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Diana Zacharin

Blissful Mommy

Website: http://www.blissfulmommy.com

Phone: (305) 975-7997

Birth Fee: $800 to $1500

Birth Doula Experience: 12 years and 232 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of Practice: Doula agency owner

Clients per Month: 3 to 5

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Childbirth Education Certifications

  • CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association)
  • HBCE (HypnoBirthing)

Breastfeeding Certifications

  • Certified Lactation Educator (CAPPA)

Other Relevant Certifications

  • Certified Hypnotherapist (Cht)
  • CHBE – Certified Happiest Baby Educator
  • DONA International - Birth Doula Trainer
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • Paramana Doula,Bach Flowers registered Practitioner, Happiest Baby on the block Educator

College Education

  • BA/BS
  • MA/MS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Cesarean birth
  • Expected stillbirth
  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • High risk
  • Home Birth
  • Induced and high medical technology labor & birth
  • Over 40
  • Plus size mothers
  • Single parents
  • Spanish Speaking
  • Surrogacy
  • Survivors of Previous Life Trauma
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth
  • Women and Families of Color

Special Services Offered

  • Antepartum doula
  • Infant massage education
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Therapist or counselor

Languages spoken: Spanish, English, Hebrew

Service Area Map

Area of practice: Miami, FL
Travel Range: 30 Miles

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Client Testimonials for Diana Zacharin

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Henya Kanevsky

I keep writing and re writing my testimonial because I'm trying to find words that do Diana Justice. I don't know if I'll be able to find them, but I'll give it a shot. 

My husband and I are first time parents. My husband was pretty nervous about the giving birth part of having a baby so we knew that we would need to have someone there who was knowledgeable, confident, and caring to help guide us through this exciting, nervewraking, incredible process. Diana was recommended to us by my doctor who had previous experience with her, and also by a friend who kept telling us "you MUST have Diana be your doula" 

We met with her, and right away felt comfortable and confident that this is it. There was no need to interview any other doula- because we found the best. 

We attended hypnobirthing classes (highly recommended by the way!) with Diana, and all jokes aside, at the end of the day my husband even enjoyed them. 

As it was getting closer and closer people asked "are you nervous?" "you must be so scared!" And the truth was I wasn't nervous, I was excited. I wasn't scared because I felt empowered.  I was given the tools to be able to not just handle the birth of my baby, but to experience it to the fullest and ENJOY the experience.  

D day arrived and not everything went according to my "plans" but it was ok. Diana was extremely supportive. her gentle demeanor was soothing, her jokes at the right moments lightened the mood, and her very presence was just what I needed.

I can probably go on for about 10 pages but I'll keep it short. 

Bottom line is: Diana is the absolute best, and we will definitely be calling her for our next baby :) 

if you are looking for a doula, be smart and do yourself a service- call Diana! 

Posted 8/22/2017

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Ronnie Farzad

Diana is, simply put, one of the nicest people I've ever met. She's also extremely capable, considerate and patient. My wife and I were connected to her through a mutual friend (whom Diana had been a Doula for). We attended hypnobirthing classes with Diana about 1-2 times per week. I had my guard up at first, but Diana quickly won me over, educating us on the mother's rights in the hospital, and also dispelling our misconceptions about childbirth. 

When delivery day arrived, Diana was available and present. She stayed with us at our apartment for 8 hours, even though she knew active childbirth was still hours away. She accompanied us to the hospital, helped us move through admittance process. The entire time, she was composed, focused and warm, educting us on what was going on. She coached my wife through active birth for 3 hours. In the end, my child came into this world without the need for epidurals or other forced measures, and my wife experienced labor in exactly the way she wanted, which is so important. Afterwards, Diana made a custom DVD for us to watch a compilation of the day's videos. It was tasteful, beautiful and so memorable. 

My advice to anyone considering engaging a Doula is to go with Diana. We remain friends and are lucky to have met her. 

Posted 2/10/2016

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J.R. Robert

Rarely in life does any service provider become such an integral part of the most memorable experience of your life as it is in the birth of your child and form a positive experience that between wife and husband. My wife Krista and I chose Diana as our doula within 6 months of our pregnancy. This decision proved to be the wisest and most important decision that we made. Diana struck me as a confident, knowledgeable provider that held the birth delivery experience to the highest standards. She also had a great sense of humor and embodied an holistic approach towards her interaction with other people that made me feel at ease.Our following sessions with Diana, consisted of her instructing us on the history of the profession along with various exercises, breathing techniques, affirmations for both my wife and the upcoming baby. Most importantly she prepared us by instructing us with the hypnobirthing technique which on the day of my son’s birth proved to be not just “hippie mumbo jumbo” but an actually very effective way for pain management and it facilitated a very positive birthing experience. By the time that my son was ready to arrive in the world Diana had prepared us mentally. She had provided us with valuable information,prepared us mentally for a labor of a baby with minimal intervention. In the delivery room she proved to be an ally that stood side by side voicing our concerns and interests. When the day came for my son to arrive in this world it was without a doubt the greatest day of my life. My son was born naturally without any labor inductions or any medical interventions. It was the most beautiful experience of my life and I think about Diana’s contribution to that day every day, and we thank her everyday for it. Six months later my son Xavier still embodies a natural calm spirit, he is very easy going and easy. My wife and I like to think that the way that he entered the world played a significant role in his temperament.

Posted 1/25/2016

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Krista Yoder Latortue

My husband and I could not be happier with our experience of having Diana as our doula.  She was able to uniquely balance giving helpful input with allowing us to make our own birthing decisions.  Diana empowered us to define, strengthen, and feel confident in our birth plan.  We were provided with tools that made the birthing process a positive one.  We highly reocmmend Diana as a doula and will certainly use her for any future births we have.

Posted 7/24/2015

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Liron Ribakov Dweck

I had a baby 3 weeks ago,with Diana witch was Amazing !!!!!!

sweet, kind ,professional and  knowledgeable

i couldn't do it with out her, she was there for me 100% before during and after the birth answered all my questions at any time, l love her!!!!

Posted 8/18/2014

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Anna Danishevskaya

During my pregnancy I made a complete 180 degrees turn - from wanting a fully medical delivery (including pain relief and poissbly even a c-section) to the decision to have a completely natural one with as little medical intervention as possible.

Having made this decision, I realized that I would need someone to help me go through with it. I asked my OB/GYN what he thought of doulas and he recommended Diana saying that he works a lot with her and is very happy about their cooperation. I thought it was a great referral - coming from a doctor.

Diana turned out to be a very warm, compassionate and caring person. She gave me lots of encouragement and useful tips on how to prepare myself for this experience. She made me believe in myself which was quite difficult because - frankly speaking - I was scared to death and wasn't sure I could go through with my plan.

Diana was available whenever I needed her - she answered my questions, helped me prepare by birthing wishes which I shared with my doctor, and came to my house as soon as I called her askng if what I was feeling was already labor or just practice contractions.

She supported me through labor and delivery - reminding me to breathe, relax, move, playing some relaxing music and even moistening my lips with a chapstick which she'd brought specially for me. I was impressed with the little touches like this because it felt like Diana was caring for someone very close to her, not just another client.

Overall, this was an amazing experience and if I ever do this again, I will definitely come back to Diana for help and support.

Posted 2/21/2014

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Yael Levin

Having Diana as my doula was the best choice I made for the birth of my baby. Diana is so knowledgable, supportive, positive, and  compassionate! She gave me all the encouragement and tools that I needed to have my ideal birth. I highly recommend Diana. She is amazing!



Posted 7/22/2013

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Natali Maimon Dadon

When I was 15year old I did surgery in my back and I am not able to get epidural so I had to decide if to go 100% Natural or C-Section.

I choose to go Natural and today I am mother of three beautiful children. the first and the second delivery I did by my self without doula. For my third delivery 4 month ago I choose to use doula to see if it will make any different & this is absolutely make a big different!!! there is no word to describe the different between having a baby with a doula and without!!! Special if you choose Diana, she is absolutely #1.

Diana was amazing doula, she helped me to control the pain and I did not feel any strong pain all the way.

It was excellent experience and I will absolutely recommend her to anyone and use her again!!!!!


Posted 6/20/2013

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sheila shemesh

Diana you made a special day - memorable!
Welcoming a baby into this world is a true miracle. The journey however, can sometimes be arduous and filled with unforeseen complications. Inviting Diana into our birth journey, sooth our fears and allowed us to truly enjoy the experience in a calm and relaxed setting. As a first time mother, the cold and uninviting delivery room, was suddenly transformed with Diana's touch, warmth, and amazing birthing techniques. She is a true professional and I will forever be thankful because she gave me the tools to take control of my birth. She was my true ally and I really felt like she was there just for me.

Posted 6/19/2013

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Esti Chazanow

What an amazing doula! From the moment we met Diana, she was sweet and down to earth. She gave appropriate and sound advice when the labor began. Throughout the labor she was a pillar of support - we would never have been able to get through it without her. I think of her as an angel who helped me get through a very difficult labor. She followed my cues... The nurses and doctor had a lot of respect for her (which is crucial for the dynamics in the room :)). She showed genuine concern and care, and had everything that occured during the labor recorded on her phone, down to the last detail, so that we could recount the experience with real data (unbelievable!). If you're looking for a doula who acts like a real professional, will respect your decisions, create an amazing atmosphere in the room (candles and all), and just be there for you, Diana is the one! 

Posted 6/18/2013

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Jerrika Romero

As soon as I knew I was pregnant I knew I wanted to try for an all natural birth with no medication. This decision was met with doubt and disbelief. No one thought I would be able to do it. 

I took my Hypnobirthing course taught by Diana... she was a great teacher. She was confident, calm and happy. I always looked forward to the classes. Half-way through the course I realized that I needed Diana as my Doula. I knew that I needed her for my own support system and having her in my corner made a difference. My husband was so terrified at the thought of even being in the room... as it is he had to get over his phobia of all things hospital and medical related. My husband was able to stay in the room because he too had confidence in Diana and felt less pressure on both of us. I had such a great birthing experience. Just her presence created a calm in my body. Hearing her voice calms me still. She helped me through it in a way that I can not explain. I honestly do not think I could have had my dream natural birth without her... she kept my mind on n my body and birth and took care of the surrounding issues that normally would have overwhelmed me and distracted me. 

I recommend taking the Hypnobirthing class also as it really transforms the experience but just having Diana as a Doula is sure to change your experience. 


I had such a beautiful birth and I know I will be sharing my next with Diana again.


Posted 3/21/2012

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After finding out I was pregnant with my first child, I decided that I wanted to have a natural birth. A friend suggested that I look into using a doula and I began my search. My husband and I met with several doulas but we didn't feel a connection with them. Then we met Diana. Right from the start, Diana made us feel at ease. She talked with us about our expectations; it was evident that she really wanted to make our experience as unique and special as possible. During our prenatal visits, Diana taught us alot about the labor process and answered all of our questions. She also listened to all the concerns I had as I got closer to my due date and reassured me that everything would be all right and that I was absolutely capable of having a natural birth. 

Having Diana with me during my labor and delivery was such an amazing experience. It was as if she knew what I needed without me even asking. She used massage and scented oils to keep me calm and relaxed when I was uncomfortable. Also, I had terrible back labor and she used a TENS (electrostimulation) unit that was a lifesaver! She was supportive and reassuring when I was questioning my decision to go natural. Without her encouragement, I could not have had a natural birth. 

Also, having Diana there as my doula took the pressure off my husband. As he puts it, he didn't know what to expect so he was nervous that he wouldn't be able to help me. He was very comforted to have Diana there because it enabled him to just focus on being there for me, in whatever way I needed him. 

It's obvious that Diana loves what she does. She is meant to help mommies like me bring babies into this world. When our daughter was born on October 29, 2011, she was as excited as we were! If we are lucky enough to have more children, Diana will definitely be there with us.  

Posted 1/9/2012

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Maayan H

I was pregnant with my first son when I met an old friend which I have not seen for a long time. My friend was pregnant as well. I told her how scared and overwhelmed I was since as it was my first pregnancy. She mentioned that she has a doula working with her and suggested we give her a call. I called her the next day and that is how we met Diana. From the moment my husband and I met Diana we both knew we wanted her to take this amazing journey with us. Even though I am fortunate to have my whole family close by, Diana played an irreplaceable role in making this beautiful experience more relaxing and as stress free as possible. She was always there for me, day or night, answering all my questions and helping with any concerns- even in the middle of the night! She is extremely patient, encouraging, caring and supporting. She was great at interpreting what the medical staff was doing and the choices I had as a patient. I know for a fact that Diana really enjoys and loves what she does. She did such a great job that we decided to have her when we had our second child. I also know people who had her for their 4th child. She is great as a person, doula and as a friend. I could not have imagined going through the births without her.

Posted 11/30/2011

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Jonathan and Paula Hofman

Nosotros conocimos a Diana a traves de un familiar, que ya habia tenido su bebe con la asistencia de ella. Y fua a raiz de eso que generamos un encuentro con Diana en su oficina y alli comenzo este magico viaje hacia el momento mas hermoso de nuestra vida. Diana fue una guia. Una luz en momentos que todo se vuelve un poco oscuro por el miedo que se genere frente a lo inesperado, frente a la inexperiencia. Diana estuvo con nosotros en todo momento. Desde los primeros encuentros hasta dias despues de haber nacido nuestro hijo. Fue importante en todo momento, y sobre todo en las horas culmine!

Diana fue un soporte unico. Fue hermoso conocerla y sentimos que nuestra familia ha quedado ligada a ella de una manera hermosa, para toda la vida, y por todos los embarazos que D's nos envie...

Posted 6/14/2011

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Galit Shmueli

 I Gave birth to my first baby girl earlier this year after a difficult pregnancy, I am here in the US alone without any family beside my husband and his family, nevertheless I do not have any friends, Diana filled all the void that was there.

From the first meeting with her she have gave us good advice in preparing us for the big day, from breathing techniques to suggestion of herbal treatment and Yoga classes recommendation, where I have met other pregnant women which relaxed me and help me go through difficult times.

I had a 22 hour long labor where Diana was with me and my husband the entire time, regardless of the long hours and the fact that she was at work delivering another baby few hours before, she inspired peace and relaxation, during laughter and crying in complete control of the situation helping us making decision throughout the labor process.

I will never forget some of the things she told me while pushing, that have gave me the strength to keep going all the way “Help your baby, she needs you now”

She have helped me with the breathing which off course I have forgotten, the concentration troughs the pain of contraction and direction in between.

I am sure that without Diana’s help I would not have a natural birth, we are happy that we made that choice and highly recommend her services.

And she is defiantly will be with us the next baby!

Posted 3/16/2011

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Gina Gorelik

I gave birth to my first baby in January 2011 -Diana Zacharin was my wonderful doula. I started out at a birthing center and was later transferred to a hospital. Diana was incredible in helping me every step of the way- encouraging, strong and compassionate. Diana has an incredible combination of softness and strength in her personality and those two qualities are extremely important to a mother in labor. My labor was over 36 hours- and she was there through it all - with no sleep. She was supportive of all my labor decisions, and fully present the entire time. Her foot massages increased my contractions, her music and Bach flowers calmed me, and her words and gaze kept me focused. Diana is truly incredible, and I will definitely ask her to be there for me when I have more babies. I highly recommend her to anyone.

Posted 3/9/2011

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Galia Tanur

On February 23rd 2010, I gave birth to my fourth baby.  I had Diana for my doula in this birth and in the birth of my third baby two years earlier.  Both births were amazing in their own way and having Diana's support, knowledge and calm energy during my pregnancy and birth was a true gift.  Her classes in hypnobirthing and learning how to breathe through birth really made my contractions easy and relaxing.  I was looking for a calm person that would remind me that birth is a beautiful and natural process and that I could trust my body to birth with joy and ease.  Diana's wisdom in alternative therapies such as Bach flowers and Aromatherapy as well as using the birthing ball and hypnobirthing are all great tools for an expectant mom to enjoy as part of her pregnancy,during birth and afterwards as well.  Her clarity in teaching breathing and other techniques for birthing, made my two births magical.  In addition to her great teaching and coaching abilities,her gentle energy and non judgemental disposition during birth make her a great Doula to have and to share the most significant moment of your life.  In the instant that I gave birth to a pink and healthy baby ( probably all the breathing that I learnt and used helped to fill my baby with oxygen), without having to use any drugs, I was left with an empowering feeling of peace and thankfullness.   I then knew that I had made the right choice to have Diana as my doula.    

Posted 2/5/2011

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Tara Zacharakis Matthews

I too was a bit skeptical about involving a doula in my birth. Wow, was I wrong! She was great! No matter how many mothers (or mother in laws) you have in the room, they almost certainly won't have the experience of a doula. She really brought order out of chaos during my 36 hour ordeal. We met a few times before the big day for a very comprehensive education on the birthing process (this was much better than a Lamaze class my husband and I attended). Understanding everything prior to D-day proved to be important as I was well prepared for all the phases of the labor. Diana is a very warm person who makes you feel very comfortable and trusting of her. I only wanted her in the room when I could only have one person (only during administration of epidural...tried for a natural birth but the Pitocin proved to be too much for me). Diana was very understanding and supportive of the decision to go to an epidural. Diana opened our eyes to the possibility of natural childbirth, which we soon came to realize is very difficult to achieve in a regular hospital (they are all about time and consistent/repeatable process). Next time, we do it in a friendlier birthing center with the doula (no Pitocin!) and natural all the way! I would recommend Diana for any of her services (particularly as support during the birth itself).; She is well worth the money! Thanks Diana, you were great!

Posted 1/10/2011

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Patricia Wexler

My daughter (first baby) was born in November 2010. I took the hypnobirthing course with Diana, and she also assisted my birth. I was not a big believer in doulas, nor in hypnobirthing. However, I decided to try it because several friends and relatives said a doula would be a good idea. She completely transformed the experience and I highly recommend her. Hypnobirthing opened my eyes to the concept that birthing might not entail endless shrieking, and I was able to tolerate the pain much more calmly than I would have expected, and enjoy the buildup to the actual birth. During the delivery, she was incredibly helpful on the phone and then at the hospital, and was even a huge help when ultimately I decided to get an epidural after 12 hours of labor. Her calm nature, her knowledge of the process and the surroundings, her props, and the way she worked with my husband and the rest of the family really made the birth experience wonderful.

Posted 1/7/2011

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