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Suzy Campbell

Phone: (208) 954-0432

Birth Fee: $850

Birth Doula Experience: 9 years and 48 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, July 2010
Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 0 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I attend home births with your licensed midwife provider present.

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Cesarean birth
  • Home Birth
  • Induced and high medical technology labor & birth
  • Over 40
  • Prematurity
  • Special needs babies
  • Surrogacy
  • Twins
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth

Languages spoken: English

Client Testimonials for Suzy Campbell

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Holly Stadler

With the birth of our third child we knew we wanted a natural childbirth, which I hadn't done with my first two children. I knew I wanted a doula to help me achieve this goal. We interviewed a few doulas and once we met Suzy I instantly knew she was a perfect fit for us. She made me feel confident and comfortable. We also loved that she offered education classes in our home. We couldn't make it the classes, due to our schedule. But Suzy came to our home several times and educated us on many different things to prepare us for the birth. She was very knowledgeable and my husband and learned lots of new things.  After taking those few classes and meeting with Suzy I felt 100% confident with the birth and labor and knew, with Suzy by my side, I could do it all naturally. My labor ended up starting very differently than my other two births, but Suzy was very calming and reassuring. She helped me to stay focused and remember the things I had learned from her. One of the many things I also loved was how helpful she was during my labor. She was 100% committed to helping me acheive the experience I desired. Before I hired Suzy I was very uneasy and anxious about giving birth naturally, but after meeting with her and getting to know her, plus all the knowledge I gained from her, I knew I could do it naturally. My confidence in my body, birth, etc had grown more than I ever imagined. My labor was amazing and I couldn't imagine not having her with me through the entire process. I ended up having my daugher naturally and I was very pleased with how everything went. I owe it all to Suzy for helping me acheive this amazing goal I had. It wouldn't have happened without her! She will forever be a friend to our family and I would highly recommend her to any and all looking for a doula! 

Posted 8/31/2012

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Teresa Syms

My husband and I interviewed several doulas and felt very comfortable with Suzy from the very beginning.  She met with us several times before the birth and several times after.  She also called me several times to check on me and see how I was feeling and the timing of her phone calls were perfect.  She was very calming when needed.  She's also very knowledgeable.  I don't know how she managed to do everything that she did the day I went into labor.  Between making sure I was getting into the best position during contractions and keeping me hydrated and fueled, she was able to take almost 300 pictures of the birth.  She was definitely great support for my husband too.  The birth of our little boy went as smoothly as we had hoped and we couldn't have done that without her. She was a part of such an important event in our lives and I would consider her a friend after the experience.   I highly recommend Suzy as a doula. 

Posted 7/25/2012

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Chelsea Barrett

Suzy is so amazing!  She taught us our childbirth classes as well as being our doula, and everything she said was so wise and encouraging.  She was able to prepare us for natural childbirth and we were able to have the birth we expected and wanted.  I stared into her eyes through almost every contraction and she was so solid for me.  She never looked away and said such encouraging things.  We connected over our mutual faith in Jesus and we were able to pray together and she encouraged me spiritually through the labor and post-partum.  She is quiet and calming, but firm and active during labor in just the right way.  Somehow, I don't remember, she was able to take over 300 pictures during labor and capture our journey.  My husband and I were able to look through these pictures together and remember how amazing each moment was.  Thank you so much Suzy for being my doula and friend during this special time in my life. 

Posted 12/5/2011

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Janae Maslowski

Suzy was attentive and thoughtful from the beginning.  She listened and wanted to understand me and my husband.  I had many things that were important to me, she was ever the listener and the advocate.  Suzy supported me pre-partum as I processed and prepared to embark not only upon labor but motherhood.  She was calm, consistent, and a quiet force that lent itself well to my birth.  I felt very prepared for labor, but when I started the pushing I was a little unsure how to harness all of the momentum, Suzy came alongside of me and breathed me through it.  I will forever be thankful that Suzy joined me on my journey into motherhood.  She is a wise woman who I would highly recommend as a doula. 

Posted 10/26/2011

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Shellan Rodriguez

Suzy was a fantastic member of our hospital birthing team. This was the birth of our first child so we had a lot of questions leading up to the big day and Suzy was generous with her time both on the phone and in person. Both my husband and I were very comfortable with Suzy by the time we were in labor. She provided guidance throughout the experience but was also very respectful of my husband's role as my birth partner and she never overstepped her bounds. We had an amazingly satisfying hospital birth thanks in part to Suzy's calm and confident demeanor, I would recommend her to anyone intested in using a doula.

Posted 9/28/2011

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Tara Penry

I recommend Suzy Campbell to any parents-to-be. After an unplanned c-section with my first child at age 40, I knew I wanted a doula to help me with my second birth. My search led me to Suzy. With her calm and steady companionship, I had a wonderful birth experience - a successful VBAC and natural birth. Suzy helped with comfortable laboring positions that my husband and I would not have succeeded in doing on our own. And crucially, Suzy's soft voice at my ear reminded me to change my breathing when it was time to push. I'm sure this kept me from a second c-section, as it turned out that I had an abrupted placenta (a danger to the baby), and when my OB arrived, he let me know that I'd need to push the baby out quickly. The doc later told me that I pushed the baby out on something like the second or third contraction after he changed my position. This is ENTIRELY because Suzy had been coaching me before his arrival so that I was finally holding my breath and pushing with some oomph! Without her guidance, I had the breathing all wrong, and my pushes were not strong at all. Suzy was the angel on my shoulder giving confidence and support as she improved my technique. And as if that wasn't enough, she also helped buy me time when a nurse wanted to give formula to my girl for low blood sugar right away. Suzy had clarity when I did not.  I'm certain my birth experience was worlds better for her participation in it. We were strangers until just weeks before my daughter arrived, but now she will always be part of the joyful story of my daughter's birth. (The photos that she took when she had the opportunity will help as reminders.) Thank you, Suzy!

Posted 9/3/2011

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Melissa Mckenzie

If you are researching and looking for a caring, enthusiastic and incredibly knowledgeable Doula than you have found all of that and more in Suzy. She is amazing at what she does and was simply born to have a career as a Doula! My husband travels overseas for a living and I was new to Boise with no family close by. We wanted a Doula in case my husband was away when I went into labor. We met with Suzy and immediately felt comfortable and knew she was the right fit for us. This was my first baby and we were planning on a hospital birth with an OB. Suzy was supportive and open to our plans and helped guide us to shaping our birth experience. Due to my husband's schedule we also hired Suzy to give us lamaze classes in our home. She was fabulous as an instructor and this was a great way to bond with her before the birth. I went past my due date and was induced. My husband was able to be with me but Suzy was incredible the day our son was born. Labor came fast and hard due to induction and Suzy guided my husband and I beautifully through a tough 10+ hours of hard contractions with little rest in between. I ended up having an epidural and instead of sitting back Suzy talked to me about what I was feeling and staying connected to what was going on. An hour later I went from only being 3cm to 10cm and our baby was coming quick! Suzy was a star at helping me through how to push. In the craziness of it all she reminded us to put on the music we had planned on and took millions of beautiful photos. We wanted a peaceful, relaxed, fun birth and Suzy was integral in us achieving just that. She not only did all the duties of a well informed caring Doula but she went above and beyond in so many ways. I am so thankful for Suzy's amazing support and skill and highly recommend her as a Doula!

Posted 4/12/2011

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Nicole, Matt & Holden

Suzy is an amazing doula! We found her through Kyndal May and the Confident Birthing classes. We hired Suzy a few weeks before my due date and that was one of the best decisions we ever made! She checked in with us regularly once my contractions started and then came to our house at 2am. Everything was going great and she was coaching both of us through contractions. We expected a quick delivery because everything was right on track by noon the next day (5cm and 90%). Unfortunately, after 54 hours of labor we had to do a hospital transport and a c-section because the baby was posterior and acynclitic. Throughout everything at home, the birth center and the hospital, Suzy was by my side. When I opened my eyes, she was there. When I had a question, she was there. When my natural birth plans went awry, she was there. She helped both of us make informed decisions and to be an active part of the birth experience, not letting it be something that happened to us. Since the baby needed to be turned she helped me get into positions for contractions that would facilitate this. At the hospital she was instrumental in helping me with the numerous and varied pushing positions (and I pushed for 7 1/2 hours so there were a lot of positions!). Even though my birth did not go at all as planned, she facilitated my getting to do some things after the surgery as soon as possible - skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding. I know that without her there I would have had to wait much longer to do those things because of hospital protocol. Since his birth she has been to the hospital to check on us and to our house to follow up. We've talked on the phone and through email and I know that if I ever have questions or concerns she will be there to help. My husband and I both know that we would have had a very different and much more stressful birth of our beautiful baby boy had Suzy not been a part of it. We highly recommend Suzy and will definitely use her in the future.

Posted 2/4/2011

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Lisa & Brian Haff

Suzy is a lifesaver!  We have known Suzy and her husband for years and upon her recommendation we took Confident Birthing with Kyndal May.  This was an amazing class and Suzy help facilitate parts of the class.  She is very passionate and knowledgeable about the whole birthing process.  Before we decided whether or not to have a doula we got her advice on cloth diapering and birth in general.  Once we began class we knew we wanted to hire and doula and that Suzy was our girl.  She did a great job asking us what our wants and needs were for our birth and how we envisioned her supporting us.  Once I went into labor she offered great advice and came over to check on us during early labor.  Things were progressing slowly during the day so she went home and then came back that night when labor was really underway.  She was so wonderful to have during a very long labor.  I was in active labor for over 17 hours and Suzy stayed calm and focused and helped my husband and I stay that way as well.  She was very encouraging and supportive and suggested different comfort measures based on how she read my reaction to the contractions.  We asked that she be our advocate and help us ask questions to ensure we are making informed decisions and she did exactly that.  Suzy instilled confidence in me and my body and my ability to birth naturally and helped my husband relax as well.  He actually said if she hadn't have been there he would've suggested a hospital transfer because it was taking so long.  We can't thank Suzy enough and are so happy she was there to share in the best day of our lives, the birth of our first daughter! 

Posted 9/30/2010

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Lindsey Hampton

Suzy attended our birth with our second child Olivia. In meeting with Suzy prior to the birth, my husband and I gave her some information on what we did and did not want for the labor and birth. Suzy worked with use to create a vision for what this labor would be like. Suzy was attentive throughout the entire birth. She was very proactive and as my husband put it, rolled up her sleeves and jumped in. She was very involved and diligent to show me new laboring positions that I may find helpful and they very much were! She also gave my husband small tips about how  to be helpful and supportive to me and how to communicate with me. The birth wen amazing and was everything I realized that a birth should be. It was completely beautiful and I'm grateful that we had her support the entire way. I know that having her there made a huge difference in how the success and outcome of my labor. 

Posted 8/29/2010

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