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McRae Brittingham

Aunt McRae's LLC

Richmond, VA Service range 30 miles

(804) 464-8223

Postpartum Rate

$30 to $35

Postpartum Rate

$30 to $35

Postpartum Doula Experience

8 years and 200 families served

Doula Training

  • Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA), November 2011

Type of practice: Doula agency owner

Clients per month: 1 to 6

Postpartum limits/restrictions: No smokers please. We are typically available for 3 - 4 hour shifts during the day and 8-10 hours overnight.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Antepartum doula support
  • Baby sign language education
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Child passenger safety technician services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Elimination communication education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Current member of the Virginia Breastfeeding Taskforce, Greater Richmond Maternal Mental Health Coalition, and CAPPA. Volunteered as the Co-Coordinator for the Annual Big Latch On - Midlothian for 5 years. Volunteered on the Birth Matters Virginia - Richmond Leadership Team for 3 years. Member of Richmond Doulas for 7 years.

Fee Details

We believe all families should have support so we do offer payment plans. We charge $33/hour for holidays or multiples (day and night) and $30/hr for singleton days and nights. For clients who book us prenatally, we require a retainer fee of $800. It will apply to the first 20 hours of support to be used within the first 2 weeks. It includes help with your registry, car seats, and a short visit before you leave the hospital. Overnight in hospital support is also available at the above stated rates.

Richmond, VA Service range 30 miles

Client Testimonials for McRae Brittingham

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Irina Havens


McRae was with us for the first 4 nights and few weeks after during the day. 

I am absolutely thrilled with the care she gave to my baby and me! She new everything! She made me feel very safe and comfortable. It's like having a good loving friend around. Thank you McRae for everything! You are the best!

Lauren Palmer


McRae and her team were lifesavers for us during the first three months of our son's life. Having experienced postpartum anxiety and delayed postpartum depression with our first child, I was extremely nervous about my mental and emotional stability going into round 2, but thanks to the support we received, I felt like I had resources and someone to turn to during those tough first months. They constantly checked in, allowed us to get full nights of sleep a couple times a week, and even folded laundry, not to mention all the helpful (yet non-intrusive/pushy!) advice. I can't say enough good things about McRae, and would highly recommend her and her team to any parents-to-be. 

Lauren Wood


My husband and I had boy/girl twins in December 2017, and I am not sure we would have survived without McRae and her team!  McRae came by the hospital and helped us navigate through breastfeeding, circumcision, and other firsts, and then stayed with us on our first night home from the hospital - despite the fact that it was CHRISTMAS DAY.  McRae insisted that we were going to need her, and she was right!  I cannot imagine the first few months of my babies' life without McRae.  Not only did her visits allow us to get a much needed full night of sleep and restore our sanity, but her advice - particularly as a first-time mom - was invaluable.  McRae helped us put our babies on a schedule (life changing!), transition them to their nursery, taught me how to pump, showed us how to use a sling, recommended doctors and twin products, and did a million other things to make our lives easier.  On top of it all, she is a delightful human being, and I felt 1,000 percent comfortable leaving our babies in her care.  I cannot recommend McRae and her team highly enough!

Elizabeth “Betsy” Miller


McRae saved my life which may seem dramatic but it is true. It started during my pregnancy when I developed several issues. I sent her an email to update her and she immediately replied with several hekpful and practical suggestions. She continued to check up on me every few weeks which was a great support. McRae is flexible. She understands that familes often don't know what they need until they need it. She was able to work with me on a week by week basis to provide me with support. She did her best to meet my needs and when she personally wasn't available she pulled from her team of postpartum doulas to help. McRae is careful to only work with reliable, caring and talented people. McRae is intelligent and intuitive. She KNOWS newborns. I was amazed at how easily I handed over my precious newborn without a doubt that she would be just fine. She is able to be a part of your life when you are most vulnerable and make you wish she would never leave your house. She has a conforting demeanor, she is supportive and will provide help/suggestions if you want them. I was so glad to see her each night because I knew I would get some much needed sleep and starting the next day would be a lot easier with a clean kitchen, folded laundry and picked up house.  McRae is a knowledgeable business owner and the logistics of payment and communication were flawless. She is extremely reliable and hardworking. McRae is dedicated to helping women, babies and families. I heard her tell many stories of how she went out of her way to help a mom in need. She is passionate about her work. And once your time with her is done (like Mary Poppins) she is still available for support or advice. I am so grateful for McRae. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Courtney Jones Neal


Oh my goodness, McRae saved my sanity. In those early weeks of new parenthood, she taught us the right ways of doing things and gave us confidence. She brought so much good energy into the house and gave me the promise of at least one good night’s sleep per week. I could never express how grateful I am that she does the important work she does because new parents are scared, tired and emotionally overwhelmed. When my prenatal doula suggested I reach out to McRae, I felt a little offended, like I can do this. I don’t need help. It was a humbling experience to realize just how much help i needed and I learned it truly does take a village. i Just wish McRae could come longer than 12 weeks because the nights she came To see us made my week!

Joanna Papalios


We found McRae through our birth doula, who recommended her to us after we spent several days in the hospital with our 2-week old son. After arriving home, we were exhausted, scared, and a bit shell-shocked from the experience. Thankfully our son is completely healthy and happy, but we needed sleep and I really needed someone to help build my confidence up after the experience. 


McRae was a God-send, she did all those things and more. Within a day of us contacting her, she had contacted us and figured out how to take care of us - even though it was short notice. On the nights she came, our baby slept the most he's ever slept and we slept soundly knowing he was in good hands. She would let me know when he woke up and talk to me while I fed him. As a new mom, that was increidbly helpful at 2AM in the morning. Then she'd take care of putting him back down while I went back to sleep. She taught us about baby carriers and helped build my confidence enough to get out of the house with him. She helped me clean, sterilize breast pump parts, taught me tricks of the trade about breastfeeding and pumping, and just stopped by to check-in. She just made such a huge difference in getting me to the best possible place to care for my son and she allowed me to enjoy my maternity leave with him more. It's hard to put into words what an impact she had. I had always thought "night nurses" or post partum doulas were for the incredibly wealthy to use for months and months after their child was born - but I realized you can also just have them come 1-2x per week to help you get some shut-eye and make you feel sane.

She is calm, she knows her stuff and if for some reason she doesn't know the answer to a question you ask her, she will ask around until she finds the best solution. Her network is incredible. We'll never forget the difference she made and we will definitely be using her again if we are lucky enough to have another child. 

Alexandra Saunders


McRae is simply the best. I am not sure how we would have survived early parenthood without her frankly. She mostly helped us overnight from about 10pm-6am.


We had a lot of trouble breastfeeding at first. My milk took an entire week to come in and then we struggled to get a good latch. McRae was our rock through all of this -- providing encouragement, advice, referrals to lactation specialists, etc. she got me through a few tearful nights at 3am. Now Im happy to report that feeding my baby is a breeze!

Full Service

Not only did McRae take wonderful care of baby (and mom!) but she also helped keep our lives together by doing laundry, putting together baby equipment and even making a smoothie for the morning. (Sometimes hard as a new mom to find time to eat!)


McRae is very up on all the latest car seat and baby safety knowledge. I felt like I could always ask her questions and if she didn't have the answer, she would find it for me.


McRae is someone you can really trust who believes in a true standard of excellence. This lady ain't sleeping on the job! She is a machine. Truly one of the best out there. Invaluable.


Kristin Sakakini


Where to start with McRae? She comes in with the goal of helping a new mom and her family through a very tumultuous and intense time. But to say she is simply a helper does  come close to describing her value. She prides herself in researching what a new mom needs or might needs. She helps with everything from how to use a baby carrier, what to register for, to breastfeeding and nighttime routines. And she provides the basic stuff too: someone to talk to in late night feeding or pumping sessions, and help with basic chores. She was a godsend. We jokingly say that I will call her if I'm even thinking about having unprotected sex to get on her calendar for next time - only I'm not really joking. The only bad thing to say about McRae is that eventually she will move on to her next client. 

Lauren Theobald


McRae was the best gift I have ever recieved! As a first time mom of twins, my in-laws wanted to give us a "night nurse" so we could sleep and not run on fumes...enter McRae! She is a plethora of information on all things baby, breastfeeding, and more! She made me and my husband feel comfortable and any time I had a concern or question she would always follow it up with some research or article waiting in my e-mail for me the next morning. Not to mention, she always sent me an e-mail the next morning about what went on with my babies through the night (diapers, bottles, etc.). We had Mcrae with us for about 2 months and it was literally the best thing for our family. She would bring the twins to me to nurse at night then she would take them and get them back down to sleep. I never even had to get out of bed! The days were hard but it was such a relief to know that Mcrae was coming each night. My twins fed 2x a night for the first month and then they weaned down to one feeding a night by 2 months. As McRae put it, "she followed their natural patterns" but I say she's a miracle worker! If you do anything while pregnant, save your money, or ask your friends and family to chip in and get you a postpartum doula. It is life changing and I feel like it made me a better mom!

Beth Jamerson


McRae has really been a godsend. We had another postpartum doula
lined up before meeting McRae, but thankfully the original doula fell
through because McRae has exceeded all our expectations. She is so
wonderful with our baby, incredibly knowledgeable and a very patient
and non-judgmental resource. We trust her completely with our baby
and being in our home. She is very flexible -- we have used her
mornings, afternoons, and most often overnights. She's been a huge
help, feeding the baby, entertaining him, helping bathe and dress him,
changing diapers, staying up to keep an eye on him overnight, washing
bottles and pump parts, washing his clothes, washing our clothes, and
teaching us how to use our mountain of baby gear. She's very
easygoing, encouraging, and happy which we've found to be really
helpful in trying and sleep-deprived days. 

Rachael Hagglund


We contacted McRae during my third trimester because my husband works a lot of nights and I anticipated needing help in the evenings, and since this was our first baby, we had no idea what to expect. I'm really glad we hired her before our birth, because she was incredibly helpful heping us prepare for the arrival of our son. I knew I could always ask her, "Do we need xyz?" and this guidance helped us put together a useful and thoughtful baby registry. 

When he ended up being born by emergency c-section, my confidence was shaky. I had spent so much time preparing for a natural homebirth, that when the plan ended up turning upside down I felt kind of lost. McRae helped me learn to listen to myself, and most importantly to listen to my baby. She was a wonderful comfort to have around the house and brightened the day (or evening) whenever she came for a visit. Not to mention, I was able to take a shower or bath while she wore my baby and tidied up the house.

I would recommend McRae to any new family adjusting to a new baby. She is a wealth of knowledge about the precious postpartum time and new baby care. My family completely loves her and I think any new mom who works with her is absolutely so lucky!!


Kathryn Shewey


I would highly recommend hiring McRae as a post partum doula. We had a wonderful experience with her after the birth of our second son. I had a c section and he was a preemie and recovery was rough. The night he came home from the hospital McRae was there. My husband and I were able to get much needed sleep at night so we could function during the day to care for our newborn son & our 3 year old. Her calm and cheerful personality and evidence based recommendations when we had questions were wonderful. 

Cindi Matthes


McRae is wonderful!  I had a 34 hour labor and ended up with a c-section.  I was not prepared for what that recovery would entail.  The pain, the loss of mobility, the need for pain killers.  It was rough.  We had her come up to the hospital for her first couple of shifts and stay with me overnight so that my husband could go home and sleep so that he could be better rested to care for us during the day.  I was unable to move much and couldn't lift my baby out of the bassinet so having her there at night was invaluable.  I had to pump to help get my milk to come in.  McRae taught me how to use the pump, how to get pick the right sized parts, how to clean it, how to store my milk & also how to prepare it for my baby.  My baby developed jaundice and so he has to go to the nursery to be treated with the bili lights.  The staff would bring him to me for an hour every couple of hours for me to nurse.  I was so exhausted and drugged up that I couldn't stay awake to hold him safely or nurse him.  McRae kept her hands on my baby and I to keep us safely skin to skin.  I came to about 5 mins before the nurse came back to get him and I was deavstated when I realized I had missed out on spending that hour conciously with my baby.  She helped me to settle down and get back to resting and pumping.  I developed an infection in my abdomen and had to be re-admitted to the hospital when we were 10 days postpartum.  I was separtaed from my baby for 5 days, it was the hardest thing I've ever had to go through.  McRae came twice a day to wash and sterilize my pump parts so that I could keep sending milk home to my baby.  Her services, company and easy going and cheerful demeanor really got me and my husband through some rough times.  She is a font of information & resources!  We are very thankful for her and will definitely hire her again and recommend her to others.

Caitlin Hosmer


I was referred to McRae by my lactation consultant.  McRae came highly recommended, and she certainly lived up to her reputation!  I feel very grateful for the opportunity to work with McRae. 

McRae has provided excellent doula services to me and my family as we adjust to life with a new baby.  These have included assistance with child care, car seat safety checks (she is certified by the Virginia Department of Health to boot!), car seat recommendations, new mom group referrals, emotional support, and nanny recommendations.  She cared for my baby as if she were her own and ensured that my daugther was properly strapped into her car seat.  When I had concerns about the safety of a new model of my car seat, she even brought the issue up with other car seat technicians and provided recommendations for contacting the car seat manufacturer regarding a potential recall.  McRae leads a new mom group and encouraged me to attend and make some mom friends.  She helped me to get out of my new mom "rut."  Additionally, she put me in contact with my current nanny.  When my nanny was sick, she helped schedule backup coverage through her doula network and even filled in herself several days.

Overall, McRae is extremely accessible and ready at a moment's notice to assist in any way she can.  She is very resourceful and has connected me with a wide range of resources.  She is friendly, has a warm personality, and makes you feel comfortable around her.

Kim Cressy


I am grateful to McRae for her knowledge and support, especially as I started with a different doula who was not at all helpful. McRae came to the rescue and has such an easygoing demeanor. She was there to answer my questions, and of course there to let me sleep. I trust her implicitly with my baby and highly recommend her!

Brittany Blakey


I don’t really think I could have ever said thank you enough for the help, time, companionship, and love McRae brought into our home. I am an extremely private person and I have never had anyone outside of close friends and family in my home and around my children, but with a husband overseas, commuting from DC to be home on weekends, and no family close to help on the regular, I knew I would need someone after bringing our second son “earthside.” I met McRae online in a Richmond moms group and knew immediately that I valued her thoughts and recommendations about delivering in Virginia (we had just moved from Florida and I delivered our first son in Florida). After finding out my husband would be leaving for overseas a few weeks after my due date, I reached out to McRae. The first time she entered our home, my heart knew she would fit perfectly bringing a peaceful, calming, and loving feeling with her. I find the immediate postpartum exhausting and often times lonely. In this case, having Mcrae pick up where I left off was incredibly helpful. I loved reading all of her articles and posts online, she would cook food I had prepped, finish laundry I had started, wear the baby and let him nap in the process while I got to spend some wonderful one on one time with my oldest in the driveway or eating dinner or playing in his room. Our oldest son adored her and always asked if “A-Crae” was coming today. She made me feel like I had a back up and a person to help when I felt most alone. In addition, her help with bedtime was indispensable! She talked me through hard times with breastfeeding and how grateful I am to be passing six months of it and pushing on through my goal of one year. For me, bringing someone into my home was scary and not something I do lightly. I have never fully trusted anyone (outside of family) with my babies, the only exception being McRae. I could praise on and on for pages and yet thank you will never be enough.

Marcail Moran Waskom


McRae is, quite simply, amazing.  I hired her about two weeks after my daughter was born, when the visitors had left and the enormity of motherhood really set in.  I cried during our first meeting - partially due to hormones, but also relief.  She wasn't fazed at all, and over the following weeks, continued to be totally unflappable and completely helpful.

I think everyone's experience with a postpartum doula will be different, so I can only speak for myself when I say that not only was McRae a help to me with the baby - offering tips on when to use diaper cream, how to not freak out during bathtime, showing me how to wear her - she was a HUGE help to me as mom support.  She made sure I ate, drank and rested, helped me combat some of the loneliness that came from being alone in the house all day with a teeny baby, and reassured me and gave me confidence that I was doing a great job.  She also connected me with other great resources when I needed them - a lactation consultant, for example - and talked me through a clogged duct, the discovery that my daughter was allergic to my dairy intake and my daughter's first day of daycare.  Even now that my daughter is six months old, I check in with her - I value her advice and appreciate her insight.

Overall, McRae is a great person...who also happens to be an amazing support to new families.  I cried on the day that she assured me that I could do this mom thing without her, but couldn't be more grateful to have her in our family's life, and recommend her highly to any new parents.

Tory Sprehe


McRae is amazing and I can't say enough about how much she helped our family during the newborn phase. My grandmother gave us the gift of a night doula, but we would not hesitate to pay for McRae ourselves if we have more children. McRae was a calm and consistent presence for our family amidst the chaos of the first few weeks with a baby, which really made us more confident and relaxed new parents. Sleep is a precious luxury with a new baby, and knowing I would be able to hand my daughter off to capable, loving hands at night was such a relief. McRae's ability to always stay calm and roll with the punches really decreased my stress level even when she wasn't there to help.

McRae was great with our daughter and very flexible as her sleeping needs and routines changed. She was willing to try any number of tactics to get her to go to sleep - multiple swaddle strategies, bouncing on an exercise ball, wearing her in a Moby wrap - you name it! Not to mention her help with dishes and laundry! Whenever people came over to meet our baby, they couldn't believe our house was so clean and we looked so well rested - this was almost all thanks to McRae.

Before hiring McRae I didn't really understand the benefits of a night doula, especially for breastfeeding moms. But it is completely worth the money to be able to wake up, feed your baby, and go right back to bed. Having someone there to ask all your questions as a new parents is also extremely helpful. I also worried I was "cheating" as a mom by not being up with my baby all night, but you are a much better parent during the day if you can get some sleep at night.

After a couple weeks of being "on our own" with the baby, my husband turned to me and said "I miss McRae!" - not just for her help with the baby, but we had gotten so used to her jovial personality and wealth of information every night at 10:00pm.

Angi Bragaw Hamer


McRae was a great help to me the first five weeks postpartum. She was very supportive of me in many ways. She help me with a few minor issues I was having with breast-feeding and swaddling. She was great with just helping me feel some sort of normalcy while I was trying to adjust to my body changes and the dynamics of having a newborn. She provided me with "real time" help but also sent me great links to articles and videos based on questions I had for her.  She was great with holding my son while I got a nap in-I loved that she'd wear him so even while I slept he had human contact And this I believe gave him and me feeling of security. She was great with helping me stay on top of the little chores-keeping dishes out out of the sink, keeping up with laundry-i personally am not a neat freak in fact admittedly I'm quite messy but with a toddler and newborn somethings I felt I needed to stay above water on and again she was great just helping me maintain. Overall McRae is easy going-is wiling to physically help me but also just being available for support. She was very flexible, reliable and most importantly to me a valuable resource of knowledge and support. I would highly recommend McRae to assist any new mom and family in those first few weeks/months where everything is new, intimidating yet exciting and just a time for extra support.

kimberly towne


McRae has been so amazing. As a first time mother of twins, I honestly don't know what we would have done without her. Not only did she help us during nights so we could get some sleep, she also helped around the house- doing the boys laundry, washing bottles, ect. Without being asked. She gave wonderful advice and helped with so many things that it is hard to list. Perhaps the best part was having someone I could ask questions of who was knowledgeable and who made me feel comfortable asking even the most obvious things. I ccannot begun to tell you how wonderful she is and how much I wwould recommend her to anyone!

Sonya Ravindranath


McRae was a lifesaver. I didn't even know about postpartum doulas with the birth of my first child, but during my second pregnancy I was having serious back problems. I had to get a steroid injection and my husband had to go to work, so I hired McRae literally just to hold the baby and bring her to me to nurse because I could not lift her. Little did I know what McRae could do!! She put my week old in a sling and proceeded to do the laundry, the dishes, and anything else she could find around the house (with particular thought to those things that would be hard on my back). When my three year old came home from school, she even played with her and the baby, giving my husband and I a few minutes to talk to each other! After that, I hired her to come 3-4 times per week to help with the house while I continued my back recovery. Not only was she amazing at that, but she also had all sorts of information that I wish I had had with my first baby. Her tips on nursing and all sorts of baby care were incredibly helpful. I recommend McRae to any new mom, especially new moms who are interested in nursing (because that can be difficult the first, or even second, time). 

Caroline McCormack


McRae helped our family after the birth of my second child.  She is so naturally gifted and warm with newborn babies and children.  Both her experience and natural ability made me feel completely at ease right away, and my son absolutely adored her.  As many of us know, the weeks following the birth can be overwhelming, tiresome and stressful.  I was so grateful to have someone as wonerful as her to help and support us through the post birth process. Because of her it was a much smoother transtion and I felt like I had a lot more time to enjoy bonding with my newborn.  She offered great advice, stepped in whenever I asked her to, and was always respetful of my parenting style.  She bent over backwards to make herself avaialble to us in the middle of winter and was there rain or shine (or snow!). If you plan to breastfeed you should also know that McRae is a breastfeeding Guru!  I learned so much from her in this process and any family would be lucky to have her as a postpardum doula.  

Shannon Carroll


McRae was incredibly helpful to my family during our post-partum period with baby #2.  The transition from 1 to 2 with no local family would have been tough but she made it much smoother by ensuring a successful breastfeeding relationship, keeping me constantly hydrated, providing naps for the whole family, & performing light chores.  She gave me peace of mind & excellent care!

Jeannie Chung Reinick


I made the decision to hire a postpartum doula, and I am so glad that I did.  McRae came recommended to me by a couple of friends so I knew I was in good hands.  Having her there for support got me through those first few challenging weeks.  She taught me so much about breastfeeding, babywearing and parenting.  I think what makes McRae such a wonderful doula is her ability to intuitively respond to the mother and the baby.  She was incredibly kind and non-judgmental, which goes a long way especially to a hormonal, exhausted new mom.  I not only hired the best doula in Richmond but made a lifelong friend along the way.  Thank you McRae!


Amanda Curto Mcdonough


I had my first child in 2012 via c-section and had every complication known to man.  Unfortunately, my mother passed away in 2011 so finding help was very stressful.  I got pregnant again and delivered my second child in June of 2014 via c-section.  I knew in advance that I wanted to find someone that could help me and my baby the second time around in case history repeated itself! I chose McRae to be my post-partum doula.  It was the best decision for me, my baby and my husband.  I wish I would have known about her during my first pregnancy but glad that my second pregnancy went smoother and McRae was there to help.  She is a wonderful resource and excellent with post partum care of both the mother and child.  I highly recommend her! If you are fortunate to work with McRae it will be the best money ever spent!  Good luck to you but with McRae by your side it is much easier:)

Melinda Martin


I have had the pleasure of McRae helping with my newborn baby girl. She was a lifesaver. She knows her stuff and works with you to come up with strategies that work for your family. You can trust her level of knowledge and you can trust her to take care of your most precious thing...your children. She is always willing to help, even off the clock. My daughter is 14 months old now and she is still helping me. Call her you won't regret it.

Ailsa Long


McRae is an amazing postpartum doula providing educational, emotional and physical support during a very vunerable time. She was my part-time companion for over 2 months after the c-section birth of my son and helped me figure out motherhood from breastfeeding to nutritional needs for myself. McRae encouraged baby wearing techniques and shared her wisdom regarding baby products and services. All in all - a wonderful resource and an incredible spirit to help you through the trials and tribulations of new motherhood. 10 star recommendation.

Jessica Colteaux


McRae is amazing! I would have probably had post partum depression or a burn out with out her help. She helped with chores and making sure I was well fed and hydrated so I could focus on my baby. She got me through the first 3 months feeling like a confident mother. She is so knowledgeable on everything baby related that I still trust her advise over anything I google. She's my hero! :) 

She still helps me on occation with chores and/or babysitting. My son absolutely adores her and I feel like he's in great hands and never worry if my husband and I go on a date night and she's with him. We have tried several sitters and they just don't have the same common sense and enthusiasm to help as McRae does. She truly loves to help others.

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