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Mabel Bashorun

Within Her Birth

Bristow, VA Service range 50 miles

Birth Fee

$1200 to $1500

Black Doula

Birth Fee

$1200 to $1500

Birth Doula Experience

4 years and 40 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, October 2017

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I attend all hospital births within my transportation range

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I attend all birth center births within my transportation range

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I attend all home births within my transportation range. I do not attend unassisted home births.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Childbirth education services
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

My fee covers 2 prenatal meetings with clients and their partner, and all day labor support from the time the client is ready for me join at the birthing site. It also includes one in-home postpartum visit. Additional services include breastfeeding classes, childbirth education classes, and additional postpartum home visits

Service Area

Bristow, VA Service range 50 miles

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Client Testimonials for Mabel Bashorun

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Afua Asibey


I remember the moment I said to myself that for my next pregnancy, Mabel would be my doula. And true to that, for my 3rd pregnancy and my goal of having a vba2c, I reached out to Mabel. We've been friends for many years but this was in a new role and I'm so glad I was blessed to have her during this pregnancy. Mabel provided many educational articles and she shared her knowledge to help me make better decisions for myself. Mabel will empower you and listen to your concerns. My entire birth story is a testimony and Mabel was the blessing I needed to do what my body was made to do. I was told by my providers all the things you hear about a small pelvis, having two prior c-sections, etc. Mabel shared all the research and encouraged me, supported me, and in the end, my husband and I experienced the redemptive VBA2C that we had been praying for. 

Josephine Amponsah


I'm so happy I chose Mabel to be my virtual doula, if you’re on the fence about choosing her, here is your answer, HIRE HER!

She’s very compassionate, detail oriented, knowledgeable and extremely supportive. I was struggling looking for a doula and my friend highly suggested Mabel, but I live in North Carolina, so decided to do the virtual consultation.

At our first meeting I told her that I wanted her to tell me when it’s the right time to go to the hospital, I didn’t want to go too early and be induced or have anyone unnecessarily intervening. So I labored at home with Mabel on FaceTime using the various techniques ( breathing, sitting in the shower, sitting on the toilet) she had taught and I arrived at the hospital 9.5cm achieving my goal of an unmedicated birth!!

The unexpected part of actually having a doula was the postpartum stage, I assumed her job was done since she had been there during the whole pregnancy and labor with no questions unanswered, even if she wasn’t sure she’ll check with others & get back to me. But after my baby girl arrived, Mabel checked on me consistently during my postpartum period and guided me through the early frustration stage of breastfeeding, she became my lactation consultation also!

Every time someone asks me about my birth story, I rave about Mabel and how amazing she was & still is, even months after she still checks on me.

I was so unsure about getting a doula; if it was worth the money, would she be able to help me virtually, but it was the best decision I ever made! She’s not just a doula now she became a great & reliable friend.

Ivy Asante


Mabel IS my doula (present tense because I’m never letting her go). I never thought about having a doula and didn’t know much about pregnancy. After watching one of Mabel’s (IG) stories about her journey with fibroids, I asked her questions and she gave me a ton of knowledge. I then felt comfortable & knew we had to be with her because of 5 things; Christian, African, Fibroids, Experience and Knowledge. God basically dropped her on my lap. My journey with Mabel began early 2020 and I remember telling her when I get pregnant (which was the next year). She would be my doula.
She is present, she is a warrior, she is my advocate, she is caring and she is knowledgeable; tons of wisdom.
I’ve recommended her to a couple of people and I’m pleased to say that she did not disappoint them. I am forever grateful to have Mabel as my forever doula and now friend. Thank you for everything. BOOK HER NOW! What are you waiting for

Sonia Agyemang


I dont even know where to start with my review! Let’s just say if you know what’s best for you then please book Mabel for your birth and thank me later!! I honestly don’t know what I would of done without her! She was the angel by my side through it all!! I was able to accomplish all my goals in regards to my birth plan (including a non medicated birth)!!
She’s so patient, kind, and most of all so knowledgeable!!! She helped me believe in my body, guiding me to trust it, and trusting the process through it all and for that my family and I are forever grateful for her. The icing on the cake was Mabel’s prayers, we were always blessed by them! I can go on and on about her but you’ll just have to experience the value she’ll bring to your journey so don’t hesitate with contacting her, you won’t regret it!!

Oluoma E


Having Mabel a part of our pregnancy and birthing experience as a doula was probably one of the best decisions we made in my pregnancy. Coming from barely knowing what a doula was to now advocating for all our friends to have one is all a testament to the immense value Mabel brings on a professional and personal level. Mabel was with us every step of the way, even before we contracted with her she answered every question or concern we had. That's how we knew she was really in this for her heart towards women having the most positive and healthy pregnancy/births. She was patient, kind, graceful yet so strong and ready to defend our safe space in this journey. She never told us what to do (which I so appreciate because people love to push their agendas) but educated us and sent resources whenever we asked her questions. I think the best part about having a doula was the access to both knowledge and comfort, it was like having a built-in friend to lean on for support in this new experience being a first time mama. She was also very helpful to my husband throughout the process, her part on our birth team encouraged him to delve deeper into understanding birth which benefited me greatly as the once being supported by such a well informed team. During the actual birth Mabel was there with us through every. single. contraction. lol literally pressing heat packs on my lower back, making sure I drank water and ensuring all my birth plan desires were met. She has been my advocate, prayer warrior and growing friend through this experience and I will forever be grateful for her part in my extremely positive birth. Highly recommend her!

Gloria Osei-Tutu


Mabel and I were both pregnant at thes no way she was not going to be my doula this time around. She was very knowledgeable and was always available for any questions and advice. My goal with my second pregnancy was to go unmedicated or at least try to go as long as possible. Unfortunately, nothing went as I, my husband and Mabel had hoped! In the end, I had to get a C-section, but not before she helped me try as many interventions as possible!  She was with me until they took me away for surgery, reassuring me that I did an awesome job and everything will be ok. When  I came into the recovery area, she was right there waiting for me, even bought my husband and I dinner!??.. although I was   disappointed that I did not get to have the vaginal birth I had hoped for, I know I probably wouldn't have been able to labor as long as I did, had Mabel not been there advocating for me! When I first told my husband I wanted to hire Mabel as my doula, he really didn't understand the need for the doula and it took a little silent treatment for him to be on board, after our son was born I asked him if he was glad we hired her and if he would do it again? With our hesitation, he said, YES!!! Lol! I'm so glad she was my doula and will always recommend her to friends and family looking for a doula!

Portia Amofa


I was blessed to have Mabel as my doula turned sista friend during my pregnancy birth, and postpartum process! Mabel is truly a gem! She made sure that my husband and I were educated every step of the way without imposing her own views on us. She stayed with us in the hospital through it my looong labor praying with us and supporting me along the way. I'm not 5 months postpartum and Mabel still checks in on me and baby! I highly recommend her! Love you Mabel and God bless you!

Vanessa K


Mabel is the absolute best! My cousin told me about her when I got married, about a year before I was even pregnant and truely she is amazing. Having her by my side during my first pregnancy and childbirth was the best decision I could have made. The care and love she has for you is unmatched. The knowledge she shares and encouragment she provides is so reassuring. So grateful that I was able to have her has my doula!

Nana Konamah Boateng


There are saints, there are doulas and then there are doulas like Mabel.

As my doula, Mabel worked with me to develop my birthing plan in detail. She explained to me all the options available to me before and during labor & delivery.

Whenever I raised a concern , Mabel was quick to reassure me with her very special brand of patience.

She knew of every single  ante natal visit, and followed up with me pre and post said visits.

As someone who’d had a myomectomy, I was deeply concerned about being coerced into getting a c-section. Mabel educated me on my rights as a patient. She also supported me by sending me readings of peer reviewed articles to help me stay informed about the risks of going for a trail of labor after having had a full abdominal myomectomy. As a mother herself, and one who’d had experience of having a vaginal birth after a myomectomy, Mabel does her job not only in a highly professional capacity, but also from a personal one.

She coached me on the factors of a safe and healthy delivery and walked me through a step- by- step process to deepen my knowledge of pregnancy and labor.

Thanks to Mabel, my delivery went incredibly smooth in spite of the doctor on call being completely and totally unethical. Mabel sprung into action to shield me from Dr. Soma Chakraborty at Fairfax Hospital who used poor bed side manner, coercion and insults to try and pressure me into a c-section. Mabel was instrumental in clearing the delivery room so my husband and I could make the right decisions.

If you are considering getting a doula, without  question Mabel should be your first choice.



My birth would not have been the same without some key people on my birth team. I'm so thankful I stumbled upon an Instagram live Mabel was co-hosting. From the time I started speaking to her I knew I was in great hands. She actually had a baby as well but she did everything to make sure I was taken care of. On the day of my birth, she worked so well with my husband. She didn’t over step her boundaries; she helped my husband and myself through this process. One we are forever grateful for. She is the only doula I have worked with and I am so thankful for her.    





Before my pregnancy, I had never really given much thought about the type of birthing experience I wanted to have. After watching a ridiculous amount of birth stories on YouTube (both positive and not so positive experiences), I decided I wanted to labor and deliver naturally. Even though it was my decision, I was still terrified at the thought of giving birth, especially naturally. Having Mabel as my doula was beneficial for me because she helped ease the fear and anxiety I had about natural birth. She provided me with the information and support I needed to feel empowered and to make informed decisions throughout my journey to motherhood. She gave guidance on the conversations I needed to have with my doctors and was always available for discussions after my appointments. For months, I struggled with terrible morning sickness and Mabel provided emotional support, offered advice and even prayed with me to help me get through some of the hardest days. In preparing for labor, she demonstrated several pain management techniques and positions that were very helpful during labor. Currently, I'm almost four months postpartum and Mabel has continued supporting me during my breastfeeding journey by giving tips and advice, answering questions and making herself available to check-in with me regularly. The genuine love, care and concern, along with the sharing of relevant information and thoughtful recommendations are the things that made Mabel the right doula for me. I am SO grateful for her and I would highly recommend her to any expecting mama. She is personable, knowledgeable, and obviously very passionate about the wonderful work she does. 

Jessica Lee


This was my second pregnancy and my husband and I both wanted a doula for additional support. I had to have a cesarean with my first born, and my wish was to have a VBAC this pregnancy. Having Mabel by our side during pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum was a huge blessing. The first time my husband and I spoke to Mabel we immediately felt very comfortable conversing with her. She was very knowledgeable, experienced and able to answer all of our questions. She was the perfect fit for us. She understood exactly what we were looking for, and was able to support our needs. Mabel followed-up with additional researched information after we talked. She helped us with our birth plan, spent time educating us about pregnancy stages, labor, delivery, and showed us helpful massages as well as pressure-points for labor. Her love for her work helped my husband & I feel more comfortabe as we neared our due date. I went into labor two weeks early at the earliest morning hours and Mabel came as quick as she could and labored with me at home for hours. I was having back- labor pain and Mabel was by my side the entire time to help me manage the pain. She was an advocate for us during the whole labor and delivery. Her caring voice, positive attitude and encouragement were a blessing! Mabel stayed for a while after my son was born to further assist us. She came to our home for a postpartum visit and helped me with nursing my son. She provided the emotional and physical comfort my husband and I needed during these moments. We highly recommend her to anyone! With Mabel's support I was able to have a successful VBAC. We will definitely have Mabel's professional service as a doula for our next pregnancy!

Winnie K.


Having Mabel as my doula changed my whole perspective about how the birth experience should be. My first pregnancy was just not the best experience. I was very scared going into my second pregnancy but everything changed when God brought Mabel into our lives. Mabel is very patient and just goes above and beyond for all her clients. I had friends who had her the same time as me and they can all truly testify how much of a blessing she was to them. She never pressured my husband and I to do anything we felt uncomfortable about or make any decision based on what she thought was right. She always stayed on top of things and really cared a lot about us and not just the pregnancy. Mabel really challenged me to do more research about the whole pregnancy  process and never settle just based on the information I got at my OB/GYN appointments. She would always give us more information and go into more detail about answering any questions we had. I honestly don’t know how we could’ve gone through the whole process without Mabel. We honestly would’ve given up during the early stages of labor and gone in for a repeat c-section. She made me comfortable at the hospital and honored all the requests we made during labor such as having candles and playing my worship playlist. With her help, I was able to have the successful VBAC I desired. If you’re ever contemplating hiring a doula, hire Mabel!!  If she’s available ofcourse. It’ll be so worth it and you’ll not regret your decision.

Emma Manu


Man ! There's so much that I want to say about Mabel. This woman was born ready to be a doula. She is so full of grace and strength and has a way of commanding peace into any room. Being a first time mom, there was so much that I was nervous about and unaware of, and Mabel patiently answered all of my questions and calmed my fears. She stood by me throughout my pregnancy and always checked to make sure that I was doing well. During what turned out to be an extremely long labor, she kept me motivated and strengthened. If you're looking for a doula, Mabel is unmatched and will be with you every step of the way. Thank you so much for everything Mabel, your presence in our lives was truly God's gift to us.

Priscilla Reeves


Mabel was an Angel, an advocate, a prayer warrior, a shoulder to lean on, a light and a constant source of support throughout my birthing process. There’s no doubt that this is her calling. She was present throughout the labor process and helped me express my emotions while I endured through my long labor. She continually reassured and encouraged me and gave me the opportunity to understand every step in the labor/ delivery process while laboring at home and in the hospital. We tried different laboring techniques to find the best ones I coped with. My most unexpected perk of having Mabel as my doula was when she stood in the gap for me in prayer and interceded on my behalf at the peak of my labor. That memory will forever be engraved in my heart because i believe it shifted the outcome of my birth process. When you decide to choose Mabel as your doula, you’re choosing someone who passionately has the heart and soul of ensuring the best for mama and baby. Mabel is my forever doula ??

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