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I can’t say enough great things about Susanna, but my experience with her in one word: relaxing <3. She will support you before, during, and after your labor in every way that you may need. She’ll give you a massage, babysit your older child, rock your infant, make you a postpartum meal - whatever is helpful. Plus, Susanna is just so pleasant to deal with! Her being my doula didn’t feel contractual at all - it felt like having a friend who cares about you, reaches out, listens, empathizes, always ready to help, and truly has your best interests in mind. I say this because she consistently went above and beyond what I ever expected.

For one, she is exceptionally knowledgeable and with her you will always feel prepared and reassured. Being an experienced Bradley Method teacher and having had three unmediated births, she is pretty much a walking Encyclopedia whom you can text anytime :). 

Once I was getting close to my due date, she started checking in with me over text on a daily basis just to see how I’m feeling and how things are going for me. Yet, she made it clear that I don’t have to respond so it didn’t feel overwhelming. As a result, I felt comfortable bringing up small questions and concerns that I wouldn’t have bothered a doctor with. This greatly reduced my stress during pregnancy.

Last thing I’ll say is that most other doulas would have missed my labor! But not Susanna, because again she went above and beyond without me needing to ask her. When I called her at to tell her that I was having regular contractions, I said that the contractions are manageable and it’s too early for her to come. Nevertheless, she checked the traffic and found that her commute to me was an hour instead of the usual thirty minutes, so she got in her car and started driving in my direction. Had she still been home when I called her for the second time, she would have missed my labor!

Corrie Algar


My husband and I took Susanna's childbirth class in preparation for the birth of our first child (a little boy, but we didn't know at the time). Susanna was warm, patient, and informative - everything you'd want from someone guiding you through the childbirth process. She prepared us for both the planned and unplanned aspects of childbirth, and empowered us to make the tough (but informed) decisions we inevitably needed to make during labor and delivery. 

I highly recommend Susanna's services to anyone looking for a calm, empathetic, warm precesence as you prepare to welcome your child into the world.  

Lauren Perdue


My partner and I attended Susanna's childbirth classes when I was pregnant with my first child and looking for a way to reduce my fear and prepare to give birth with as few medical interventions as possible. Susanna's knowledge of the science of the birthing process and pain management techniques, as well as her wisdom, are extensive. Her approach is warm, nurturing, thoughtful, and curious. She instilled in us the confidence to identify our goals and advocate for them. What has been evident throughout my time knowing Susanna is that she is constantly growing and learning, and that having a positive impact on both baby and maternal health is a passion of hers.

Sarah Cullinan


My husband and I took Susanna's Bradley Methods class. Susanna was such a huge asset to us in our birth experience -- she did not just teach us the common scenarios, medicines, interventions, birthing methods, etc., she prepared us mentally to tackle any situation, even those that we couldn't imagine happening. Our baby came 7 week early and we faced so many decisions and issues we could not fathom in our birth plan, but we were calm, cool, and confident throughout the experience because of Susanna's excellent training.

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