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Jenny Woodman

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Saint Louis, MO Service range 40 miles

(314) 477-1642

Birth Fee

$500 to $950

Postpartum Rate


Availability Remarks: VIRTUAL doula services available. Inquire about this option.

Birth Fee

$500 to $950

Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Experience

13 years and 100 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

9 years and 40 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, November 2009

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 0 to 2 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? No Hospitals
I provide valuable virtual doula services for hospital birthsat a significant discount. I am available to you anytime with the touch of a button for questions, support, education, encouragement, information and advice.

Attends birth center births? Some Birth Centers
I sincerely enjoy attending to families birthing at birth centers. I had one of my own children at a birth center.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I gained some of my early birth experience when I was a working with an area midwife as her birth assistant at home births. I also had a home birth of my own. I am proud and honored to support families that choose this option.

College Education



Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Baby sign language education
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Elimination communication education
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Parenting consulting
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Sleep educator
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

~Former Vice President of Doulas of Greater St. Louis ~Spinning Babies trained

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Services I provide include: Prenatal visits, Assistance with birth planning, Unlimited phone and email consultations, Continuous support during labor, delivery and recovery, Assistance with breastfeeding, Assistance with photography, Postpartum follow up visit, Community resource referrals, Emergency back up doula, Support at home, hospital or birthing center, Postpartum doula services, Virtual doula services and Child birth education classes.

Service Area

Saint Louis, MO Service range 40 miles

Client Testimonials for Jenny Woodman

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Erica Slater


I don't recall how we first found Jenny, but our OB recommended considering a postpartum doula. We had never heard of such a thing and when we found out more, it was exactly what we needed to curb the anxiety of being new parents. We were worried about the help we would need and who would fill that gap because our family in town also had little kids or lived an hour away. We had Jenny come by several times a week after each of our daughters were born. Her intuitiveness and support during what was a very foreign time for us was the difference between struggling and surviving, and struggling and drowning. Postpartum time is always hard and setting up help was the best decision we made. Jenny is so kind and nonjudgmental. She offered support in basically every area we needed it, from breastfeeding support, to simply making sure we got a healthy meal and a shower in. I was also relieved that my she could gently take control and I didn't have to tell her what we needed. She met us where we were at and didn't try to change our experience, she perfectly supported it. I would recommend her wholeheartedly. Also, this is a small point, but she was always on time, no earlier, no later. That is just an example of how she is considerate and knows new parents need to know when things are happening. Jenny is simply the best.

Leslie Fortner


Jenny is a gem and our family could not have survived without her! Jenny provided postpartum support for my family after the birth of our third child, which also overlapped with us moving homes when baby was 8 weeks old. Jenny was a calm and gentle presence in our home. She was very intuitive and easily read the vibe of our home (and the moods of my 6yo boy and 3yo girl). Jenny knew if our "team" needed to get things accomplished or if we needed some downtime to relax and recoup. I appreciated her ability to come into the home like a yoga instructor entering a class!Quiet, peaceful, and positive. This energy radiated through the house and brought me (and my children) and sense of relief. I believe Jenny's energy greatly mitigated my postpartum anxiety. My kids always wanted it to be a Miss Jenny Day and so did I! She was able to help me trouble shoot breastfeeding issues. Although this was my third baby to nurse, she helped me with thrush, positioning and mastitis. Jenny could fill in holes in my daily routine that I didn't even know I had. She saw things through a mother's perspective and came up with easy, fast, and effective solutions to make my job easier. For example, she realized that a diaper changing station on the first floor would be helpful. In the time it took me to shower, she had made lunch for the big kids, rocked the baby to sleep, and cleaned and set up a pack-n-play with all necessary diaper items. That would have taken me DAYS to accomplish on my own, if I had even thought of it. Jenny was amazing in her ability to observe the organization of the home and easily mimicked the way I did things, from the way towels were folded, to the way I put my daughter down for nap to the way I liked my coffee! Jenny is an excellent communicator, reliable, and flexible. She was such a wonderful emotional support system and is a deep well of knowledge for a wide range of birth and mothering topics. I feel so lucky to have had Jenny as our doula!

Tiffany Lucas


Jenny officially became our Doula within one hour notice when our primary Doula was sick and couldn’t attend our birth. Jenny was there within one hour and remained with us during our 38 hour hospital labor. We were relieved to know that Jenny would be coming to attend the birth of our daughter because we had previously met her and knew how well respected she was in the birthing community.
Jenny was able to provide coaching and support for my husband to help then provide me good support during my labor. She worked with me to think through all of my options as my labor progressed and I needed to decide between certain interventions in order to potentially avoid a C-section and keep labor moving. She was an amazingly strong and calm presence with us the entire time.
When we had previously met Jenny earlier on in pregnancy, Jenny encouraged us to tour and interview multiple hospitals and obstetricians with in the community to better understand the right fit for us during birth. That advice was really valuable in our final decisions to pick an obstetrician and the right hospital. It was clear that Jenny had a lot of experience in working with many different types of clients to find your best birth plan. She also understood that labor can be complex and that it’s a changing and evolving process as you go through it. Jenny let me know that it was my choice who was present in the room during my child’s birth including what medical students or attendees I want to present at that time.
So, 38 hours into labor we finally got our perfect baby and Jenny took photos and quietly slipped out the door once we all got settled in together. We had ultimately the best possible birth considering how complex labor can be and we have Jenny to thank for being a huge part of that experience. We will always think of Jenny on our daughter’s birthday.

Tepka Moreshead


When my husband and I found out we were expecting, we knew we wanted to go the most nautural route possible.We hired a midwife, we researched natural birth, and took all the classes...we were prepared.For a couple months we tossed around the idea of hiring a doula, but ultimately had decided against it.Fast forward a few weeks....

I could not get the idea of a doula out of my head.I had heard how supportive they were for the mother, and more importantly, (at least in my opinion) to the father!I started researching doulas in the area and discovered this site ( had a list of about 5 doulas that I had contacted, and to be honest, Jenny had not been one of them.Every single one of them either said that they had other births and couldn't take me on, or they weren't available for other reasons.One in particular was kind enough to give me a couple of other doula suggestions.

Jenny was on that list.What a blessing!!She was genuinely the best person that could have ever been in that room with us.I was induced 10 days early due to blood pressure issues, and instead of the birth center, we had to deliver at the hospital.Jenny made me feel at ease with all of the changes to my perfect birth plan.She was attentive, she knew how I was feeling at every point of the labor.She was so supportive to Philip, helping him with counterpressure ideas, and keeping him informed on what was going on.They were the PERFECT team.

She stayed with us well into the night after I had some complications; she stayed right by my side, making sure I was comfortable.She checked on me the next day, and continued to follow up to make sure we were settling in as being new parents.We now recommend her to EVERYONE we know...she was our BEST decision.My husband has now declared that when we conceive again, she will be the FIRST to know, because he never wants to do labor without her!

Thank you Jenny!!  Love Philip, Tepka & Baby Henley

Judith McRay


After having a rough experience with the delivery of my first child, we wanted to get a doula to help us out with our second one. I wanted a less invasive approach. I am so glad we got Jenny! I wish we had her with our first. She was awesome throughout my pregnancy and delivery. We learned a lot after just the first meeting with her. She was very supportive and all the tips she gave were very helpful. She referred my OBgyn who I am very happy with. She stayed with us for the whole labor, around 24 hours. I was happy with all my decisions throughout and it definitely helped she was there to guide us through the whole thing. I had a successful VBAC. My doctor told me that all the patients she's sent to him has had successful VBACs. I think that's amazing.

Beth Wittwer


Having Jenny present for the birth of my son was a powerful experience. Because of her support and compassion, I was able to have a successful VBAC. She gave me the confidence needed to adovcate for myself in the hospital setting and to give my husband the support needed for a very long and difficult labor and delivery. Her wealth of knowledge assisted us before, during and after birth. When I noticed signs of post partum depression when my son was 4 months old, I reached out to Jenny and not only did she help me with recommendations for therapists but was there for me as a continued support system. She puts everything she has into her clients and I could not have asked for a better doula experience. I can't thank her enough!!!

Alison Mathews Ko


Writing this testimonial about a year after my daughter was born, it's hard for me to remember all of the right things to say and points to mention to describe how important Jenny was for me and for my husband during the birth or our daughter. What I do remember is feeling so empowered, respected, informed, and supported. Jenny was such an integral part of my feeling all of those great feelings. Hiring her was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and certainly the best money I’ve ever spent! I cannot say enough about her and would hire her again in a heartbeat. Jenny was there for me to answer questions, recommend reading, and just listen and act as a sounding board for all of my questions and thoughts leading up to the birth. Having her in my corner gave me confidence and peace I wouldn’t have had without her. I gained so much from working with Jenny and I am so thankful I found her.

Rebecca Schuman


Jenny was my postpartum doula in 2015 after the unexpected C-section birth of my first child. I was hormonal, exhausted, traumatized, broken and scared out of my mind. Jenny swooped in with compassion, confidence and zero judgments, and she helped me get my footing as a mother while giving my body the ability to heal itself. She helped me with breastfeeding and baby wearing, she fed me lunch, she held my daughter while I bathed and slept. I am not exaggerating when I say that I think Jenny saved my life. I wish I could still have her come over--and my daughter is two and a half!

Tracy Posey


Jenny was amazing and calm through my relatively quick delivery.  She was great about suggesting things she thought I might need, as well as prompting me and my husband to altert the staff to our birth plan.  I also used her as a post-partum doula, which was fantastic.  She helped ease my transition into mother of two, and reduced some of my stress. I would definitely recommend Jenny for anyone needing a doula!!

Veronika Redmann


Jenny Woodman has found her calling as a doula. She is incrediblly knowledgeable about so many aspects of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. She has a very reassuring and open personality. During our pregnancy Jenny met with us several times, suggesting areas for my husband and I to discuss and potential classes to take. During our home birth Jenny was spectacular emotional support, by our side the whole time, and a great team player with the mid-wives despite this being her first time working with them. Towards the end of our homebirth it was determined our daughter was a surprise breech and we had to quickly drive to the ER. Jenny met us in our hospital room after the birth and was very attentive, making sure communication was clear between the hospital staff and my husband and I. She made sure I had plenty of water and a meal shortly after the birth. Due to the emergency birth at the hospital my husband and I had not installed the care seat or packed a bag. Along with the mid-wives Jenny went back to our house and generously installed and packed up the necessary supplies, which was a huge relief. During the post-partum period Jenny was always responsive to emails and phone calls regarding breastfeeding and depression, including excellent and critical resources I used in order to succeed and survive the early time of being a new mother. I would highly recommend Jenny as a doula, whether you are searching for support at any point in your pregnancy, birth or post-partum period.

Meg Miller


Before becoming pregnant with my first child, I knew I wanted to try for a natural birth experience. However, as a first time mom, I wanted all the help I could get. For me, that meant finding a doula who could help me manage pain, help my husband feel more comfortable and confident in helping me, and provide support through the whole journey. I loved Jenny's calm demeanor right away and knew her expertise would put me at ease during labor. Jenny understood the birth experience I wanted right away and helped me find a birth center that I felt comfortable with. She walked us through our birth plan and was available at all times to answer my never-ending questions. I had this perfect idea of how my birth would go, but I did not anticipate going 9 days overdue! Needless to say, that caused some anxiety for me at the end. Jenny called or texted me daily to check on me, calmed me down when I was impatient and stressed, and gave me helpful exercises I could do while I waited on my little one to make her appearance. She helped me get through those final days with her ever-calm and helpful nature. During delivery, Jenny was at my side with water, a hand to squeeze, and soothing words through each contraction. I had horrible back labor, so she alternated giving counter pressure on my back with my husband and helped me find positions to get through each stage without medication. My labor was calm and uneventful and I owe so much of that to Jenny. she took the anxiety out of giving birth for the first time and was a necessary part of an awesome birthing team for me. Not only did she help me through the physical difficulties of labor and breastfeeding, but the emotional stress of waiting for a late baby and having contractions for weeks leading up to birth. I knew I wanted a peaceful, natural, unmedicated experience for me and my daughter, but I couldn't have done it without Jenny's help and support!

Kris K.


Jenny Woodman was present for two of my births. Once as an assistant for my homebirth and once as my doula for my hospital birth. She was good moral support and was super flexible. She showed up every time I thought I was in labor and stayed through my long twin birth that ended happily but very different than planned.

She is very knowledgeable and a great patient advocate if you find yourself needing a hospital based birth. She had a great rapport with the staff and helped ensure I had the best treatment. She is very passionate about helping women achieve their best birth.

Jeni Rose


Jenny is awesome! I was not sure what to expect with hiring a Doula, much less with having my first child. My goal was to have a natural birth so I needed reinforcement that was recommended by a friend who had two babies all natural. Jenny was so supportive and informative in helping me to prepare a birth plan and with preparing for delivery. Then when my water broke, I was not contracting so I had a super long and challenging labor process that lasted almost two days until delivery. Items on my birth plan required changes and she was extremely helpful in the decision making process by explaining what all of my options were so I could try to make the best decision possible every step of the way. Most of the time she was more informative than anyone working in the hospital. She also put 110% effort in helping me through many hours of contractions without any pain meds, and with exercises to try to help with dilation. In the end, I had to have a c-section. Jenny was by my side the entire time and stayed until I was in recovery to help my baby to latch. She was also available weeks after showing her great support with any breastfeeding or baby questions I had. Both my significant other and I could not have gotten through the birthing experience as well without her knowledge, support, and comfort. I could not imagine another birth without Jenny by my side. She's worth every penny and then some!

Alice Lindley


We feel so thankful to Jenny for her services as a postpartum doula. She filled a vital role in our household as a caregiver and educator during a critical time. I was relieved that she kept the focus on evidence based information. She was consistently respectful and supportive. She offered many excellent suggestions for the care of our son, my recovery, breastfeeding, and household management. I highly recommend to all my friends that they seek the services of a doula for birth and during the postpartum period. Consider yourself very fortunate if Jenny is available to help you out!

Sarah Seigfreid


Jenny was wonderful - she helped make our "natural" birth a really positive experience. Jenny was prepared for all of our meetings before the birth and gave valuable advice that helped me write our birth plan. On the big day, she responded to my needs and helped my partner and mom feel helpful and involved in the birth process. She even brought a labor pool to the hospital, which was really great! At our post-birth meeting, she had breastfeeding advice, and I have to say it was awesome to see her friendly face after the new baby isolation had started to set in.

Jenny has an outstanding resume. She has little kids of her own and is really easy to relate to. She has a quiet and gentle style that puts everyone at ease.

Lauren McIntosh


My husband & I could not have been happier with our decision to hire Jenny as our Doula for the birth of our daughter Isabel.
I used Hypnobabies self hypnosis for pain management and Jenny was 100% supportive and knowledgable about the process. She helped me keep focused during my birthing time and was able to inform the hospital staff of our birth preferences.

Jenny was very calm and level headed throughout my birthing time & offered advice and alternate solutions when it came time for me to make decisions about interventions. She was also a great help in keeping my husband focused & on track by offering support and reminding him to take breaks, which he was incredibly thankful for.  She was by my side the entire time (I actually encouraged her to take a break at one point!) and my husband & I intend to use her again when we have our second child.

Rachel Saito


Jenny was an excellent birthing coach leading up to and during my son's birth. Her knowledge and expertise gave me the confidence I needed to have a natural birth, while her soothing and calming presence ensured that I had the best possible experience. The advice she provided post-birth gave the reassurance that my husband and I needed as first-time parents. I can't imagine having used any doula other than Jenny and am so grateful that she was a part of our son's welcome to the world.

Tiffany C.


Jenny is an amazing doula! When I first decided to have a natural birth, I knew I would need some extra support in addition to my husband. When my husband and I first met Jenny, we knew right away she would be a great fit for us. She was very easy to get to know and very personable. From the start she was open, attentive and truly listened to my wants, expectations and needs for this birth. She was always available to me when I needed her, before, during and after the birth.

Once at the hospital, she made sure the staff had a clear understanding of my birth plan and helped to create a very supportive environment. During labor, Jenny would recommend different techniques and positions to help with my labor. She would gently rub and press on my back to ease my back pain, which was so helpful for me! She encouraged me between contractions and it was very assuring to hear her gentle and calm voice throughout the process.

I highly recommend Jenny as a doula. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about birth and babies. I can't say enough how thankful I am for her!

Kristi Hollowell


 Jenny Woodman was my birth doula supporting me in the birth of my fifth child. She was nothing less than amazing and this was by far my very best birth experience and one that I will always cherish thanks to Jenny. I tried with a couple of my previous births to go natural and just could not make it all the way through. I needed the extra support, education, and encouragement provided by Jenny. Jenny was very informative and supportive but never once made me feel pressure to do anything a certain way (i.e. "HER" way). She supported me and encouraged me every step of the way. During the birth she was calm, soothing, helpful in every way. She moved me nto different positions that I would have never thought of on my own, she supported me verbally trhough the worst parts, and gave me the confidence I needed to voice my desires to the medical professionals that attended the birth. I would highly recommend Jenny to any expecting Mother. 

Megan Power


Jenny was a wonderful resource to have at a time when you can use a ton of support!  This was my second pregnancy, first was emergency c-section and I wanted a natural birth if possible.  It was a little tricky because my docs had no idea why I had not progressed the first time, and I still wanted to try a natural birth.  Jenny was supportive before hand as I worked through an increasing nervousness brought on by not knowing if a natural birth would even be possible for me, and in the hospital when I decided almost instantly to have an epidural!  (I think I had some residual terror from the first three day labor that I didn't count on.)  She stayed up much of the night talking with me (while my husband slept!) as labor slowly progressed and I apologized incessantly for having her there when I was taking the pain killers anyway -- and was happy to reassure me that she was there to help in any way she could, not just drug free births.  When the nurse advised me to discontinue the epidural if I wanted a natural birth she was part of the discussion to remind me that even though the pain would return incrementally and there was no way to guarantee how long it would last, this was something I surely could do, and in the end they were all right!  Successful VBAC -- and a healthy little girl.  I was glad to have her there through the whole process, and would recommend her to anyone.

Michelle Skala


Jennifer was a phenomenal doula.  Throughout my pregnancy she provided me with pertinent information allowing me to make informed and educated decisions about my care without pressuring me or swaying me one way or another.  When I went past my due date she was able to help me with different measures to promote onset of labor that are safe and based in research.  During our labor she provided support for both my husband and myself and helped direct my husband so that he could support me in the best method possible, especially through the toughest parts of a long labor.  She again helped us to make informed decisions throughout and helped us communicate efficiently with the staff members.  She also provided great information to aid in breastfeeding both in the hospital and afterwards.  She has a great communication style that empowers you while being supportive and clear.  I would highly recommend Jenny to anyone considering using a doula!

Jennifer Baker


Jenny did a great job as a doula.  She was dedicated and compassionate.  She was supportive without being overbearing and helpful without dictating.  Couldn't have done it without her!

Kelli Warnsing


Jenny was very easy to talk to on the phone when I was interviewing potential Doula's. She was very clear up front about what services she provided, the price, and how often we would meet and how available she could be for us before and after the birth of our baby girl. Her professionalism and her ablitiy to to be very personable both appealed to me.  

Jenny arrived at the hospital early to mid morning Thur. Feb 17th and stayed with us until the birth of our daughter Fri Feb. 18th at 10:40am. I wanted to have an all natural birth, however due to circumstances I delived our baby by C-section. Jenny was very supportive physically and emotionally to both my husband and myself during the whole process. This was our first baby and we were of course scared and didn't know what to expect. We also did not have any other family or friends present during labor/delivery so her presence was greatly appreciated. 

After the birth of our baby girl, Jenny stayed to ensure that the baby was able to latch properly and breast feed. I am so grateful for her help! She really encouraged me to get skin to skin contact and to make sure the baby nursed on both sides. Having someone there who was experienced and calm really gave me the confidence as a new mother. A few days later Jenny came out to our home to see how we were doing and check on us. 

I highly recomend Jenny as a Doula! When we have our second baby in the future, I will be contacting her again to see if she is available. 

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