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Grow Together Postpartum

Henrico, VA Service range 15 miles


Postpartum Rate


Availability Remarks: I am available weekday mornings for 3-4 hour shifts.

Postpartum Rate


Postpartum Doula Experience

2 years and 14 families served

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Doula Trainings International - Certified Postpartum Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, July 2020
  • Doula Trainings International , October 2021

Type of practice: Other

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Postpartum limits/restrictions: Non-smoking homes only.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • First Aid and CPR
  • LGBTQIA+ Support

Languages Spoken

  • English

Service Area

Henrico, VA Service range 15 miles

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Client Testimonials for Jessica Mito

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Jessica was a phenomenal postpartum doula. We had our daughter come early and Jessica was there with us to guide us in those difficult newborn days. She was an amazing listener, helped make sure mom and baby were taken care of and thought of our every need, being proactive and improving our postpartum experience in ways we couldn't have imagined and will be forever grateful for. We would highly recommend Jessica for any parents who need an extra hand or a kind and non judgmental presence to helping them navigate the challenges of bringing home a new baby. 

Breanna Detwiler


When we had baby number two hundreds of miles from our families, we knew we might need a hand getting adjusted. Jessica was just the calm, capable presence we needed to remember our old baby parenting tricks and make us feel cared for after the busy birthing period. She glided into our home and just took care of things. From laundry to baby wearing- It was so amazing! I firmly believe the calm start Jessica help create in our home is contributing to an easy introduction to this new member of our family. Thanks so much Jessica! You're the best!

Nora Quinn


We decided to hire a postpartum doula after the birth of our second as a means of keeping some parts of the day consistent for our older kiddo.  At our first meeting, Jessica got down on her knees and made my son feel so sweetly comforted that he made her a bracelet & repeatedly asked when she was coming back.  This was the doula for us!  Then, in the days after my emergency cesarean, Jessica helped to normalize a lot of the healing process for me, gave helpful suggestions regarding PT, checked-in magically when it really counted, and even chopped vegetables while I nursed our little one.  Having Jessica in our world at such a pivotal moment felt like a very smart choice and one I'd recomment to anyone!

Julia Pendleton


What is there to say about Jessica and our experience having her as a postpartum doula? Jessica radiates positive, nonjudgemental and supportive energy that was a joy to have in our home after the birth of our daughter. 

She supported me in helping to keep the house together, feed myself, have a few minutes to lie down, and even getting to shower! She also accompanied me on my 6 week check up appointment to watch the baby while I met with the doctor. 

This kind of support is so invaluable after the birth of a baby. When you're sleep deprived, figuring out feeding, and enjoying getting to know your new baby, it's so comforting to know that someone is there to help you with whatever you need them for. 

As the mom of twins, Jessica has a unique perspective on parenting that's so valuable. Shes confident in her recommendations but accommodating to whatever your preferences are. 

I'll miss our chats over tea but I'm thankful to now call Jessica a friend, and lucky I get to see her outside of our home too! 



Jessica is wonderful! I have already known her for years but it was very special to be able to work with her as our postpartum doula in summer 2021. I felt she was able to attune to me and to our needs as a family well. She has a very warm, supportive, and non-judgmental presence. She offere lots of helpful tips and information in those confusing and hard first few months. She also laughed at my jokes! Most days I just needed an extra pair of hands to help with the baby so I could have some time to myself or to get basic things done, but there was one day where we had sudden difficulty with nursing and Jessica was very emotionally understanding and empathic while also offering information and resources to help wtih the issue. She was also great at soothing our baby as well and I fully trust her!



In one sentence: We love Jess. Jessica Mito is an exceptional human to makes giggles, daily life, and new family adjusting breezy and light. She has an innate sense for what needs to be done and where, who needs some snuggles or some space, and seamlessly fit into our new family of four. If Jess offered year-round care, we would be in. Your family will love her and we would go back and do our postpartum the exact same with Jess! 

Lauren G.


Jessica is a wonderful postpartum doula! She helped us two mornings a week for a month after the birth of our second child. I felt totally comfortable entrusting her with my newborn while I napped, did errands, or spent quality time with my older child. She was also great about helping with washing bottles and pump parts and washing and folding laundry. I would absolutely recommend her to any tired parents!




I'm sorry we sometimes left you waiting on the front porch in the cold or answered the door in a bathrobe with arms full of babies or grabbed a nap while you fed the girls or forgot to wash the bottles and bottle parts the night before or sometimes stared blankly, unable to construct words, when you asked us questions. And so many more things I'm sure we did or didn't do, but I can't for the life of me remember those early days and weeks.

No matter what, you always came in with a smile behind your mask despite shaking off the chill and genuine cheer to ask the girls how their morning was going. Ruby and Kelly always lit up when you started talking to them. Despite how young they were, I still think they somehow knew when you were coming to pay them a visit.

Beyond that, your concern about our well-being and the good-natured encouragement made your time with us something we always looked forward to and hopefully continue to look forward to after this pandemic peters out. We're so glad you became a part of the story we get to tell the girls about their first year on earth.

Thank you.




Angela Rosas


I was so grateful for Jessica Mito to come into our home to help during this huge transition as a family of 4. I was so fearful during this pandemic and postpartum time. She really brought a sense of hope and comfort into our home by being an extra support system. She took care of my mental health by talking with me. Jessica helped with light housework to keep my house clean. She allowed me to get more rest as she watched and played with the baby and toddler. Since this was my second baby I did feel more comfortable with postpartum. Yet she double checked and asked about breastfeeding, bed sharing, and many postpartum things to reassure my confidence. Overall Jessica brought a loving, maternal, and peaceful presence that helped my postpartum recovery and relationships. I can't say enough good things about this postpartum doula and experience. She is such a warm and loving spirit and has a gift as a supportive mother and friend during postpartum times.  

Wendy D'Angelo


Looking back on my first postpartum experience I know I needed more help. I needed support in ways I didn’t understand or anticipate.

I have known Jessica for years and I knew immediately I wanted her as our doula after our 2nd baby was born. Jessica’s attention to a new parent’s needs is impeccable. She has an innate ability to connect with people and assist in the most graceful way.

During this pandemic I knew Jessica was a safe and trustworthy person to have in our home. She not only helped with life in postpartum, she helped our toddler transition to life with a baby as well.

She understands, anticipates and suggests ways to help that I hadn’t imagined. Jessica better prepared me and set our family up for the weeks and months after she was gone.

Everyone in our house benefited. I cannot recommend her enough. A postpartum doula, especially during this pandemic when family support may not be possible, is essential. Jessica is in her element as a postpartum doula!

Postpartum Availability for Jessica Mito

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