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Jennie Meglathery


Hire Liz as your doula!  It's taken me quite a while to get around to writing a review (sorry Liz!) - my son will turn 2 in June.  But I'm still grateful all the time that Liz was able to be a part of our birth experience. We were planning a hospital birth at Gifford, but I risked out and was referred to DHMC.  I was nervous about being surrounded by a lot of unfamiliar people, because it's a teaching hospital, and about having interventions pushed on me that I didn't want.  Instead, Liz helped me cultivate my own environment, where I was surrounded by people who love me and I felt safe.  It was a fairly long labor (19 hours, I think, from the time Liz arrived, 27 hours total), and my husband was my primary support, but Liz acted as a fantastic support for everyone else in the room.  She always made sure my water jug was nearby, and that my husband remembered to eat and drink, too.  She held the bucket while I puked and reminded my midwife that I wanted perineal massage and mineral oil during pushing.  She also got some amazing pictures that I treasure!  When I'm telling my birth story, I always say that I never could have done it without every single person who was there to support me - 27 hours of labor with 5 hours of Pitocin, no pain medication and only 20 minutes of pushing!  Thank you, Liz!!!!!

Kristi Ehrisman


Liz was going to travel several hundres miles to help me with my birth.  We had it all worked out.  I live in Pennsylvania and she lives in Vermont.  I was going to have a scheduled c-section.  She was going to be with me up until the operating room and then after the baby was born.  I guess my daughter had other plans because I went into labor and she came a week before my scheduled date.  Liz would have been coming down to me the next day, to make sure she was here for the birth. Even though she did not make it for my actual birth, our conversations on the phone before and after were very encouraging. She was willing to help with anything that I needed. I had known Liz for years and she always wanted to help women with their birthing experiences and is very excited to be a doula.  I would recommend her to anyone that would need a doula.

Helen Hong


I am often asked why we chose to have a doula. For us, it boiled down to having someone who would support me and my husband in the fullest way possible.  We had a fabulous team at the hospital (nurses, midwives, doctors), but we didn't know who would be present at our labor and we knew that the staff would turn-over at every shift change.  We knew that Liz, as our doula, would be our one constant support and ally in the frenzy of labor and delivery.     

We interviewed a few doulas and went with Liz because she was warm, responsive and experienced.  She took the time to get to know me and my husband during my pregnancy, and when the big day arrived, she felt like an old, trusty friend.  Liz has a bright personality and was my 110% fan.  Liz has a unique gift - she knew when to cheer me on and push me, and she instinctively knew when to step back to give me the space to focus inward.  When my pain became unbearable, and I asked for medicated relief, she supported me without any judgment.  She was my ally and her goal was to make my labor experience the best possible.  (By contrast, the medical team cared about a safe birth, but my emotional well-being was not an explicit goal.)

In addition to focusing on me and my needs, Liz was able to coach my husband to help support me. This included different massage techniques. And when my husband needed a break (his hands were getting pretty sore after all that massaging!), Liz was able to step in. 

In the end, I had a wonderful birth experience. My daughter's birth, and Liz's integral part in it, was miraculous for me in every way and helped me heal from the trauma that I had experienced with a prior c-section five years earlier. After the birth, Liz continued to check in on me and scheduled a time to share the birth story that she had written for me. Liz will forever be a part of that birth experience. 


Stephanie Wade


I was getting prepared to have my first child. I wanted everything to be perfect, as you could only imagine. I was young and scared with no knowledge of how to go about pregnancy and especially birth. I knew Liz and she offered to be my doula, I accepted her offer and it was the best decision I could have made. She was a pleasure and made me feel so special the entire pregnancy and even helped me to a belly cast. She kept in touch often to make sure I felt well and gave advice and friendly opinions. She never made me feel like she was telling me what to do and it was great to share my feelings with someone who was so knowledgeable about birth. The day I went into labor she was right there bright and early and brought a big birthing ball that seriously made my day. She knew pressure points to help relieve pain and she was so great even at my moments of anger and breaking down during labor. She kept me hydrated to say the least, its like she was literally in my mind knowing my every wish. Maybe that came from the friendship we built over the pregnancy she noticed my wants and needs and made sure to fulfill them. I could go on and on.. She took pictures that captured moments between me and my son's father and family bonding that during labor I didn't "see" going on... Liz was amazing and I would recommend her to any single soul. Her bright and bubbly personality carries your spirits high but her serious and consoling personality is just what I needed to get me through. I love her.



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