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Middletown, NJ Service range 60 miles For NYC clients, additional travel fees apply. Rates higher in NYC.


Birth Fee

$1250 to $2100

Birth Fee

$1250 to $2100

Birth Doula Experience

9 years and 175 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, February 2011

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Lenox Hill, HackensackUMC - Mountainside Hospital in Montclair, NJ and also have experience at Overlook, The Valley Hospital, Morristown Memorial, Palisades Hospital, Englewood Hospital, Jersey City Medical Center, Englewood Medical Center, St. Barnabas, St. Lukes Roosevelt Hospital and Birthcenter, NYU Langone, Columbia/New York Presbyterian.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Military families support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption

Fee Details

Our services are customizable to fit your birthing needs. Please give me a call to discuss how we can bring strength and support to your birth! It is always our joy to offer a 10% discount to all military and civil service families. Please let me know when you contact me if you or your partner are serving or have served our country in a military or civil service capacity!

Middletown, NJ Service range 60 miles For NYC clients, additional travel fees apply. Rates higher in NYC.

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Alissa Ahearn


I could never have predicted how magical it would be to work with Abby for the birth of my first child. Abby and Michelle of Beloved Births pulled out all the stops to ensure that my daughter's birth was as smooth and comfortable as possible, and that my husband and I had realistic, emotionally mature, and hugely positive expectations for the entire process.

Abby is friendly, confident, funny, incredibly knowledgeable, and able to quickly read a situation to respond or provide information in the right way at the right time. She is maternal (in the best way possible) and warm, and you always know you have a strong advocate for your mental and emotional health, safety, and the ultimate well-being of both mother and child in any situation.

Everything from my first exploratory phone call with Abby, through our pre-birth meetings and the 15 hours in the hospital together to the post-partum get-togethers felt like we were dealing with extended family who loved and cared hugely for our well-being. The Childbirth Education class Beloved Births provided was absolutely TOP NOTCH, chalk full of information that we were able to share with friends and family who had much less amazing preparatory experiences - and absolutely perfect for helping us walk into the hospital with an understanding of what was going to happen over the next day or two (or more!)...and confidence that we would be able to handle anything.

The fact that Abby is both a Labor & Delivery Nurse and Doula was an absolutely perfect match for me - as I wanted to learn about childbirth with an emphasis on the science behind everything in the body, but with a focus on mental and emotional preparedness and a trust that my body would know what to do and when to do it.

I ended up with a beautiful baby, a magical little family, and a friend who had seen me through an amazing experience - working with Abby and Beloved Births was one of the best decisions I could have made.

Evita Gahagan


Abby was our doula for our 4th baby and was AMAZING. She had the uncanny ability to predict what w'd  need before I had to even communicate it. My previous birth was in a birthing center and this time it was in a hospital and she was able to help/aid and create an environment that felt less clinical and more comfortable. She helped me process through things that the doctors were suggesting and even advocate for my desires if/when they were being alterred. She helped keep me focused too. Her calm but assertive demeanor was exactly what I needed during this, my first, over night labor and delivery. She's a godsend!!!

Patricia Summers Edwards


Abby is worth her weight in gold! After speaking with several doulas, Abby stood head and shoulders above the rest: her experience as a labor and delivery RN gives her a grounding in all of the medical terminology and procedures that, quite frankly, no other doula seemed to have. To have a doula on our support team who understood everything that was happening in the lead-up and during the birth was absolutely invaluable.

When the time came, my labor - which I had expected to be routine, thanks to a simple and straight-forward pregnancy - was more intense than anyone predicted. My son ended up being a big baby - suprising everyone in the end at 10.3 pounds! - and took a slow and steady approach to descending, and the experience was overwhelmingly more painful and intense than I could have imagined. I absolutely didn't want a c-section - that was my number one goal. With Abby's support, I was able to labor and dilate mostly at home before arriving at the hospital. Yet, the baby wasn't born for another 15 hours, and I was determined to keep pushing. Abby kindly talked me through each twist and turn and helped me consider my options as challenges arose. Abby's support at my side was essential, and her support for my husband during the process was, too. Against all odds, and with my very supportive and excellent doctor, I pushed the baby out. Hardest thing I've ever done.

Afterwards, all of the nurses kept saying, "No other doctor would've let you labor that long and not have forced you into the operating room." It was a team effort, and to this day, that reality terrifies me. I will be eternally grateful that I had the labor support to achieve my goal, despite bumps along the way. Thank you, Abby, for patiently and determinedly helping me deliver a big, healthy boy, ultimately in the way that I knew I could.

sharon mcdonald


I had a rough first pregnancy that ended up with an induction and c-section, so when I found out I was pregnant the second time, I knew I definitely wanted a birth doula and to try for a VBAC.  I have a tough time opening up to new people, so I was worried about having a potential stranger who would see me nearly naked and screaming.  Abby is so warm and immediately makes you feel comfortable and at ease.  I knew during the interview that I wanted her to be my doula.  Her medical background and L&D experience was a huge plus, as I had lots of complications and medical issues the first time around. 

Abby was always super responsive, replying to texts and emails within a couple hours if not a couple minutes.  I only needed to call her a couple times during my pregnancy but I had no problem reaching her via phone either.  When it came to showtime, Abby made it to the hospital in NYC during weekday morning rush hour in amazing time.  She stayed with me well over 12 hours and didn't seem at all annoyed about the slow progress.  (I was, haha).  It was great to be able to ask her questions as they popped up in my head and discuss options.  I was seeing a group practice of OBs and was nervous about which doctor was going to be there to deliver my baby. I knew that as long as I had a trustworthy doula by my side I'd be okay, even if my least favorite doctor was there (and he was! ugh!).  Abby didn't judge me when I got an epidural and she knew exactly what to say and do during the hours of pushing.  I did have a successful VBAC and cannot recommend Abby enough!  Thank you!!!

Patricia Vargas


It has taken me a while to write a long overdue testimonial about Abby. I first contacted Abby about a year ago (Summer '14) for my 2nd son's birth in December '14. From the moment I met her, I felt at ease. She was so personable and easy to talk to. I shared my 1st birth story with her and told her that I wanted something very different for my 2nd. Without judging she listened. I knew I wanted to work with her! She made suggestions for the remainder of my pregnancy, some I took and some I didn't. Still, she didn't judge or tell me I was wrong. A few months later she met with my husband and I a couple of times and made HIM feel at ease about what may or may not happen. When it was GO TIME, Abby was prompt to respond to our calls and texts. Due to the fast-paced at-home labor, Abby met us at the hospital. This is where Super-Abby showed up. While respecting our space, she moved into action of massaging me and walking me through each contractions. I had initially requested no pain meds and she reminded me of this. When the pain was unbearable (later found out I had a "sunny-side up" baby and this was why), Abby reminded me that it was ok to ask for an epidural. She walked me though each contraction until baby was born. She quickly helped latch him and gave our family space to bond during our "golden hour." She later checked in on me and my newborn a few weeks after he was born. Overall, we couldn't have done it as great without her. It's unfortunate that I won't be having any more babies because I'd want Abby by my side if I did. Can't say enough great things about her. Thank you Abby!

Karen Robinson


Although Abby was regrettably not my doula, she was my labor and delivery nurse for the birth of my first baby in May 2015. I could not be more fortunate that she was working that faithful day.

Right from the start, Abby demonstrated her caring nature by holding my hand through a contraction. She went above and beyond to make my husband and I feel comfortable and comforted. When I became overcome with emotion and fought back tears, she encouraged me to let my emotions out. When other nurses merely gave instructions, Abby clarified with further explanations to make me more aware of what was happening and why. Abby cared about and respected our birth plan and saw that it was followed. She put me at great ease, and because of that, I happily had a relatively quick and all natural delivery. She also helped me begin breastfeeding.

Simply put, Abby is an angel. I have beautiful photographs of her with my son, and I can't wait to share with him what an important role she played in bringing him into the world. Abby shared a very special time in our lives, and I am forever grateful to her. If you have the pleasure of meeting Abby, you will immediately be drawn to her calm and warm disposition. Your birth experience will undoubtedly be better if Abby is part of it, and I sincerely hope she will be my doula for my future babies. Thank you, Abby, for fulfilling what is clearly your life calling and for being a God-send for mothers and babies alike. 

Jenna Norton


I can’t say enough amazing things about our experience with Abby. This was our first baby so I was REALLY nervous and had a lot of fears. We connected right away and I knew that she would be the one to get me through labor and delivery. Our prenatal appointments were so great and she answered all my questions and addressed all my fears and really made me feel at ease and ready to take on anything. Abby was in contact with me all day the day I went into labor even while she was at work. She assured me that whenever I needed her she would leave work and be at my house. Around 11pm I called her and told her my contractions were 3-5 minutes apart and we decided she would meet us at the house and follow us to the hospital. She got to our house so quickly! When we arrived at the hospital my labor had really picked up and I was having TERRIBLE back labor. Abby was by my side for every contraction and also involved my husband as well. She massaged my back and held my hand and helped me through each contraction. Long story short my labor was rough and long. My epidural didn’t work and I felt almost everything but Abby was right by my side the entire time assuring me that everything would be okay and that I was doing great! I got stuck at 8 cm dilated for a long time and would not dilate past that. I was in a lot of pain and my doctor came in and said that I needed to have a C-section after being in labor for over 24 hours. I was devastated because I wanted so badly to have a vaginal birth. Abby was able to come in with us during the C-section. Having her there made it much easier on both me and my husband. She was just simply amazing! My husband even said to me in the recovery room that we couldn’t have gotten through this rough delivery without her! If I had to do it all over again we would hire Abby in a second! She was just so amazing and helped us so much! Thank you Abby for all that you did for our family! We love you!!! 

Crystal Strahl


Abby is the BEST!!!  I can truly say, that without Abby my birthing (first-time) experience would have been entirely different.  She was an amazing coach and without her I defiinitely would have taken other steps that would have been most likely counter-productive.  For example, when I started having my first contractions, being a first-timer, my instinct was to go straight to the hospital, which would have been a misstep, because it would have been too early and possibly set me up for a completely different path to delivery.

Instead, Abby came over to my apartment immediately and coached me through the contractions for a few hours.  When we headed to the hospital it was actually show-time!  She stayed by my side the entire time and I could not have done it without her.  Her coaching was so helpful that I actually had a NATURAL chiildbirth.  At every turn when I thought I needed drugs, she guided me and made me realize how strong I was and that I could do it on my own.

I can't begin to say, or type, enough adjectives about Abby.  She is knowledgable, professional, friendly, helpful, respectful and an endearing person, who I call as a friend now.  I'm so happy to have her in my life and I trust her completely.  Even after delivery and now a few months down the road, I call her and she happily answers my questions and gives me advice.  

She is a remarkable doula and great friend!!!


Jana Dermekova-Joldzic


I contacted Abby to be my doula the day of my due date. (Yes, I am a last minute person, ha) From the first second on the phone she was very helpful and we connected instantly. 2 hours later she was sitting in my house drinking coffee and talking about my pregnancy and my wishes for my water birth. It was as we have known each other many years. She is a very easy going, smart and helpful person. But most importantly, she is a mother of two beautiful children, so she can relate to you. The same night my water broke. I called Abby before I even called my midwife. She met me and my husband in a hospital. I felt I had my best friend in the delivery room with me. She knew exactly what I needed and was very calming. However, she was not in a way of my husband and my time. She actually took some cool and intimate pictures of my husband and I and when the baby was born with my husband's iPad. I totally forgot to tell her to do that, so I was very happy that she took a charge and captured these unforgable moments!  What was great about having Abby with me was that she also advocated my wishes to the nurses during my delivery.  She knew what I wanted and she oversaw my wishes were met. Being a nurse herself she knew exactly what was going on in the room from her own experiences as a woman who gave birth twice but also from the nurse stand point.

After I gave birth to my son she helped me to latch him. Let me tell you, I am thankful for her help with breastfeeding because I had very hard time to latch my newborn son. If it wasn't for her, I would probably not breastfeed him till today. Abby came to my house when my son was 3 days old and helped me again with breastfeeding. She suggested many different techniques that made nursing easier when I was very close to quitting. 

I was very happy working with Abby and will be contacting her if I'll be pregnant again. Hopefully before my due date day :-)

Cora Schlosser


I love, love, love love, loved having Abby as my doula! From the first meeting I had with Abby I was in love! Talking to her felt like talking with someone I had known forever and she made me feel so comfortable with her! I knew she would be the perfect doula for me! She was so helpful and comforting before, during, and after the birth of my son. I actually wish my labor had been longer so I could have spent more time with her! Having her there for me when I needed her was like having a best friend with all this amazing birth an labor knowledge! I couldn't possibly have had a better person there with us for the birth of our son! Abby is well worth every penny to have her help and support for the birth of your baby!!!

Maria G


We made the best decision when we hired Abby as our doula. From the first meeting, I could easily connect with her and knew I would be comfortable to have her by my bedside during delivery. The fact that she is also registered nurse was a huge plus to all of her wonderful qualities as she is well versed in all of the technical aspects of a hospital setting. I was planning a natural birth and Abby helped me put the birth plan together, understand all the various terms and options available. Abby first came to my house and after being in labor for about 30 hrs, we went to the hospital only to learn that I was barely dilated and the doctor offered drugs to speed it up. I decided against it as Abby explained to me what this drug was actually for and what may and may not happen. This is where her being a registered nurse really set her apart from all the others. So, we went back home and the next morning Abby accompanied me to the acupuncturist, as again from Abby’s recommendations, I was looking for all the natural help to avoid having to resort drugs. Later that day we went back to the hospital, my dilation moved along although at a very slow pace. However, due to the length of my labor and deteriorating strength I made the decision with my husband, which was supported by Abby that an epidural and medical intervention was the best course of action for me at that point. We spent another 2 nights in the hospital and Abby was by my side every minute of it. She slept on the regular chair and was always energetic, enthusiastic and full of optimism. I can really see she loves what she does and has so much to offer to her clients. In the end, while my labor was very long and dragged out, it was very successful for us and we now have a very happy and healthy baby girl. I believe my positive experience was a lot due to Abby being with me and sharing her knowledge, super positive energy and optimism. Therefore I would recommend Abby without any reservations!

Nigel DeFreitas


I've never heard of a doula until I attended a new dad bootcamp where a veteran dad proclaimed that hiring one is a must - especially for your first pregnancy.

At six months, my girlfriend and I interviewed several doulas then we met Abby...our search was over.

She's extremely knowledgable in birthing/infant care (a mom herself), an attentive listener, and excellent at explaining birthing matters in detail - however long it took.

Abby removed the mystery for us first timers - she walked us through what to expect throughout the process, and helped us navigate our birthing plan options.

When labor began, she came to our residence to actively assist in easing labor pains through various techniques & props. She even took a few candid pics which she later shared with us. Abby stayed with us every step of the way, and in the process my girlfriend and her bonded. She never left her side - freeing me to make food runs, snap pics, and do other important things while contractions intensified.

We later discussed the benefits of having a doula, and decided that we couldn't have imagined going through the process without one. We actually felt bad for the people who didn't have a doula, or absentee ones. With Abby we made it through 26 hours of labor without any medication whatsoever. Abby's skills, knowledge, and comforting demeanor made the painful process bearable...encouraging us through every step of the way. She has a wonderful personality! We are very fortunate to have met her, and to have had her as a doula for our first pregnancy and birth.

We highly recommend Abby!

Kristle Crichlow


Abby was a godsend; I couldn't have asked for a better doula. I wanted to have an all natural childbirth and was able to accomplish this with Abby's help. She was extremely professional walking me through the whole process as this was my first pregnancy. She was so knowledgeable; educating me about the natural birthing process. She spoke on my behalf when I couldn't speak and I was in intense labor. She encouraged me and was my support system through my entire labor and delivery. Even postpartum, Abby made herself available for questions and support especially when I had difficulty breastfeeding. I highly recommend Abby to any anyone who was thinking of accepting her services. She is a wonderful person and I can't wait to have her by my side with my next pregnancy.


Anita Ahuja


we made a great decision hiring abby as our doula. she is very knowlegable regarding the birthing process and very organozed in her approach. i felt extremely confident and well prepared with labor after our sessions with abby. she helped us create a very thorough birth plan and asked really in depth questions to create a very unique birth experience that catered to my personality. she was also able to adapt to the situation and give us great advice spontaneously based on the circumstances or if things were not going accordingly to the birth plan. 


she also went above and beyond by coming over to the hospital on sunday to help me with breastfeeding since no lactation consultants were available in the hospital that day. 


i would highly recommend abby. 

Gina Vellani


Abby was AMAZING!  I had a 36 hour labor and delivery experience; all in the hospital.  Abby was there every step of the way, making sure I was comfortable.  She even missed two nights of sleep!  I have a loving, supportive husband that was there as well, but it makes a huge difference when you are with someone who has been through the birthing process.  Abby has two children, and each birth was completely different, so she has a lot of personal experience to draw upon.  In addition, she has helped many women give birth, so she has seen and experienced pretty much everything.

Nothing went according to my birth plan.  After laboring for 36 hours, the doctors recommended a C-section because my son's heart rate went up too high.  I was devistated!  I broke down emotionally, so frustrated that it had come to this,  after wanting an all natural birthing experience.  Abby was so good a comforting me.  I asked her to tell me a story of an even worse birthing experience than the one I was currently having, and she was able to do this.  That was probably the most important thing she did for me.  Emotionally, it brought me through the C-section until I was able to see my baby boy's face.

My son is a year and a half now and everytime we run into Abby, her face lights up when she sees him.  She is a special part of our lives.

Now, I am pregnant with twins.  If my doctor allows me to do a VBAC, I will be calling Abby up again!   

Brittni Martin


my husband and I asked Abby to be our doula and it was one of the best decisions we ever made ! I was around 6-7 months pregnant when we started working together and from day 1 she made us feel so comfortable It was our first pregnancy and we were very nervous for labor and delivery. Abby helped us form a birth plan, with questions and answers we didn't even know we should ask ! From all the reading we did, Abby gave us even more information then we thought possible ! She helped to make labor and delivery so comfortable I felt so at ease, even though I was scared straight !my water broke (12:00 am) Abby was there.We first told her we would labor at home just my husband and I for some time, but after an hour we both needed her ! that moment on she was by my side every step of the way!reassuring me through every contraction, encouraging me to shower and relax, bounce on my birthing ball, or even take a bath ! She constantly made sure I was staying hydrated too!we labor for 10 hours at home we made our way to the hospital because my fluid was changing color.Once we arrived the nerves kicked up few notches and we knew my labor would slow down.I was extremely overwhelmed by all the paperwork and nurses pushing for what they believe was best, but was just not for me, Abby reassured me everything was ok and my decisions for my baby and my body were safe!throughout my 25 hours of labor Abby helped me so much, Between massaging my back and hips through contractions or showing my husband how to help me ease the pain. Unfortunately I wasn't dilating fast enough I had to have an emergency cesarean. Abby waited until I was out of the OR to come see me and my daughter ! Btw this woman did not nap, not even once ! Not only has Abby helped guide me through my pregnancy she's helped encourage me ew hen breastfeeding seemed nearly impossible ! My daughter is almost 7months and Abby is still helping. I'm so thankful for her and all the help she's provided for my family and me

Phoebe Farag


I was blessed to have Abby help me birth my second baby. It was my first time to try to deliver without an epidural, and Abby helped calm many of my fears by arming me with the information I needed and of course, being there with me during labor to help me through it. I appreciated her knowledge of the birth process and her passion for helping women have wonderful birth experiences. During labor, she was indispensable - she had a calming presence and the skills to actually help make labor easier by reminding me of different things I could do, as well as massaging my back and hips in such a way that helped relieve some labor pains. If God allows me to have another baby, I will be asking Abby to be my doula again.

Evita Gahagan


The birth of our third child was my absolute BEST birth experience and a major factor in that was having Abby as our doula. Simply put, it was all fun and games until transition and pushing time and Abby was right by my side with her steady, calming voice and simple direction. she cane prepare with (birthing ball, heating pad and otjer stuff I cant recall now) and I was able to get trough it. Before labor, her birthing refresher class was helpful too but what puts her over the top was her lactation support and help postpartum. She may or may not be one of the reason we want to have more kids ;-) LOVE her!

Jillian Ferdinand


in 2011-2012 i was pregnant with my second baby!  My first son was born 7 weeks premature and i needed a c-section.  My 2nd time around I wanted to do EVERYTHING I could to NOT have another c-section!  I always knew the job of a doula (we learned about it in my Bradley Method classes with my first pregnancy).  I knew this time around i NEEDED a doula to help me get the birth I wanted! Abby was the ONLY doula that i met with - there was NO need to even consider anyone else!  From our first meeting I just knew she was the one!  She new so much about pregnancy, labor, & delivery - i honestly feel like i was just sitting at Starbucks talking to a long-lost friend!  

From that day Abby kept in contact with me and was ALWAYS available when I needed her!  As I got further in my pregnancy i started getting scared that I would need another c-section - my daughter was breech and i also had gestational diabeties (again).  Abby gave me so many suggestions and resources to help spin that baby!  Well she did! I was ready for my perfect natural birth!

At 39 weeks my daughter decided to make a big move and was now laying transverse :( - i needed to get a c-section because she was laying on the umbilical cord :(

Abby was with me the whole time! She came to the hospital and was in the operating room with me and my husband!  Having her there by my side the whole time was amazing!  Her love, guidance, and support that whole day was spectacular!  I can't thank her enough!  She stayed with me the entire time and while i was in recovery!  She helped me start nursing my daughter and was on "call" for the next few weeks to help me along with all my questions!

Abby's love and passion for birth and for moms having a great birth experience (even if it doesnt go as planned) is great!

Thanks for everything Abby!!! XOXO

Much Love, 

Karen Holmes


I just gave birth to my first child on November 5th and I can honestly say I could not have done it without Abby. I had a very specific idea as to what kind of birth I wanted to have and Abby helped me put together a birth plan that nicely articulated my wishes. She is very knowledgable and prepared me for different situations that may arise and how we would handle them. She was on hand to answer all of my questions and address my concerns in the weeks leading up to the birth. When I went a few days past my due date I was told that my baby didn't handle a contraction well and it was advised that I be induced. I was so upset because I was hoping for a natural birth with no interventions.  Abby kept me calm and talked me through it. Ultimately I was still able to achieve my natural delivery with the pitocin. Abby was with me every step of the way, offering positive reinforcement and helping my husband and I try different techniques to get through the contractions. She enabled me to achieve the birth that I wanted and helped me to advocate for myself when necessary. Abby stayed with us after the baby was born to make sure we had everything we needed, even answered my nervous phone calls later that night when the nurses wanted to give my baby more interventions.  My husband and I are truly grateful to have had Abby by our side during this wonderful time. We would highly recommend her to anyone and would definitely hope to have her support with future births.

johanna mccarty


I hadn’t ever used a doula before I met Abby. I was pregnant with my 3rd child, and had gone without medication for my 2nd. Knowing what I was going to handle, I knew I wanted to ensure enough support and have an extra person in addition to my husband and midwife. I saw Abby’s flier in the office and after speaking with her, was eager to meet her and instantly felt like she would be perfect. She sounded so excited to talk to me and as soon as I met her, I knew she would be the right support for me; gentle and attentive, yet firmly advocating our wishes and preferences. No matter that this was my 3rd labor, I know how helpful that can be in the moment.
My labor began calmly enough, since I was being “induced” by rupturing my water, and I met the midwife at the hospital with Abby meeting us in the parking lot. As we settled in, she asked the nurse to keep me off monitors, while I forgot to! As I voiced my mild anxiety creeping up as I waited for something to happen, she reassured me that I was going to do beautifully, and everything was ok. I appreciated this reassurance from the very beginning. Even these small words helped. As things got going, and I was working harder, she anticipated my needs before I did and was attentive without breaking my focus. I know she loves what she does, and its self evident in the work she does. I had a beautiful labor and delivery and am so happy I made that call!

Melissa Hussain


Abby became our doula quite by chance since our midwife called her for some extra help while we were in labor. We didn’t think we needed a doula since my husband was as prepared to coach me through a natural childbirth as husbands can be! I was worried and apprehensive about having a complete stranger help coach us through a natural childbirth, but within minutes of arriving I somehow knew so much about her I felt like we were old friends- she has that way about her. Words can not describe how grateful we were to have her there and how easily she became part of our birthing “family”. In between my contractions I was comforted by her telling us stories- her child birthing experiences, how she met her husband… I needed the distraction and she was so willing to provide me with that. I was so physically and mentally exhausted towards the end of my son’s birth that I decided to keep my eyes closed in order to maintain my focus and determination. I refused to open them except when I needed water and each time I did, Abby was right by my side with a cup of ice water. I never needed to ask, she anticipated every one of my needs before I even voiced them. Because my labor pain was all in my lower back, my husband spent all 17+ hours behind me massaging as much of the pain away as he could. My contractions were so strong and so frequent I wouldn’t let him go anywhere. Abby ended up helping him stay comfortable, fed and hydrated as much as she helped me! She was a God send and without her I doubt we could have made it through a 36 hour natural childbirth without the aid of pain medicine. But we did and our son was born happy, healthy and drug-free at 9lbs 13oz and 22 ¼ inches long.

Jessica Ryder-Kalil


With my second son I was attempting a VBAC and really searching to be better prepared and more in charge than I was the first time around. My midwife had contact information for Abby and contacting her was one of the best decisions I made during my pregnancy. Our first meeting we chatted for more than an hour and a half just mom-to-mom about our experiences, birth goals and specifically what I was looking to achieve physically and psychologically from my birth journey. The second meeting we worked through what medical interventions would be acceptable to me and at what point in labor would I allow them. Those conversations and knowing I’d have an advocate with me and my husband in the delivery room put my mind at ease and made me confident that I had the perfect birth team. My midwife has a very high success rate with VBACs and Abby was a great coach. Without a doubt, having Abby to support me as my doula made the biggest difference in creating a positive birth experience. More than I would have first imagined. If and when our family is blessed with more children, we will certainly hope that she can be there with us again. Abby is so easy to connect with, a fabulous listener and a terrific mom. I would recommend her as a doula to any expectant mother. I’ve heard the slogan, “Birth is better with a doula”- and I would say this is 100% true.

Megan Hutchings


Abby's skills when it comes to encouragement in birth are truly second to none!  Not only is she a wonderful helping hand to have at your side during your birth, her knowledge and no-nonsense attitude can help tackle problematic staff so that mom can do what she does best... have her own baby!  As a doula Abby is a wonderful go-to source for knowledge, tremendous support during labor, and a great friend!  There's no one else (other than my husband) I'd rather have with me at my births!

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