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Fitchburg, MA Service range 30 miles

(508) 344-5641


Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

9 years and 20 births attended

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I am willing to work at any hospital within my travel area. I have experience at Umass Memorial, Emerson Hospital, St Vincents Hospital, Newton Welsley Hospital and Milford Hospital.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I have worked at Cambridge Birth Center, and am willing to work wherever the mother needs me.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I have yet to attend a home birth, but am more than happy to!

Fee Details

I am willing to negotiate my price as needed.

Fitchburg, MA Service range 30 miles

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Melisa Howarth


I was pregnant with my third child, and experiencing severe hyperemesis gravidarum, which unfortunately led me to being extremely weary and untrusting of the medical community. I knew I needed an advocate on my side to make sure my needs and wishes during labor were heard. And my husband wanted support in his role in the birth of our son. Upon meeting Kimberly we both were extrememly at ease with her presence and knew she was exactly what we needed for this labor. I ended up having a very fast and furious labor (having no early and going right to active labor). She was quick to arrive at our home and immediately became a calm voice to help me transition from home to hospital while in extreme pain. As soon as we arrived at the hospital she made sure all people involved in my care knew my wishes. I am SO thankful for the birth plan she helped us make! Things were happening to so fast and i was getting no break from the pain of labor and i ended up caving and asking for the epidural. They took a VERY long time in getting the epidural in and Kim was amzaing at keeping me from falling to peices while waiting. The epidural was useless and i ended up having it turned off to deliver, and Kim was a huge help and cheering me on and keeping me focused during my 20 mins of pushing (my son was face up, so it was difficult moving him down). My husband was exhausted having never gone to bed the night before and I remember him saying how releaved he was that Kim was there to help, especially when he had to rest. I wish I had found Kimberly sooner so she could have been with me for the birth of my first two babies!

Aurora Sheba


I was fortunate enough to know Kim before her love for being a Doula started to take hold of her. As I was pregnant with my second child she had come to ask me if I would be her first client. I happily agreed knowing her calm and gentle nature would really benifit me. Not only did she arrive on time; she even kept my lost, confused and at the moment (cause I was in deep pain) annoying husband busy with getting me ice and making updates for the family. That was a huge help in keeping me calm. If it wasn't for her reminding me to breath and rub the lower pains as we waited (and waited and waited and waited and ended up giving birth naturally cause the Dr's took too long and the "drug doctor" couldn't put the Epidural in right) I don't think I would have made it on my own. I have sever anxiety and being in hospitals is a huge trigger for me, but her being there made it feel more at home. The encouragement given by her is so sincer it makes you actually feel like you can make it through the grouling pain. My little Lilly May was born in the wee hours of morning on June, 6th 2009 with a zest for life scream as soon as her head was out. I was suffering from pre-eclampsia during all this too. The Goddess of life flows through this woman and she is so down to Earth and has a great sense of humor and what the mother needs without having to ask. Any woman would be blessed to have her by their side. I'd also like to comment that after my babe was born she not only remembered chap stick for my lips lol but she also let me have some space after and didn't crowd me. It wasn't till we were in the recovery room that she asked to hold Lilly and take the picture for her business. If I was going to have more kids (which this factory is shut down atm lol) I would totally hire her again. <3

Joseph Trigo


With the birth of my third son oliver we sought out some extra help. I personally have know kim years prior to her becoming a doula. As soon that I had learned of her profession I contacted her in hopes that she could join us for our birth. My wife at the time had never met her. I told her that she would love kim from the moment they met... truth be told she did, and kim was now our doula. Kim met with us to go over our birth plan. She discussed what we wanted objectively and with an expertise that was impressive. All of our births were natural! And luckily without any serious complications. During olivers birth Kim was exceptionally helpful with massage and many other stress relieving techniques. Which ended but being very useful... Oliver came so fast that the OB and nurse assigned to us didn't even have a chance to be present for his crowning let alone most of the birth. I caught Oliver myself... with the aid of Kim and a late showng nurse we delivered him with out complication.I was told that this situation is highly irregular and having Kim keeping her quick wits about her aided our birth process immensely. She also scheduled a couple post pardom visits to help with our transition into a new parenthood. I would happily recommend Kim to anyone seeking a kind, loving, and compassionate person to help them with what can be the most amazing and terrifying part of a pregnancy.  If your reading this go no further!!! You have found your DOULA!!!!!!     

Heidi Smithburger


Our son, Levi, was born on May 26, 2010, with the kindness and gentle assistance of Kimberly.  I met with Kim not too long before giving birth to Levi, as we had gone back and forth about  whether we really needed a doula.  I am so very thankful that we decided that we did and to include her in our birth experience!  I immediately felt at ease with Kim, like we were old friends and that no question or statement I made was silly or unnecessary.  She followed our initial visit up with one in our home, where my husband was able to meet with her and we were all able to develop a birth plan.  This birth plan ended up being EXTREMELY helpful in our not-anything-I-expected labor!  Kim was so laid back and kind throughout the entire experience, supporting all of my decisions, helping me to advocate for a natural birth, AND providing endless hip squeezes (:  At our post-partum visit, Kim offered great suggestions to help us through the little bumps in our first week home (breast milk for clogged tear ducts) and even brought Levi the sweetest gift, which is currently a favorite lovey of his.  Thank you so much Kim for being a part of the most remarkable day of our lives! 

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