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Sarah G.


Martha was present at the birth of our first child and I wouldn't have had it any other way. Her care and support through my third trimester and early postpartum period were top notch, and she was very accommodating of our type A personalities and desire to leverage data for decision making around the birth of our daughter. When things didn't quite go to plan at the birth, she was calm and reassuring and I'll never forget joyfully crying with her when my daughter was first placed in my arms.



Martha was our doula for the birth of our daughter. As a first time mother having a home birth, my partner and I found Martha's support extremely helpful. She helped give us the courage and confidence we needed to make our home birth such a success. She provided us many resources, answered questions, kept us informed, and helped advocate for our birth plan. We would highly recommend Martha to anyone looking for a  kind, genuine, positive, caring doula. 

Nicole, Alex & Oliver


Hiring Martha is best decision you can make! We had never considered hiring a doula, but decided to look into it due to Covid restriction how many support people could be present in the hospital. Martha was a wealth of knowledge and we went from having zero opinions or ideas about how we wanted our labour experience to be, to knowing all our options, how much power we had over those options, as well as having informed opinions behind why we wanted what we wanted for the birthing process. Martha provided us with unbiased evidence based resources in formats that worked best for us. 

Her support during labour made it possible for us to labour at home until 7cm dilated! Once we got to the hospital, she advocated hard for us, kept us fed and hydrated, and took incredible photos that we are so grateful to have.

She provided us with even more resources after birth and listened to our challenges as they came up.

We can't imagine ever going through any of this without her and are so grateful for her support every step of the way! 

Jason and Anna


We were so grateful to work with Martha. Giving birth in the midst of COVID, we felt really anxious about not being able to have family or other friends around to support us at the hospital. We decided to hire a doula, and we're so glad we did. Martha was empathetic and supportive, providing a calm, gentle, affirming presence throughout the whole experience of labour and delivery. If felt so helpful to have a familiar face in the delivery room. She also took some amazing photos of some of our baby's first moments! Thanks for being such a blessing, Martha.

Sarah Jacobs


I feel so incredibly grateful to have Martha's support. Martha started with me when my daughter was 2 weeks old. I was feeling a alot postpartum anxiety and feeling completely overwhelmed. The first time she came I remember a wave of calm swept over my home, as her warmth and capability brought a sense of grounding to the space. Since then, she has supported me in so many ways, just to name a few - giving me time for self-care knowing that my newborn and toddler are in good hands, providing lactation support with my newborn who was having latching issues and reflux, discussing my emotional experiences in a way that feels healing, helping me prep healthy snacks for my family. Some qualities I appreciate of Martha's is that she is kind-hearted and warm (I feel very comfortable in her company), she is very knowledgeable and has some wonderful insights, she is flexible, she makes a lot of effort to support me in whatever arises. With this support, I feel empowered and now able to celebrate this special time, full of all its ups and downs and everything that motherhood holds.

Catherine Gan


Martha is an amazing doula, and I felt so lucky to have her at my side throughout the pregnancy journey especially during COVID times. She was very supportive in the months leading up to my son’s birth, customizing her services to fit my needs, providing valuable information and resources, answering my questions at any time of the day. Her presence in the delivery room was incredibly comforting and helpful. She guided me with many empowering techniques for inducing natural labor, and held my hand and spoke encouraging words to help me through each contraction. She is very knowledgeable about birthing in a hospital setting and was with us during the whole labour in the hospital, +20hrs. When my husband was tired and needed to sleep, she was present and gave me massages, held my hand and gave me water. She was a great advocate especially when I didn't want to be in a certain position for pushing, she was able to explain things and help me better understand my options. She had positive energy during the labour and postpartum period as well, when she visited my home to help ease the transition to motherhood and make sure I was doing well with my new little one. As a first time mom, I highly recommend Martha... I can’t imagine having done it without her!

Carly Pettit


I had a wonderful experience with Martha! My husband and I were very appreciative of Martha’s support, knowledge, and warm demeanour throughout our pregnancy journey. We began working with Martha when I was about 35 weeks pregnant. She was quick and easy to communicate with throughout. Martha held two pre/post-natal education sessions (over Zoom) that were very helpful and allowed us to get to know each other better before the big day. Martha followed-up these sessions with additional reading materials.  In the days leading up to my labour, it was nice to have someone to check in with regarding symptoms and for any support. During my labour, Martha supported me and my husband with ideas on how to progress labour, various comfort measures, TENS machine, help to negotiate the hospital, and lots of kind words of encouragement. She also took some beautiful birth photos for us. In the days and weeks following the birth of our son, Martha regularly checked-in on us via text and came to our place for a nice post-partum visit, where she took some more family photos that we love- thanks, Martha! We would highly recommend Martha’s doula services!  

Sam B


We are so glad that we decided to have Martha present leading up to and during the birth of our first child. She was readily available and checked in often before the birth, and was quick to offer information and guidance when we wanted it and answer our questions. When we found out our little one would be coming early, she was there right away and helped us get settled and navigate the surprises with her empathetic and caring nature. She was attentive to the little details and we felt supported throughout the entire labour and birth experience.

Amanda Mercado


I cannot fully express with words what an absolute joy it was to work with Martha. Her professionalism is perfectly matched with evidence-informed practices and information, enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, and most of all, support and warmth. I am convinced our birthing experience was only as incredible as it was thanks to her help and amazing support. She helped me to feel empowered and ready to give birth, she created a warm and cozy environment for our home birth, and went above and beyond answering the many questions I had between prenatal visits. She helped my partner to feel confident and comfortable to support me while I labored, and she captured incredible photos of our birth. Would highly recommend Martha to anyone seeking the support of a birth doula!

Yulia Petrova


Amazing support! Martha is a very kind, helpful, and caring person. During our labor, she was there for me and my husband throughout day and night. She helped us greatly through the entire delivery and we know we could not have done it without her. 

Martha is very informative about the hospital process. During our stay, she always checked on us to see how we were doing or if we needed anything. We highly recommend her to support anyone through their labor and postpartum. We greatly appreciate everything she has done for us. Thank you very much, Martha!



Martha was a truly amazing support for us. My husband and I feel so grateful that we found her and had her as our doula. She prepared me well for delivery on what to expect, educated me on decisions that we had to make on the actual delivery date, and was very calm and supportive during my difficult delivery. She also offers to take pictures moments after delivery and her pictures are now the most precious things I have. She is also amazing for postpartum support. We absolutely recommend her! Do yourself a favor and have Martha as your doula.

Anna Zoria


Martha was an incredible in her role as a doula. I would recommend her to absolutely anyone and am grateful that she practices this profession. Throughout my pregnancy she had helpful tips, tricks and resources which helped me to navigate a difficult time. During the birth she was present from beginning to end and went through every with me on an intuitive, deeply connected level. It was a joy to work with her and to welcome my daughter into the world together. 

Elyse Austrins


My husband and I (and our dog), can't say enough good about our experience with Martha. We originally started our Doula search very early in pregnancy, around week 12, and were very discouraged that after several interviews we hadn't found anyone that we "connected" with. We decided to walk away from the idea of hiring a doula and we're content with that. Only later in our 3rd trimester, when my midwives continued to recommend it, did we come back to it. We asked them for recommendations and Martha happened to be on that list. From our very first meeting with her, we knew we had found our support person. She was incredibly easy to get along with and talk to and made us all feel very comfortable about the process in front of us, especially important for us first time parents. She's all the things you expect and need your Doula to be but Martha continued to go above and beyond throughout our time with her. From offering meal drop off when I was first admitted to the hospital for an unplanned induction, to dropping of snacks PP and even indulging some requests of ours - writing our birth story and taking some rather detailed birth photos - she was there whenever needed for whatever we needed and never missed a beat. If you're looking for someone to coach you through this magical but intense process, provide you information and resources, be endless support and even provide jokes and distraction as needed - she's your gal! We can't say enough good about Martha, as a person and as our Doula and hope to stay in touch with her even now that we have welcomed our baby boy into the world.



I highly reccommend Martha's services as she went above and beyond her duties as a doula to provide unwavering support to both myself and my husband for the birth of our first child. She provided a wealth of knowledge and resources to help me prepare for childbirth, navigate the many decisions that I needed to make leading up to delivery, and helped prepare me for postpartum recovery and breastfeeding.

She handled stressful situations in a calm and positive manner and always had a solution to any problem that arose. She maintained a supportive demeanor during the 18+ hours that she attended my labour and never seemed to tire of her duties. She was also flexible, understanding and adaptable to the many unforseen changes to my birth plan. 

Martha is also a very kind, passionate and lovely individual who was a pleasure to work with.

Jacqueline Ilagan


Martha was our back-up doula and she was amazing throughout my whole experience. From the start of my labor until after giving birth to our daughter. She helped both my husband and I by being so supportive with what we need and how we feel, even with our midwife. She is a very easy going and down to earth person that she worked really well with our midwife instantly. Despite not having our original doula around that day, Martha as our back-up doula, still made us feel comfortable and safe and we wouldn't have wanted any other back-up doula than her. Thank you so much Martha for your hard work and loving personality! 

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