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Danielle M

Christine was worth every single penny. She was the doula for my VBAC and I could not possibly recommend her more! With her wealth of experience combined with her dedication to evidence-based practices, I knew I was in good hands. Speaking with her made it clear that she was confident and knowledgeable. She put mine and my husband’s minds at ease as I was able to trust her fully. The difference between my first birthing experience without a doula compared to my experience this time around with Christine was night and day. During my labor and delivery, she was a constant source of information. She explained things to me throughout the process. She encouraged me when I felt discouraged. Her suggestions were always useful. She respected my desires and supported my decisions without judgement. I can say with full confidence that the birth of my baby girl would not have gone as smoothly had she not been there, and I am so thankful that she was.

Posted 5/19/2018

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Stephanni Prelac

I went into the birth of my 3rd child expecting it to be as easy as the birth of my first one.  I hired christine because this baby was going to be a VBAC delivery and I wanted someone who had extensive knowledge of any issues that could arise and arise they did!   

Christine supported me through 2 weeks of prodromal labor.  She was a constant source of comfort and information as I navigated through a painful and stressful 3rd pregnancy.  She was always available when I needed to talk, complain, cry or ask questions.  Her extensive knowledge of labor, delivery and VBAC was nothing short of amazing. 

Finally at 40w I had PROM (premature rupture of membranes) at 10pm on a sunday night.  Christine met me at the hospital and stayed with me the entire duration of my very long and arduous labor.  She helped me mentally and physically to deal with the pain and make the best decisions for me and my baby as my labor progressed slowly.  When my labor stalled out and augmentation was then necessary she helped me deal with the disappointment and stress.  She was an infallable source of comfort.  She never left my side and constantly reassured me that my baby and my body were doing exactly what was necessary and we were making progress.  Finally she helped me through the pain of pushing and helped coach me on the best way to get my baby here quickly and safely.  

I can honestly say that I would never have made it through this pregnancy, labor or delivery without her by my side.  Her calm and consistent demeanor helped me maintain my composure on what was surely one of the most stressful days of my life.  I would not suggest attempting a VBAC, or any vaginal dlivery without a doula and I know for a fact my birth story would be a whole lot different without her there.  She is an amazing resource and an amazing doula.  

Posted 4/10/2018

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Sara Follett Wilson

I hired Christine as my

doula for the birth of my

3rd child in which I was planning for a 2VBAC. Christine was a great support for me and my husband before the birth and during the birth.  She was able to help me work through my preferences during my birth and helped me to advocate for myself. She also had some great tips for reducing pain and discomfort during contractions.


i highly recommend her.


Posted 3/10/2018

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Anna Burrell

I hired Christine in the summer of 2017 for an attempted VBAC for my second child. I'd never experienced spontaneous labor since I was induced with my first son and wanted to do everything I could to *hopefully* achieve a VBAC with minimal intervention. Not only was I encouraged by Christine's work with ICAN, but I discovered she also had a lot of experience working Dr. Tate, who I was hoping to use my OB/GYN. From our very first call, I felt completely at ease with Christine and loved how she explained things to me in both a scientific and human way. When we met several weeks later, I immediately knew I wanted her as my doula. Prior to labor, I touched base with Christine whenever I had questions/concerns and she was great at quelling my fears and advising me when to seek medical advice.

When the big day arrived, Christine was very responsive and once we decided that I should head to the hospital, Christine arrived shortly after I was checked in. She was truly a crucial part of my labor. She showed my husband how to apply counter-pressure, suggest position changes, made sure she had a warm compress to apply to my back, and refilled my water about a hundred times. Most importantly, she was a constant sounding board for my questions, all while respecting my decisions and never trying to sway me one way or another. What I especially remember are the little touches Christine added: having me smell essential oils when I began to feel nauseous and throw up during transition, pulling out a hair tie and quickly grabbing a vomit bag as I got sick and bringing a cup of cold juice immediately after my son arrived. When I asked my husband what he thought about working with Christine, he had nothing but praises to sing and said he never felt pushed out of the process, but rather that she provided him physical relief and continually helped to set his mind at ease. I'm proud to say I had a successful VBAC and can't wait to hire Christine again for our next child.

Posted 2/27/2018

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Megan Cassidy

Christine was very thorough in explaining to us what to expect delivering our first child at Emory. She answered all of our questions and provided great suggestions on how to prepare for the delivery. 

She checked in on me a few times as my due date got closer, and she was my first call after Dr. Tate decided to induce me. 

She met me at the hospital as my labor progressed. During my labor she provided best practice guidance and explained everything to us as it was happening. I honestly think we would have been lost without her assistance. The nursing staff was great, but Christine was able to review every option and step with us in a more comprehensive manor. 

I can't imagine going through my first delivery without Christine there. She was my advocate, advisor and trusted friend. 

Posted 1/3/2017

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Melissa Kepper

This is my second birth.  My first birthing experience was a C-Section due to lack of fetal movement during an ultrasound.  I decided to try for a VBAC.  Due to my husband's work schedule, I was not 100% sure he would be present at the birth so I wanted to make sure I had support during labor so I decided to hire a doula.  BEST DECISION EVER!  I found Christine through ICAN and my OB office.  I heard wonderful things about her and from the moment I met her, I felt at ease.  Birth is such a personal and monumental experience and I didn't want just anyone there with me during the experience.  Christine provided excellent support leading up to the birth.  She was quick to answer text messages, calm my fears, or just lift my spirits.  From the moment my water broke at 6:30am, she supported and guided me in the process.  Turns out my husband was present during labor which was great but I never wished I hadn't hired Christine.  She was the perfect compliment to my birth team and it never felt like there was an outsider in the room.  She just felt like part of the family.  I had 17 hours of back labor unmedicated and couldn't have made it without her.  She knew exactly what to do to help ease the pain and keep me focused.  After 17 hours of back labor, I chose to get an epidural and I felt no judgement from Christine. She helped me weigh the pros and cons and supported me in my every decision.  She was a calming presence in the birth room when things got crazy. She was reassuring and very encouraging.  Even my husband said it was money well spent.  If I have another baby, I will definitely be hiring Christine again.  

Posted 6/7/2016

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Maria Kabanko

Having Christine at the birth of our second son is the best decision we made! Her experience, expertise, knowledge, ability to read and work with our cues made it a great experience. Huge THANK YOU to Christine for all the support both physical and emotional! My husband and I highly recommend hiring Christine for your birth. As this was our second, we certainly know the difference and it was astonishing. Christine is also a lovely, sweet, interesting person and a mom of 4!! We really appreciate all she did for us, and if there is ever another opportunity, we won't hesitate to hire her again! 

Posted 5/7/2016

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sherry sharifi

From the moment that I contacted Christine Strain and discussed my terrifying first birth story with her, I knew she was special. I can't imagine my birth without her by my side. After being stuck in rush hour traffic and nearly not making it, we arrived and were greeted by Christine at the front door. She had my husband just drop me off to her while he parked and gathered our belongings. This alone was a huge help. Little did we know that I was already in transition, so talking and walking was very difficult. My mind wasn't working at all and I don't even recall how we made it upstairs to the maternity area. She checked me in and told me what to do every moment of the way. The nurse at the front tells us there aren't any triage rooms available at this time and asked that I labor in the waiting area. This was the worst part of my entire experience, but thankfully Christine took control and watched after me closely while I rocked, hummed, moaned and crouched down through the contractions. They were very close together and later I found out that she had already contacted my doctor asking where he was?! A triage room finally is available after 40 minutes of awkwardness in the hall way and they take me back. This is where the nurse checked me and said, " wait a minute, I can't believe this?! You're fully complete!" It was already time to push and I couldn't believe it. They reeled me into the delivery room and a few minutes later Dr. Tate walks in and tells me it's too late for any mess or anything. This wasn't the news I wanted to hear. The next 44 minutes were a miracle because just when I thought I couldn't do it anymore, Christine would softly guide me and direct me by my ear and my doctor would loudly keep me focused and guided me from below. It was the perfect antidote for a delivery in my opinion.
I can't express the gratitude that I feel indebted to Christine! I finally feel healed from my last birth experience thanks to Christine! 

Posted 4/15/2016

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Whitney Reynolds Yancey

Christine came recommended by a family friend, and I ultimately reached out to her for my VBAC attempt when I realized she was THAT Christine, the knowledgeable and passionate leader from our local ICAN chapter. I stayed with a practice (and hospital) that Christine does not usually attend, but her professionalism shined through and it was not an issue. In fact, the midwife at my practice was very complimentary of Christine’s demeanor and professionalism after my VBAC labor, likening her to a supportive and calming member of the family…as opposed to someone I’d just met a few weeks earlier in reality. In our conversations leading up to the birth of my daughter, I found Christine’s energy, availability, and knowledge of evidence-based birth practices and personal experience with VBAC to be the “edge” I needed to truly feel confident – even excited – about trying VBAC. I had a quicker-than-expected labor, but Christine arrived righht when we needed her most; she realized what was happening with my body before I (and certainly before my husband) did and could advise and guide me – worth the money right there in retrospect! And after delivery, it was special to have a maternal ally there to share in the euphoria when I held and nursed my daughter for the first time. I know there are no guarantees in labor, but we had a positive experience with Christine and certainly recommend her!

Posted 2/7/2015

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Christine Stripling Waddle

Christine was amazing throughout my pregnancy and labor/delivery. She was very helpful at calming any fears that I had. She was available anytime I needed her. I have no doubt that my VBA2C would not have been possible without her. When things during labor did not go as I had planned, she was there to pick me up and encourage me to push forward. I may have given up if it weren't for her. Thank you so much Christine!!! You are WONDERFUL!!!?

Posted 1/12/2015

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Yiping Zhang

I am a first time mom and Christine was my doula for the labor and delivery of my daughter. My partner and I benefited greatly from Christine's deep labor and delivery experience. She has excellent communication skills and it is obvious that she rightly trusts the woman's instinct and ability when it comes to birthing.

Throughout our interaction with her, Christine was professional and knowledgeable. We took upon her recommendation of changing doctor at 37 weeks to maximize our chance of achieving a drug-free natural birth. On the labor and delivery day, recognizing how fast my labor was going, she arrived within half hour after my phone call to her and advised my partner on ways to slow down my labor while waiting for her. Upon on arriving, she quickly realized that we need to head to the hospital sooner rather than later, as my partner and I had believed. Thanks to her professional experience and instinct, we arrived at the hospital just in time for delivery. Except the car ride which my partner and I took alone, Christine applied counter pressure to my hips and gave me assurances during the many steps between my home and delivery room.

At the postpartum visit, she brought my labor and delivery timeline as promised and discussed many concerns new parents would have.

I find Christine to be an invaluable resource as a doula and would highly recommend her service to any expectant parents.

Posted 10/16/2014

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Samantha Rutherford

I highly recommend Christine!! She helped me achieve my vbac! She answered my silly questions and encouraged me when I was afraid that I would end up with another c-section. Although the labor and birth didn't go completely as planned, she helped me follow through with my plans as closely as possible, encouraging me when I thought I couldn't possibly go on any longer without an epidural! If you are a patient of Dr. Tate's, she is definitely the doula to have! They have a great working relationship, and that really helped put me at ease during labor!

Posted 7/9/2014

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Blair Glass

Wise women told me that there is a doula for every mother. I feel so grateful to have had Christine Strain as my doula for my most recent birth.


I've been involved in the birth community for over seven years. I am not a birth professional, but a mom who was originally looking for support after a cesarean. Over the years I've enjoyed the support, camaraderie, education and advocacy work that I've participated in through ICAN of Atlanta. Christine is a leader of ICAN and also an innovator. She is constantly finding new ways to reach and support birthing mothers. I have never met a woman as passionate about birth as Christine. I have seen her go above and beyond to support mothers, not just her own clients but every other woman who has come to ICAN for help. After observing Christine's passion and commitment, I knew that I wanted her to my doula.


Christine supported me through a high risk pregnancy, which was my third birth and my second VBAC. She was an empathic listener and was there for me through many emotional highs and lows. She is extremely well-informed about evidence-based birth practices, which was so valuable and important to me as a high risk mother. She was there for me as I made some difficult decisions with my provider about whether or not I need a medical induction. Ultimately I chose not to induce, and she was there for me when I went into labor. When the time came, she came to my house as soon as I said the word and helped me as my contractions grew more difficult. When it was time to go to the hospital, she was there for me. Labor was not easy, but it was so comforting to have such a warm and knowledgable person there to support both me and my husband. She was reassuring when things got scary, and I was so happy to have her there when my (11 lb!) son was finally born.


I highly recommend Christine Strain. Her passion, knowledge, and support are evident in everything she does.

Posted 4/30/2014

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Claire Paul

Christine is both knowledgable and entirely professional while maintaining a personable manner that makes her perfectly matched for this line of work! Passionate about labor practices, trends and issues, and above all the care of clients- my personal experience was wonderful, above and beyond expectations, and I was in labor for 20+ HOURS! ;) I honestly can say that her ability to connect with me and help me through some very challenging moments is what got me through and in my opinion, was key to my successful VBAC. I was at first not sure I even needed a Doula, but I am so glad that I hired Christine because there were many key moments that she was a buffer for invasive hospital practices that were sometimes more routine then necessary. That helped my husband and I make informed decisions knowing she truly only had our best interests at heart. I wholeheartly recommend Christine and would not hesitate to hire her again for another truly amazing birth experience!

Posted 7/5/2013

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Justina Goodyear

From the day I met Christine about three years ago, she has been an integral part of my quest for a VBAC. She supported me as a fellow ICAN member through the emotional recovery of my first c-section. That recovery gave me the strength and courage to get pregnant a second time. Christine was there for me - educating me all about birth, my options, and rights. I felt empowered and truly supported. What happened next was completely unforeseen. I developed severe pre-eclampsia and needed to make certain decisions immediately. I was so distraught about a repeat c-section. She never let me feel like I was alone. Christine stayed with me pre- and post-surgery, and followed up with me during my hospital stay and at home. She reminded me of the things I needed to hear to get through the hospital experience and CBAC recovery. I am so very grateful for having her as a doula and friend!

Posted 8/27/2012

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Heather Curran

Christine was my doula for the birth of my first child.  I also attended her Baby Steps birthing class.  This class is a must!  I was so comfortable and excited to go into labor and have my baby naturally, with her by my side.  The birthing class was SO helpful and informative.  Christine was able answer every question we had, with no hesitation.  She knew the hospital, the doctor, and all the ins and outs.  Because she was so informative, it was so easy to put all of my trust into her.  During labor, Christine was constantly encouraging me and telling me that I can do this, even when I doubted myself.  She was incredible.  I looked up to her as she had three kids and one more on the way. I knew she knew what she was doing and I would recommend her to every woman looking for an incredible natural birth experience!!

I have moved away but I will do anything to have her at my next birth!  Literally. 

Posted 8/23/2012

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Megan Noel

Christine is an amazing doula who played such a huge part in helping me achieve my unmedicated VBAC. She has a real calling for helping mothers achieve the best birthing experience possible, and her passion for doing so shines through. During my pregnancy, she recommended a truly VBAC-supportive doctor and encouraged me to join ICAN of Atlanta, a supportive and knowledgeable community that has been such an invaluable resource for me. When I went into labor, she was on her way as soon as I needed her. She was extremely perceptive of my needs throughout the entire labor. She knew how important a natural birth was to me, and she always seemed to know just what to do and say to lessen the pain I felt and keep me focused on the goal. She recognized my need to vocalize through contractions and guided me on keeping a low tone so that I always felt in control. I found her presence to be extremely comforting and inspiring. My husband and I are both so grateful to her and couldn't be happier about making the decision to hire her. I highly recommend Christine Strain and would definitely hire her again in a heartbeat if we are ever expecting another baby.

Posted 8/17/2012

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Tamar Williams

Christine is an amazing doula. She was exactly what I needed throughout my pregnancy and labor/birth. She made herself available to me to answer all of my questions, sifted me towards the end to help the baby line up and on the big day was amazing. I felt so supported and protected while in labor and she offered just the encouragement I needed. I'm only sorry I didn’t have her at my other two births.

Posted 8/16/2012

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Maria Nelson

I choose Christine to be my doula for several reasons. I liked that she was an active member in the birth community, including the Georgia Birth Network, and more importantly to me, Atlanta's local ICAN chapter. I felt this active participation helped her be up to date on the most current news and guidelines on laboring women, and also helped her foster important relationships within the birth network, including a close professional relationship with the OB I choose. I also choose her because I felt that she was extremely knowledgeable in the intricacies of the pregnancy process, and would be helpful in helping educate me about the options I had, but may not have otherwise considered. I knew she was passionate about helping me achieve the type of birth I was envisioning- a natural, drug free VBAC. I felt she had a personal connection with my desire to avoid another cesarean birth and would therefore understood where I was coming from in trying to go the route I was choosing. What I didn't plan on, but was thrilled to get along with all these other benefits, was the sense of peace and calmness she brought to my labor. When I felt a little out of control, she helped me manage my pain levels and feel like everything i was going through was normal and expected. When some things didn't go as planned, she stayed by my side the entire time, and lent her emotional support. I could not have had my successful VBAC baby without her emotional - and physical- help!

Posted 4/4/2011

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Karen Marinelli

As a doula, Christine brings a wealth of birth knowlege and personal experience with her.  She attended my fourth birth, which was also my 3rd VBAC, a breech birth *and* my 1st labor since having a stillbirth at the same facility.  It was a deeply emotional experience and Christine brought with her just the peaceful, confident and upbeat (yet sensitive) vibe that we needed.  Our arrangements were extremely last minute, so there wasn't much time to talk about our expectations of her a doula, but she read the situation beautifully and her instincts were on the money. 

Posted 1/26/2011

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Ruth Cox, CPM

Christine did a great job meeting my emotional needs and being fluid and flexible with what I wanted during my third child's birth, a 2v(h)bac. I asked her to come to care for my children during the birth, specifically so that my dd could stay and watch the birth if she wanted to. But when both dd's opted to go stay with a friend halfway through the day, she stayed on and really helped me cope. I had a difficult period in my labor where I felt unable to really roll with my labor, and was moving trying to find a place to concentrate on it, without success, and she stayed with me, grounding me in ways that felt good, helping me cry and process my brother's recent preemie loss, and generally walking with me through a difficult afternoon. Her pictures were incredible, and she brought them all to my house when she came back for a postpartum visit a few days later. Christine also helped me recognize the signs of thrush and suggested an effective way to address it.

I can recommend her to anyone!!!



Posted 1/17/2011

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Sarah Yacovett

Christine is a knowledgeable, professional, and caring doula that is passionate about helping mothers have positive birth experiences. Her calm energy helped keep me and my husband relaxed during the stressful and difficult delivery of our second child. Christine was a vital member of our labor team who took an active role in helping me deliver my posterior VBAC baby. Her presence was an inspiration to me as I was continuously reminded that my body was capable of bringing my child into the world. We could not have done without her support, flexibility, and encouragement. 

Posted 1/16/2011

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