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Own Your Birth Doula Services

Inverness, FL Service range 65 miles Serving Citrus County and surrounding areas including Ocala, Gainesville, Spring Hill, Tampa, and Orlando.

(352) 201-7340

Birth Fee

$750 to $850

Birth Fee

$750 to $850

Birth Doula Experience

9 years and 69 births attended

Doula Training

  • Childbirth International, January 2011

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
*These birth centers are within my service area: Loving Arms (Ocala), The Ocala Birth Center, Community Birth & Wellness Center (Eustis), Gainesville Birth & Wellness Center, Comprehensive Women's Health (Gainesville), In Due Season (Zephyrhills), Inspiration Family Birth Center (Winter Garden), The Birth Place (Orlando), Tree of Life (Orlando location), and Labor of Love (Lutz location).

Attends home births? Some Home Births
*Homebirth doula clients must be under the care of a licensed midwife.

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Co-founder of Citrus Birth Network.

Fee Details

I offer complimentary, no-obligation consultations to meet me, ask questions, and see if I'm the right doula for you! Payment plans available.

Inverness, FL Service range 65 miles Serving Citrus County and surrounding areas including Ocala, Gainesville, Spring Hill, Tampa, and Orlando.

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Katie Nutter-Pridgen


I cannot say enough about how helpful Megan was before, during, and after my labor. Our meetings before I went into labor were very effective at calming my nerves - she is easy to talk to, provided lots of useful information (including books and websites), and was flexible when scheduling meetings. She communicates via email, phone and text, which make contacting her with questions easy. When I was overdue, she kept in touch with me to see how I was doing - she has the perfect balance of checking in without being annoying. When I finally did go into labor, it did not go as expected. My husband and I were so thankful she was there to discuss options with us, make suggestions, and help us make decisions. She did an excellent job communicating with all of the staff at the hospital and made me feel empowered and in charge throughout the process. Megan helped to translate information from the doctors and nurses and provided an informed perspective. Although my birth plan had not included pain relief, Megan was supportive and completely non-judgmental when I chose the epidural. She helped to reassure my husband through my long and difficult labor - by providing information about decisions and also by making sure he ate and took breaks. I can't imagine how much more difficult the process would have been without her support - I firmly believe that I would have had more (unwanted) interventions, less autonomy, and a more difficult recovery without her help. After my daughter was born, we appreciated having Megan stop by to answer questions and visit. Her presence is so reassuring - combined with all the information and experience she has, she was perfect!

Sarah Ardelean


We are so happy with Megan's involvement in the preparation and birth of our second child. 

After experiencing great disappointment following the unexpected whirlwind of events and medical interventions with the birth of our first child, we wanted to approach the second birth with peace, open minds, and armed with the knowledge of Megan by our sides. Her gentle suggestions, guidance, and reminders through the labor and delivery allowed me to fulfill my desired experience. With Megan's help, I was able to achieve a birth experience with absolutely zero regret or disappointmnet, even though the labor and delivery took unexpected turns.

Megan was our clear voice throughout the process. She is full of joy, and truly helped us savor the miracle of birth.

Jodi Adams


Megan was an excellent doula, and my husband and I both highly recommend her.  She met with us throughout pregnancy to get an idea of our desires for birth, and was a wonderful coach throughout labor and delivery.  She was also a very skilled liason between the hospital and us, which allowed my husband and me to focus.  She is a wealth of knowledge, responds quickly to calls/texts/emails, and we were quite pleased with her birth photography snapshots.  Megan did a wonderful job at helping my husband be the best support person, and after our son's birth, we both said we'd hire her again if we lived in the vicinity as she became a great friend to us.

Ellen Howes


We chose Megan to do my placenta encapsulation and could not be any happier with her! She walked me through the whole process of how to go about getting the placenta out of the hospital unharmed, she picked it up within a couple hours of me giving birth, and she had the well made capsules back to me by the next evening packaged beautifully in a jar.She even made a heart out of the little bit of cord attached. I didn't think much of it at the time, but my daughter had only a three vessel cord (instead of the usual four), so the more I thought about it, the more grateful I am to have that little heart. It means so much that she did that little extra bit. She was pleasant, professional, warm, and friendly every time I talked to her (which was quite a bit before the birth) and I highly recommend her. I regret that she wasn't my doula, but she is at the top of the list if we ever decide to have another baby!

Malissa Field Watson


I would definitely tell anyone who is expecting to hire a doula and would highly recommend Megan Otero. Even before birth she provided us with so much valuable information and really helped us to prepare for birth. We had a meeting to review our birth preferences and she made up our birth plan. She asked what we wanted for each step of birth, was incredibly respectful of our desires and when we were unsure of what decision to make she provided us with information to help us decide. She had a plethora of resources at her disposal and is so knowledgeable. For birth I labored at home with my husband until I thought we were getting close. Then I called Megan and she came right over. She gave us some information on how to help move the baby to ease back labor and get the baby in a more favorable position. When she got to our house I wasn't sure if it was time to go to the hospital and she was able to ask the right questions to help us decide that we should go. When we got to the hospital I was completely dilated and ready to push, so unfortunately I didn't get to use the birthing ball or other tools Megan came prepared with. I think the most valuable part of Megan's services is the fact that Megan's presence allowed me to be fully focused on birthing my child. I knew that Megan was there watching and keeping my preferences in mind and making sure my preferences were communicated to the healthcare staff when I would have been unable to myself or unaware that I needed to communicate something to them.  After birth she made sure my wishes regarding baby were known. After we left the hosptal she checked in on us to make sure we were doing ok, we had a postnatal appt where she gave us a disc of photos from birth. And since then I have had questions about breast feeding and baby and she has responded so quickly.  I would not change a single thing about my birth because everything went so well and Megan was a huge part of that.

Amanda Welch


Megan is wonderful! I had a very long labor with my first child and was very worried about labor this time around. She mentioned that my long labor could have been because of positioning issues and gave me some things I could do to help the baby get into the best position. Megan was always reachable. She was especially supportive when I was getting discouraged by going past my due date. During labor, she was calm and supportive. My husband especially appreciated her suggestions for how *he* could help me. Also, her experience was invaluable. I was standing up when I felt the urge to push and instead of having to climb up onto the bed and get on my back, she suggested the doctor check me while I was standing. (This may sound minor, but at the time getting on the bed/back sounded like the worst thing ever.) She also advocated for me giving birth in the position I felt most comfortable (hands and knees). However, she did all this while working *with* and not against the hospital staff. With her I felt that everyone in the room was working towards my goal of a healthy, non-medicated birth!

Mahalath Elam


Megan is the best doula I could have asked for. She made me feel comfortable even after I was told I hade to have a c section. She's the best.

Stephanie Bell


Megan  became my doula towards the end of my pregnancy. I really enjoyed getting to know her on the phone and during our first meet up. It was so convenient to keep in contact with her that I was able to keep her well updated on my stats and other check up appointments. I planned on giving birth with my midwife, so I wasn't in need of advocacy assistance. I needed Megan for support during labor because my husband was working out of state and wouldn't be there to support me through labor (we were praying just for him to make it for the birth!). Things never go quite as planned though! Unfortunately, my baby was breech and I was transferred to the hospital for a c section before Megan could make it to me. I was, however, so grateful that she was able to spend time with us right after the surgery in my hospital room. I was on some loopy medications and was overwhelmed by nurses asking questions and pushing hospital "procedures" on me. Megan was there to translate information to me and give me advice about how I should respond. I also have to say what a great resource she was to us after we went home. My husband felt unsure in helping me and could quickly get advice from Megan regarding breastfeeding, baby's symptoms, and more. When I was having serious breastfeeding issues, she came to visit and check on us. Some people questioned whether I needed a doula or not, but the support and piece of mind was SO incredibly worth it. Megan still checks in on us even now that my baby is over a month old and we've moved out of the state. She's been a wonderful friend through this crazy process!

Amie Lawrence


I'm so happy we decided to have Megan be a part of our first baby's birth. At first I was told by my Dr. that I should have a c section cause of my medical history, but we could try naturally if we really wanted to. Our goal was to have the most natural experience possible, so having a doula seemed like a no brainer to my husband Matt and I. We obviously didn't know what we were doing! Megan was so informative and supportive of whatever we wanted. And made me feel very comfortable during probably the most uncomfortable time possibly in our lives. Megan helped us write up our birth plan, but not getting my hopes up that everything would go as planned. But to our surprise everything went better than expected and I couldn't have asked for a better birth experience!! It was so reassuring having her there and even taking pictures for us... I think everyone should have a doula at there birth, cause so much is going on it's nice not to have to worry and just be able to enjoy every moment knowing your doula has ur back so to speak...

Callie Williams


We were introduced to Megan late in our pregnancy, and we immediately felt a connection with her and knew that she was the support we needed at our birth. We decided to hire her as our doula and could not be happier with our choice to do so. She was always calm and never pushy. She gave suggestions to both my husband and myself and helped us by showing my husband how to effectively do the double hip squeeze. This was such an effectve pain management technique for me, and there is no way that my husband would have been able to continue doing this for me for the duration of my labor. But thanks to Megan, one of them was always ready and in place when I had a contraction to provide this relief to me. Once we arrived at the hospital, I was already 8 cm. and it was really hard for me to think clearly. I am so thankful we had Megan with us! They originally put me in a room with a shower only, and she somehow was able to get them to move me to a room with a tub so I could get in the water. She preceeded us and had the tub full of water by the time we got to the new room. This allowed my husband to stay with me and never have to leave my side. During labor, she was such an encouragement.  Every time I would feel like I couldn't do it anymore, she would remind me that, "You can do it. You ARE doing it!!" I appreciated the fact that she gave my husband and I the space that we needed while simultaneously being so percetive that she would be right by me the second we needed her. I ended up having a few complications that required medical intervention, and I began to get scared....but Megan was there, assuring us that things were going to work out. I was able to avoid the C-section that the doctors were suggesting needed to happen. If there is one regret I have, it is not finding Megan earlier in my pregnancy. We were able to have a natural, drug-free childbirth with her support. She was incredible and I highly recommend her services as a doula!

Alison Dunn


My experience with Megan was great, and I highly recommend her as a doula and all-around birth/baby guru. I came to Megan with my desire to try for a VBAC and my laid-back personality, and she offered me many things that helped to make my birth a success: 

  • we discussed my pre-identified needs and desires in detail, including my spouse
  • Megan helped identify MANY aspects of birth and baby care that I had not considered, but were important
  • Megan suggested preparations for VBAC (chiropractic care, spinning babies techniques)
  • we workshopped ways to interact positively yet assertively with hospital staff and doctors
  • Megan lent us good books and brought the birth ball to the hospital
  • Megan had an evidence-based recommendation for all aspects of the process
  • Megan stayed with us through the entire labor and birth, encouraging my hard work
  • Megan is funny! 

In my case, I chose to try a hospital VBAC at Shands in Gainesville. Active labor started around 12pm, and I went to the hospital around 7pm; Megan arrived at 8pm when I was still in triage. She stayed by my side throughout the night, only leaving while an epidural was placed (after 3 hours of excruciating labor). She snapped photos when possible, and was awake to encourage me, put a cold cloth on my neck, and talk with us through the decisions that came up during the entire labor. In the end, a sweet baby girl was born around 7am with the help of my spouse, the great medical staff, and Megan!



Kristin Marie Strong


    It's taken me some time getting adjusted to mommy hood but now that I have gotten plenty of rest I wanted to say a few things.

     From the very first time learning about doulas and what they do, I knew I wanted and needed one. After lots of research I finally came across you, Megan M. otero. I knew you would be the one for me. You're kind, sweet, knowledgeable and passionate about your work. It however took me many months trying to convince my husband to let me hire you, but he finally caved in and let me. I had this whole natural childbirth planned out and knew exactly what I wanted and needed, but it didn't go as planned. I ended up having a c-section because my little girl was breech and could not turn because the cord was to short and wrapped twice around her neck. Going through this whole pregnancy and planning for it to be a certain way and having it go the complete opposite was very difficult and very scary but I had you there right by my side every step of the way. You gave me hope, you were a shoulder for me to cry on, you supported all my decisions, guided me through them and you were there for me anytime I needed help. I want to thank you for being my doula and even though it didn't go as planned I'm still so happy that I chose you because now I have a life long friend! XoXo


Adam Barker


I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical when I was first told about my wife's choice of having a "Doula". I just didn't think she would be that much help to be completely honest. I thought everyting for the most part she could have to offer for my wife through this experience I could give her. Well, I was quickly turned around when we met our doula for the first time. She was extremely polite and very helpful from the get go. When it came time to finally head to the hospital and have our son she was there when we needed her. She was there to step in and make sure things were done exactly as my wife wanted them. She gave nothing but encouraging words and advice as we made our way closer to bringing our son into this world. She even stepped in and helped with hip squeezes or back rubs or anything we needed to make my wife comfortable (as comfortable as she could be). I have to admit, I'm not sure if her delivery would have went as smoothly as it did if our doula wasn't there. So to anyone that may have a doubt in thinking that they wont be much help, your'e wrong. I couldn't imagine how the process would have been without her. Thanks Megan, you were a great help and made my wife feel much more at ease. 


Molly Golightly


When I was looking for a doula, I was overwhelmed...who could ossibly meet all the requirements I was looking for? I needed someone to explain what was going on, help me decipher the medical jargon, choose a path and plan that worked for me and ensured that my labor and delivery was calm, peaceful, and comprehensive, and also someone who just cared about me and my baby. Megan was ALL of this and more. She listened carefully to what I wanted and made sure I knew all of my options. Her post partum services are fantastic as well. I will definately continue to recommend her to my friends. She is a fantastically talented doula. Thanks again, Megan!

Crystal MacGinnis


I became pregnant unexpectantly, the father of my child works out of town so I didn't have much support near by. I had never imagined having a child, and was uninformed of anything and everything pregnancy. I was refered to Megan through mutual friends. Her and I met and hit it off. She has an outstanding form of professionalism yet is very down to earth at the same time, that made me feel completely comfortable to be myself. She not only gave me answers to all of my questions, but backed it up with links and literature. I planned on doing a hospital birth, and was going to "take the docs word" for everything totally uninformed of my options, until I met Megan. I ended up doing a Birth Center Birth, and when I started labor Megan came right over. Even though I was in a considerable amount of pain, Megan still had me laughing, moving around, helped me through some  painful contractions. She massaged me through contractions, made sure I had a heated rice pack on my back, helped me relax, and during active labor was right there with water, cold cloths, motivation, and even held a bowl for me to get sick in. When I was ready to give up, it was Megans idea to grab a mirror and show me how close I was to meeting my little one. It was that moment that gave me the remaining strength I needed to birth my daughter naturally. She reminded me of my strength in my weakest hour. After the birth Megan was there with me, she even cut up my steak and offered to feed it to me! She is an incredible Doula, and I now consider her one of my most cherished friends. After I was home I had a hard time breast feeding, she came right over and helped me with the latch, and continues to help me by providing me with support and knowledge. I feel so blessed to have Megan apart of my birth story, and now apart of my life. She is an incredible Doula, I highly recommend her for anyone looking for an excellent birthing experience.

Kathryn Fae White


Megan was amazing at helping this first time mom with all my fears and anxieties throughout the whole pregnancy. She really helped with information and letting me make my own choices and decisions. She helped alot even after for support and feeding. Having a doula that cares and knows what to do is priceless for piece of mind.

Erica Barker


Meg went above and beyond anything I expected! I know for a fact I would not have made it as far as I did in labor without her! Now, almost 5 months after my son was born I still contact her with questions and she goes out of her way to help me any way she can! If she isn't a blessing then I don't know what is! 

Annie Henley


I had never used a Doula before, but with my third child, we contacted Megan Otero. I am so glad that I did. Megan is knowledgeable and professional and made the birth experience the best that I had yet. Prior to delivering our baby, Megan and I had several sessions where we met and talked about the birth. Although I had a hospital birth, she opened my eyes to option that I had to make labor better in the hospital. She explained her services, and how she could help. She aided me in making informed choices on my birth plan. On the day of our delivery, Megan was attentive to my needs, but was not a hindrance in the room, or interrupting the moment for my husband and I. She was caring, and compassionate, she was a coach that helped me have the easiest delivery possible. She made recommendations to my husband and I to make contractions smoother. She even went above and beyond and took some very treasured photographs during the process. She advocated on my behalf to the nursing staff, and then tended to me and the baby after our child was born. In every aspect of the pregnancy and delivery, she made the experience so stress free. She thought of every question to ask and every thing to walk through prior to the birth. I felt well informed and in control going into delivery. I cannot say enough positive things about the experience and Megan’s services. Now, I firmly believe every mom should have a Doula attending their births, and Megan is by far a wonderful choice. I highly recommend her for any mom that is going to be bringing a baby into the world. She is passionate about her work, caring towards her clients, and knowledgeable and well respected.

Brittany Maiberger


Megan is an amazing Doula. She is very informative, and passionate about giving you the best birth experience possible no matter what that is you decide on. She was not only there for me during my labor, but throughout my pregnancy helping me prepare so we could achieve the goal of the birth I wanted. She educated me on the birthing experience, laying out all of our options. Although she is very passionate about natural birthing (which I loved) she helped me make the best decisions for my family without ever pushing her preferences on us. When our birth plan changed, she was completely supportive of all our decisions and laid out all the information on where to go from there. It was so relaxing having someone else there, outside of the family to help take care of us during the birth reminding us to eat, hydrate, etc. Her relaxation techniques helped immensely and she was a strong advocate for me, and spoke up at times I was not able to, reminding the doctors/nurses of the birth I wanted. She was there offering help and support to us and never once did it feel uncomfortable having her there.

Before coming into contact with Megan, my mindset was very mainstream on the subject of birth. All I had known is stories from friends and families on what their birthing experience was like, (mostly all the same hospital births, induced with epidurals or drugs) and I assumed that was just how it is done. She opened my eyes to how I now believe birthing should be. She showed me labor is not something that should be feared, but is a beautiful thing. With her help I was able to be in control of my birth, vs being controlled by a doctor without having any input. I am so glad she was apart of my birthing experience, and can not imagine it without her. I strongly support her as a Doula and recommend her to all my pregnant friends.


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