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Jessica Gonzales

Village Birth & Babies

Houston, TX Service range 40 miles Houston and surrounding areas

(713) 253-5959

Birth Fee

$1600 to $1800

Birth Fee

$1600 to $1800

Birth Doula Experience

10 years and 395 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, February 2010

Type of practice: Partnership with 2 or more doulas

Clients per month: 2

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals
Houston Medical Center Hospitals only

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
CNM, CPM, or CM attended only

Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly binding
  • Belly casting
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • End of life doula services
  • Infant massage education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Monitrice services
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sleep educator
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Speaker at 2019 Black Maternal Health Summit, Speaker at Houston B.I.R.T.H. Fair, Pro Member of Evidence Based Birth, ® AABC Diversity and Inclusion Committee, AABC Public Relations Committee.

Languages Spoken

  • Spanish

Fee Details

Payment plans, HSA and FSA debit cards accepted.

Houston, TX Service range 40 miles Houston and surrounding areas

Client Testimonials for Jessica Gonzales

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Heather Klinger


Jessica is an incredible doula! So compassionate and thoughtful. She truly thinks of everything, which is so helpful as a first time mom! Several friends have been aided by her, and so the moment we found out we were pregnant, I messaged her to book us in! It was the best investment in our birth journey. She was with us every step of the way as we prepared for birth, guiding us to a good Bradley coach and other care professionals, and comforting my nerves as well as giving practical advice for things like persistent nausea. During labor and delivery, she was a tireless champion of both my and baby's wellbeing as well as my husband's. Our delivery was very challenging, and her support was invaluable! She didn't leave our lives after our daughter was born...she continued to be available anytime for support through breastfeeding challenges, mastitis, postpartum anxiety, and all of the ups and downs of the "fourth trimester." I retained a lot of trauma after the birth, and she provided emotional support and encouragment that really helped me release this. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Crystal Dawli


I don't think I would be standing today without Jessica!  I had a very long birthing experience and I'm pretty sure the only person I didn't let out of my sight the entire time was Jessica.  Her hands are magic and were by my side from the moment she arrived at my house until my baby was born.  She saved me from myself and helped me bring my child to life in a way I didn't think I could.   I can not say enough good things or put into words exactly how beneficial having her by my side was.   Forever grateful that we found each other. 



Having Jessica as my doula was the best decision I made regarding my son's birth. Her presence was calming, reassuring and grounding in a moment when everything seems like a blur. Both me and my husband will be eternally grateful for having her walk us through such a powerful experience. 

It takes a special kind of person to be able to do this kind of work, and Jessica is without a doubt amazing at what she does. It took me a few minutes after meeting her to feel at ease, as if I had known her for ages and I was ready to trust her completely. She is absolutely loving, caring and non judgamental...

And as if all this wasnt enough, once you have your little bundle of joy and the world becomes a very confusing place for the first few months -years? ha!- she holds a new moms group every month where you can share your struggles and get support or advice, if you so desire. It has been priceless for me to have that space.

I cannot recommend her enough!






Jessica made our birth experience stress free.  From coming over to the house for visits before-hand, helping us come up with a birth plan to actually being there with us the entire time throught the birth.  She recommended and got us set up with a birthing class to answer all of our questions.  Throughout labor, she was on the phone with my husband monitoring my contractions and helping to move birth along.  When it was time to go to the hospital, she met us there and was with us the whole time until I had my daughter.  She set up the room by dimming the lights (something we would never have know was possible!!) and changing the bed positions, she just worked so seamlessly into our birthing experience. She was able to help me with pain management through touch and breathing and I was able to follow my plan of a natural birth in a hospital.  She even took pictures !!! I'm not sure how many hands she has!! She also helped my husabnd stay calm, and communicate with the staff because my Doctor unfortunately wasn't on call (holiday weekend!) After my daughter was born, she came over to the house and checked on us the following week, and helped set us up with a lactation consultant. She was such a huge support to us, we have already called her in for our second.  I also enjoyed attending the support group she provides! A wonderful place to connect with other moms in the same boat as you. It's such a safe space to share your struggles and wins and gain tons of advice. 

Julie Gutierrez


From the first meeting with Jessica, I felt so blessed to have her be a part of my pregnancy and birth.  She provided unwavering support, prompt answers to all my texts and created space for my husband and I to experience birth together.  Jessica is incredibly knowledgeable and helped my husband and I create a birth plan and really put me at ease during labor.  Working with Jessica has also brought my family into her community of clients, which I really value being a part of.  

The other thing I must mention is that during our birth classes (we did Birth Bootcamp), a well-known doula came to speak to our group and said several times that Jessica is the best in town! 

Kristen & Chris


Halfway through my first trimester, I was pretty sure I wanted to have an unmedicated vaginal birth if possible and felt like having a doula was very important to achieving that goal. We found Jessica through a friend who had her present for both of her unmedicated vaginal births and spoke very highly of her.

We met Jessica in the first trimester to make sure we were a good fit, and met twice more over the course of the pregnancy to talk through our goals and get advice on how to achieve those goals (including hands-on rebozo adjustments closer to deliver day). She also regularly gave advice by email and phone. Jessica also connected us to a bunch of pre- and post-partum resources, including a birthing class for my husband and me, and also helped connect me with an excellent ob who was a better match than the one we originally were seeing. All in all, my husband and I felt very prepared for the birth ahead thanks to Jessica's wisdom and the different resources she put us in touch with.

Our baby came a week earlier than expected, and at first we thought she was coming very quickly based on how fast and furious my early contractions felt. Jessica met us at the hospital right as we pulled into the valet and stayed by my side for the next sixteen hours. It is a bit of a blur now, but I am so grateful for the help she gave us all. Our baby was stuck in a higher position, and Jessica helped me through a range of different upright positions to help move her down, even when all I wanted to do was lay down. Jessica helped both me and my husband focus and stay calm over what felt like a long and difficult labor. In the end, I was able to have an unmedicated vaginal birth and ended up with a beautiful, perfect baby. 

I don't think my pregnancy or birth would have gone nearly as well without Jessica. My husband and I recommend her very very highly to everyone we know and would hire her again without hesitation.



I knew I wanted a Doula during my pregnancy since before I had even planned it, what I didn't know was that I was going to find such an amazing one! The connection was almost instantaneous when we met her, and the meetings prior birth reassured we had chosen the perfect doula for us. When I was in labor Jessica started being my strength source but somehow she managed to guide me to find all that strength within me. It was such an amazing and empowering experience. We worked hard together and we achieved almost all the birthplan. Thank you for being part of a beautiful journey my friend, see you in a couple of years for baby Layla, inshallah. 


Erica Olsen


My wife and I hired Jessica as our doula for the birth of our first child. It was one of the best decisions we made during our journey. She is so knowledgeable and was quick to help us out with any questions. She worked great with our hospital staff and was a huge support to both of us. The phrase ‘calm is contagious‘ comes to mind when we think about our experience with Jessica. We will recommend her to everyone we know in the Houston area who is interested in working with an amazing birth doula. We hope Jessica is present for the births of any other children we are blessed with. 

Jennifer Young Weekley


Jessica supported me in successfully delivering VBAC completely naturally without any pain medication. During labor at the hospital, she knew exactly what to do to help me work through contractions, and put my husband at ease by showing him how he can be most helpful. The experience was incredibly positive and memorable. Jessica is kind, knowledgeable and professional. She is a good listener and will take the time to understand your story, your desires and fears, and also your partner’s. She educated us on the birthing process, and help me achieve my goal of delivering naturally and having a positive birth experience. I will most definitely call on Jessica again if baby #3 comes along in the future!

Lynn Phan


I am so thankful Jessica was sent our way. She made my first birth a really beautiful experience with my husband. She is armed with great pre-birth resources and the best postpartum care. The best part is being welcomed into her moms group where the care continue. I won’t ever birth without Jessica! She is part of my family forever!

Marsha Wadsworth


My husband and I were very anxious about the labor process and started searching for a Doula. After we met Jessica, we knew she’d be the perfect fit for us. She’s nurturing, warm, smart and a great listener. She does not impose any strong opinions and provides insights and knowledge to help make an informed decision together. The doctors and midwives at our practice also knew Jessica and said we’d be in good hands. We enjoyed our visits with Jessica leading up to the delivery and she helped me manage my sore back with excercises. When my water broke, we called Jessica and she told us what to do and met us at the hospital.She coached me through the contractions and was our advocate to the medical staff. She kept us calm during labor and had peppermint oils ready when I felt queasy. She stayed by my side when our baby had to go to the NICU to be monitored. I can’t imagine the birth of my daughter without Jessica. She’s an amazing person and we’re so lucky to know her. 

Ceci Medina


First I must start by saying that EVERY mom should have a doula by her side. It makes ALL the difference. And second, when it comes to doulas, Jessica is AMAZING

Being a first time mom, I wasn´t really sure I should have a birth doula, but I decided it was better to be prepared since everything about pregnancy and birth was so unknown to me.

I met Jessica and I liked her right away. She has such a calm vibe and loving heart that you can feel connected from the very first minutes. 

Through the pregnancy she was able to calm my nerves more than once with various doubts I had. She made both me and my husband aware of how important it was to be prepared and gave us the resources to do so...Knowing that I had that support through those months was already priceless!

And then came the day my son decided to come into this world. There is just NO way I could have done it without Jessica in my team. Even though she was attending another birth when I started early labor, she was prompt to connect us to her back up doula, Amanda, who was an INCREDIBLE support through the first hours when we were just getting started at home. She met us at the hospital close to 5 am, and considering I had never seen her before, and I was already in a considerable amount of pain I felt her experience, calmness and loving care from the get go. She made me super comfortable and guided my husband through the first few hours and we will forever be grateful to her for that.

Soon after, Jessica met us there, and although for me everything feels like a blur, I remember her calming presence, helping me with different positions, with breathing, reassuring my husband and myself that everything I was experiencing was normal. 

The birth of my son is the most magical and empowering experience I could have wished for, and I am certain it wouldn´t feel that way without Jessica´s help.




Lauren Zentz


Jessica is clearly in the profession she was meant for!

She was our doula for our first pregnancy and we will definitely ask her to be our doula for our second. She enabled both my husband and me to feel more confident and secure throughout, during, and after our birth experience. She's great at answering all types of questions and giving reassuring support, and quite frankly, we wouldn't have made it to the hospital in time to give birth were it not for her expert guidance. 

I am very grateful for the community of mamas and families that she has formed, which is opening me up to a whole new support network and has made me feel much more at home as a new mom in an otherwise big and relatively isolating city.

I can't recommend Jessica enough as your doula. :-)

Jessica Deutsch


We are so lucky that we found Jessica to be with us during the birth of our son. From our first meeting with her, both my husband and I felt comfortable with her, like longtime friends. While we prepared for the birth, she provided her knowledge and support, always available to answer every question (there were many!) thoroughly and walk through all of my worries. I appreciated that she listened to our desires and concerns for the birth in a caring and non-judgemental way, taking them into consideration as we prepared our birth plan. She was so patient with my sometimes challenging husband!!! She's a great people-reader! Jessica is well-connected in the Houston birthing community, and provided amazing recommendations (a chiropractor, massage therapist, lactation consultant, etc.). Her vast experience and wisdom were comforting along the entire journey, but especially during the actual birth. On a practical level, her familiarity with the hospital facilities and personnel made me feel like she always "had my back"and I didn't have to worry about my husband and me advocating for ourselves by ourselves. But on a psychological, emotional, and personal level, her calming presence gave me the confidence to have the birth that we wanted. As others have said, her hands are "magic" and I felt like I could make it through anything with her by my side. After the birth I was looking forward to her home visit, and she again calmed any worries I had and loved on my new baby. We didn't have much family in the area, so her visit soon after the birth was appreciated. Lastly, through social media and face-to-face gatherings, Jessica has fostered a "village" of moms/families that I continue to appreciate. I always say that they are the wisest group of moms that I know, brought together by this amazing woman.

Diana Carolina Yolotl


If you are reading this, you have come to the right place. This is one of the most amazing things that is  happening in your life. However it can be one of the scariest. Jessica was there to help me when I had doubt, fear, and questions with what’s happening to my body and my baby. From the moment she opend the car door and walked me inside to the birth center I felt safe, loved, and respected. She helped me have the baby in the right position in order to have the baby exactly the way I wanted. Jessica helped focus my mind throughout labor, delivery, and post partum. She holds such an extra special place in my heart and I hope I can have her at all my births. Seriously the best part of labor, was having her. 

Saudia Solomon Turney


This review is LONG overdue! Jessica was there for the delivery of both of my daughters. The first in 2013 and the second in 2015. The deliveries were night and day different; one long and the other short and intense. I literally could not have done either without her calming presence and constant support. I can without a doubt say that having Jessica as a part of my birth team was one of the best decisions I ever made. What I didn’t expect was that she would continue to be a part of my mothering journey for years to come. When you have Jessica as a doula you not only get her, you get a whole village of moms to support you. Jessica is truly a gift and is living her out her calling. 

Merriann Bidgood


I was refered to Jessica by a good friend and I'm so glad that I called her! She really listened to what we envisioned for our birth and was ready with alternatives when nothing went as planned! She kept me and my husband calm and informed when we were trying to decide what was best for us. I would recomend Jessica to anyone interested in hiring a doula or if they aren't sure, just meet with her! The doula expierence is so positive and the community that Jessica creates is so affirming. I really value her and her work.

Sara Vaz


We hired Jessica for the birth of our second child.  We'd had a doula for our first birth and knew we wanted to go that route again. In fact, my husband was insistent on it!  From our first meeting, Jessica immediately put me at ease and was so easy to talk to, she radiates warm, calm energy.  She was really knowledgeable and helpful during pregnancy with care providers and everything else.  In terms of the actual birth experience ---my husband had a major business trip on our due date, but I figured it would be fine since I was quite late with my first.   Of course, universe being what it is, my due date arrives, husband goes on trip, and my water breaks 30 minuntes after his flight lands!   Obviously, it was pretty clear that he wasn't going to make the birth.  This might have been a scary feeling or at least incited some amount of panic, but I knew I had Jessica to guide me through it- so it was totally fine.  She met me at the hospital and I immediately felt calm and relaxed.  She was awesome, wonderful, fantastic, incredible!   I don't think her hands ever left my back, it was like she intuitively knew exactly where to put pressure and what kind of emotional support I needed from her.  I have to say, I enjoyed my first birth experience, but I LOVED this one.  I felt like with her help, this birth went from something that could have been scary and a bit of a bummer to something that was calm, beautiful and empowering.  She hung around for a few hours after the birth to make sure I felt ok being on my own, even though it was 2 am and her own daughter's birthday!   She even got some great photos of us!  Lastly, she has an incredible "village" of amazing women who are all past clients that is wonderful to be a part of.  We were beyond thankful for her services.  Being a doula is, beyond a doubt, her calling.  I love her!!

Emily Atchley Spanos


We cannot say enough wonderful things about Jessica. My birth was a month early and 36 hours long, and she was a life saver through it all. Our birth "plan" :) was to have a Bradley Method natural birth, but because my water broke a month before my due date I was given pitocin to start the labor process. Jessica was reassuring and helped me not feel discouraged. I labored without an epidural for the next 12 hours with very painful, intense contractions. I attribute being able to labor without pain medication for that long and having that part of my birth plan "come to fruition" mainly because of Jessica's encouragement and savvy knowledge of birth. She, with my husband and family, helped me labor in the bathtub, on a birthing ball, and even a little dancing!! These were all things I really wanted to experience. At 12 hours my cervix still wasn't very dilated, and I was in tons of pain. Again, Jessica was there advocating for what I wanted and needed; I chose to do an epidural at that time. She continued to help me as my labor progressed, giving me frequent massages, helping me rotate from side to side in the bed and spending most of the night at the hospital with us. When the time came to finally push, she was right there holding one of my legs back, telling me how awesome I was!! I can't imagine my birth experience without Jessica's support and expertise.

SanJuanita Elizondo


Jessica was my doula for my second pregnancy. Labor in my first pregnancy was induced and ended with a C-section; it was the worst experience in my life. I knew that if I was going to have a second child, I would be trying for a VBAC and hiring a doula to help me. After interviewing a few doulas, we decided to go with Jessica. From the beginning, she made us feel comfortable - it felt like I had always known her. I don't think I would have been able to have a successful VBAC without her help. She helped me find my courage and not be afraid. During my birth, I looked to her for support and she was definitely there for me, massaging me, and reminding me to breathe. Giving birth is a very intimate experience to share with a stranger but Jessica never felt like a stranger; she always felt like a long-life friend. We are so grateful to have found her.

Crystal Dawli


Do not give birth without Jessica!!!  She helped me bring my little girl into the world about four months ago and I can not express how critical her role was in my labor.  My most vivid memory (other than the birth sensations) is that I could not let Jessica take her hands off of me or be more than a few inches away from me throughout the process.  Her hands are magic and her knowledge and calm voice offered me the exact guidance I needed to get to the other side.  

Jordan Press


This was my second birth with Jessica, so I knew she was The Best. What I didn't know is that I would need her more this time than in my first. In my first, had it not been for Jessica, I would have gone the c-section route; in my second, my doctor would have. When it was time to push, baby did NOT want to come out. My OB couldn't reposition her, so she suggested we pause, something she never would have offered had I been with a doula she didn't respect. Jessica put me in various positions, helped massage the baby into a better position, and when the resident came back for a trial push... out comes baby's head. The resident was SO surprised and said to Jessica, "You're GOOD." My OB also went out of her way to say how glad she was that Jessica is basically part of the Texas Children's team. And my OB is wary of doulas and will kick them out of the room if she feels they're becoming adversarial. So this here is enough for Jessica to be at the top of her field, but she brings so much more to the women she works with: a network of providers (my pediatrician was relieved to hear I was working with a lactation consultant Jessica referred me to), a support group for moms, and a vast store of knowledge she generously shares (she made me placenta pills and served as an additional lactation consultant in the early days). I recently got mastitis. My husband and only friend in Houston were both out of town and my babysitter just had surgery. So I'm throwing up, my toddler's freaking out, and without hesitation I call Jessica. She diagnosed me (I didn't know it was mastitis, as some of the symptoms were missing), came up with a plan, and offered to get a babysitter. Thanks to her help I got on antibiotics that night, something I wouldn't have done otherwise, and my doctor was VERY pleased when I saw her the next day. I'm not a grateful person. I'm mostly judgmental and sarcastic. But I am deeply thankful that Jessica is a part of my life. She is a treasure.

Monique Mahler


I had the pleasure of working with Jessica twice. My first birth wasn't exactly how I planned it (welcome to parenthood!), but I couldn't have done it without Jessica.

My second birth was everything I wanted it to be and Jessica gave me that safe place to be everything I needed to be and (and my husband) will be forever grateful for Jessica. I recommend her to all my friends and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula (and amazing human being). If I could have a million more babies Jessica would be in attendance at every single birth.

Jessica Gomez


First of all, I'm convinced that Jessica has never met a stranger. I had recently moved to Texas and was unfamiliar with the area.  I was already a bundle of nerves moving to a new state, finding new doctors, all in my 30th week of a high risk pregnancy with my third daughter. I approached her and was immediately greeted with a hug and understanding, supportive words. Watching her interact with others, you realize that she just genuinely cares about the people around her and makes you feel like you've been friends for years.  

I had c-sections with my older two daughters and desperately wanted to experience a vaginal birth. I had a LOT of anxiety going into a third pregnancy and was scared to have yet another unwanted surgery. She was very thorough and taught my husband and I both a lot about birth and why my previous deliveries probably went the way they did. We had a real appreciation for how knowledgeable she was. She was always available to talk as I worked through my anxieties as we approached my due date. If you knew me, you would understand the level of patience this woman had to have to work with me.

It was like a weight lifted when she walked into the room on delivery day. She took so much pressure off of my husband during active labor, allowing him to completely take in the experience. She communicated well with the staff. She knew what to do to get me through each contraction. I had a successfully induced VBA2C and it was the most exhilarating experience of my life. Jessica took pictures that I will always cherish. After delivery, with my healthy baby girl on my chest, I had my husband on one side of me and Jessica on the other. While I love my husband dearly, he was pretty lost on how to be my support person through all of this, and ultimately it was Jessica whom I turned to when I said, "I couldn't have done this without you". I will never forget what she meant to me in that moment.

Manuelita Barnett


I don't think I will ever have the right words to describe what Jessica means to My Husband and I. This last pregnancy was our second with Jessica and it was completely different than the first we had with her. Jessica was there every step of the way when I would melt down because I was hurting, or my labs were wonky or whatever. When our plans went out the window for our Homebirth and turned into a necessary early delivery, she was the one who was able to keep me calm and reassure me that everything was going to be okay. I cannot recommend her enough to families because I want everyone to have her in their lives. 

Julia Banda


We cannot recommend Jessica enough! She was a life saver - for me and my partner - during my ridiculously fast delivery. Below is our story:

The minute we sat down with Jessica, she made us feel comfortable right away and we knew she was the right doula for us. I was interested in trying to have a natural birth (drug free) so Jessica made some suggestions, including taking a Bradley class, which turned out to be hugely helpful. She also sat with us multiple times before my due date to walk us through what the big day would look like and the role that she would play.

The day before I was due, my water broke around 6:30am so we texted Jessica to let her know. Around 8:30am, my contractions started and by 11am, my contractions were 3 mins apart so we decided to meet Jessica at the hospital. I got sick when we arrived and my partner went into a small panic. Jessica assured her that it was normal, but indicated that things were moving quickly. Shortly after we arrived, I was already 10cm dilated and felt the intense urge to push. I was on my hands and knees so I started pushing. Jessica leaned down and told me to try not to push and to blow through my contractions. I didn't know why I couldn't push but I trusted her, so I followed her soothing voice despite the agony I was in. Well, later I found out that the reason I had to wait to push was that the baby was crowning and we weren’t even in the delivery room yet! By following Jessica’s instructions, I was able to hold off until they wheeled me (naked and still on my hands and knees) to the delivery room. At 1:30pm, a few pushes later, my beautiful, perfect baby boy was in my arms.

If Jessica hadn’t been there, and I had pushed when I wanted to, my partner would have had to catch our baby!!

Jessica has continued to be a wonderful resource. We were so happy to have her at our son’s birth and highly recommend her to anyone.

Lindsay Gonzales


As a childbirth educator myself and the type of person who just assume do scary personal things alone (ideally like in a cave on top of a mountain kind of alone) Jessica had a high bar to meet as a doula. But I also knew my husband and I needed a doula, especially in case the labor was super long or complicated and I knew Jessica was the kind of person we could completely trust. Her knowledge, extensive trainings and relationship of respect with OBs, nurses and midwives in our area were all valuable to me but of course it is her warmth, nurturing and protective spirit that meant the most. She also did some crazy back rub that i swear brought the baby down, ready for pushing, in one crazy contraction  So she might have a touch of baby bringing magic. I refer to her professionally and now have had the previlege of her protection at my own birth and we are all very thankful for it!!

Lindsay Gonzales


As a childbirth educator myself and the type of person who just assume do scary personal things alone (ideally like in a cave on top of a mountain kind of alone) Jessica had a high bar to meet as a doula. But I also knew my husband and I needed a doula, especially in case the labor was super long or complicated and I knew Jessica was the kind of person we could completely trust. Her knowledge, extensive trainings and relationship of respect with OBs, nurses and midwives in our area were all valuable to me but of course it is her warmth, nurturing and protective spirit that meant the most. She also did some crazy back rub that i swear brought the baby down, ready for pushing, in one crazy contraction  So she might have a touch of baby bringing magic. I refer to her professionally and now have had the previlege of her protection at my own birth and we are all very thankful for it!!

Beatriz Klavin-Bezerra


We couldn't have chosen a better doula to assist us during our first child's pregnancy and birth.

Jessica is caring, skilled and respectful.

Highly recommended.

Holly McDonald


Our pregnancy and delivery were complicated, not for medical reasons, but for family reasons and that is why we needed Jessica. Our three year old has been on service with hospice for two years. Dealing with birth and death in the same breath requires support. Labor started and stalled three times and Jessica was rock-solid, gentle support for us. We chose to check our older daughter into inpatient hospice and we checked into the hospital for delivery. Jessica honored and supported these difficult decisions. She supported us emotionally and physically. As a mom I came out of the process feeling empowered and forever changed. Our daughters met and have enjoyed three months as sisters so far. 

pelin ozturk


I don't know where to begin describe Jessica. She is absolutely amazing! We are so lucky to know her as our doula and a good friend. I can't even imagine what could I do without her.  She always listens and knows what to do. She is so good to make you calm and happy. During my delivery OMG! Thank God! She was always with us. She believed in me more than anybody else and with her I gave unmedicated natural birth succesfully. During my delivery she was so calm which my husband and I needed someone like her. Jessica is the best! And not only my delivery but also during my pregnancy and postpartum, she was with us too. We are so greatful to work with her. We love her very much! And I am also very happy to be part of VBB family. I recommend her to everybody around me!

Stefanie Foster


I was not a client of Jessica's, but a close friend was and chose me to be a part of her delivery-day support team.  I am a peripartum and pelvic floor physical therapist so I have been educated on the spectrum of standard American medicalized birth to natural and unmedicated and everything in between.  After seeing Jessica in action, I can't imagine giving birth without the support of a doula.  I know a lot of folks don't see the need when a supportive partner is present and their OB is on board with their birth plan.  Even with these things in place, Jessica was a vital part of my friend's birth unfolding beautifully.  First of all, my friend's OB that had done all her prenatal care was unable to make it to the birth.  Although she ended up having a great OB resident standing in, it was wonderful to have Jessica there as a birth professional who had been there throughout her pregnancy.    My friend's husband had done his homework with the Bradley classes and read the Birth Partner, but I think it was easier to keep cheering her toward her vaginal delivery when Jessica (someone with more live experience with birth progression) continued to do so.  Birth is not an easy process, and can be scary, especially when mom is in pain.  Jessica's warm and grounding prescence was comforting and encouraging to my friend and supportive of her husband and his important role as birth partner.  Jessica offered constant practical support with pressure points, positioning recommendations, rebozo, food/drink as allowed by hospital, essential oils, and early breastfeeding guidance.  She was swiftly responsive to mom (and Dad's) needs during L&D without being intrusive.  I will continue to advocate for utilization of doulas, and highly recommend Jessica specifically.  She was fantastic and it was an honor to serve my friend alongside her.

Erica Billings


I believe most people instantly connect with Jessica and experience a sense of affinity with her. Of all the people in the room with me, her voice and words rang the most true to me, gave me the most peace and strength, and made the most sense to me. I am so grateful Jessica was my doula. She is smart, wise, funny, down-to-earth, steady, unwavering, and her presence provided such a firm, secure foundation for my experience and the atmosphere of the room.

I very much wanted to give birth at the birthing center and for a variety of reasons, it looked like that might not happen. But I didn't want to give up on that being a reality unless it was imperative for me to be transferred to a hospital. Jessica kept telling me how strong I was and what an amazing job I was doing and respecting who I was and where I was at. (And yes, we got to have baby at the birthing center. ??)

Hubby says she was patient, creative, always took the the time to assess the specific situation (instead of blindly trying to force what worked for a past client), and always listened to me and my body.

Thank you Jessica; you are loved. ????

PJ Barnett


I don't even know where to begin or how to begin to describe Jessica. I could sit here and say shes "amazing, wonderful, kind, caring, compassionate, calm, and on and on and on." The truth is, words cannot begin to describe or even skim the surface of just how incredible she is. Being a VBAC Mom, due only 18 months from my first I was already a bit nervous and completely unsure of myself, my body and my ability to birth a baby. The amount of care Jessica took to make sure through my pregnancy I knew and believed in myself is incredible. She was supportive even when I wanted to give up. She never let me but always listened and validated my fears and concerns. The day I went into labor with my son, she checked in with me often and kept me calm, collected and focused. When it came time to go to the birth center, I knew that everything was going to be okay. Throughout the hardest points of labor, Jessica was there to support not only me but my husband, she knew exactly what we needed when we didn't. whether it was breathing with me, reminding me to listen to my body, or putting a few drops of lavender on my pillow, she took such amazing care of us. I cannot recommed Jessica enough and I am so proud to be a part of her village, a network of moms whose lives have been made better for knowing this amazing human. We had such a life changing experience that only a few weeks after our son's birth we were already talking about a third...**she's magic y'all**

Monica and Dustin Drew


We love Jessica! We hired Jessica for our second child after my first was a c-section. She helped us have a successful non-medicated vbac. When we found out we were pregnant for the 3rd time the first thing my husband said is "book Jessica!" My 3rd pregnancy was twins! She helped us have a non-medicated vbac with the twins as well.
Jessica is fantastic and everyone who has ever worked with her loves her...all of the staff at the hospital and my doctors office have nothing but good things to say about Jessica. She is very knowledgable in her work. She was exactly what I needed in both birthing experiences. She encouraged both my husband and I in different ways to make the labor a success. I needed my husbands strength and Jessica's nurturing touch and encouragement. She does a great job at communicating to you during labor and also uses different techniques like essential oils, massage and different positions. She also was able to take some wonderful pictures of my delivery!
I am forever grateful for her help in my birthing experiences.

Leah Peters


I cannot say enough wonderful things about Jessica Gonzales and her village! Let me start by saying that by becoming Jessica's client you gain not only the most amazing doula but an entire village of moms struggling through this beautiful thing called motherhood together. I have been so, so grateful for the community Jessica connected me to, especially as a first time mom. Jessica is a phenomenal doula. I had an incredible birth experience thanks to her support and expertise. Jessica came highly recommended by the practice I worked with (the midwives at Texas Children's Pavilion for Women). It was clear that she was respected and a crucial part of the team during labor and delivery. Jessica's prenatal visits were awesome. I felt like she really got to know me AND had wonderful advice/tips that were unique and really worked. I had spent about 10 billion hours on Pinterest and the internet, and all of the research in the world couldn't compare to Jessica's breadth and depth of knowledge and her ability to apply it to my specific situation. I went into preterm labor and was put on bed rest, and Jessica was so attentive and available. Once it was time for baby girl to arrive, Jessica was AMAZING. I was instantly calmed by Jessica's presence and her knowledge of birth. She made me feel strong and capable and brave. When I vomited, she put peppermint oil on my pillow. When I was having contractions on the intake floor that were aching in my lower back, she gave me the BEST back massage EVER during a contraction. As I was heading toward transition, Jessica let me know what sensations to expect. When I was scared during transition, she helped me relax and be fearless, to let my body do what it was designed to do. Jessica encouraged me to trust myself. When I said I didn't want any more pelvic exams, Jessica helped me stand up for myself in my most vulnerable moments. Jessica was a key reason I had a great birth experience that made me LOVE motherhood.


Kimberly Wilutis


I had the pleasure of working with Jessica for the birth of my twins in February 2015.  I hired Jessica to be at my birth because she had a lot of experience and after I met her in person, I realized that she was a very kind, understanding, and informed individual.  Immediately I felt like she was my friend and advocate.  

Jessica was very supportive of any type of birth that I wanted to have and I whole-heartedly agree with her philosophy of preparing and informing yourself as much as possible, but then letting go to an extent and embrace the experience handed down to you by the "birth gods".  

It was very important to me to have a vaginal birth with as little intervention as possible.  Throughout the later part of my pregnancy I found myself faced with lots of very important decisions.  When making these decisions, I relied on Jessica to bring up valid points on both sides of the argument and fully support me in any outcome.  

Jessica made herself available at any hour both in preparation for and during the birth.  She sat with me through a two day induction, all the while being present without being intrusive.  In moments of frustration and disappointment, she was my voice of reason.  

When speaking with doctors and hospital staff, Jessica was very helpful.  She never spoke for me, but reminded me of points that were important to me when they slipped my mind during these conversations.  

I am very happy to have had Jessica at the birth of my twins.  Her presence and wisdom was a great asset in achieving the type of birth that I wanted.  She helped me attain a very natural birth in the very unnatural setting of the hospital.  Jessica was extremely supportive and caring throughout the whole experience.  I would highly recommend her as a doula to any other looking for a friend and advocate during pregnancy and birth.  

Craig Hauschildt


My wife and I have had the pleasure of working with Jessica during the birth of both of our children.  She was great!  Although I was a little hesitant that I was somehow being replaced at first, I discovered that she was actually a welcome addition that allowed me to focus on the role that I needed to play ... to support my wife.  Jessica took care of the rest and was knowledgable and caring along the way!  I highly recommend getting to know and working with Jessica.

Ali W


Jessica Gonzales is an amazing doula! We interviewed several doulas before we found our perfect match. She always listened to what we had to say and helped us to realize our birthing vision. Jessica is a kind and caring person. She filled us with confidence at every meeting. We are truly blessed to have found our perfect doula!

Andrea Spirov


Jessica's expertise was invaluable to us during our pregnancy and birth. While complications didn't allow me to have the natural, unmedicated childbirth that I planned and hoped for, it was still so good to have Jessica on board. She really saved us at the hospital, watching out for important things the nurses had missed and holding our hands through what ended up being a difficult time. She is very professional, friendly and fun, with a great sense of humor, which is something you need when going through pregnancy and childbirth. She also runs a great community and you have access to activities, resources and online groups if you are a client of hers. Postpartum is where Jessica really shined for us. We had some issues with breastfeeding and she helped us get back on track and was right there when we needed her to help us through another tough time. I don't know where we would be today without her. She is well-connected in the birth and parenting community and this really helps when you are in need. We also recommend her for placenta encapsulation - she did a great job with this and I really enjoyed my goodie bag of samples and aromatherapy essentials for those crazy first weeks after the birth. Jessica is an all-around awesome person with lots of tricks in her bag. I highly recommend her for doula services.

Kelly Corken


In simple, she's amazing and you won't regret choosing her.  I do have some anxiety problems and thought a doula would be helpful through such a life change.  She is the ideal doula any doctor would be happy to work with.  I've heard those stories of overbearing doulas who think they are doctors/know more/etc - she is not.  Jessica is very nurturing, patient, and strong for you.  And when the situation requires - she is calm and professional.  My pregnancy began with no problems, and ended with complications that would have left me with such fear and anger of never considering another child if it weren't for her.  She will forever be my doula and was a God-send. 

Because of her I made it through my pregnancy, birth, and continue to keep in touch/have support with her and her other clients through her private group - all without daily anxiety medicine, unmarried/new/rocky relationship with surprise pregnancy, doctor change at end of 2nd trimester, IUGR, pre-ecclampsia, hospitalized, unwanted induction almost 5 weeks early, complications during birth and managed to skip an epidural and c-section is the shortened version.  Even if you have the perfect situation, Jessica is amazing.  She will make your pregnancy and birth a personal and joyful experience that you will cherish your entire life.

Amanda Pfeiffer


My husband and I are so grateful to have had Jessica with us at our son's birth! Although I know you can never totally expect what labor will be like (especially with baby #1) we still felt very prepared for every possibility after taking Jessica's birthing class and through our doula-client meetings. With Jessica's help and insight, we also felt very informed and confident about our birth plan and our desire to have a natural birth. Jessica is so selfless and nurturing - she also has a great gift of making you believe in yourself when things get tough! I went into a slow early labor in the afternoon, staying in touch with Jess the entire time. As labor became more active, she came over to our house around 1am and helped me into various positions that enabled me get through each contraction while helping labor progress. We all went to the hospital around 3am and Jessica stayed by my side until our son was born in perfect health at 1:34pm the next afternoon. She never seemed tired or frustrated - always loving and encouraging. Also, Jessica has an outstanding reputation at TCHWomen's Pavilion and so the hospital nurses and staff really allowed us to labor as we wanted without a lot of interruptions. (I've also been told that Jess is a favorite doula among the doctors and midwives at TCH!)

Another one of my favorite things about Jessica is how much she empowered my husband to help me throughout labor. I think it can be a very intimidating process for your partner, and she had a wonderful ability to help him be there for me. My memories of him beside me throughout labor are the sweetest most intimate moments with him, and I think Jessica really helped facilitate that. I really don't know that we could have followed through with a natural birth without Jessica and I'm so very, very grateful for her! It's also wonderful as a new mom now being a part of the VBB community! 

Emily Foster Vega


Jessica is a God-send. My husband was initially skeptical about hiring her. However, after I gave birth, he couldn't stop raving about how awesome and helpful she was to anyone willing to listen. My labor nurses also said she was one of the best they had ever seen. I know that I could not have done it without her. She's not just there for you while pregnant and during labor, she also ensures you have support from her "village" with in-person and online support group.If you want the best doula around, hire her! It will be the best decision made for your pregnancy, birth and entry into the crazy world of motherhood.

Catlin Tucker Harlow


Jessica helped me to not have my baby in the car on the way to the hospital! Normally you don't pay a doula to keep the baby in but in my case that's just what she helped me do. She guided me on how to breathe so I did not push in the car ride to the hospital. My baby girl was born not 15 minutes after we arrived. If I have anymore children I will definitely have her at my side. 

Alissa Noshie


My husband and I knew as soon as we got pregnant that we wanted to hire Jessica as our doula. A friend of ours used her for the births of her two kids and swore by her. We hired her around month 3 and felt so comfortable with her from the start. She is so personable and warm and you feel so relaxed and at ease in her presence.

The day I went into labor Jessica was helping me from the beginning to recognize if my water broke and trying to get me to start labor naturally as I was not having contractions. We texted back and forth for most of the day since I was not yet in active labor. She then met us at the hospital and stayed with us throughout the night until our baby was delivered. I could not have managed the pain, and stayed calm without her calming influence. Jessica had a postpartum visit with us in our home about a week after giving birth.

I strongly recommend Jessica as a doula because she is there every step of the way. You never feel uncomfortable with her around. If anything you feel more comfortable having her with you. It is just so nice having someone who has been part of hundreds of births present because she can help you understand what is going on when things can get chaotic or when things feel rushed. She is there as a liaison between you and the medical staff, although she will never make a decision for you.

After having Jessica present for our daughter's birth, there is no way I would have another child without her being part of it. You walk away from everything feeling supported and confident in the decisions that were made during labor. You just feel as if she is a family member in the delivery room with you (I only had my husband and Jessica in the room with me). I LOVE Jessica and recommend her to anyone looking for a doula. You cannot go wrong! I cannot say enough to describe the positive feelings I have with our decision in hiring her!!

Thank you Jessica for making or birth experience so wonderful!

Wendy DiGiacinto


I am so happy we used Jessica! This was baby number 1 and there is no way I would have made it all natural without her. She was calm and reassuring through out the entire labor process and delivery. She has such great knowledge and really knew what positions would help progress labor.  I also went to her birthing classes which helped us prepare for the rest of the pregnancy and labor.  People always ask me what a doula does. I'd say Jessica was a like a coach. With each contraction it's very easy to loose focus, to start to doubt yourself, to tense up and pull away from the pain. Jessica brought me back to focus with each and every contraction. Focus on vocalizing, focus on my baby, to think that each contraction in bringing me closer to holding him. Focus on the smell of the different oils she brought. It was such an amazing, powerful experience and I would definatley reccomend using Jessica. 

Umarah Zakaria


I would wholeheartedly recommend Jessica Gonzales and would definitely use her services again. I met her at a party and felt comfortable right away and never bothered to consider anyone else. She's a great listener, she's nonjudgmental, and definitely respects all your wishes. I was having my second child and was going for a VBAC. I think to have a successful VBAC it is crucial to have a supportive team. She helped me find the right doctor. Jessica really knows and understands the options (home, birthing center, hospital) and can recommend the right option for you. She works well with the medical system and seems to know all the people and protocols. I had a great and fast delivery. Jessica rode in the car with us and basically made sure I didn't have the baby in the car! She called the hospital and had them ready to receive us and helped me with breathing. As a testament to the level of respect she has with the hospital and doctors... They basically stood out of the way while she delivered my baby!  Lastly, when she came for a postpartum visit she shared such a beautiful birth detail that I would have never known if it weren't for her. God Bless You Jessica!

Elizabeth Korver-Glenn


Hiring Jessica as our doula was a great decision. Jessica came highly recommended to me by a few other women I knew, and once we met her, we never looked back. Jessica provided information and reassurance throughout the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of my pregnancy, and when I went into labor, she was in constant text and phone contact. She beat us to the hospital! And she knew exactly where to take us. My husband said that when I saw Jessica waiting for us at the hospital entrance, I visibly relaxed because her presence was so comforting to me. Jessica cared for me incredibly well during my labor and, though I ended up delivering by Cesearean, Jessica stayed until I was able to hold and feed my baby for the first time. If we are still in Houston for our next baby, I will certainly want to work with Jessica again! 

Jordan Press


There's no way I can do justice to Jessica's talent and expertise as a doula in a post, but here goes... I could not have had the birth I wanted to had I not had Jessica on my team. She gave me expert advice and comfort leading up to the birth so that I was as prepared, healthy, and ready as I could be when I went into labor. She was familiar with my doctor, my hospital, and their procedures, so she knew exactly what to say and put in a birth plan to get all hospital staff on board with what we wanted. She then kept me going through 26 hours of hard labor where I completely doubted myself - providing the confidence, reassurance, and structure to make it through to the happy ending of my son's natural birth. She also fully engaged my husband so that he was a vital part of the process, which was something that was important to both of us. When Jessica finally went home - making sure that I was all safe and snuggly with my newborn - my nurse commented on what a stellar doula I had, noting that all doulas were not like her. (And this was not a chatty nurse, she went out of her way to make that comment.) What's even more amazing about Jessica is how much she's done since the birth as well. She linked me to a wonderful lactation consultant who guided me through 2 weeks of latching and health problems and when I was seriously struggling through those 2 weeks, Jessica referred me to a lovely postpartum doula to help me through the nights. At this point my husband and I feel confident to take over on our own, but Jessica has even lined up extra help if I feel I need it in the future. I really have been in such good hands with her throughout this whole process. I am so looking forward to going to the support group she started for new mothers and I feel really good knowing I can turn to her for advice and other referrals and support as I go forward. I don't know how I got so lucky to have found her, but I am truly grateful for it.

Emily Weisenbach Nickel


I hired Jessica early in my pregnancy and it was great having her as a guide and a teacher while I was deciding what was best for me and my family. It always made me feel great knowing I had an advocate with similar values I could turn to when I needed support. What I like about Jessica is how much knowledge and experience she draws from which provided me with the information I needed to make an informed decision. She was extremely reliable and was available when I needed her. Jessica was right there with me during the entire duration of my challenging labor and birth. My husband and I believe that she was a crucial part of our birth plan and without her we wouldn't have been able to achieve the unmedicated natural birth that we wanted. 

Katie Jozwicki


I cannot imagine ever having a baby without Jessica.  Tom & I are working professionals (finance & oil/gas) with high standards. We were not sure we needed a doula.  Jessica is very good at reading people and adjusting her style to yours.  We like facts and information and she is full of them, and has great resources.  She helped us work with our doctor who later told us what an amazing doula Jessica was(they had not worked together before). 

The first few sessions are getting to know each other and your parter too; she is “going to see you naked after all”!  Tom really appreciates the relationship he formed with Jessica. In addition to the nurturing relationship, I was at ease by her strong knowledge, level of experience working with pregnant women and at various types of births. By the time birth day came around we had a strong relationship of trust with Jessica. 

Jessica worked with us through a 25 hr labor.  She helped choose laboring positions, talked us through contractions, advised Tom on ways to support me, and worked very well with the nurses and doctors (she put them at ease and never was there any tension in the room).  She slept very little, instead encouraged Tom to rest in the few quiet moments overnight.  My anxiety and pain was reduced by her amazing massages and warming hands.  Jessica also took great photos for us.

When it was time to push, Tom was very excited, shouting and holding me.  Jessica provided the perfect counterpart with a calm voice and warm look in my eyes.  Our son was born blue and had to be resuscitated.  Those first few mins were torturous; Jessica’s voice helped pass that time. Now I continue to bring her questions and when I feel down she helps bring me around.  Having a baby is hard work, and never again would I do it without Jessica as our loving and professional doula.

Natalie Henderson


We met with Jessica to see if she was a good fit for the birth of our first child. I instantly felt at ease with Jessica. It is rare that I cry, especially in front of those I do not know well, and in our first meeting, I knew that I could be vulnerable enough to do so. Jessica was professional but felt more like a friend. She was warm and nurturing throughout the pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. She was by my side throughout the labor, helping me to find the strength to forego pain medications (which I did), and work through a long labor (17 hours). She was patient, strong, and very supportive. I cannot imagine going through this without her! My husband was grateful to have someone else in the room with so much knowledge and experience who could explain the different stages of labor that I was going through. She was also incredible with the hospital staff. Many of the staff knew her and had worked with her in previous births. I will definitely use Jessica again in future pregnancies!


Renee Ford


The moment I discovered that I was pregnant I knew that I wanted to hire a doula for our birth. My recent move to Houston Texas meant that I did not have an established community to find recommendations for a well-respected doula. Fortunately, a friend, who is also a doula, did offer some names and organizations in the Houston area. One being, Jessica Gonzales. Upon meeting Jessica, I found her to have an amazing presence, which came across as calm and confident. Our initial conversation was easy-going and helpful, she was willing to offer advice even before I agreed to hire her. This proved that she is genuinely a helpful person and not out simply for our business.

Throughout my pregnancy, Jessica was always available and full of wonderful resources. Our home visits consisted of practical and emotional matters that only Jessica would bring up. It was reassuring to have someone to discuss matters that the doctor did not make time for in the examination room.

Jessica's most valuable assest - coaching through labor and delivery! I do not know what we would have done without her present in the delivery room! She knows exactly what to do. I felt so safe and reassured with her being there. Nurses and residents would enter and leave the room without much regard to my well-being other than to check the monitors. Jessica, however, knew what I needed before I did. At one point, I felt nausea. The nurses offered medicine but Jessica, knowing that I did not want extraneous medication, threw a washcloth with pepperiment oil in front of my face and my nausea dissipated. Her calm coaching skills allowed me to deliver without any medication whatsoever and to persavere through the difficultly of labor. I have a picture of Jessica looking at me when Wyatt was just born - she was glowing! That in itself displayed to me that she truly loves her career.

Taft Tucker


We could not have been happier with Jessica, actually, we (I) couldn't have done it without her. My wife wanted a natural birth, and, while she definitely has the strength to pull it off no matter who is around, I'm not sure I would've without Jessica's help both during pregnancy and especially during the delivery.

Jessica made herself available throughout the pregnancy for any questions that my wife or I had. Our baby came several weeks early, which I'm sure threw a wrench in her schedule, but Jessica was quick to arrive when labor started. She accompanied us to the hospital for delivery AND for a "false" alarm a few days prior.

Her guidance was much appreciated and extremely helpful during the actual pregnancy, but where Jessica really shines is during the labor & delivery. We were as prepared as books & classes can make you, but experience is much more valuable, and Jessica has lots. Her knowledge and calmness during labor was invaluable.

We cannot recommend Jessica enough!

Ana A. Manzolillo Ramirez


I am so grateful to have found Jessica as my doula! She was instrumental in my successful hospital VBAC. Even my husband acknowledged that we would have never been able to achieve the birth of our dreams without her help.

She is a very experienced doula with such a caring and attentive nature. We met several times throughout my pregnancy and with each meeting she got to know us better and learned what our desires were for the delivery of our second child. She had excellent suggestions of what we could do to prepare us for delivery especially since I was planning a VBAC. By following her advice, I went into labor on my own (which was its own small victory) and stayed by our side throughout my 30 hour labor. She coached my husband and I through every contraction and helped us navigate the requests from nurses, on-call doctors, and residents to make sure we kept our plan on track.

I highly recommend her. If we have a 3rd child, she will be the first one I call to be part of my birth team! Thank you Jessica!

Mary Finucane


Words cannot fully express how grateful I am to have had Jessica as my doula. She is simply amazing! From our very first meeting, it was apparent that Jessica was not only extremely knowledgeable about pregnancy and birth, but also very caring and passionate about her mothers. Jessica has a calm and reassuring presence, which was not only vital during labor and delivery, but also made it so easy to build a trusting relationship with her during my pregnancy. She spent a great deal of time getting to know myself and my husband, and finding out what my pregnancy desires, fears, and concerns were. Jessica  was able to present great information to us for all of our questions that allowed us to make the decisions that were best for our family.

Her support during my pregnancy was wonderful. It was so reassuring to have a person who I could contact with any questions at any time. Whenever I would become anxious or nervous, she was a calming presence. I very much wanted an unmediated labor and delivery. Having Jessica as my doula helped me prepare and plan for this as much as possible and gave me the confidence that I needed as a first time mom. Her massage work during contractions was truly priceless! My birth experience was just perfect and having Jessica as my doula was without a doubt the most influential and critical component of having the birth experience that I wanted and will always cherish. It was truly the most emotional and empowering day of my life.

Jessica's relationship with her parents does not end in the delivery room. She has truly created a village and organizes support groups, gatherings, classes, and potlucks for her parents. I’m really enjoying being able to see Jessica as my baby grows and meet other parents. It is so nice to have support, friendships, and love as I start this new journey of parenthood. I am so looking forward to my next pregnancy and having Jessica by my side as my doula again.

Julia Wang


I have no idea how I could have gone through my whole labor process without Jessica as my doula. Originally, we planned for a natural unmedicated birth, but things don't always go as planned, and I ended up having to get induced due to cholestasis. I was not dialated at all and 0% effaced and the odds were against me. Our baby definitely did not want to come out, and the induction process ended up lasting about 55 hours. I can honestly say that without Jessica as our doula, I definitely would have had a c-section and even my husband agrees. It was mentally challenging to say the least, but Jessica reminded me constantly to trust my body. I wanted to give up so many times, but she didn't let me. Also, she really helped me when I was in active labor for about 9 hours and even my husband agrees that he would have had no idea what to do even though we took Bradley classes and adequately prepared. We had a successful vaginal birth, but more importantly, our baby girl came out happy and healthy. Thank you Jessica!

Heidi Brown Keele


Jessica was our ANGEL from heaven!  My husand and I chose to work with her for my first and long-awaited pregnancy.  I had wanted to have a natrual (unmedicated) delivery and she helped me accomplish that goal.  I really appreciated being able to communicate with her during my pregnancy about all my random questions and also share my excitement with her.  She is very knowledgable about pregnancy, labor, and babies and was able to help me many times with ideas to help me with pregnancy aches and pains, breastfeeding issues, postpartum care, and getting adequate help following delivery.  She was also able to give me a good referral source for a lactation consultant as my baby had latch issues that required extra special attention.

I will always have a special bond with Jessica after going through my birth experience with her by my side.  Labor is not easy, but she helped ease my fears and made it a positive experience for both me and my husband. Love you Jessica!!

Heidi, Trever & Gwennie

Monique Mahler


Jessica was meant to be our doula.  From the moment I met her I felt I could talk to her and I got an overwhelming sense of calmness.  She is knowledgeable and relatable, I felt comfortable asking her what I thought were silly questions and she always answered.  

When my water broke at 5:30 in the morning, I hated to wake her, but she was excited and happy to hear from me.  When our birth didn't go as planned, she never made me feel less for opting to not go natural, as originally intented.  When we were told that it would be the next day before the baby arrived, she got comfy and settled in for the night.  And when I felt like I couldn't go on she let me know that it was in me and that I could.  My husband has said on multiple occasions that he wouldn't have gotten through the birth without her.  The birth of our daughter will always be a special day, but was made more special by the fact that we were blessed to have this beautiful, kind and loving spirt that Jessica emobidies with us. 

Erin Reioux


Jessica fully embodies what a doula is, an advocate for the mother. The services she provided my family where invaluble. she stayed with me through a 20+ hour labor and helped us make informed decisions through out the entier process. Her postpartum support can not be matched, when we had trouble breastfeeding Jessica was able to quickly get us in touch with the right people. In addition to her support as a labor doula she has also created a fantastic support network for past and present clients. 


Jessica Cortes


We love our doula, Jessica!!  She is the best!!  I met her when I was around 9 weeks pregnant with baby #2.  I had interviewed three other doulas prior to our interview and just didn't have a connection with them.  Then I met Jessica and we clicked immediately!  She has this warm, friendly, super kind vibe about her and I loved that.  I knew she would be perfect for my husband and I.  I like that she has a wealth of knowledge about birth and women's health in general.

We met several times during my pregnancy and I always looked forward to our visits.  We were set to have a hospital birth with an OB for my VBAC and around 34 weeks we became very uncomfortable with what he was telling us.  Basically he was back peddling on what he would and wouldn't let me do when labor finally kicked in.  Jessica met with us and laid out our options which really helped.  We decided to end care with our OB and start seeing a midwife for our home birth.  I am SO thankful for her suggesting that option to us.  I was overwhelmed as the last several weeks were happening.

Once the big day arrived, I was extremely thankful to have her there with us!  She completely got me through a tough labor.  She was the only one out of my husband and two midwives who could keep me calm and grounded for the task at hand.  Her energy was exactly what I needed.  I really don't think I could have done it without her!  She helped a ton with getting me into good positions and helping me breath when I was getting overwhelmed during painful contractions. 

She also has awesome photography skills and managed to take a bunch of beautiful photos for us capturing those great moments!  After the birth she made me a lovely placenta smoothie and helped straighten up our house with my husband and our midwife.

She is wonderful and so special to our family!

Stacie Kopczynski


My husband and I went back and forth on whether we would hire a doula. The price worried us, but we continually were encouraged that it was well worth it. All of those encouragers were absolutely, 100% right! Jessica was a godsend. 

From the moment we met her, we knew she was perfect for the job. She spoke to my fears and empathized to our specific situation. Each visit after that, she was brilliant at walking us both through where we were in the moment and what we could expect in the future. As our due date drew near, we realized how truly lost we would be navigating false labors (and then real labor) without her. Then the day came...

We could not have done it without her. Truly. Jessica is the perfect mix of strong/stable and empathetic/soothing. She coached me through, she comforted my worried husband, she fought for us when doctors pushed us towards anything different than our birth plan, and she celebrated well with us when our sweet daughter was born. 

And then she kept going. She met us at our house about a week later and again was a godsend in the midst of my trying to make sense of the birth, my emotions, hormones, etc. She and I continue to meet up as friends - I truly adore her spirit and her genuine love for me and my family. 

I imagine Jessica excels in any birth environment, but for me - having a non-medicated birth in a hospital - Jessica was THE perfect doula. I would recommend her a thousand times over for both her skill and for who she is. 

Bella Adela


Jessica was an amazing doula before, during, and well after the childbirth experience. In fact my OB said she's one of the few doulas he really trusts in the Houston area. She was with me for over 12 hours in the hospital and got me and baby started on our breastfeeding journey which was extremely helpful because I was medicated and probably incapable of doing it by myself. Today we are still breastfeeding, 10.5 months later and going strong!

After we got home she came over a couple of more times to assist with breastfeeding and how to get a good household routine (breastfeeding, sleeping, etc.) going and her tips were vital to my survival since it seemed like total anarchy with a newborn. She got us through the weeds and was also available by phone as needed. She is knowledgable, supportive, and very, very, encouraging. I give her so much credit in my journey as a new mother and she was worth every penny.

Derek Sirmans


Jessica Gonzales is an excellent doula. We found her through our Bradley class back in May of 2012 and used her for the birth of our daughter in June. She was such a calming and soothing presence during our laboring at home, in the car on the way to the hospital, and during the birth of my daughter. She has such a gentle touch and reassuring voice. My husband and I were able to have the natural birth we desired, and feel that Jessica was a large part of this success. When we found out we were pregnant again, back in March 2013, we immediately sought Jessica's advice. We recently brought our son into the world, again, naturally. Jessica's presence at my labor and delivery bedside was invaluable. I again, sought out her voice during my contractions. She has such a claming nature. We were so pleased to find Jessica and could not imagine a birth without her. We also have enjoyed her Mother's Groups, family potlucks, and other events through Village Birth and Babies. It has really helped us create a nice network of new families here in Houston.

Breanne Barnard


I really believe Jessica was one of the best things about my labor. Her hands were like magic. Jessica massaged me through every single contraction. She helped move me into different positions to ease my pain. I can’t say enough about my Doula. Her presence allowed my husband to reduce his coaching duties and just be my  an amazing husband since like most men he has little or no experience in childbirth. Instead, he was able to do what he does best, hold me, love me and be my strength at a very vulnerable time. I highly recomend Jessica as doula!  Jessica Rocks! 



Jessica was a HUGE help in our birthing experience. I was hoping for a vbac and we were very successful after a long labor. Jessica was very patient and laid back during all my laboring hours. I remember my labor nurse praising Jessica while I was in labor. The nurse felt confident in all that Jessica was doing for me. She is very easy to talk to and does a great job in helping you make decisions that are best for you and your family. My husband and I can not praise her enough. I am so grateful for an all natural vbac success story! 

Alexandre Curie


We hired Jessica after taking her birth class this past fall. We weren't sold on the idea of hiring a doula until we met her and took her class. At that time she was going to be on vacation on my due date, but was super accomidating by taking us on as clients and setting up a back up doula (whom we also met with) in the event she was out of town when we went into labor. Luckily we had our baby the day before she was set to leave! Jessica helped my husband and I have the pregnancy and delivery we imagined, and without her I'm not sure if we would have made it. She is so down to earth and knowledgeable. She was always available by phone/text/email, and always responded quickly. She made me and everyone around on delivery day feel comfortable and safe. I recommend her to anyone that is thinking of hiring a doula.

Krista Schuelke


I met Jessica Gonzales about four months into my first pregnancy and truly believe she was sent as the answer to my prayers. Before my pregnancy, I had never heard the word "doula" and honestly had never planned the type of birth I would want for my child. I knew I didn't want a medicated birth and that having an IV, epidural or C-section was not an option for me so long as my baby was safe without them, but I had no idea how to accomplish that kind of labor/delivery especially when society pushes you to medicate. I truly believe that because Jessica was by my side, my prayers were answered. I had the most amazing birth experience that was even more magical than in my hopes and dreams. My pre-natal vitamin, a liter of coconut water and Jessica were all I needed to have a non-medicated, easy labor. I could not have had that experience without her. She is patient beyond words and so knowledgeable about seemingly EVERYTHING that I was able to relax and just enjoy the experience. I want to have another baby just so that I can go through labor again! I have an amazing support team of my husband and my family by my side, but the day I had my baby girl, I just wanted and needed Jessica there. She is the support and had the knowledge I needed to bring my precious little girl into our amazing world the way I wanted and the way I believe was best for us. Aunt Jessica, you will always be our guardian Angel!

Amanda Reyes


My first baby was born by c-section, and when we were certain we were pregnant with our second, I knew that a) I wanted to try for a VBAC; and b) that we needed a doula.  We interviewed a couple of other doulas besides Jessica, but after we both talked to Jessica, we knew that she was the perfect fit for us.  She is professional in the best possible sense - completely calm, informed, and supportive of all our decisions.  During prenatal visits, she really got to know me and my husband, and gave suggestions on preparing ourselves.  She helped us think through many of our concerns (both with the labor itself and postpartum depression), and helped us take those concerns and shape them into a birth plan and a postpartum plan that would help ensure that we had the best birth (and postpartum) possible.    I also appreciated that she knows the community, so she's ready with referrals if you need them.  When labor and delivery actually came, we called Jessica during the wee hours of the morning.  She had actually just come off of a very long labor and delivery (when we went to the hospital, she was saying "Hello again!" to the staff.  :) ).  But you would have never known it from the invaluable support she gave us, including massage, aromatherapy, positioning, coaching, assurances that I was progressing (because I was!) etc....  I ended up with the unmedicated VBAC that I wanted but wasn't sure was possible, and I know that Jessica played role in making that happen.  Thank you!

Side Note: If you are considering placenta encapsulation, Jessica does that as well.  With my PPD concerns, I wanted to give it a try, but wasn't sure how to handle the "logistics."  Jessica handled the whole thing seamlessly.

Jessica Ciosek


I attended a discussion on doulas at the Birth fair, at which Jessica was participating as a panelist. Jessica’s calm, yet enthusiastic, demeanor put her at the top of my list of doulas to interview in the following weeks, and ultimately made me choose her to help us through the birth of our first child. In addition to her easy going personality, Jessica is also very knowledgable about hospital and state policies (which helped us prepare our birth plan and not be surprised on the day of birth), is very respectful of your preferences, and works well in a hospital setting. Working with Jessica increased my comfort level as the big day approached (despite many unexpected circumstances), and also helped us better prepare for the first few weeks after deliver--logistically and psychologically. As many births do, my experience strayed rather far from my original plan into a schedule c-section, but was still a very satisfying experience that successfully ended with a happy, breastfeeding baby, thanks to Jessica.

I found the prenatal discussions helpful and her questions made me think about things that hadn’t occurred to me and talk about how I was feeling. Our birth plan was well received by the hospital staff and allowed for the birth day to go smoothly and without any surprises. Prior to being prepped in the OR, Jessica calmed me down with essential oils and massage. Ultimately Jessica was allowed into the OR with us and documented the whole procedure with photographs and was present to receive my placenta for encapsulation and to help me establish breast feeding as soon as possible. Her suggestions also made our birth even more memorable, including having my husband announce the sex of our baby. Long story short, I highly recommend Jessica Gonzales as a doula for birthing in any environment and I look forward to attending her group nights and other events soon!

Julie M.


 Jessica Gonzales supported my husband and I with the October 2012 birth of our first son.  She was truly born to do this job.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for encouragement, support, and guidance during childbirth. She has a sweet spirit, gentle yet firm personality, and a servant's heart.  During my extrememly long labor, she was able to provide aroma therapy, massage, support with breathing techniques and positioning, assistance showering, and many many comforting words of encouragement. Jessica was incredibly encouraging for my husband as well!  He was very nervous about the labor and delivery procedure, and she walked him through every step of the way and helped him to support me.   She was right by my side for 30 hours, and it was so comforting to always have someone there with us when nurses were shanging shifts and with other patients. At one point, it was determined that the position of my baby was causing me incredibly painful back labor, and Jessica was able to reposition him in a matter of minutes and relieve my excrutiating pain. When we finally had to make the tough decision to have a C-Section, Jessica calmed me down and waited through the surgery to help me begin breastfeeding.  Jessica Gonzales is professional, loving, and an all around great doula!

Megan Hicks



Jessica Gonzales was an integral part of my birth and post partum experience. Even though I had an epidural with my twin delivery, she was still so comforting and helpful. I was never left alone or with a stranger because she was there, feeding me ice chips and easing my nausea with peppermint oil. She was encouraging while I pushed, and gave helpful advice. Afterwards, I had a friendly face to hold my hand and lighten my spirits while my husband went with my 32 week babies to the NICU.

Jessica was also my post-partum doula, and I can't think of money better spent. She did laundry, washed bottles, made sure I ate, and watched my boys so I could take a walk, a shower, or a nap.

My husband and I took Jessica's birth class as well. I was fairly knowledgeable beforehand, but being able to get on the same page with my husband was invaluable. Even though my labor was unusually fast, we both knew what to expect as I progressed. We also used pain management techniques learned and practiced in the class to ease my sudden and extreme contractions.

My overall experience with Jessica was wonderful. I feel like I have gained a friend, and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to add to their birth experience. She truly loves what she does and it shows.


Julie Dickinson


I cannot say enough about Jessica Gonzales. I really believe that I would not have had such a positive labor experience without her. Throughout my pregnancy Jessica was available to answer any of my questions. She always answered her phone or would call me back immediately. She was great about emailing me about support groups and classes. During labor she helped me get into different positions during contractions in order to position my baby correctly. But moving into those positions helped me manage pain and stay focused. Jessica also provided labor message, which greatly reduced my discomfort during contractions. She kept me laboring at home for as long as possible so I spent very little time at the hospital before delivering. While at the hospital Jessica guided me through all the steps from my arrival to the delivery room and kept me informed about my progress. During delivery she helped me get comfortable and she stayed with me when my midwife had to leave to check on another laboring patient. After the birth of my baby Jessica stayed with me until I was comfortably settled into my room. Her presence was reassuring and supportive. Even now Jessica continues to stay in communication with me and my husband, keeping us informed about support groups and social opportunities with other new parents. Hiring a doula was one of the best decisions we made and Jessica is a superb doula. I would recommend Jessica to any future parents!

Deepa Kamath


I believe that Jessica was BORN to be a doula. She combines the wisdom, expertise and compassion that are crucial, both during the birth of a baby and in the days leading up to (and after) this incredibly special life event. Pregnancy and childbirth are beautiful, soulful experiences, but they can be equally overwhelming and sometimes even a little lonely. After I met Jessica, I began enjoying my pregnancy in a whole new way. We'd discuss diet and exercises to help the baby get into the optimal birth postion, but we also talked about my feelings around my impending motherhood and my deep fear of labor and delivery. She spent several hours with me and my husband, helping us understand our options, so we could articulate a comprehensive birth plan. I am terrified of pain, but was not sure I wanted an epidural, so we went over its pros and cons. When my contractions began, we labored at home for most of the day, confident that Jessica would get us to the hospital in time. (I entered the delivery room and my water broke!) My labor was long and tiring and there were several moments when we needed her guidance, to make the best choice for us. I am convinced that she helped us avoid a C-section, by pacing my energy and advising us on the most appropriate time to get pain medication. I am not sure how she managed to hold me, while I was laboring AND still take absolutely stunning photos of the birth, but she did! After my son was born, she assisted us with early nursing, which is a good thing, because I had been so preoccupied with labor and delivery, that I hadn't given a moment's thought to breastfeeding! But, amazingly, Jessica's support doesn't end with birth. She hosts an ongoing, weekly, postpartum group for her clients, which has been a fantastic space for me to meet other new moms and share the joys and challenges of parenthood. I am so grateful that Jessica was part of our birth story and that she continues to be part of our lives.

Haley Jones


 We had a wonderful experience with Jessica!

She was very accessible during the late stage of pregnancy and able to answer many questions as well as help me determine 'if' i was in labor or not. She helped us with exercises to encourage our baby in to a good position for labor and used massage and essential oil techniques which were amazing and so helpful! 

Most of all she encouraged my husband and I to make informative smart decisions that were best for the whole family working with the nursing staff, doctor staff and my family so beautifully. She made our experience such a wonderful, beautiful and happy moment in our life! 

We would use her again!

Kristi Keen


 You know you are in the big leagues as a doula when other doulas hire you to be their doula. When I started my journey as a doula, I began to reach out to other local doulas. She was the first to respond to me. When I finally started meeting other doulas, I would ask myself, "Which of these women would I want to be MY doula?" At first I wasn't sure, but as time went on I gravitated toward Jessica. She has the best personality. I feel I can tell her anything and she wouldn't judge me. I look up to her as a doula and aspire to be more like her. She has been an all around great friend. She supported me as I started training for my first 5K and even ran it with me! It was just natural that I would want her to join me for my birth experience. I don't have enough words to describe how wonderful Jessica is, but there really aren't enough words good enough to describe her anyway. My prenatals were awesome because we talked about doula stuff. She provided a listening, understanding and non-judgemental ear as I talked about my worries and our latest family trial. My birth was super fast, and she was the perfect addition to my birth team. She went out and got us lunch from one of my favorite places after the birth (home birth) and made me a placenta smoothie. I feel blessed to know her! 

Katherine Wingfield


Jessica is a truly amazing doula!  She was so helpful throughout the pregnancy for both me and my husband, answering all of our questions and keeping us calm.  We knew that we wanted extra help during the birth, and she was just the help that we needed!  She came to our house shortly after labor started to help me manage the back pain I was having, allowing me to labor at home much longer than I would have on my own.  She knew just when we needed to leave for the hospital, and she focused on me during the car ride, so my husband could focus on driving.  She was the voice of reason and experience once we got to the hospital, and we trusted her to help us make decisions when we weren't at our full decision-making capacity.  I really don't know how I would have gotten through the birth without her guidance and encouragement!  If we ever have another baby, I will definitely ask Jessica for her help again! 

Leila Hays


Jessica was my doula for my October 2012 birth.  I had a bit of a rough road as far as changes in my birth plan (went from natural at a birth center to a planned C Section), and Jessica really helped me work through it.  I loved how she visited me several times before the birth (the other doulas I interviewed only did 2 prenatal visits). My due date was in November, with the C section scheduled for the end of October, but the surgery was moved up 2 weeks due to fetal distress.  Even though Jessica was just coming back into town, she made it to the surgery with only a couple hours' notice.  She was with me during the surgery, and helped me get off to a good start breastfeeding (still going strong at 8 weeks).  I credit Jessica as a large part of why my birth experience was so beautiful (yes, a C section can be beautiful).  She helped me have the right attitudes and expectations, and made me feel very safe throughout the whole experience.  I highly recommend every woman giving birth have a doula, and Jessica is definitely one of the best.

Marissa Xia


 Jessica  was our postpartm doula in Sept 2012.  She was an absolute angel!  Jessica has a wealth of knowledge concerning babies and mother care.  She helped me with breastfeeding on the first day back home, helped my husband and I get some much needed sleep, brought me food during lunch and helped us with baby laundry. She gave me peace of mind.  I am so thankful for all her help and encourage all first time parents to use her services!



When I got pregnant with my third I doubted very much that I would be able to have a natural delivery. I found a really good ob/gyn who supported a VBAC but still I knew that I needed more support. I met Jessica through work and she came round to our house several times to go through things and she reassured me my body was able to do this. I wrote my birth plan and was very excited when at 41 weeks I went into labor. After my contractions became regular and frequent in the early morning hours my husband called Jessica. Jessica was here within minutes and guided my husband and me. I was able to stay at home for a long time and working through the contractions for a good 12 hours. We went to the hospital when my contractions were 3 minutes apart but unfortunately we weren’t as far as we had hoped to be. We continued to work through the contractions till the early morning hours and although there was a resident that tried to put a time restraint on my labor, Jessica remained supportive and talked us through every option. (It is invaluable when someone puts you and the baby at first priority and follows the wishes you had set in the birth plan, not the hospital that wants to move things along!). My healthy baby boy was born late the following morning. I never felt “at risk” after my 2 previous C-sections, Jessica (and the medical staff) kept an close eye on me. I was allowed to go as long as baby was happy and healthy even beyond 41 weeks. The natural delivery of my son was one of the most amazing experiences in my life! I was able to do it with support of my husband and the encouragement, support and hands-on approach of Jessica. I will remain forever grateful for this experience that wouldn’t have been possible without Jessica. Thank you Jessica!!

Tracy Butler


We met Jessica in March 2012 during my second trimester. A friend referred me to her and we clicked with her immediately. She was warm, well-informed, and she had a lot of experience. Throughout our prenatal sessions with her, she answered all of our questions and asked us her own questions in order to get to know us as a couple and what we wanted out of our birth experience. She also helped us with exercises for relaxation, mental preparation, and positioning of the baby. She asked us about my nutrition and exercise habits, as well, in order to ensure an optimal labor and delivery process. We were aiming for a natural, vaginal delivery with minimal interventions. When I was nearly two weeks past my due date, and still pregnant, however, we realized that our baby might have other plans for his way out. Due to his large size, he was not able to come out vaginally, so we ended up having a C-section. Even so, we were so happy to have Jessica there with us to help us make informed decisions and have a great birth experience regardless of our failed plans. She was there to answer all of our questions, massage me, offer emotional support (when I became emotional and disappointed that my birth experience did not turn out as I had hoped), and help with breastfeeding support. We have a healthy, happy, beautiful baby boy, and Jessica helped was a big part of helping him make it out safely. My husband and I both agree that Jessica was well worth the investment!

Luz Standridge


We met Jessica in March 2012, towards the end of my second trimester. She was enthusiastic about our goal for a natural birth of our twins and was willing to help with positioning exercises of Baby A, who was breeched. She was thorough in getting to know us during our prenatal appointments, which helped us to feel even more comfortable with her. When I was put on bedrest at 30 weeks due to cervix changes, she remained optimistic yet realistic about how this affected our positioning exercises and our birth plan. Then when I was admitted to the hospital at 33 weeks due to severe pre-eclampsia, she remained calm and supportive as we realized that our twins would be premature and delivered via c-section. Jessica continued to educate us on our options, empowering us to make the choices that we felt were right for our situation. Even in the operating room, she was very reassuring. It was so comforting to have her constantly by my side all the way through recovery. My husband had to go be with our twins in the NICU. She was absolutely essential in helping me start my milk production right away, so our twins could be fed my milk in the NICU. I highly recommend her as a doula and will definitely be giving her a call for our next pregnancy.


Jessica Kravtsov


Mom's words: We met Jessica at our Bradley Method class, and desiring a natural hospital birth (as first time parents) decided that she would be a valuable part of our birth team. Jessica has a warm and caring presence, and from the beginning felt like a trusted friend. She made multiple home visits, got to know us as a couple and showed us exercises to help our posterior baby turn. I started having contractions at night, and the next morning when they were coming regularly and getting more painful, we called Jessica and she joined us at home. She knew just what to do to encourage my contractions into a solid pattern, and was able to guide me in relaxing properly through them. When I needed a break, she relaxed me with massage. I had bad back labor, and Jessica was there, applying pressure with each contraction. She was such an encouragement, staying with us until the end, and I know that my natural birth - which was the best and most empowering experience of my life - would not have been possible without her. She truly has a gift for doula work and we are so happy that she will always be a part of our son's birth story.

Dad's words: The first time I'd learned what a doula was/does was when Jessica spoke at our Bradley Method class. Soon after, we met with her and decided that we wanted her help with labor and delivery. Admittedly, at first, (as the coach) I wasn't sure it was necessary to have help. I thought she would somehow get in the way or take away from what is to be the most special moment of my life. That changed with the first of several visits Jessica made to our home as she got to know us, which I really enjoyed. The day labor started, she arrived at our home, helped put us both at ease, and guided us through everything. At the hospital Jessica continued to help in so many ways. She ended up being the best support we could have asked for! I will always be grateful to Jessica for helping my wife and I welcome our son into this world.

Erin Palmer


 We hired Jessica to help us with the birth of our first baby.  Immediately after meeting her, we knew we definitely needed her there with us.  Several times before the birth of our son, Jessica stopped by our house for a visit, to answer questions, give suggestions and in general just to lend a friendly ear and support.  The day I went into labor Jessica met us at the hospital right away (in fact she beat us there), despite having a birth just the night before.  Even though she was operating on NO sleep, she was there fully alert, even perky, through my 24 hour labor.  Things didn't go as planned and Jessica was so warm and caring which made my husband and me feel so much better.  As my husband stated after we had a beautiful baby in our arms, "Jessica Gonzales-BEST THING WE EVER DID, MONEY WELL SPENT.  



WIthout hesitation I recommend Jessica Gonzales as a doula.  As a first time mother, the support she provided both before labor and delivery and afterwards was outstanding.  I feel that I would not have been as confident going into the labor and delivery process without the education and advice that Jessica provided.  On the actual day of labor, things didn't go as we initially planned however, Jessica was able to seamlessly alter our plans to fit the situation as it evolved.  I believe I was able to have a quick delivery as a first time mom due to her invaluable advice and all the work that was done before and during the labor process. 

Lauren Ziff


Jessica came to help us when we had our second baby. She spend about 4-5 hrs a day for about 8 days during the week. She has a very calming prescence about her and always put me at ease. Immediately she gave me some suggestions for nursing and each day helped me get more comfortable solving the problems I was having. In addition to nursing, she cooked, did laundry, went grocery shopping, helped with my toddler when I needed it and most importantly made sure that our baby and myself were well fed and taken care of. She truly has a gift with babies and it is clear how much she loves her job. When I was doing too much, she gently suggested I rest more and take advantage of her. It was this mentality that put me at ease so that I could nuture myself and enjoy the first couple weeks with our new baby. I would recommend her to anyone and although we didn't use a doula during our labor, I can imagine that she would be wonderful as a birthing coach.

Kendra Dillard


I met Jessica when I was pregnant with my second child.  My first child was an emergency c-section at 35.5 weeks.  He spent 14 days in the NICU.  I had a very traumatic birth experience and I wanted to avoid the same experience with my second.  Since I had a c-section before, I would be going for a VBAC.  My OB was very supportive.  Jessica and I came up with a plan and my OB was on board for it.  My water broke on July 4, 2011.  Jessica had me labor at home.  When the contractions were about 1-2 minutes apart (as I recall), we headed to the hospital.  After a few more hours of laboring, my blood pressure rose and I had protein in my urine.  We were given the option of a c-section.  After discussing all options, we went ahead with the c-section. 

Even though my birth did not end up exactly as I have hoped, Jessica gave me the confidence that I had control; that I was calling the shots.  She helped us through all the decisions, listened to us and the doctors and was there during it all.  Without her help, I feel that it would have not been such an amazing experience.

Jessica also encapsualted my placenta.  I would highly suggest it.  I battled low milk supply with my first child and gave up breastfeeding at 8 weeks.  I am currently into my 7th month exclusively breast feeding Logan.  Thanks to an amazing supply, I have donated over 600 ounces to 2 local Houston moms.  I personally think it was due to placenta encapsulation and my wonderful birth experience. 

Again, Thanks Jessica...

Love, Kendra, Chris, Christine, Andrew and Logan Dillard

Veronica Hernandez


Jessica is an amazing doula and I'm thankful for all the love and support she's given me and my family.  Being a first time mom, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  Jess stepped in and helped us prepare for pre and post delivery of our healthy baby girl, Isabella:)  She's an expert at this and she guided us through the whole experience in a calm nature.  I couldn't get Eric (daddy) to commit to the 8 week lamaze classes, so Jess came to the rescue and provided us with birth classes that we completed in one weekend. 

To me, it felt like my sister was at my side in the hospital because she never left my side.  She was also much appreciated in terms of dealing with Eric ....he was like the second patient and she kept our hospital room a calm and joyous environment for us both.  After Izzy's birth we moved to Austin, but if I had stayed in Houston, she'd be my doula for the next baby :)  We love and miss you much, Jess!!

God bless,

Veronica, Izzy and Eric Werner


Jamie Forrester


In 2009 I gave birth to our 1st son and while he was nice and healthy, I left feeling like I had missed out on something. I desperatly wanted to have my "Honey, It's time!" moment. So when I became pregnant again I decided this time would be different.

On May 7th 2011, I gave birth to my son and my experience was so wonderful that I wish I could do it again. My birth experience left me feeling so satisfied and empowered. I am so glad Jessica was able to be a part of it! She was amazing,  so full of knowledge and really encouraged me to stand up for what I had wanted out of my birth experience. She helped me to understand it was MY birth. Not the Dr's or hospitals. I was able to aviod an unnecassary induction; because my Dr wanted to go on vacation, and the birth I had was unforgettable. I can still feel myself in her arm rolling on the birth ball, completly relaxed, working through the contractions. Even when things got tough, she was there calmly bringing me back to my center.

This was such a wonderful and intimate time for my husband and I, even with Jessica there. She was so supportive yet never once did we feel like she was taking over.

I would encourage anyone to seek out a Doula for their birth and if you have the chance to work with Jessica, your birth is bound to be memorable. I would highly recommend her, she is very compassionate about what she does. Her tender personality, knowledge, guidance and support are exactly what a laboring mother needs!


Cindie Vigil


 I knew I wanted a doula from the very beginning and I knew I wanted to deliver naturally. Jessica helped educate me and my husband on labor techniques and relaxation during labor. She took the time to answer all our questions and educate us. She made us feel confident. On May 25, 2011 I went into labor she was there bright and early. My husband and I thought we were prepared, but I had no idea the pain I was going to endure. Jessica was my human epidural. I am still amazed at how she knew exactly what to do and where to massage during my contractions. If she had not been there I would have gotten an epidural 3 hours into it. She encouraged me, she helped me cope, she cheered me on, she got me through labor! This was my third child, but every pregnancy and labor is different. I am so grateful that I had her there. My husband and I will never forget her and the support she gave us to make our experience a wonderful, memorable one.

Danielle McCorvey


Childbirth is submission in the truest sense of the word. You must trust someone with your life, values, and body. I was recommended to Jessica by another mother. Giving birth naturally was important to me. Having a team that respected that was equally as important. When I met Jessica, she was kind and honest. We hit it off instantly. She reassured me of my strength as a woman, and she told me what she provided. From that day I trusted her with the care of my body. I still wasn't sure of what to look forward to during my actual delivery.

So, the day came, Oct. 15, 2010. Jessica was there bright and early. She delivered beyond all my expectations. She fulfilled her promises in regards to what she provides as a doula. She knew what I needed before I even said anything. She made me remember my strength. We even laughed during the process. I was a demanding laborer I'm sure, and once everything calmed down, I noticed she was sweating. She was in labor with me. She wasn't on top of me, hounding me. She knew the space that I needed for comfort while still being agressively attentive to my needs at the time. Post partum care was amazing as well. She came by to make sure my breast feeding was successful. I had millions of questions, and she was there to help me along the way. Her suggestions were very helpful.

I can honestly say that I could not have made it without her there. My experience would have been completely chaotic if I had to rely on my own self-assurance. She was so good that my midwife thanked me for bringing her, and wants to partner with her. When choosing a doula I realize that it's not about how it looks it's about how it feels. From the day we met, I felt Jessica's maternal instincts immediately. I knew she was meant to be a doula because she sincerely cares about childbirth, motherhood, and child care. When she touches my child, I am reminded of that every time. I will not hesitate to call her again when I have my next baby.

Brittney Walker


My baby girl was born on September 20, 2010.

I waited till today, Thanksgiving Day, to share my experience with Jessica Gonzales because of the heart filled gratitude I have for her.

She was my first Doula and she help me tremendously from beginning. I met Jessica during the late part of my 2nd semester. 

From the start, she made me feel comfortable and at ease. Prenatal visits to house visits, Jessica was there.

My delivery was the best. A natural couch who can keep "you" focus as well as comfortable....

-this is her destiny and anyone looking for a GREAT Doula, she is the one!

If I could do all over again, I would. A wonderful memory (Jessica). Since my delivery, I have recommended Jessica to several other women.

I will never forget her. She is now and forever a gem in my family, for me and my new daughter.

I love you Jessica and again,thank you!







I became a first time parent on October 20, 2010 to an 8lb 3 oz. baby boy. I read many theories about having a birth Doula as well as theories on natural childbirth. Since giving birth, I now understand that birth is unpredictable, but having a Doula is something I would bet on each time. I believe having that assistance helped reduce labor as well as create a positive and peaceful atmosphere.

The service Jessica Gonzales provided was impeccable. She was innately in tuned with the needs of my husband and I during the entire process. She provided precious assurance and a level of support and encouragement that was priceless.

Jessica gave constant encouragement. Whether it was a massage, a shoulder of support to the restroom, or assuring my husband and I that we were doing great. It was a relief to have her there. She was definitely a God send. In addition, she also acted as an advocate for my desired wishes even though at some point I was unable to communicate exactly what I needed.

Jessica has what one does not see on a resume. She is passionate, intuitive, and very much apart of your present moments. She is a rare find. As a result, I feel a sense of deep gratitude towards Jessica for keeping the atmosphere so peaceful and comfortable. It was in that moment I realized the power of encouragement, and support. I will carry that experience for a lifetime.

Rebecca Alexander
Houston, TX



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