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Marie Bigelow, MT, AdvCD(DONA)

Doula Services, Childbirth Ed & Belly Binding


Phone: (801) 473-9138

Birth Fee: $800

Fee Details: Congratulations on your pregnancy! Supporting families during childbirth is my passion, and I would love to meet with you to discuss how I can help you have a positive birth experience. As an Advanced Certified Doula and with a degree in Music Therapy, I enjoy providing my clients with the highest quality of doula support available. By combining my doula skills with my degree, I can help you relax, experience less pain, help your labor progress, and help you bond with your baby. My package includes prenatal appointment(s), enrollment in my Music Birth childbirth education class, lending library, labor and birth support, breastfeeding support, candid photography, birth story, postpartum support and belly binding. All of my clients receive a complimentary copy of my book "The Sacred Gift of Childbirth: Making Empowered Choices for You and Your Baby." Visit my website for full details, and to schedule your free consultation.

Birth Doula Experience: 15 years and 130 births attended

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I consider hospital births a strength of mine. With over a decade of experience, and the knowledge I gained from writing my book, I am very familiar with hospital procedures and protocols, and know many of the nurses and care providers in the area. I know I can help you have a great birth at a hospital!
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Some Home Births
Will happily attend home births with a midwife present.

Childbirth Education Certifications

  • Lamaze International
  • Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth

Breastfeeding Certifications

  • Board Certified Music Therapist

Other Relevant Certifications

  • AdvCD(DONA) DONA International Advanced Birth Doula
  • CPR Certified - Red Cross
  • Board Certified Music Therapist, also trained in Spinning Babies, Rebozo use and TENS Unit.

College Education

  • BA/BS
  • MA/MS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Addiction Recovery
  • Cesarean birth
  • Clients on bed rest
  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • High risk
  • Home Birth
  • Induced and high medical technology labor & birth
  • Over 40
  • Postpartum mood disorders
  • Prematurity
  • Remote and rural clients birthing away from home
  • Single parents
  • Special needs babies
  • Survivors of Previous Life Trauma
  • Survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Teens
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth

Special Services Offered

  • Baby sign language education
  • Childbirth Education Services
  • Dancing For Birth Professionally Trained
  • Parenting consulting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • TENS units rental
  • Therapist or counselor

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I believe in supporting families and doulas, and founded Treasure Valley Doulas in 2007, and directed the group for 7 years. I am a maternal/fetal health advocate, and was recently awarded the Advanced Doula Designation due to my contribution to the field. I am also a writer with the goal of educating and empowering expectant couples. My book “The Sacred Gift of Childbirth: Making Empowered Choices for You and Your Baby” was released in May 2016.

Languages spoken: English

Service Area Map

Area of practice: Boise, ID
Travel Range: 25 Miles
Travel comments/restrictions: Serving families in Treasure Valley

Client Testimonials for Marie Bigelow, MT, AdvCD(DONA)

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Eric Smith

As a man I found the idea of inviting a stranger into something so personal was an off putting idea. But after the experience I see that Marie had the expertise and ideas that helped my wife, our child and me have a better time.  She supported us with education, touch, knowledge, and the music does help with the mood absolutely. We didn’t get it easy or natural but she helped even then without being in the way or trying to push any ideas my wife didn’t decide beforehand and I found her positive energy very helpful. 

My only complaint was she and my wife rejected an all Led Zeppelin birth, something I think would be best #Kashmir  

As helpless as a man is in this situation, she did help me feel included and part of the beautiful process of creation. 

Posted 2/22/2019

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I was moving from Ca to Boise at 30 weeks pregnant. I started looking online for a doula in my first trimester. I came across Marie’s profile and was intrigued by her experience and when I reached out she immediately set up a Skype interview so we could “meet”. I was so impressed by her warmth and knowledge, I never felt like we were restricted on time. She let me talk and ask questions as long as I needed.

I finally met her in person when I attended her music birthing class. Wow! Such a great class, I learned so much. I read her book, and I would recommend it to any expecting mother. I knew I wanted a natural birth, but that book really confirmed it for me.She was available anytime I needed her, and as soon as I asked her to come to the hospital she was there. I didn’t think I was going to make it without and epidural and I was scared. But after she arrived everything changed. Her calming presence and guidance was amazing! She is the reason I was successful with a natural delivery. I would recommend Marie to anyone. Words can not describe how amazing she is!

Posted 2/22/2019

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Tammy McClure

Marie was amazing to have at my birth! I was on the fence about hiring a doula since I was birthing at a birth center with midwives. Well, when your birth experience is a long one 30 hrs from start of contractions to delivery, thank goodness I had Marie there! She came to my house during early labor and soothed my low back during contractions. After hours of this we decided to head to the birth center. Marie did hip squeezes, massages during contractions, helped me find different positions and ways to manage laboring. She helped my husband and birth center midwives as extra support when the labor was getting longer & more intense. She kept me on track to having an out of hospital, no-meds birth experience that I desired. I loved the photos she took, especially our first family photo right after baby Hazel was born. She wrote up a beautiful blog post on the birth that was super convenient to share with others when I wanted my post partum time to be with my new baby. Thank you so much Marie!

Posted 2/22/2019

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Kali rhoades

Words cannot adequately express the value of Marie and her services to our pregnancy, labor, and delivery. I genuinely believe if it hadn’t been for her, I would not have had the birthing experience I so desired (an all natural delivery free of any medication or interventions). Prior to delivery, Marie made herself available for any questions or concerns we had. She conducted a very thorough interview where she gathered information about the type of birth we desired. This consisted of questions about how to best help me cope, what role she should play, what role my husband should play, etc. During this interview she addressed all of our concerns, but ensured us she would be available should anything else come up! The day our little angel was born, I started experiencing early labor during the morning hours. I sent her a log of my contractions and she was very encouraging, helping me to stay relaxed and embrace the day. Marie came to our home quickly once we felt we were ready for her assistance. Throughout the labor, she was the absolute BEST. It seemed like she always knew what I needed well before I even had to ask. She put on beautiful birth music, spoke amazing words of encouragement, kept me cool by fanning me, used massage techniques, basically anything and everything comforting! I remember I panicked when my water broke and she immediately gave me words of reassurance. She helped my husband play his role so beautifully, and provided him with the confidence and support he needed through the process as well! We chose to refrain from having family there during the birth, but Marie documented the process by capturing all the precious moments in pictures and video. I was so excited to share the blog she created with all of our friends and family. There is no price that can be placed on the video of my daughter being born and my husband delivering her, and Marie captured this!!! We are so grateful for everything she did for us, a true blessing!

Posted 7/20/2017

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Polina Kokoulina

I would like to thank Marie for giving me and my husband such a great support during my labor. When I first got pregnant, we were exploring our options for births and my husband brought up a doula for birth - and I am so glad he did! I have considered myself as a tough woman and thought I would be just fine laboring on my own, but the more education classes we have gone through, the more I started to realize that I needed help emotionally and physically from somone who has gone through the process many times before. After doing a lot of research on birth doulas, I have come across Marie's name. She stood out to me as an experienced doula and just a good person. After an interview with her, we knew right away she was "our person" to go through the toughest, but most rewarding time in our lives. She was so kind and caring. She was there for me and my husband before the birth, during the birth and after our beautiful baby girl was born. She was available for any questions, guided us through labor, encourgaged me in the best way possible and gave me back massage with a cool massager during each contraction, which was a life saver! I just could not thank her enough for making our birth story so beautiful. Not to mention she has taken amazing photos that tell our birth story as well as wrote out our birth story that we will have forever. I can say with a confidence I would not be able to labor naturally without Marie by my side. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Polina K.

Posted 6/12/2017

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Hilary Whitesides

Marie's childbirth class and doula services were informative, helpful, empowering, and so good! Plus, she's awesome and so easy to talk to. She was always willing to answer my questions and had so many good strategies for preparing for birth and getting through the stages of labor.  The birth of my first child was long and incredibly hard, but I was able to have the natural birth my husaband and I had planned on because of Marie's knowledge, help, and advice. My daughter was posterior and I believe Marie's expertise was instrumental in the baby turning and my ability to birth her naturally.  She was also very helpful postpartum when my baby was having struggles nursing. Marie's help was amazing again during the pregnancy and birth of my second child. I can't imagine what the births of my children would have been like without her help!

Posted 5/31/2017

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Lindsey Schultz

Marie was truly wonderful to work with. In our initial meeting,  she really made sure that all of my questions were answered and that she had an idea of what my ideal birth would look like and what I was expecting from her. She made me feel comfortable and at home and when the time came to go into labor she jumped right in with coaching me and helping me cope with my labor pains. I had a really long labor and she stayed with me the entire time making sure I felt comfortable and safe. The icing on the cake was the amazing blog she put together documenting my daughter's birth. It is something I will truly cherish for the rest of my life and something that my daughter will be able to look back on once she is older. Once we decide to have another little one, Marie will definitely be a part of that big day. Thank you, Marie! The work you do is inspiring and so very special.  

Posted 5/17/2017

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Christy Lopez

Having Marie as a doula was like having a best friend by your side! I loved that she helped the experience be for not only me but included my husband! I wouldn't want to have a baby with her love and support throughout the process! 

Posted 5/16/2017

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Kelly Hand

Marie helped me feel safe and strong throughout my labor and delivery. Having never gone through labor and childbirth before, her presence and encouragement was absolutely invaluable.

Marie helped me through early active labor in the peace of my own home for several hours before we moved to the birth center. Once we were there, she remained attentive and supportive throughout my entire labor throughout the night and into the next morning.

I remember her reminding me to make low sounds, focus my energy downward, and trust in my body. At one point I said, "I can't do this," and she looked at me and said, "You are doing it."

I absolutely recommend Marie as a doula - her experience, compassion, and warmth helped me create the birth experience I had hoped for. It was definitely a lot of work, but it was an entirely empowering experience.

Thank you again, Marie. I am happy to carry this memory through life.

Posted 5/16/2017

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Lisa McDaniel

After reading Marie's book, The Sacred Gift of Childbirth, Making Empowered Choices for You and Your Baby, I knew I wanted her to be my doula.  Thankfully she was available to help me!  I can't imagine anyone being more caring.  It was like she always knew how I was feeling, and knew exactly what to say to help me through my labor.  Her words were my rock, and she coached me through each contraction.  I enjoyed the music she played and felt that her music birth class also helped prepare my husband and I for the realities of labor.  She told my husband how to support me, and he did amazing, too.  I will never give birth without Marie.  She could double her prices and I would still hire her!  Having Marie at your birth means having a great birth.

Posted 5/13/2017

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Jessica Jacobus

I am so Thankful I chose Marie to be by my side during the birth of my 3rd son. Her support and reassurance helped me to stay focused and relaxed. My labor and birth went so fast and smooth. I know without a doubt it was because I felt safe and supported. There was a moment of fear and I questioned if I could push my son out, but she got me right back on track. It was as if it was only her and I in the room at times. I would just look at her and she knew what I was feeling and she knew just what to say. I had an amazing and beautiful birth my husband and I are so Thankful to Maire. 

Posted 1/30/2017

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Jenn Mallette

Prior to the birth of my son, I generally thought a doula would be a good idea, but I wasn't particularly motivated to find one. However, our midwife works with Marie and highly recommended her (and recommended a doula in general)--Marie came and talked to us at a group class, and I thought she seemed like she would be helpful and a calming person to have with us. Still, I was only somewhat convinced that a doula was a nice person to have around but not a neccessity.

But then I gave birth.

Marie was beyond awesome. She came to our house when I thought we needed someone, which allowed us to have a resource before going to the birth center (and to help us decide when to go!). She offered suggestions in such a way that the decision was mine and I never felt pressured to do anything that didn't sound like a good idea. In addition, she was knowledgeable about birth and was able to offer suggestions to help me kick into active labor and to help me figure out what I needed to to push my son out into the world. When I was fully dilated and didn't have the urge to push, she made recommendations to try to get things going again and helped us make decisions in an informed way. The whole time, she was calm, reassuring, and an invaluable help to my husband and me. I'm not sure what we would have done without her!

Marie is a knowledgeable and comforting person to have at your birth. I felt like she was cheering me on the whole time, and it helped me stay calm and focused and allowed my husband to focus on supporting me rather than coaching me during labor. Marie commented about how calm I was during labor and delivery (and I had an unmedicated birth), but I'm not sure I would have been without her support. If I ever decide to have another child, I'll definitely be hiring a doula--and I hope Marie will be available.

Posted 11/1/2016

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Kerrie Crowley

My husband and I attended one of Marie's music birth classes at the hospital when we were expecting our first child in 2012.  When we were expecting our second baby in 2014, we hired Marie as my doula.  She was such an encouragement during my birth experience that I didn't think I would have made it without her help. She had such an encouraging presence about her. We just had our third baby a couple weeks ago, and I insisted on having Marie as my doula again.  My labor was longer than I was expecting, but I knew I had a great support system.  Marie's words of encouragement were invaluable to me as I was going through labor.  I think having a doula is one of the best investments you can make for your birth experience.  I highly recommend Marie as a doula!  

Posted 10/13/2016

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Chelsea Hansen

Marie is an amazing person. She's fun to be around and is genuine and kind.  When we went to meet with her I immediately felt that she was the doula that was going to help us feel supported and empowered during our birth. While I was pregnant, Marie went out of her way to accommodate me in helping me feel comfortable with our relationship before one of the most intimate moments of my husband's and my life. During the birth, she brought a calming and reassuring presence into the room that was essential for our experience. I felt loved and supported by her during my hardest times of labor. She was great at helping me communicate when I was struggling to cope. Our birth was an amazing experience and alot of that is thanks to Marie. When we have another child, she will be the person we go to and trust to go through the experience with us again. We are grateful for her and her training. You couldn't find a better fit.  

Posted 10/12/2016

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Sara Lima

Marie was AMAZING. As a first time momma she helped me with labor breathing and remaining calm and comfortable. She validated my feeling and fears and even drove me to the birthing center. My husband wasnt there in the beginning to hold my hand and help me (he was setting up the nursery, while we went in to what we thought was a check up). Marie kept me calm, called my husband, played soothing music for me and held my hand. Once my husband got there she still assisted me with contraction breathing and took pictures for us. Marie made my birthing experience extra special, and I would recommend her to anyone. 

Posted 10/12/2016

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Brittney Byrne

When I first told my husband I was interested in hiring a doula, his response was "what's an abadobula?!" After the birth of our son with the assistance of Marie he said "Everyone should have a doula!!". I felt comfortable with Marie from the minute I met her. This being my first pregnancy, I had lots of questions and concerns and Marie was so helpful with real information. She has the perfect combo of real life experience, calm answers, and true facts. She never sugar coated the birth experience, she was honest, reassuring, and informative without giving me false positives or unnessary negatives. For the last week of my pregnancy it was so helpful to have her just a text or call away when I was convinced I was going into labor. When the big day finally arrived Marie was available to text all day and answer every question I had as labor was approaching. Once we decided it was time to head to the hospital Marie met us there and helped talk me through the check in process. She helped me remain calm and the music was the perfect touch. Marie took photos through the whole process and I'm so thankful to have photos of not only my husband and I smiling in the triage before my water broke but also for the picture of our son the moment he entered the world. Marie was very supportive and calm, even when I wasn't. I had decided on a natural birth and when I started to think the pain might be too much and asked for information on epidurals, Marie was calm and non judgmental. She helped me get all the information I needed and once they finally checked me again I was 9.5cm and just minutes away from pushing and 45 minutes away from the birth of our baby. She helped with positioning, music, breathing, and kind words to get me through the natural birth I desired. It was a smooth and memorable experience and I truly believe this was in large part due to Marie and her amazing skills as a doula. I wouldn't give birth any other way or with anyone else.

Posted 10/12/2016

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Jon Latorre

Marie was an amazing person to have in our corner both before, during, and after the birth of our beautiful baby girl. My fiancé's pre-labor was very long and difficult and Marie helped talk us through it. Once she was finally in active labor and went to the hospital, Marie showed up quickly and was there for emotional,physical, and mental support. - We actually ended up gettig an epidural pretty quickly after going into active labor so Marie was not able to show us her some of coping techniques that we anticipated using but that was not her fault. - When we got to the "pushing" part of the process, she was able to hold the leg which allowed me to be at my fiance's head where I was able to give her emotional support. This was fantastic for us. When our baby finally came out, she was snapping photos of the amazing moment which she gave us afterwards. We did not anticipate wanting these X rated photos but we were grateful to have them after the fact. She also wrote up an amazing blog post about our birth and we were able to share it with family who absolutely loved reading it. 

Overall we got through our birth mostly as planned. No induction, no C-section, no epistiotomy, no pitocin. I really don't think we would have been able to do this if not for our doula. Thank you Marie!!!!

Posted 6/11/2016

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Maggie Byers

I found Marie on Doula Match and was immediatly intrigued by the concept of music birth. I was impressed to find Marie had a Bachlors degree and thought what a beautiful way to apply that knowledge. I had two previous hospital births in which the babies were perfectly healthy but I was very dissapointed with the experience and the manner in which I had been treated. Third time around I heard about the benefits of having a doula.

Marie is an attentive listener and so understanding! She kept in touch with me during my pregnancy and was always available for questions and concerns. I attended her music birth preparation class and it was FULL of helpful knowledge and I felt very excited and prepared afterwards. I learned so much from her even having two previous pregnancies.

When the day came, it was a little akward at first because I barely knew her but she has a personality that makes you feel instantly comfortable and calm and the akwardness faded quickly. She didn't hesitate and just jumped right in as soon as she arrived.  I knew the music was going to be great but I had no idea, until I was in the moment, how powerful music therapy really was! As my labor progressed and became more intense the music she used coincided rather scientifically with the process. Instead of thinking about the pain of the contractions, I was thinking "Gosh, this music is amazing and the massage feels SO good". The music and a special  massage technique that she uses commanded my focus and helped me stay in control of myself.  Her words were so empowering and encouraging and kept me going no matter how bad it hurt. She captured incredible pictures of the event and put together a beautiful blog post. She made my birth experience so memorable and I am forever grateful to her.

Marie genuinly cares for her clients and gives 110%. She even kept in touch afterwards to make sure I was adjusting well. I hope she can make special memories for you also.

Posted 7/24/2014

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Hilary Keim

I am so grateful that I found Marie Bigelow for my second birth with my second son.  I used a doula eighteen months ago for my first birth in Seattle, and since have told every pregnant woman that I've come across how essential doula support was for the success of my birth experience.  My family moved to Boise half way through this second pregnancy and I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to find the same exceptional coaching and encouragement that I had depended on with my first.  Man, did we luck out!   Marie met us at our home and we discussed our birth hopes and expectations, what worked and what didn't work in our first birth, and what our attitudes were about intervention.  Marie left us with several music cds that she encouraged me to listen to at bed time to help train myself to quickly register and recognize music assisted relaxation. When it was time Marie met us at the hospital, so cheery and comforting toward me the second she arrived.  Because of an abnormality in baby's monitoring my midwife suggested that she break my bag of waters to get labor progressing faster.  I decided to go for it and found myself thrust into hard, active labor very quickly.  Marie massaged my back and helped me vocalize my contractions.  She was there to show my husband how he could comfort; I heard the familiar music playing in the room. I remember crying out that I didn't know how much longer I would be able to do 'this' (meaning without epidural).  As we discussed earlier, Marie acknowledged my statement and we continued working through the next waves of contractions - one at a time.  I had a natural childbirth (again), and having Marie there gave me the confidence to do it.  She is everything that a doula should be and she cares so much... I'll remember her part of my precious experience for the rest of my life.

Posted 1/6/2012

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Jeanne Allen

 The natural birth of my daughter was a beautiful experience. Marie really made it possible. Before I went into labor, Marie taught me how to focus on sending positive signals to my brain before pain signals could get there. Throughout labor, I used the counter-pressure technique a lot, and she was there for me 100%. She always knew what to suggest to help me manage the pain and focus on the positive, and she helped my husband to know exactly what he needed to do also. The most amazing technique she offered was the music for each stage of the birth. The music guided my body to progress toward having my daughter and helped me focus on the happy ending rather than on the contractions. It was amazing!
-Jeanne, mother of 2-month old Kaylee

Posted 5/27/2011

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Jeanne, mother of 2-month old Kaylee

The natural birth of my daughter was a beautiful experience. Marie really made it possible. Before I went into labor, Marie taught me how to focus on sending positive signals to my brain before pain signals could get there. Throughout labor, I used the counter-pressure technique a lot, and she was there for me 100%. She always knew what to suggest to help me manage the pain and focus on the positive, and she helped my husband to know exactly what he needed to do also. The most amazing technique she offered was the music for each stage of the birth. The music guided my body to progress toward having my daughter and helped me focus on the happy ending rather than on the contractions. It was amazing!

Posted 5/27/2011

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Amy McCarthy

Marie has attended the last 2 of my 3 births.  My first birth was a rather traumatic unscheduled emergency cesarean.  I hired a doula because I knew a doula would increase the chances of a successful VBAC.  I have put off writing this since I am sure I do not have the words to say what having her at my births has meant for me.  My first labor was very long, and I am certain I would not have made it all the way through without her extra support.  She went above and beyond what I expected in terms of support.  I had not labored before and so did not know what to expect, but she was there, constantly pressing me to keep the labor going.  Baby came out eventually, and the OB said if I had chosen an epidural (would have been likely without Marie!) that my labor would have stalled and the birth would have been cesarean.  So for my second birth, we asked Marie to attend again.  Fortunately she was available!  My second labor was very different from the first.  I expected another long, multi-day labor, but with the second labor, the contractions were always ahead of me.  Marie was there with every contraction, reminding me to stay with it.  I am sure I would have lost it on my own!  I wouldn't labor without her.

Posted 8/12/2010

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Meredith Gregory

 Marie provided great support for both me and my husband.  She helped us through a very long labor and assisted in making tough decisions during our labor.  She was very kind, but also firm.  Her backup doula Ginger is great as well.  Thanks to them we had a good labor and now have a beautiful son!

Posted 6/23/2010

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Anntara Smith

 When my husband and I found out I was pregnant, one of the first discussions was our birth.  We both agreed that a natural birth if possible would be the best decision. As we read and spoke with friends we decided a doula would be most helpful and give us the best opportunity for a natural birth.  We chose Marie after a recommendation.  Marie came to our house and answered our questions and concerns.  Then she checked in first and second trimester and then we took a music birth class offered by her third trimester.  Marie was attentive and caring and was supportive of our decisions. A few weeks before my delivery, Marie was checking in regularly and helped me remain patient after my due date passed.  Finally, the day of delivery, Marie spoke with me via telephone in the morning and evening when I was questioning labor. She then came to the hospital once we decided we needed her support. She was tremendous throughout the labor and delivery. She was able to lend an objective calmness and coaching that encouraged me and kept me focused. She was able to help my husband but never stood in his way.  She also acted as my advocate with hospital staff.  I delivered natural without medications and wouldn't change a thing. Marie was awesome and followed up later as well. I would definitely recommend a doula to anyone, especially first timers who are considering a natural birth and Marie absolutely is top notch!

Posted 3/21/2010

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Natalie Jones

I had the most amazing birth experience with Marie. Her knowledge and expertise expanded further than a typical Doula. I was very comforted and felt supported by her throughout the entire process. She prepared my husband and I for what to expect in a realistic way and because of this I was confident and calm. The added music made the birth romantic, beautiful, calming, supportive and personal. I can not imagine having another birth without her presence.

Thank you Marie!

Posted 9/9/2009

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