth experience and I feel that Stephanie’s hard work is a lot of the reason things went so well.


Ashley C


Stephanie is a natural! She was an amazing support system on the day of our delivery (and leading up to it), especially as first time parents to-be. She was there to offer her ideas, knowledge, skills and support. She was great at being a calm, attentive presence. We felt comfortable sharing our son's birth with her and are so glad she was there to help us through every moment! My husband raved for weeks after the birth about how wonderful she was and how glad he was that she was there! 

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