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Katie Ryan CD(DONA)

Katie the Doula

Goodyear, AZ Service range 60 miles

Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

12 years and 25 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, April 2011

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education



Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Military families support
  • Photography - Birth
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

I take on about 3-5 clients per year as I balance doula work with my other career. No overlapping due dates for clients is a plus! Base fee includes 2 pre-natal visits following a free consultation so we can discuss your ideal birth. I can assist in the creation of your birth plan and I am a phone call away when you have questions. I am on call 24/7 for you from 38 weeks to birth. Labor and Delivery support starting in active labor (5-1-1 guideline) in your home, hospital or birth center and and I will stay for the duration of your labor and delivery. I will assist with any feeding concerns before I leave you to be with your baby. I will also do at least one postpartum visit within a week of your birth to ensure you and baby are adjusting to one another, feeding and resting well. I am also available for follow up visits regarding feeding or any other concerns should you have more questions down the road.

Service Area

Goodyear, AZ Service range 60 miles

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Client Testimonials for Katie Ryan CD(DONA)

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Jennifer Trujillo


Katie scores once again! This is my second baby and second birth with Katie and I can say that I am ecstatic that she shared the experience with my husband and I. She creates a special bond with people and it was almost like she could anticipate my needs during pregnancy and labor. Katie checked in on me regularly from the time we hired her to see how pregnancy was going. She always had suggestions on how to relieve common symptoms and keep positive during the uncomfortable times. Then, when we went to the hospital, she met us there promptly. The comfort she provided was physical and emotional. She knew just when to step in and massage and when to stay back and tell a joke. Not to mention, she is competent in many pain relief techniques like rebozo, TENS unit, acupressure, and breathing. I'd like to add that Katie is also cognizant and sensitive to the husbands role in birth. She encouraged my husband to be involved and never interrupted our special moments, but was nearby if we needed her.

It is all about the connection with Katie! She is a great doula and comes very highly recommended!

Tylene Nichols


Katie was an incredible blessing to my whole pregnancy and birth experience. She was recommended to me through my previous doula and I absolutely adore her. I am a high-risk pregnancy due to pre-existing Type 1 Diabetes and was hoping to have as much of a natural birth as possible, despite being high risk. She was ready to provide me any information I needed and be there as a support through to much. When I was unsure if I was in labor or not, she was constantly checking on me and offering to be available to us at any time. Her flexibility and dedication to us was extremely comforting! Though my delivery did not go as I had originally hoped, Katie helped me to feel confident in my choices and truly appreciate and enjoy my labor and delivery. She has continued to offer her support weeks after my baby's birth and I am so happy that we chose her to be a part of our lives. I highly recommend Katie and her services!

jen schaff


I cannot say enough good things about Katie. She truly cares about people, their birth requests, and their babies at all stages. During the pregnancy, Katie met with my husband and I multiple times to help prepare us for our first baby. She also reached out to me many times just to check in and see how I was feeling. I had my baby on Christmas Eve and she left her poor family at home to come down to the hospital and help me. I had a great support sytem with my husband, but having someone there who knew  what to expect was comforting. Also, it was great to have someone avaialble to go find a nurse and not be left all alone. The most important support she provided for me was the things she did without me having to ask. During labor, I was so focused that I didn't have the energy to ask to have my hair put up or a wet cloth put on my forehead. Katie anticipated my needs and did these things while rubbing my back or reminding me to breathe. I had a great, quick labor and give her many thanks for helping it go so smoothly. After the birth, Katie didn't fall off the face of the Earth, in fact, we still connect every once in a while and I am so happy to say that she is part of my family's lives. Thanks Katie!

Shawna VanDiepenbos


Katie was great! During my pregnancy I had many questions and she was happy to answer my emails and texts very quickly with lots of helpful information. In addition my daughter came at 37 weeks which was before Katie was on call but she wrapped up a few things at her work and came when I asked her to. Katie was encouraging during my labor and delivery and my husband commented afterwards how glad he was that she was there. After my daughter was born she helped with breastfeeding both in the hours following as well as the days following. Even now two weeks later she has been giving me tips and encouragement. When my daughter ended up in the hospital with jaundice Katie offered to come bring food or help in any way. I can tell that my daughter has a special place in Katie's heart as I imagine all of her Doula babies do. :-) I definitely recommend Katie!

Vanessa Hinson


When my husband and I found out we were pregnant with our second child we decided that this time we wanted to have a doula. My first child was breech and was born by c-section and I really wanted to try for a VBAC. We chose to work with Katie Ryan as she was a family friend and we had heard good things about her doula practice.

Katie met with us numerous times during my pregnancy and talked us through making our birth plan. She had helpful questions for us to discuss with my OB about my pregnancy and the expectations and conscerns of a VBAC delivery. We also discussed breast feeding tips and circumsions. Katie had answers to all our questions and had great insight into the delivery process.

She came to our house and then to the hospital when I thought my labor had started, she stayed with us all day until we were sent home by the hospital for not progressing. Then a few days later she rushed with us the hospital when my water broke in the middle of the night.

Having Katie with us at the hospital to talk to about the suggestions of the hospital staff and for moral support was the key factor in my having a sucessful drug free VBAC. She helped me through the hours of labor and was there to be a backup for my husband. She gave great suggestions on positions to help my labor progress and to get me through the contractions. She knew about technology that was available in the hospital and helped us to get the fetal monitor that we needed to be able to move around durning labor.

She was able to work with the nurses when it was time to call my OB for the final stages of labor. She held my hand and helped me through pushing out my beautiful baby boy and then getting the skin on skin and early breast feeding that I wanted. She was our rock through the whole labor process and her calm deminor and knowledge helped my delivery be everything I wanted it to be.

Rhonda Mack


Words can't really describe the experience we had having Katie Ryan as our doula. When we found out we were having twins, I thought my labor and delivery options were going to be limited but she went over all our options and supported whatever we felt comfortable with. From the start, she was extremely knowledgeable and provided us with tools and information to help us not only create our birth plan and wishes but to educate us as expectant parents on what our options were and what we had a right to decide on for how our children would make their way into the world. Having been in the room for a couple of my friend's labor and deliveries, I had seen the traditional hospital delivery and the methods offered and used as general practice. I had no idea at the time that there are so many things that automatically happen but that mom's actually have the right to decide on from the drugs administered, positions to labor in, all the way up to what happens once the baby is born. Also, her mother is known as the "breastfeeding whisperer" and I was able to take a breastfeeding class with her mom prior to delivery to learn all about breastfeeding....it was amazing! Katie was always available for all my crazy questions and concerns and when we delivered early, she was there before I knew it and was the glue that held my husband and I together at times to get us through that day. I am a little bit of a control freak and she would give me information I needed and allow me to digest it and support whatever decision I made without question. When we realized our birth plan was going to need to be adjusted for the early delivery, she was by my side in triage handwriting the changes and making sure our team of nurses and doctors were on board. She was our advocate, our educator, our sounding board, our support and so much more and has truly become a part of our family! We will forever be grateful for her support and love in helping us bring Mack and Olivia into the world!

Rebekah Bohucki


Katie is so amazing and she has such a nurturing and comforting way about her. Pregnancy and birth are beautiful experiences,but they also come with many ups and downs. This was my first pregnancy and regardless of all the research I did, there were still many moments of uncertainty and Katie was always there for me. Aside from providing my husband and I with tons of knowledge and information, she was a friend that I laughed with, cried with,  and confided in. Katie helped us create a birth plan that was right for us. I was 42 weeks when I went into labor and my doctor had been pushing me to induce from 40 weeks on. I really wanted to wait until my baby was ready and Katie provided me with the support I needed to stand my ground.  My labor lasted 24 hrs and Katie was right by my side the entire time. She supported both myself and my husband. My husband was a little hesitant about the need for a doula, but after meeting Katie and especially after our entire birth experience, he was so happy we had her! She never took away from his role and he felt he was able to enjoy the whole experience more because of her. I ended up having a very painful back labor and Katie helped me work through each contraction with her magic bag of massage tools, heating bags, bouncy balls, and words of encouragement. She made sure I stayed hydrated with her delicious laborade that she made for me. Just one of many personal touches she added to enhance our experience. Katie even helped get through 3 hrs of pushing when I was completely exhausted. She gently but effectively advocated for me with nursing staff and made sure the environment stayed calm and comfortable at all times. Katie is so much more than just a doula. She's a caring and nurturing gem who loves taking care of mamas. Katie has continued to be supportive after our beautiful baby boy was born. She has helped support me with breastfeeding and checks in on us regularly. Katie added so much to our birth experience!

Clarissa Smith


Lets just say that Katie is (for lack of a better word) AMAZING! Katie was not only very professional, but also made me feel very secure and comfortable. I had some major stressers during my 9 months and she always made me feel so safe and cuddly. She never questioned what I wanted and was always very supportive in my decisions. I truely believe she goes the extra mile for you. I would honestly recommend her to everyone and their sister!

This is my first pregnancy. I was in labor for 37 hours, all of which was at home except the last 2 hours of my delivery. Katie was with me the entire time. Not to complain about my hubby, but he doesnt handle these kind of "situations" the best. I love him to death, but not the one to help keep me calm when his anxiety is getting a bit high. I mean c'mon, who wouldn't be worried/stressed about a baby that wasn't ready for the world just yet. That being said, Katie was my rock. Always knowing how to calm me down, rubbing my back, making sure I was eating/drinking enough. She even slept beside me all ngiht, helping me get through those 2-3 minute contractions, telling me to breath, and what a great job I was doing. She was very encouraging.

Looking back, I truely had a positive natural birth experience. I honestly feel like I owe that to Katie. Words can not describe the bond I have with her after going through such a life changing event. It may sound cheesy, but she is more than a doula to me. She is one of the most honest, caring and compassionate people I know. If I was to have more children, there would be no question that Katie would be there. I could not have done it without her and I am so grateful to have such a wonderful woman in my family's life.

I'm no writer so if you've read my review and are still on the fence about her, just email me. rissagoomba@gmail

Amanda Marie


Katie was our doula with our second child so when I became pregnant with our third child we decided to once again hire Katie as she has such a calming presence during what is an emotional journey.  Mid way through my pregnancy I was told that tests indicated there was something wrong with me and I needed to see an oncologist.  At 27 weeks pregnant I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma and told that I would not be able to delay treatments if I wanted a good prognosis.  At 29 weeks pregnant I began my chemo every other week.  Fast forward to 39 weeks pregnant, I had a chemo treatment and my blood work (white blood cells, neutrophins and platellets) came back excellent.  So much so that they decided that would be the perfect time to induce me and give me a chance to recover.  I was induced two days later.  When we got to the hospital they did another blood panel to check on me and came back with the news that my platellets were so low I was not eligible for an epidural.  (I had one with both my other pregnancies and was leaning towards having one again.) Katie immediatley turned to me and said, "That's ok, we've got this, I can get you through it."  I think I would have had an emotional breakdown if she hadn't been there.  To say the pain was intense was an understatement, and I was only 2 days out from my last chemo.  Katie stayed by my side, massaging my back, getting me in and out of the shower, rocking on the medicine ball, helped with breathing techniques, reassuring words, you name it.  At the end the only person I wanted near me was Katie.  I had the strongest most intense pain of my life and do not know how I would have coped with out her by my side.  You only have a few babies in your life and having someone as experienced as Katie be there is so reassuring.  Until this last birth I never knew how much a doula really does for you, thank you Katie, you are amazing!

Jessica Morris


Hiring Katie as our Doula was one of the best decisions we made during our pregnancy! My husband and I had very little knowledge/experience with all things pregnancy/birth related and Katie calmed all of our insecurities with our first meet up! We just fell in love with her. Each time she came to visit we learned so much from her, and she never made us feel silly for not knowing things already. Although we had a relatively easy pregnancy we had some complications after 40 weeks. We ended up in the hospital overnight and even though we were not in labor, Katie rushed to our side while we were still in Triage. She stayed until we got situated in a room and even went and got us dinner! She kept checking in with us throughout our stay, and assured us that if we needed her there she was only minutes away. Fast forward a couple of days and having zero amniotic fluid left, we were rushed to the hospital to induce labor. Katie beat us to the hospital. She stayed right by our sides throughout the entire labor (which started instantaneously). She was an amazing coach and support system to both my husband and me. Katie also did a great job communicating with the nurses our birth preferences. Katie reminded me throughout the process of various positions to try and walks to take, so much so that my 10 hours of labor seemed to fly by. Once she was certain that our son was on his way out and my husband was right where he needed to be, Katie grabbed our camera and took the most amazing photos of his birth. She captured some of the most beautiful memories we have of May 20th. We had a bit of a cranky baby nurse, and Katie became very protective of our son and our wishes for what we wanted after his birth. Katie made sure that he got back to us much sooner than the baby nurse wanted! Once we were home she stopped by to make sure everything was going well. We have since had her over multiple times to visit because we consider her much more than our doula we count a friend!

Edeleen Cotton


Katie is absolutely AMAZING!! I gave birth to my daughter on 05/01/12 I went into labor at 3am and she answered her phone so quickly and was right there reminding me of our plans even when I wanted to give up. From our first lunch meeting I got this overwhelming feeling of true warmth and felt her passion for child birth. For my first child we did not hire a doula and I was disappointment that my birth plan did not go as planned and the nurses were not interested in my plan. I was determined to have the best most natural birth as possible for my daughter. When I was about 20 weeks I found out my daughter had a hand deformity. I called Katie and she met up with to take a walk and talk she let me vent let me cry. She was there throughout the whole process, she gave me resources to research I felt so supported. For this birth I did not want any drugs, no matter what! We discussed if there was any point that I would actually want it, I told her no, and she agreed to be very firm with me! On that perfect May 1st morning I arrived at the hospital at 4am and within minutes she was there. I was already 7cm upon arrival. Katie had me move positions and when I was at the point of no return she was able to look me in the eye and get me refocused that this is what I wanted. My daughter was born within minutes on my knees with no doctors around. I was scared to turn around and see her hand, but I heard Katie’s voice, “look at her princess she is perfect”! And sure enough she was perfect just the way God made her. When I seen my baby girl and kissed her beautiful hand and she has been just what I thought I never needed. I honestly do not think I would have appreciated the labor pains and let my body do what it needed to do without Katie. I would recommend her to everyone and any woman I know!!!

Amanda Sohn


Katie was an amazing Doula for our family.   The process started with her coming to our house for prenatal visits.  She came prepared with a folder filled with amazing information around the birth experience and post partum as well.  We met Katie 3 years ago and she made sure my husband and I were comfortable transitioning from a relationship of friendship to one of complete trust in one of the most critical moments of our life.  Katie asked questions around the birth of our first child making sure she understood the entire birth, including what we liked about it, what we didn't like, and what we would like to do differently.  Katie is so educated on the birthing process and spent a lot of time answering our questions and providing information.  She never once pushed us to do something we did not want to do.  She provided facts and let us make our decisions and supported us entirely.  It was so comforting to have her there for the birth.  If you think about it, you and your husband will only go through this a few times in life and she has done this countless times and brings so much knowledge, comfort and support to the process.  She was our advocate making sure our birth plan was followed and asking questions when need be for any procedures that were done to me while in the hospital.  She also has done follow up visits to make sure everything is still going ok for us as a new family of 4.  She came to the hospital with her "bag of tricks" to use during labor to keep me relaxed.  I always thought you only used a doula if you wanted natural childbirth so I was not sure how Katie would help as I had pretty much figured I would get an epidural but she was great.  Her calming presence, knowledge, and experience were great keeping me calm with my second birth.  My first birth was awful and my second birth makes me feel like I could do it time and again. 

Crystal Sebastian


 Katie was a wonderful addition to my birthing team. She helped explain everything that was happening and reassured me that my labor was progressing and all of my symptoms, effects were normal. She provided a constant source of positive encouragement and support without being intrusive. Having her with me throughout a long labor allowed my husband to take occasional breaks to get a snack or use the restroom without me being alone during a very active, long labor. Even though we had attended birthing classes and read all the books- labor was so much more intense than I could have imagined, having a Doula there made all the difference. We were able to enjoy the miracle and magic of the birth process so much more thanks to Katie's wisdom, experience and help. Thank you Katie- we Love you!

Amina Mohamed


Although we found Katie late in our pregnancy I couldn't imagine not having her.  She was very supportive and was there for me whenever I needed her. Answered all our questions. She was very kind and supportive towards my demands. Labor was very long and painful, Katie was there to support me the whole time. Because of my faith ( I am a Muslim)  Katie made signs for the door at the hospital so no other male besides my husband could come in and she even helped me go to the bathroom while I was in labor, took pictures for us and waited for as long as we needed her. She did more than we paid for, went above and beyond and I look forward to having her again in  the future. While in labor she stayed with us at home and massaged my legs and body whenever the contractions hit... I couldn't ask for more and I am soo glad we found her when we did.  So grateful and very pleased with her. Love you Katie, thank you very much for your kindness and being there for us when we really needed you. 

KimberlyAnn Alford


I had two wonderful births with the help of Katie Ryan.

When I found out I was pregnant after several years of trying It was great to have her there with me to make me feel at ease. She was able to work around my hectic schedule and worked on my time - not hers. Even driving an hour each way for the second birth visits when we moved further away. She helped me learn relaxing tecniques and even taught me about using the ball (that helped turn my breach baby the correct way before birth). Both of my births were early and had several complications. Along the way Katie was there to help me and comfort me.  During the birth of  my son as well as my daughter she helped me feel at ease with the things the doctors were doing, and even wiping my head with a cool cloth & holding the tray when I had bad effects from the meds and was sick. She makes you feel like family and I will always have a friendship with her for life. I am so happy that she was there for me and the birth of my first and last. Thank you Katie - We love you!!!

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