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Kate Taylor, MA, MT-BC

Creative Childbirth Concepts®

Algonquin, IL Service range 50 miles



Birth Fee

$950 to $1500

Birth Fee

$950 to $1500

Birth Doula Experience

9 years

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
including c-section where hospital protocol allow. When not physically able to attend c-section given limitations, music playlists can be provided to help assist birthing mother and her chosen coach in the operating and recovery room.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
No unassisted home births please. I will gladly support and serve under the expertise of your Physician or Midwife who is licensed or certified to assist out of hospital birth.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly casting
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Cloth diapering education
  • End of life doula services
  • Henna belly designs
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Parenting consulting
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reflexology
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Therapist or counselor

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

RESEARCH AND PRESENTATIONS: The Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health; Monterrey, CA. 2013. Empowering Women through Creative Arts Birthing. La Leche League International conference; Chicago, IL 2007 Music for Childbirth, Breastfeeding and Bonding. American Music Therapy Association Great Lakes Regional Conference; Lombard, IL 2007 Music Therapy in Childbirth Holistic Moms Network; Medina, OH 2010 Embracing Life through Music.

Languages spoken

English, Spanish

Fee Details

Prenatal creative arts program and birth services, including doula support and music therapy assisted childbirth are designed to meet YOUR specific needs. After a complimentary needs assessment, your program will be personalized and fees addressed according to your budget and goals for childbirth. Visit www.creativechildbirthconcepts.com for more information.

Algonquin, IL Service range 50 miles

Client Testimonials for Kate Taylor, MA, MT-BC

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Courtney Schraufnagel


I can't speak highly enough of our experience with Kate.

I have only positive memories from my birthing experience and it is largely due to Kate. Kate kept us calm, let us know what was coming next so we had some time to make the necessary decisions, and was a rock to lean on through the entire process. During my pregnancy, she gave us useful suggestions on how to prepare for labor as a couple, suggestions on how to manage pain, and also how to use music to positively affect laboring. I was actually able to sing through much of my pre-labor due to Kate's encouragement, and it did help. Even as a singer, singing through pain is something I would have never thought to do without her.

During my labor, Kate was respectful of the medical staff and made me feel comfortable and empowered with any decision I made regarding whether to use or not use interventions.

My husband really appreciated how she helped him to better help me. I have heard some people say they think a doula would exclude their husband from the birth, but our experience couldn't have been more contrary to that view. My husband felt he had purpose the whole time.

Additionally, my OB appreciated working with Kate. When I first told her I was planning to get a doula, I got the sense that she wasn't thrilled about it due to past experiences. Kate seemed to completely change her mind. At my 6 week check-up, post labor, my OB told me my baby's birth was one of the best birthing experiences she's been a part of.

We would definitely, (and have) recommend(ed) Kate to anyone giving birth. Even though Kate taught us how we can labor ourselves next time, we can't imagine the birthing process without her. My husband and I agree, investing in Kate was the best thing we could have done. She will always be dear to our hearts.

sarah ceithaml


kate is a well educated doula who provided my husband and I a wonderful class. The class was private and about 3 hours. She was patient and had many tools to explain child birth and positions etc. She also made a wonderful music playlist for us to assist during different stages of labor. I had additional questions as I got closer to my due date and she took time to answer my questions and provide additional resources to help me. I highly recommend Kate to everyone who is looking to be more educated about their pregnancy and child birth in general. 

Bridget Hedger


My experience with Kate was beyond amazing. Words cannot describe how blessed and grateful I am for her. I really have no idea how I would have gotten through my pregnancy, birth or postpartum times without her. She was referred to me by a friend, upon meeting her I knew I didn't even need to interview anyone else. I felt immediately connected to her. I'm sad to see her leave. I honestly wish I could keep her around forever. She is so knowledgeable on so many things. She was understanding of what I wanted and made every effort to make that possible. She knew what cues to pick up on with me, and knew exactly how to guide me through each emotion. She made me feel so comfortable. She is so kind and encouraging. She was there and available every time i needed to talk or text. I really can't say enough amazing, positive things about Kate. i can't imagine what my birth experience would be like with out her. She helped prepare me in many ways. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula. 

Giovanna Otavalo


Kate was an wealth of resources, support, and information for the birth of my son. We connected with her immediately at our first meeting because of her warmth, expertise, and intuition. I loved her customized sessions that allowed me to connect with parts of myself I didn't know existed. Our playlists were perfect for our personalities and truly helped me connect with my baby when he was just a heartbeat. 

Kate's knowledge and support during labor is something I will treasure for eternity. She was able to help provide comfort and calming during some challenging times and I felt completely supported even when our original plans changed. Overall, she helped support us from beginning to end to allow me to have the birth I envisioned. I highly recommend her and sing her praises every chance I get!

Tiny Tusks Doula


The creative arts class for doulas was incredibly informative, inspiring, and enlightening. It offered the opportunity to experience several different methods of incorporating art into our doula practice, but also to use in self-care for the doulas. In addition, with Kate's guidance and support, the environment allowed for open dialogue and discussion which led to amazing sharing. It was a healing experience in many ways. I would strongly recommend Kate's workshops for doulas as it teaches tools to use with clients and for your own recovery!

Jennie Reiff


I attended Kate's Creativity Workshop for Doulas, and it was a fabulous experience! I loved learning about different ways to incorporate art and music into a client's birth plan/experience, and also how I can incorporate art into my own life more. I would recommend Kate's classes and expertise to pregnant women/couples and other doulas. 

Whitney Farrar


We were absolutely blown away by our class with Kate! As first time parents, we’re starting at ground zero. So, after our time with Kate and her wealth of knowledge we couldn’t be happier. Her application of music therapy brought us closer as a couple, and helped us connect more to our pregnancy in a fun creative way! After talking with her and receiving all the information she provided, we feel SO much more comfortable with our decisions and our expectations of labor. We hope to stay in touch throughout our pregnancy as we feel she is an incredible resource.

Lindsay Crane


Working with Kate was truly an amazing experience. We wanted someone who had experience with vbac deliveries. Kate was warm and caring and genuinely interested in our story and our birth goals from the first meeting we had. A bonus that was much appreciates was her music therapy certification and practice. She spent time creating birthing playlists that suited our music likes that would match with each stage of labor. Kate was always accessible when we needed her for anything. Our prenatal sessions togerher were calming and we connected as husband and wife and connected to our baby much more after those sessions and for the remainder of my pregnancy. When I went into labor I called Kate before I called my doctor knowing that she would help me to remain calm and pay attention to my body. Kate met us at the hospital shortly after we got there and was a calming presence in the room for my entire trial of labor. She encouraged me to breathe through the pain and was always by my side. While I was unable to have the birth I desired I remain forever thankful to Kate for making me feel completely in control of my body. She made me feel completely empowered and stronger than I've ever felt. I never took any pain meds during my trial of labor at all and I almost completely dilated. I felt like superwoman even after my repeat c section I feel at peace with everything about my labor and birth experience. My husband and I would highly recommend Kate to anyone searching for a doula. You won't regret it at all. Our baby will be a week old tomorrow and I've remained in contact with Kate throughout the week. I hope to keep in touch with Kate so we can watch each other's children grow. Thank you Kate for all you did and do. You're truly an amazing woman. 

Margaret Dillon


Kate really gave me so much more than I expected from the childbirth classes. She came with a wealth of information about the birth - but what I really was impressed by was how she designed the classes to what my husband and I were looking for and really listened to us and to what we needed to prepare for birth. She got to know our music choices, feelings about birth, and what kind of atmosphere we wanted to create, and helped us prepare in a way that felt so personal. It was also lovely to have classes in our own home. She was very warm, personable, and supportive of what I wanted from the birth. I really appreciated that so much. And she also went through the practical pieces that we needed to know about- about stages of labor, coping with pain, breastfeeding, and baby care. I am grateful to have found her and would highly recommend her.

Megan Bell


Kate amazed me not only at the birth itself, but at each prenatal appointment, too. I never knew what to expect at the prenatal appointments, but each time some profound unfolding happened. She was able to gently encourage us/provide the opportunity for us to open up to express something pivotal for the birth. At the birth her physical and emotional support was something I never could have expected. I had never known that kind of support from a professional relationship. Were it a familial relationship I'd call it "love," and it was love in it's own way. I felt it as love. 

When I birth again, I want Kate as my doula again. The energy she brought was something I don't want to be without, now that I know it exists! She calmed me, she soothed me, she held me when I cried, she cheered me, she anticipated my needs, she held space for me. Anyone would be lucky to have Kate as her doula. 

Amanda Meier Stewart


Kate was an invaluable part of our birthing experience from the moment I met her. She worked with our family as a whole during our prenatal visits. She really engaged our 2 year old son with art and music. She helped my husband and I reconnect shortly before the birth of our daughter. While laboring, she was with me throughout every contraction, even if she wasn't physically by my side. I always felt her presence and strength. Kate has a special gift, always knowing just what I needed during my labor. Kate also photographed some incredible moments, which we will forever be grateful for. Our family keeps a specail place in our hearts for Kate and we will be using her as a doula for subsequent pregnancies. 

dani bank


Kate is incredibly talented & a very special person in so many ways.Kate is able to sense & feel energy on a deep level.She has high awareness to others around her. Kate was able to read emotions before I even noticed them.She brings a strong presense of peace into a room, like an angel.Her strong intuition surprises me every time I am with her.It is very easy to talk to her because she is so open-minded.The visits we had were all very valuable during pregnancy.We all released fears & welcomed the baby through music, art, & conversations.I truly enjoyed creating art after a guided music meditation.Kate always came with an idea of what we were going to do but was very flexible if we needed something else.She genuinely cares about people & their experiences.My son was immediately drawn to her.He talked about her for days after she visited.They made music together & Kate gave him plenty of time & space to express himself in many ways,just like she gave us.She always was prepared, organized, & brought many supplies. After our sessions I would feel so pumped up.I had a renewed sense of spirit & energy.My husband was very involved with pregnancy & birth.Kate helped nourish & support that in our relationship. Kate listens with undivided attention & also has so much valuable advice on pregnancy, birth & beyond. During labor Kate massaged essential oils on my back,played music,allowed me to squeeze her thumb,hold her hand,pressed acupressure points,released tension, & guided me to have a natural childbirth that I had always wanted.One of my favorite things she did was help me with my breathing.I asked her to make noises with me.It helped to have someone else to follow vocally.Kate empowers people & openly shares her talent with the world.Kate has such a special purpose & is spreading her passion in multiple ways.I am so thankful Kate is in our lives.I feel so blessed to have met such a gracious soul.

Christine Shalda


Kate was a blessing to have at our home birth in July. She helped me prepare for natural labor and delivery in ways that I can't even explain. Her presence has remained in my heart since our daughter's birth nearly 3 months ago. Kate is a calming presence that gave me stability, faith & perseverance when I was faultering. She made herself available to me at anytime during my pregnancy & was my rock when I was overdue & becoming impatient. Our sessions were filled with music and meditation, art and laughter. Kate was a mere stranger when we first met & now I am lucky to call her a friend. I will never forget her, she will always be a beautiful piece to our baby's birth day. When I hear certain songs now, they remind me of wonderful, warm, kind, sweet Kate & how I was so lucky to have chosen her as our amazing doula. Thank you Kate for the music, the guidance, the compassion & the faith & belief in myself & my body to get through Molly's Birth. 

Stephanie Phelps


We had a great experience with Kate as our doula. She was professional at all times and her demeanor was very calming and patient, she helped me to relax both during labor as well as in the weeks leading up to the birth when I was overcome with fears, etc. We scheduled a guided relaxation session before the birth that was very helpful. Even though I ended up getting an epidural for the last hour of labor, I was so glad Kate was there to help me relax through the contractions I had before it took effect. She also was great in explaining the procedures that were being done and reminding me of what is normal during labor/birth. I would recommend her to anyone seeking to have a doula at their birth!!

Julie Dee


Kate graciously made herself available to us months before our due date. She worked around our schedules and met us regularly at our house. Kate helped us to connect to our baby by encouraging us to talk and sing to him. She led us through our birthing class and contacted me regularly to see how I was feeling, providing me with words of encouragement. I felt completely comfortable asking her anything at anytime. Post due date, Kate recommended natural supplements and exercises to encourage labor. Kate’s recommendations to encourage active labor seemed to pay off because throughout the night, I started contractions. The biofeedback sessions Kate led us through helped me to feel prepared for each rise and fall. I was able to speak mantras and sing songs in my head to help me through and I was even able to sleep in between contractions because the music from our playlist provided reassurance to keep me calm. At 4 a.m. I was dilated 5 cm and the nurse removed the Cervitil. I took a shower, my water broke, and by the time Kate arrived, I had progressed to 9 cm and was fully effaced. Kate helped me to focus my energy through the intense contractions. Shiloh was born at 6:26 a.m. after only 2 pushes! I was alert because I had not had any pain medication administered. I become full of emotion whenever I recall our story because our experience was so beautiful. Kate provided Noah, Shiloh, and I with an experience that we will treasure for the rest of our lives. We trust her and will always think of her in highest regards. If you would like to strive for a beautiful birth experience and have someone with you that is trustworthy, kind, and knowledgeable, I would highly recommend Kate Taylor!

Annie Walljasper


Kate attended the homebirth of our first child, and I cannot say enough how much I appreciate everything she gave to us. Of course, I had no idea what to expect and I think there I had a lot of apprehensions. In the sessions before the birth, Kate gently helped me face my fears, discuss my concerns, and put me at total ease with her, with myself, my husband, and what was to come. She  went above and beyond, staying in contact, offering support, and counseling over the 12 days I was past due. She has a beautiful peace and calm about her that was contageous and aided me to remain calm. During the birth she was there with me every step of the way. She knew exactly what music to play, where to place her hands on me, or what to say to help me through. She is compassionate and supportive; intuitive and generally amazing. I am sure every mom feels that they had a hard labor, and I am no exception. But when I hit my wall(s), felt like giving up, or that I couldn't go on, Kate knew exactly what to do. Not only did she care for me, but she empowered my husband to be active and involved throughout.  Kate gave so much of herself to us, and I truly have a hard time putting into words how much she meant to me. I feel that we have a very special bond now that will last forever. I will definitely be contacting her again in future pregnancies/births.

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