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Samantha Trebilcock- Windy City Doulas

Natural Beginnings Doula Services


Phone: (224) 565-6615

Birth Fee: $1000 to $1400

Postpartum Rate: $25 to $35

Birth Doula Experience: 6 years and 295 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience: 4 years and 40 families served

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 4 to 6 births and 0 to 3 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I attend all hospital births in any setting. I have supported hospital births from completely intervention free to elective planned c-sections.
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Due to state regulations only hospital birth centers are currently available.
Attends home births? Some Home Births
I believe home birth is a wonderful choice and a calming way to welcome your baby. I do not attend UC births due to legal reasons and my nursing license.

Childbirth Education Certifications

  • ICEA (International Childbirth Education Association)

Breastfeeding Certifications

  • Certified Breastfeeding Specialist (Lactation Education Resources)

Other Relevant Certifications

  • Neonatal Resuscitation Certified (American Academy of Pediatrics)
  • RN (Registered Nurse)
  • Placenta encapsulation specialist

College Education

  • BA/BS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Addiction Recovery
  • Adoption
  • Cesarean birth
  • Expected stillbirth
  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • High risk
  • Home Birth
  • LGBTQP Families
  • Multiples
  • Over 40
  • Postpartum mood disorders
  • Prematurity
  • Relinquishing mothers
  • Single parents
  • Special needs babies
  • Survivors of Previous Life Trauma
  • Survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Teens
  • Twins
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth

Special Services Offered

  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly casting
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Military families
  • Miscarriage Support (Before, During or After)
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Parenting consulting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

In addition to my work as a birth and postpartum doula I am a board member for Chicago Volunteer Doulas as well as the co-chair for fundraising and event planning. I also work very part time as an RN at the Cradle in Evanston helping to facilitate adoptions.

Languages spoken: English

Client Testimonials for Samantha Trebilcock- Windy City Doulas

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Samantha and her team of doulas (Desiree, Jessica, Lynn, Hannah, Debbie, Melissa) helped make the transition to motherhood so much easier than I could have hoped.

Before my son arrived, early I might add, I met with Samantha to discuss all of the possible outcomes we could have expected from induction, to the epidural, the hospital and NICU stays, as well as practical guidance like eating a meal before going to the hospital and what I'll want to wear and have after delivery. She was so helpful before and during the delivery that I could not have imagined a more enjoyable experience (I mean it!).

Her team helped me to care for my new son overnight for a few months. Because I trusted her and her doulas, I was able to get sleep and be a happier mother. My son benefitted from the fact that I was well rested. I also had Samantha come by for a few hours every couple days to help me learn how best to care for my new child. She has so much experience that she was a patient but knowledgeable teacher.

Samantha also helped me avoid a very close brush with mastitis, for which I am super thankful.

I highly recommend having a doula by your side during delivery and postpartum care, especially a doula from Windy City Doulas!

Posted 9/19/2019

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Elizabeth Pesce

Samantha was completely invaluable before, during, and after my Feb 2017 delivery. She was a touchstone towards the end of my pregnancy when I was bombarded by idiot commentary/advice from well-meaning family and friends. As a self-described "recovering perfectionist" it was important to me that my delivery team be supportive and non-judgmental. Samantha was a perfect fit and completely on the same page. She helped remind me there was no way to predict what my labor would look like in advance. I ultimately had a very easy 9.5 hour delivery with zero interventions and no epidural at Prentice - I'm convinced it was due to prep work with her. Samantha applied pressure during contractions that provided so much physical relief. I couldn't believe how effective it was and made my contractions so much more manageable. She helped to carve out a role for my husband so he was involved. She was a source of calm confidence that allowed my husband and I to let go and truly be in the moment. She encapsulated my placenta and I had no postpartum depression

Samantha provide evening postpartum support 3 nights/week for 6 weeks starting the 1st night we came home from the hospital. My daughter is 14 weeks and we are still working with Samantha. This was a service my husband insisted on but I thought was indulgent. Every new mom should have night support! Not only did it allow me to maximize sleep, I was also able to ask Samantha any and all questions I had about my daughter's development, breastfeeding, my postpartum healing, sleep training, etc. She is a wealth of information, a pediatric nurse, baby whisperer, and lactation expert. The same openness we benefitted from in preparing for labor was invaluable as we were navigating sleep philosophies and other parenting decisions. She is available to answer any and all questions via text day or night. Which has been immensely helpful and given us huge peace of mind when something unknown or unexpected throws us for a loop.

Posted 5/19/2017

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Anna Krogh

Samantha was instrumental in the birth of my first child in March 2015. From our very first meeting with her, my husband and I felt comfortable and knew that we would benefit from her vast experience. As a RN, she is very knowledgeable and we learned so much from her before, during and after the birth. She helped me prepare a realistic birth plan and her familiarity with Prentice Women's Hospital and their operations was very helpful for the birthing experience. My baby was posterior for the majority of my long labor, and I could not have survived it without Samantha's help! She was at my side for HOURS, providing counter-pressure to my lower back with each contraction (which is a very physically demanding task!). Her calm demeanor and encouraging words throughout the birth were so helpful for my husband, my mother and myself. I appreciated her follow up after the birth and I even took advantage of her placenta encapsulation services. I highly recommend Samantha and her doula practice.

Posted 5/12/2017

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Kathleen Gerhold

I truly enjoyed working with Samantha and she was a great support to my husband and me during the home/water birth of my baby girl. I appreciated her medical background as an RN and she was able to clearly explain the options I had available to me doing a couple of important decision points during the labor. Samantha remained a calming presence during the toughest times of the natural birth and helped me take one contraction/push at a time to the very end. Samantha was great about checking in with me at regular intervals before and after the birth to make sure I was doing ok and all my questions were being answered. I really appreciated Samantha's support and feel that she was a key piece to the success I've found in my birth story.

Posted 3/24/2016

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Mollie Wanek

Sam was absolutely amazing to work with as our doula. It was very comforting that we got to spend a few sessions with her prior to the "big day" to get to know one another, talk aobut our concerns, ask questions and go over our "wish list" for our birth. I had an extremely difficult and long labor (41 hours), and having Sam by my side (and my husband's!) was absolutely critical. I don't know what I would have done without her there to walk me through every step of the way. i also felt extremely confident in her medical knowledge because she is also an RN, so she knows the ropes of the hospital system which isn't something every doula has.

I would absolutely recommend her to anyone and hope to use her in the future if we are blessed with more babies.

Thank you Sam!

Posted 7/15/2015

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Erin Stout

My husband and I are so grateful that we decided to invest in a doula and specifically Samantha. She is a wealth of knowledge of pregnancy, labor, delivery and post partum. I had sciatica during my pregnancy and she gave me solution that made the last part of my pregnancy as enjoyable as it could be. She kept me calm throughout the labor process as well. It can be so overwhelming to have a baby and it was so helpful to have Samantha there. We will definitely be having her present when we decide to have more children. A+++!!!

Posted 5/2/2015

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Maria Brett

We are so grateful and excited to have Samantha as our doula again for our third baby in July! We did not have a doula with our first baby and I wound up having a traumatic labor and c-section. So, we were determined to have a v-bac with our second. Samantha is very professional and passionate about what she does. She provided us with evidence based knowledge then let us decide what we wanted to do with it. She gave us crucial background information to help us prepare and know what questions to ask the doctors for our prenatal appointments based on how that particular practice operated. She supported all our decisions the entire way. She was very patient when I called, texted or emailed her random questions. I was scared to death of a non-medicated labor and delivery but I trusted in her experience with successful v-bacs . When it was time for baby to come, the doctor was following protocol and leaning for a c-section, but Samantha helped me stick to my guns and fight for our v-bac and a v-bac we got!! Samantha came exactly when I needed her. I labored for 12 hours through the night and she was like a guardian angel by my side the entire time (except for a short 10 minute break). There were many times I felt I couldn’t take it anymore…I wanted to give up and get the epidural, but she kept me going….by teaching me to breathe, to stay in the moment and to take one contraction at a time. We spent hours in the shower and she stood holding the shower head over my back/belly never complaining or distracting….just a calming presence offering occasional suggestions. Finally when it was time to push, she helped me find the most comfortable position and we did it in 45 mins…1st time vaginal birth! No epidural or medication, very minimal tearing and the baby had amazing apgar score. I had the empowering birth experience I desperately needed and never knew I could have. I couldn’t have done it without Samantha!!

Posted 12/28/2014

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Amy Scholtes

I had never thought much about the type of child birth I wanted until I got pregnant with my first baby. Almost immediately, I became very passionate about trying to deliver naturally. While I knew I had a very supportive husband at my side, I decided to work with a doula to take some of the pressure off of him and to give me greater peace of mind and confidence in what I was about to attempt.

I never knew how much I needed a doula until I began meeting with Samantha. With each conversation, I learned more and more ...things that I hadn't learned in a class or read in a book. She has so much real-world experience to share about preparing to give birth, the birth process itself, and how to ensure you carry and deliver your baby on your terms.

Samantha became my advocate and fought for what was important to me and didn't let the hospital environment interrupt the type of birth I desperately wanted for me and my baby. Even after the birth, she has continued to be a great resource and friend as I navigate motherhood and,specifically, breastfeeding.

Samantha gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to bring my son into the world in the most natural and wonderful way, and I will forever be grateful to her for that gift.

Posted 12/4/2014

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laura hart newlon

My husband and I planned for a natural child birth knowing we wanted a doula. Samantha was a clear choice for us; we were able to joke with her and she was knowledgeable and nonjudgmental. You have to imagine yourself being naked, vulnerable, and in total beast mode in front of your doula! Fastfoward 10 days past my due date. I went into my appointment feeling optimistic that I'd soon go into spontaneous labor. We found out that my fluid levels were very low and I'd need an induction that evening. Over the next 24 hours, we were in constant contact with Samantha. She explained our options and gave us great questions to ask the attending nurses. Once labor really started, Sam arrived and was able to intuitively see what was working for me and what wasn't in terms of pain management (I was not very communicative at this stage). I dilated to 10cm without an epidural, with the help of Samantha and my husband. Unfortunately, my labor stalled there for hours, and I ended up with an epidural due to utter exhaustion. Though the interventions, and subsequent C-section weren't what I wanted, Samantha was so supportive and helped me to re-frame my experience of the birth. She was with us in the hospital overnight, helping us to navigate an unhelpful nurse and conservative doctor. Samantha was quiet when I needed it to be quiet, and vocal when I needed reassurance, all without me asking. Samatha's presence was also incredible for my husband. She helped him to help me, providing him with the confidence to ask important questions of our medical team. When the attending doctor told us a c-section was necessary because of my son's dropping heart rate, we were both scared and upset; Sam helped us to realize it was the right choice and provided my husband with some very needed support. I'd hire Samantha again in a heartbeat! She's continued to be helpful post-partum and I know she's someone who will go out of her way to provide resources and support for her clients.

Posted 11/30/2014

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Becca Lock

We love Sam. When we were interviewing doulas, we wanted someone who was experienced, but not judgmental.  We knew that Sam, as an RN who has been the doula at over 200 births, definitely had the experience, but I did not want a doula who would impose her views on what my birth would be. We had interviewed a few doulas who seemed to have a particular vision for what a birth should be, but Sam never exhibited any of those tendencies.  She was incredibly knowledgable and offered us tons of information, but always presented it as information - never as something that was right or wrong.

Leading up to the birth, Sam provided us with all sorts of perspectives on what to expect and how to prepare for all the various scenarios.  She gave us questions for our doctor, exercises to try at home, recommendations for a chiropractor, and general peace of mind.  Having Sam on our side made me at ease as my birth date neared.

I went into labor a few days after my due date, at 7pm on a Friday.  Sam was immediately available and advised us to relax and try to get as much sleep as possible.  When it became clear that my labor was progressing, Sam showed up at our house at 2am.  Sam didn't leave our side until after I gave birth another 32 hours later.  

We labored at home for almost 24 hours, with Sam supporting me during each contraction and supporting my husband as he worried about me.  When we went to the hospital the doctor on call from my practice group was my arch enemy, but Sam kept me calm and gave me her thoughts on what the next steps should be. Sam was supportive of all of our decisions. 

Unfortunately, my "birth plan" did not really go according to plan. Without Sam, I think I would have always second guessed the process, but fortunately, we had Sam and she helped me stay calm and focused. She was a complete professional, enabling us to feel empowered during the birthing process.

Posted 11/26/2014

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MaryPat Macdonald

I orginally interviewed 6 doulas and Samantha was BY FAR the best fit for me and my husband. Not only is she friendly and supportive (two very important qualities when looking to invite someone into your birthing experience), she is very educated and knowledgeable in the medical field, as an RN. This last part was very important to me because I wanted to be sure I understood all my options, be prepared, and be empowered during my birth.Although I had hoped to deliver naturally, I delivered via C-section.  When it was obvious a C-section was inevitable, Samantha switched gears and offered her knowledge to help me advocate for a family focused C-section.  I was able to have skin to skin, keep my son with me during recovery, and breast feed within the first hour after delivery.

I hired her again for my second pregnancy. I had hoped for a VBAC and Samantha, not surprisingly, was very educated and had experience with VBACS. Again she helped me prepare for a natural birth and even helped me find a provider who supported my decision to VBAC. Unfortunately, at 42 weeks, I was induced and ended up having a repeat csection. Samantha was there for me during the 24 hour labor - helping me get as far as I could drug free. Once again, she helped me advocate for myslef and I was able to have another family centered birth. Because of Samantha and her knowledge, I am content in knowing I did absolutely EVERYTHING in my power to try for a VBAC and that it failed because of things out of my control. That brings me unbelievable peace.

Hire Samantha. She is the best insurance you will ever have to assure a positive birth experience. Natural birth or Csection, she has amazing knowledge and offers unbelievable support. She is prepared for anything, even when you're not. She will help you stay empowered during a time you are most vulnerable.

Posted 11/24/2014

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Lainie Crouch Kaiser

My recent birth experience was a dream come true and I highly recommend Samantha as a doula and for post-partum care. I was fearful of having to go through another c-section / surgery and Samantha was the calming presence I needed to see my VBAC become a reality. She listened to me, respected my choices and assured me that my hopes for the birth were rational and loving. Unfortunately, many doctors had not made me feel this way so Samantha’s encouragement and passionate advocacy for me were refreshing. She empowered me to have the birth that I wanted to have.

My husband enjoyed working with Samantha and he never felt like she took on a role that he wanted to have. She took care of me, my husband and daughter and never tired of this task. Samantha is comfortable around doctors and nurses because she is a nurse herself. She is known and respected at Northwestern and not afraid to say what needs to be said to support her client no matter the location. 

She will spend time with you before the birth to educate you, talk through concerns, provide alternatives (if you want) and make sure you are comfortable. She provides focused attention and I always felt like I was her most important client even though she had many others. She was always available via text and extremely helpful after the birth with my breastfeeding questions and dealing with the hormone changes that come with any birth (aka “the baby blues”).

My labor was long but without complication. I labored at home and then had a un-medicated and intervention-free VBAC at Northwestern Hospital. My recovery was easy and the endorphin high and positive emotionalal impact of the birth was a much welcomed bonus to the arrival of our beloved daughter.

I am thankful for Samantha who guided our family through this sacred time. She will always have a special place in our hearts for the role she played in helping our family grow.

Posted 9/23/2014

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Elise Marie

Hire Samantha as your doula!!! She is amazing. I can say with certainty that without Samantha's support, I would not be breastfeeding my son right now - and we are currently at 7 months EBF and still going strong!

Not only was Samantha amazing to meet with in prepration for the birth, she was incredible in the delivery room and went above and beyond post-partum.

My water broke at 36 weeks, so as you can imagine I was not prepared and very nervous about my son being premature. Samantha talked me through how long I could stay at home and labor before heading to the hospital. Once we got to the hospital, Samantha helped me avoid being given Petocin by having them check me again when we got to the delivery room.

After I had pushed for 2.5 hours with little progress, the doctors were talking about a possible emergency C-section. My doctor offered vacuum assist to get my son out - I had no idea what this entailed and was scared to consent. Samantha knew that w/out vacuum assist they would do the C-section, but she didn't scare me with this information during labor. Instead she remained calm, told me she felt that vacuum assist was the best course of action at that point, and that gave me the confidence and security to consent.

My son had breathing problems when he was born and had to be in the NICU. Samantha gave me advice about starting to pump right away and how often to pump to ensure my milk came in. My son had a LOT of trouble latching and sucking when he was born, and for the first 6 weeks I had to exclusively pump. Samantha was available by phone and came by multiple times post-partum to help me get my son BFing.

We will definitely be hiring her again if we decide to have a second baby!




Posted 8/22/2014

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Sarah Milo

I highly recommend Samantha Treblecock as a doula. Samantha's experience as a doula and training as a nurse enabled her to support me in labor and build trust and rapport with the nurses and doctors.

My delivery did not go as we hoped or planned and in the end I needed a c-section. While it could have been easy for me to feel sad, cheated or upset about this outcome, I had none of those feelings- instead I felt empowered. Samantha helped me understand what was happening and my options. Therefore I was able to advocate for my wants and needs. Never was I rushed or pushed into any intervention. A c-section was not the outcome I had hoped for, but it was an outcome I understood.

A few stories worth telling: In a last attempt to coax my baby out vaginally, Samantha suggested I try laying in a very unconventional position. Though this position wouldn't normally be allowed in this particular hospital, Samantha was able to explain it to the nurses in such a way that they were willing to try. Later I heard one nurse thanking Samantha for teaching her something new. Also, throughout my labor I was in contact with a friend who is an Ob/Gyn. As a doctor, this friend is committed to low-intervention births. When I was unable to communicate with her because I was in the throes of labor, Samantha took over the exchange. Later this friend said "Samantha seems like an excellent doula."

It is important to note that my doctor and Samantha have some fundamental differences to their approaches to labor and delivery. As we approached week 42 and my doctor's deadline for an induction, my husband and I found ourselves having to balance differing advice and different outlooks. This at times was confusing and awkward. However, once we were in the hospital and Samantha and the doctors were receiving the same information in real time, they were often in accordance. Once in the hospital, I never felt the tug-of-war of their different perspectives.

Posted 7/31/2014

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Maricela Caballero

For my second pregnancy, I wanted to have a doula for a planned homebirth after a C-Section. We interviewed several doulas but after we met Samantha, we knew we wanted her to be part of our birthing team. I was a bit nervous about a home birth, but Samantha helped me get through it. She helped us create a birth plan and reassured me that I had the right birth team. When I started having contractions, I called Sam and let her know. She let me know that it was prodromal labor. I had this prodromal labor for five days. During this time she called me to check how I was doing and suggesting me exercises to help turn my posterior baby to the right position. On the day that real labor started, I called Sam and she got to my house within a few hours (I live in the North Suburbs, quite far from her).

As soon as Sam got to my house, she started laboring with me, helping me breathing properly. She was by my side all the time, suggesting different birthing positions/exercises (on the toilet, hands and knees, walking up and down the stairs). My baby was posterior, but after Sam suggested the lying forward exercise, I had the need to push and after twenty minutes my daughter was born.

Without Sam’s support and encouragement I don’t think I would have had the amazing homebirth I had. Thanks to her, I do not longer think that labor is as painful as how our culture projects it. She helped me to get through each contraction one at a time so gracefully. I cannot recommend Samantha highly enough. She is skilled and an amazing doula. During my postpartum period, she called me several times to check on how I was doing and supported me on anything I needed it. My baby had jaundice and she supported me on that as well, giving me information on this condition. Besides, i love her prompt responses and follow ups. If we have more babies, we want Samantha by our side.

Posted 7/30/2014

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Erika H

We found Samantha through a friends recommendation. I wasn't sure we needed a Doula but after meeting Samantha her knowledge and ability to strightfordly lay out our options was  valuable. Her connections within the Chicago area birth community helped us find a birthing class, a brestfeeding class, and a lactation consultant. After the birth of our daughter (March 2014) I struggled with my recovery and Samantha went above and beyond with text and email support. Everyone in the family was focused on caring for our daughter, as they should be, but it was wonderful to have someone check in on my recovery.

Posted 7/17/2014

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Lauren Wiebe

I was a nervous first time preggers when I interviewed Samantha. I'm a physician (though not an OB/GYN) so I wanted someone rather savvy who could help me navigate (1) the jargon and medical particulars of the OB world as I went through it and (2) bring a level of tenderness and humanity to this potentially cold "hospital" process. Samantha exceeded my expectations on both accounts by 100 fold. She met me where I was - literally! Despite planning to deliver at Prentice I had a preeclamptic crisis in Milwaukee and was hospitalized and induced there. She dropped everything and was at my bedside within hours - and stayed throughout my whole labor. I could not have done it without her. My dear husband was a bit 'deer in the headlights' and Samantha was the glue that got us all through it beautifully and made a terrifying medical situation calm and collected. I can say that even given the medical complications of preeclampsia, and being induced unexpectedly early, the birthing process went exactly the way I wanted it to. She really thought of everything. And, I just really liked having her around to talk to, and get to know. By the end of it I considered her a friend. Even after I came home, she stopped by to visit and support me. Her supportive texts checked in on me once a twice a week for a month after I delivered. Maybe it was how complex things were for me medically, but I felt like the TLC just kept coming. I cannot recommend her enough.

Posted 7/15/2014

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siobhan flanagan

I cannot recommend Samantha highly enough.  I had envisioned a natural, unmedicated childbirth with my first and sought out Samantha's assistance to achieve this goal.  After my son was almost two weeks late, I had to be induced due to having low amniotic fluid.  I was quite discouraged as I knew having my labor induced with pitocin would make a delivery without an epidural more challenging.  My baby was in the posterior position at the time of induction, another anxiety inducing factor as I knew my chances of requiring even more intervetions was greater as a result.  Being highly apprehensive of of the cascade of interventions, I was fearful of how my birth would progress. In walks Samantha, and I was immediately comforted by her calming, reassuring presence. Samantha essentially saved my birth and enabled me to have the most natural birth I was able to have under less than ideal circumstances. Despite having a great deal of difficulty tolerating the pitocin-induced contractions and wanting an epidural desperately at one point, Samantha was able to work with me to manage the pain more effectively and get through each contraction one at a time.  Through her skilled support, Samantha enabled me to have the best possible outcome in what would have surely resulted in a c-section if I had required an epidural. I have so much gratitude for her skilled an compassionate care.  

Posted 5/21/2014

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Erin Anderson-Hickey

We absolutly loved working with Samantha!! My husband and I attended a seminar on pain-free labor techniques, and quickly realized we were in a bit over our heads, and a friend recommended working with a doula for our labor & birth. After meeting with Samantha, we clicked right away with her personality and her knowledge and many births under her belt got our vote of confidnce. Samantha helped us create a working birth plan and was such a strong advocate to help us get the closest to our birth experience that we wanted. I delivered at Prentice and we knew there might be a few obstacles to hurdle in regards to my doc and trying to go as natural as possble. Samatha labored with us for over 10 hours, helping manage my pain and stepped in with advice througout the entire process, even checking in post delivery for breastfeeding advice and our placenta pills. We really count Samatha as a huge part in our happy delivery, and we hope to work with her again for future preganacies. 

Posted 5/19/2014

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Sarah Bergman Nadimpalli

My husband and I had a fabulous birth expereince in large part due to the expertise and skill of Samantha!  At first my husband was hesitant to "share" our birth experience with someone else but within one meeting Samantha proved that teaming with her would make our birth experience more personalized and smooth.  Samantha is well informed, extremely level headed, and trustworthy - I am now 7 weeks post-partum and she's the only person we trust outside of family to stay alone with our little guy!  Samantha provides lengthy educational sessions before your birth and is readily available through email/phone/text for questions arising before birth.  She will be there when you need her but has a great sense of when to also "step back."  Although she was marvelous at every apect of the doula experience, I would say she markedly skillful during "game time."  There is no way I could have made it through 26 hours of unmedicted labor without her applying counter pressure during contractions!  She knew just when to provide comfort measures and was a strong, soothing infleunce on my husband, baby, and I throughout the whole experience.  I do no think I would have been able to have a vaginal birth without the guidance of Samantha - this is huge!  I believe I may have caved to other pressures (i.e. labor is taking too long, taking pain meds earlier, etc.) that may have resulted in a C section.  Thanks to Samantha, I was well informed throughout the labor and ended up having a birth experience I will cherish and love my entire life!  I would highly recommend Sam's services - it is rare to meet and have the privilige of receiving the services of an individual who is so capable and passionate about her work.  

Posted 3/23/2014

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Gina Gall

Samantha is an absolutely amazing doula and an all-around incredible woman! I had planned on meeting a few doulas to find the best fit for us, but Samantha ended up being my first and only meeting. Just one hour with her and I knew she was exactly who I would need and want by my side during labor and delivery in my pursuit of a VBAC. Her attendance of so many births, nursing experience, laid back personality, patience with my many questions and overall kindness made her a perfect match for us. Samantha was always easy to contact with questions or concerns. When my water broke, painful labor contractions immediately followed and Sam was only a phone call away. By morning I felt I needed her and she was here in no time! Her arrival made everything seem so much better...even though I was in lots of pain, so much of me felt at ease knowing that Sam was going to be with me until my baby was in my arms. She squeezed my hips (so helpful!), walked stairs with me, timed contractions, held my hand...she was amazing! At the hospital, Sam did anything and everything to progress labor and help me to stay as comfortable as possible. I ended up having an epidural, which upset me, but Sam reminded me that a vaginal delivery was what was most important to me. After 40 hours of labor, our baby girl arrived and within minutes Sam had her latched on and nursing like a champ. I couldn't believe I had just had a successful VBAC and my baby was already nursing so well...all thanks to Sam! She was with me the whole time and even stuck around after delivery until all settled down. In the first few weeks home, Sam called to check in several times and I was so grateful. I was having a lot of pain following delivery and it was so helpful to have her advice and guidance.

Samantha has my highest recommendation! I am certain that having Samantha as my doula was the biggest contribution to my successful VBAC and my nursing champ daughter.

Posted 3/5/2014

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Jordan Stellakis

Sam was an excellent doula.  I would not have had the successful labor and delivery that I did without her.  My husband and I decided to look into hiring a doula after my OB suggested it - I have had a medical phobia for a number of years (pass out every time I got blood drawn, or had a shot, etc.) so to say I was nervous for delivery was an understatement.  With Sam's guidance, my husband and I were able to stay home for the majority of my laboring, thus reducing the time - and therefore anxiety and interventions - that would have acompanied multiple hours in a hospital bed.  With her preparation and coaching, I labored at home for 8 hours until going to the hospital.  When I arrived at the hospital I was 10 centimeters and ready to push - my daughter was born 45 minutes later, naturally, wonderfully, healthy.

There is no way I would have been able to accomplish this without her - she knew exactly when to get to the hospital and kept my husband and I calm throughout the entire process.  Going into my pregnancy I would have never dreamed of doing anything besides what "everyone else" does when it came to L&D, let alone consider a naturla child birth or be comfortable not going to the hospital exactly was when prescribed.  But Sam's knowledge, competence, experience, and demeanor gave us the confidence to trust her and the ability to follow through. 

And to all the Dad's: my husband adds his vote of confidence as well.  Originally thought to be "totally hippie," he was the one in the end most appreciative of Sam's presence - having her knowledge and confidence to lean on ("Is that normal? Are you sure that's normal?  What do we do now?") allowed him to 100% be there for me as my rock.  He didn't have to worry about worrying, because he knew Sam was taking care of it, so he was able to be there for me in a way that, without her, wouldn't have been possible.  Thank you Sam!

Posted 1/30/2014

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Susan George

Samantha Trebilcock is a wonderful doula! I chose her because because of her experience and how knowledgeable and straightforward she was.

As my pregnancy progressed my OB practice became less and less supportive. When I reached my due date one of the OB's scheduled a C-section at 41 weeks which was really upset me. Through all of that Samantha was extremely supportive! I was having strong prodromal labor for around 2 weeks but there was no progression. She gave me several exercises and suggestions both for positioning the baby and for starting labor. She also suggested switching hospitals and to a midwife practice but was understanding when I was not willing to do that.

Then when my contractions were finally consistent at 40 weeks and 2 days, Samantha figured out over the phone that my baby was posterior since I was having back labor. This was the issue that led to a C-section with my daughter and I felt like history was repeating itself and was extremely disappointed. She suggested several simple exercises including one to turn the baby. After doing the exercise I felt the contractions reverse IMMEDIATELY and my water broke within an hour and the contractions went from 7-8 minutes apart to 2 minutes apart. We rushed to the hospital and my son was born 2 hours later - a totally natural and mercifully FAST delivery.

I know with 100% certainty that I would not have been able to have a VBAC at my hospital without Samantha. I would encourage any woman trying to have a VBAC to consider her! Since my son was born, she has been a wealth of breastfeeding knowledge, coming to my house for a postpartum visit and speaking with me via phone and text several times. Even though I nursed my daughter, she shared many things that made nursing less stressful and less complicated and ultimately allowed my tiny 5lb7oz baby to gain almost 2.5 lbs by his one month appointment! Kudos Samantha for a job well done!

Posted 1/26/2014

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Heather Hrobsky

When we were expecting our first child, we were considering a doula. l looked into a few. We met face to face with Samantha. We both knew that night that she was the one we wanted to work with. Samantha has such a great personality. She's caring and down to earth. She's very educated. She knows what she is talking about. The two meetings we had with her before our baby was born is September 2013, were very helpful. She answered many questions. She put us more at ease and gave us statistics and the latest research.

Samantha was always welcoming. She was willing to answer questions anytime, before the baby and even after the baby was born. The night I was in labor, she came and was very helpful and upbeat. She tried many things that helped me. I was having lots of back labor, and she knew that making hot packs would be helpful to me. So, she made me some and applied it to my back. She was very supportive of me and the decisions we made. We ended up having a c section due to a long labor and the baby being in a wrong position, but she was very supportive of my choice.

I loved working with her! I would highly recommend her. She was great before the baby and during labor. After the baby, I was having milk supply issues, and Samantha was willing to give me advice to help improve the problem. She even checked on me weeks later to see how everything was going. That was impressive to me! If you are looking for a doula, you won't be disappointed with Samantha.

Posted 1/25/2014

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Amy Chmielinski

We had a wonderful brithing experience, thanks to Samantha!  I really cannot say enough wonderful things about her.  I felt at ease with her instantly after meeting with her, so much so I wanted to hug her when she left!  She is extremely knowledgeable, not only about birth and birthing, but also about local hospitals and their procedures, c-section rates, etc.  She really taught us a lot and helped enhance our hypnobirthing classes.  She gave me specific strategies to deal with group B strep and told me about the magical properties of date fruit!  My labor was relatively short (I think dates had a lot to do with it!) but Samantha played an integral role in how smoothly everything went.  Having her come to our house was so comforting, it was the first time I was abe to relax a bit between contractions!  When we got to the hospital, she was able to request the nurse that she knew supported natural births.  It was so reassuring to have her by my side throughout labor!  She answered all of my questions, before, during and after pregnancy, and was a great resource for breastfeeding issues too.  She has my HIGHEST recommendations!

Posted 1/23/2014

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Anne Zaug

Samantha was a wonderful doula.  She was extremely knowledegable but at the same time never judgemental.  She presented all options and facts and was supportive of the decisions I made.  In the end, I had a beautiful natural delivery and Samantha was a big part of the experience.  I would definitely use her again!

Posted 1/23/2014

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Vanitha Dayalan

personable and has immense knowledge of all things pregnancy, birthing and breastfeeding.
Her qualification of RN also is an added advantage because she helps you understand the standard hospital procedures and guides you on what are really necessary and what can be safely declined.
She worked with us on a birth plan and answered all our questions and concerns during the process. On the D-Day we called Sam as soon as we started to have contractions, she guided us through what to expect and was in constant touch with us to check on the progress through text messages, though she was involved in another Birth.

When we had exhausted all our coping techniques and were ready for Sam, she came home within an hour, this after just finishing up another birth that morning. She coached me through my contractions and also gave pointer and techniques to get the labor moving along. She was calm, composed and even joined me in my low moans during my contraction :-) . She knew the right time to leave to the hospital and kept me motivated during my long pushing phase.
I love that she does not really take over and makes sure your partner is involved in being your primary coach. She helped us with breastfeeding issues and her home visits after birth were wonderful to talk about any questions or concerns. She also encapsulated my placenta and it helped me immensely in a very quick recovery.
I could go on and on about Sam, she is that good and she will surely be our doula when we have our next child.

Posted 1/14/2014

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Emily Mansell

Samantha Trebilcock is a fantastic doula. We procrastinated a bit and hired her at 38 weeks, but she made time to squeeze in both preconsultations. She even had the great idea of inviting the family members that were going to be in the room so that they could become familiar with her before the big day.

When the day arrived, she made herself fully available, first by phone, then in person at our home. When the time came, she rode with us to the hospital, comforting me the whole way. At the hospital, Samantha was an excellent advocate for my preferences, and helped us stick to the birth plan we envisioned. She calmly talked me through each contraction, helping to keep me focused and unafraid. It was so reassuring to have her knowledge and expertise on our side.

After the delivery, we had breastfeeding issues for weeks. Samantha checked in regularly, offering useful advice and guiding us through a very stressful time.

As first-time parents, we cannot thank Samantha enough for the service she provided. She was by our side any time we needed her, with advice and knowledge that we could not have gotten otherwise. We are so thankful for her help, and highly recommend her to all expecting parents. Thanks Samantha!


Posted 1/12/2014

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Sara Green

Sam was an integral part of my pregnancy and labor of my first child this summer. Sam exuded a perfect combination of extreme professionalism, knowledge, and care for me throughout the entire process starting with 2 at-home visits during the pregnancy. I was impressed with her breadth of knowledge and quick and decisive answers to our questions. My husband who is in the medical field appreciated her ability to have clinical exchanges with him (Sam is an RN) while I appreciated her unwavering confidence, calm demeanor and empathy. Sam also helped me formulate my wishes for the birthplan by asking all kinds of questions to help me understand my options and think about things I hadn’t considered.

When I went into labor, she was in communication with my husband via text throughout the day getting updates and waiting for the green light from us to come over in person. After almost 24 hrs of labor at home, we finally asked Sam to come over (it was 2am) to help us. After 24 hrs of 4-7 min contractions, Sam helped take it the next level by giving me exercises to help progress the labor tremendously while also providing comforting measures to ease my pain. When we got to the hospital, Sam asserted herself very naturally among the staff, me and my husband. Also, we asked Sam to do placenta encapsulation which she took care of. 3 days later she delivered the pills to my house and checked on me and the baby. She also did a 6-week follow up visit to check on my recovery and provide answers to any questions/concerns I had about breastfeeding or baby care.

I don’t think I can emphasize enough how awesome it was to have Sam by my side for this entire process! Whether it was during my pregnancy, 30+ hour labor, or postpartum, she was so important to me and my baby’s welfare and peace of mind. If you are wavering about a doula, DO NOT hesitate and if you are wavering on who to hire, pick Sam. She helps shine a light on the whole process!

Posted 11/12/2013

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Amy Roulston

Samantha is an amazing Doula and my husband and I can't recommend her enough.  As first-time parents going through the birth process we knew we wanted/needed a Doula, but had no idea of the level of support we were to receive from Sam not only during the pregnancy and birth, but after as well.  Samantha is so knowledgeable and has so much education (RN, Lactation Consultant) and experience (over 100 babies) that we were immediately impressed upon meeting her.  She really took the time to get to know us and understand our birth wishes.  During the labor and birth, she was calm and collected and helped keep us grounded and in the present moment.  Sam came over to our house after we left the hospital to help us learn to care for our baby in a way that worked best for us.  She was a huge support to me with breastfeeding and did such a great job of helping me transition back to work after my maternity leave ended ensuring I would still be able to exclusively breastfeed my baby.  She was also there for me when I decided I wanted to be a stay-at-home Mom.  My baby is now 14 months old and we still call Sam with questions as she always has great advice.  When I get pregnant with Baby #2, she will be the first person I call!!!

Posted 11/2/2013

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Ginte Sabaliauskaite

My original and only reason for getting a doula was to have someone tell when to go to the hospital :).  Soon I realized the value that Samantha brought was way beyond that.  I had a baby in May 2013 and had labor that started and then plateaued. Samantha was available day or night and told me exactly what to do.  When my real labor started at 11pm at night, she suggested that I take a warm bath to help me relax and sleep as much as possible so that I would concerve my energy for the last stages of labor. It worked like a charm. I gave birth naturally at West Suburban Hospital and didn't experience much pain during labor because I was educated on the process and had a confident doula by my side who was supportive. Samantha is great at listening to her clients and letting them follow their gut. Since my labor wasn't that painful, I didn't sound like I was that much dialated over the phone when I spoke with my midwife so she wanted me to stay home longer and not go to the hospital yet. I had a feeling that the baby was coming sooner than later and Samantha supported my decision to go to the hospital as it was 1.5 hours away and we were getting close to rush hour.  So glad she did that as I was in transition in the car and would have given birth either at home or in the car had we left any later.  I encapsulated my placenta with Samantha and I believe that helped me tremenduosly during the recovery.  I highly recommend Samantha and can't say enough good things about her.  I must mention that she was also available post her postpartum visits when I had questions or concerns. I highly recommend her!

Posted 10/28/2013

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Brittany Dressler

As a new resident to the Chicago area 6 months pregnant with my first child (and borderline high risk), I was very nervous about not only the birthing experience but findig a doctor and hospital i was comfortable with so close to my due date.  Once we settled on a hospital my husband and I agreed to have a doula help us during the delivery to coach us through this unknown time and help keep us calm too!  We were lucky to find Samantha on short notice.  Her credentials as not only a doula but also a nurse helped reassure us that we had made the right choice.  From the first phone conversation to the arrival of our baby 3 weeks early, she kept us both calm as we were completely unprepared and talked us through communicating with the doctors, our birth plan, and making sure our delivery was everything we wanted it to be.  Being there with us through the birth made the experience more relaxing (if possible) for all of us.  We were also VERY thankful for her follow up visit a few weeks later as we were getting used to our new routine with a little one.  She continued to answer questions and reassure us on many fronts.  I highly recommend using Samantha as your Doula for her experience, knowledge, professionalism and compassion.   

Posted 10/14/2013

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Robert Kosar

Samantha was my labor doula for our first daughter, born in early July 2013, and also provided night nurse services for a number of weeks following the birth. My husband and I found her to be extremely knowledgeable and professional beyond her years, reliable, solid, flexible, and compassionate. Never having been through labor or given birth, I felt I needed support from someone in addition to my husband, and Samantha was very helpful throughout my unusual 2-day labor that ended in a c-section despite our efforts to have a natural birth. She came over to our house after about 24 hours of labor because I was feeling somewhat desperate at that point, and she helped us formulate a plan for the next 12 hours, which helped me get through it. I was having a tremendous amount of back pain, and she taught my husband a key technique for applying pressure on my pelvis, which was absolutely key in getting me through it. As it was, I was able to get through the labor without an epidural, and in fact we arrived at my doctor’s office when I was 7 cm dilated (unbeknownst to any of us) and I was then admitted to the hospital. Samantha advocated for me with the delivering physician to give me more time to push, even though I went way over what I later learned was the maximum amount of time typically allowed for pushing. After I was unable to push the baby out, though, even with pitocin to augment my contractions, we went to a c-section, and there were no complications. Samantha stayed until after I was in the recovery room.

After our daughter was born, we hired Samantha to help us during the night.

I would definitely recommend Samantha. I was happy we hired her and liked her as a person. She was helpful over email and text whenever I had a question about something as well. She was always good natured and professional, even though I know she has a constantly shifting schedule and is often up for hours on end without sleep.

Posted 10/6/2013

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Angie Polite

We decided to hire a doula when I was 28wks. We knew that Samantha would be the one to educate and support us to have the birth experience we wanted.
Aside from her thorough knowledge regarding EVERY aspect of pregnancy,labor, birth and postpartum, she has a very comforting and understanding demeanor that every mother to be would greatly appreciate. She was promptly responsive and available whenever we contacted her.
She told us exactly what we needed to do help me PHYSICALLY prepare for labor. I am certain it was b/c of her suggestions I was able to have a quick and tolerable labor.
Sam was right by my side when we arrived at the hospital. She spoke very calmly and clearly to me during intense moments. Her tone and language during labor was quite motivating and encouraging.

My daughter was born naturally and unmedicated after just a few pushes. It was the ideal labor and birth. Then the difficult part began. My little angel could not latch on for nearly a week. Breastfeeding was so important to me and I was not open to any other options. Samantha fully supported my stance and did EVERYTHING to help my daughter and I have the breastfeeding relationship we still enjoy 7.5 mos later. I still think about the lengths(visits,calls,emails and texts in the middle of the night) she went to to ensure my daughter would breastfeed. I have absolutely no idea what we would have done or who we would have called. I am so thankful for her dedication during that stressful time.
I had my placenta encapsulated by Samantha and I must say my recovery was QUICK! I had energy I didn’t think I would have and my emotions did not get the best of me. The pills were easy to take and I did not experience any negative side effects.
From beginning to end everything Sam wa unimaginably impressive. She seriously exceeded our expectations and we cannot say enough amazing things about her.
Thank you for everything you are to mamas&babies Sam;)

Posted 10/4/2013

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Laura Milkert

After having Samantha Trebilcock as our doula for the birth of our first daughter, I firmly believe everyone deserves a doula. Samantha impressed us every step of the way, from the moment we interviewed with her, to the pre-birth meetings where she helped prepare us to think about things we didn't even know about, to her calm support, care, & encouragement during the actual birth. She even provided breastfeeding and then return-to-work advise after we returned home. I had complications that necessitated being induced at the last-minute, and Samantha helped me adapt & let go of my expectations. Knowing that Samantha was going to be alongside of us, at a hospital with a high epidural rate (we wanted a natural birth) & given that I was now a high risk pregnancy, gave us confidence that we could navigate that culture & that our voices would be heard before rushing to interventions.

In the whirlwind of excitement & emotions, Samantha brought a depth of experience for which both my husband & I are forever grateful. Samantha guided me with breathing through every contraction, and knew which positions would facilitate the delivery. In the end, I had a Pitocin-induced, unmedicated birth and I'm honestly not sure I could have done it without the support of a doula like Samantha. After the delivery, she ensured our birth plan was honored to the end, she took our only photos (something we didn't even think of), and was on call if I needed any help with breastfeeding.

My OB practice later remarked about how excellent our doula was. Samantha knew how to work seamlessly with the OB & hospital nurse on staff, and honor and provide space for my husband's important role during the birthing process. Having a doula, & especially Samantha, may possibly be some of the best money we've ever spent. It never once felt like a business transaction, but I remember second-guessing whether the expense was necessary.


Posted 10/3/2013

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Laura O'Brien Earle

She Said:
We met with three fantastic doulas and chose Samantha for a number of reasons: She is passionate about birth and babies, but is not rabid about it. She's into the natural side of things without being TOO crunchy. She's got the medical background as an RN, but isn't TOO clinical. She has a great sense of humor and is very calming and reassuring. To me, she was the whole package, the perfect 10 in what I was looking for in a doula.

When my labor began, she quickly arrived and helped me through the increasingly difficult contractions. She was the only one who could get me out of the comfy bath tub or into pants when it was time to leave home. She stayed with me while hubs parked the car and kept me moving toward L&D which was crucial as I was already at 9cm. She set the tone in the delivery room for the staff to follow and kept me more mobile than they would have preferred or even allowed without her. Laying down was excruciating so she made sure I stayed out of the bed! She knew exactly what I needed to hear and be reminded of at every step.

He Said: When my wife suggested a doula, I felt it was a dig at my ability to help her and not a good use of money. But from the first meeting to the actual labor Samantha was comforting, professional, strong and always available for questions. When the labor began, she coached me and helped me help my wife. As we (as in my wife) labored at home as long as possible, she helped us stick to our birth plan and was invaluable in comforting both me and my wife. When Samantha said we should go to the hospital I knew it was time to go. When I had to step away and get the car, I was comforted knowing that she was with my wife. I can't imagine leaving a woman in labor alone and with her as our doula I never had to. With Samantha helping my daughter came to the world just an hour after we arrived at the hospital. I know 100% if we are blessed with #2 that she will be on our birth team again.

Posted 10/3/2013

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Morgan Crane

I was referred to Samantha by a mutual friend when I was pregnant with my second baby. My first delivery experience was a bit traumatic and it was important to me to have a great birth team in place for this birth. My goal was an unmedicated delivery laboring at home as long as possible. I was looking for someone knowledgeable and experienced but not overly maternal. I also wanted a calm presence to balance my somewhat intense tendencies but not so low key that it dragged me down. I loved that Samantha was a nurse (even though she wouldn't be acting as one). I wanted someone who could tell me "this is normal, this is what's happening and this is what should happen next". 

During our prenatal visits Sam helped me to work through my fears about birth and we also talked through my anxiety about caring for two kids on my own. She was a great listener and helped me to think of strategies for facing my fears and problems. She also helped us come up with some Birth Wishes. 

I had 2 weeks of prodromal labor and Sam was available by phone and via text to check in with me and give suggestions for how to get/keep things moving. When my water broke at 3:00am she was there by 7:00 and spent 4 hours laboring at home. We tried several different labor positions and figured out what made me the most comfortable. She was a pro at counter pressure on my hips and encouraging me to vocalize through contractions.

My baby was born 45 minutes after we left for the hospital so things were a bit crazy but Sam was a calm steady presence throughout. I felt supported from start to finish. I was never scared. I had the birth that I had hoped for and she was a big part of it.

She helped right away with breastfeeding and also took my placenta for encapsulation. She delivered pills the next day. She also followed up with me at home.

I'd recommend her to anyone!

Posted 10/2/2013

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Kimberly Rinaldi

I contacted Sam to explore doula services because I wanted as much support as possible. We hit it off immediately and hired her right away.  My husband was very much in support of having a doula because he didn't know much about the birth process, and though he wanted to be supportive, he wasn't sure how he would react at the time of birth while stressed, so he wanted me to have as much help as possible. Sam was a godsend.  I had a difficult OB (a doc I had no choice on because of my insurance)and Sam helped me advocate for myself when the doctor and I did not agree.  Sam helped us make choices for our birth plan, and educated us on the process.  I myself am a nurse, but things had changed a lot since my OB rotation so I was really glad to have the help.  Throughout the pregnancy, Sam was available by email, text and phone, and she checked with me after every one of my appointments.  She also really helped me advocate for myself and my health when my doctor and I disagreed.  When my water broke at home Sam was able to walk me through what I needed to do, advise me on when I should go to the hospital and remind me of my birth plan, and also any road blocks I might run into.  She watched the monitor for me while I tried to rest and woke me to go for a walk when contractions slowed.  She rubbed my feet, helped with with using the labor ball to relax, and was overall supportive.  It was a relief to my husband as well, because with her there, he was able to take a nap and go get a meal in the cafeteria.  And when the decision was made to do a csection.  She explained every step to me and help me advocate for the best pain control.   After the delivery she was there to help with breast feeding.  I also talked to her a lot in the weeks after delivery, and she was very supportive and helpful.  I strongly recommend Sam fir doula services

Posted 9/26/2013

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Hallie Gordon

Sam was the doula for my good friend who introduced us. She also occassionally babysits my son who adores her. So when we were looking for a doula and our original doula was taking a break from attending births it was a no brainer to call Sam.

Sam attended our daughter's homebirth birth this spring. My water broke with no sign of labor so we had to get creative about speeding things up. Sam was so helpful and patient through what turned out to be a 25 hour ordeal of stop and start labor. She was camped out in our house along with my midwives, Tera and Casey from Gentle Birth Care, encouraging me to climb stairs, go for walks, etc. Eventually I had to take some castor oil which wasn't exactly a pleasant experience and Sam was there every step of the way helping me with all that too!  Throughout the long night we spent together, Sam was calm and kept her sense of humor and kept coming up with good ideas for my husband and I to try. She also kept me on track doing stuff to make the contractions more effective, even when I was pretty worn out from all that labor. She was very respectful of my privacy when I needed a break and encouraged me to eat, drink and nap when appropriate.

Needless to say the baby was born, happiest baby ever. Sam's help post-partum was incredibly helpful. Together with the midwives, Sam cleaned up the entire house so my husband and I could relax and enjoy our new baby. She kept close tabs on us for the next couple days through texting and visiting to make sure we were doing okay.


We highly recommend Sam as a doula!

Posted 9/24/2013

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Deitra Laniece Lawson

Hiring Samantha was truly the best and one of the most important decisions we made for  our birth. It was our first birth and we decided to have a natural homebirth. We chose Samantha because she had the personality to handle my fiesty husband, who tends to space out in stressful moments. Her nursing creditials and numorous births were a huge assurance to us that we were in great hands during the birth. We even went to one of Samantha's birthing classes that she teaches which showed us her keen knowledge in the field and how she respects all decisions about birth, as there were different birth styles at the class. Once it was time to birth, Samantha was my rock! She knew when to call in the midwife, she gave me toast and honey to make sure I was eating, and one of my positive enforcers when I thought it was impossible. She never left my side and I thank her for that. I think the most beneficial help she gave us was the weeks after the birth of our son. We were brand new parents and had no idea what we were doing. She gave us great techniques and breast feeding help that I still use today. Samantha helped make our special  moment flow seemlessly and she was a huge asset to a great birth experience! 

Posted 9/24/2013

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brooke danielle

We knew right away that Samantha would be a great match for us when we were choosing a doula before the birth of our first child. Her knowledge is very impressive, she just knows EVERYTHING, but she is also warm and funny and very comforting to be around. My labor and my son's birth did not exactly go as planned but I felt very comfortable with my decisions with Samantha by my side. Since then she has been a great support and has always been quick to respond any time I have contacted her with a question. If you are thinking of hiring a doula for your birth, I highly recommend it- and Samantha is the best! We hope that we will have the opportunity to use her services again in the future!

Posted 9/23/2013

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Lisa Trimmer

Samantha was a wonderful resource and an immese support during my pregnancy and birth. My daughter was breech and despite all efforts, remained that way, and I had a c-section after going into natural labor. Samantha was helpful, compassionate, and knowledgable during my period of grief at not being able to have a natural birth. She helped us explore options for breech vaginal delivery with recommendations for providers and empirical research, but none seemed appropriate for us. She attended our c-section in the middle of the night and was there post-surgery with support for breastfeeding. Even a few days after we came home, she came to our house when we were having real breastfeeding trouble and I was struggling emotionally. She was a lifesaver.

The qualities that really drove us to choose Sam as our doula were her professionalism, depth and bredth of experience, breastfeeding knowledge, warmth, and no-nonsense attitude. I really appreciated her experience as an RN and the fact that she was very familiar with hospital jargon and would have been able to communicate really efficiently with the nurses and doctors. I knew I didn't want someone lighting incense and clanging cymbals at our birth, I wanted someone confident, who would give me honest information and support. However, I know Sam would have gladly clanged cymbals if I had asked :) My husband and I both highly recommend her and will definitely seek her services with future pregnancies.

Posted 9/23/2013

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Erica Imaoka Hagerman

Samantha attended the birth of my third child, Vera, in December of 2012. I had some issues with hemorrhaging previously and was nervous about it my whole pregnancy. Sam was so amazing calming my fears while I was pregnant and really helped keep me in a good head space for my birth. When I was in labor she was amazing! She constantly kept doing counterpressure on my hips and back to help with the pain and was so gentle (yet firm!) about reminding me to relax my muscles and take deep breaths through my contractions. My 3 year old daughter was with me through my labor as well and Sam did such a beautiful job of helping her feel included. Sam was a huge support when my husband had to tend to my 2 year old and wasn't able to be with me. I never felt left alone or scared at any point. After Vera was born and I started bleeding (which we expected) she stayed calm with me, her knowledge as a nurse was reassuring even though my midwife was there too. It was nice that she was able to talk to me and know what was going on and keep me from freaking out. She also stayed and made sure I was feeling well and breastfeeding was going before she left. I would absolutely have Sam at any future births and most definitely intend to when we try for our next child. 

Posted 9/22/2013

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Christine Meurer

My husband and I decided at 35 wks to hire Samantha. This was our 3rd baby, but we’d never tried to have a natural birth or doula before. I was struck immediately by Samantha’s reassuring personality and knowledge of both traditional and natural medicine. At 40 wks, my baby turned breech. My doctor had agreed to let me go to 42 wks, but a c-section was now likely. Samantha came over a few days after I found out the baby was breech. I had terrible rib pain, and I couldn’t stop crying from the pain and disappointment that I was probably going to have to need a c-section. Samantha spent almost 2 hours with me, discussing how I could try to turn the baby and explaining what I should ask my doctor. She helped us understand the risks of breech delivery and c-section. By my appointment with my doctor the next day, I was excited to try to deliver my baby breech. Finally, my water broke at 10:30 PM. I had a c-section scheduled for 2 days later. I called Samantha and she jumped into her car. When she arrived, I was most likely fully dilated. Samantha began helping me through contractions in the way we had discussed and calmed my husband and mom. From the car ride to labor and delivery, Samantha was my contraction helper, squeezing my hand, calmly talking me through each contraction, and explaining what was happening. She helped me explain my wishes to try to deliver my baby breech. Just 30 minutes after arriving at the hospital, my 9 lb 13 oz breech baby was born in 4 pushes. There is no doubt that everything went as smoothly as it did because of Samantha’s calm guidance and reassuring knowledge. She even took our baby’s first pictures on her cell phone because we had forgotten our camera! We had the natural birth we wanted, with no surgery (something we might not have tried if we hadn’t hired Samantha). She was constantly there for me, answering texts and emails, and being a selfless and confident helper during labor.

Posted 8/6/2013

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Rob Boles

It's been over ten months since my son's birth, and not single a day has gone by that I haven't thought of, or been grateful for, on some level, his smooth water birth at home. I firmly believe that the way you coached Lynn from the early stages of her pregnancy, all the way through her labor and RJ’s delivery, undoubtedly gave our son the best possible start to his life as could possibly have been achieved.

I had been through the Bradley Method training classes with Lynn and felt confident & properly prepared, as a husband, for her labor, but there is NO way I would have shepherded her through it as well as you did. There are people in this world whose personality augments their natural ability in their chosen field; those people generally love what they do so much that their chosen profession is no longer “work,” and really shows when you see them in action - you are clearly one of those uncommon, wonderful people. Your varied coaching techniques, attentiveness, enthusiasm & willingness to educate, and talent for judging the progression of labor are surpassed only by the almost-surreal aura of calm and confidence that radiates from you while you are working with someone during labor & delivery.

Could we have done it without a doula? Perhaps; the vast majority of American parents probably have their babies every day without one. I will say this, however: after experiencing the birth of my son with you at our side, I can’t think of a single reason why anyone would ever want to navigate the labor and delivery process without a doula… and they should consider themselves extremely lucky if they are fortunate enough to have you, Sam, as their coach & guide. I know we definitely were; our son is the living proof, and we remain eternally grateful for your friendship and everything you brought to the table for us during Lynn’s pregnancy, labor & home water delivery. Thank you!

Rob Boles

Posted 7/29/2013

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sara slomczewski

I got referred to Samantha from my midwives, first on the list. She was my first and only interview of doulas. I dragged on calling Samantha when I was in labor. I didnt want her to be bored and not doing anything while I could handle labor on my own. When my partner and I decided we couldnt do it on our own anymore we called Samantha. She got to my house when my contractions were just a few minutes apart and I was getting a little panicky. She knew exactly what to do to make me feel better, physically and mentally, without me saying a word. Samantha is very tolerant of the abuse from a laboring women. I tugged and screamed and pulled, she stayed right by my side. After the birth she cut up fruit for me to eat. She also took my placenta home and encapsulated it. I didnt ask for it but she also saved a piece of the cord and shaped it into a heart for me, I really appreciated that. I gave her a canvas to do a placenta print on and for her first time doing it, it looked great! The only regret I have is not calling her to my house sooner. She knows how to take care of women.

Posted 6/21/2013

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Morgan Anderson

I was initially reticent to hire a doula for the birth of my first child because I thought it was expensive and I wasn't interested in having a "natural birth." I was all for having an epidural as soon as possible. After a few friends recommended using a douIa, I promised my husband that I would interview a few doulas just to expore the option. We are both lawyers and the idea of having a medical advocate for the most important medical experience of our lives appealed to us. After meeting Sam and comparing the cost of services to other doulas, (her fees were more reasonable) I decided to give it a try. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I don't know how I would have made it through 52 hrs of labor without Sam. Sam is upbeat, knowledgable and what was most memorable on the big day, able to keep me calm. My son had some issues when he first came out and was rushed to the Nicu. Sam kept me and my husband from totally losing it. Everything worked out just fine and my son is doing great. Sam continues to be a part of our lives and babysits our son. We all love her! I also recommend taking her birthing classes. Sam came to our house and we found the classes convenient, cost efficient and much more informative than the hospital classes. I felt more knowledgable and confident about the approaching birth after taking the classes.

Posted 2/3/2013

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Shawna Rose

On the day I went into labor, the doula I had been working with was sick. She contacted Samantha for us last minute. I was a little nervous to meet someone for the first time while I was already in labor, but as soon as I met Samantha, I was impressed with her knowledge and experience. From the first wave (contraction) to the final push, Samantha was by my side. It is because of her that I was able to successfully have a natural childbirth experience. My labor was lengthy, and the hospital was very busy with other laboring mothers. Having Samantha next to me allowed my fiance to take a much needed rest, she calmed my fears when I began to question my own strength, and would not let me give up when I was exhausted. I felt empowered! I can confidently say that having Samantha as my doula helped me to discover how strong I really am.

Posted 12/15/2012

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Lauren K.

When I was pregnant, I wasn't sure if I could afford it.. . Sam was worth her weight in gold. Best money I ever spent - seriously.

Sam is adaptable, reassuring, educated, and she was the best ally I could imagine during birth.  I went a wk past my due date. Before (and after) every doctor's appt towards the end, Sam texted/called to see how I was, and she gave me helpful advice on what types of questions to ask my Dr. to ensure the Dr. understood my expectations as well.

At my labor, when she arrived, a wave of calm and protection entered the room. At the hospital, she walked with me for hours She massaged me. She negotiated for intermittent monitoring. She was my stalwart support for 17 hours at the hospital.

I labored with no interventions until I reached 9+ centimeters, and when baby turned transverse, I ended up with an epidural. Sam encouraged me when I felt at my lowest - I never felt defeated because of her.  When they went to whisk the baby away for tests, Sam asked to let him latch on once before going to the NICU. I had the first eye to eye, heart to heart contact with my son. I owe that to Sam.

I hemmorhaged after the birth. Again, Sam was at my side, her knowledge and experience was priceless and reassuring.

After going home, Sam helped whenever I had newborn questions. She was a lifesaver in those early days.

My doctor even called me a couple weeks after the birth and asked me for her number. . . wanted to recommend Sam to her patients.

She is a mother-whisperer and a baby-whisperer. Her medical background, combined with her clear passion for being a conduit to allow women to have a positive birth experience makes her an amazing doula.

I only wish every woman could have Sam at her side during birth.

Posted 12/4/2012

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Amber M.

Samantha was my doula for the recent birth of my daughter.  She was amazing.  Before, during and after my labor and delivery she was beyond supportive and responsive.  My labor was very quick and I don't know what my husband and I would have done without Sam.  She was so calm and steady and she was able to calm me in a way that my husband (wonderful as he is) never could have done admist his own anxiety.  She made sure my wishes were followed and made my birth experience so much better.  Both my husband and I don't know what would have happened if we had not had Samantha.  Hiring her was one of the best decisions we made with regards to my delivery and I would recommend her to anyone looking for an incredible doula. 

Posted 12/3/2012

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Felicia Ciaccio

I looked into having a doula because my sister had a natural birth and used a doula for her first 2 kids.  I met with Sam and I immediately felt she was very knowledgeable and someone I would want around during my labor and delivery.  She's super easy going, comfortable to ask any question to and knows all the answers to questions you didn't even knew you had!  She also helped with my birth plan and with questions I should ask my OBGYN in order to ensure I would have the L&D that I wanted to have.  I ended up having a labor with a lot of surprises (at least to me).   My water broke and I wasn't in labor, I had to have pitocin, I had back labor.  Sam was awesome!  It was so great to have her to ask my questions to.  I always felt in control, but felt as though I had an advocate, someone in my corner.  She also was so helpful when I was in pain during my 10 hours of labor.  She never got tired, and was great at keeping me motivated.  I know I would not have been able to follow through with my plans of a natural birth if Sam wasn't there.  If you are considering a doula, definitely meet Sam.  Her knowledge alone will amaze you and having her with you during this vulnerable time will make you forever grateful!

Posted 11/5/2012

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Kristan Maas

Sam was an amazing support system for my pregnancy (and long after my son was born).  She did everything from helping me form my birth plan, to finding helpful classes for first-time parents, to making the trek to my home when I was having struggles with nursing after a mere five or six days.  She made a five-hour trek (in the middle of the night, no less) from Illinois to Mid-Michigan to support me during my labor.    My birth didn't go as planned, but she was my rock during it, keeping me calm and reminding me of the miracle that was coming.  When I was struggling with PPD, she contacted a volunteer group in my area and had a woman come support me when she was unable to.  She is caring, open-minded and the most selfless and wonderful woman that I have ever met.  Should I have another child, I would never question having her return to support me, by any means necessary.

Posted 10/6/2012

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Amanda B

It is with pleasure that I write this recommendation for Samantha Trebilcock. She is a dedicated, intelligent, and compassionate doula and I feel so fortunate that she was there for the birth of my first child. From the moment we met Sam it was apparent that she was extremely knowledgeable and genuinely cares about her clients . She worked to carry out my birth plan and wishes and always took time to answer all of our questions no matter the amount. She provided a wealth of information regarding best practices in addition to helpful suggestions. Throughout my labor she strived to make me comfortable and supported me using a variety of different breathing and pain management techniques so that I was able to have a drug free delivery. Most importantly, she was an advocate for me throughout my labor and I sought her advice before making decisions. After my son was born she continued to support me with her medical knowledge. I wholeheartedly would recommend Samantha.

Posted 9/25/2012

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Karen R.

Samantha Trebilcock recently served as a doula for my daughter's first pregnancy. My daughter was quite apprehensive about delivery and frequently had concerns during her pregnancy. Samantha was outstanding throughout the entire pregnancy and delivery. She brings a strong medical knowledge base, ability to relate well with her clients and medical personnel in addition to a sincere interest in the well-being of the mother and child. During my daughter's pregnancy we met several times with Samantha and she would patiently answer all of our questions and make suggestions. Samantha gave us whatever amount of time was needed to satisfy our concerns which helped comfort and calm my daughter as well as her husband, father and myself. I was impressed with the information Samantha had about best practices and the depth of her knowledge and understanding. She seemed older and wiser than her years. Samantha knows how to relate well to her clients and provides a great deal of information so that the client can make informed decisions. Samantha never pushed her thoughts or beliefs and she proceeded as requested. My daughter's ob/gyn as well as the nurses at the hospital clearly respected Samantha and discussed everything with her. She was a great advocate for my daughter and never hesitated to ensure that my daughter's needs and interests were first. Samantha is one of those rare people who have matched their special gifts and talents to the perfect profession to utilize them. My daughter had a happy pregnancy, a drug-free delivery and delivered a healthy baby boy. My grandson has a wonderful start on life and my daughter had a rewarding pregnancy and delivery. I have absolutely no doubt that Samantha is due all the credit. I wish all mothers had the opportunity to have someone like Samantha at their side. Samantha's compassion and genuine interest in her clients is heartfelt. I would sincerely and most heartily recommend Samantha.

Posted 9/16/2012

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Kathryn Metz

I don't think I could have gotten through my pregnancy, let alone L&D, without Sam.  She was a fantastic support person for my husband and myself.  I had a stressful pregnancy and Sam was always there to ground me and also to help me understand the issues we were facing.  She provided clear and useful information during our prenatal sessions, and helped us make informed choices about what we wanted for our daughter's birth.  During L&D, she was a godsend, guiding both my husband and I in pain management and decision making. 

I truly believe that Sam's support helped me have a natural delivery and avoid an episiotomy.  I am forever grateful!

I highly recommend Sam as a doula.

Posted 9/11/2012

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Erin Schneider

If you're looking for a ridiculously dedicated doula, Sam is the one for you!  My first baby decided to make her appearance during the 3rd worst snow blizzard in recorded Chicago history.  (Dubbed "The Snowpacolypse," if that puts it into perspective for you.)  Sam ended up staying with us for about 60 hours.  Yea, I had a loooong, but extremely well-supported labor, thanks to Sam's untiring support.  She made sure that my husband got rest, too, so that he could be present for me when I needed him.  She is a very capable and knowledgable doula, and a ton of fun to be around -- whether in labor or not!

Posted 9/10/2012

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Shanah Bemis

Samantha helped to make my first birth experience a fantastic one!

I was supposed to have had a home birth, but my water broke early and I was required to deliver in a hospital. Sam had come to stay overnight with me while my original doula went home to get some rest for the several other births that were supposed to arrive before mine.

Sam was very helpful throughout the whole hospital process. She was incredibly knowledgeable about what my options were, and the pros and cons of the different interventions that the hospital kept pushing on me. She was an excellent mediator in several instances where I wasnt sure how to convey my questions or concerns. She helped me to make educated decisions, based on the best interest of my baby, myself and what my preferences were. She made sure I had food and water to keep my strength up, and was emotionally supportive and encouraging through the entire night.

I ended up having an amazing first birthing experience, being able to deliver with almost no pain, naturally and free of drugs. It is completely obvious how much Sam loves being a doula, and how much she cares about people. I am so blessed to have had her as a doula at my first birth!

Posted 10/19/2011

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Deva Woodly

 I am so grateful that Sam was my doula during birth! Originally, a good friend of mine from out of town was supposed to be my doula, but my little man came a bit early and she couldn't make it. So, a mutual friend of ours called Sam and she rode to the rescue with calm and poise. I had never met Sam until I was in labor - not nescessarily the best time to meet new people - but she immediately put me at ease. During my labor, birth and the aftermath she was level-headed, compassionate, diplomatic and helpful with both my family and the hospital staff who each at times had different goals for my birth that I did. Along the way Sam helped me make crucial decisions, which I truly believe helped me avoid an unnescessary c-section, which was my personal worst-case scenario.  

In short, Sam is brilliant at what she does. I recommend her services whole-heartedly!


Posted 5/5/2011

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Lindsey Wade

I had the best birth experience ever with Samantha! I was interested in hiring a doula for my second birth because I felt I'd been robbed of a special bonding experience with my firstborn and was also disappointed that I ended up requiring an assisted delivery with forceps. By hiring a doula, I hoped to avoid an assisted delivery and ensure I got the bonding experience with my newborn that I deserved. In addition, I was looking for the empowering experience of a natural unmedicated child birth. Samantha was great for me because she helped me to make a simple but detailed birth plan, showed me different ways to push in order to avoid assisted delivery, and also helped me resolve issues with my doctor and family members regarding my birth wishes. In addition, she was always on time and even came to a prenatal appointment with me on my request. She was also open to answering any questions I had prior to delivery.

On the day I went into labor, Samantha was readily available. She helped me to carry out my unmedicated wishes by showing me ways to cope with my pain at home. Once we were in the hospital, Samantha made sure my birth wishes were accounted for, such as pushing in any position I liked, having my baby placed directly on my chest after delivery, and beginning breastfeeding right away. I did not have any family members or friends with me, and it was very comforting to have Samantha present even after I'd delivered. She called to check on me the next couple of days, and made a postpartum visit with me a couple of weeks later. As I said before, I could not have asked for a better birth experience! I feel it has really made an impact on the way I feel about myself, my new baby, and my family as a whole and I am very thankful to have had Samantha for my doula.

Posted 4/29/2011

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