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Wyborski Rebellino Doula Service

Cincinnati, OH Service range 25 miles


Birth Fee

$1000 to $1400

Postpartum Rate

$25 to $40

Birth Fee

$1000 to $1400

Postpartum Rate

$25 to $40

Years in Operation: 4

Type of practice: Partnership

Clients per month: 1 to 4 births and 1 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
No unassisted births

Fee Details

Interview meet and greet is free of charge. Two prenatal meetings, continuous birth support, and one postpartum visit is our standard care package. You'll have access to us throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum as a resource for any questions or concerns you want to talk through or receive more information about. We are flexible to adjust this care to accommodate your particular needs! We both provide birth and postpartum support. Stephanie will be providing NICU doula support beginning summer 2023. Stephanie is a former pediatric nurse, which gives her a unique and well rounded mindset and skill set. We provide reduced cost support for teen mothers, please message for more info. We look forward to meeting you!

Service Area

Cincinnati, OH Service range 25 miles

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Birth Fee: $1000 to $1400


Updated 2/4/2024

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Client Testimonials for Wyborski Rebellino Doula Service

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Olivia Payne


I had a fantastic experience working with Wyborski & Rebellino Doula! From the beginning of pregnancy, Stephanie and Sydney were a wealth of knowledge, which was so appreciated as first-time parents. I loved getting to know them at our prenatal sessions, and to have the opportunity to share our desires for the birth of our baby. They listened well and offered their expertise on many different topics. Our son decided to make his entrance into the world 3 weeks early. My water broke in the middle of the night and I knew I could call upon them at all hours. They talked me through what to do, when to go to the hospital, and ways to get labor moving on its own. I love that Stephanie and Sydney each take different shifts (day & night) so we always had someone there supporting us through the 26 hours until we met our baby. I truly felt so supported and cared for throughout the whole process. Going into labor earlier than I expected as a FTM was surprising (and a little scary). Sydney and Stephanie were a calm presence in the room, helping us know what to expect, cope with the intensity of an unmedicated labor, and make informed decisions. My husband was so thankful to have our doulas there coaching him as well, so he could be an amazing birth partner for me. His exact words to describe hiring Wyborski & Rebellino Doula were "worth every penny". We would love to work with Stephanie and Sydney in the future, whenever we are ready to grow our family again. I can't imagine going through labor and delivery without them! 

Jaclyn Wehrle


Stephanie and Sydney supported me throughout my pregnancy by answering any questions or concerns I had, provided me with recommended providers and education materials, and were so responsive once labor came on. I always felt comfortable asking them anything without judgement. Sydney ended up being there for most of my labor and birth and I truly believe the support and exercises we did to help labor progress helped me have my dream unmedicated VBAC!

Taylor McConney


Stephanie and Sydney were a dream to work with! From the beginning, I felt supported and cared for. I loved that our pre/post birth meetings were at my house, and that they came equipped with research, books, and data to share. Stephanie supported my husband and I through every step of my labory and deliver. She was always available via text/phone and provided nonjudgemental support throughout my birth. When she arrived at the hospital she jumped right in and helped me work through contractions and the pushing. She was a creative, supportive, calm presence- which was exactly what I needed! I could not recommend them more- I had such a positive and empowering birth experience and it was in part beause of their support!  

Skylar Holloman


I came to Ohio from out of town due to a diagnosis my son had. We knew we would be delivering in Ohio and have a NICU stay, which was one of the reasons we picked Stephanie (because of her background). She was so helpful with giving us recommendations and telling us about the area we were staying, as well as, giving us support and tips for the NICU before we delivered.
During my planned induction, Stephanie was there for us via phone call/text, and she even popped over to the hospital while we were awaiting active labor to start, to check in on us and help us problem solve something we were walking through. Once I was in active labor Stephanie stayed with me the entire way through. She brought tools to aid me such as hair combs, a fan, and a massage tool. She let my husband take on the role he wanted to have and respected that. After I delivered, and my husband left with the baby for the NICU, she stayed with me to make sure I had the support I needed.
She kept tabs to send me my labor/delivery timeline and even took some photos of us! That was so sweet since I couldn’t have a photographer with us this time around. I now get to have these sweet memories of welcoming my son into the world.
Stephanie came to our NICU room to check on us a few days postpartum and she helped feed our baby so I could rest. She has a servant heart! We are so happy we chose her to be our doula.

Emily Wages


Sydney and Stephanie were amazing! I met with both of them for prenatal visits and Sydney was with me for delivery. Their prenatal information and support was great and really helped me to feel prepared for any situation when it came to delivery. I felt so informed & empowered going in to my birth. I already knew I wanted an epidural but to be able to do some alternative positions and to have someone there to help coach/advocate who wasn't my partner and wasn't hospital staff, which is why I got a doula team. Sydney was amazing when it came time to push. I was in labor for 29 hours total and pushed for three. Ended up delivering a healthy 8lb 13.5oz baby boy. Our postpartum visit was great and Sydney helped to do baby's first bath! I highly suggest Sydney and Stephanie if you're looking for an well rounded, well informed, supportive, open, accepting doula team! 

Haley Bascom


Absolutely the best doulas in the tri state area! They were an integral part of my pregnancy offering so much wisdom, support, and resources. As someone who wanted doulas who aligned with my personal values and beliefs, it was hard to find someone and I was starting to think it wasn’t going to work out but from the moment I met with Stephanie and Sydney I knew they were a perfect fit! I’m so thankful I found them and would not have had the positive pregnancy and birth experience I did this time around. As a previous NICU mom, I had a lot of worries this time around and wanted to ensure I was receiving evidence based care and they helped me find the most wonderful providers to deliver my baby. I learned so much along the way (I thought I knew a lot before hand but realized there was SO MUCH I didn’t know) and would recommend them regardless of if you’re a first time mom or not, or are planning a c-section or vaginal birth. I had so much peace this pregnancy and am extremely happy with my birth outcome and recovery as well.

Emily Albacarys


Working with Stephanie Wyborski & Sydney Rebellino was a dream. They provided evidence-based information and resources to guide my partner and I's journey to learning about birth, curating our birth plan, and preparing for labor and the first few weeks post-partum. My partner and I are neurodivergent (partner is autistic, I have ADHD) and we knew the birth experience would be overwhelming without guidance. Thanks to Stephanie and Sydney, even when late stage pregnancy & laboring threw us immense curveballs (we had to scrap our entire birth plan for an unexpected c-section), we were able to be calm & mindfully engaged in the birth process as opposed to panicking & stressing.

Stephanie and Sydney answered questions and provided guidance, reassurance, and confidence-building encouragement in a timely manner. They authentically presented information and anecdotal experiences in an approachable & collaborative fashion. Never once did we feel talked "at" nor felt like we were "simply along for the ride". We were heard & treated as equals. Stephanie and Sydney were upfront & honest when debunking myths or alleviating anxieties. Their direct communication style was hugely appreciated by my partner especially.

Birthing a child is no joke. Stephanie & Sydney helped me see how rewarding it can be, even when well laid plans are interrupted. Thank you for everything, my partner and I were able to feel joy bringing our firstborn into the world because of you. 



Savannah Faraci


Stephanie & Sydney made my birth experience everything I wanted! They are so informed and knowledgeable that they could help me make informed decisions and help my husband be an amazing birth partner. They took the time to get to know our family and our desires and I felt so cared for in this pregnancy with their check ins and advice. Also the postpartum support has been wonderful! They have not stopped supporting me and are always willing to answer my questions. So thankful for this service!



Stephanie and Sydney were such a blessing to our pregnancy and postpartum journey. They provided support in any area you can think of and even those you don't think of. And not only to me, but my husband as well! They were able to guide him through just as much during the whole process and our birth experience was everything I wanted thanks to their support and evidence-based knowledge and information. I am so thankful to have had them by our side through our first pregnancy and I will never not have them for any pregnancies in the future!

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