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Robin Magnotti-Moberly

Robin Moberly, LMT, Birth Doula

Arlington, WA Service range 45 miles

(425) 501-6150

Birth Fee

$1100 to $1350

Birth Fee

$1100 to $1350

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Institute of Somatic Therapy - Certified Massage Doula

Birth Doula Experience

10 years and 120 births attended

Doula Training

  • Institute of Somatic Therapy, March 2010

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 0 to 3

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals
Depending on how your labor and your desired level of support, I will meet you at your home and work with you while you labor there. We will then go separately to hospital when labor progresses. I will stay at the hospital through the birth of your child. After the birth, I will stay for 1-3 hours until you are cleaned up, settled in and nursing (if you so choose).

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Depending on how your labor and your desired level of support, I will meet you at your home and work with you while you labor there. We will then go separately to the birth center when labor progresses. I will stay at the birth center through the birth of your child. After the birth, I will stay for 1-3 hours until you are cleaned up, settled in and nursing (if you so choose).

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I will arrive at your home when you are ready for support. I will stay with you throughout your birth and then for 1-3 hours when you are cleaned up, settled in and resting and/or nursing your baby.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Prenatal or postnatal massage

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Robin is a trained Pandemic Response Doula - 4/4/2020

Fee Details

Payment plans are available. In-home pre-natal and post-partum massage packages are available. I also offer massage/doula packages for inclusion of prenatal and postpartum massage therapy in my office - package prices are available.

Arlington, WA Service range 45 miles

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Client Testimonials for Robin Magnotti-Moberly

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Camille Stuteville


Robin was such an integral part of my birth experience being a positive one.  My baby was born early via urgent c section after a failed ECV.  Towards the end of the pregnancy, Robin wanted updates after each doctor's appointment.  I told Robin about the appointment to do the ECV, which was the next day and she strongly suggested that she be there.  Thank goodness she was since during the procedure the baby's heart rate dropped and the doctors started prepping an emergency c section.  After a few moments, the baby's heart rate stabilized, but the doctor still suggested that we do a standard c section at that point. 

During the few minutes they were prepping me for emergency surgery (before the baby's heart rate stabilized), I could hear Robin in the corner of the room reassuring me and saying they were doing everything to keep me and the baby safe.  During the surgery, when I started to panic, she helped me visualize something that made me happy and calm.  After my son was born, he had to be taken to the NICU briefly and she stayed with me while my husband went with the baby and it made such a difference to me to not be alone at that point.  It would have been so hard emotially if she hadn't been there for me. During the whole birth experience I felt so comfortable telling her exactly how I was feeling both emotionally and physically and she conveyed that to the doctors.  I would not have been comfortable telling the doctors every little thing I was feeling, but I felt like I could do that with Robin and it reassured me that I was receiving the best care possible. 

Robin has such a warm and calming presence.  I felt 100% cared for and that my fears and concerns were being listened to and considered.  I would have a very different opinion of my birth experience if Robin had not been there for me, her support turned what could have been a bad experience into a positive one.

Christine Dixon-Hundredmark


I can hardly begin to summarize how much Robin means to us or what an amazing support she was through our journey to getting our baby boy here. From our first meeting with Robin my wife and I both felt such relief- we said multiple times “it’s gonna be okay- robin knows what to do!” Robin was there every step of the way- gently checking in in ways that was totally supportive and not at all intrusive. Robin provided exactly the support we needed before, during, and after the birth of our son. She was there to coach me through contractions and offer her loving guidance in the blurry, sleep deprived, overwhelming days after birth. She is wonderfully knowledgeable, wise, empathetic and intuitive and we were honored to have her help us welcome our baby into the world. Oh and don’t forget to book her amazing pre and post natal massages! Simple stated- robin is the best! 

Emily Soriano


Robin is simply incredible! I knew the moment I met her she was absolutely the perfect fit for us. Her prescense is so warm and comforting, and her big beautiful smile and sense of humor make you feel right at home with her. I started seeing her right away for prenatal massage, which was the best decision ever. We were able to talk and get to know each other for months before the big day(s) and I looked forward to our chats so much. She made me feel empowered and confident about my birth plan, but thankfully always reminded me to keep an open mind and never feel upset with myself if things didn’t go as planned. Thank goodness for that advice because when the time came that I knew my birth wasn’t going as I had hoped, she was right there to help me through it. Hiring a doula, and someone as amazing as Robin was the best decision I could have ever made. She not only supported me, but my fiancé and family as well. She is truly one of a kind. Even after my birth, she has become so important to me and I miss her so much that I have to keep coming to see her for her wonderful massages! And to show off baby pics of course. I can only hope that so many others have the opportunity and pleasure of experiencing their birth with the help of Robin. She’s will, without a doubt impact your life and birth experiende in an unforgettable way. She would say to me all the time throughout my pregnancy, “Give yourself grace“ and now as a new mom I remind myself of that everyday. Thank you Robin, again and again! 

Chara Barclay


Robin was exactly what I needed - she helped me approach  labor & delivery with confidence, flexibility, and calmness. Leading up to the birth Robin was available when I needed to talk through some pregnancy hiccups, and she was an immediate calming force!

She is organized yet warm, knowledgeable yet encouraging of finding your own path. She asked great questions while we developed our birth plan that really helped us. During the labor & birth she remembered all the details and advocated with me, supported me, and guided me just the right amount. Her energy was always right for the moment...providing quiet comfort even before I realized I needed it. She helped me stay nourished and hydrated and made things so easy. She reminded me of my options & pre-set preferences as well. She also provided much-needed support as information to my husband so he always felt informed and not forgotten. 

Robin also worked so well alongside my midwife and nurses - they all worked cohesively and I’m so grateful for that. 


Robin was the ideal doula for me and I highly encourage anyone to meet with her if you’re looking for a strong, confident, wise, and warm person to support you in your labor & delivery!

Lauren McGee


Right after meeting Robin, I knew I wanted her to be my doula. She is warm, down to earth, and has a great sense of humor!

Here are some things that are great about Robin:
-She gives amazing massages! In late pregnancy I had such bad lower back pain that I could barely move at the end of the day, but after her massages I had no pain for days!
-She gave us recommendations for birth classes and new parent groups to help us find a community of new parents.
-When I got gestational diabetes, she ordered me to stop googling all the terrible possible outcomes.
-We were hoping for a natural birth, and when the birth did not start out as we had planned (my water broke, so I ended up in the hospital without any signs of labor and needing to be induced), she talked me through my options and helped me accept the situation.
-Her back massaging got me through so many unmedicated contractions.
-She was great with my mom, who told me after the birth that when I was not very nice to her Robin just said to her, “Irritability is a good sign,” which put it all in perspective and made my mom laugh.
-I was much more willing to listen to her than to my mom or husband when they were all trying to force me to sip water or eat bites of yogurt between contractions.
-Whenever decisions/options came up, I had a lot of trouble verbalizing anything I was thinking because I was in pain and exhausted. Robin had this amazing ability to ask the questions that I wanted to ask, so the nurses or midwives would explain further.
-She always made me feel like I had made the best possible choice.
-She took notes and pictures during the birth (with my permission, of course!).
-She visited us afterwards to snuggle our son and bring him a beautiful book.
Overall, I can’t imagine the experience without Robin. I am so glad I chose her, and if I ever give birth again, I want her to be there with me!

Andrea Drachler


Oh boy. How to sum up the most incredible experience of my life in 2,000 characters? Hard to do. 

Simply put - hire Robin. Hands down my husband and I would write her 2,000 testimonials. She is an amazing, talented, grounded human being that has a true gift of helping families through one of the most beautiful and complicated of life's experiences. 

Robin supported me through pregnancy, labor, and childbirth with such grace. She helped me celebrate victories, adjust and course correct through emotional and physical pains, massaged my body with such talented hands, and ultimately helped me have the most beautiful childbirth I could have ever dreamt up. 

I was very lucky, my contractions started at 3am and my son, Mitch, was born at 1pm. Robin joined us at our home at about 7am and we all went to the hospital an hour later. Her coaching helped my husband and I stay a solid team, she encouraged the best warrior in me to ride through all the contractions, and advised me contraction by contraction through the delivery. Her tone, energy, and confidence was perfect in every moment - I am not exagerating - she was perfect. She has a talented ability to get to know you in a handful of meetings and be able to identify just what you will need in the most raw moment of your life. She made me feel like a rockstar through my entire pregancy, labor, and delivery. 

And, on top of all she did for me, she was the most incredible coach to my husband. I can't imagine the position of the partner, it seems daunting, complex, and intense in totally different ways than the position of being the mom. Robin was there for my husband as much as she was for me. She was a quiet but everpresent comrade helping him to be the best partner he could be in every moment. 

Robin is a real champion and I feel beyond blessed that I was lucky enough to have had her as my coach. She made a magical moment sparkle that much brighter.

julie holt


Holy wow. Where do I start? Robin is spectacular. As a first time mama I had no idea what I was in for and now that I've gone through birth I realize why no one could explain to me what it would be like. It's like nothing else in the world and will blow your mind. Truly life altering and a spiritual experience (this coming from someone who asked Robin not to talk about Gaia to me - nothing wrong with Gaia, I just wanted a little more earthly experience without giving Earth a different name.). Regardless, birth changed my life in so many ways I don't know how to describe it.


Throughout all of it - from prenatal chats and texts with Robin to early and then active labor to pushing the little cutie out to bringing this little ball of love home with me - throughout all of it Robin remained the most rock-solid piece of brilliant amazing supports I could ever conceive of. I knew and know that Robin has my back and that made my entire experience completely doable....even when I was in the midst of things I didn't truly believe I could do. She stuck by me through all of it with so much love and support I felt like I was being birthed anew with her care and tenderness.


If you have any sense that Robin is your girl for this, please please please pick her for your doula. And then find me somewhere and we can be mommy friends and we can spend time gushing about how Robin held our hands through the biggest time in our lives. I am forever in awe of the care she showed me and the sheer intuitive anticipation of whatever I needed from her that she gave to me. This woman is aware. Very aware. I wish my new mama brain could say more about how much I love what she did for me.

Melissa Rudin Yakey


Even before I got pregnant, I knew that I wanted to try to have an unmedicated natural birth, and that I wanted a doula to be part of our birth team. The thought of giving birth felt extremely vulnerable to me, and where this was our first baby, I was anxious, and had a lot of questions. As I was searching for a doula, it felt important to me to find someone that was not only knowledgeable and experienced, but also kind, strong, and someone I could trust to advocate for me. Robin was all of these things, and above all she has made me feel safe and cared for before, during, and after labor.

From my husband’s perspective, at first he was not sure why we needed a doula, but a few hours after the birth of our daughter, he was not sure what we would have done without Robin. He felt she helped him understand what was going on, and explained things really well. Also, he was grateful for her feedback in how he was trying to help me cope. It felt good to him to know what he was doing was helpful, and that he could look to her for direction when he was unsure what to do next.

Robin’s knowledge, care and encouragement, and input on our birth plan helped me feel positive about going into labor. During labor she was reassuring, and it felt safe to take direction from her. She also knew our birth plan well, and I feel like she communicated clearly between us, nurses, and the midwife. After birth I needed help with breastfeeding, and I struggled with depression and anxiety. Robin’s encouragement, and resources she has provided, have truly helped us in our adjustment as a family. What I am most grateful for is not only accomplishing our goal of a natural birth, but also the presence of a strong woman, who helped me realize I had the strength and power I needed. It was an honor to have her there to help me use it.

Jacki Warnock


Robin was an integral part of my birth team! As a fist time mom there were so questions and doubts, Robin was there every step of the way to ease my mind and answer any and all questions. Robin experience and knowledge make her an excellent doula. I have and will continue to recommend Robin to people that I meet. Also, I intend to use Robin for my next birth!

Janaki Torrence


Robin was our doula for the birth of our son on 11/08/16.  My husband and I met with several doulas, and knew right away that Robin was the doula for us.  She was open, friendly, straightforward, and informative, and we felt immediately at ease with her. At our second meeting with her prior to the birth, Robin asked great questions about our relationship communication, and really worked through the best ways to support us through labor. Of course, with labor nothing goes exactly to plan and we didn't even call Robin until I was at the hospital in active labor (at 1:30 in the morning). Once she arrived I felt a great calm and relief.  Labor was more difficult than I expected, but Robin was a costant calming presence, providing massage and encouragement, and great cues for how to ease the pain throughout. After the birth, Robin has continued to stay in touch and has been a wonderful resource as we work through breastfeeding issues (she suggested a lactation consultant who has been very helpful). All in all, Robin has been a dream to work with and I know that my labor and the first weeks of parenthood have gone much smoother because of her involvement.  My husband and I are incredibly happy that Robin was part of our birth experience and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.

Erin Schmoll


Second only to meeting my son, Robin's presence was the best thing about my labor and delivery. I knew that I wanted to have a natural, unmedicated birth, and I also knew that without support I would likely be unable to accomplish it. My husband was also excited about the prospect of having professional help as this was our first pregnancy. We were both instantly comfortable with Robin, and as she shared her passion and expertise for her work, we fell in love. (It didn't hurt that she's a massage therapist and offers packages that include pre- and post-natal massage. Score!) Robin brings not only extensive knowledge of pregnancy, labor, and delivery, but she is also a mother herself and offers her personal experience as well. I could continue to speak generally about our experience, but I'll end with a story. When I was around 9cm dilated, my contractions were so painful and I was so exhausted (I'd been in labor for nearly 20 hours at that point) that I truly doubted that I'd be able to continue. I was ready to bail on the whole thing, and I managed to utter one word -- "Help." Robin had been beside me the entire time, but when I opened my eyes and they met hers, she responded with the ferocity I lacked. She told me that I was so close to pushing, that there was no turning back, and that I was SAFE. Her confidence in me gave me the courage to continue (and one dose of fentanyl gave me enough relief to make it to pushing). Robin held me, physically and emotionally, until my son arrived and in the days and weeks afterward. I truly cannot say enough about how much she has done for me -- a complete stranger that my husband and I invited into the most intimate and vulnerable time of our lives. I would recommend a doula to anyone who is pregnant, and I would highly recommend Robin to anyone who desires conprehensive, intuitive, loving and lovely care. 

Stella Austin


When I became pregnant with our son, my husband and I chose to have a home birth, with a midwife and a birthing tub. Our midwife/Naturopath told us that it was of great importance that we have a doula present during the birthing process, to ease stress on both my husband and myself, as well as to provide a soothing and experienced presence.

We interviewed a handful of experienced women in the process of choosing the right fit for us, and it was easy for us to decide. In a word, Robin was perfect. Exactly what we were looking for in a doula.

My baby's birth didn't go exactly as planned, and after a full day in labor, my midwife made the decision to transfer me to a hospital. Robin was there with us through all of it--from when my contractions first became quite painful and frequent, to the very moment my son was born, and after, as she insured that he and I were breastfeeding successfully.

Robin was there. From early on, helping us to draw up a birthing plan, to checking in post-partum, making sure the transition to parenthood was going alright for us. I don't know what we would have done without her.

Kevin Molloy


We knew right away that Robin was a good match for us based on how well our personalities aligned and how interested she was in understanding what we wanted as part of our birth experience-- as well as what we didn't.  As a birth partner, I wanted a doula to do two things: (1) be an advocate, interpreter, and diplomat for us during labor & delivery so my wife and I could focus on what we had to do, and (2) be an expert who could help me help my wife through the whole process.  I expected to reach a point where I'd no longer be able to help my wife effectively manage her pain and anxiety; knowing that we had Robin to turn to was a great relief before and during the experience.  Everyone has their own version of hard moments during labor & delivery; when ours happened, Robin was there to provide counsel, support, and confidence when we needed it.  I'm so glad she was there for us!

Laura Clark


My husband and I had our first child in May. We chose Robin as our doula and we were not disappointed. Robin is a warm and wonderful person who had our best interests in mind. She helped us communicate with the health care workers and understand what was happening at each step of the laboring and birthing process. Robin was there for me for moral support and guidance, and was also there to help guide my husband so he was able to help and participate. Robin is also a very professional and organized person. She was easy to get ahold of, worked around our busy schedules and gave me one of the best massages of my life! I highly recommend Robin!

Jeanine Fitch


We are so glad we had Robin as our doula. She was warm, easy to talk to, straightforward and professional. This was our first child and, as much as we tried to prepare, we weren't sure what the experience would be like. As the due date drew closer it was really comforting to know that Robin would be with us for the delivery. During labor, she helped in countless ways. She walked the halls with me for hours, distracting me with conversation then counting with me when a contraction came. During active labor she suggested multiple positions, gave me massages and instilled me with confidence. She advocated for us with the hospital staff. For my husband, she reassured him, letting him know why things were happening the way they were. For days after the delivery we found ourselves asking each other, "What would we have done without Robin?" We would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.

Ellie Baker


Robin was the perfect "mother" figure throughout my pregnancy and delivery. She had a warm, authentic, and calm demeanor right from the get-go. Her genuine interest and attention to detail made me feel very supported throughout my pregnancy. I love that she is a massage therapist too! By the end of the pregnancy, my body was in much need of her massages! Understanding my body and it's needs during pregnancy helped Robin know what it needed during the labor process too.

During labor, Robin had a calm presence, despite the intensity in the room. She was very alert and attentive to me and my needs, and gentle in her verbal, emotional, and physical support. Based on her positive attitude and continual support over the course of the labor process and c-section, you never would have guessed that she was by my side for 35+ long and intense hours!

Robin is the best! When I find out in expecting my next child in a few years, she will be one if the first people that I will call!


Charlene Apok


It is very important that I write this recommendation and share my experience with Robin. She was absolutely amazing. This was my first child so everything was new to my partner and I.Although we decided to do a hospital birth we wanted to go with a natural birth plan.She had a warm approach but also very knowledgeable.What was really important was how she communicated with my partner.Having a doula was as much of a support for him as it was going to be for me so this was just as key.She took the time to listen and talk with him about his thoughts about the birth.How ideal!Robin checked in with me in the weeks prior to my birth and always responded thoughtfully and promptly.During labor, Robin came with great energy that was warm,welcoming and friendly.I say friendly because I had three other people in the room besides her and my partner.She set a great tone for my full room;she worked well with the hospital staff too.At the beginning stages she really calmed me and introduced ways of working through my contractions that I was able to use through the whole process.Anything I needed was provided and all was kept calm and relaxed.I used the tub,a yoga ball,massage,a heating pad and essential oil.She even helped my keep my face and voice in a relaxed state.With all of this wonderful guidance I was easily able to keep to my natural birth plan.I never once was tempted to use intervention or pain medicine because I was being so well taken care of and at the same time empowered to work through all the stages of labor.After the birth,Robin stayed until all was situated and I was comfortable.Last,Robin made a post home visit to check up on myself and the baby.Her visit was a joy and I felt like she followed up well and answered any questions.I am so thankful to have had her as a support from beginning to end.I felt secure, supported and confident because of her assistance in my birth.She is a natural helper and support person whose presence is meant for being a doula!

Carl Collins


I was completely on board for my wife to have the birth she wanted, which involved going the natural route. However, I was completely hesitant when she first mentioned wanting to hire a doula. After all, wasn't I suppose to be her support throughout labor? It wasn't until the recommendation from a friend that I entertained the idea. In the midst of our interview with Robin it was then I became aware that at the home birth we were planning we would be completely alone until active labor (when the midwives would come). I would of course be my wives support person but who would support "us". All it took was that one interview to know that Robin was the person we wanted to be there to support us. She is exactly who you need by your side and your wives too I suppose! Two children later and she's part of our family.

griffin gillespie


Robin is the best!  I am so happy with my experience with her.  She was an excellent partner and was there for me every step of the way...Throughout my pregnancy and beyond.  Robin is now a part of our family and will be in my son's life forever.

Lauren E. P. Grammer


Robin has an incredible gift for what she does. My husband and I knew we would need help with the birth of our first child. We took a class and tried to educate ourselves, but it all seemed completely daunting amidst the excitement. Early in my pregnancy, I made plans to have another doula in Robin's group be a part of our birth team. When she resigned due to personal reasons, Robin was completely willing to take us on as clients - I still cannot believe that she was available on such short notice. After just a phone call, I signed the agreement - it just felt right. When we did meet in person, we knew Robin would give us the confidence we needed to aim for a natural birth.

When my labor began, nine days after my due date, it was intense and overwhelming, lasting more than 32 hours. Robin was with us every step of the way. It started at 2am Tuesday morning, and was so painful Ryan and I were sure our baby would be in our arms within hours. Robin arrived around 8am and advised that I was having back labor. She spent the day in our home with us, taking walks and passing the time. We went to the hospital that evening and learned I was only 2 cm. I was crushed but Robin gave us the support we needed. Once back home, Robin told Ryan to get some sleep. Robin was by my side throughout the next 6 hours of intense and painful contractions, offering massage, comforting words, water, food - meeting all of my needs. When we went back to the hospital I was 8.5 cm! Robin was steadfast as I labored for 2 more hours and pushed for 3.5 more. She was taking amazing action pictures as we met our precious son for the first time. Robin also visited us after and offered me post partum support. Breastfeeding proved to be impossible for us, and Robin saw me through this difficult time - above and beyond her doula duties. If we are blessed with additional children, Robin will be one of our first calls.

Brandee Collins


There are no words to correctly describe how amazing our experience with Robyn was. From our initial meeting with her we were completely captivated by her. She is extremely attentive and nurturing. Her positive energy helped immensely with my at home birth and there is no way possible we could have done it without her. She helped complete our dream team. We could not have asked for a better person to help us welcome our son into the world. We would not hesitate to offer our full recommendation for Robyn and would happily use her again.

Tisa Ratliff


What can I say about Robin? That she is one my ALL TIME FAVORITE PEOPLE! I decided early on in my pregnancy that I would have a doula. Contrary to some beliefs, the midwife is not really there to usher you through the early stages of labor so much as help you safely navigate active labor and pushing. My midwives recommended a couple doulas to me but knowing my personality, said that Robin would be the one. Within one meeting she was hired, we met no other doulas. Robin is a unique soul with a soft demeanor who feels like a mom but without any judgments, we loved her instantly! My husband wasn’t convinced before this first meeting but by the end, he told me to grab the checkbook. We had planned a home birth and wanted a supportive team to guide us through our first birth. Robin seemed genuinely thrilled to be asked to join us on our journey! When the time came, Robin made sure my husband stayed busy and involved while we managed through early labor. He was set to work getting the birth pool set up and bringing me food and drink while she administered massage. As active labor hit, Robin really stepped up and helped me through each contraction, guiding my husband as well as I labored in the pool. I held onto my husband with all my might as our baby girl arrived – before the midwives did! There was only the 3 of us there during labor and birth. The midwives arrived 10 minutes later. My labor went very fast and Robin knew just what to do without the midwives there. I still stay in contact with Robin today, 1 year later. I would recommend her to anyone, and I have. A close friend recently utilized her services and was very pleased with her support as well. We are eternally grateful to Robin and know she was brought to us by the universe because she was meant to guide us through this beautiful journey. I continue to recommend her to every pregnant woman I know and will utilize her services again when/if the time comes.

April Bunting


After talking in over with my husband we decided a doula would be a good idea. We had done all the birthing classes but my husband was still afraid he wouldn't remember anything and be of no help to me during the birth of our first child. Since I already had a great relationship with Robin I asked her to be our doula too. I had not expected her to be so excited but she was very amazing to know that I would have another great support person in my corner during the birth of our son and that she was genuinely interested in helping me bring him into this world the way that I wanted to. Once the day came it was early in the 4am and she was just as chipper as if it was 9am. The day was snowy and cold so we planned on meeting at the hospital early just in case the roads got worse. Thank goodness we did because by 6am I was in triage being immediately taken to a room where Robin was waiting in the hall. She was such a life saver. My husband was great too, don't get me wrong, but for whatever reason I had a hard time listening to him where as when Robin talked to me and comforted me I listened. She helped me to calm down and figure out how to push and breath and all the other things your taught in class but soon forget. It was great to have her there. My husband was less stressed, I was more calm and both my husband and mom could concentrate on loving me and supporting me instead of coaching and instructing. After 24minutes of hard pushing and no drugs we welcomed our baby boy Connor into this world. Robin made the process so much easier and calm, I am truly blessed to have had her there. I would recommend her to anyone having a baby...your first, your second or fifth, it doesn't matter. She would be such a great addition to your birthing team! What an amazing woman!!! Thank you so very much Robin.

Andrea Lewis


We cannot give enough praise for Megan and Robin as part of our birth team for my son. I just wrote a testimonial that is twice as long as what is allowed here, if that gives any indication!!! So.... the shortened version: We didn't think we would be in too much contact with Megan and Robin after having selected them save for the occasional one liner update about a doctor visit – my pregnancy had been very healthy and enjoyable - however shortly afterwards I began showing early symptoms of preeclampsia. Their wisdom, words, tips, and presence became an incredibly valuable during my last few weeks of pregnancy. When my symptoms began trending downhill and my doctor made the call to induce at 39 weeks, they helped prep me emotionally and physically for the change in plans – I had really wanted a completely natural labor. My blood pressure was so high that my only labor option allowed by the medical team was lying down on my right side – not the very movement oriented approach I had planned! They quickly helped me adjust to Plan C, and work through more thought-oriented coping approaches. They helped sift through several challenging decisions that were presented to us along the way as additional complications arose. I firmly believe that without them by our side, the situation would have felt so much more frightening, but instead I felt incredibly calm and capable, and able to make and feel good about the decisions we faced. There were several long hours at night where their presence, touch, comforting words, and yes, humor, truly helped. Each of them are incredible in their own unique way, and together as a team they were amazing. Their support extended well beyond into post-partum, with a great post-partum visit (Robin is an incredible massage therapist as an additional bonus!), and willingness to answer additional questions and make recommendations in that first month when everything is so new to a first time mom.

Marie Scanlon


Robin is my aunt and one of my most favorite people in the world.  I asked her to be my doula the minute I confirmed my second pregnancy.  My first birth was an unplanned c-section and I knew for my second child, I wanted to have a vaginal birth (VBAC).  Robin was very supportive of this idea and was always available to listen to me and help me deal with with any opposition I had from others.  My situation was unique because I could not have a VBAC at my local hospital, so I had to plan to have one in the Seattle area.  Robin and her family opened up their home for me and I stayed there for two weeks before my baby was born.  (Something I'm sure she isn't willing to do for every doula client, but it is a good example of her supportive nature and generous spirit).  Her massage skills were very handy during these two weeks!  I recieved a couple of pregnancy massages that were extrememly relaxing and comfortable.  During my labor, Robin allowed my husband and I room to walk and work through each contraction.  She patiently timed everything and lent support when my husband was tired.  I don't remember much about active labor, but I do remember that I always had a cold washcloth on my forehead and food and drink when I needed it.  I didn't have to ask for anything.  Robin provided things before I even knew I needed them.  If those things had just been left up to my husband, I'm positive they wouldn't have happened.  Our family is so grateful for everything she did for us to welcome Luca into the world and we would recommend her services to anyone. 

Lark Ringled


Robin was referred to me by a friend’s doula and she ended up being a perfect match! I used her during my pregnancy for massage figuring it would be the perfect way to get to know each other better. I needed to make sure there was a strong bond before the big day, intimacy meant a lot to me. During our massage appointments we had plenty of time to discuss my desires for labor and what my strengths and weakness were. She always made a strong effort to keep in contact and be there for me emotionally when I didn’t see her. I ended up going over 40 weeks and emotionally had a hard time with this fact, she kept me focused and even (in conjunction with my midwives) referred me her acupuncturist. The day I had my acupuncture appointment I went into labor. My labor was FAST, faster than I or any of us really expected. I called her when I thought I needed her and she was here within 30 mins. Before her arrival I had a hard time focusing because I was going through transition. As soon as she arrived she was able to get me to focus better, just her nurturing presence put me much more at ease. She kept me focused all the way until delivery. I enjoy every moment I spent with Robin and hope that she will be in my life for a long time. 

Emilie Nangle


Robin is hands down a fantastic doula. I loved her, my three year old son still talks about her and wants to see her again, and my husband thought she was wonderful (which is saying a lot, since he questioned the need for a doula in the first place)!

Robin was kind, gentle, caring, straightforward and honest, knowledgeable, warm, friendly, helpful. She was available as much as I needed her and also able to see when the timing called for my husband to be alone with me for a bit (and she was happy to take my son on a walk around the neighborhood with a popsicle!) She called my midwife for me when I was feeling less able to be on the phone. She reminded me of my goals at times when I screamed that I was done. She held my hand when I needed her strength, and reminded me to eat and drink to keep up my own. She saw how I was, really, even when I didn't recognize it myself. She supported me physically and emotionally throughout my labor.

I cannot recommend her highly enough and I am so grateful she was available for my birth.

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