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Judy Holmes, CD(Dona)

Inspired Birth Concepts

Phone: (314) 650-0508

Birth Fee: $900

Birth Doula Experience: 8 years and 400 births attended

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of Practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per Month: 0 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I was on Staff as a Hospital Doula for 2 years,as well as attending private client births. I have attended over 350 births. I get along well with hospital staff, and support the Dad as well as the birthing mom. I have another Doula available to back me up.
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Some Home Births

Other Relevant Certifications

  • Dancing For Birth Certified Instructor

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Adoption
  • Cesarean birth
  • Clients on bed rest
  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • Home Birth
  • Induced and high medical technology labor & birth
  • Multiples
  • Over 40
  • Plus size mothers
  • Postpartum mood disorders
  • Prematurity
  • Relinquishing mothers
  • Single parents
  • Survivors of Previous Life Trauma
  • Survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Teens
  • Twins
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth Pool rental
  • Dancing For Birth Professionally Trained
  • Military families
  • Miscarriage Support (Before, During or After)
  • Reflexology

Languages spoken: English

Service Area Map

Area of practice: House Springs, MO
Travel Range: 50 Miles
Travel comments/restrictions: I also travel to Illinois.

Client Testimonials for Judy Holmes, CD(Dona)

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Maria Lanahan

Having Judy as our doula was a great experience. From the beginning she was very candid and honest with us, and we never felt like she was trying to sell us something. This was our  first baby, and we wanted to have a natural birth, so Judy was a natural fit for us. We were also drawn to her personality, which was easy-going and fun. After two nights of prodromal labor, Judy was able to give us some guidance about what to do next. She told us to go about our day and bring our birth bags with us. I ended up going into labor more seriously around 12 noon that day. We call Judy over to our house, and she came over and helped me get through some back labor by having me try different positions during contractions.  She also knew when to go to the birth center, which was helpful. I didn't know how strong with contractions need to be before going. When we got there, I was already dilated 6 cm. From there,  she and the midwife guided me through the rest of the labor: about 4 hours. She was always very helpful in coaching me into various positions and in how to push. She was also a great help to my husband. He always felt that he was helping me through labor, and she was supportive of him in that endeavor by giving him ideas about how to help me by, for example, putting pressure on my lower back and hips during contractions. We had a great experience and will definitely reach out to Judy again if we are so fortunate to have a second child.

Posted 11/3/2017

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Kari Dietz

Judy has been a Godsend in my life! She helped me give birth twice, my last two boys. Her expertise and knowledge brought me great comfort when I felt the most nervous and vulnerable. But it's her personality and genuine love for work that calmed my heart. I am a military wife and far from family and friends. I also lost my mother during this pregnancy. The sincere love Judy shares with me and my family fills that spot that was left vacant. Judy respects all my thoughts and wishes in regards to my birth plan. When I went into labor she came to help right away. We lunged, we stretched, we walked, we danced...Judy not only is there to support mama, she supports Daddy as well. She encourages him to step in and be part of the journey. I have 4 children now. I think we are done...but after this last experience with Judy I would consider 5! 

Kari Fabian

Posted 12/23/2016

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Lisa Bogart

Judy was awesome! She met with us several times before our sons birth to help prepare us for what we should expect, which helped reduce my anxiety leading up to the birth. When my water broke and I went into Preterm labor at 34 weeks pregnant, she was there and got me through being induced and some intense contractions with pitocin. I was much calmer and less stressed because of her guidance and wisdom in the delivery room. I don't know how I would have gotten through that day without her. i highly recommend Judy and her services!

Posted 11/22/2016

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Joni Lynn Aevermann

With my second birth, we decided that a Doula was someone were wanted as part of our team. After 5 interviews with Doulas, we found person that best completed our team. Judy is warm, funny, highly experienced, maternal, and a woman of strong character. From our first interview, she made me feel empowered and like I could accomplish the birth that I wanted.  That's how I knew she was the one for us. Throughout my labor she was there coaching us through. She was a large part of the reason why I was able to have an unmedicated birth. Do yourself a favor and gift yourself this amazing Doula!

Posted 10/27/2016

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Alexis Feldt

As a first-time mom, I had no idea what to expect with pregnancy and childbirth. I feel so blessed to have had Judy by my side. While I initially wasn't sure if i doula was the right choice for me, she explained doulas were not just for natural childbirth. It was her job to support me and my husband during labor and delivery, act as our advocate and help us have a successful childbirth experience. She did all that and more.

During pregnancy, Judy came over for several consultations, including the night of my due date to apply pressure points  to prepare my body for labor. I was in labor within 24 hours.

In labor, my body progressed much quicker than anticipated (total labor was just 6 hours). Because of that, I had a few unexpected side effects. Judy got to the hospital extremely fast, and as soon as she entered our room, she could tell my contractions were much stronger and closer together than they should have been. Because of this, we shifted the original birth plan I had, which i was so grateful for. She helped me through the hardest pain I could imagine for almost a full hour, and then agreed I should get an epidural.

Although I had originally wanted to labor naturally for longer, I was thrilled Judy validated my decision After the epidural, Judy stayed with me. She helped me get comfortable, monitored my contractions, and made sure I was informed about all the steps the nurses were taking. She also was the one who could tell I was almost ready to push just by me explaining how I was feeling--when the nurse came in and checked, she was shocked. My son was here within 30 minutes!

After delivery, Judy helped me breastfeed and get comfortable, then left so we could have time with our families. Two weeks after, she came to the house to check in on everyone. 

I truly can't imagine going through this experience without Judy, and I hope she will be willing to help us again when we are ready to have our next!

Posted 8/10/2016

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Lindsey Baker

Judy is amazing!

I didn't contact her till I was about 32 weeks but she was more than willing to help us. She had great advice and was very helpful as my dreams of a natural labor were changed due to an induction. She made me feel as comfortable as possible through the entire process. Not just physically but emotinally as well through out my 2 days of L&D. I would highly recommend Judy to any women/couple who are thinking about getting a Doula. She is top notch and I will hire her the second I get pregnant again.

Posted 6/14/2016

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Elizabeth Hanneke

My husband and I met with Judy and told her the type of birth experience that we would like to have. She met with us a couple times during the pregnancy to review what we would go through when I went into labor and help us prepare for the big day. When my due date arrived and passed she recommended someone to do acupuncture to help. When I was done with that Judy came over to the house and did a nice acupressure foot/hand massage on specific pressure points. Two days later she came over to do acupressure again and some stretches and exercises to help position the baby and prepare my body for labor. About five minutes after she left the house, my water broke in the kitchen. My husband called her and she headed back right away. As soon as my water had broken my contractions started up and they were already two minutes apart in the transition phase. We had planned to labor at home as long as possible and then labor in a tub at the hospital. Something told me that I couldn't wait any longer and we needed to go to the hospital right then. My husband and I drove to the hospital and Judy followed. When we arrived at the hospital and got to the room I was already feeling like the baby was about to come out. Judy stood by my side and told me how to breathe correctly and moan on the exhale to make it more manageable. She brought me water and a cool rag on my forehead when I needed it. I was checked for dilation and I was already fully dilated. She encouraged me to push whenever I felt the urge. I started pushing and she was very encouraging along with my husband. The doctor arrived and was fully supportive of our birth plan as well. After pushing for around 30 minutes our daughter was born. It was amazing and went even better than I had ever imagined even though it was a completely different experience than what we had envisioned. Judy was essential in preparing for birth, answering questions throughout pregnancy, and integral during our med-free natural delivery.

Posted 4/17/2016

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Coryann Pittman

Judy Holmes is an amazing woman, friend and doula.  This was our second time using Judy's talents and we could not be happier.  She is warm, inviting, loving, caring,motherly, funny and just puts everyone around her at ease.  She offers her unwaivering support and strength not only to the mom but also the partner involved.  Both times when I was at my breaking point she came in and held me through it, all the way.  Without her im not sure I could have had an unmedicated birth.  She is very knowledgeable and was able to show me positions that helped ease my back labor, she constanlty reminded me of my strength and abilities.  Again without her I wouldnt have been able to get the few minutes rest during labor that I was able to!  In Judy we found a mother, a birth supporter, but also a great friend.  She even transported the placenta for us so we could focus on healing and baby.  We love Judy to the moon and back and am so grateful we had her in our corner!!!

Posted 3/16/2016

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Angela Dabrosky

Judy was absolutely amazing!  I would HIGHLY recommend her to ANYONE looking for a doula.  They simply don't get any better than this!

My husband and I wanted to find an affordable, certified doula with exceptional experience for the birth of our second child.  The goal was to have a completely natural birth, hoping for a smooth delivery.  When we found Judy, we were excited about her extensive experience.  After speaking with Judy and then meeting with her, we knew she was the right fit for us.  Her knowledge, skills and experience assured us that we were in good hands - not to mention her great personality!  She even worked with us on the price so that we could stay within our budget.  

As soon as the time came (early morning), Judy was easy to reach and immediately drove to our home to assess the situation.  I didn't want to go to the hopsital too soon and I didn't think it was time to leave for the hospital yet.  But as soon as she arrived at our home, Judy quickly read my body language and knew that it was time to go.  Good thing we listened to her because she was right.  We arrived at the hospital where I labored in a tub of water for about 2 hours.  There came a time where I wanted to give up and opt for the pain meds, but Judy reminded me of my goals and had previously prepared me for this moment.  I was able to use some of the tactics Judy taught me to push through the pain and allow my body to naturally progress.  Before I knew it, I was holding my healthy, precious baby girl in my arms and I was so releived that I was able to experience and endure a natural child birth!  I honestly don't think I could have done it without Judy.  I would use her again in a heart beat and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.  


Posted 2/9/2016

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Elaine Sinnott

Judy is just simply amazing! My husband and I grew to love this woman as she was with us through such an exciting time-preparing for the birth of our twin boys! I loved that we met quite a few times before the actual birth process began and she was right there as labor began as well. If I remember correctly she came to our house around 10 pm and was with us all through the night once we arrived to the hospital and gave birth to the boys. She makes me not so scared of labor now. She showed Luke (my husband) and I how to work together through each contraction and the pain literally went away each time we did what she suggested for each contraction. We are expecting again and have since moved 12 hours away from where we gave birth to the twins and I'm considering finding a way to fly her out for this one, too! Haha I know she made Luke feel a lot better and more relaxed throughout the whole process as well. And because of that I was even more relaxed which definitely helped my labor progress easier than our first child! It's such an exciting time and one of the things I loved most is she brought my husband and I even closer through the amazing event by learning more about each other and how to respond to each other. She's just amazing and I'd recommend her to anyone and everyone. We love you Judy!

Posted 2/2/2016

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Lydia Lettrick

I heard about Judy thru a military mom..she raved about her! I knew I wanted my second Labor and Delivery to be a better experience than my first. I wanted an all natural birth. Right from the get go she was amazing! We quickly hit it off at our first meeting. She listened to me and talked with me about my options. She told/showed me different techniques to control my pain and help baby move to a good birth position. She helped me make a simple birth plan including everything I wanted. She was available to me 24/7 via cell phone with any questions I had. I could not have gone thru an all natural labor delivering a 9 lb 11oz baby boy without her. She knows her stuff! If we hadnt moved across the ocean I would use her again in a heartbeat!!!!! Just wonderful :)

Posted 2/1/2016

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Janece Martinez

Judy was my doula for the birth of my son. I had a successful VBAC! My husband and I both agree that without Judy I couldn't have done it. At first I questioned whether I would need a doula or not. Now that I have had one I can tell you hands down that it is worth every penny. Judy relaxed me in a way that I can't even describe. She helped me with breathing effectively, different positions, she did acupressure, & gave me a foot massage. Some of these things may sound like something you can do yourself or have your significant other do. But I promise you that in the middle of a contraction the last thing running through your mind is how to relax after the contraction is over or how to not scrunch up your shoulders or your forehead. Judy was right there every single time a contraction started. My labor was long. Judy was there throughout the entire process at the hospital. She never slept, something my family and I still can't figure out how it was possible. And even though she was awake for so long, she didn't even appear to be tired. She supported me 100% in all of my decisions and was there to offer me tons of knowledge and different experiences to help me make the right decisions for my baby and me. I felt comfortable with Judy because she has attended so many births. Her experience was apparent throughout the entire labor & delivery. Judy met with me for an initial meeting to see if we were interested in her services. We had two additional meetings before my labor & one meeting afterwards. Before my labor we discussed my fears, learned some positions, & she gave me some advice. She was always available throughout my pregnancy to answer any questions or just listen to me talk through my choices. After the delivery we met & talked about the birth and discussed any problems or questions I had. She is an amazing person that will always hold a very special place in my heart.

Posted 1/27/2016

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Sophia H. Garner

Judy was amazing! My husband and I couldn't (or wouldn't have liked to) have done it without her. She was with us during the entire birth process, encouraging me, supporting my husband, answering questions, and explaining procedures. She supported and championed every choice we made and helped communicate our wishes to the medical staff. We truly recommend her services to anyone looking for a doula!

Posted 12/5/2015

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Ricky and Shannon Vaught

Judy is amazing!  I love her jovial personality and calm spirit.  Judy was such an incredible support for my husband- she assisted him in knowing the best way to coach me through the labor process so that he was able to stay calm.  Having Judy present in the labor and delivery room allowed us to focus on getting through labor as she acted as an advocate for us with the medical staff.  I was able to delivery in a position that was most comfortable for me.  I have 4 children (2 were induced- no epidural used, 2 all natural).  Judy was present at 3 of the 4 births, the one she was not available for I tried to go it alone and it was definitely the most difficult.  I appreciate Judy's personal touch, coming to our home, teaching us positions of comfort and providing pressure point massage.  She was available for consult at crazy hours of the night when I didn't know whether I was in labor or not.  I also appreciate Judy's sensitivity to our spiritual needs as she supported us prayerfully as well.  Judy provided such a peace of mind and I am forever grateful for her part in helping welcome our babies into the world!

Shannon (mother of 4 blessings: 5y, 4y, 2y & 3 months)

Posted 11/15/2015

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Cassie Morr

Judy is wonderful and has a fun personality which made us feel very comfortable. I was hoping for a labor experience as natural as possible, without any un-necessary interventions. The women in my family thought I was nuts not wanting an epidural right off so when my water started leaking and the Dr. said I could either be induced or go home, it was a relief to have someone who understood the process to call and discuss the options with before making a decision. I wanted to labor at home as long as possible after my water broke, during that time I was able to touch base with Judy and when the time was right she encouraged me to go to the hospital. It's a good thing she did because I was dilated to 5 centimeters when I checked in. Weeks before the delivery Judy had met with my husband and I to show us some techniques to use while laboring at home and prepare us for what to expect in the delivery room. What I didn't expect was that my husband would be so involved and supportive during labor, after all, what did he know about childbirth. Yet we both have this incredible memory of he and I working together to give birth to our Son. Judy coached my husband on how to help me. Her experience and relaxed nature in the delivery room was reassurance that everything was normal which kept us both calm. When labor stalled Judy pulled out a few tricks that got everything moving again, after that our baby came very quickly. In the end my birthing experience far exceeded my expectations. She worked with the nurses to create an atmosphere of a home birth in a hospital; I didn’t even think that was possible. At my 6 week check up my Doctor told me she enjoyed working with Judy so much that she asked a few nurses to take classes to become cross trained as Doula's and they were looking forward to it. Five years later and we've just had baby #2 and we wouldn't have done it without Judy!

Posted 11/13/2015

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Jessica Lamprecht

Judy was fantastic! She made everything light hearted but was serious when the time came for it. She kept my husband and I entertained and helped me breath and concentrate with every contraction. She doesn't judge or give opinions unless asked. She believes that every parent knows what's best for their child. Judy even made an extra visit with me to help me get through a hard post partum and focus on breastfeeding. She even made us dinner and let us nap at our house. She was fantastic with the rest of the birth team and I really couldn't of got through the labor without her. Thanks Judy!!!!! 

Posted 11/11/2015

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Stephanie Liss Collet

We had an excellent experience with Judy Holmes as our doula! Upon meeting her we immediately felt comfortable and knew she'd be a welcome and necessary addition to our birth team in my journey to successfully achieve a VBAC. And she was! And I did get my VBAC! Judy provided in-person, email and text support throughout my pregnancy and was always quick to respond and caring in her correspondences. She is light-hearted and puts you at ease with her sense of humor. The day before I had my son, I was one week overdue, so she came over to give me an acupressure foot massage to try to help induce labor; I went into labor that very night. My contractions at home came on quickly, so Judy met us at the hospital. She helped me through my unmedicated labor and delivery, suggesting every position in the book for optimal comfort and eventually effective pushing. She also kept my husband & mother involved and worked in tandem with my nurse and OB. When my son arrived, he had to be taken to the special care nursery, and eventually transferred to a children’s hospital NICU. Even though her job “was done”, Judy came back up to the hospital as soon as she got word of the situation to be with my husband and me during that emotional time. She was there for comfort us and asked to pray with us. She also stayed in touch with me about his progress and came to visit my newborn son and me at my home once we had recovered. I wholeheartedly recommend Judy as a supportive doula who feels more like a family member. She was very supportive of my natural, med-free birth and was an integral part of me achieving my VBAC.

Posted 8/25/2015

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Samantha Siebe

Judy is a blessing. My husband was deployed for the majority of our pregnancy. While this is the second child that I brought into this world, not having my rock there with me created new challenges and fears. Judy was understanding, kind, and always willing to help anyway she could when it came to the birth of our second son. She supported our decisons, guided and advised us when she felt that she needed to, and always had communication open for us.

Even though my husband wasn't able to meet her until after our son was born, Judy made him feel included and apart of the process. We skyped with my husband while I was in labor, and he felt like he was able to help and be there for me almost as much as if he were there in person. This was a huge concern for my husband and I, but Judy was able to make it work! And let me tell you, it was beautiful. 

The techniques and knowledge she used to help me achieve the birth experience that he and I wanted. She encouraged us, guided us, and let us make decisions and changes to our plan without compliant. She went with our flow easily, never argued, and never made us feel like we were loosing control of our birth. I feel that we would not have had as beautiful of an experience as we did without her. She helped to make this birth beautiful and fullfilling.

Thank you, Judy. You truly are remarkable and you have a beautiful gift!


Posted 8/1/2015

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Kari Dietz-Fabian

I am a military wife. I am across the country from my friends and family. This pregnancy was planned but what I didn't plan on was the saddness I would feel when I realized I would be birthing without my network of loved ones. I had never birthed with a doula but I thought this was a perfect fit this time around.

I was given Judy's onfo from the OB admitting nurse on a hospital tour. Judy was available to chat immediately. The conversation flowed so smoothly it was like talking to a seasoned friend! The more time we spent togehter the more it was clear that we were a great match.

My birth plan included a natural birth with little to no interventions. Judy was completely on board with this and 100% supportive. We discussed, in length, what my husband and I wanted or hoped to experience when in labor. Judy's positive attitude and expertise made both my husband and I feel very at ease and excited for our upcoming journey.

The time had come, I was in the early stages of labor. Judy came to our home within a few hours and performed accupressure to encourage better contarctions and also an exercise to ensure the baby was in a proper position to labor. It was time to go to the hospital...

Once admitted and I was settled Judy's presence took on a different form for me. She was not only my birthing coach, she was the mother spirit I needed. Judy was calm when I was flustered. She was comforting when I was scared. She was my spiritual coach on the sidelines when I was ready to quit the game!

I was able to successfully birth my son, naturally, because I am a strong woman. I was able to be strong because I had an incredible doula holding my hand and telling me that I could it. My husband and I feel that we didn't just hire a doula, we made an incredible connection with a woman we adore and love. We are already planning our next baby and you better believe Judy will be one of the first phone calls we will make!

Posted 7/7/2015

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Yea-Wen Yang

When I found out I was pregnant with my first child I knew I wanted a doula. I really didn't know what to expect during labor and wanted someone that I trusted and that understood my wishes in the labor room with us. After interviewing several doulas, I knew Judy was the right fit for my family. Besides having a ton of experience in the delivery room, she's down to earth and we clicked. It was important for me to find someone who would help me try to stay as true to my birth plan as possible but not be disappointed or disapproving if I decided I wanted pain medication.

Judy met me at my house twice before my delivery to discuss my birth plan and provide me with information about labor and the different types of medical interventions and their pros/cons. Those visits were great and helped me be more comfortable with my delivery.

I had prodromal labor for 2 days and 5 hours of active labor. Judy was fantastic during that time and was constantly available if I need to call or text with questions. It was Judy, not the hospital staff, that told me that I was having prodromal labor and the baby was not in the right position to start active labor. Judy gave me exercises to help move the baby into the right position as well as suggest a chiropractor/acupuncturist to help. Judy gave me the emotional support during those 2 days to help me stay strong and not head to the hospital to induce labor. With her help, I was able to have a vaginal delivery without having to be induced. I did end up choosing to have an epidural though and Judy was very supportive of my decision. She was there for the entire length of delivery and helped me understand what was being done and inform me of pros/cons of each procedure.

I believe every woman should consider having a doula and having delivered my son, I am convinced I made the right decision. I wouldn't hesitate to hire Judy again if I do decide to have a 2nd child.

Posted 7/6/2015

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Amalia Meyer

Judy was the most down to earth doula I interviewed! Her response when we interviewed her about what techniques she would use during labor was exactly what we were looking for "it depends on the person.. every person is different so there is no one approach or technique I take" PERFECT! She also has extensive knowledge and experience working with mothers who have anxiety and depression and that was KEY in our decision making process. She was caring and extremely knowledge when my labor went 0-60! I hope we decide to have another baby so we can hire her again!

Posted 4/24/2015

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Maggie Larkin

I have used Judy Holmes through 3 of my pregnancies. I cannot imagine going through the experiences without her. She is knowledgeable, patient, funny, and open. My husband and I felt that we could talk to her about anything. She also made us feel comfortable throughout the entire pregnancy and labor experience. One of my pregnancies was a miscarriage, in which Judy provided much needed support.

During the birth of my second child, Judy knew that I wanted to try doing it naturally but that I was not one hundred percent positive about it. When it came down to mid labor she pushed enough not to pressure me but to allow me to make my own decision to not get the epidural. Then when it came time to push, I expected it to happen quickly sice I had no medication. After about an hour of pushing, nothing seem to be happening. I literally thought I was dying the pain was so hard. At that point I felt like I had no support from the gynecologist. She actually even took off her gloves and went to the other end of the room. That is when Judy informed me that my daughter was posterior. I did not even know what that meant, all I could think of was the pain. I decided to ignore the gynecologist and to focus all my energy on Judy. Judy told me to stand up. After standing up, Judy told me to do a hip exercise. After only about two minutes of standing up, my daughter turned and Judy and the nurse literally delivered my daughter right there. The nurse informed me later that she believed, had Judy not had me stand up, I most likely would have had to have a C-Section. Judy was my advocate during a scary and stressful time in which my husband and I didn’t have much of a clue of what we were doing. I am so appreciative of that. I would recommend her to my family, friends, and anyone else a hundred times over.

Posted 3/27/2015

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Sara McHale

I met Judy when she was the hospital's on-call doula for my first delivery. As a physician, I thought I could do the whole labor thing by myself. By the time I decided I definitely wanted a doula, things went very quickly and I ended up requesting an epidural before Judy arrived. I had really wanted to deliver "naturally" and was disappointed in my "failure." When Judy arrived, she really made me feel like I made the right decision at the time. It was an amazing delivery. Judy coached me on pushing and made me feel very confident. I was very much at ease and I laughed the baby out.  With my 2nd, I wanted to try the whole "natural" thing again and called Judy. She checked in with me several times during the pregnancy to make sure everything was ok. Then, the moment arrived. I was in labor. Since things happened very quickly with the first, I called her the second my contractions were every couple of minutes. Judy came to my home with her bag of tricks. She had lotions for massage, practiced accupressure points and did some belly dancing for birth. (She teaches a class!) . She stayed with me the entire day. When the contractions faded, she assured me this was normal.  Several nights later, I went into active labor at 9pm. We stayed at my house until I felt ready, then went to the hospital. We walked the halls, used a birthing ball, attempted to increase my contractions even by using the breast pump. My second was born noon the next day. Judy was up with me the entire time. She talked me through every step and I was able to deliver without any medication or epidural.  Judy made all of the difference in my deliveries. She was never judgemental and she encouraged me to do what I felt was right in every case. She was incredibly supportive and made me feel completely at ease. I would now consider her part of my extended family and am very blessed to have had her present for the birth of my children.

Posted 3/3/2014

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Yana Weinstein

We had an amazing natural birth experience with Judy. She went absolutely above in beyond with her care and attention throughout the preparations for childbirth and labor itself. She was knowledgeable, calm, encouraging, and also great fun. We interviewed 5 doulas and she stood out as the best while also charging a shockingly low price given her experience and dedication. Judy integrated herself very well into our team (my partner and I) and was supporting both of us without taking center stage. We really could not have wished for more from a doula.

Posted 10/9/2012

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Katherine Rutsch

Judy was there for me through my whole pregnancy. Answering emails and phone calls and all the questions I had. We always ended up talking for a long time and the friendship that grew gave me confidence during my labor and delivery. My husband also has been very happy with Judy and her services. She set any concerns of his at rest and gave him lots of ideas on how to help with labor. When D-day arrived she really was great at letting Nick be completely involved while still leading him to the things that would help me coup with labor. My husband has commented many times that having Judy there made our birth vision a reality and that she truly exceeded all his expectations. At the hospital Judy continued to give me positive affirmations and to help me stay in control. The water tub really relaxed me and our daughter was born 3 hours later. Judy was the best coach I could have asked for! We laughed and talked though most of my labor and when it got intense she was right there telling me I could do it and I believed her and knew that I could. Once I had my baby Ruby in my arms, Judy graciously faded into the background and let us enjoy fully the newborn glow. We still are in contact and I plan for her to be with me when I deliver my next baby. My birth experience was the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me and I know it would not have been possible without her. Also, my 7 year old son is so in love with her he has made her promise to stay part of our family. She involved him and they had so much fun together. Judy is a special person and I am so happy that God has placed her in our lives

Posted 5/3/2012

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Kristen Bossler

Our experience with Judy was wonderful!  She was present for the labor/delivery of our third child, and it was our best experience out of the three.  She involved my husband and use various comfort measures througout the labor, which helped keep me focused and from getting discouraged when things weren't going as fast as I expected.  We had fun laughing at each other doing some of the exercises!  She also acted as a voice between me and the nurses, many times asking them for things I needed or wanted, or sometimes doing it herself.  It was nice to have someone around who knows what you need when you are in too much pain to express it yourself.  She is very experienced, does her job well, and enjoys doing it.  I only wish we had known her sooner.



Posted 11/9/2011

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Erin Bowen

I would absolutely recommend Judy as a doula! She is simply amazing. I feel so lucky that she was there to support me on one of the most intense days of my life. I wanted a natural birth with no epidural and I got it, with the help of Judy. From the moment I met Judy, she made me feel at ease. She is so warm and welcoming and has a wonderful sense of humor. She provided me with tremendous support, especially when my husband almost did not make it home for the birth due to his active duty military status. He did make it home at the very last minute (literally the night before) and Judy immediately included him in all aspects of the birthing process. He and I both believe that there is no way we could have gotten through such an intense time without her. Her incredible understanding of the birthing process and experience really allowed her to guide me in making decisions during my labor. She really helped me to stay focused and calm and reinforced how strong I was, which I really needed. I will never forget Judy and will always look back on my daughter’s birth as a wonderful experience, that in great part, I owe to her. Any woman would be incredibly fortunate to have Judy present during their labor.

Posted 11/8/2011

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