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Phone: (301) 725-3662

Birth Fee: $1000

Postpartum Rate: $40

Fee Details: Our services include: -Warm line and email support throughout your pregnancy and the early months of parenthood. -Continuous labor support, from early labor through the birth of your baby. -Initial breastfeeding encouragement and support. -A short story written by your doula to remind your baby of this special day. -Postpartum follow-up in the early days after your birth. Our postpartum services include: Maternal care with recovery Newborn care Breastfeeding support Minor household chores and cooking

Years in Operation: 10

Type of Practice: Group practice

Clients per Month: 3 to 8 births and 1 to 4 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
We are a group of DONA-certified birth doulas serving the Washington DC metro area. Our doulas are trained and experienced in childbirth, and provide continuous physical, emotional and informational support to birthing families before, during, and just after childbirth. Our doulas have collectively served more than 1,500 families since we began at Holy Cross Hospital in 2002. In 2009 we became By Your Side Birth Services and we have expanded our services to families birthing in the DC Metro area including those with high-risk pregnancies, multiples, and mothers desiring VBACs. We offer the benefit of our unparalleled experience and well-developed, professional relationships working with the doctors, midwives and nurses at Holy Cross Hospital, Shady Grove Adventist Hospital, Sibley Memorial Hospital, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and George Washington University Hospital, as well as other local hospitals on a case by case basis. Our doulas also have experience providing support to mothers who have received a poor perinatal prognosis, suffered pregnancy loss or are in need of specialized doula support. In 2018 we have added postpartum doula support to our practice. Our postpartum doulas are there to support the family as the navigate the fourth trimester. We offer discounts for families who utilize our birth doula and postpartum doula services.
Attends birth center births? Some Birth Centers
Attends home births? No Home Births

Special Services Offered

  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Miscarriage Support (Before, During or After)
  • Stillbirthday Bereavement Doula

There are 6 group practice doulas.

Client Testimonials for By Your Side Birth Services, LLC

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Marina Petrova

Lisa’s presence was very nourishing on many levels. In addition to providing her professional services (cooking meals for us, listening to us, answering our questions (regardless of the time of day), providing information, showing us how to bathe, feed, comfort the baby), Lisa was able to connect with us on a human level. She was always very attentive to our needs and seemed to genuinely care about me and the baby. I thought of Lisa as a friend, as the baby’s grandmother, someone who does what they do out of love. I looked forward to Lisa’s every visit and she always left me smiling and happy.

Posted 9/10/2019

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C S.

I used a different doula for my first birth but decided to work with By Your Side Birth Services for my second baby. Wow! I am thrilled that I made that decision. Jeanine was phenomenal and I couldn’t have asked for a more competent, warm, and supportive Doula. My pre-labor and actual labor took a lot of unexpected and complicated turns and Jeanine was there for me every step of the way via texts, phone calls, and in person. She helped relax my husband as well, which I really appreciate. Her medical background was really helpful when I had a lot of questions during my hospital stay. Thank you for everything, Jeanine! I highly recommend this group. 

Posted 8/3/2018

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Leah Henao

It's been one month since our first baby was born at Holy Cross.  We are so happy we worked with By Your Side and would highly reccomend their services.  We interviewed a solo doula as well as attended By Your Side's open houses before signing an agreement.  Utimately, we chose to work with By Your Side mainly because of their group practice model as well as Jeanine's expertise and experience as a nurse.  We felt confident that we not only would have our doula's expertise, but Jeanine's as well, 2 for 1, if you will!  ;-)  Well, our birth story didn't go as we would have hoped (do they ever?), but our baby came into the world safe and healthy and that's all that mattered in the end.  Erika was with us every step of the way.  She counseled us over the phone as we were admitted to the hospital for a petocin induction.  She joined us at the hospital at 7pm on a Friday evening and labored with us for 4+ hours  before I had an epidural.  Erika was extermely supportive, helped us consider all the factors (lack of sleep, slow progression, etc.), and even dealt with some extreme emotions of my end.  My husband got some much needed rest overnight and there was Erika stepping in as primary support person.  The epidural and depleted water sack was causing some normal distress for the baby.  Erika helped to keep me calm and assured me everything was normal.  We are so appreciative of their services and would recommend that any mom-to-be consider By Your Side. 

Posted 5/29/2017

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Angela An

Having Jeanine from By Your Side Birth Services there was a big reason why we had such a positive birth experience.  From her ease alongside us during labor, as well as her helpful advice while laboring at home and at the hospital, we are so happy to have chosen them to be with us on the day our little one was born.  Coming from someone who was not on board with having a doula in the beginning (I thought it was going to be too woo woo), I'm now a huge proponent and supporter of having one.  Jeanine was able to provide advice and knowledge that we wouldn't have had otherwise and that made a huge difference during labor and delivery.  I'll definitely be recommending having a doula and using By Your Side to our friends.  Thank you to Jeanine for all that she did to help bring our son into this world.

Posted 5/28/2016

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Kimberly Wensel

My baby girl was in the breech position for the majority of my pregnancy as far as I and my doctor's could tell.  We hired By Your Side Doulas around 32 weeks. It was at this time that I started to get very uncomfortable with my OBGYN, feeling that he had already decided we would schedule a c-section as evidenced by his "We will just wait and see attitude." Louise from By Your Side called to check in on me multiple times around this period and encouraged me that if I was uncomfortable it was not too late to consider switching practices. She went as far as to provide recommendations and even called her most trusted OB for me to see if I could switch at 36 weeks.

I ended up swtiching practices, loved the docs but baby girl still wouldn't turn. I must admit I was doubtful that By Your Side Doulas would be that helpful if we ended up going in for a c-section since I wouldn't need extended support while laboring. Boy was I wrong! We ended up undergoing a procedure to try to turn the baby at 38 weeks, which was unsuccessful so we scheduled the surgery. Louise was on the phone with me consistently in the days leading up to the c-section (even though it was during the holidays) comforting me and answering questions. When our daughter decided to come on her own Louise was at the hospital within half an hour providing incredible support to me and my husband. He has said he doesn't know how he would have made it through without her. She sat with him while I was prepped, took photos in the operating room when she was delivered and ensured our daughter started breastfeeding right away. I didn't have to worry about my own needs during this time, something that provided such peace of mind when caring for a newborn.

While they are a group practice, they provide personal attention and support that I cannot imagine going without. I would recommend them without any reservation and plan to engage their services should/when baby #2 arrives!

Posted 2/26/2014

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Angee Kerns

What my Mom had to say: When my daughter began to talk about hiring a doula, I thought “Why would you want another person in the Labor/Delivery room?”; and I felt it was just another entrepreneurial idea to make money with little to no benefit. I could not have been more mistaken!

The Doula met us at the hospital and was my daughter’s advocate, helper and friend throughout the process. Another doula in the practice came in-just to be of support-until she had to leave for another commitment. I can’t begin to describe the wonderfully calm atmosphere created by these knowledgeable, caring, kind, professional, patient and loving women.

They continued to provide support thru out my daughter’s hospital stay. These women are truly unbelievable; changed my mind about the role they play, and I would now insist on their presence for every birth.

What my Husband had to say: My wife and I are so thankful for our Doula during the birth of our daughter! This was our first child and we contemplated hiring a doula, but now we are so glad we did. Our doula was instrumental in keeping my wife calm and focused throughout L&D. From a Dad’s perspective, I cannot thank our doula enough - her knowledge of the procedures and delivery room environment were a huge confidence booster for me, and her presence helped me focus on encouraging and supporting my wife 100% without worrying about the dozens of other things that were happening in the delivery room. If we are blessed to have another child, my wife and I will not hesitate to use By Your Side again!

What I have to say: Words cannot convey the empowerment I felt because of the BYS Doulas I worked with both leading up to and during L&D. I now think of them as family and wish that EVERY woman have as wonderful an experience as I did.

Go to an Open House and see for yourself!

Posted 11/23/2013

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Antoinette Capaccio

My By Your Side doulas were exceptional. The birth of my daughter was a long one and I worked with a total of three doulas. I was so surprised and grateful when a By Your Side doula started providing support as soon as I was admitted for my induction--before I was even in labor. And By Your Side continued to provide support throughout the next 36 hours--with each doula bringing a unique measure of perspective, calm, comfort, and creativity to the birth. Nothing about the birth went according to plan, but our doulas helped me and my husband to cope and helped us make the decisions that needed to be made. These are caring and knowledgeable women who would be an asset to any birth. Not everyone can have a perfect birth, but they will help you have your best birth. I can't thank them enough.

Posted 6/14/2013

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Regina Dull

By Your Side Birth Services is a wonderful service with talented and caring doulas and a simple, easy to use and cost effetive model for hiring a doula.  I used them for the births of both my daughters.  The first was a surprise early c-section (breach) where my doula, Dawn, was permitted to accompany me through the process in placess where my husband was not allowed.  Having her there explaining what was happening significantly lowered my anxiety level and was the next best thing to having a healthy baby about that whole brith.  I enjoyed their services so much that I signed up again as soon as I knew I was pregnant and together we made it through a successful VBAC.  I recommend BYSBS without hesitation or reservation!  Sincerely, Regina Dull

Posted 5/20/2013

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bessie lee is a collective of about 10 doulas. Their fee is less than the DC market rate. We met most of them at 2 open houses and then hired them. The catch is you don't know which doula will attend your birth. See "how we work" on their website. If you're a bit of a control freak like me, that might sound unsettling and a turn off.

Trying to accept and embrace the cosmic sense of lack of control during pregnancy, I took the plunge and am so glad I did. Jeanine, one of the founders, was tremendous with me, with the labor and delivery nurse, and with James on May 1, 2012 international labor day!  When I was in conflict with my OB about my wishes, she was there for me. She was truly "by our side" until after we transferred from the delivery to the maternity room, ensuring we were comfortable and settled.  Jeanine even came back to visit us at the hospital and offer more support, especially on breastfeeding.  Around the first month, Jeanine sent us a beautifully written birth story. Words cannot express our deep gratitude for all her support, care and commitment.

Our son just turned one last week. Jeanine was one of the special people we invited to celebrate his first year birthday. Her presence meant so much to me a year later.  I especially loved hearing her perspective on our son's birth day -- different than mine and yet absolutely valid and truthful.  

When we first contemplated hiring a doula, the idea of hiring and bringing a total stranger into an intensely private, intimate and personal experience of a lifetime seemed unappealing. When we attended a "By Your Side" open house, and one of the doulas said, "Everyone seems to get the doula they need" seemed too new-agey. And yet looking back, delivery without a doula and especially without Jeanine would be undesirable and unimaginable. I wholeheartedly recommend "By Your Side Birth Services!"

Posted 5/6/2013

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Erica Webster

I am a past customer of By your Side. I wish that I could spread the word about the exceptional care I received during my pregnancy and birthing of my daughter. From the moment I attended the first informational session to the post birth support I received, By Your Side has been professional and comforting during such an important time in my life. My most memorable moment was when I called By Your Side after having contractions for 18hrs at home and I spoke with a doula for approximately 2 hrs until I progressed far enough to warrant going to the hospital. She knew my birthing plan and my desires to have an unmedicated birth. She was supportive, calming, experienced and a friend during this trying time. My birthing experience (although difficult and extremely long) was made beautiful and memorable with the care and direction of my doula. I will forever remember my experience and the personalized care I received. I highly recommend By Your Side !

Posted 4/5/2013

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