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Lindsey Maxwell

Blissful Transition

Bloomington, IN Service range 20 miles

(812) 325-4209

Birth Fee

$700 to $800

Postpartum Rate

$15 to $25

Birth Fee

$700 to $800

Postpartum Rate

$15 to $25

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Postpartum Doula

Birth Doula Experience

7 years and 40 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

6 years and 25 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International, April 2010
  • DONA International, August 2010

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I've attended births at IU Health Bloomington Hospital and Methodist Hospital.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I've not yet provided doula services at a birth center.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Limited experience in home birth setting, but very interested in providing doula services to those birthing at home.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Antepartum doula support
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly casting
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Previous employee at Bloomington Area Birth Services, where I often lead childbirth education, workshops for expectant and new parents, and hospital tours. Also provide professional cleaning and organizing services to new and growing families.

Languages spoken


Fee Details

Sliding scale is available to those in financial need. I truly value the positive benefits of doula care, and I do not want financial need to make those services inaccessible to mothers who desire them.

Bloomington, IN Service range 20 miles

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Client Testimonials for Lindsey Maxwell

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Kylie Hartley


Lindsey is an amazingly thoughtful doula. She tailored our pre-birth meetings to fit our needs and regularly checked in to make sure all was well with us as we prepared for our daughter's birth. She was flexible and responsive, attentive to detail and supportive. While in labor, Lindsey had a sense of what was needed. She paid attention to details and wrote a wonderful birth story that we will always treasure. Lindsey also rocked as a post-partum doula. After walking in the door, she always asked, "What can I help with?". When she left, I always felt re-charged. Lindsey truly is an amazing doula and we are so thankful that she was a part of our birth and post-partum care.

Meagan Daniels


 We were so grateful to have Lindsey be a part of our birth experience. We chose Lindsey not only because of her incredible wealth of knowledge and experience, but also because her personality is one that exudes warmth, comfort, and confidence. We had a very, very long labor - 50+ hours. Lindsey was there for virtually every minute of it. She was a sensitive, caring presence for a very challenging several days. She helped us constantly switch up comfort measures and try new techniques. After our daughter was born she had trouble latching. Lindsey helped me to hand express colostrum which we could use to spoon feed. I was later told by our lactation specialist that this was the best thing we could have done to help my milk come in and to set our daughter up to gain weight and thrive. Thank goodness Lindsey guided us through that and set us up for successful nursing later! 

Lindsey also was a huge comfort as a postpartum doula, helping me take my baby to her doctor's appointment, helping me with chores around the house and just caring for my daughter so I could shower! I could sit and talk with Lindsey for hours - she makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed even as a crazy new mother. 

I wholeheartedly would recommend Lindsey as a birth and postpartum doula - we are so glad to have gotten to know her.

Silvia Rivera


 The first days of my son's life were very intense and exciting. At every hour of the day there was a task to be done. My husband and I were alone in Bloomington where we had moved from Colombia five months before for our sabbatical year as visiting scholars at Indiana University. Initially, the idea of having a postpartum doula to accompany us in the first weeks of our baby's life was strange for us. We are from Colombia (South America) so we come from a culture where family and friends generally do that work. But since we were far away from home, having Lindsey with us became a great advantage. She came home twice during the week and she always did with a coffee on her hand and her sweet smile; in each visit the atmosphere of our house was renewed, we were able to rest a little and regain our energies. Lindsey mainly helped us with the household chores, but her assistance was also very important to answer our questions about breastfeeding and caring for our baby. When our son was two months old, Lindsey left us to work as a postpartum doula with other families, but before leaving she found a nanny to help us during the last months of our stay in Bloomington. One of the things that we appreciate the most about having Lindsey at our side during that time was her ability to support us serenely and cheerfully and the special way she had to make us feel confident with the decisions we were taking. Today when I see my one year old son, I feel very happy to see that he has a great character; he is gentle, sociable and smiley. I think that these first weeks of life when he was surrounded by that gentle atmosphere that we were able to create between my husband and I with the great help of Lindsey was definitely the best way to start his life.

Kalani Craig



The short version: My partner and I would recommend Lindsey for anyone's birth team without hesitation, regardless of the nature of their birth plan.


The longer version: We had several prenatal meetings with Lindsey we were comfortable with our plans and her involvement. She was both knowledgeable and personable. When I went two weeks past my due date, she checked in every other day or so to encourage us to hang in there, and to make sure we had the resources we needed to make a decision about induction at 42 weeks.

When I went into labor a mere 12 hours before the scheduled induction (thankfully), my labor got very hard very quickly. It was Lindsey's unflagging help that got me through 5 hours of close, hard contractions early on. When it became clear that I wasn't handling labor well, Lindsey was equally supportive in transition to an epidural-based labor with minimal interventions (just pitocin for the last 1/2 cm of dilation, despite 16 hours of labor with meconium in my waters and several heart-rate issues that had the medical staff concerned). She made sure our baby got skin-to-skin contact, and she gave us several tips on breastfeeding that I still use now. She also photographed the first few moments of the baby's life so we were free to snuggle and bond (and they are great photos!)

Our first day home from the hospital, the baby stopped eating. Lindsey helped us decide whether and when to call the pediatrician, and without her, we would never have known our pediatrician had a lactation consultant. She helped us keep a small feeding problem from becoming a real weight-gain issue.

Finally, the post-partum visit and birth story were sweet, personal and quite a bit of fun. In all, Lindsey helped us shape a positive birth experience that we will never forget.


Kendra Maxwell


Lindsey was amazing from the first email to the post-partum visit. She helped through a period of huge transition for our family when we moved to Bloomington during my 3rd trimester. She went beyond the typical doula duties to watch my 2.5 year old son while I had appointments with a message therapist and a chiropractor to help position my breech baby (both were recommendations of Lindsey and were successful!). She also found a backup babysitter for our son if I went into labor early! During labor she made me confident in my body and my baby and the choices I made for the birth! The birth story she recorded for us was refreshing and sweet. She will definitely be present for the birth of my third child in a few years!!

Mackenzi Sylvester


I don't know how I would have made it through the birth of my 9 pound, 8 oz baby boy without Lindsey's constant presence. During the pregnancy, we met a few times and talked about my birth plan and how things were going, and some coping strategies. Lindsey listened carefully and gave us lots of information. She went above and beyond the role of a doula. When I went into labor, she supported my decision to labor at home with just my husband, and when the doctor suggested I come in, she met us at the hospital. My back hurt the whole time and I needed constant touch during contractions, and she and my husband took turns doing this for me. Having her there freed up my husband to hold my hands and encourage me. When I started to allow the pain to overwhelm me, Lindsey was right there to remind me the things I needed to do to help my baby on his way out. She reminded me that I wasn't just in pain, I was laboring and bringing a new soul into the world and I needed to FOCUS! In the weeks after my birth, she was just a text away with any questions or fears I had. She is an absolutely invaluable person to have before, during, and after a birth.

Antje Schwennicke


There's a lot you can say about Lindsey -- from Amazing and Warm, all the way through to some great word that begins with "Z"...  But she deserves the most credit for being FLEXIBLE and ADAPTIVE.  

Our birth, like many others, did not go as planned.  And throughout our adventure -- in the days before reaching the hospital, upon admission, and our home afterward -- Lindsey either provided or put us in contact with the resources we needed.  Yes.  That says it...  I should oficially add the word RESOURCEFUL to my list.  

Flexible, adaptive, and full of resources, Lindsey would make a great member of any birthing team.

Leslie Shafer


Lindsey met with me three time and was always quick to respond to calls and emails.  Great listener with helpful suggestions and well prepared contract and support information.

This was my second birth, I had an induction 41w 6d that started at 8am.  We expected a slow and painful day.  At noon we called Lindsey and asked her to come to the hospital.  She arrived at 12:30 and was prepared and amazing.  I had really progressed and was continuing to progress quickly and I was becoming fearful and panicked.  Lindsey immediately gathered information from my husband and the medical staff and attended to me with the perfect balance of calm, loving support and confident reassurance  and reminding me what I was feeling was progress and my goals for no pain medication. She helped my husband and mother work together to help me.  I clearly remember her cool hands felt good and her eyes were calm when my husbands were trying to hide fear :). I had a non medicated, no

Tear/injury of a healthy 8lb13oz baby! She helped me communicate wishes for him to be brought to my chest and delaying procedures and exams.  She supported me in immediate breastfeeding.  She stayed with us through moving and settling in our recovery room. 







Lindsey wrote a very accurate birth story and infused her joyful spirit in the writing.  I really treasure 

having this written for us. 



Lindsey Rupp


Lindsey was fantastic! She really went out of her way to help us both at the birth and afterward. Even though she had already been at the hospital all day with another client, she stayed another day with us. She was very caring despite the long hours, and I don't think I could have gotten through my 40-hour labor without her. She met with us a lot before the birth, and even helped in other ways, like taking me to the food pantry and getting information from other doulas in the area. She always had a lot of great and interesting materials with her and seemed to know exactly what she was talking about. She also took the time to write a beautiful birth story for our son and helped find us a Boppy. When my son was three months old, she helped us again and was even willing to work out a payment plan with us since we didn't have a lot of money and my husband had just lost his job. She always went above and beyond with us, and I would reccomend her highly.

Irene and Eric Schmidbauer


Lindsey was a fantastic birth doula, from start to finish.  She was a great source of information in the weeks leading up to the big day.  She provided just the right amount of quiet support throughout the labor and delivery process.  She was totally there for us when I needed help with breastfeeding right after delivery and in the days that followed.   We so appreciated her kindness, knowledge, commitment and professionalism.  It is clear that Lindsey truly loves what she does.  We are so grateful to Lindsey for all of her help during the most awesome experience of our lives thus far. 

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