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Hampton, NH Service range 50 miles


Birth Fee

$1200 to $1900

Postpartum Rate

$30 to $45

Birth Fee

$1200 to $1900

Postpartum Rate

$30 to $45

Medicaid and Third Party Insurers

Currently approved to receive payments from the following programs:

Years in Operation: 5

Type of practice: Agency

Clients per month: 1 to 20 births and 1 to 20 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
Relief Birth Doulas are happy and excited to attend your home birth in addition to your CNM or CPM

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Our Agency is truly comprehensive care - from pregnancy through parenting. Our Doula packages and payment plans are customizable for families' individual needs! We offer everything from prenatal education, doula support, sibling care/transition support, lactation consultations, and complimentary classes/support groups at Relief Parenting Respite & Resource Center!

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Hampton, NH Service range 50 miles

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Birth Fee: $0 to $1900

Postpartum Rate: $30 to $45


Updated 5/27/2024

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Without a doubt, Relief Doula Agency is the best resource of support one could use in their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey. We were fortunate to be paired with Alyssa as our birth doula and her knowledge she shared during our birth education classes was unmatched. When the time finally comes, there is only so much you can remember from classes and having her present for my labor and delivery alleviated so much of that stress, both mentally and physically. As amazing as my nurses were in the hospital, having the constant presence of a birth doula who has come to know you and your priorities throughout your pregnancy is a gift in and of itself. I know my husband felt more at ease as he was able to participate in the process without feeling overwhelmed by what to do next. He had dismissed the idea of a doula earlier on not really knowing what the profession was. Since the birth of our son, he has commented multiple times what a difference she made and is now such an advocate of the role of a birth doula. Alyssa guided us perfectly through our birth journey and we are so glad we can look back at those moments being thankful that she was there.

For postpartum care, Madison has been immensely helpful. She is a wealth of organization and information and is far beyond her years in her knowledge of the postpartum/ newborn period. As new parents with a million questions, she is such a calming presence and had the answers we needed. It’s not easy leaving your newborn in the care of another person, but anyone who has worked with Madison will see why she’s an obvious choice.

We also took the advice of attending a Spinning Babies class and a few visits with a certified lactation counselor. Whether you are looking for yourself or for a partner or friend, the most needed “baby item” isn’t from a store- it’s the gift of knowledge, preparedness, and emotional and physical support from this AMAZING group of doulas!

Megan Huppe


Kenzie is a phenomenal doula. She was upbeat and positive, respectfully hands on and completely present for me during my labor and birth (and pregnancy). She provided emotional and physical support, was encouraging and helpful in every way. Some examples of how she helped include helping me get to the bathroom, in and out of the birth tub, to my bed, gave me my drinks, provided counter pressure during my contractions and was happy to help every time! She was also fun and helped me laugh a lot between contractions. She was so kind and positive it made needing help from her a pleasure instead of feeling like an inconvenience. She's exactly the kind of doula I wanted to support me and my family during the birth of my 5th baby. She's a complete natural and super enthusiastic about birth. She's a joy to have around and was an invaluable part of my birth team. Everyone who interacted with her, from my kids, husband, midwife and nurse had high praise for her. She's worth her weight in gold and if I ever have another baby I hope she would work with me again as she is a true delight. I cannot recommend her enough. 

Anna Johnson


I contacted Releif Doula within 2 weeks of my due date requesting a breastfeeding class and they were extremely accomadating with a private class-Ashley was wonderful and very knowledgable. Within a matter of days they also set me up for placenta encapsulations with Whitney who was also wonderful, and made pick up and delivery quick as well as stress free. I would highly recommend their services to any mama to be, and I plan on checking out their post natal services as well.

Brooke Dunphey


My husband and I both agree that hiring a doula during pregnancy was the best decision we made! We were first time parents, and our intention in hiring a doula was to have another person on our team who could help support both of us during delivery. In reality, Alyssa offered so much more than we could have ever imagined. 

Alyssa was extremely personable and genuinely connected with my husband and me. She naturally became the vital liaison between the medical professionals and us. Throughout the entire process Alyssa informed us of all the choices available and reminded us that we were in charge. My husband and I were extremely impressed with her expertise and knowledge, especially regarding Spinning Babies techniques. The variety of positions and breathing cues she offered were tremendously helpful. Alyssa had a sense of calm that permeated the delivery room and set a peaceful ambiance. She held space and provided encouraging and empowering words of comfort throughout the delivery. Alyssa was an unwavering source of strength that helped shift my energy and allowed me to persist through grueling contractions. At the time of birth she took incredible photographs that captured the pure joy of the moment, which are priceless and we will cherish forever. Throughout delivery Alyssa was always dedicated to my care, responsive to my needs, and never left my side. I truly believe that I owe my positive birth experience to Alyssa. She offered care that went above and beyond what we had expected. Doulas are worth their weight in gold; they help you physically, mentally, and emotionally navigate prenatal, delivery, and postpartum. To anyone contemplating hiring Alyssa, do it - you will not regret it. Out of five stars, I would give her 10+!



I worked with Alyssa Sylvester at Relief Doula Agency and had an amazing experience. I'm so grateful she was there leading up to the birth of my daughter and even more so, during labor!! At first, my husband didn't really understand why I wanted to work with a doula, but after the birth of our daughter, he was advocating for a hiring a doula to a few of our friends that are expecting. So not only was having Alyssa there SO helpful for me in managing my pain, getting the baby in the right position, and making decisions I felt comfortable with during my [unplanned] induction, it was also immensly helpful for my husband. Since it was our first, and he didn't know what to expect, he felt like she gave him guidance on how he could help and not feel "useless" as he put it. He also liked having someone else to chat with/lean on when I was not mentally present. Alyssa also went the extra mile and would run to grab us/him food/coffee, and that way I didn't have to be alone at all if he were to have to run and grab something.

During labor, Alyssa spent HOURS rubbing a heating pad on my lower back which helped with my back labor so much. She knew exactly where I was feeling the pain, whereas my husband wouldn't have given he has never given birth. While pushing, her calming voice was the only one that brought me back to my breathing and helped me stay in control. She also helped take away anxiety during the process and make it fun. 

I would 1000% recommend hiring a doula from Relief Doula Agency because the doulas specalize in different things and they all learn from one another. Alyssa is certified in spinning babies, which kept me more comfortable during pregnancy and helped get my baby nice and low leading up to birth. Overall, I had an amazing experience with Alyssa! 



I could not have been happier usuing a Doula! Melissa was so amazing and made me feel so comfortable while in the delivery room. She was hands on and answered so many questions we had. I would recommend her and this agency over and over!



We worked with Relief Doula Agency and Marie for the birth of our first child. Thanks to Marie and her support, guidance, and encouragement, we had an extremely positive birth experience. Reflecting back, could not imagine doing it without her by our side!

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