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Tara Flowers, CBD(AWWS)

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Raleigh, NC Service range 30 miles

Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Medicaid and Third Party Insurers

Currently approved to receive payments from the following programs:

Birth Doula Experience

5 years and 22 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • A Woman Who Serves - Certified Birth Doula
  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, March 2019

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births

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Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

2-3 prenatal, labor, delivery and 1-2 postpartum

Service Area

Raleigh, NC Service range 30 miles

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We really enjoyed having Tara as our doula for our first pregnancy. She helped us prepare for birth through prenatal sessions & weekly check-ins with tips & advice. Even though our birth didn't go as planned, having her throughout labor & delivery really made a difference. She even offered to pray for us right before an unexpected, last minute c-section (which meant so much to us).

Tara was always available to answer questions pre-, during, & post birth. She never pressured us on our decisions one way or another but instead provided us with all the information & advice we needed.

I especially appreciated how she continued to check in with us even after our contract was technically complete as it showed how much she genuinely cares about the families she works with! I'd highly recommend Tara to anyone searching for a doula. 

Maura Brown


As first-time parents, we were SO grateful to have Tara as our doula, supporting us throughout our son's birth! I had premature rupture of membranes (PROM) more than a week before our expected due date but she was there to help support me and my husband throughout. Not only was she supportive during the birth but she also took time to get to know us and our preferences for an unmedicated hospital birth while giving us some helpful tips on what to do leading up to birth. I wouldn't have been able to labor at home for so long before going to the hospital and ultimately have an unmedicated birth without her gentle coaching and guidance. When we arrived at the hospital, it was such a blessing to have her in my ear encouraging me through each contraction. She was attentive and soothing even immediately postpartum during the various exams. Her sensitive approach to communicating with the hospital staff was an aspect of her care that I really appreciated as well. Altogether, Tara was such a calming positive presence in all our interactions from the prenatal meetings to labor and delivery to the postnatal visit. I truly felt empowered and respected in my role as the mother giving birth.



We are so glad we had Tara's help for the birth of our first child! She spent the time really getting to know us and what we wanted our birth to be like. We always felt comfortable with her, she is so kind and she made us feel confident in ourselves! She helped us prepare for our birth through prenatal visits and consistently checked on us between visits and before labor. She talked me through what to do in early labor. She came to our house upon request during active labor and helped me with my breathing, helped me into the best positions for me, helped me to relax with massage, and helped us decide when it was time to go to the hospital. At the hospital she continued to provide support with my breathing and by using cool washcloths with essential oils. She has continued to check on us since the birth and answered any questions or concerns I had as a first time mom. Besides how comprehensive her services are, we know that Tara really cares about our little family and we just love her!

Heabin Kwon


Tara was an angel sent from God!
This was my fourth birth experience and unfortunately, I especially dreaded the labor because I have had traumatizing unmedicated births in the past. I still wanted to go unmedicated this time, but I was just so scared. However, after meeting Tara in person and through periodic conversations via text, she gave me a whole new perspective on natural birth. I actually looked forward to this unmedicated birth! Even during the actual part of labor, Tara was never overbearing, but so gentle and encouraging. I truly felt empowered to do the work that mothers were created to do! My labor pains were not as excruciating as my previous births, and I credit Tara for showing me different pain-bearing techniques. I was confident and assured with her knowledge as a doula. Another great bonus is that if you are a believer and allow her to do so, she will pray for you! I absolutely loved Tara as a doula and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants an empowering and positive birth experience!



Tara is the absolute best! She was helpful and supportive for both me and my husband!  She gave great tips leading up to our birth and was there at our house and hospital during birth. She provided emotional and physical support to me, and even held a leg the entire time I pushed!

Melissa Church


I am so thankful we found Tara! She is professional, friendly, down-to-earth, flexible and knowledgeable. There is no way me and my husband could have made it through my 36 hour labor without her. My nervous system really struggled to relax during contactions; Tara helped me breathe through each one of them. She was extremely present the entire time; always providing helpful suggestions. She also taught my husband how to apply counter pressure to my back - much needed! She honored my husband's desire to support me while also providing the care I could only receive from a birthing expert. We call her Auntie Tara now. 



From my understanding no birth goes exactly as planned and my daughter's birth was no exception. I ended up with preeclampsia and was not even allowed to sit on the side of the bed much less move around. I also had a high risk pregnancy so I had extra monitoring. To say it was nothing like I thought it would be was an understatement.

Tara arrived just before they gave me the epidural. My husband wasn't comfortable being in the room so she stayed with me. When I started to have breakthrough contractions, she was right by my side helping me breathe through them and comforting me. When it was time to start pushing, she got my husband and helped guide him in his role (he was so exhausted and overwhelmed) and continued to help me. I'm beyond thankful for Tara. I know some people may think you don't need a doula if you’re having an epidural, but I think there is nothing further from the truth. From the time I went into the ER and delivering my sweet girl, it was 38 hours. My husband was exhausted. I was completely out of it because of the magnesium and the migraine that I had had the entire time. Tara being there from the point of the epidural through delivery was invaluable.

From the RNs perspective, she was VERY pleased with Tara. When we told the RN we had a doula, her guard immediately went up and her attitude changed. Upon Tara’s arrival, Tara was great at asking clarifying questions to make sure the ways she was helping me was within the parameters the hospital had set. The nurse commented after Tara had left that she was very impressed by her.

Tara was helpful from the beginning. She helped us to decide if having a doula was right for us, to helping us find a good birthing class, to touching base with us as our daughter was in the NICU and then coming by when we got her home. Tara truly cares and you can tell that from the moment you meet her. She has a kind, gentle, loving presence. I’m so very thankful for Tara.

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