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Giulia Canali

Seattle Gentle Beginnings

Seattle, WA Service range 25 miles no ferries

Postpartum Rate

$50 to $65

Availability Remarks: Offering Online support

Postpartum Rate

$50 to $65

Postpartum Doula Experience

4 years and 67 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, February 2020

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 3

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

PEPS Group Leader (Program for Early Parent Support)

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Italian

Fee Details

Day time support - $50/hr Night time support - $65/hr

Service Area

Seattle, WA Service range 25 miles no ferries

Client Testimonials for Giulia Canali

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Giulia worked with us a post-partum doula. I cannot speak highly enough of Giulia! First off, when we met her, stressed, getting everything ready for baby, her entire energy/way of being was a breath of fresh air. She emanates light, kindness, expertise and confidence in the most gentle, warm and comforting way. It was clear that it would be what it was - a blessing to share in the first days of bringing our child home as first time parents. 

When we came home after unexpected hospital delivery, followed by two days in the NICU, she immediately made time for us and helped calm our minds and hearts with a simple plan to start finding sanity after a week without sleep. Giulia is clearly an expert, able to discuss different options and pros/cons to each of the evidence-based methods she discussed. She also helped in every way needed and was a baby whisperer to get our daughter to sleep when I needed a nap. She helped us figure out plans that would work best for our life and the way we want to parent. She gave us straightforward information without bs, and her opinion as an expert, while taking into consideration our goals, needs and feelings - exactly what we would hope for. 

We originally heard from friends about the idea of working with a post-partum doula and it sounded lovely, but were unsure because of the added expense. We are so glad we did after working with Giulia. There is something invaluable about having someone like Giulia (warm, gentle, with expertise) there in my first months as a new mom. She helped with whatever was needed (cooking, dishes, diapers, baby to sleep) and also is a lactation coach and an expert in child-rearing. To have all that expertise there with us at once as we build our foundation as parents is something different. Again, I simply cannot say enough good things about Giulia. She is so knowledgable and is a joy to work with. Working with Giulia was a priceless blessing during such an important time.

Noni Wang


I was a new mom in the middle of COVID with no family nearby to help. While laying in bed, exhausted and desperate, I googled "Postpartum doulas" and found Giulia. I sent an email asking for help with the expectation that the answer would be no. To my pleasant surprise, Giulia quickly responded and scheduled an initial phone call where she explained her philosophy, COVID safety procedures, and also asked what I needed and when I needed her. It felt amazing to speak to someone so kind and knowledgable about infants and motherhood.

Giulia became a part of the family for the next three months. She came over twice a week and was very flexible and accomodating whenever we needed to make a schedule change. She has a very soothing presence that made me and even my introverted husband want to tell her everything! After each of her visit, I felt physically and emotionally rejuveniated and also more confident about caring for my baby. I was able to communicate with her by text and email too, which I did when I wasn't sure what was wrong or if I just needed someone to talk to. I had very bad baby blues the first few months and Giulia helped in making me feel "understood." She even offered to watch my baby a few times so my husband and I could have a date night.

Also Giulia is very professional and uses the time booked in a productive manner. Whenever the baby was asleep, Giulia spent the time tidying up our home or educating us on a topic we wanted to know. She even made us homemade pasta sauce! 

We were very sad to say goodbye to Giulia after our baby turned 4 months old because she brought great joy and comfort to our family. I highly recommend Giulia as your doula!

Shiva Hippely


Giulia is amazing!! We used her postpartum. We started out having her come once a night and do an overnight with us and then switched to twice a day. She is so knowledgeable and non judgmental and just a great resource! Our daughter also lit up every time she saw Giulia. We felt like she was a part of our family really quickly. She's warm, welcoming and just the best person I'd want watching my newborn. Any time Giulia was around I felt comfortable leaving, taking a nap, having a date with my husband! Anything to recharge. She would give Leila a bath, tummy time, cut her finger nails (I was so scared to), read to her! She was the best and if I could keep her with us forever I would! 

Amy Luebke


I had my second baby in October 2020 and found myself struggling to adjust when she was 2 months old. I was exhausted from taking care of a newborn as well as a 3 (almost 4) year old. I was slightly hesitant to spend the money on a postpartum doula, but I figured having short-term help would be worth the cost of my mental well-being.

I had tried contacting other doulas based on referrals I received from my birth doula, but none had the availability I needed. From there I did a search on DoulaMatch and picked Giulia somewhat on a whim. She had good, positive reviews, so I interviewed her. From the get go I felt at ease talking with her and chose to move forward with contracting her services.

I have ZERO regrets with bringing Giulia in to help my family. She is eager to help in any way you may need so that you can get the rest and relaxation you need. You may even find yourself just sitting down to have a conversation. With the isolation of COVID, I often found that I just wanted to have a friendly person to talk with, and if that's what I needed to fill my cup, Giulia was perfect for that too.

As an added bonus, she was born and raised in Italy and knows how to cook authentic Italian food. So you might find yourself being surprised with a tasty meal once or twice (tip: her Bolognese is the bomb!).

I wish I could have Giulia come to my home for all of time. She really came to feel like family and I felt genuine grief as we started to transition away from her help. The ultimate goal is to reach the point where you no longer require the help of a doula, but that didn't change how much I would miss her being around.

If you're on the fence about a postpartum doula, just do it. You won't regret having one, and Giulia is the best. Love you Giulia!

Maren Temple


Giulia is a wonderful doula and person! She's so incredibly genuine and helpful, I don't know where we would be without her. My husband and I are first time parents and we really didn't have much guidance on how to approach certain things (like nap times, nursing difficulties, etc). Giulia is so knowledgeable and kind, she really helped educate us on childcare techniques. I felt much more comfortable and reassured that what I was doing was the right thing with Giulia's reassurance. If my family every decides to add another member to our home, I'd definitely reach out to Giulia for support :).



Giulia has been an incredible support starting with preparation for our baby’s birth and continuing during his first months of life.  Her guidance has given us peace of mind and most definitely helped us to better care for our baby.  We are so thankful for her gentleness and knowledge and would recommend working with her in a heartbeat!

We have greatly appreciated Giulia’s approach -she is a great listener and always tries to understand the situation before offering information and possible solutions.  She has made us feel comfortable sharing whatever challenges we’ve encountered and always offered kindness and reassurance when we have been stressed. 

Importantly, Giulia draws on a wealth of knowledge and experience to help new parents meet their babies’ needs.  Whether the issue was feeding, gassiness or creating a bedtime routine, she has patiently taught us valuable methods and tools to confidently care for our baby.  We have also greatly appreciated that when something new or unusual has come up (our baby has a kidney condition), Giulia is not afraid to research the topic and come back to us with helpful information and suggestions. 

Giulia’s responsiveness and reliability has meant a lot to us.  It is so reassuring to know that during a rough patch with baby, we can send her a message and she will reply with encouragement and suggestions.  During a phase where our baby had a hard time going to sleep, her guidance over the phone and text for how best to soothe him worked wonders.  In addition to us reaching out to her when needed, Giulia has been great about checking in with us regularly to make sure things are going well.

We cannot imagine how we would have gotten through our baby’s first months without Giulia’s support.  If you are looking for a trustworthy, knowledgeable, and affirming doula, you should choose her!



Giulia has been an absolute blessing for our new family.  She is incredibly supportive, calming, and genuine.  She is very knowledgeable on so many of the issues important to newborns and their new parents, and on the rare occasion where we had a question she didn’t know the answer to, she researched it and got back to us with helpful, well-supported information.

I really appreciate how Giulia has shown concern about the well-being of our entire family.  She checks in with my wife to make sure she is doing okay, and has made sure my feelings as a new father are validated too.  And I love that she treats our son as his own unique person, with his own preferences and desires.  She has been extremely patient with and supportive of us as new parents.  I cannot imagine how we would have navigated the post-partum period without Giulia’s help.  She is amazing.

Sara, Mark and Arno


After sharing with a friend that we were having trouble getting our infant to take a bottle, a friend gifted us 3 hours with Giulia for postpartum support and bottle feeding troubleshooting. I am happy to report that after a consultation, a couple shorter sessions and remote help over text and email our 9-month-old is taking a bottle like a champ! It's made our lives SO MUCH EASIER. Additionally, Giulia is a wonderfully gentle and caring person who offers encouragement and straightforward advice. We'd recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much Giulia! <3 

Laura Olson


Guilia was instrumental in helping our family during both our first child and second child. The level of care, support, and guidance she shared helped us navigate new parenthood and welcoming a second child into our home was incredible. When our second child fell ill at 12-days old and required an extended hospital stay, the care and support Giulia provided to our family made what could have been an extremely stressful situation so much easier. She's always been at the forefront of knowing just what type of support and resources our family needed during the various stages of both new parenthood and adding a new member to our family. I would highly recommend Giulia's services to anyone who is looking for a loving, nurturing, respectful, and knowledgable doula!

Lisa and Xiao


As first-time parents, we had little idea of how to actually take care of a newborn at home, and with parents unable to travel due to COVID-19, we needed help. We still feel so lucky that Giulia responded. She was willing and eager to provide support even before our son arrived. Even now, two months after Giulia ended her time with us, we still reminisce about how our lives would be in shambles if not for Giulia. What she provided for us was confidence. No matter how tired we were or how messy our lives were, we knew that we were just a few days away from Giulia showing up and getting us back on track.

More importantly, she was amazing with our son. She soothed him, played with him, talked to him, fed him, changed him, cut his nails (something we still can’t do), gave him baths, and really made sure he was always taken care of. Just as importantly, Giulia also patiently taught us how to take care of him, such as bedtime routines. Then, when he was napping, she would take care of us. She would do his laundry, clean and sanitize all of his bottles, and occasionally made us home-cooked food. We had her over three times per week, including an overnight, and she was worth every dollar. 

It’s hard to articulate what she has meant to us and how she has impacted our lives in the three months she was with us. When we hear the experiences of other new parents, we realize that we have never been so overwhelmed that it was unmanageable. This is due to Giulia being there since our son was three days old. We can’t wait to tell our son all about Guilia and how positive of a role she’s played in our lives in a short period of time. 

In terms of tactics, Giulia doesn’t smoke, was always on time, has her own car, doesn’t look at any devices or screens, and is someone we trust 100%. Pick her. It’ll change your life. 

Postpartum Availability for Giulia Canali

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