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Stephanie Wyborski, BSN, RN, CD(DONA)

Wyborski Rebellino Doula Service

Cincinnati, OH Service range 25 miles

Birth Fee

$1000 to $1400

Birth Fee

$1000 to $1400

Birth Doula Experience

4 years and 50 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, June 2019

Type of practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per month: 1 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
No unassisted births

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Special Services

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Interview meetup is free of charge. Two prenatal meetings, continuous birth support, and one postpartum visit is our standard care package. You'll have access to us throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum as a resource for any questions or concerns you want to talk through or receive more information about. We are flexible to adjust this care to accommodate your particular needs! I am also a former pediatric nurse, which gives me a unique and well rounded mindset and skill set. We provide reduced cost support for teen mothers, please message for more info.

Service Area

Cincinnati, OH Service range 25 miles

Client Testimonials for Stephanie Wyborski, BSN, RN, CD(DONA)

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Sarah Sauer


When I found out that I was pregnant for the first time - and with TRIPLETS - I was so incredibly excited, but I knew that almost everything I had heard about pregnancy, delivery, and post partum would probably be different. Stephanie was a rock for our family. She did as much research on multiples as I did, and helped me know what questions to ask, how to be persistent, and how to advocate for my family. With a high risk pregnancy, I knew things could change quickly. Stephanie was flexible, accessible, and personal. Having a professional whose only job was to help me - no other agenda - gave us confidence in our decisions and so much peace of mind. We couldn't have done it without her support through delivery, NICU time, and the post partum trimester. 



Stephanie and Sydney were such a blessing to our pregnancy and postpartum journey. They provided support in any area you can think of and even those you don't think of. And not only to me, but my husband as well! They were able to guide him through just as much during the whole process and our birth experience was everything I wanted thanks to their support and evidence-based knowledge and information. I am so thankful to have had them by our side through our first pregnancy and I will never not have them for any pregnancies in the future!

Savannah Faraci


Stephanie made my birth experience everything I wanted! They are so informed and knowledgeable that they could help me make informed decisions and help my husband be an amazing birth partner. They took the time to get to know our family and our desires and I felt so cared for in this pregnancy with their check ins and advice. Also the postpartum support has been wonderful! They have not stopped supporting me and are always willing to answer my questions. So thankful for this service!

Emily Albacarys


Working with Stephanie Wyborski & Sydney Rebellino was a dream. They provided evidence-based information and resources to guide my partner and I's journey to learning about birth, curating our birth plan, and preparing for labor and the first few weeks post-partum. My partner and I are neurodivergent (partner is autistic, I have ADHD) and we knew the birth experience would be overwhelming without guidance. Thanks to Stephanie and Sydney, even when late stage pregnancy & laboring threw us immense curveballs (we had to scrap our entire birth plan for an unexpected c-section), we were able to be calm & mindfully engaged in the birth process as opposed to panicking & stressing. 

Stephanie and Sydney answered questions and provided guidance, reassurance, and confidence-building encouragement in a timely manner. They authentically presented information and anecdotal experiences in an approachable & collaborative fashion. Never once did we feel talked "at" nor felt like we were "simply along for the ride". We were heard & treated as equals. Stephanie and Sydney were upfront & honest when debunking myths or alleviating anxieties. Their direct communication style was hugely appreciated by my partner especially. 

Birthing a child is no joke. Stephanie & Sydney helped me see how rewarding it can be, even when well laid plans are interrupted. Thank you for everything, my partner and I were able to feel joy bringing our firstborn into the world because of you. 

Ashley Short


Stephanie was an absolute God send to me and my family during my second pregnancy and birth! After having an unnecessary c-section with my first, I knew I really wanted to have a vbac for my second. I found Stephanie and decided to go with her because of her personal experience with having a vbac of her own. She exceeded my expectations beyond what I could imagine! She was just a text or call away the entire pregnancy, She answered any and all of my many questions and provided links/ recommendations to back up her knowledge. She supported me and brought me back up when others made me doubt myself and my ability to birth my baby. It was wonderfulu to have such a knowledgeable and caring person on my side. I went into labor in the middle of the night and she was available right when I needed her. Her support during the labor, birth, and postpartum was amazing and I don’t know what my husband and I would have done without her. If I have anymore children in the future, you better believe I will be hiring her as my doula again!



Stephanie made our birth experience better than imagined! My husband and I hired Stephanie to be a part of our birth team and did not regret it! She was very supportive and knowledgeable through every step of the process. She was always available to answer questions and to provide encouragement. She explained all pregnancy, birth, and postpartum topics and information well in terms that each myself and my husband could understand. She always had a positive attitude and perspective despite many bumps in the road. She provided lots of suggestions during labor to ease the pain and to help us to stick to our birth vision. She used evidence based and personal testmonies to give advice and make suggestions which allowed my husband and I to make informed decisions.

Stephanie has become a part of our family and we were lucky to have her help welcome our first baby!

Becca Griffin


Stephanie was my doula for the birth of my second child. It was a VBAC, as well as my first labor experience, and her assistance was so helpful. I had a long early labor at home, and so appreciated her guidance through exercises to progress labor. Her insight helped my husband and I focus and make informed decisions when we were exhausted and overwhelmed. Her knowledge and experience helped us to feel empowered throughout the birth. I credit using her as my doula as a piece of why I was able to experience the unmedicated VBAC I desired! 

Jordan Kingsley


Stephanie is phenomenal. As a first time mom I was so anxious about my birth experience and truly did not know what to expect. Stephanie provided such fantastic support and encouragement throughout pregnancy, delivery and postpartum.

My favorite thing about having Stephanie as my doula is that she is affirming of whatever birth experience you decide on. I had thought I wanted to labor unmedicated at home for as long as possible but when the time came and contractions started I knew I wanted to get to the hospital ASAP and ask for the epidural. Stephanie was my champion the whole time and was completely okay with my sudden change in plans. She was affirming, flexible and stood by me every step of the way.

No matter what kind of birth experience you want-- Stephanie is your girl!

Rocío Mosqueda Pastrana


Stephanie is a wonderful doula and person. Since the moment I met her I feel really comfortable with her, she made me feel confident about the birth day. She explained everything  so clear to my husband and me that she gave me so much peace. It was my first baby and I was super nervous so it was great to have somebody like her to guide us in this important day. Due to the covid unfortunately, she couldn't be with us physically but she was always on the phone pendant on everything and she supported us so much in the first days of postpartum. If I decide to be a mom for second time, for sure I'll pic her again and this time have the opportunity to have her physically in this precious moment. Thanks Stephanie it was great to meet you. 

Erin Knafla


Stephanie is wonderful! We can’t recommend her enough.

My husband and I hired her to be our doula for our second baby (a VBAC). Throughout the entire process, she was very supportive and knowledgeable. It was such a comfort and joy to have her as part of our birth team. She answered our many questions and was a great advocate, full of helpful tips and suggestions. Her support during labor was crucial to helping me manage the pain and work through contractions. My only regret is that we didn’t have her for our first birth too!

Brenna Lewis


Stephanie was a crucial part of our little birth team! She took the time to learn about us & our wishes and respected those every step of the way. We were really well-researched about labor/delivery as this was our first VBAC, but Stephanie's presence provided a lot of extra confidence and motivation. Labor definitely would've lasted longer without her there.

During pregnancy, she offered encouragement when I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and endless patience for questions (especially during the pre-labor days).

During labor, she was always quick with an idea either for keeping things moving along or for coping with the intensity. Plus, though we pushed the envelope as far as we possibly could for leaving for the hospital, she never lost her cool. I didn't know it at the time, but she also took some really neat pictures in the delivery room!

Our VBAC was the most redemptive experience of my life - and I know Stephanie played a big role in making it happen. We are very grateful and recommend her to anyone looking for birth support.

Heather Fisher


Stephanie was very helpful! She was full of information and helped my man and I make educated decisions. She knew a lot of different positions to help get baby to drop and she was very encouraging! Definitely would recommend her as a doula to anyone!! She was very very supportive and helpful!

Christine Knox


Being pregnant with twins was a challenge. Stephanie helped ease this process for me. She was an invaluable resource. There is so much to learn and to understand during pregnancy. Trying to be aware of what was happening with my body and trying to prepare for a natural, unmedicated labor and delivery felt like an impossible task. I was constantly texting Stephanie, asking her questions, and she was always able to provide me with credible science and information to help me feel empowered in making my own informed choices. There were several middle of the night calls/false alarms & Stephanie was always available immediately for me. I would even call her before I would call my doctor. 

The hospital did not allow doulas at the time i gave birth most unfortunately, but we called her with questions as needed throughout labor and she was available for video call if we needed. but we were okay without the video call, in part, because of all the information, tips, tricks that Stephanie had armed us with prior to labor. 

I was in false labor off and on for a little over 3 weeks (twin pregnancy), it was a difficult, trying time & having Stephanie as a constant resource of knoweldge, comfort and understanding was pivotal in our success in having a natural, unmedicated twin birth. 

i HIGHLY recommend Stephanie and i can't say enough about how necessary a doula is. Her experience, her knowledge and her companionship during this difficult time was essential. There are so many tips and tricks that i would have NEVER known about if it weren't for her & again she helped me achieve my personal goal of an unmedicated twin delivery even though the hospital didn't allow her to be present.  

Andrea Wernz


Stephanie is amazing. We are so thankful for her!

My husband and I were preparing to have our first baby during our first pandemic. We really had no idea what to expect, what to do or what would happen! Stephanie was our coach, both mine and my husband's, from day one. She is SO helpful and because of her knowledge and help, I was less afraid, felt more confident and less anxious about everything I didn't know about (or know how to do during) labor and delivery. 

She met with us several times to set expectations and teach us things we might need to know. She answered our questions, over and over again with thorough, helpful and applicable answers. She truly held our hand (and my hips) every step of the way. From labor to delivery, breastfeeding to postpartum. She was at my bedside during my entire labor reminding me of what I needed to hear and know to have an experience in line with my birth plan and hopes of it all.

Stephanie has the steady hands of a seasoned veteran. And quick enough reflexes to catch our daughter from sliding off the delivery table (yes, that happened). I recommend her to every pregnany lady I meet and talk about her every time we share our daughter's birth story. 

Stephanie is flexible, kind, helpful, confident, brilliant and funny. I promise you will get more than a doula, you'll get a partner. I cannot say enough great things about her and all the help she gave us. Stephanie is truly remarkable and we are so thankful!

Ashley Brewer


I didn’t know what a doula was before I met Stephanie. I’m so happy I had her help during my whole pregnancy and birth. Due to the pandemic, she wasn’t permitted to go in with me to deliver, but I felt so prepared with what she had taught me and gave me advice on. Prior to delivery, she helped me figure out a plan and gave me so much encouragement. She answered all my questions with no judgement at all. During delivery, we talked about where I was at that moment and what I should do to get to the next step. I honestly don’t know how I could’ve done it without her! To this day, she is still loving on my son and I!




Stephanie was a doula for us during my second birth. I wanted/needed the extra knowledge/support that only a doula can provide. 

I had a very quick labor this second time around, and Stephanie was a calm during the chaos. I didn't necessarily want an unmedicated birth, but given the quickness of labor I didn't have a choice - Stephanie was able to calm our nerves and help us navigate everything. She was also able to integrate faith based encouragement to help me get through the final push of labor (literally and figuratively). We are thankful for Stephanie and all the help she provided for us prenatally, during labor, and for postnatal support! 

Alex Larrison


One of the best decisions we made was to hire Stephanie to be our Doula! She made all the difference in the world day-of our delivery, from the small stuff like pulling back my hair during labor to the big stuff like helping us make decisions on when to leave for the hospital. She was an immense source of comfort and calm throughout my labor and delivery and was also super helpful before and after birth. I had the natural birth I wanted, and everything went great in large part because we had discussed our plan before birth several times and we had someone there to help us along the way!

Sarah Rockwell


Stephanie was such a wonderful support person to have during my labor and delivery.  She was full of helpful advice and encouraging words to keep me on track with a natural birth. She always supported my decisions and never pushed me to do anything I was uncomfortable with.  I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in having a doula! Thanks Stephanie, for helping us bring Emilia into the world safely! 

Eleanor Seta


I can't say enough good things about Stephanie. Going into my second pregnancy I was determined to have a natural, unmedicated, delivery. With my first son, it was just my husband and I. After a long labor I decided to get an epidural at 8cm. I hated the way it felt. So for this delivery I wanted more support to help guide and support me through a natural birth. That's when we found stephanie as our doula. In meetings with her she sought to understand what my husband and I wanted for our delivery. She provided helpful support and advice while we labored at home. Once we got to the hospital I was 8cm and we needed to get the baby to turn. Stephanie was great at facilitating position changes, talking me through what was helping me best, and provided pain relief techniques through contractions. She helped to distract and encourage me when I wasn't sure if I could do it. Stephanie also worked well with the doctors and nurses to guide me in decision making through the process. And am very grateful that we had her there, and had a good delivery for our baby boy. 

Matthew Moss


Stephanie was an incredible support to my wife and I during the entire pregnancy and delivery. She was able to take all of the confusing (and sometimes scary) medical jargon and explain it in plain English. As a husband, one of my highest priorities is to make sure that my wife feels safe and protected. I can honestly say that having Stephanie as our Doula was the best thing I could have done to make sure she felt safe and protected during the entire process.

Stephanie was great at supporting our vision of a natural birth and never once suggested an alternative (unless it was medically necessary). She was able to teach me how to correctly apply counter pressure on my wife's hips and low back during contractions, which relieved pressure and pain. When it was time for my wife to push, Stephanie really stepped up. I remember she gave my wife one end of her Rebozo (a labor scarf), while holding on to the other end, and had her pull each time she pushed. This really helped my wife get into a better pushing position and make more progress with each push. I remember the hospital staff in the room being very impressed and thanking Stephanie for her heads up thinking after our son was born.

One of the perks of having Stephanie as a Doula is that she is also a registered nurse. Having another person there in the room who knows the medical world, the whole time my wife was in labor, was such a blessing!

Megan Moss


Having Stephanie as our doula helped us achieve the natural childbirth experience we were hoping for. My husband and I went to a childbirth class and tried to read all the books to get prepared, but trying to remember all the information is overwhelming.Thankfully, we didn’t have to! We had Stephanie as our doula.  We knew she was going to help my husband be the best birth partner he could be, as well as assist herself. We went into labor with a sense of confidence that we had someone on our side who was going to be with us the whole time, who had experience and tips for pain management, and who was going to help us communicate with the hospital staff and navigate the unknowns with us. Stephanie is special doula because she is also a nurse; she understands both the medical side and the personal.Stephanie was available the moment my contractions started. She helped us labor at home and figure out when to go to the hospital. At the hospital she did everything from applying counterpressure during a contraction to taking pictures to feeding ice chips. Once labor started to progress, she helped us manage each contraction as it came and helped us remember to try various positions and helpful items like the exercise ball or peanut ball.It was so helpful to have Stephanie be with us the whole time as a consistent presence. In fact, the medical staff may have even felt like they could take a more hands-off approach because we were such a well-functioning team.When I got stuck at 8cm dilated and the medical interventions of breaking my sack of waters and receiving Pitocin were offered, Stephanie helped us weigh the pros and cons and make an informed decision. When the time came to push, Stephanie suggested using a scarf to do “tug of war” and that was incredibly helpful. Birthing our son is the hardest thing I have ever done, and also the most triumphant. I am thankful for Stephanie’s help and can’t imagine doing it without her.

Louis Seta


Stephanie did a great job for my wife and I. She was full of suggestions at the right time and recommendations during labor that were in line with what we planned out prior to being in the hospital! My wife really wanted to go natural and it was very refreshing for me to have a doula who could give suggestions, tips and even motivational pep talks. She helped with new laboring positions, massages, talking us over different options and more. At one point when contractions and pain were at an all time high and doctors and nurses reminded us that we could get an epidural, Stephanie was quick to respond saying we can do this and push thru with new distractions and positions to manage pain. That to me was huge because I was emontional as my wife was in pain as well. 

I was honestly hesitant when my wife and I talked about a doula because I felt it would end with either me or her in the way or I would miss some experiences with someone else in the room. That however that was not the case at all. If my wife and I are lucky enough to have more kids we will be calling Stephanie again. 

Sherry Storm


When my daughter told me she was going to have a doula, I was skeptical. Hearing all the stories about bad experiences made me wary, but this was my daughter and her birth. I met Stephanie and I felt better but still not totally convinced. The only birth plan I wanted was a happy healthy baby and mom. Stephanie became someone my daughter could lean on, ask questions, and was just all around supportive of her. When the actual birth came to say I was impressed was an understatement. Stephanie was there for her and supported her every step of the way. It allowed me to be the mom and not the caregiver. Stephanie was very attentive to Julie and during her labor there couldn’t have been a better support person. Stephanie almost seemed to know what Julie wanted/needed before Julie did. She truly was there for Julie and to support the decisions Julie made during her labor and delivery. I would highly recommend Stephanie as a doula!

Julie Bosken


Stephanie was an amazing doula for the birth of my baby girl. She listened to what I wanted and went and got the nurse every time. When I wanted meds she went and told the nurse, when I wanted a rocking chair or ball to sit on, she went and got it. She helped go to the bathroom and helped me through my contractions by rubbing my back. She helped me walk around and sit on the toilet (all things that I didn’t know would actually help the pain and discomfort). She introduced me to things I didn’t know existed. For example, I didn’t want to be confined to bed with an epidural so she told me about my options of what I could do in place of an epidural or before one. She went over things and asked if I wanted them or didn’t, she asked about my opinion in different scenarios. She truly opened my mind to countless things I had no idea about. She asked me what I wanted and never pressured me to something she thought was right. She helped me breast feed (which was huge for me) once my baby was born and really advocated for me and my baby. And since then she has given me countless information about breast feeding, pumping, health concerns, safe sleep, solids, etc. She is very passionate about this subject and very knowledgeable. It was something I was new to before hand and something I will forever have for all future babies. I’m so thankful that I had this opportunity to have her as a doula. I would recommend her to anyone(first time mom or 6th baby, there’s so much to learn about birthing and babies)because of her I was more confident and less anxious and more knowledgeable going into it.

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