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I highly reccommend Martha's services as she went above and beyond her duties as a doula to provide unwavering support to both myself and my husband for the birth of our first child. She provided a wealth of knowledge and resources to help me prepare for childbirth, navigate the many decisions that I needed to make leading up to delivery, and helped prepare me for postpartum recovery and breastfeeding.

She handled stressful situations in a calm and positive manner and always had a solution to any problem that arose. She maintained a supportive demeanor during the 18+ hours that she attended my labour and never seemed to tire of her duties. She was also flexible, understanding and adaptable to the many unforseen changes to my birth plan. 

Martha is also a very kind, passionate and lovely individual who was a pleasure to work with.

Jacqueline Ilagan


Martha was our back-up doula and she was amazing throughout my whole experience. From the start of my labor until after giving birth to our daughter. She helped both my husband and I by being so supportive with what we need and how we feel, even with our midwife. She is a very easy going and down to earth person that she worked really well with our midwife instantly. Despite not having our original doula around that day, Martha as our back-up doula, still made us feel comfortable and safe and we wouldn't have wanted any other back-up doula than her. Thank you so much Martha for your hard work and loving personality! 

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