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Elaine Petrowski

Tender Times Doula

Website: http://www.tendertimesdoula.com

Phone: 201-349-4700

Postpartum Rate: $35 to $40

Fee Details: I offer a variety of packages ranging from 5 hours up to 25 hours of support. You can choose the level that suits your needs and budget. Don't hesitate to call so we can discuss! :) All packages allow you to learn the basics of breastfeeding, about your baby's eat- sleep cues and how to soothe and calm your new baby. Because every family deserves doula support I will work out a payment schedule with you and provide you with a statement for possible reimbursement from your insurance provider. Don't forget to check your flexible spending account to see if you can cover the cost of a doula from that! I also issue gift certificates if family members, friends or co-workers want to pool resources and provide a gift of doula support. For more information visit my website and join my email list and stay up-to-date on events and classes including infant massage, baby sign language and expectant parent & grandparent education www.tendertimesdoula.com

Postpartum Doula Experience: 18 years and 175 families served

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 1 to 3

Postpartum limits/restrictions: Willing to travel but do charge a small travel fee if client is more than 25 miles from my home address

Breastfeeding Certifications

  • in progress

Other Relevant Certifications

  • Certified Educator of Infant Massage
  • Infant massage instructor, lactation educator

College Education

  • BA/BS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Cesarean birth
  • Clients on bed rest
  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • High risk
  • Home Birth
  • Induced and high medical technology labor & birth
  • LGBTQP Families
  • Multiples
  • Over 40
  • Plus size mothers
  • Postpartum mood disorders
  • Prematurity
  • Single parents
  • Survivors of Previous Life Trauma
  • Survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Twins
  • VBAC

Special Services Offered

  • Baby sign language education
  • Babywearing education
  • Infant massage education
  • Parenting consulting
  • Sleep Educator

Languages spoken: English

Client Testimonials for Elaine Petrowski

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Saskia Hofmann

Our experience with Elaine was amazing and we highly recommend her! We worked with her after the birth of our son and as first time parents with no family around she and her warm, kind soul were exactly what we needed to calm down our nerves.
Elaine always provided expert advice plus background information on all aspects of newborn care, e.g. swaddling, bathing or when/how to feed the baby.
She was always available when (once again!) we had a question and helped me as a new mom through the "I am so overwhelmed" feeling of the first weeks. I always had the feeling that I could ask her anything, even multiple times (post-pregnancy brain!).
We quickly gained confidence and were able to settle in a routine with our little guy.
We can't recommend her enough, especially for parents with no or little support.
If you want to have an outstanding, warm experience then Elaine is the one!

Posted 1/23/2016

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Megan Sellers

Elaine was amazing. We had her come to our house a couple of days after getting home from the hospital. She was very friendly, professional and knowledgable. She was great answering all of our questions and helping us to be more comfortable first time parents. We also did a 1 hour phone conference a month later to answer questions we had as our son got older. She was great at staying on task and utilizing all of our time together wisely.   Elaine was also good at addressing important topics we had not even thought of.  All of her information was backed up by research and studies.  She had an obvious love for babies and their parents. She was fantastic at helping us to feel confident and comfortable. We would HIGHLY recommend Elaine!

Posted 12/8/2015

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Alison Burns

I’ve worked with Elaine with both of my children and can’t say enough positive things about her. Elaine truly takes the time to understand you and your child and offer the best advice for your situation. She offers just the right amount of information so that you don’t feel overwhelmed, but instead can digest and utilize it. She is always open to follow-up questions and is fantastic about helping you to navigate the daily changes that your baby undergoes. She provides you with the knowledgebase to understand what you might not pick up about your baby so that you can better communicate with and respond to his or her needs. I haven’t been around many babies prior to having my own and I am so much more confident as a mother thanks to Elaine.

Posted 9/5/2015

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Emily Fredrix Goodman

Elaine was a great help to my husband and I after our son was born. We had her come for three visits, starting a few days after we got home from the hospital. She helped us talk through some issues and connected us with fantastic people, chiefly a lactation consultant and an expert in baby wearing. It was nice to be able to tap into her network! Our son was diagnosed with tongue and lip ties by the lactation consultant, who Elaine highly recommended and even called up while visiting us to prod my husband and i to seek out this expert and ultimately this diagnosis. (So glad she did that! We probably would have waited a few days to call.) She spent time in our son's room and made good suggestions that we've made use of (very low wattage light bulb and black out curtains - things we wouldn't think of as first time parents!) It was nice just having her there - someone to talk to - since we do not have family in the area. And it was a bonus that she folded laundry as we talked! We enjoyed our time with Elaine and recommend her to new parents, especially those without family in the area. It's nice to have someone come and help show you the ropes!

Posted 6/4/2015

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Louisa Luck

what a wonderful addition to our journey! Elaine was knowledgeable, warm, and just a touch we needed to acclimate to parenthood.my daughter and I came home after a few extra days in the NICU and Elaine was there with wonderful information to help set my mind at ease. she was able to answer questions about nursing, and had great insight on tips and strategies for everyday life with a newborn. for a warm and knowledgeable experience, I highly recommend Elaine!

Posted 4/26/2015

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Melinda Kutzing

My husband and I were expecting our first baby and we realized we didn't really know how to care for a newborn. We had Elaine come by a few times during the first and second weeks after we got home from the hospital. 

Overall the experience was outstanding and we definitely recommend her to others. She helped us in all aspects of baby care: bathing, swaddling, feeding, playing, etc. As two engineers, we really appreciated that she had a deep understanding of the latest knowledge and was able to explain the reasons for everything we should and shouldn't do. Most of all she built up our confidence as new parents, which has helped us feel more assured as we go forward. 

Posted 12/14/2014

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Virginia Stillman

As a grandmother of a newborn son this past May, I communicated with Elaine Petrowski and learned that there is a new world of child rearing ideas out there since my days as a young mother over thirty years ago. I was anxious to know how best to help or give advice to my son and his wife who gave birth to a healthy baby boy after experiencing the terrible loss of a stillborn daughter a year ago. I thought to contact Elaine on her DoulaMatch website for suggestions and support, and found the information on her website helpful and reassuring to me personally, as a grandmother. I passed along some of her newborn tips as well as her recommendations for several child-rearing books and online sites to my son and wife. 

Thank you so much, Elaine  for your support and wisdom.



Posted 10/24/2014

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Catherine Sun

I can't recommend Elaine enough as a postpartum doula. She was immediately a tremendous help in providing infant care guidance to me and my husband (total parental newbies)! Her insights on sleep-wake cycles and night-time cluster-feedings made a dramatic difference in helping us to understand our little one's sleep patterns and minimize fussiness.  

She was extremely professional, and always provided proper context for her counsel - whether it was from her own personal experience or based on the latest studies. She's a wealth of knowledge and any new mom would benefit from working with her. Plus, she's just a wonderful warm soul! :)

Posted 5/2/2014

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Christina Young

I called Elaine when my son was almost seven weeks old. My husband had returned to work, and I felt overwhelmed and alone. I was upset about a difficult postpartum experience and challenges with breastfeeding. Elaine was so warm and supportive. She helped me feel more confident and more connected to my baby, and she put me in touch with great resources in my community. If I had it to do over again, I would have her come right away!

Posted 4/4/2014

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Katrina Bott

I called Elaine after feeling very defeated by my first two nights home with our first child. Elaine came right away and was so warm and friendly. She was such a great support person/friend/advisor to have around in those early weeks. She gave me great tips on breastfeeding and shared some really interesting insights about newborns which put a lot of things into perspective. She even made herself available by phone, email and text which amazing in those "what do I do??" moments! I would say the biggest gift I received from Elaine was CONFIDENCE in myself as a mom! We still keep in touch and my little one is nearly 10 months old :)

Posted 2/11/2014

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Jessica Pell

Elaine was great for so many reasons. She's flexible, patient, and extremely knowledgeable to list a few. I also appriciated how technologically forward she is. Making payments via PayPal was very easy. 

I highly recommend her. 

Posted 7/15/2013

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Juliette Scranton

When I called Elaine I was feeling very desperate and low. My son was about a week old & I was having difficulty with breast feeding. I had met with several lactation nurses at the hospital but still we were having problems. I refused to introduce formula, so I  was pumping & then my husband & I were syringe feeding, every feeding for 6 days. This was so exhausting, extremely frustrating & during a time of what should be complete joy, I was feeling like I was a failure as a mom. What was I doing wrong or what was wrong with me? Then I spoke with Elaine. Through my tears she listened to my issues, concerns and my frustrations.  She kindly put me at ease, reassured me, I wasn't alone, it wasn't my fault & that I was a good mother.  She told me she would help me/us get through this, and that we would be successful. We reviewed in detail what the issues were,  what I had tried & been instructed. She recommended several things to try, ask me many questions, gave me questions to ask my peditrician, was my son tongue tied? Offered different sites & resources available to me, told me what she had learned in her career & new information she had read or heard from other professionals.Elaine armed me with information & knowledge that made me feel stronger and more in control. She gave me hope,  assured me that I could still be successful with breastfeeding, and guided me with such kindness & thoughtfulness  during this delicate & highly emotional time in my life.  She was right! Things are going very well and we are successfully breastfeeding!! She continually followed up with me about our progress & always told me to call or email at anytime if I wanted or needed more help or an ear. I don't know that I would have been successful without her guidance.Elaine was my rock & few words will ever be able to convey how thankful I am to her. 


Posted 4/30/2013

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Laura Boland Liu

Elaine is an amazing doula!  She is extremely competent, knowledgable, and caring. My husband and I hired her to work with us for the first month after our first son's birth.  I was terrified to care for a newborn and she had this calming presence  that put me at ease making me feel like everything was going to be alright.  I trusted her completely with my son because she was so gentle and loving with him.  She assisted me with breast feeding and also cared for me as well which I really needed since I just had a C-section.  She is so sweet, easy to talk to and a huge child and new mom advocate.  She has so many wonderful ideas and keeps abreast of all the research in regards to child care and breast feeding. I miss her and believe that she would be an assets to any new mom or mom of a newborn!

Posted 4/29/2013

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Christy DiBartolo

I asked Elaine to be our post-partum doula for our son this past November.  We couldn't have been happier with her services!  Elaine is someone who really pauses to listen to your needs, and offers unbias advice to get those needs met.  She is very level headed, very down to earth, and compassionate, knowing that there are tremendous stresses with a newborn!  Given her great expertise, she offers a very calm attitude to what otherwise can feel hectic and lonely. 

She and I also had a great conversation when I had officially hit bottom.  I was tired, burnt out, confused as to whether this was "for me", and at my wits end.  She offered some great words of wisdom that lifted my spirits.  A great ear, but also great at soothing!

Elaine also is incredibly knowledgable with infant care.  She taught us all about bathing, breastfeeding, diapers, sleeping, playing, what babies can and can't do at certain ages.  We have neices and nephews, but when the child is your own, you discover a whole world of new details that represent unanswered questions.  Elaine answered them for us!

She is very responsive, trusting, and takes great pride in what she does.  I highly recommend her to anyone!

Posted 2/4/2013

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I worked with Elaine for our first son and I am really glad that I did!  I had no idea how difficult breast feeding was going to be and if it weren't for Elaine I would have probably given up very early on.  Elaine supported me every step of the way and was always there to answer all of my many  first time mother questions and concerns as they arose over the past few months.  She is extremely kind, caring, and very knowledgeable in care taking for newborn babies.  I highly recommend Elaine as a postpartum doula whether you are a first time mom or need the extra set of hands to help you while you are caring for your baby! 

Posted 10/13/2011

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Elaine was absolutely incredible!  I emailed her, called her, texted her with all of my questions once the baby was born and she always responded back to me.  Even when she couldn't make it to the hospital she spent an hour on the phone with me in the hospital while I was having trouble getting the baby to latch on correctly.  She walked me through everything and got me the help that I needed.  I highly recommend Elaine as a post partum doula.  She is incredibly knowledgeable, caring, and a lot of fun to spend time with!

Posted 8/22/2011

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Lara Barrett

Elaine is a professional who had invaluable information and tips for us. I recommend that you use her services.

Posted 3/15/2010

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Elaine was a wonderful doula. She had  a lot of great information about newborn care from breastfeeding to sleeping. As a second-time mom I had forgotten a lot of newborn info and it was comforting to have her around to help with both my older son and my new baby. She was trusworthy and caring. I would highly recommend her services as a doula.

Posted 7/22/2009

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Patricia Mogul

 Elaine is wonderful. Having her help me after the birth of my son made all the difference in feeling confident with caring for my newborn and succeeding in breast feeding.  With her support I got a great start in breast feeding my baby; I still nurse him now at 8 months.  She is extremely knowledgeable and hands-on.  I highly recommend her.

Posted 7/21/2009

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carrie rausch

fantastic experience. she is so friendly and helpful! learned not only great tips for taking care of my little girl, but also great organization tips and even nutrition on the run! would highly recommend her and will definitely call on her again if baby number two every comes along

Posted 6/30/2009

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