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Brooklyn, NY Serves families in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens For distant clients travel can be discussed on a case by case basis.

Birth Fee

$1800 to $3000

Postpartum Rate


Birth Fee

$1800 to $3000

Postpartum Rate


Years in Operation: 1

Type of practice: Group practice

Clients per month: 0 to 3 births and 0 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: This model of support is a mentorship between Alaska McFadden (chorion Birth) & Elyse Pitock. All prenatal education, support, and care will come from both of us, as well as one month of virtual lactation support. In labor, Elyse will attend and offer in-person support with Alaska's experience and knowledge guiding her.

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We are excited to support any births attended by a licensed medical professional.

Fee Details

Sliding scale is available on a needs basis and for BIPOC, queer and home birthing families.

Service Area

Brooklyn, NY Serves families in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens For distant clients travel can be discussed on a case by case basis.

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Birth Fee: $2000 to $4000

Postpartum Rate: $45 to $75


Updated 5/21/2024

Certified Doula
Years in practice

Birth Fee: $2350 to $2500

Postpartum Rate: $50 to $60


Updated 5/15/2024

Certified Doula
Years in practice

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Having Alaska as our doula was one of the best decisions we ever made, and she deserves a million heartfelt thanks and hugs from us! Words cannot adequately express how exceptional Alaska is as a doula and as a human being. From our first meeting, Alaska left us with the impression that she was highly knowledgeable in her field, sharing information that was predominantly science and data-based. As we had more meetings with Alaska, we realized not only was she highly intelligent and always on top of things, but also incredibly experienced and warm-hearted. We wanted to have a natural birth experience with minimal intervention, if possible. After discussing our thoughts with Alaska, she fully respected our plan and provided detailed insights on how to execute it to achieve our desired outcome. On the due date, from the onset of early labor, Alaska guided us through the entire process step by step. During our time in the hospital, she went above and beyond to help us follow our birth plan. She remained calm yet professional and caring, offering the best advice, guiding us with all the important information and enabling us to make the decision that was best for us. Moreover, Alaska went the extra mile to advocate for us and ensure our birth plan was followed as closely as possible.With her invaluable advice and guidance, we ended up having a smooth natural birth. We cannot imagine how things would have unfolded without her presence; she literally saved us from a potential C-section. If there were a golden award for doulas, she would undoubtedly deserve it! If there is a next time, we would love to team up with Alaska from the first month! We were fortunate to have Alaska by our side, guiding us through this incredibly important moment in our lives! If you are looking for a doula who is intelligent, knowledgeable, professional, experienced, and who will prioritize your best interests, do not hesitate to choose Alaska; you will not regret it!

Sara Gennnitti


As a new mother, my heart is bursting with gratitude for the incredible support and care we received from Alaska. From the moment we met her, it was evident that she was more than just a professional - but our perfect guide sent to help us on our journey of pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

Alaska's dedication to her work shone through in every interaction we had with her. Her warmth and genuine compassion made us feel not just like clients, but like cherished friends. From her informative videos to the invaluable resources she provided, Alaska armed us with knowledge and confidence, easing our anxieties and empowering us to make informed decisions for the well-being of our precious baby girl, Riley.

But beyond her expertise, it was Alaska's unwavering support that truly set her apart. She was there for us every step of the way, offering a reassuring presence during the highs and lows of pregnancy and postpartum. Her calming demeanor and comforting words were a source of strength when my new mom anxieties got the best of me, and her postpartum care was a lifeline as we navigated the challenges of early parenthood.

Alaska didn't just fulfill her role as a doula - she exceeded all expectations, going above and beyond to ensure that we felt heard, supported, and deeply cared for. I truly cannot recommend her enough. Not only is she a beacon of knowledge in all things birth, babies, and postpartum- but her connection within the doula/midwife/IBCLC network is unparalleled and we were so grateful for all the wonderful recco's and referrals she gave us.  Her dedication to our family's well-being was evident in every interaction, and for that, we will be forever grateful.


Lacie + Alex


It's been nearly three months since I gave birth to my son Ellis, so I've told my birth story countless times now, and the thing that is the same in every re-telling is just how important having Alaska by my side was. My husband and I searched for a doula and wanted to click with whoever was going to be there with us, and Alaska was totally it. She's a mix of badass, compete sweetheart, and bottomless well of knowledge. Going into my birth, I was open minded to anything that could happen but was ultimatly looking for an unmedicated birth and Alaska's guidance, little tricks and tools, and just general presence made it possible to feel empowered to go epidural free. My birth story involves 12 hours of triage, which is not usually what you think of when you hear about a magical birth experience, but true to her word Alaska showed up right when we needed her and gave us that extra assurance that everything was still going according to plan. When we made it to the birthing room, it was one big reset and Alaska set the room with tea lights, soft music, and made it as relaxing as possible. When the doctor and nurses entered the room they even remarked how they wish they could have been in our room all day. While the entire experience is a whirlwind, I can think back and remember specific moments of feeling in control and advocated for. AND she took about a million photos so I can relive the entire thing which is something I'm forever grateful for! Thank you x1,000 to Alaska for everything!

Mackenzie Schoonmaker & Mark Loiacono


We highly recommend Chorion.  Alaska and Brittany are both wonderful people and the educational programming that they offered leading up to the birth of our daughter Euphemia was invaluable.  What really sets them apart is the depth of knowledge and experience that they bring to the process. Their guidance really helped make me and my partner more confident in our decision-making during crucial moments. They were also highly responsive to our questions and concerns at all hours (we hope they take long vacations!). We are so happy that they were part of bringing Euphemia into the world. We think anyone would be lucky to work with them.

Sara Leone


Selecting Alaska and Brittany as our doulas was the best decision we made. I was overwhelmed about the prospect of selecting the 'right' doula and after our first meeting, my partner and I knew they were the team we wanted. Their support during pregnancy was one of my favorite aspects of my pregnancy. As first time parents, they provided all the knowledge we were seeking to make us feel supported, educated and empowered. They taught us so much about pregnancy, labor/delivery, hospital systems, interventions, postpartum, etc that my partner and I to this day share so much of what we learned with our friends and family, in hopes they too have a wonderful birth experience. Alaska and Brittany far exceeded our expectations and we're so thankful they were apart of our incredible journey into parenthood. 

My labor came on suddenly, so much so that we had to deviate from the hospital and team I was supposed to deliver with and went to a local hospital with a completely new team. We were so thankful to have Brittany, a familiar face, by our side encouraging and supporting us through what was the most intense event of our lives. They were also there for us postpartum bringing yummy recovery treats and words of encouragement as we began the sleepless nights and hazzy days of newborn life. We can not recommend this team enough and are grateful to the universe for bringing them into our lives. 



We had a wonderful experience with Alaska & Brittany. Their thoughtful approach to supporting us in the way we specifically needed; thorough commitment to supplying us with the eductation to feel we could make the choices that were best for us at every step of the way; seemingly endless wealth of resources; and constant availability to be there for us whenever we had a question or concern really made our prenatal and birth experience what we hoped it would be. Their postpartum advice and support was also invaluable and really got us through that first delirious week. Without their help and guidance we would have not been educated enough to push for the care that was best for us and our baby and we would not have been well prepared to face the decisions we had to face during birth. We would certainly have faced a lot more fear and anxiety during our journey. We are so grateful to them both and would heartily recommend working with them no matter what birthing experience you are planning.

Sarah Byrne


We are so grateful for Alaska and Brittany’s guidance as our family grew from two to three. They were incredibly supportive throughout my pregnancy and had a wealth of knowledge when answering all of our first-time-parent questions.

Our birth plan changed over time, and Alaska and Brittany were always available to talk us through the benefits and risks of each choice, which helped us feel confident in our decisions. During my labor, Alaska was a source of strength and a calming energy in the delivery room. I don’t think I could’ve had an unmedicated birth without her support and suspect there would’ve been even more medical intervention.

We went into birth feeling prepared and knowledgeable, and even though my birth wasn’t exactly what we’d envisioned, we came away empowered by our incredible and sacred experience. We embarked on our parenting journey feeling confident and supported.

We highly recommend working with Alaska and Brittany, and we look forward to partnering with them again for baby number two!



Alaska and Brittany truly made my prenatal, labor/delivery and post partum experience seamless! I learned so much from them during our prenatal sessions which really made me know what to look out for as well as knowing more about breast feeding and post partum care for myself and baby. I had such a hard pregnancy and this truly made such a difference in my attitude about labor/delivery. They put my fears at ease! Alaska came over to help me labor at home for WAY longer than I ever would have if it was just myself and my husband. Her calmness and understanding of everything going on made me and my husband feel like we were in excellent hands. At the hospital she was able to direct us and give us info about what decisions to make. Also once I got an epidural she was sure to help me into multiple different positions to ensure the labor continued to progress! She helped so much with the initial breast feeding experience and continued to into my post partum time. I have absolutely nothing but good things to say about utilizing Alaska and Brittany and truly could not have gotten through it all without Alaska by my side!! 

Andy S.


Working with Chorion Birth was a wonderful, supportive experience. The guidance and education we received from Alaska and Brittany was above and beyond expectations. From the curriculum to the text correspondence to weekly check-ins, they were there whenever we reached out, for questions and concerns both big and small. I highly recommend Chorion!

Sara & Paul


I knew from the beginning of my pregnancy I would be hiring a doula, but when it came time to find one, I kept interviewing and interviewing and no one felt like the right fit until I talked to Alaska. It was an immediate feeling of "HELL YES this is the Doula for me". We could not have been more delighted when Alaska introduced us to Brittany as well - they are a dream team. As we prepared for our birth together as a team, Alaska & Brittany were amazing resources. They are both incredibly supportive from providing help with decision making, to just holding space for the massive amount of emotions that come up during pregnancy, and in thinking about your birth. 

When I went into labor a few days after my due date, Alaska & Brittany were the first people we texted (sorry Mom!). Brittany was a calming and supportive presence throughout my many, many hours of laboring at home. Once we did finally get to the hospital, there were so many decisions to be made about what to do based on what was happening. Brittany was by my side as we talked through all the options. Not only was she an incredibly knowledgable source, but she made sure I was feeling comfortable with all the decisions I made. After many hours of labor and pushing I had moments of losing faith in my own strength, Brittany made me believe in myself again. I birthed a very big, healthy baby boy and I am not sure in what world I could have gotten through any of that without Brittany. She made sure we got a good latch before leaving which was an enormous relief to me. After the birth Brittany came over to help me work through everything that happened and all the HUGE emotions that birth brings about, her complete non-judgement & ability to gracefully hold space for all those big emotions was a gift I will never ever forget.

I am truly blown away by Alaska & Brittany - I could not imagine going through pregnancy and birth without their incredible support. 

Brooke Snyder


Initially I was on the fence about hiring a doula, but I am so glad we did!  It was so great to have Alaska and Brittany as part of our journey as first time parents.  The prenatal sessions were great and informative and felt like chatting with a friend.  When it came time to give birth, Brittany provided amazing physical and emotional support to both myself and my husband.  I honestly don't know what we would have done without her.  She made what could have felt like a chaotic experience into one that was calm and full of good vibes, I'm so glad she was part of such a special day.

Jess & Matt


Alaska and Brittany have gone above and beyond to support our family. Even weeks after the birth, they have checked-in and been extremely responsive to all the new questions we've faced as first time parents. The prep sessions we had before the birth gave us all the tools we needed heading into the big day, and we have just been so grateful for their support. They are extremely quick to respond, and have always been available when we needed them. Alaska attended our birth and offered hands-on support both directly and indirectly through advising my partner on how best to physically support me. It was very very comforting to have her there -- things felt more 'in control' after she arrived and I knew she'd be my advocate if any issues came up. My only regret is not realizing I needed a doula sooner -- higher them at the beginning of your journey!

Tanya Klich


After a difficult post-labor recovery with my first child, I knew I needed a doula for my second. The Chorion Birth team, from the start, were professional, knowledgeable and helpful at each phase: pregnancy, delivery and postpartum. Most important, they provide both emotional and informed support along the way. My hospital still had strict Covid regulations when I gave birth, so only my husband was allowed in the room, but both Brittany and Alaska were available and on-call digitally, and their digital presence was just as critical during labor. 

Danielle & Alex


As a first time mom with few mom friends, working with Alaska and Brittany was incredibly helpful. 

My husband and I chose them as our doulas after being the first team that felt like they really meshed with our personality and vibe. 

Their prenatal sessions were informative and helped prepare us for the road ahead. I really enjoyed being able to text them with any questions or concern that came up and they almost always responded instantaneously even when I didn't expect them to!

My labor/delivery wasn't what I expected (induction after low amniotic fluid) but they helped explain everything that was happening as we got thrust into it and made the experience less overwhelming. 

Thank you Brittany and Alaska!



My husband and I spent months debating whether or not we wanted to hire a doula, but working with Brittany and Alaska was one of the best decisions we've ever made! We were pregnant with our first child and looking for extra support and guidance, especially during times of Covid with less friends and family around.
We are truly grateful to have found Brittany & Alaska and can't imagine our birth without them. We spent a few weeks getting to know them via Zoom sessions and felt more and more prepared each week.
I went into labor 2 weeks early and was experiencing severe back labor with every contraction. Brittany spent the entire night supporting us over the phone and helping me to cope through the pain. After hours of laboring at home, Brittany came to help us get to the hospital and navigate the check in process. Throughout my labor she helped me and my husband to make many Key decisions that allowed me to stick to my birth plan as much as possible. It felt like we had a close friend there with us and someone to be our advocate at every turn. She supported me physically, emotionally and mentally, especially as I got more fatigued towards the end of pushing. She kept me focused on my baby and empowered me to keep going.
I will always be grateful for her calming energy, loving support, and lighthearted, positive presence during the birth of my baby girl.

Rebecca Price


If you have the opportunity to work with Alaska, you absolutely should. Working with her was the best decision we made in preparing for birth. I had an unmedicated birth in a hospital. It was wild, primal and like nothing I had ever experienced. Alaska was there for all of it, 100% present and supportive, guiding me through it, supporting me physically with touch, squeezes, massage, and changing positions, and teaching me new positions, ways of breathing, vocalizing, moving, and thinking. She recreated the environment, from the lights to the sounds to the smells. She created calm, rhythm, strength, confidence and so many other things crucial to an empowering birth. She made me feel liberated, cared for, and safe.

Alaska was both an advocate and a collaborator. She taught my husband how to support me and made him a huge part of my birth, which was important to me. Toward the end, when I started to doubt myself, she moved me right through it. She is a magical spirit and a brilliant teacher.

Alaska and her partner Brittany provided incredible pre- and post- birth support. In preparation, they took the time to learn about me and to teach me key concepts to use during birth. Their postpartum support was above and beyond anything I expected or realized I would need. They were available 24/7 and helped me through postpartum and breastfeeding struggles. Having their support during such a vulnerable time made a huge difference.

My birth was an incredible experience and I have no doubt it was thanks in large part to Alaska. I am grateful beyond words.

My husband would like to add that he went into birth planning uncertain of whether we needed a doula. After experiencing birth, he agrees that working with Alaska was the best decision we made and says that if we have a second child, Alaska will be our first phone call. She is a magical force and just the person he didn’t know we absolutely needed in the room.

Sarah and Daniel


Brittany and Alaska were an absolute dream to work with!  They are knowledgable, compassionate, and really understand how to navigate and explain the many sides of holisitic and western medicine.  After speaking with them the first time, we knew right away that we would love to work together.  The pre-birth support helped save so much time in figuring out the best information we needed to know and answered all of the questions we had.

Brittany was in attendance for our hospital birth and brought with her an invaluable presence.  It is hard to imagine what it would have been like without it, as she helped keep everything collected, calm, and focused.  It grew to be a fun experience instead of something stressful or scary.

We cannot recommend enough hiring Brittany and Alaska.  They operate with the utmost professionalism; and just as important, are incredibly fun, down to earth, and awesome support beams to have in your corner!

Claire Cahen


By July of 2020, it had become that my pregnancy, labor and early postpartum months would occur in the shadow of the Covid pandemic. Alaska and Brittany provided the support, empathy, advice, and listening ear we needed to make it through. They had resources and tricks at their fingertips for every curveball that came our way--from unexpected third trimester aches and pains (a dislodged rib!) to a slow labor (31.5 hours!) to breastfeeding challenges (latch difficulties). Their Spinning Babies training helped get my baby into proper position for labor, and, on the day-of, Brittany accompanied us to the hospital. She was keenly attentive to my mood changes, fears and pains as my contractions progressed; she had snacks and a heat pad, kind words and jokes--everything I could need. She also communicated professionally but firmly with the hospital care team, making sure my husband and I got that “magic hour” of skin-to-skin when our daughter was first born, and that we were visited by a lactation consultant within hours following delivery. Brittany made herself available in the days thereafter for in-person postpartum help. My husband, newborn daughter and I are so thankful to have had her and Alaska’s support. 

As a birthing partner, Alaska and Brittany provided me with so many resources to support my partner and guide me on my journey to fatherhood.  On the day of labor, Brittany provided a calming and reassuring atmosphere and remembered the smallest and most important details so that I could focus all of my physical and emotional energy on supporting my partner.  I am so thankful to have had both Alaska and Brittany’s support during all stages in welcoming our daughter into this world.

Jay Garcia


Couldnt have asked for a better team!

alaska and brittany are very knowledgeable , patient , kind , fun , optimistic. Etc! They felt like friends by the end of my pregnancy journey. 
they make sure you feel very comfortable to talk to them about anything you have questions on. 

they day of the birth happened very suddenly and not quite how i expected it to go. But, regardless, they were there. Brittany was the one who attended the birth (i had a home birth) and she was on top of everything. She made sure both my husband and I were okay. no regrets!!! 
if i ever get pregnant again i do plan to have them on my team once more! 


Sophie Martinson


Alaska and Brittany were absolutely invaluable to our pregnancy, labor, and delivery experiences. They were so friendly, knowledgeable, and fun during our meetings, and we knew right off the bat that they would be an excellent team to help us navigate the arrival of our first child. They always had very helpful answers to our questions, and whenever we sent them a message, at least one of them would always respond within minutes. Alaska worked with us the day our son was born, and she was amazing. Her calm, confident presence helped me and my husband cope through the most challenging contractions, and she came prepared with everything we could possibly need from start to finish -- snacks, drinks, massage tools, and essential oils, to name a few. I can't imagine our birth experience without her, and we're so grateful for the guidance and support she provided in this all-important moment of our lives.

Stef & Kyle


We wanted an unmedicated vaginal birth, and we don't feel like we could have done it without Brittany and Alaska. We really enjoyed the team dynamic between Brittany and Alaska. They each bring a unique contribution. Together they are a passionate, personable and professional team. 


- Evidence based practices.

- They work hard to clearly understand your birth preferences and support them.


- Easy to talk to. Kinda like your older, wiser sister.

- Fun.

- Strong GIF game.



- Incredibly responsive, which built trust and made us feel comfortable.

- They were not trying to create a adversarial relationship with doctors, but helped us reconcile medical advice from doctor with our desired birth plan in pre-natal sessions.

- Calming presence in labor.

- Assertive, but not overbearing. - just enough support / encouragement to follow through on our birth plan.

- Worked really well with our OB and nurse during labor.


As a dad (Kyle), it was comforting to have our doula arrive at the hospital at a crucial point. My wife was on the verge of getting an epidural, but our doula helped her take it one contraction at a time, get through transition and ultimately deliver a healthy baby boy without medication.

Jon Hensen


”Sitting in the most quiet and peaceful space in what is ordinarily a sterile and stuffy unfamiliar room, watching them both sleep together for the first time, I am in the most thankful state for absolutely everything under the sun right now - but today and these last several weeks working with you were so incredibly instrumental in nurturing this opportunity for us to experience this joy in such a profound manner. You being with us today, and both your and Brittany’s care and support and guidance has made our birth experience an absolute dream, and we are forever in your debt. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts”

Several weeks later it still feels like a "pinch me" experience. My wife's birth was the most incredible event I have ever had the privilege of being a part of - and there is no small amount of credit that is owed to our invaluable doula team in Brittany and Alaska. They were shepherds in the process leading up to birth in both our discussed philosophical approach, but also in the very practical realities that come with planning the inevitable big day. Whether it was strategizing for our birth preferences, meaningfully listening to our concerns, communicating their advocacy for the health and safety of Mom and Baby, or simply assuring us that come time, they were going to be there for us - to help us bear this miraculous and yet unpredictable life event. As council. As advocates. As compassionate and thoughtful caregivers. 


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