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Beth Bejnarowicz BA, IBCLC, RLC, CLS, PCD(DONA)

BBbabies L.C. and Postpartum Doula Services

Lake Zurich, IL Service range 14 miles

(847) 987-8079

Postpartum Rate


Postpartum Rate


Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Postpartum Doula

Postpartum Doula Experience

20 years and 100 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International, December 2010

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Postpartum limits/restrictions: No inside-the-home smokers, please.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Antepartum doula support
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Elimination communication education
  • Infant massage education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Monitrice services

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Breastfeeding USA Volunteer Breastfeeding Counselor - a national breastfeeding non-profit - Founding Member: Retired Vice President: (8 years term) Member of: DONA, ILCA, USLCA, NILCA, CABC, BFUSA, LLL

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

My fees include my expertise as a International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), which is very useful for mothers who are expecting to have challenges with breastfeeding, or who have had challenges with breastfeeding with previous babies. What is an IBCLC? Serving Lake County, Cook County, McHenry County and surrounding areas. Ask me about insurance reimbursement for my services.

Lake Zurich, IL Service range 14 miles

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Client Testimonials for Beth Bejnarowicz BA, IBCLC, RLC, CLS, PCD(DONA)

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Giovanna Otavalo


During my pregnancy, I made sure to read all the books and watch all the movies in preparation for labor. I interviewed the pediatricians to make sure I found the perfect fit! I thought I knew all there was to know about what to expect when my son was born....except I had no idea that I would struggle with breastfeeding. I saw the lactation consultant at the hospital, and two other private practice IBCLCs who were super sweet and supportive, but didn't really offer solutions for our issues. Working with Beth was the difference maker in my nursing and bonding relationship with my son! She was able to offer practical solutions to our concerns-- better nursing positions, the introduction of an SNS so we could supplement at the breast, and a pumping plan to help increase milk production. One of the pieces that I appreciated the most was her willingness to troubleshoot the root cause for my supply concerns and her referrals to other professionals who could assist in getting to the answers I was seeking. She continues to be a great source of knowledge and support even 2 years later! I am forever grateful for the role she has played in my relationship with my son!


Pamela Gough


When I was 7 months pregnant expecting our first child I had everything planned in preparation of our son's arrival. After years of being in the event planning industry & building small businesses, I was overly-prepared for what I expected of new motherhood. At least I thought I was. That was until I read about a doula. I came across the term doula and had no idea what it was. I researched and quickly realized this was something I needed to look into. After hearing a recommendation from my amazing chiropractor Dr. Stephanie & two other acquaintances in the area. I realized I needed to meet this woman, her name is Beth & everyone was talking about how wonderful she is. It seemed like everyone knew her. When we first met, I was nervous & skeptical of what a doula does. I wanted to be successful, prepared & provide a strong foundation for our home in welcoming our son. It seemed a doula could provide support for not only me but also my husband, when any stress presented itself. In the first meeting, Beth had a sense of calm about her. She put me at ease & made me feel ready for the journey ahead. I had interviewed 4 other doulas before meeting Beth, but I knew in that moment Beth was the right person. It wasn't until our baby boy arrived in June 2013 and Beth was by my side each day that I really realized how necessary a doula & lactation consultant is. Right away, I needed her. (And I rarely allow myself to lean on anyone.) I was in a new world I have never known before. It was exciting and scary. Our son was born healthy & strong and latched right away, but he slept a lot. Despite attempts to wake him regularly to feed, he lost over 10% of his body weight before leaving the hospital on day 4. Thankfully our hospital is breastfeeding friendly & they knew I had a post-partum doula & board certified lactation consultant, Beth, meeting me at home so they did not keep our son in the hospital or push alternative nutrition such as formula. (Continued below)

Pamela Gough


(Continued from above) As soon as we settled in, Beth was there daily, with encouragement, knowledge, open arms and unlimited resources. My husband & I would go to the pediatrician visit with reports from Beth on how much milk my son was taking in, his weight, his habits, everything. The pediatrician was so pleased, it was like having a medical person at home, but with the comfortable personality of a best friend. Within weeks our son was up in weight & impressing the pediatrician. He is almost 2 now and continues to amaze everyone he meets. It is a blessing to have him in our lives & I thank Beth for giving our little family the strength we needed each day. We still stay in touch and she is a great friend. Looking back at my most vulnerable time of life as a new mom those first few weeks and months... It was Beth's kind heart, genuine love, instinctive care coupled with her years of experience and professionalism which made me realize we had an angel in our home caring for our new family. As we discuss expanding our family in the coming years, I know I will call Beth and ask her to join us on welcoming any future babies. I couldn't imagine those moments without her.

Judy Locher


Beth was recommended to me from a friend and she worked with me as a lactation consultant in May 2014! I emailed her on a Monday afternoon when my milk came in and she arrived for our first session on Monday evening. She is such a kind, knowledgeable person! Being a first time Mom and not knowing what exactly was going on with my body, Beth normalized everything and I felt completely comfortable having her help me get my baby latched for nursing. She helped me with everything from engorged breasts to latching to a blocked duct. She also has a hospital grade baby scale and weighed little Brian before and after he nursed to see exactly how much milk he took in! She is so much more than an LC though! She cares about you and making sure that you are healthy and have good systems in place for you and the baby. She taught me how to pump and went through what life will be like when I return to work. She also helped me figure out my Ergo! She brought samples of Motherlove nipple cream when I really needed it. She is punctual for appointments and responds to texts if you have a question! I would highly recommend Beth. I really needed her expertise to get through these first few weeks.

Dayle Kozlowski


Part One: Beth Bejnarowicz was our post partum doula and lactation consultant and she was amazing. I had a really difficult delivery and was very sick for many days and weeks after our son was born. Without Beth I think I would have had a really tough time as I was predisposed to post partum depression and have a nonexistent support network. From day 1 Beth was there for us. I was on so many drugs after birth that it was unsafe for me to hold our son by myself. My husband had been up for several days prior to the birth due to my condition and he was exhausted and physically unable to stay awake to spot me as I held and breastfed our son in his first hours and days of life. Beth went above and beyond to help us. She stayed at the hospital with us for two nights and sat by my bedside as I held and fed our son. She made sure we were safe and helped make sure our breast feeding relationship started off well. She was very encouraging and compassionate at a very delicate time in our lives. The night I came home from the hospital Beth was there for us. She met us at our house and immediately started caring for me. I was terribly engorged and experiencing a very intense let down sensation and extreme uncontrolled shivers. Beth taught me how to massage my breasts to avoid complications and she helped my husband and I understand what was normal and what was not. She recommended that I go to the emergency room as my condition was far from normal. Beth was 100% vested in my well being so I could be 100% vested in our son’s well being. We could not have asked for more. I don’t think I even understood how hard it was or how slow my recovery had been until I met other moms many months later. Beth never pushed me to do more than I could handle. She helped me understand the resources that were available to me but allowed me to go at my own pace. She was there with me no matter how fast or slow I was going.

Dayle Kozlowski


Part Two: As the weeks went by, Beth was there for all of us. She brought books to help educate us and chocolate and other pick me ups for the hard times. She answered our questions, did our dishes, stopped at the grocery store, and a hundred other things. Sometimes she was just present and that made all the difference for me. She introduced me to different support groups and moms groups both in person and online. She was there when I needed her and that was something that was invaluable to me. She would allow me to have a break when I needed it and she taught me a million little things about how to care for our son in the most compassionate and baby friendly way. Beth lent me a baby carrier and got me a wreath at Christmas time when I could not go out and get it myself. She brought me a journal because she knew there was so much to our story. I would be a different mom without Beth. I am grateful that my motherhood journey started with Beth at my side. She is a tremendous person with a huge heart and she is singularly focused on making mom and baby healthy and well and helping dad to know how to take care of his wife and baby. She is also focused on helping dad be

Kelly Zownorega


I struggled with successful long-term breastfeeding with my first son, born in February 2011. I hired Beth as a postpartum doula for the birth of my second son, born December 2012. Her long list of credentials in breastfeeding is exactly what I was looking for! From the first conversation with Beth regarding breastfeeding I felt at ease. Before my son was born she came to my home and we established a breastfeeding plan. One of the things I will always remember, Beth said "breastfeeding is a lot like down hill skiing, you need real-time practice to make it work". Beth was fantastic and surpassed all my expectations. She was compassionate and understood every emotion I felt. Her knowledge in breastfeeding was supreme. In the first week she showed me how to latch correctly and still be comfortable while nursing. She was able to see my son had a lip and tongue tie, so severe it needed medical assistance. I was nervous to send a newborn baby in for a tie and tongue cut, but Beth suggested a wonderful dentist who specialized in this procedure. She sent me a video to watch, articles to read, natural forms of pain reliever to use, and called before and after the procedure. Nursing got easier too! In later weeks she helped me with returning to work and pumping questions. There are not enough words in the dictionary to express how AWESOME she is. I have recommended her to several of my pregnant friends and she is a MUST for anyone with breastfeeding goals. I have no doubt my second son will nurse long-term and I know it was because of Beth. I am forever grateful to Beth for helping me obtain a sleepy, relaxed and happy experience with my breastfed baby.

Megan Butterfield


In June, I brought 2 beautiful babies into the world. Zoe knew exactly what she needed to do to get her food. Ethan on the other hand wasn't able to transfer milk. No one noticed that in the hospital and of course they lost weight. When we finally got discharged from the hospital and visited the pediatrician they told us we needed to feed the kids formula to put weight on them. We didn't know any better but a day into it I called Beth for help. She was my life saver. She came daily for almost a month and gave me the strength to know I was able to provide for my kids and I did not need to supplement with formula. She taught me the basic of breastfeeding, how to increased my milk supply, helped diagnose an allergy to milk, recommend amazing natural baby products, tried everything to get my son to transfer milk, and became a member of the family. I do not think I would of stayed determined to breastfeed if Beth wasn't there to provide support and encouragement. She is very knowledgeable in everything breastfeeding and baby. Finally after weeks of pumping and trying to get my son to transfer milk, he did and hasn't looked back since. My twins are thriving and healthy ..and I have Beth to thank for that...breastfeeding has been an amazing experience that I will remember forever. Beth did not stop supporting me after the first month. She helped educate me on how to transition back to work and more importantly answers my regular texts from me freaking out about my supply. I highly recommend anyone to hire Beth! She is an amazing women, mother, educator and now friend.

Lindsay Clifton


There aren't enough words to convey how instrumental Beth was in my life since my twin boys were born. She truly was a God send in more ways than I could have imagined and surpassed all my expectations. In my lactation experience with Beth, she instilled in me much needed confidence in breast feeding my boys and 3 months later my boys are gaining weight and are 100% breastfed! Before I met her, no one thought breastfeeding twins was possible, but she helped me achieve it and never had a doubt in me! In my doula experience, she helped ease my fears and answer all my anxiety driven questions any time of the day or night and with such kindness. She showed me generosity, knowledge, patience, and genuine passion behind what she does. Beth was a breathe of fresh air when she walked in the room and a ray of sunshine on the gloomiest of days like when my twins were still in the hospital. I am forever grateful to her for the emotional support she gave me during the times us moms need it the most-- those vulnerable first few weeks after giving birth and being completely sleep deprived etc. I was blessed to have found her and recommend her to everyone!

Naz Kidwai


I wanted to write a review for Beth Bejnarowicz. Beth was my postpartum Douala for a few weeks and I can honestly say I don't know what I would have done without her. After I had my daughter, I quickly realized I would not be able to handle everything myself like I had previously thought. The concept of hiring a Douala was very new to me but my husband suggested we try it out. After interviewing Beth, we both felt very comfortable with her. She had the knowledge, experience, sensitivity, and softness we were looking for. Each day she came, she answered the dozens of questions I had about the baby and about nursing. She gave me the support I needed to get through a very rough time. Beth made sure I ate by making me lunch and helping to clean up around the house and also helping with the laundry. Ah and the very much needed time to take a shower without worrying about the baby and helping me get of the house by going on walks with me and the baby. I am not the type of person who easily asks for help and I feel that Beth understood me. She did everything that I needed and more without me having to ask while being very respectful of my privacy. I can keep going on and on about what she did but the point is that the support Beth gave, both for what I asked for and for what she said and did without me having to ask, was invaluable. I will recommend her to everyone I know having a baby and of course hoping I can have her come help me again with my next baby.

Carol Foussat


Beth is an extremely capable and reassuring doula. Her profound and extensive knowledge of the mother baby relationship means she can quickly and accurately identify what issues may exist (between a mother and baby) and make suggestions and give advice that make big differences. I am very grateful to have met her when I had my very little new baby as she was able to find out what was causing me pain and helped and supported me to get the problem solved.

Melanie McDowell


 I can't thank Beth enough for what she has done for my family. Meeting her when I had my first baby had a profound effect on the type of parent I became and continue to be. She has a professional, yet calm and nurturing manner that made me feel immediately at ease at a time when I was feeling overwhelmed and confused in the world of becoming a new mother. She helped me to trust my instincts and respond to the needs of my baby, and I treasure the caring and supportive relationship we developed with her. After the birth of my second baby, she provided invaluable assistance when I had breastfeeding problems with my newborn son. Although I was already an experienced breastfeeding mother, I encountered unexpected problems which she was able to immediately diagnose and rectify, and things became easier almost overnight. Her wealth of knowledge and experience in breastfeeding matters, and her gentle approach made an immeasurable difference to my breastfeeding relationship with my children. I can't recommend her highly enough. Any family who has the benefit of Beth's professional, warm and reassuring approach in their home will be forever grateful.

Rebecca E. Vieyra


As a new mom determined to breastfeed my new baby, I was quite distraught when I experienced over six weeks of breastfeeding pain. After seeking help, Beth offered not only encouragement, but was able to walk me step-by-step through a breastfeeding session, helping to correct my baby's latching-on problems that was causing the pain -- which eventually resulted in a wonderful breastfeeding relationship with my baby that is now completely pain free. Beth pro-actively contacted me after our initial meeting, continually checking up on me and offering the support that a new mom needs. When I shared my concerns about returning to full-time work and continuing to provide expressed breast milk to my baby, Beth provided me a wealth of resources that offered practical and pointed information to allay my fears.

Beth was very attune to my personal experience as a breastfeeding mother, taking note of the physical problems I was having, but also being caring and compassionate to the very emotional side of being a new mom. Although I know Beth has worked with many mothers, I really felt as though she saw me as a unique individual, recognizing that each mothering experience is different, no matter the situation. She helped to provide me with the knowledge as well as the confidence to continue breastfeeding during a few frustrating weeks. Beth provided me with the guidance and direction that even the best breastfeeding books could not offer. I highly recommend her for her experience and expertise!

Chris Ecklund


I nursed my son for 2 years with weaning occuring 3 mos. prior to giving birth to my daughter, during which time Beth was a source of advice, humor, and support.  About a week after my daughter was born Beth came to my house with a much needed calm assertivness and a hot meal (which she was delivering from another league member).  She offered hands on help with positions to reduce the amount of air my daughter was taking in while nursing as well as some better burping and gas relief techniques.  She also reminded me that it was ok to ask for help with house work and meals, which can be surprisingly easy to forget.  If I am ever blessed with another child I will certainly be calling on Beth again.



I met Beth as a La Leche League leader over one year ago. There hasn't been one question that she left unanswered. She goes out of her way to provide support for tired and often puzzled breast feeding moms. My son was about 6 months old when he couldn't keep up with the growth curve, which was a scary thing for me, since I tried to give him everything he needed. He was fuzzy pretty much all night long (yes, every night) and there even was blood in his diaper. He didn't drink much breast milk either. Beth met with me in a cafe and brought a thick stack of papers with her, full with research she had done for my son's unique situation. There was a growth curve where she had carefully charted, analyzed, and interpreted my son's weight data from birth to the present. She observed me nursing and gave me ideas on how to coax him into drinking more. Then she overloaded me with handouts so I wouldn't forget what she had told me. Finally, she carefully made me face the fact that I should stop eating dairy, yes, any dairy, because she suspected thats what caused at least a part of the problem. Not eating any dairy meant to change my whole diet. I mean, I love dairy! But she didn't leave me alone in my misery without giving me a home-made, dairy-free banana cake, which made the bitter fact a little sweeter and warmer. Unfortunately, Beth was right. The non-dairy diet did help. Now, one year later, my son is still tiny, but he is better. I am still dairy free, and it doesn't taste so bitter anymore.

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