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Rebecca Ballman

Bloom & Bond Doula Support

La Porte, IN Service range 60 miles

Birth Fee

$400 to $1200

Birth Fee

$400 to $1200

Birth Doula Experience

1 years and 10 births attended

Doula Training

  • CAPPA - Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association, October 2021
  • Hypnobabies, June 2022

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Hypnosis for birth
  • Photography - Birth
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Training Documentation


Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Service Area

La Porte, IN Service range 60 miles

Client Testimonials for Rebecca Ballman

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I am so happy I found Rebecca.  I really needed extra emotional support being pregnant the first time, and I didn't think I could afford a doula.  But Rebecca gave me a more than fair price, and I am beyond grateful. 

Instead of anxiously searching Google for answers, Rebecca was there for me when I had questions and concerns about pregnancy and about how to prepare for labor and delivery.  It eased my mind so much to know she would be with me through it all.  

Whereas my OB pushed for induction even before my due date, Rebecca respected my desire for a natural birth, and explained to me all the benefits of it.  She is so knowledgeable.  I loved that she and I were on the same page.

When the day came for baby's arrival, Rebecca knew exactly what to say to help me relax and breathe through contractions with no epidural or medication.  When they got intense towards the end, she was amazing at giving me counter pressure on my lower back which helped so much.  And she guided my husband on how to support me, too. The nurses were so impressed with her, they all wanted her contact information.

I can't recommend her enough!  My sister is going to have her as her doula now too.  Thank you, Rebecca!



Hannah Nelson


Where do I start? There are too many amazing things about having Rebecca as our doula! She truly made our birth experience more fluid and smooth. From our first time meeting, to the doctor appointment she joined me on, to the phone calls and texts to check in on things, to the point she met us at the hospital- all of it was so valuable. She was supportive, encouraging, insightful and provided extra items for comfort for labor and delivery. She worked extremely well with my husband as a team to support my needs. Having a completely natural labor and delivery was made so much easier and gave me so much peace of mind in a hospital setting, having her as a support. Our baby boy Jack will always know he had Rebecca as one of the first people to meet him! We were so thrilled with our experience as first time parents, navigating new waters. Highly recommend her services to other folks in the area. 

Gabrielle Steele


My experience with Rebecca was amazing. I had only found out about her a couple of weeks before I gave birth. I was trying to find doulas in my area that could help me through labor because I didn't fully like how my doctors were handling certain situations. I was able to ask her questions on how to safely induce labor and her thoughts and opinions on different things. I felt comfortable asking her questions that I didn't know the answers to when it came to being in labor. If I was told I needed something during labor I was able to ask her if she thought it was a good idea. I ended up needing to get a c-section, and she was able to help me walk through that decision in an unbiased way. She also was able to help my husband know what he could do to help me out. Overall my birth experience was so much better with her helping us out. If you're looking for a doula she is definitely your girl! 



Late in my third pregnancy I decided to hire a doula. We met to discuss her contract and every possible scenario, including her role if I had to have a c section. She assured me that if she was unable to attend the birth either because of her schedule or because of my birth experience, that I would get a full refund. I was clear to communicate that I didn't want any postpartum services without labor support. I signed her contract and wrote her a check.

My due date was in January, but she let me know that she would be unavailable 12/23 - 12/26. My water broke at 1:30 am 12/26. I sent her a text on the way to the hospital just to keep her in the loop. After the baby was here, she offered to come in when she got into town for post partum support. I appreciated the offer but declined. She then asked how I wanted the money refunded. I told her she could mail me a check but that I wanted her to keep a portion of it for the work and travel she had done thus far.

A few hours later, she sent me a text message to say that she decided to not give me a refund after all. She then listed two things in her contract as reasons why. Neither of which were cited when we discussed the possibility of this exact scenario. I am incredibly disappointed and feel like I have been taken advantage of by Rebecca Ballman.

Summer Cox


 From the beginning Rebecca (the doula) was absolutely amazing. She has helped my husband and me out tremendously. She checked in on me very often making sure there was nothing I needed from her or if I was feeling okay. She always responds almost instantly.

 She gave me loads of advice throughout my pregnancy that helped me get through it. Not only did it help me get through it, the advice she provided helped me bring baby down lower and a lot more. 

 The day I got induced, I messaged her when I thought I needed her which was around 4 cm. She sat there with us for what I believe was around 20 hours, almost a full day. My husband says without her he probably would have been lost. She helped him out with positions to support me and more. She gave me loads of physical and emotional support throughout labor and we couldn't be more thankful.245 Governors Dr SW, Huntsville, AL 35801

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